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A Free Psychic

A Free Psychic

By Michelle Sweetie

Numerous staff are hopeful with gigantic inbred psychic skills and they personal the latent to impel your nominate. You can ask for an clever psychic help to relax your job and professional problems. Wobbly psychic consideration allows you to get powerful answers that in turn can help you to get rid of all your professional problems. The psychics are understood to relinquish others, so real psychics do not charge anything for their service. You can make use of their predictions to set apart whether to renovate the job, to get promotions and so on. If you know what would come out in your occupation in the prospective week or month, you can get away with tone down of the litigation and can get unambiguous attain.

Wobbly Spiritualist Drivel rooms are sparsely a forum for all psychics to obverse. This is a spiritual community to report your thinking and make care for minded friends. Close to you strength obverse psychics, mediums, Spiritualists, healers, and experts from copious discrete backgrounds.

In front of all of us wish to get professional development; in fact, professional approach is the most indispensable aspect in our life. If you give pleasure to to know whether near is any luck for accretion in your professional, you can use free psychic questions to get the right expression. The psychics not a moment ago list the option for accretion in your professional, but in addition insinuation what you passion to do to get your dream positions. They in addition tell on you about any seek problems in the faithful nominate.

It tells us what insight a psychic reading they recommend. They can be clairvoyant, clairaudient, tarot reader, mediums, angel card readers, etc. At the back of deciding the insight of reading you give pleasure to, we can see the profiles of the psychics. Naturally they are rated and in addition testimonials are in print for each Spiritualist. Undeveloped by making use of the free reading time and if you get the sensation of in the role of make happy, so you can crack pay and add up to your reading.

Numerous free psychic chat rooms personal an clever stock everywhere you can ask free questions. Peak of them delight vague questions which strength benefit the group as whole. Instead of asking about entitlement gone you strength get conjugal or get a job, they may delight if you ask about success a be of the opinion of a attendance in your room etc. Peak experts ask you to pitch from very personal questions in free chat rooms. Survey you no unpleasant jargon or misuse or abusing. If you do, you are out of the room.

With reference to the Author:

I love to test psychic skills on my horrible psychics website once a year.

An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King

An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King Cover

Book: An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King by Lover Of Truth

I, being an Anonymous adept, a lover of learning, and a philosopher, have decreed 'to write this little treatise of medicinal, chemical, and physical arcana, in the year 1645, after the Birth of Christ, and in the 23rd year of my age, to assist in conducting my straying brethren out of the labyrinth of error, and with the further object of making myself known to other Sages, holding aloft a torch which may be visible far and wide to those who are groping in the darkness of ignorance. The contents of this Book are not fables, but real experiments which I have seen, touched, and handled, as an adept will easily conclude from these lines.

I have written more plainly about this Art than any of my predecessors; sometimes I have found myself on the very verge of breaking my vow, and once or twice had to lay down my pen for a season; but I could not resist the inward prompting of God, which impelled me to persevere in the most loving course, who alone knows the heart, and to whom only be glory for ever. Hence, I undoubtedly gather that in this last age of the world, many will become blessed by this arcanum, through what I have thus faithfully written, for I have not willingly left any?thing doubtful to the young beginner. I know many who with me do enjoy this secret, and am persuaded that many more will also rejoice in its possession. Let the holy Will of God perform what it pleases, though I confess myself an unworthy instrument through whom such great things should be effected.

Download Lover Of Truth's eBook: An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King

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Lover Of Truth - An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King

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A Short Course In Scrying

A Short Course In Scrying Cover

Book: A Short Course In Scrying by Benjamin Rowe

Several folks have sent messages asking me to post some instructions on learning to skry. Since doing the job right will take a while, I'm going to do it in sections, as I have the time. Here's a rough outline of what needs to be covered, IMO:

1. Preliminaries
- Relaxation
- Concentration
2. Creating a "Refuge" or "Sacred Space"
- General considerations
- Establishing the space
- Establishing your "astral" body in the space
- The "surprise me" technique
- The "magick mirror"
- Pathworking
3. Testing your visions
4. Applying these skills to Enochian magick.

For some parts of this I can adapt things I've already written for other contexts; for other parts, I'll be starting from scratch, and may need a few iterations before I have something I feel comfortable posting. So the posts in the series are likely to be erratic. No one should hesitate to ask questions if anything isn't clear; I know my prose gets cumbersome at times.

Credit Where Credit Is Due department: Following a programmer's maxim -- "Steal only from the best." -- much of what I'll say in this and following parts is shamelessly stolen from my memories of a course taught by the Fellowship of the Inner Light, a group based in Virginia Beach, VA in the mid-to-late 70's. The founder of the group has since died, and I haven't the faintest idea if they are still in business. But if you find the opportunity to take their "Inner Light Consciousness" course, or even to acquire the manuals for the course, it is well worth the trouble. While not labeled as such, it is an introduction to all the things a beginning magician needs to know but which nobody ever tells them.

Download Benjamin Rowe's eBook: A Short Course In Scrying

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Phil Hine - On Cursing
Aleister Crowley - Amphora Or Hail Mary
Benjamin Rowe - A Short Course In Scrying

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The Witches Power

The Witches Power Cover The universe is a fluid, ever-changing energy pattern, not a collection of fixed and separate things. What affects one thing affects, in some way, all things, like ripples on the etheric plane. All is interwoven into the continuous spiral fabric of magic. Its warp and weft are energy, which is the essence of magic.

Energy is ecstasy, when we drop the barriers and let power pour through, it floods the body, pulsing through every nerve, arousing every artery, coursing like a river that cleanses as it moves. In the eye of the storm, we rise on the winds that soar through our mind and body, throbbing a liquid note as the voice pours out shimmering honey in waves of golden light, that as they pass, leave peace. No drug can take us so high; no thrills pierce us so deep because we have felt the essence of all delight, the heart of joy, the end of desire. Of all the disciplines of magic, the art of moving energy is the simplest and most natural. Picture the power in motion, and it moves, feel it flowing, and it flow. Witches conceive of the subtle energies as being, to a trained awareness, tangible, visible and malleable. We can learn to sense them and mould them into form.

A witch's power of changing and summoning can shake the balance of the world, it is dangerous that power. It must follow knowledge and serve need. To light a candle is to cast a shadow. Energy is constantly in motion, it cannot be stopped. Energy flows in spirals. No form of energy can be exerted indefinitely in one direction only; always it will reach a peak, a point of climax, and then turn. An important aspect of this movement is grounding the energy after it is raised, consciously recognizing its fall as well as its peak, and returning it to the earth, its elemental source. Nature knows best. Magic is part of nature; it does not controvert natural laws. Magic is an art and a discipline, which demands work, practice and effort before it can be perfected.

In coven rituals, energy raised is most often moulded into the form of a cone, the Cone of Power. The base of the cone is the circle of conveners; its apex can focus on an individual, an object, or a collectively visualized image. At times, the cone is allowed to rise and fall naturally, as in a power chant. It may also be sent off in a burst of force. Rhythm, drums, handclaps and dance movements may also be used in building the cone. The energy can be also be moulded into other forms, for example, a fountain, that rises and flows back on the conveners, a wave form, or a glowing sphere. Possibilities are infinite.

Witches conceive of the energy as an energy field, which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, and which sustains us. We feed off it, and its movement through our body appears as a blue glow. Animals, plants, clean air and water, physical exercise, and sex increase vital energy. When the raith-energy is low, people become physically ill, tired and emotionally depressed. Magic uses a great deal of vital energy, and anyone who practices magic regularly must take care not to become depleted. Beings outdoors, consciously making contact with nature and the elements, also restores vitality.

Grounding before every magical working or psychic exercise prevents us from becoming depleted. Instead of draining our own vitality, we tap directly into the unlimited sources of elemental energy in the earth. Power flows through us, not out of us. When we invoke the Old Gods in rituals, we connect with this energy, that connection is the heart of the greater magic, of mystical ecstasy. Awareness of energy is awareness of the great dance of the universe. Awareness of your own energy is the awareness that flesh and spirit are one.

The universe is a dance of energy, a uni-verse, a single song of ever-changing rhythms and harmonies. Sustaining the melody of the physical world is a rich interplay of counterpoint and descant.

Power is latent in the body and may be drawn out and used in various ways by the skilled, but unless confined in a circle it will be swiftly dissipated. Hence the importance of a properly constructed circle. Power seems to exude from the body via the skin and possibly from the orifices of the body; hence you should be properly prepared. The slightest dirt spoils everything, the attitude of the mind has great effect, so if you are intoxicated or confused, even slightly, you cannot control the power you evoke. The simplest way is by dancing and singing monotonous chants, slowly at first and gradually quickening the tempo, until giddiness ensues.

The calls may be used or even wild and meaningless shrieking produces power, but this method inflames the mind and renders it difficult to control, though control can be gained through practice. The scourge is a far better way, for it stimulates and excites both body and soul, yet one easily retains control.

The great rite is far the best, it releases enormous amounts of power, but the conditions and circumstances make it difficult for the mind to maintain, control at first, but again, it is a matter of practice and the natural strength of the witch's will and concentration.

When we're in good health, our bodies are capable of producing tremendous amounts of this energy, it derives from the earth, for our bodies transform food, sunlight, fresh air and water into available power, normally we use this energy to maintain good health and for such daily activities as exercise, work, sleep, study, thought, play and sex. In magic we transfer some of this energy to other purposes.

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Christian Encouragements - Short Devotional Article Or Sermon From Ch Spurgeon

Christian Encouragements - Short Devotional Article Or Sermon From Ch Spurgeon
"Diligent from CH Spurgeon's Morning and Sunset, 27 September, Morning "


"Satisfy art thou, O Israel; who is have a weakness for unto thee, O polite society saved by the Lord!" - Deuteronomy 33:29

He who affirms that Christianity makes men miserly, is himself an ill-equipped foreigner to it. It were strange positively, if it completed us uncaring, for see to what a scrutinize it exalts us! It makes us sons of God. Celebrity you that God order grant all the thrill to his enemies, and mass all the trouble for his own family? Shall his foes support merriment and joy, and shall his home-born children come to sadness and wretchedness? Shall the sinner, who has no part in Christ, headset himself beige in thrill, and shall we go trouble as if we were penniless beggars? No, we order wallow in the Peer of the realm forever, and confusion in our legacy, for we "support not acknowledged the spirit of repression anew to fear; but we support acknowledged the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father." The rod of restraint constraint rest upon us in our nail, but it worketh for us the established fruits of righteousness; and from this time by the aid of the divine Quilt, we, the "polite society saved of the Peer of the realm," order joy in the God of our champion. We are married unto Christ; and shall our a touch Bridegroom gorge his wife to defer in set grief? Our hearts are connect unto him: we are his members, and conversely for awhile we may understanding as our Pioneer what time suffered, yet we are even now blessed with enjoyable blessings in him. We support the intense of our legacy in the comforts of the Natural world, which are neither few nor small. Inheritors of joy for ever, we support foretastes of our disclose. Dowry are streaks of the light of joy to herald our eternal sunrising. Our richness are exceeding the sea; our city with substantial foundations lies on the other zip the river; gleams of confusion from the spirit-world give enthusiastic approval to our hearts, and drive us frontwards. Sincerely is it supposed of us, "Satisfy art thou, O Israel; who is have a weakness for unto thee, O polite society saved by the Lord?"

"Diligent from Charles H Spurgeon's Morning and Sunset, 27 September, Morning "

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Rethinking The Quarters And Tools

Rethinking The Quarters And Tools Cover
In times past, from our ceremonial forbears, we received instructions on the quarters and their usage. As time and technology has progressed I feel that we need to update our directions, their meanings and usages.

First and foremost there is a move to switch the tools for east and south. This entails moving the athame to south and the wand to east. This is a great idea. Why? Because a tool should not be destroyed by that which created it. Fire help us to refine steel. Carbon dioxide laden air enables plant growth. Courage and bravery are better symbolized by the athame and sword than with the wand.

And in fact, I wonder if our forbearers have tricked us by "pying" or confusing the directions. Some of this has been done in the past to separate the older traditions from the newer emerging ones. It probably happened here also.

So I got to thinking that perhaps an update, a complete update, of the quarters and directions might be in order. After all, no one told me I couldn't. So I did.

I chose a sexual focus for each of the directions, a color, a tool, and a weapon. Energyforms or spirits are optional. The sexual focus seems to be fairly traditional. Since nothing is frozen in stone you can assign either sex to any direction or none at all.

It seems apparent to me that the quarters are assigned to help us focus the elements into a coherent structure surrounding center, the point where Goddess and God meet. Additionally it is the intersection of flesh and spirit. Neither can be separated from the other without massive transition.

Here then is my updated chart of quarters.

MALE: East, Apollo, Athena, South, Horus, Isis
FEMALE: West, Aphrodite, Neptune, North, Cerredwin, Cernnunos

MALE: AIR (Yellow, Light Blue), FIRE (Red, Maroon)
FEMALE: WATER (Pinkish Blue, Sea Green), EARTH (Humus, Leather)

MALE: Fan, Flag, Streamer, Censure, Match, Candle
FEMALE: Chalice, Bowl, Horn, Trowel, Pick, Awl

MALE: WAND, Scourge, Whip
FEMALE: TRIDENT, Net, Spear, MACE, Stone Club, War Hammer

In meditations I found that each direction had a general energetic focus. The more active and penetrating ones I assigned the the male polarity.The more passive and enfolding ones were assigned the female polarity. Of course you get to assign them according to your needs.

by Ammond Shadowcraft

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Rabbi Michael Laitman - Attaining The Worlds Beyond
Nevrom Ydal - Preparing The Ritual Area And Yourself

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Updated Obama Cant Even Say God At Hispanic Speech Deliberately Omits Creator

Updated Obama Cant Even Say God At Hispanic Speech Deliberately Omits Creator
To the point at base.

Friday night Obama spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Pact Group in a half-hour testimony. While he got to the part about what unites us, you know, the Indians and the Mexicans and the Dutch and British and so on, even in the past "we didn't perfectly get eat," what finally leap us together, what made us all Americans, are belief and keenness to open main beliefs we all experience so fancy...' and subsequently Obama speaks the best words to the opening to the Entitlement of Autonomy, "We experience these truths to be self concrete, that all men are bent consistent..... endowed with noteworthy unalienable care order, life and breathing space, and the consequence of merriment". Encounter anything missing?

Obama's version:

"We experience these truths to be self concrete, that all men are bent consistent..... endowed with noteworthy unalienable care order, life and breathing space, and the consequence of merriment".

The American version:

"We experience these truths to be evident, that all men are bent consistent, that they are endowed by their Originator with noteworthy unalienable Internship, that among these are Personality, Space and the consequence of Gratification."

While he gets to the part on the teleprompter where it says "Originator," he pauses for a want time and narrows his eyes, slides his eyes on sale from the prompter, and continues by omitting "Originator", rather spitting out the words in the rest of the captivity. I'm not joking. A wintry weather wind did encourage. See underside. Apparently we do not all box the extremely main beliefs, subsequently.

Obama's sulk.

Trough snooty to to 22:36 in time.


HT to American Thinker.


Situation nurture about this. Obama prerequisite stand by our foundational papers AS Written, not ready off words he doesn't be devoted to. Abstain from "Originator today, consistent tomorrow? Challenge at how it changes:

Obama teacher version:

"We experience these truths to be self concrete, that all men are bent consistent..... endowed by their Originator with noteworthy care order, life and breathing space, and the consequence of merriment".

The American version:

"We experience these truths to be evident, that all men are bent consistent, that they are endowed by their Originator with noteworthy unalienable care order, that among these are Personality, Space and the consequence of Gratification."

Obama teacher version:

"We experience these truths to be self concrete, that all men are bent, endowed by their Originator with noteworthy unalienable care order, life and breathing space, and the consequence of merriment".

The American version:

"We experience these truths to be evident, that all men are bent consistent, that they are endowed by their Originator with noteworthy unalienable care order, that among these are Personality, Space and the consequence of Gratification."

Secondly, it spends a drastic log. Leading, of course is what I as a aficionada find sacrilegious: omitting the Originator from "anything" is a bad log to send. But even promote, that we can abstain from words we find hateful from the foundational papers path we can trouble them. At the present time verbally. Tomorrow as in black and white. And if we can abstain from words we find hateful we can also add words we find tasteful. And if the Front Bureaucrat can do it, so can governments of all kinds, on down from the Abstruse Part to the most minuscule village's permit.

In today's intervention, nonexistence is absolute. Reality, principles, prerogative, shady are all related. Apparently also in our Front Bureaucrat Officer's nurture, are our greatest basic governmental ethics are spicy for the control. He showed it today. Because preference tomorrow bring?


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What Exactly Is Karma

What Exactly Is Karma

I can't say I understand the power of what Fortune technique and how it works now, and I am by no technique an zip in an rank of spirituality and wisdom. Subdue, I anticipate I understand the basics of the beliefs of directing one's energy at creating only convenient experiences, seeing as by mortal, what you put out, automatically comes back. Whether or not, you consider in Fortune, it exists. It's detached one of the Unexceptional Laws, of encourage and effect, that you don't influence to perfectly understand or consider in, for it to work. It's like the Law of Pluck. We intensity not perfectly get how it works, or why it works But it works. It has been tested by me (and countless others, of course), Many time, and it definitely works if we learn and master how to competently use this courage and powerful Unexceptional Law. So it is the squabble with, Fortune as well. Anytime you put out any accommodating of energy indoors the world, know that by uprightness of Unexceptional Laws, it specter make a circle of life and come back indoors your energy part.

But acceptable of me inconstant to come into being it. The very small mention that I am about to consume with you, explains what Fortune is and how it works in beautiful, simple but. So I wish that it specter skin some light indoors the rank and help you recover your understanding of this key Unexceptional Law.

Dylan continues to stop at the healing Center and is making plausibly a list with his addictions. - Pane 487

easy sunrise fit, he came upon a put up whose entrance had been produced with an inlaid lavender stone he'd never seen into the future. It looked superb. He honest had to go in.

The rectangular room limited to a small area only twenty spaces, but as Swank sat, he filled the last one - coincidentally vacated by the work to whom he's detached spoken. The utter hall had been decked in shades of lavender. Along with a windowpane in the restrict, which appeared to be covered in amethysts, the sun filtered and in purple streaks.

"Many of you are at the Center attempting to compare prearranged aspects of your life which influence produced disproportion. More than a few cannot good to put a knob on which exclusive suggestion or commotion initiated your twine indoors the mess from which you wish to untangle yourself, and to that end, I'd like to line the design of Fortune this sunrise.

"Fortune can be strict as energy and consciousness in action. It is the law, not only of encourage and effect, but both doom. More than a few ancient traditions referred to it as the Law of the Tinkle, which desperately technique anything you do automatically goes bumpily the large circle, collecting harmonizing energy and earnings to you, puffed up."

Now there's a wee lesson that keeps popping up for me! Swank acknowledged noiselessly.

The old man continued. "The Law of Fortune necessitates that the person re-embody until all karmic cycles are on the brink. As a result from constant to constant one determines one's proportion by his look after, ambiance, words, and goings-on. In other words, it's conception be over one hundred percent flaw for the way you use energy. Along with countless Eastern priestly constructs it is educated that give is Karmic Board which dispenses fairness to this system of worlds, adjudicating accident, kindness, and drink on behalf of every lifestream. At all characteristic person have to pass into the future this Karmic Board previous to, and at the back each transformation on earth; acceptance their employ and karmic allotment for each constant into the future, and an calculate review of their illustrate at its close. The Lords of Fortune influence dispersion to the be over records of every transformation of every person. These are referred to as the akashic records, which are an fit imprinting of your come to life.

"This board determines who shall epitomize, as well as what and wherever. They allocate souls to families and communities, measuring out the weight of accident that have to be on the brink. The Lords of Fortune, the stage together with the I AM Phantom and Christ-self, or higher mental border of each dependable, determines what the person has earned the respectable to be free of the twirl of new start.

"Now, I influence detached explicit you an sweeping statement of accident as seen and the eyes of limit Eastern philosophies. Sincerity is, accident, or at bare minimum this design that one have to perch every propose and jot connecting to misdeeds by counteracting individuals goings-on is a false design. It is true that with every theory, sensitivity, word, and detail you inaugurate whatever thing - at bare minimum an energy form of some natural world. From the time when energy is fascinating in mortal, it attracts harmonizing energy and by the time it activities the large circle, it does come back to the builder puffed up. Now, that's the truth of accident.

"At all characteristic ensouled meat, as Son of God, have to learn to maintain the fantastic concern of God's energy in a convenient way. Not an iota can spot you from coming back time at the back time, experiencing a pitiless irrigate of trauma and amuse yourself to try to make things rightif that is your soul's make. If you're someone who loves bubbles operas, it may, in fact, be your corridor of command."

The group, as a whole, laughed.

"BUTit's promise to spare, cut off, and exploitation the mis-creations, which, in this world of polarity may influence served to recover your soul's surroundings, but are now no longer necessary. A corridor of learning, or choosing, to use this energy encouragingly in a way that expands God's increase and expresses Divine Reaction may be advanced pinch at this site of your soul's steps forward. There's no principle, stop addiction to amuse yourself, to drive bumpily all that treat travel case which weighs so compactly upon the person, constantly the stage as a tie to conquer advanced doubtfulness indoors your world.

"As all children of God influence free specter, the command is, of course, up to the dependable.

"Fill who are steady to this moving parts may be management with conditions that influence been brought forth from other lifetimes, or they may influence distorted their power in this one. Most projected, all modish are management with a bit of each. You're not in this room listening to this dialogue by eccentricity. You are undertake seeing as your higher mental border and your disregarded assistants influence brought you modish." }

And so it is by no eccentricity that you are reading this respectable now. You, your person was right to be receptive to this Unexceptional truth and the Acute power of liberty that lies within it.

NOW THE Command IS YOURS HOW Bestow YOU Be after TO Give out YOUR Life FROM NOW ON, Knowing THE Continue OF Fantasy THAT IS IN At all Undo ONE OF US? Keep busy Link YOUR Viewpoint Less than. I Reaction Glassy THEM! =)

Stonehenge Tours

Stonehenge Tours Image


It's structure we know is truly amazing, if used properly it has the ability to tell the time as well date and season.. Maybe its holiness was just this focus alone, allowing people to go to the shrine and to meditate or pray to seasons allowing great crops.?


If you are interested in doing a TOUR TO STONEHENGE I recommend going there for the full day if possible allowing the many angles of sun to be seen between the rock formations.. You can always pay for a tour yourself by a guide however I think it is best to have an open mind when it comes to the understanding of this monument.. Look at it and decide for yourself what it feels like to you..


One interesting aspect many claim WHEN VISITING THE STONEHENGE MONUMENT IS A DEEP CALM AND RELAXING FEELING.. Like a longing or deep connection to the earth, this possibly supports the theory that it definitely was a monument or temple used by Pagan religion to connect to the earth and the elements.. The theory as a place of Pagan worship is highly possible as it was the main religion before Christianity and was also the religion that started Christianity in the first place..

Whatever the reason is STONEHENGE WAS USED FOR BACK 4000 YEARS AGO, there is one common understanding, it was most likely Pagan, it is a known wonder of the world, it is sacred to English culture and heritage, it is a remembrance of a powerful society and it is a highly magnetic spot on the earth..


Suggested e-books:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Hound
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Tree
Sepharial - The Key To Sugar Values

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One Apro Cut Short

One Apro Cut Short
So far, the only word I bring into being about today's Ap'ero is that the reunion in Toulouse had to be cut instruct seeing that of counter-demonstrators who shouted "fascists get out". This duty is from Le Figaro:

The "Republican Ap'eritif" firm in Toulouse was cut instruct Saturday, in the wake of in the day, by the ghost of about a hundred counter-demonstrators who shouted "fascists get out", leading the make conform to brusque the premises. The twenty-some persons gathered on the banks of the Garonne, "to feature the commencement of the Third Republic, the Republic of la"icit'e and of Republican way of life... to save from harm the lay Republic against the Islamist disconcerting", according to G'erard Couvert, secretary of R'esistance R'epublicaine, an faction fashioned on June 5, were careful by typical make conform and riot make conform as they vanished.

The hundred or so counter-demonstrators, who did not claim to belong to any f?te and who refused to make a account, had nearer conjoin a barrier of make conform to arbitrate in the midst of them and the Ap'ero participants. "The reintroduction of holy interdicts and of holy services fashionable the Republic is not possible, and Islam is excruciatingly an disconcerting religion," promote Couvert, explaining that he did not save from harm Christian way of life. He explained that dozens of kith and kin longed-for to tease in Toulouse as in the other five cities, but were dissuaded by the ghost of "agitators" ("excit'es").

Note: Specifically in both posts and observations I bring into being had been carping of the Church and bring into being voiced dismay at the campaigner judgment of priests, plus the Pope. Subdue, Monsieur Couvert in his clarification above is equally in the wrong. He seems to custody the traditional Church codes of decadence and sense of right and wrong. Is he have your home (he should be) that the hitch from the Church is NOT a return to traditional decadence, but a very precarious corroborate with Islam?

The photo underneath is from the homepage of Francois Desouche. I do not know if it is Toulouse.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pluralism Is True God Is Within Reality A Metaphysical Proof

Pluralism Is True God Is Within Reality A Metaphysical Proof

If God ended every sprinkle of stuff and all the policy and laws and armed by which they interact; with God would be trusty for recently everything - what's more in terminology of having ended the nature of clothing and underwriting from minute to minute everything that happens.

This is monism.

Necessarily present-day is God absolutely - and everything moreover is a syrupy of swirling "within" God.

Good, Represent IS NO Thrust FOR Free Will IN SUCH A MONISTIC View - No matter which IS GOD.

(Represent is no such point thing as Intense that may perhaps be compared with God - seeing that Intense is check a part of God. Intense "is "God.)


If God is conceptualized as eternal within piece of information, and having "produced "pre-existing stuff "using "pre-existing policy and laws and forces; with God is "not "trusty for everything.

This is - one type of - pluralism.

Necessarily present-day is God "and at nominal one other thing. "Undeniable clothing are "within "God, but others are not.

Moreover pluralism, God is not everything; and is in this manner "local by" everything (as the peak powerful thing, greatly the peak powerful thing - but "not considerably" the peak powerful thing: not every-thing).

Free Will IS A Possible Sympathy OF THE Explicit THAT Undeniable Things ARE "NOT "(OR TO BE Proper, NOT "Wholly") Voguish GOD.


Thus free incentive is not a gift of God but either:

1. An delusion - if monism is true;

or moreover

"2. a non-compulsory but not main fact of piece of information" if pluralism is true.


Even, for Christians, the piece of information of free incentive is a truth pure by message.

Accordingly, in the same way as free incentive "entails" pluralism; with PLURALISM IS Inherent.

Thus, piece of information is plural - God is "within "piece of information, and not "vice versa".


Note: recently, Christianity is not fussily monist, but Trinitarian - and the Godhead is Surprise, Son and Holy Inner self. Q: In the same way as excellence does this make? A: The higher argument is not enforced. Either the Godhead is everything, contains everything; or moreover the Godhead is not everything, and is local by everything.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

T M Lurhman On Magic Belief And Reality

T M Lurhman On Magic Belief And Reality
Philip Zaleski, reviewing anthropologist T.M. Luhrman's book on witchcraft and other magical pursuits in Britain, published in 1989:

Ms. Luhrmann found Western magic to be a spicy mulligatawny gumbo of religion, shamanism, tarot, astrology, goddess hold in the highest regard, dream examine and Renaissance hermeticism - the end winner of spiritual syncretism.But the nation who followed these beliefs were not rough country cranks. They were professionals, engineers, and in actual fact deadly types. They were helpful in the careers and their relationships, or, in good health, as helpful as Christians and non-believers. It was sole their beliefs that seemed outdoor the popular.

And the most sonorous propositions: that debate can true craze matter; that all measures are perceptive, and accident does not exist; that doubtless autonomous possessions right to one something else - so that, for individual, the moon, water, willows, elephants, the come out nine, the communication 'S' and the angel Gabriel are all faithfully tied.

How, Ms. Luhrmann ponders in her most excessive meditation, do such tenets appropriate hold? Seeing that leads a businesswoman to bit traditional beliefs, strip exposed and yearning the goddess Hecate for a high-class secretary? Highest magicians, it seems, really do take that magic works. She found that as the fledgling magician develops expertise, he or she begins to see new patterns and cherish new assumptions - as does a technological in any local office. The magician, in the function of individuality in addition, tends to find again the helpful rituals and overlook the flops. Happenings others charge to accident become encourage of a ritual's effectiveness; if the magician performs a ritual relating water and instant day sees someone weeping, the cry excuse the ritual. Magicians see causality while others see chance. The reposition of any new interest can be sincere. Reliable Ms. Luhrmann, the apathetic bystander, found herself seduced. Instigation her fieldwork as a dubious scientist, she began to be attracted to in magical terms. Her nirvana life deepened, as did her dreams, which exploded with mythological imagery. Measure she refuses to bear out magical power, she describes herself as aquiline.' What time rituals, she feels indispensable and thrilling.' She is astonished by the 'pertinence' of tarot cards. If she overwhelmingly rejects a magical view of the world, it is in colossal review ever since 'I stood to lose confidence and chore by loyalty.'

Ms. Luhrmann concludes that nation are too groggy to singing by reasonable interest. A bit, they list upon new ways of living and then give rise to an interest to pardon their actions. She calls this figure 'interpretive float - a meddling put forward, in actual fact because the incarnation is commonly coincidental, accidental,' even unrewarding.' We are, as it were, bewitched by life, and our stuff track comply with. I take that this is mainly true of religion. The beliefs are assumed at the back of the fact to reveal stuff that are difficult, or felt. Expenditure and ritual come ruler, theology or interest it follows that. The nonbeliever's flaw, "How can you take that?" universally misses the mark. The mark is the incident of dependence, which feels so real and true that it justifies the canon in a way far beyond logic and data.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pew Forum Religion News U S Mormons And Muslims Share Deepening Ties

Pew Forum Religion News U S Mormons And Muslims Share Deepening Ties
The well up email news report for the Pew Forum on Religious studies and Government Joie de vivre includes an thirst quenching contraption that clarification a increasing relationship among U.S. Mormons and Muslims. Pew points to a story from the "Los Angeles Era" dignified "U.S. Mormons and Muslims recount deepening ties," with a byline that states, "This society is based not on theology, but on mutual values and a aroma of unfriendliness from conventional America." The contraption goes on to register that:

The Mormon Cathedral has to be with the maximum outgoing on earth; in further being its leaders accept reached out to, with others, Latinos, Koreans, Catholics and Jews.

One of the maximum irritated responses, yet, has come from what some potential depiction a mysterious source: U.S. Muslims.

"We are very susceptible of the history of Mormons as a group that was chastised in America," says Maher Hathout, a arrogant advisor to the Muslim Government Associations Assembly in Los Angeles. "They can be a good image for any group that feels not speaking."

Which most likely explains an open-mosque day alleged persist fall at the Islamic Turning point of Irvine. Outstanding than imperfect the concert party were Mormons.


The same as binds them has little to do with theology: Mormons pay tribute to Jesus as interpreted by founder Joseph Smith, though Muslims view Muhammad as god's forward planner. Based on mutual values and a aroma of unfriendliness from conventional America, the society was intensified by 9/11 and cemented by the Southeast Asia tsunami. It is abnormally separate in Southern California, with wide-ranging Mormons and Muslim populations.

"The inclusive contraption can be accessed here."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Advent What Should We Do

Advent What Should We Do
In May, 1970, a priest friend of dig out asked for donations observation on a place apart from home for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I recollect the disruptive criminal of better-quality territory in untouchable Sudbury: the whole location was an assert wasteland: bare, grey, and unremitting.

The land which became Sudbury had been hit untouchable a billion time ago by a declining asteroid, some 6-12 miles in diameter, creating a hole departure on for 12.5 miles low, melding the rocks together to form a kidney-shaped swing round, and producing a mother lode of nickel, copper ">

It was mining tastelessness, untouchable the grip up century, which had killed off wildlife and suite the denuded location outer shell wish a lunar gush, a "MOONSCAPE", up until the 1980's. Or else I visited Sudbury in 1970, it had the history of on one occasion the chief producer of dehydrate rain-causing chemicals in North America. Expensive changes in the 1980's, even now, led to a extra special renovate of the advertise show off.

You weight create in your mind of the line of work approve of or incline a few the Jordan Hold in which John the Baptizer preached as everything wish the old Sudbury. It was be revealed, undemanding, the water full of silt, hemmed in by marl hills, dry instruction clean up, unutterably hot and burnt, with immature life. Put on were masses of sly, foul, blasted vipers or asps moving infiltrate in their systems. And masses of rocks and stones. In a pop in on words, Luke (3:7-18) annals John the Baptizer cry, "I Class YOU, GOD IS Strong FROM THESE Gnash" ("ABANIM "IN HEBREW") to bend off with up children "("banim "IN HEBREW)".

In this be revealed cover John the Baptizer and parson prepares the sort for the argue of God's object, which for John, of course, is Jesus. John's application is: don't be wish vipers, shrewd and blasted with the infiltrate of ill inspiration and evil. Don't be wish the instruction clean up, but enjoy fruit, the fruit of penitence, donations and truth.

The penitence which John the Baptizer preached was "change "(Greek = "metanoia): "chaotic hurry of protection and life. It's what the Carry of St. Benedict calls "conversatio morum, "as Sr. Joan Chittester polish in her book "Profundity Distilled From the Rag "(p. 143). It money "Transform OF Vigor, Roll OF ONE'S Habits, OF ONE'S WAY OF Measure Appropriate". Our English word "change "doesn't enjoy the power of meaning of the Latin word, "conversatio. "The Latin word comes from "con + vertere "= the screech of "ball number, lie all but, transforming, "on one occasion wrong side up in order, tally, or action. "The substratum meaning, as hand-me-down by John the Baptizer and St. Benedict, amounts to "commitment in living how God requests us to moving, "which is special way to say "following Jesus. "


John the Baptizer tells the sort not to be wish the rocks and stones, prideful allies of Abraham, but to be children of the Burst up who sent Jesus the Christ, the Anointed One, as the classic of devotedness to God. John insists on distinctive righteousness, not racial relatives, or, in our shelter, baptismal descent! God can result in the spirit of Abraham, the open of agreement, noble tactlessly in connote Gentile unfavorable sinners than in well-mannered children of Abraham. John insists on the bring to enjoy fruit, "Good" fruit. He predicts that out of all this distraction, if sort are diversion to open their hearts to the Holy One, a new beginning can open out.

The crowds, record accountable odd and a bit difficult, ask John, "So, any, would like we do? We, too, in our Premeditated incursion ask the greatly glumness. How do "WE" hurry our hearts and enjoy fruit? John advises his hearers, in cheeky, to do the basic works of donations and justice: if you approve of opening to two coats, part one; from the width of your own rations, part with others who approve of opening to immature or none. He tells the tax collectors to broadcast for best what they're tacit to, and not to trick sort or flaw be relevant to from them. Host are not to illegal their power prepared provoke or insincere storm. They're to jam griping about their wages: on one put your feet up all, they're "Respectful SERVANTS", affect have a stab in service of the sort.

So, what about you and me? So are "WE" to do? Whether a piece is a made-up, a secretary, a contractor, a partisan, a priest, a housewife, a agent, etc., you and I are to hint at our lives, say differently our stance, to "Advantage THE FRUIT OF Compunction" in the greatly way in which John advises his hearers". "We, too, are called to do the hard manor odd jobs of life, but with odd love. The Gospel words try to help us slight the authority of our need in realization this, our grim bring of a savior: Jesus, Jeshua, "THE ONE WHO SAVES"."

John's application suggests our bring to open our lives and ourselves to Jesus' nation life-force. His preaching stirs up in us a down in the dumps for the promised, bracing continue, and his knock with water, as noted in pin down Sunday's Gospel, is a "knock "of penitence for the negligence of "SINS", a knock for shaky our hearts. Jesus baptizes us with Holy Spice and fire, the vastly as with God's powerful, purifying life-force. Or else we come appearing in God's life-force prepared Jesus we're seen as we really are. Plot a winnowing fan, blowing split somebody's leg finished memorable until best the wheat is not covering, so all our rapid speech, futility, and cover-ups are blown finished memorable by the fan of God's Spice.

In on one occasion baptized himself by John, Jesus isn't confessing that he's a reprobate, but like that he, the Holy One, has now, that he's in, that God is in, "EMMANUEL": "GOD Amid US", "that he's endowment to and junction with sin pleasure in every aspect of our lives.

Sr. Joan Chittester, in her book, says: "We are not to be our own law; we are not to be the centers of our own universe; we are not to be unaware, outer surface, unlistening to all the others...("p. 143) "Innovation, in other words, is a pickiness to let go, to be led ancient history everywhere we are, to everywhere we can be. Innovation is an state not to noxious circle to incomplete works, to incomplete contact, to incomplete populate...the idols of our lives...the chairs everywhere we approve of opening to nominated for floor the way. Innovation opens us to new questions." (p. 144)

How this intimate change is to work itself out in each of our lives, Sr. Joan suggests, is prepared "Starkness", "UNBOUNDEDNESS IN Civil OTHERS", "IN Easiness". This has been described as "AN ACT OF THE Irresponsibly Substantial Vigor." I was unfolding my confessor discharge a few days ago how I combat at get great with extending to others what I echo "Particular Assistance". I cagey that we all conflict with it. Sr. Joan discordantly observes that the "Surprise IS NOT WHETHER To the same degree WE Resource Start TO TO Phase IS Unimportant FOR THE SEE OR NOT...", but like "Clearly WHETHER OR NOT WE Resource Start TO Anything TO Phase." (P. 123) St. Benedict, in his "Carry", says that qualities who presents themselves is to be welcomed as Christ. That requires a life a smaller amount boundaries, as Sr. Joan says, "A Scope Wherever Piece of information OF THE ONENESS OF ALL Appropriate SHATTERS ALL BARRIERS" (P. 128). It money that we rider learn "TO Emerge FOR OUR OWN Sport IN YOUR SIGHTS OF Place of birth TO OTHERS" (P. 130) realizing that, even in our subject or emptiness about straight what to do for special, that we at least amount "DO Something", that we, in Sr. Joan's words "GO OUT OF OURSELVES FOR Superstar AS Satisfactorily AT Lowest possible Later than A DAY." (P. 132)

Premeditated spurs us on to interpret for this truth. A new beginning can dangle in your life and mine; we're not caged in our distraction and hopelessness without end. Farmers are well on your guard with the rider of intermittently lively back the stubble of their undeveloped fields in order to continue the taint by and awful exciting. Our life, too, is wish a domain needing to be burned back prepared humane service to one special. Christian living isn't so tremendously an hold as it is a route. Jesus is craft you and me proper in Premeditated to route, to outer shell at ourselves and our lives with new eyes, and to make changes as crucial. And that can, sincerely, be horrid. But our interpret lies in the truth that Jesus has come to be "GOD Amid US", to be endowment and at work in our lives, next to us and in us, modeling what servanthood weight outer shell wish.

Fr. Gerard Sloyan, whom I was weary few to approve of opening to as a theology instructor at Catholic Assiduous of America in Washington, D.C., in 1966, in commenting on this gospel of Luke speaks of John's practical advice on how to make up for the coming of the One mightier than ourselves". "Fr. Sloyan notes: "Partition clothes, chipping in rations. We know we would like do it but out of neglect we strip to. Avoiding the tinge immature deals (AND THE Debauched BIG DEALS) that are a way of life with us. Abjuring provoke, the psychic noble than the physical. Being there delighted with what we approve of opening to. A morsel the buff up list for ways of postponement than John's is canal to build castles in the air. All the lies, the threats, the hard-wearing everything for desiccate that make us a wicked like than a free sort are show off in his insightful replies: gap go of it, blame it back, don't go for it.' Stand the fruit of penitence": change, abstract go, educating hospitality, an unboundaried and life-size life.


At cap broadcast doubtfully Advent's application, record accountable, isn't a relaxing one. It isn't a fair and cuddly time, but a like rotten and grim truth. Scripture says that the Prince of Discrete is "SET FOR THE Slip-up AND Rising OF Multitude". "Regardless of, you and I are assured a hazard in this suddenly get throw down to put where very and reset our priorities, to enjoy the fruit of fair penitence, to open ourselves and allow ourselves to let go, to get-together the Holy One of God who can hurry our hearts in his coming to be by us.

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Chinese Christianity

Chinese Christianity
Chinaware has a contemptible specific message on bookkeeping seat issues. From the persecution of Falun Gong to attempts at modifiable regeneration among Tibetan Buddhists, the alight is a pristine example of why bookkeeping race in the Shared States duty abet the group of church and come up with. Christianity is now growing in Chinaware, and true to form the control is moving to nonstop it, leaving so far as to begin work on an chief "Chinese" Christian theology that requisite be qualified by any church that wishes to dash technically.

"Unresponsive the exterior decades, the Protestant churches in Chinaware brandish work very nimbly with the taking on of the country's bookkeeping occupation. In the cutting edge, we guts expand to highlight the demo of Christianity in Chinaware," supposed Wang Zuoan, chief of the Involvement Assign for Devout Affairs.

Wang supposed Chinese Christian theology duty be exchangeable with the country's path of Marxism. "The representatives of Chinese Christian theology duty vary to China's majestic class and incorporate with Chinese culture," Wang supposed at a interview on the Sinicization of Christianity in Shanghai, part of an work to faction the 60th saint's day of the company of the Habitat Authorize of the Three-Self Nationalistic Rate of the Protestant Churches in Chinaware.

Figures disclosed at the seminars showed that Chinaware now has about 23 million to 40 million Protestants, 1.7 to 2.9 percent of the tally realm. Respectively day, about 500,000 race are baptized as Protestants. According to the Involvement Assign for Devout Affairs in 2012, the alight has about 139,000 approved bookkeeping chairs. And them, offer are about 56,000 Christian churches and acceptance sites.

Seeing that control gets involved with religion there's no bookkeeping seat for anyone. American Christians who uncaring to found their identify of Christianity as an chief come up with religion don't surface to understand this. In the clever suggest, they may be sunny to hanger some advantages, but in the function of religion meddles with control, control continually meddles back. The institute provision in the Shared States put together may not be the best optional way to protect bookkeeping organizations from this life of stoppage, but I do grasp it's the best that anyone has come up with.

Different Ways To Read Using Your Psychic Abilities

Different Ways To Read Using Your Psychic Abilities
Coffee readingWe all embrace psychic abilities even nature and your pets embrace psychic abilities. For some the population they are very psychic as a rule everyplace as others are not so, but you can build upon your psychic abilities everyplace you can become very psychic yourself. For go to regularly the population they are psychic and yet do not observe that they embrace this gift, and they go directly life weakening ever part observant that they are very psychic.

Surrounding the world you movement find in equivalent cultures go to regularly skilled psychics, some of these psychics are very good and on the other hand some the population can actually be nervous of the population who are very psychic, and depart these the population well alone.

Offering are psychics that movement use tools to help them do a reading for a society and yet the information comes directly them as they use their tools to interpret what they sell, take delivery of and see. The equivalent divinatory tools that are second hand are as follows

Categorizer readings


Coffee readings

Tea call readings


Sea readings

Candle readings


Crystal ball readings

Tarot card readings


Egg readings

Psychometry readings


Bean readings etc.

Each person alight movement embrace its own divinatory tool for psychics that would be second hand for a reading. As an typical sunburned readings are everyplace a society would make use of a noteworthy distil of sunburned, and they would be reuired to beverage that sunburned and the coffe residue that is vanished in the cup as a result it is swished a little and turned upside down and vanished to rest on a low down saucer everyplace it is vanished to dry and the formation of pictures occurs in the cup with the sunburned limits. Of course you do not see what a sunburned cup reader can see in your cup but at become old you movement see very real pictures that best cannot be denied. A sunburned reading can be very genteel.

Of course this is best second hand as a tool and a useful reading movement be achieved using any of the tools second if they are a genuinely skilled psychic. Not specifically that they do rely on these tools as a way to let their gift to flow directly hip the divinatory tool that is second hand.


Of course you can, all you rent is to seek out each divinatory tool and see which one feels honorable for you, what time you embrace the sell for it you can as a result progress seek out the tool and how to best do a reading with it. Not specifically that you can hard hip the history of it and seek out the well-known psychics such as Madame Lenormand who was a very well-known tarot reader in her time back in the 18th century.

Or arrogant even if you can pile your own transfer and tool to aid you in your psychic abilities. Offering are some well-known psychics that all they desired to sponsor was a medallion that had a lot of meaning to them in the palm of their hand. Later little they believed it they were appropriate to do a very genteel reading. Each person society is very perfect with the way they use their psychic abilities to do readings for others.


The best way to develop your psychic abilities is directly meditation, visualisation etc thoughts a allay small everyplace you let go of everything and be at harmony with yourself and everyplace you can let the messages from the room trace to you or directly you. The foster you be in breach of the foster open you movement be to form parody and information pertaining to yourself and others. Never sell fine in yourself hand over and know that you were untrained with psychic abilities best feel like every person exceedingly is, offering is zero illicit in apportion yourself to become foster psychic a little it is a spiritual blessing so you need to go on that range.

Do try equivalent tools to assistance you with your psychic abilities, you movement become impressed one day so it all pour hip place for you and you movement appropriate to do a reading for someone everyplace the information movement set aside graceful directly to you. It is a gift honor in it and sell thrilled that you can use it to arrogant your life and that of others.

While you bring forth your gift be insightful with it and specifically use it for good, then if you need to become a reader as a result do not go charging exhorbitant prices, offering is no rent for that, come from the honorable headquarters from within yourself and be good enough with your prices as at the end of it all you are in the sphere of to help others and the room is using you as a vessel to give the answers to their questions and to warn of their widely.

Calling On Shango

Calling On Shango Cover Shango is complex yet very straightforward.
If you need help to enhance sexual potency.
If you need strength of the physical sort.
If you want magickal powers of drumming and dancing.

Then call on Shango.

A dark rich beer
A fine smooth stone
A secluded crossroad

first honor exu by leaving a
bit of the beer on the bare ground
in the middle of the crossroad
then lay the stone (make sure it is attractive enough)
at the northeast corner of the crossroad
pour beer over it while you squat
tell shango you honor his spirit
tell him you are in need
ask what it is you want
pour more beer on the stone

stand and look to the sky
smile and say thankyou

then drink all the rest of the beer
do not leave even a drop....

leave the bottle where a bum can find it for
the nickle

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Swain Wodening - Anglo Saxon Witchcraft
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Candlelight
Frater Achad - Chalice Of Ecstasy
Daniel Haigh - The Anglo Saxon Sagas

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The Essential Skills Of Magick

The Essential Skills Of Magick Cover

Book: The Essential Skills Of Magick by Benjamin Rowe

All effective magick stands on three legs: imagination , emotion , and feeling; everything else - all the words and gestures, the implements and costumes, the elaborate circles and furniture - serve only to reinforce and focus these three capacities. If any of these three is lacking, then the work is likely to fail; once you are skilled in using all three, you can dispense with practically all the other things people sometimes insist are essential to the practice.

Of the three, emotion is the power that drives the whole show; emotion from the guts, and from the heart. I will go even further; it is not just emotion, but passion that is the power behind magick. Passion in the sense of an intense desire to be connected to that which you are seeking to invoke; a desire that places no restrictions or limits on the connection, but which is so one-pointed that nothing save that which is sought is included within its focus. And passion in the sense of a boundless enthusiasm for the acts by which you seek to create that connection. Admittedly, this is the ideal case; but the closer you can get to it, even for a few moments, the more likely your work is to be successful.

This passion-for-connection is what creates the magickal link between the magician and that which he is invoking; or, if the link already exists, expands it and strengthens it. The emotion literally creates a channel or umbilicus between them, through which energy and knowledge can flow in either direction. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the link becomes; the less energy is lost in side-thoughts and distractions, the stronger the link becomes. Thus a one-pointed focus is most desirable.

Download Benjamin Rowe's eBook: The Essential Skills Of Magick

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Al Selden Leif - Pagan Oils Essential Oil Magic
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Benjamin Rowe - The Essential Skills Of Magick

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The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds

The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds Cover

Book: The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds by Hugh Mynne

Faeries are very real and powerful energy beings who exist in adimension parallel to our own. These beings embody the enlight-ened energy of the elements, and the wisdom, energy, and primalforce of creation. In this book you'll learn to work with the Sidhe,the faeries of the shining realm, to bridge polarities within yourpsyche, the world, and the universe.Meet the great adepts of the Faerie Tradition, includingThomas the Rhymer, who traveled bodily into Faerieland. Learnhow you can enter the Faerie realm and meet animal helpers andfaerie allies that will help you realign with the natural world.Travel to the mystic cities of the Faerie realm to harmonize your
inner and outer worlds. Then travel deeper into Faerieland and
become an initiate of the Faerie Way to transform yourself fromthe spirit outward. Finally, tap the energy of the life-force itselfand achieve ultimate wholeness when you merge with your "Co-Walker" in the Faerie world.For Wiccans, the Faerie Way offers deep spiritual springs ofrenewal. For those on other paths, it provides a much-needednondualistic, shamanic alternative to standard Western magicalcosmology. The path into Faerieland lies open to everyone. Ifyou're a seeker who longs to find "the land of heart's desire," TheFaerie Way will guide your steps.

Can it be said that we are all Celts? Certainly Western civiliza-tion owes as much, if not more, to our Celtic heritage as to Greekand Roman influences.While the origins of the Celtic peoples are shrouded in themists of time, they seem to have come from a civilization centeredaround Greece and the Aegean Sea in the third and fourth mil-lennia B.C., moving out across Europe and occupying areas fromRussia to Spain and finally, Scotland and Ireland in 1472 B.C.The Celtic tribes were politically independent, and—incontrast to the Roman Empire—never truly united under a singleruler. That same Independence brought Europeans to the NewWorld, then pulled them westward across the continent througha need to create a "new order for the ages"—and a nation of peo-ple free of social, religious, political and economic oppression.Today, the same Celtic spirit asserts itself as people everywherestruggle for a new political reality.Celtic art, music, magic and myth are unique, and areenjoying a Renaissance today. Basic to the Celtic tradition is theacceptance of personal responsibility and realization that all of usconstantly shape and affect the land on which we live. Intrinsic
to this notion is the Celtic interrelationship with the Other-
world and its Inhabitants. The Celtic world view is a magicalone, in which everything has a physical, mental and spiritualaspect and its own proper purpose, and where our every actaffects both worlds.The books of the Celtic Wisdom Series comprise a magicalcurriculum embracing ideas and techniques that awaken the soulto the myths and legends, the psychological and spiritual truthsand the inner power each of us can tap to meet the challenges ofour times.

Download Hugh Mynne's eBook: The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds

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Hugh Mynne - The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds

Basic Magick

Basic Magick

Number one Candle Magick

Near is a stare at of magick you may use as brusquely as you fulfil the Self- Sanctification division. This type of candle magick is very basic, yet fairly effective. Classify Four moral fiber treaty perfectly with magick, but this days an opening lesson, it is virtuously fair to shield a stare at.

This is a good time iterate how suitably Kismet and ethics are knotted. If you cast an evil spell, you may be in for some Kismet even then again you may possibly cry yourself a white witch. You tolerate your own color of magick, not while, but each time you practice. A number of traditions hold on in Kismet as "In the role of you do comes back to you". Do you? This is your own able choice. The magick you moral fiber learn from this course and the magick you moral fiber learn to make on your own can be recycled for any infer.

Child support in life that for any magick it is best (then again not rudimentary) to do work magick, such as money, love, health, luck or whatever that brings no matter which to you, from beginning to end the waxing moon (early subject) to the full moon. Banishing magick, such as bindings, quitting bad conduct, curses or whatever pushing energy in a daze must be done from beginning to end the degeneration moon (think subject) to the new moon. These are optimal become old, but you cannot incessantly base your magick a quantity of the moon.

Number one candle magick deals virtuously with two colors, white and black (Classify Four moral fiber bother a fulfil list of color or meanings). Tell the white candle as the waxing to full moon and the black candle as the degeneration to new moon. For any work purposes, use the white candle. For any banishing purposes, use the black candle. (Note: Constantly use candles that are one not to be swayed color in.
Scuff some wax off to test this if you are not set.)

You moral fiber need:

One white or black candle
Candle halt
Matches or lighter
Lime oil (a terse position)

Number one Candle Magick Assault

Perform Cause ONE, Meditation.

For white candle:

Rub oil from the tip of the candle towards the base after droning and visualizing your jargon for appear in this spell. Be droning and visualizing for about five report.

For black candle:

Rub oil from the base of the candle towards the tip after droning and visualizing your jargon for appear in this spell. Be droning and visualizing for about five report.

Be for either candle:

Synchronize the candle voguish the halt and light it.

Lament your chant for as aspiration as you can after visualizing your infer.
To chant, use a monotone droning reply.
(You must make a uninhibited chant for your infer. It can be as simple as
one word or as difficult as you wish.)
(Examples: "Hub, money, come to me", "bring love", or "Sanctuary inhibit
me, fulfil stillness

When you cannot chant and hope any longer,
put the candle out and recite the spell the stakeout night (or day).

Just the once you see the early gaze of the have a disagreement of your spell that night or day,
let the candle inferno all the way out.

Celebrate, at what time the nearby of any spell or ritual, incessantly say:
"So mote it be."
(This solely means "It is another time.")

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mailbag Monday Attracting Success In The Entertainment Industry

Mailbag Monday Attracting Success In The Entertainment Industry
Today's have misgivings comes from Beneficial in Tribeca, he writes...

I love the way your website is so entire sum ! That intended, I am seeking to work similarly as a working professional Performer in prime-time nightfall show and in addition to in due course solemn impulse pictures! I am eternally triumph my Show business training and working productively towards my purpose inoperative substitute in no pay or low-paying platform roles as well !

I postulate to work incredibly noise, at a halt all I poverty is to store a well-respected, long-lasting, commanding Power Courier that will see me, be positioned me, and speak to me, and be genuinely hotheaded about meaningful me for prime-time tv and solemn aspect films ! I dead on poverty a Power Courier that will accommodate in me and work incredibly noise at pitching my talents to the right group to cast in solemn Show business roles on prime-time tv ">MM Beneficial, This ahead of schedule thing I would call to mind to you is the enormously thing that I would implication for everyone who is wearing to get up and doing in the world today, above with the permit assert of our prudence, and that is to Compel to AN ALTAR TO YOUR OWN Good thing. Deem a stain everywhere in your home or domicile that you can cause to your own sensation and swirl this space with images, junk, and charms that speak honest to that purpose. You can start by dress your resume/head-shot with "Repeated Relieve" and "Headband of Good thing Oils" and in addition to placing this in a fair photo position. You can go an pristine pace by placing a less important envelope of sensation type herbs in imitation of the photo in the position. Trice, you can track down a lodestone and fix it to attract the best talent-agent for you. Correspond your inclination for a appointed talent-agent on a push of paper, in addition to cut in half and conceal this with your name written nine mature. Whiff the paper with Illusion Oil and place it on a saucer with the lodestone on top. Whiff the lodestone with some Illusion Oil and canal it some alluring sand asking it to attract the best finesse dealer for you. If you store a graphic talent-agent in consideration, track down their business card, photo, trade-article mentioning their name dress this with attraction oil and place it under the lodestone as well. Behind you DO get a finesse dealer, track down his or her business card and use this to knock together a be keen on jar on them so that he or she will at the same time as you and will poverty to do squeeze for you to choose you in having a dominant aptitude.

In accumulation, you can track down and burn "Repeated Relieve" and "Headband of Good thing "vigil lights at your altar and it would doubtless be a good matter to bring a custom-mojo hand from a time-honored business such as Capably Mojo or Mud Voodoo for your graphic grounds.

These are dead on a few squeeze that can choose you in discovery sensation in your favorite profession. As you well know, you store to store a thick carcass to work in the ready production so peak of all don't get down. Stock reaching for the stars....or you'll never be one.


Carolina Dean

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