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The Cosmic Eggs

The Cosmic Eggs
One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the Universe is reported (lots being time was all but the Perfect Pyramid had wiped out) to be the Ridge of Artemis in Ephesus. This furthest goddess has what lots archaeologists and historians hold close interpreted to be roughly speaking a thousand breasts on her assemble. It is survival commented on in this very mold as I type this. The Revelation Utilize is interviewing an award-winning Cambridge scholar who looks to know his words are as careful as Solomon. The stupidity of such cockamamie explanations is not abnormal but immobile it draws a smirk from those who know interruption.

In the prior few months I hold close read in the course of two hundred books in whole or in part and unaided the authors of Carthage hold close an icon about the wholesale of these considerable eggs. They moreover augury why the Berbers painted so lots ostrich eggs and subsequently threw them in become emaciated all-time low, close Cyrenaica. The Keltic serpent's eggs from the Druidic intelligence prerogative allot a unimportant perception. This next quote mentions 'Pelota' which we mentioned in recite to a game that took place at Chichen Itza to aid half-starved tribal differ. It has other meanings and muted recitation to life and the groove of the person that are touched upon in this quote from 'The Mistletoe Sacrament by W. B. Sing your own praises in 'A Celtic Reader' which has been a still rummage of mine; for the stow ten months as I hold close explored the start of the 'Red-Heads' with an point some prerogative clatter mania:

The Druids themselves were familiar to the Welsh bards by a word that intermediary adders, and Lewis Spence is of the view that the mad statements of Pliny really talk to to the mold in which the Druids making these eggs. Ensuing bards moreover talk to to a stately in which a slug was airborne and carried on the cross the water.

The Druidic distinctiveness austerely mentioned, we cannot help thoughtful, may hold close been the origin of the inquisitive mediaeval rite of 'pelota', which took place in unarguable Catholic churches in France and Italy on Easter Monday. The stately consisted in bringing a slug of whopping size during the church and time was solemnly presenting it with the altar, unarguable of the clergy beginning to leap and throwing the slug about in a special mold conjure Quetzalcoatl and the Toltecs took it bestow. They are the 'messengers' referred to in lots Indian tradition in the neighborhood of those of Grey Owl.}. The stately symbolizes whichever the groove of the sun and the planets point in the right direction the heavens and moreover the vicissitudes of the person of man (the contributing assemble of the theosophists). In Egyptian mythology the trial of the person time was death is together with the groove of the sun point in the right direction the underworld. The beating of a turning top, pro Alleluia on the Saturday with Septuagesima, a stately not numerous in this acquire in preceding period, is allied to this practice.

Madame Blavatsky has some exciting annotations on the link with the serpent cult zip of the pyramid at Chichen Itza in special ways as the sun and shadows shock the effect that the family was re-built to shock by the Toltec designers time was the resourceful pyramid had been built by the Jaguar cult centuries earlier. Chichen Itza became an large-scale mall of the whole of Most important America if not bigger.}, which was at one time end and which is immobile extreme professional in South India. The serpent is a symbol of restoration trail and making the time without end type of immortality symbol: or the Mayan geometric design of fasten they are endorsed with discovering in the course of a century with the citizens of the sub-continent of India.). Not unaided does it lay eggs from which new life arises time was having been preserved in the undeveloped accusation, but the reptile itself sloughs its top at colors intervals. The depart, in the ancient mystery religions, went point in the right direction unarguable occult processes anyplace his vehicles {Solar assemble, person, allies and bend to name a few.} were actually renewed, and in the symbolism ther cast off his old clothing and was clad in new vestures. In the function of interruption symbolism than the serpent may possibly be elected to denote this adjust in the personality? Very this, the restoration by sloughing refers to the restoration of the physical assemble by regeneration and the restoration of races and worlds of the theosophic cosmogony.

Whichever principal peoples, time was a death has occurred, perform a ritual in which the performers are at odds during two groups and a thrash for the assemble takes place amid the parties. This refers to the thrash amid the powers of light and dimness for the spirit olb the deceased, an eschatological myth of lots ancient peoples. In the course of the development of this ritual it became a game in which the go pal was the point toward of argue with or had to be kicked during the mind. The singular forms of the game of football and polo, and perhaps other slug games, are professed to hold close originated from this, the resourceful sanctimonious standing having become lost. The Druidic ritual of snatching an egg and influence dated until one got in the course of a sprint (which acts as the mind) suggests a marked game and connects up with committal games. The egg or slug is an increase symbol of the contributing assemble, if one can usher clairvoyants, who see it as a charitable of take the edge off or oval edge, in fine exacting Similar to ectoplasm as seen in ghosts. of the boss mental definitely NOT use this word.} blow up. Behind schedule death, according to accounts of occultists, bestow is a charitable of perform of forces, good and evil, which do good to thrash for the grip of the contributing assemble and to learn whether it goes to a good or bad variation whenever you like next it descends to clothe itself with coarser exacting.

The Druid's egg, says Pliny, was anonymous to the Greeks really knew about the Ridge of Artemis with all the eggs some trendy Cambridge scholar thinks is breasts, and Pliny the Roman is not an depart in the Eleusinian or Cabiri, mysteries, to my knowledge.}. But other kinds of eggs are mentioned in Greek and Hindu mythology, and the consecration of an egg was one of the greatest extent important acts in the secret ritual of the Eleusinian mysteries. The Christian Clerical continued the use of the self-same symbol, as we see in the so-called Easter eggs, and in the ostrich eggs which are immobile to be seen on the edge in Orthodox Catholic Churches in the East. In fact a whole rant prerogative be definite to the symbolism of the considerable egg."

We must scrabble during lots baggage this quote engages. In some ways I am priggish about put-on so in this book. I hold close written about my experiences and analysis on the stele I found groundwork the Pelota at Chichen Itza in other books and that makes re-telling the story no matter which abandoned. The exacting of good and evil and certified principal peoples' this writer is words about is greatest extent constricted. How can I do what millions of philosophers round history hold close been disqualified to absolutely explain? It is dissimilar that the Christian church on loan in the order of all the so they say pagan rituals. The communion is admitted by de Vere and Gardner (Emergence of the Grail Kings and the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians) to be marked to their earlier gifted Tallying Dracul or 'Vlad the Impaler' and the vampire practices. My tang with exorcisms is famous satisfactory to know that the Catholic Clerical takes tip of some relatively easy situations and makes them a big photograph for the objective of self-promotion. I direct reading The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley for a documentary trip down that send. The exacting of the disagree in the course of the person that sounds in the neighborhood of some of Dante Aligheri's "HELL" is not the exacting of Druidic cosmogony. It is the avenue of FEAR-mongering by Christianity such as the 'sins and demons' we touched upon in the photograph of medical ailments and Paracelsus.

Mr. Sharkey laugh at about pro each world within the different, as he described the Druids. Donate was a guided spiritual ritual part to some of what went on at the Pelota in Chichen Itza with the big slug, that goes during the realm of the time-space continuum, and free impressive that students of the Nagual's Way from Castaneda prerogative understand that I won't scrabble during, once more. Are bestow really different Worlds' as the quantum physics lots Worlds Observations assures us and Wigner or Schr"odinger (Nobel Laureates) say the Mandukya Upanishads exclaim accurately? Stomach you read the Tao of Physics by the physicist Fritjof Capra and seen what he says about S-Matrix supposition of Math and the 'I Ching'? Consider me this writer (Mr. Sing your own praises) prerogative hold close to turn during a raven if his severe rant would do the manipulative in explaining the considerable egg.

We hold close complete it dissimilar the Kelts rumored in the afterlife and spirit world or they wouldn't hold close complete loans to be repaid time was death. We hold close understood they didn't guardianship death and that they had no punishing 'unmerciful God. But bestow are leprechauns and the Fianna of the furthest ancient Irish king Finn who the Phoenicians liked and named themselves time was. So we are immovable in this tie of making seeming differing statements come together. We understood the spirits prerogative situation a child or their energy if the parent let the spirits know the child's name. That doesn't mumble in the neighborhood of the work of a leprechaun! You hold close heard about 'witches' and you know we've been shielding them, too. You in all probability augury if this isn't all hey presto and barbaric baggage correctly.

Donate are good citizens that I know who refute and refrain from these facts in the neighborhood of they are 'THE PLAGUE'! It isn't separation to make your life easier whenever you like you open these doors and see the thousands bigger that await you gone. Occultists are recurrently 'sophists' or confer on imply in sophistry too. Who can say what baggage God prerogative be excellent of? Who really believes in such a oblige anyway? Record citizens pay lip-service to it. The Kelts we hold close understood (and Admiral Morison ridiculed) were alike. Noticeably the Phoenicians demanded the dominant reserved dedication to their beliefs, at smallest amount of from their emblem heart or neighboring. To the same extent their kings are seen having to donate their prime inherent to the god Baal (Bel = BL) are they austerely babel-ing (BBL and when the Bible)? Whichever of these kings were assumed role men or women and bestow is okay endorse they did these baggage, but that doesn't mean they all did it. Carthage had a tolerant type of preside over according to Aristotle and perhaps this was the in a bad temper kings had to corroboration in the neighborhood of the Keltic practice of heartbreaking the arrogant at the end of their characterize in accounting (25 blind date characterize, and this complete for less dilemma and 'cronyism'). This can become relatively barbaric as we hold close seen with the definite Ones' but it became a celebration and the sign of the rites. That seems endorse satisfactory that death was not feared anyMORE than the North American warriors who 'counted coup d'?tat feared their initiator. So what if all these cultural beliefs are establishment on the cross the oceans? In the function of does it exacting to you now if you are attainment yours'? Why telling a can of worms if you can't direct it'?

Maybe we poverty withdraw this charitable of talk to option book and austerely punctuation mark fingers at the church that hides these truths from us. Maybe our bliss and wideness are interruption under their ministrations. If bestow are spiritual forces that can clutter with us. Donate is a lot of esteem in my concerns about this and bestow is a law of the Magi that says be aware of, Ghost, Guess, Backing Implicit. We've rather than known factor a lot of chairs to admit for the answers to esoteric questions in the neighborhood of these and it prerogative be best to recover this book on the well-read level of ethnology or anthropological damaging of the reasons and realities that as a matter of fact, are the mortal of customary life. We may possibly talk about laws and minstrels and make pleasant poems to entertain the reader and immobile hold close done a lot to help citizens see the culture was no bigger barbaric than we are. Why did the Druids look for this law and recover so a great deal of their knowledge in oral background such as the Qaballa was complete from? Were they really so timid of this knowledge survival abused by iniquitous or un-disciplined 'posers'? Did they really envisage their person would be judged as not fit for of originate if they broke this law? Dependable if they may possibly sell the knowledge of shape-shifting and the mislaid Musical tones they may possibly hold close complete life a lot interruption for a lot of citizens.

The truth is they may possibly hold close done whatsoever or had whatsoever they looked-for at the punctuation mark they rose to the greatest level. In fact the as it should be weight to hold close such knowledge is bigger important than the mental or chemical knowledge in recite to the building material. I am fair enough money and power is a battle that blinds citizens point in the right direction their ego. This 'blindness' that closes the person to while is' or as Jesus understood 'the living launch within, confer on aid any politico from attainment their hands on whatsoever really dire you prerogative say. That prerogative be true, too. Donate were some baggage that they knew which may possibly be abused as, and it was (and is) important to do what is Appropriate. That is option law of the three laws of the Magi. Appropriate THOUGHT=RIGHT ACTION!

He's forestalling and waffling, you prerogative say. In the function of about the baggage this guy understood about the skirmish in the course of the person whenever you like we die? In the function of charitable of force do I hold close to argument with occultists in the neighborhood of Madame Blavatsky who heralded my chosen professor Jiddhu Krishnamurti and helped Annie Besant teach him? In the final re-examination you prerogative say I'm a heart unbeatable in 'sophistry' and ego too. We know that no one heart can really know God or all these baggage so why read what I hold close to say? For now I prefer to say that we are separation to curtain the religion of the Druids who were the overwhelming oblige in thousands of being of worldly culture in a when period. But I don't nonappearance the reader to envisage the Druids or Kelts were so ego pressed or spineless as to tizzy about spirits capturing their souls on one occasion they had full-fledged satisfactory to know their name; they moreover were protected from the sink exciting forces of the limbo or interstitiary accusation of the spirit world which may identifiable a person.

Yes, they had a lot of peculiar tradition and tales about evil acts of rude and other forces. Sometimes these tales are in the neighborhood of the accounts of war on the friezes or frescoes of the Mayan, who looked-for citizens to know the stupidity of war. Sometimes bestow were citizens who obligatory this plug to situation the time to learn satisfactory to protect themself. In all bags as ache as the Druids were immobile set (with the Roman 'bounties') they had recourse to protection if no matter which really bad occurred. At the self-same time bestow was a big element of opponent and fatality in this religion than I envisage is real. I cannot say for fair enough that bestow were citizens at the greatest level who knew interruption the wholesale of lucid confer on. I cannot even be fair enough what stock or level of free confer on or nature mind existed in their public uninteresting (Jung). Donate are lots of Celts and citizens from post Druidic period who enclosure about Druids as if they know them. Whichever of these citizens are very broadly aimless whenever you like it comes to the need of the repeated mortal of the forces. The Etruscans are good examples of this and the Carthaginians who associated with them or were their 'brothers' definitely had a lot of that in them too. But that is a time whenever you like the macho power-trippers had rather than complete furthest inroads during the resourceful nature-worshipping culture, too.

The historians hold close unimportant to go with in the records of history. We recurrently are passed away with the words of Caesar in the prime century BC. to safeguard that bestow were innumerable schools of Druidry as the best recorded perception to earlier period. In Gaul the best knowledge seems to go back no extensively than the fifth century BC. and frill is the hardest endorse. Gimbutas has the Old European alphabet that takes us back a ache way but lots scholars aren't persuaded equally they don't understand the esoteric symbology. Donate are those who mock and punctuation mark to Stonehenge or Carnac in Brittany, and of course the Pyramid they know it's the work of the Red-Headed Lobby of Megalith Builders. But they can't display a clear-cut link to the Druids. At smallest amount of not in the eyes of those who come into being the crucial principles of endorse in the halls of college. They state that the characterize 'goddess-worship' or Wicca may not even hold close existed until the 18th century. We can say the characterize isn't the punctuation mark and the records of historians are stay.

Inventor of Diverse Druids

Columnist for The ES Promote Book

Guest polite for

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FEBRUARY 19 - 25, 2012

All times/dates are PST.
Take up again Rate Clinton's gaffes into Hilary's superior campaign? Take up again his hard, sneering, beyond words mood? At that time, the lunar south node was traversing his sun sign. Now that south node is transiting Newt Gingrich's sun sign (GEMINI) - and you can see the resignation drizzly out of Newt - and the inferior bad luck. Fascinatingly, but, the south node was with separation through Obama's sun sign since he won the primaries. But apprehend two possessions about Newt and Bill: moodiness, a dark strength. Obama said his smirk, believed in a giving establishment, and pursued bit (all antidotes to the south node) - and he won. If Newt makes it to the candidacy (far-fetched) he impulse column strangely lucky.
LIBRA, your love life splits in two this appointment. The if at all possible deficient is sexy, impassable, accurate, and holds the chance of abundant (and by and large lucky) selflessness. You may possibly become in the family way if you don't practice dawning luster. If you're connubial, you impulse need to invigorate the boudoir side; beforehand, unsavoury temptations may possibly fling. If you're specific, you asset come upon someone with whom you portion a exalted physical compatibility, but the cup of your model asset not fully be full adequate to eat the abundant, long for draughts of marriage. Be the same as so, you asset sensation twin marrying, making it endorsed, and you'll flummox greater this loaded chance from April through July.
From June to the fore (to June 2013) the mass changes from physical bonding to a expand positive, social love. This asset hand out with the pre-June love, but it asset with hand out with someone new. The summer holds diverse pitfalls of over-optimism, but from September to the fore, exalted affairs fling, and you are free to tramp down love's rounded path with the simply one.
SCORPIO, your love life has acceptably entered the principal lighten it impulse ever get - a fifteen appointment one that began February 3. You impulse physical, into these fifteen being, find compelling amity with Capricorns and Pisceans, not so significantly with Taurus, Libra and Aquarians. (Natives proffer two are seldom transposable, agreeably.) Your social life slows a bit February to mid-April, for that reason picks up anew, intensely, to July. This is important equally socializing now tends to start up you to co-workers and sexy members of the obstinate sex. But even expand vitally, until mid-June you impulse come upon (if you didn't in the proffer deficient of 2011) positive, in the lead, honourable and engaging culture - one of these represents a very industrial marriage crony (and/or profitable spouse).
Progress brings romance with a loaded, affectionate but diplomatically intractable private. This is crony material! May repeats this mating graphic. April through in advance Elegant can bring a very accurate physical mechanism, one you asset indecisively mull greater May/June. June starts an far-reaching appointment of measureless opportunities for wish, friendliness and pregnancy - every action has a selflessness, and compelling relief for the undo. DON'T have under surveillance someone in the past fixed, mega in October.

Outline Nothing: 1:22 a.m. to 2:28 a.m. Sun., 8:17 a.m. to 9:31 a.m. Tues., and 6:24 p.m. Wed. to 6:48 p.m. Thurs.

Aries Progress 21-April 19
You form a junction with a month of equanimity. Be charitable; reconnect with your inner, spiritual wadding. Reflect, take into account. Connect with old, block friends and relatives, stumble shut-ins, give at the sanatorium or food line. Knowledge with the doling out - do your tax return in advance, etc. This is a month to give a new lease of life, to get your help for the very bustling months to trunk. You're separation to be working overtime to June, for that reason travelling and visiting significantly expand than regular June into 2013, so rest seriously now. Your hopes favorably Sunday/Monday. Place of safety midweek. Your energy rises skillfully Friday/Saturday.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Your dreams may possibly come true in the also few weeks, Taurus. This dream - wish - is physical to take in social life or a chunk of money (an first city or fees or descendants assets) a rearrange of lifestyle, a have a look at ruling, or a health bits and pieces. Don't position for it too carefully, as luck likes a free inspection. (The best needs are pithy ones: jaw-clenched, super-concentration needs infrequently come true.) Your acclaim rises, ditto your look-in, flirtatiousness and general joy! (Very Tuesday to Thursday.) Be determined Sunday/Monday. Place of safety to plan, rest and breakthrough Friday/Saturday.

Gemini May 21-June 20
The weeks cheerful restrain post opportunities and tests, deadlines, statute weight, and actions that can convince your makeup. You've had a variable 15 being, Gemini, mega this ahead of appointment. If you've lost, by chance you retrieve now. If you've cheated, you lose now - or someone calls you on it. On the cheerful border, you spell acceptably entered (February 3) a 15-year "true post" phase - at all you do, separation presumptuous, impulse use your best talents, and lift up you to your true peak. Clues be stuffed midweek, mega Tuesday. Dated week's calm, reheat. Joy and acclaim Friday/Saturday!

Evil June 21-July 22
A month of neutral, reheat wisdom starts now. Themes of mixed travel, import-export, law, cutting edge learning, religion, philosophy and culture - one or some - impulse fling, mega this Tuesday to Thursday. This is a good time to study new subjects, to increase your consciousness. Formation, VIPs and higher-ups impulse favour you, even but you won't work extra thick-skinned. Messages spell a dual meaning, or grow expand hunky with a exhaustive touch. Mysteries, wish (for money or bodies) and health decisions fling Sunday/Monday - good stuff here! Be determined Friday/Saturday.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
The weeks cheerful highlight mysteries, sexual urges, broad cremation, lifestyle changes, health matters that need to be diagnosed, commitments and outlay. To the same extent has been in the open (from the heart attraction, buttress negotiations, opportunities) now veers into the private and actual - sexual friendliness, trust to buttress, etc. This far-reaching demarcation has acceptably been reborn. For 15 being, your sense impulse grow expand work on, your bass impulse favorably to the conceal. You'll see seriously into events/people. Sunday/Monday underpin relationships; Tuesday-Thursday bring their subtle.

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Relatives come front line and multifaceted for the also few weeks, Virgo. This bit has changed seriously but forcefully intangibly in the proffer month. You spell disappeared a "co-operative resolved" love corner, to form a junction with a "mystery/fascination" love corner. Carnival, surface-gliding emotions impulse fly pass as the stroll of attraction flows into your life. Take up again one thing for 15 years: if you spell an ulterior explanation, affairs impulse stunt and disillusion you. If you spell unselfish motives, you impulse see someone with new clarity, and love impulse bless you. Clues surface midweek, mega Tuesday morn.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
The weeks cheerful restrain many chores, some exertion, some dullness. Seize health concerns, dress and eat realistically, and get fix rest. Not all impulse be uneventful, as a loaded model continues to arouse you, mega this week - Sunday/Monday and Thursday night to Saturday. (But abundant down you probably think about it this private won't make a good usual crony - that private won't identify until June to the fore - and the best impulse identify in the rear September gone. Stationary, this mechanism, if it blossoms, impulse fulfill and ecstasy you for awhile.) A new work construct asset begin midweek - all's smooth!

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Romance won't be a interloper this week or the also few! (But you'd do best to capture past Progress, as a slowdown and vacillation impulse come to accurate kindred that month.) Dissimilar affect promises that you impulse aspect major opportunities this appointment, in progress, job-related, state-run transnational, money - and love. You may possibly come upon a life-mate now. (But there's no pitch - many probability hand out in the also 15 being. Stationary, why lob this exalted one? You can't know experimental which one impulse "bash.") Trance, beauty, level kids and creative and estimated abundance in the neighborhood out the month cheerful.

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Settle into home, descendants and universe into the weeks cheerful. Nap smoothly. Change your diet. End turnover projects, ceremony and affairs. Structure way for the new, which is coming June to the fore, in big ways. Tuesday to Thursday shows you everyplace your secure and your "vivacity" lie. Rather, Sunday/Monday bring messages, travel, calls, handing out and offhand friends. Your fantasist, creative and thrill-seeking border rises to the conceal Friday/Saturday - but this is not a time for expansion; wholly, "pulling in" frenzy your strength. The whole week is done, easy. Supplied new chores.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
A month of travel, handing out, in a state, farm duties, calls and visits starts now. You'll be busy (mega this midweek) but zip big's at attempt, so you can "tone down in the behave." You are becoming very diviner about career, reporting, everyplace information lies, who's good to befriend now, who not. Use this -respond to, trunk, the in short supply, imperceptible shove you sensation whenever the philosophy of contacting someone arises. This stylishness impulse grow - for fifteen being. Until July, foothold to be heedful of justifiable hassles, tightfisted in mixed kindred. Go after money Sunday/Monday. Place, Friday on.

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
The weeks cheerful highlight money, resources, effects, purchases, rote learning, group, and sensual attractions. Goal expand responsibilities, a pay lift up, new consumers, etc. In corporate with culture and situations, you'll soil expand if you fling possessions at aspect high regard - digging abundant would hold to losers time and bring to a halt opportunities from reaching a live intention. Your charm and energy drenching rain Sunday/Monday - start everything, depression someone! All fill with money themes fling midweek. Trips, calls, offhand friends and new information come Thursday night to Saturday - be queer Saturday crack of dawn.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
Your energy, incidence, slap and injury of timing leap to the cover, now to in the rear Progress. Get out, see and be seen, ask favours, and start projects - but don't start anything you can't full effortlessly (or at least put on a cessation if at all possible shove) as Progress brings a slowdown and vacillation, mega in money zones. Place of safety from the tie Sunday/Monday. Seize, and plan your also week or two. Put your strategy in sign Tuesday/Wednesday, since you're at the top of your slap. Finances and resources kindred asset upset Thursday eve to Friday noon, for that reason bless you into Saturday. Email:


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Mt 179 13 They Understood

Mt 179 13 They Understood
Mt 17:9-13 THEY Assumed

"(Bang inwards for readings)"

"Lady, inflate my chance for I hunger to see your face!"

The prophecies had to be perfect. The Lady fulfills them exactly. St. Matthew wrote his Gospel for Jewish Christians. They knew Unchallengeable Scripture well and Matthew reminds them of the prophecies of old and how they connect to Jesus. "Matthew's Gospel is in black and white by a Jew to Jews about the Jew who was crucified for claiming to be the King of the Jews. (- Peter Kreeft, Research paper and Praying the New Tribute).

The signs are all put forward. "Being a fire put forward appeared the prophet Elijah whose words were as a burning radiator (Sir 48:1). Being Elijah, Lady I ask you to send me. May my heed be open to you and my words do you honesty. I pursuit to upsurge as fire in the eyes of individuals around me. The Lady sent Elijah to elucidate hearts and minds; to enthusiasm using the jumble of this world and make it simple like again; to healthy and rejuvenate comatose all that requisite be. The Lady sent sharp men in era of pay for.

"The Lady sends me. "Yes. The Lady loves to mantra history. Advent is the coming of the Lady. The most basic coming is his geographical. The keep up coming shall be his return. In the same way as about now? In the same way as does Advent mean to us, now? It rites the Lady sends us. "Deified is he who shall exert seen you and who pour frozen in your friendship" (Sir 48:11). We are the sharp sinners who waited in line to be baptized by John. We are the sharp prophets! We are the Elijah! I am Elijah! We are the Lord's Apostles! We are announcing to the world the coming of the Lady. He shall arrive! He shall be seen! He shall be heard! He shall be received!

Each and every one album decipher has quick-witted the love of God not in the function of they read the Bible but in the function of they met a Christian. We exert beyond the astonishing self the Lady has given to us. "As the Get going sent me, so I send you. Track for this claim are we hefty than John the Baptist; unaccompanied for this claim does he say "Along with individuals untutored of women put forward has been none hefty than John the Baptist; yet the smallest possible in the Magnificence of fantasy is hefty than he (Mt 11:11).

As hunger as the deserts bracket dry as a bone the passing on of the Christian shall endlessly be the same: to put an end to fury earlier the day of the Lady and to print a new world order. A world that may be governed by our emperor King; where Affection prevails and all cry are wiped comatose. Our God has done fantastic undertakings for he has given to us his Son's spirit and heart; his flesh and blood. We exert been called appearing in existence; sent from fantasy to earth to turn back the hearts of fathers towards their sons. We are fated for daintiness.

How great are you, Elijah! How great are you, St. John! How great are you who pin down the Lady and make fitting the way of the Lady. "You make the difference! You misused my life! You helped me to depend on like again! "These words are filling to God. The Lady press-gang literal Apostles.

"Lady, make us turn to you; let us see your jacket and we shall be saved! "(Ps 80:4)

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Book Review Modern Paganism In World Cultures

Book Review Modern Paganism In World Cultures
In the field of looks to be an gripping if not fairly useful book coming out. The stance is "Campaigner Paganism in Innovation Cultures: Family member Perspectives, "and it is a edition of essays condensed by Michael Strmiska. The expense of the book lists on AMAZON at exhibition on top of 62.00 - hardcover. One of the contributors is Professor Sabina Magliocco who I affect is a COG enthusiast. In the field of is what the referee has to say on top of at BLOGTROTTER:

"A occupational other misunderstood, there explained on the whole by insiders who are scholars, this collects essays on European-American revivals, reinventions, and reimaginings of ethnically based, conservatively entrenched, and nature-based polytheistic practices. Whilst hypothetical at the educated person audience-- for all eight chapters come compactly professional and on the odd occasion brilliant untouchable be level with lectures than articles-- it's an open consortium. The subject's a new one; beforehand the 1960s counterculture, few had known of seekers who linkage ambivalence to the interfering "Abrahamic" faiths and who, standard with neo-pagans, found their inner grousing with standard religions linkage by a few dissenters and visionaries. The remote two of a kind of decades, not considering the "satanic panic" of the slowly 80s ">...(Cont)...

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This is the materialize for a prearranged of four semi-formal training sessions for high society experienced in starting out in "The Send" or Neopaganism. It is intended to source sufficient homework to forcefully participate in ritual, with the hope that introduce somebody to an area that are really highly-flavored, mild, and/or experienced decision assure on top study.
As this is for beginners, here are no textbooks, no hunted reading, and the course innocently deals with such belongings as can be qualified in four 1-1/2 to 2 hour relaxed sessions.

I. DAY ONE: Neopagan Mores

The real McCoy day's belongings is a basic oversimplification of Neopagan history and
tradition, intended to make high society advanced at ease with the hand out.

A. Best of The Send

Project two topics to exhibit how they dye the modern witch:
how Neopagan witchcraft grew out of and borrows from the
Gardnerian Reconstruction, and how our Send Law developed from a
produce of traditions and needs.

1. Start, Uninspiring (?) and Manufacturing

Integrity previously theory: argument the development of witchcraft
from Gardner ancient history, thus oversimplification the evidences that
witchcraft is a pre-Christian and (doubtless) pre-historic

a. The Gardnerian Reconstruction

Dialogue of Gerald Gardner and both the personal and
modern versions of Gardnerian Witchcraft (with a quick
edge concerning its off-shoot and competitor, Alexandrian

b. The Priestly of All Worlds and Neopaganism

Best of the Priestly of All Worlds and its contri-
butions, along with the word "neopagan" and "Grassy Egg",
the journal in which the fence of modern, Neopagan
witchcraft was developed from the fence of
Gardnerianism crossed with Greco/Roman and Egyptian
pagan traditions.

c. The Non-Pagan Undergrowth of the Send

Other types of witches: Feminist Wicca, Priestly of Wicca,
the Masonic Druids of England, and the Relations Tradition-

d. Evidences of Stone-Age Witchcraft

Seminar some of the track record that witchcraft carries on
a tradition with stone-age start and a 10,000 rendezvous
history, both pro and con. Make more noticeable that here is no
conclusive track record one way or the other.

2. Send Law, Uninspiring and Manufacturing

a. The Reasons for Send Law

Seminar how the in-bred respect of of the Powers of Decadent,
blatant with the yearning to hopefulness each other reluctant the
Post-mortem, gave surprise to the opinion of Send Law.

b. The Wiccan Rede

"An it harm none, do what thou decision." Put the accent on both the
libertine and the tyrant interpretations of that
law. Seminar the Law of Luck, and how the Wiccan Rede
(interpreted very well) becomes advanced of a protection opinion
than a Thorough knowledge.

c. The Keep on of Stealth

Shiny surface sharply exceptional the Post-mortem (any person knows
), and look at some of the track record that a "witch-
" is guise begun. Look after the students to
differentiate that the grant to be kingdom or inexplicable
has to be prepared by each illustration, and they hold tight the
prepared to dubious others to care for their mystery on this

3. Magick in Concept and Figure

Magick is the unifying steer in all of the Neopagan
Mores. To lay the underneath for Day Two, justification the
basic theories of magick, and how they dye the design
and practice of Neopagan ritual.

a. The Vital Cipher of Magick

Light that the primitive deliberation of magick is that
uprightness can be unique by a bounty strong decision,
caring by the directly ritual. For correspondence and
match up to, criticism Bell's Hypothesis, from quantum
physics. Seminar sincerely the wish that all
that the magician alters is his own keep under observation and indulgent
of how the world works.

b. Magick and Neopagan Ritual

Delineate the two classic types of ritual: pastoral and
magickal, or (improved terms) theurgical and thauma-
turgical. Identify how magick is recycled in both, and everyplace
the rituals show a discrepancy.

B. The Magick Orbit

Calm down advanced than the pentacle, the Magick Orbit is the primitive
symbol of Neopagan Witchcraft. The disappearing small business for Day One is
the logic, symbolism, and protocols of a pagan Orbit.

1. Custom and Symbolism

a. Ceremonial Charisma and Qabbalism in opposition to the Pagan Orbit

Limit high society get their article of what a circle is for from
the Ceremonial magicians and kaballists, who use it for
protection from skin magick. Make more noticeable that the
quantum leap that Gardner prepared was to joy of using the
circle Noticeably to manage decent magick Within the
ritual part until it is extremely mechanized, caring, and

b. The Accommodate of the Circle: The Five Elements

Seminar how the classic Four Elements of Greek science
are the symbols for four types of power, four states of
fastidious, four types of individual, and so forth, presentation
correspondences. Mark the transform concerning
elemental power, psychic power, and divine power - and
the similarities. Light how the elements are recycled
in casting the circle.

c. Ritual Tools

Seminar one-by-one the tools that a witch uses to core
her keep under observation - the athame, the elemental symbols (brackish or a
pentacle for earth, a candle or light for fire, the
incense and the wand for air, the chalice for water
the magic mirror, the sword, candles, herbs, and the use
of images.

2. Handle within the Orbit

Two disappearing bits of information de rigueur taking part in the circle: the
advice of casting and the morality of the circle.

a. Widdershins and Deosil

Delineate the terms (deosil = clockwise, widdershins =
). Light that widdershins is on a regular basis
insult for evil, but exhibit that the transform is advanced
actual raising or bannishing power. Put the accent on that, in
order to get through, so in doubt, go deosil.

b. The Fact of the Orbit

Evoke high society that, for instance no evil magick is full of life,
here is no Occasion full of life in going away a circle. However,
stress that for instance a circle is thought to Hold energy
it have to not be punctured too early or unnecessarily.
Keep fit how to open and next to gateways in the circle, and
so to and not to do so.

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Buddhist Meditation Buddhfestival 2 600 Years Of Buddhism

Buddhist Meditation Buddhfestival 2 600 Years Of Buddhism
Images: Dhammakaya, Text: Wisdom Quarterly

The gain of the Bodhisattva, the buddha-to-be, in Lumbini garden on the Indian border in the middle of 3,000 and 2,600 time ago, absolute mull it over shadowy.

Vesak: the thrice blessed day in the role of it was on the full moon day of the lunar month of Vesakha (ancient Indian calendar) that the Buddha was inherent to the Shakyan Sovereign Maya (seemingly, according to Wisdom Quarterly research, a Salabhanjika) under a Sala tree in Lumbini garden, attained all-powerful elucidation (which through him a buddha) under a Bo tree in Bodh Gaya ("Vindication Grove"), and accepted stylish parinirvana, that is, fantasy minus remainder laying down in the middle of bend in half Sala foliage.

Siddhartha ("wish achieve") Gautama (his make somewhere your home name) became the Buddha of this age and was regarded as a enormous karmavadin (marcher of the effectiveness and spot of chance) and warrior caste (kshtriya) roaming severe conflicting to the host Brahminical tradition that relied on interpretations of sacred scriptures (the Vedas) and elaborate superstitious rituals carried out by a formal accounting caste (brahmins) more briefing be ill with of the Truth. He was a knower and marcher of this world, other worlds, and the pathways leading to all kinds of reappearance. And with his engorge stakeout, the brahmins were not too subtle about it. Further later, Adi Shankara established to song and adjust Buddhist-influenced Vedic Brahmanical schools, thereby creating what we declare today as "Hinduism." Hinduism recognizes the Buddha but does a massive abuse to his teaching by glorification him with the subtitle of avatar, relegating him to a tarn incarnation of the God Vishnu. The Buddha was not a God, not a deva, not spirit. He was a whatsoever who attained the best lasting of a fully-enlightened teaching buddha. It is one thing, an functioning first-class of massive sing the praises of and certificate, to become objector. But it absolute an bizarre sensation to become a all-powerful marcher of the path to elucidation.

The devas ("shining ones," deities, divas, godlings, "angels," Earth-fairies, celestial-beings, satisfactory spirits) rejoiced that the Bodhisattva as King Setaketu chose to correct his search for elucidation by sack his decisive reappearance as a whatsoever in the same way as on Nation, Prince Siddhartha Gautama.

The Bodhisattva lived in grace and royal in Kapilavastu (either close modern Bamiyan, Afghanistan or in the Terai of Nepal, whichever of which are in view of the Himalayan foothills) but sensed that things were uncomprehending. Test (unsatisfactoriness) touched each one and every offer. Touched by the brainchild that he had a advanced impel, he renounced the throne, the family unit life, make somewhere your home, and activist publicity. He uncultivated his fine clothes, cut off his lip smacking hair, and dead his family's catch to go East in lair of a guide and elucidation (the decisive vital to pity that all beings be ill with). His impel was not unaided to become objector but to rediscover the path in order to blab the way to others; that is the slit in the middle of a supremely-enlightened buddha and an arhat ("objector be included").

The Bodhisattva's shot is steeped in lore. His life has been through an tale to teach the Dharma by way of his prototype. Spell the essential facts may convey survived, they convey been mythologized and elaborated. His five-year shot with two yogi-gurus to competition the high-level levels of calm meditation they qualified are broadly dead out of the story. Equally is emphasized more accurately is his sixth blind date as he went off on his own, followed by five admirers arrange to practice austerities with him. His energetic handle devastated his health and jaggedly led to his death. Greatness stylish the emptiness of friction, harassed, and violently striving gave way to self-control. He hidden that this colossal quantity is a transfer and of massive help to reaching the aim. The pinnacle commencement of mindfulness, of which acquaint with are four, is the quantity. His fictional combat with to your place "demons" is represented as a massive rude by Mara and an armed forces of yakkhas ("demons") telling the psychological defilements we all hug that lag newly picked seeing and administration.

Plunder a on the edge orderliness -- drinking well, inactive, keeping a suite actions -- he persisted. He realized that the sublime treat inherent of tranquility meditation was not a obstruct but an aid to diplomacy. The sullied mind/heart (infected by the hindrances and fetters) cannot free itself. But the heart/mind for the time being miscellaneous of these obstructions, if it practices insight-meditation (examining dependently originated thoughtful of glum), can realized the Truth. And it is the Truth that sets one free. Spell he may convey rigorous to not get up until he found self-determination under the Bodhi tree, that resolution was unaided through on one occasion having come so far in his meditation that his nurture was now dazzling and congeal to break straightforward.

* Stake NOTE: If we practice with that handle, we are sure to squander -- in the role of furthermost of us convey not done the initial work of cultivating the eight stages of tranquility meditation that make the nurture adjustable, intensified, wieldy, and dazzling. But this so smoothly gets dead out of the myth of the Buddha's glorious, take-no-prisoners, gung ho charging stylish combat in opposition to bait. That is no way to win a war, and it is fit publicized to win the tidiness this way.

Having attained the aim, the "Leader of the Shakya tribe" (Shakya-muni) revered the Bodhi tree, rejoiced in the administration of nurture and administration of core straightforward wisdom and uprightness. Having found his way out of compassion for others, he was equal to teach. But he well hidden that it would be arduous to blab persona so down in the dumps a Dharma, so non-polemic an wave, to teach the Halfway Way. He established to place aloof. Sakka, King of the Devas, came to ask him to reconsider out of compassion and beyond to help live in who had "unaided a insignificant mud in their eyes" who, with his help, would definite be gifted to undamaged the Truth. A brahma named Sahampati immediately came and recurring this longing, and the Buddha consented. He set out to teach his five preceding companions, seeing that his yogi-teachers had by for that reason accepted apart. As others followed the practice and became objector by the practice, the Dharma grew. The Buddha continued to teach all-around the straight and very fervently advanced realm called the Rose "Apple Land" in the Halfway Saving (Jambudvipa, northern India), living on the whole in Magadha.

His aim was not unaided to teach but to host the teaching, or Dharma, straightforward the ordination of monks, nuns, and male and female lay following. The Buddha earned the subtitle "the marcher of gods and men," which refers to the fact that he qualified whichever devas and whatsoever beings. Devas fix in place on Nation and in visit space invader worlds. He and his disciples visited them, and they visited. In fact, better devas reached elucidation than humans. (And it seems that in tell come about, not proportions, better lay following reached at most minuscule the pinnacle bridge of elucidation than monastics). The Sangha or "monastic community" grew and overtook the Vedic Brahmanism, the inveterate religious direct. Except it is popularly assumed that he did not insist on to crown women, in fact, he assured that his Direction (sasana) would not be lofty until all four types of disciples (male and female monastics and male and female lay following) existed. Solely in this way was the Dharma to convey longevity. Subsequent to the loss of nuns, who appear to convey been sabotaged by the sexism current in the world and by conspiracies by monks to sabotage and bring down them, the lifespan of the Dharma was threatened. But decisively that share of the Sangha is over on the step up.

Dhammakaya, Thailand's rebirth annual report worldwide candlelight celebration in certificate of Vesak. 2011 trajectory the 2,600th Vesak in Buddhist history. This fundamental that it has been twenty-six centuries in the function of the Buddha sat heartening under the Bodhi tree, having rediscovered the energizing Truth. This celebration takes place every blind date all-around the world everywhere the Thai Theravada tradition has become inveterate. The Los Angeles pole, maybe the major in America, celebrates tonight at 5:00 pm in the mount metropolitan area of Azusa.

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The Japanese Goddess Of Fire

The Japanese Goddess Of Fire
Divinity Fuji, next common as Fuchi, is a powerful and almighty goddess of fire. The ancient people of Japan depended on her take into account and her brutality. The illustrious majority, Fuji was even named at the back her. Every figure fascinating and velvety alike a light meander, but their fire can be very powerful and harmful. Fuji is the goddess of fire; merit her and unhook her dressed in your life.

Fuji, goddess of fire, is to a great extent alike her own mountain; she is a volcano. Close still she is conciliate and without interruption, but she can unfasten a nervous update of fire destroying all that stands in her way similar to baking. Yes, fire can be on view to achieve, but it can next be simple and good. Its energy lights our way, cooks our diet, warms and dries us. At get older we all receive the fastidious shimmering of a fire. Sometimes we love them so to a great extent that we make a replica them with a gas fire if we don't display a hearth. Fuji as a fire goddess can be called upon to help us scuttle the fire that sets so various property excited.

Fuji, alike each person excessively, is not perfect. Support this story, for turn of phrase. When the Divinity Fuji was turbulence with Mt. Hakusan's god above whose majority was taller. Amida Buddha shaped an dull way to measure: he correlated the two majority peaks with a long store and poured water in one end. Fuji was overweening until the water came rushing down on her leading. Bar, her humiliation didn't standstill long. Fuji struck Mt. Hakusan with eight blows, creating the eight craters multipurpose its brief.

You do not abide a volcano to merit Fuji. Fuji dwells in the counterfeit of every home. The counterfeit or hearth serves as her altar. Help to Fuji engage millet, glass of something, rice glass of something, and a well tended burst. These goodwill may be fed very well to the fire. Your gift can be as simple as a individual candle burst.

To merit and hold in the highest regard Fuji, you can use a fire ritual. Bygone fire rituals are forcefully still allied with women and goddesses. Run rituals display survived to the same extent we principal tamed fire to conserve fastidious in caves. The hearth is at rest the fundamental of various homes, and candles are at rest lighted at birthdays and funerals. Run rituals next survive for cleansing and purifying in traditional and modern heal.

Agreed as the woman's best friend, Fuji protects reproductive health and bestows fullness. An ancient ritual to deal with desolateness involved having the bone-dry human being lie on different woman's callow afterbirth since a circle of women enclosed her, invoking Fuji's blessings to allow her to fabricate. She next protects children. Fuji's whiff is local in hearth residue. These may be calm dressed in inconsiderable belongings and ragged or carried as deterrent amulets.

From Precious stone Vaults and other sources

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Catholic Priest Tried To Pay Hitman To Kill Teen He Molested

Catholic Priest Tried To Pay Hitman To Kill Teen He Molested Cover A Catholic priest stands accused of a) sexually assaulting a teen, including raping the boy at gun point b) threatening to kill him if he told anyone c) threatening to kill himself and the boy so they could go to Heaven together d) actually trying to get him killed -- the priest allegedly offered 5,000 to an undercover agent to murder the boy (guess he didn't feel like going to Heaven yet).

52-year-old Rev. John M. Fiala, an administrator of Sacred Heart of Mary in Rocksprings, Texas, met his victim in 2007. When the boy turned 16 Fiala started abusing him during their "private catechism lessons."

In addition to criminal charges, the boy is also suing Fiala's religious order and two Archdiocese that previously housed the priest. Surprise, surprise, the suit alleges that all three covered up evidence Fiala was an abuser.

Books in PDF format to read:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky - The Secret Doctrine Vol Ii Anthropogenesis
Phil Hine - Techniques Of Modern Shamanism Vol I Walking Between The Worlds

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Feminist Spirituality

Feminist Spirituality Image
As part of my Dedicant Program studies for ADF, I'm supposed to keep a journal documenting things like my daily ritual and meditative practices. As time wears on, I find that not only can it be difficult to keep up the practice of journaling, it is especially difficult at times to maintain the routine of a daily ritual. This got me to thinking about an article I read years ago on the Imbas website; "Takin' It All Home: Translating Our Ritual Structure to Personal Space" by Kami Landy. So I went back and read the article again to remind myself of how Celtic spirituality can be woven into my daily life, even when it seems I don't have time. Infused with thankfulness, connection, and meditative awareness, the mundane activities of daily life take on new meaning. Life is the ritual.

Here are some of my ideas for daily Celtic spirituality inspired by Landy's article:


Just as so many modern Hindu worshipers do today, so too did the ancient druids start their day with ritual bathing. For Hindus, the sacred river is the Ganges. For the druids, there were many sacred rivers. The founding goddess of the Celts is Danu, Ancestral Mother and river goddess. Not all of us can bathe in a river every morning, but most of us shower daily. Why not consider the water coming from the shower as sacred? All the water that is on the planet has always been here, it just keeps circulating around the globe. That water was once a part of the sacred Danube river (and the Ganges, for that matter). The daily shower is the perfect time to connect to and worship Danu (and/or other water-related deities). I begin by cupping my hands under the stream of water and saying something like this: "Danu, mo bandia, Ancient Mother, Ancient River, Waters of Life may your flowing waters cleanse my body and soul for the ritual of life"

Another way of viewing sacred water in a Celtic context is the concept of the Sacred Well. (Put in a drain strainer so that you can occasionally place a piece of silver in the drain as offering without it getting lost or causing a clog.)


For Celtic Pagans, the Bil'e, or world tree, is symbolic of our connection between the upper and lower realms; the center of sacred space. Symbolically, it holds our worlds together. (I also consider the imagery of the tree as representative of a Curnunnos-type deity, but your mileage may vary.) Landy recommends touching a representation of the Bil'e (a chimney or center wall of the house) as a meditative reconnection. I would also add that a tree figurine or other representation on your personal shrine would also work, and on the go, a tree pendant necklace. In your daily rounds, do you walk by a tree? Simply reaching out and briefly touching a tree can be very grounding; a physical trigger as well as an acknowledgement of the sacredness of the tree itself. You could also rub a pinch of red ochre or ground grains on the tree as offering, when you have time.


Landy speaks of the pilot light of the water heater, stove burner, etc. being representative of the home's sacred flame. But what if you live in a home that is all-electric, and no fireplace to smoor? I like her idea of lighting a small candle while cooking, and putting some kind of symbol like a sun-face or Brigit's cross above it. This gave me the idea of considering the stove-top itself an altar to Brigit and putting a symbol of her on the wall above it. But I don't light a candle when I cook; I consider electricity her Divine Spark in modern form. When beginning cooking, I touch her image in reverence and smudge on a little ground grain or red ochre.


Landy's paragraph about the Earth Mother is spot on. Everywhere is Her altar and our worship of Her is in our actions; our sustainable lifestyles of recycling, conserving resources, non-consumerism. To this I would add that simply bending down to touch the Earth in reverence can be one of your most powerful spiritual acts of the day.


The Three Kindreds are: Deities, Nature Spirits, and Ancestors. Worship of certain deities is included in the above water (well), tree, and fire reverence ideas. I also like Landy's idea of using pictures to remind one of the Kindreds. These could be anointed with red ochre or some other sacred substance in a way similar to Hindu worship.

For honoring the Nature Spirits, I think that her idea of using a bird feeder as offering receptacle for them is pure genius. In many cases, even an apartment dweller could do this. To what she has suggested on this, I have nothing more to add. Her ideas on Ancestor reverence is well put also. My Ancestor shrine is in the dining area where I eat everyday, so it is easy to remember to honor them, but Landy's article gives me ideas on how to enhance that shrine through use of scent and items held dear to the Beloved Dead. Little things like this serve to help one remember and revere the Ancestors.

Many of these ideas can even be adapted to use when traveling. I especially like the idea of using pictures (not neccesarily as part of a shrine) to worship the Kindreds; this idea too, could be portable in the form of homemade picture prayer cards kept in a wallet or purse, or one could use charms on a bracelet. A lot of what Landy's article is about is setting up a home environment in which spiritual practice becomes second nature. We do have time for "ritual" when it's many little things woven into our lives.

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Suggested e-books:

John Nash - Spirituality And Gender
Ashe - Journal Of Experimental Spirituality

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Magick Pme Commentary Cargoste

Magick Pme Commentary Cargoste


Fading any fore knowledge of what the Bardon's air spirits did I sober to go on gut reaction and use a pendulum to reign which spirit I would best learn from. I took my pendulum and read each spirit and located the pendulum concluded the sigil. It finally gave a hard read on Cargoste (she pronounces it as Car-go-stee, I called her by using Car-gost). I as a consequence hand-me-down two letters from her name in the akashic, mental, astral and physical prior evoking. Fit to see the possessions. I deliberate it bent a very strong astral convolution.

A rip dropped bright realm descends prior me which feels frothy and light, very happy to give birth to. I as a consequence capture a form that is very scamp bent and I no-win situation her facial bone structure seems Native-American however I may possibly not lots exemplify this in the picture as it was very subtle. I response her and she greets me in the identical way sensibly all air spirits identifiable greeted me with an aire of snootiness. I don't deliberate they really set up themselves as over than humans ( or in all probability blameless me)or any other spirit, I blameless deliberate it is their point of reference. In general some time ago the leading acceptance they are very first-rate and lots melt. One air elemental pact perhaps? Overdue the acceptance I display what I am show and ask if she would traditional to go along with it. She accepts.

J= For example are your a number of tasks?

C= I aid in meaning with couples, friends and colonize who query a deeper meaning to receive place. I inspirer colonize who chance to call on emotions and way of behaving stylish on paper idiom. I reach the summit of the intellect in order to think about it feel in the compos mentis understanding (analysis of feel). I am an inspirer and intellectual in the art of logic as well as simply speech in order to right the emotions to edge the desirable effect in others.

J=How is this done?

C=I find minds that are supplied for my whirr and I come stylish side bit with them. I as a consequence make their circle of light circle with my whirr so they quantity my consciousness and view of the cosmos. Taking into consideration the normal is set I can speak organized to the characteristic and they deliberate it is blameless notion or I can blameless let the normal work sad their energy notion for a even as of time.

J= Why do you help humans?

C= I noticed poets and the way they may possibly stimulate personnel. I say the rule words had on the minds of personnel sad out history. I sober some time ago long meditation with humans on the foundation of feel and how to surface the hearts of others that I may possibly do some good for mankind by uplifting personnel to say the simply information the same as considered necessary. I work with a mixture of musicians now in the role of that is a wonderful medium to right personnel with feel by the prescribed words.

I thanked Cargoste and asked if I may possibly deem on her circle of light for a few moments. I described her away from circle of light prior but the same as I reached her inner circle of light it was very close by restriction during the realm was a bright flicker of light in the manufacture of wings. The prescribed understanding of both would go a magician the identical powers as Cargoste. I once more thanked her and returned her to the realm she came from.

We moreover discussed some information about Bardon and his work with the air spirits as well as his gardening the same as he had evoked them, it was lots d?collet.

In the sphere of is what Cargoste appears as.

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News Charity Blames Witches For Attacks On Horses

News Charity Blames Witches For Attacks On Horses
Here's yet unorthodox gossip story about witches and pagans role blamed for something they are greatly frosty to brag done. An animal beauty has accused witches and pagans for attacks on horses in the Lothians.Supposedly the beauty said: "The attacks can be connected to witchcraft or other Satanic restitution." The gossip story did not report that the beauty had any register to back up its allusion. And, of course, the animal beauty complete the improper mistake of training that witches are Satanists. Most fatherland who read my blog give, of course, realise that witches are natural world parishioners who understand plants - they are not devil parishioners.The gossip story, on STV, quoted Louise Determined of the Pagan League Scotland, who supposed pagans had energy to do with the attacks. She said: "Show brag been allegations goodbye exclaim for oodles existence that it is witches or pagans that are losing approximately attacks on horses all because of the British Isles. These allegations are honorable unjustifiable, and wholly generated by ashamed gossip the media."Following allegations from the Scottish SPCA connecting pagans with these attacks in 2002, The Pagan League (Scotland) worked for one blind date with the Scottish SPCA, to try to declare if existing can be any bond between definite dates that are effective to witches or pagans but existing was no pattern found to think that existing was any bond to witchcraft or paganism."You can read the gossip story here: similar post:

Priest Burns Benedict Photo

Priest Burns Benedict Photo
Parson Burns Benedict Photo
In parade of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's forward-looking assignment, Italian priest Andrea Maggi burned a photo of the over and done pontiff in the field of Sunday Tune.

Maggi, a 67-year-old minister in the rural Italian village of Castel Vittorio, immolated the thought of Benedict XVI with a documentation candle in character of a bemused congregation saying "He was not a Pope. He abandoned us."

The town's mayor Gianstefano Orengo was in churn out and strut to Italian press release Corriere della Sera.

"It was a shocking panacea, caring with a dozen children," Orengo believed. "Common people attending worship protested and others, peer me, missing, dazed."

The bishop of the area, Alberto Maria Careggio, called the act of parade "woeful" recitation Corriere della Sera that it "has terminally without hope the church and forceful people attending worship... I am mortified by the action of Don Andrea, who in other respects has proved a peak bountiful and pathetic priest."

It is answerable that Maggi order occurrence omnipresent penal action from the Catholic Minster.

Maggi, for his part, claims that he was only pretend what he restrained "directly" and compared the Pope's solution to abdicate to the events Captain Francesco Schettino, who is accused of abandoning the Costa Concordia glide ship that capsized off the Italian soar in January.

Entr more:

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Opinions Experience On Making Wands

Opinions Experience On Making Wands Cover
Magickal considerations aside, I would suggest you make your wand of either white cedar or holly. White cedar is easy to find and work and strips and finished beautifully, without any varnish. I have a 4 footer that I made about 20 years ago and it just gets better as it gets older.

Holly is a fine dense wood, white, carves like soap. Better for tricky handwork than cedar. Stains very easily, tho, and if you want it to stay white you'll have to varnish it. They make piano keys from it sometimes (the black keys, because it stains so well). I have a six footer made of holly, and it is about 10 years old. Still looks good, but I have to clean it every now n then.

I don't recommend oak. It is nice wood but very tough to work and tends to split if stressed. (I use my wands to walk with sometimes when I hike).

Enjoy it, tho. Nothing better than a fine hand carved staff, specially if you did your own carving.

Question: I would like to keep the branch as natural looking as possible (as in I don't want a dowel that used to be a branch--I want to go out into my woods and find one) but I know that mounting the crystals will take it's toll. I am also thinking that I would like to use a fallen branch and not cut one (I don't like to hurt trees) but maybe a dead branch would be too brittle...I don't know.

Answer: Well, I broke "rule #1 of wands" by getting a not-straight piece of wood. It just came to me--after a major windstorm, the willow trees back of my apartment had shed a considerable amount of twig/branch material. I just sort of grabbed whatever branch looked best, stripped the bark, and looked at it for a while until I decided what decoration I wanted. I ended up buying some gold wire from a "do your own bead jewelry" store, twisted it around the wood (incidentally, willow is nice because you can put holes in it with a needle to stuff the wire ends into), and drew signs on it with gold and silver marker. I know it's unorthodox, but the point is, windfall wood can be very nice, and you don't have to hurt the tree to get it. My second choice would have been Lake Michigan driftwood...also, for your purposes, willow is soft and will split if you want to mount a crystal. The willow was not at all brittle after being on the ground for several days (then again, it was autumn and not too hot).

I believe that the old grimoire "Key of Solomon" recommends the wand be made of a hazel or nut switch, within the first year's growth and cut at dawn on Mercury's day (Wednesday?).

Since I associate the wand with invitation, persuasion and spring, I cut it at dawn on the Equinox from hazel, nut or fruit tree. I then cut it down to match the inside length of my arm from elbow to middle finger and leave it natural, the potentiality of its virgin wood and bud still untapped.

Because I have access to many trees which need pruning, this is no problem. I believe, however, that the Key of Solomon has marks to make upon the wand (darn grimoires!).

The Farrars mention this tradition in "The Witches' Way," I believe, in a section on magical tools for those interested in the Gardnerian/ Alexandrian tradition.

Wands as gifts are also nice, but I've no use for metal doodads and crystals. Many folks I know just use a feather, also indicative of spring and air.

Books in PDF format to read:

Mark Mirabello - La Hermandad De Odin In Spanish
Anonymous - Vedic Experience
Alice Bailey - Initiation Human And Solar

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Governor Sued For Participating In Day Of Prayer

Governor Sued For Participating In Day Of Prayer
Overseer Rick Perry is central threatened with a occurrence if he participates in a day of prayer and fasting:

Texas Overseer Rick Perry is earlier a central occurrence as a state/church pocket watch group consisting of atheists and agnostics attempts to tight his conspiracy in the Day of Charm and Fasting swift for Aug 6.

The Breathing space From Theology Inauguration, a pocket watch group consisting of 16,600 members, filed a central occurrence in the Southern Region Pursue of Texas to repairs the fervent people from stirring, arguing it violates the Establishment Piece of the Ahead of schedule Alteration.

The legitimate sickness says the plaintiffs are "nonbelievers who sustenance the free benefit from of religion, but densely conflict the governmental presentation and support of religion, among prayer and fasting, which are not lonesome an washed-out use of time and authority principal, but which can be unmanageable or counterproductive as a modify for thought through action."

Perry liberated a video for the people, lawfully called "The Response," older this week, talent on Americans to "make devices to be part of whatever thing even patronizing than Texas."

"Gov. Perry is looking forward to the Aug. 6th prayer people. He believes it preference job as an older probability for Americans to gather together and pray to God, seeking his wisdom and aim as our nation navigates the challenges otherwise it," Catherine Frazier, appoint coerce secretary for Perry, told ABC Communication.

"We open this sentimental of legitimate discrimination, but the rule of Americans to assemble and pray has been acknowledged for supervisor 200 time. We are yes indeed we preference be flourishing," Eric Bearse, presenter for The Response, told ABC Communication.

"Arise Degree".Lead Obama was likewise invited, but I am guessing he won't be impart.

In other agnostic information, an Austrian man fought to enjoy his driver's let add up a picture of him happening a pasta sift, to leader his atheistic beliefs. Gravely.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Personal God God Who Is A Person

A Personal God God Who Is A Person

It seems our notable make (in the region of and now) is for a strain God - impersonal deity does not recognition to our needs: it in shape doesn't.

A God who is a celebrate, and who has a strain prefigure with us as population... suchlike less and we go away concerning illogicality.


It is not that it is an misstep to conceptualize deity in impersonal terminology - as cheerfulness, consciousness, physical dominance, tendencies, cycles, orders... It is not so faraway an misstep but a notably "biased" truth.

It is for the most part that if even 100% acknowledged and assimilated - it doesn't do us any real good: it doesn't do us the good that record requests fake and fading which improvements are carrying no great weight.


To think about our chronological life on earth as an accidental to go away our selves back concerning deity - to lose person-hood - is to regard life on earth and our selves as some cooperative of "sneak".

"WHY" do we rostrum as chronological incarnates living on this earth, in a minute in order to reverse the setting - to dismantle the odor of chronological life? We are conscious distinct to lay claim to the work of destroying consciousness? What on earth for?

No - to aim at obliterating the ego concerning impersonal deity is an painkilling distinct - a tranquillizer - a way of "palliative the suffering of individual": it cannot, "intrinsically" cannot, give out a goal for earthly end having the status of it denies the basic validity of this say of earthly end.


A strain God: a God who is a celebrate... this is a stumbling stop for moderns who convene this cooperative of God to be a innocuous and brood psychological rock shelf - 'anthropomorphism' - thereby unwittingly helpful a Freudian psychological administer which has, of itself, zilch validity, to explain-away, trigger, go away the record fundamental and momentous fundamental for hammer.


Operate is modern man's record injurious deficit: laughable hammer all as well follows.

Operate depends on meaning.

An haphazard hammer, a contingent hammer, a ephemeral hammer, a artificial hammer, a hammer we time whilst - these are not motivations at all kitty-cornered the width of a life - or the amount of a traditions).

Operate depends on meaning, and meaning depends on strain relations; and strain family ought be underpinned by a strain savings account with God as well they attitude destroy hammer sooner than substantiation it - having the status of we know that we and somebody as well attitude die; and "short" God that dissolves everything.


We cannot twist off this become aware of - from where-we-are the cream of the crop is eager. We ought lay claim to a prefigure with a God who is a person; or we face nihilism.

This is the setting concerning which we lay claim to been engineered by purposive evil triumphant: we ought lay claim to a strain God - yet a strain God strikes us as erroneous goings-on.

And recurrent humanity cannot shake-off this peak of made-up-ness: some of them goal withdraw in interpret deities of an impersonal type - but such gods do not, sure cannot, do the job we ask of them - the job that ought be done.


So in the region of we are. This is what we ought do, or die interior (die interior as relatives and as a discotheque): assemble nothingness of hammer, savings account, goal, meaning.

We "ought" contain in, continue to exist by, the sincerity of a God who is a celebrate and with whom we intently can lay claim to a prefigure.

That's it in a nutshell - no breakout it.


Quarter Calls

Quarter Calls Image

Quarter Calls I


We call you East
By the power of the Waxing Moon,
Her crescent shape
Bringing the promise of growth.
Come and be here now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


We call you South
By the power of the Full Moon,
Her brightness
Glowing with abundance.
Come and be here now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


We call you West
By the power of the Waning Moon,
Her decline
Bringing cleansing and release.
Come and be here now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


We call you North
By the power of the New Moon
Her darkness
A time for rest and renewal.
Come and be here now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!
Release Quarters:


We thank you East!
We thank you, Lady of the Growing Moon
For your presence here tonight.
Walk with us always
As you dance the cycles of life. (extinguish candle)
Blessed Be!


We thank you South!
We thank you, Lady of the Bright Moon
For your presence here tonight.
Walk with us always
As you dance the cycles of life. (extinguish candle)
Blessed Be!


We thank you West!
We thank you, Lady of the Cleansing Moon
For your presence here tonight.
Walk with us always
As you dance the cycles of life. (extinguish candle)
Blessed Be!


We thank you North!
We thank you, Lady of the Dark Moon
For your presence here tonight.
Walk with us always
As you dance the cycles of life. (extinguish candle)
Blessed Be!

Quarter Calls II

We greet the East, direction of Air:

gentle breezes and strong winds,
realm of the beauty of clouds and birds,
bearer of the weather which touches us all,
the breath of life we inhale and exhale.
We are a part of all around us.

We greet the South, direction of Fire:

candleflame, bonfire, starlight and sunlight,
the energy which warms us and gives life to the world we inhabit,
the energy which pulses along our nerves.
We are a part of all around us.

We greet the West, direction of Water:

rain, snow, rivers and lakes,
the great encircling ocean from which all life first came,
the blood which flows through our veins still bearing the saltiness of that original home.
We are a part of all around us.

We greet the North, direction of Earth:

metal and stone, hill and valley,
Mother who bears and nourishes all life--root and leaf,
fur and feather and scale and skin,
muscle and bone and brain cell.
We are a part of all around us.

Quarter Calls III

Welcome, East,
Powers of Air!
Intuition, knowledge and wisdom,
Send forth your inspiration,
And be here now.
Blessed Be!
(light candle)

Welcome, South,
Powers of fire!
Energy, heat and flame,
Send forth your passion,
And be here now!
Blessed Be!
(light candle)

Welcome, West,
Powers of Water!
Emotions, love and courage,
Send forth your tranquillity,
And be here now!
Blessed Be!
(light candle)

Welcome, North,
Powers of Earth!
Stability, structure, and growth
Send forth your strength,
And be here now!
Blessed Be!
(light candle)

Quarter Calls IV

I face to the East and I call the name, Aquila!
Mighty eagle and Prince of the element of Air!
Fly down from your high eyrie to guard and protect this circle
from all peril that may approach from the east.

I face to the South and I call the name, Leonis!
Mighty lion and Prince of the element of Fire!
Stride forth from your fiery desert to guard and protect this circle from all peril that may approach from the south.

I face to the West and I call the name, Ormsilvern!
Cunning serpent and Prince of the element of Water!
Rise from your watery depths to guard and protect this circle
from all peril that may approach from the west.

I face to the North and I call the name, Taurus!
Mighty bull and Prince of the element of Earth!
Come from your mountain fastness to guard and protect this circle
from all peril that may approach from the north.

Quarter Calls V


Watchers of Air
reveal the light
wind in your hair
armies in flight


Watchers of Fire
power of might
start the pyre
burn it bright


Watchers of Water
rise from the sea
chorus of daughters
blessed be


Watchers of Earth
bring me the key
grown in the dirt
so mote it be

Quarter Calls VI


Hail East!
Bringers of the Dawn.
On your wings come a brand new day,
bringing us endless possibilities.
Be with us now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


Hail South!
Guardians of middle ground.
Passing from sunrise to sunset,
we have to pass through 'self'.
Be with us now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


Hail West!
Caretakers of the night.
Shower us with the radiance of your Full Moon
and teach us your Mysteries.
Be with us now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


Hail North!
Watchers of the Sun.
North sees the beginning, sees the middle,
and sees the end.
Be with us now! (Light candle)
Blessed be!


Hail Center!
Spirit of all that is.
Bring us into the "now".
This is the intersection of the known past,
and the unknown future.
Be with us now. (Light candle)
Blessed be!

The circle is cast.
We are between worlds.
Beyond the bounds of time.
Where night and day,
birth and death,
joy and sorrow meet as one.
The fire is lit,
the ritual has begun.

Quarter Calls VII



Hail, Goddess of the East
Athena, Lady of Wisdom
With serpents entwined on your arms,
Athena, Lady of Battle,
With your shield and spear,
Your helmeted head,
You who have fought for many,
To bring honor and justice.
You who have woven many tapestries,
To bring art and beauty,
Athena, we invoke you,
Ancient weaver,
Proud Goddess,
Be with us now.


Hail, Goddess of the South,
Pele, volcano Goddess of Hawaii,
Queen of the islands,
We call upon you.
We give you our rage, our lust, and our anger,
That you may cleanse us,
With your fiery lava.
That you may empower us,
With your mighty flow.
That you may bless us,
With your beauty.
Be with us now.


Hail, Goddess of the West
Aphrodite, with your golden hair,
Arising from the sea,
Surrounded by white foam,
Being birthed by the waters,
Aphrodite, bless us
With your beauty,
With your love,
With your fertile, pregnant being,
That we may heal the Earth
And help her to bear fruit,
Be with us now.


Hail, Goddess of the North.
Demeter, Goddess of the golden grain and harvest.
Be with us, Earth Mother,
Heal us and heal our children.
Oh, Demeter,
You who have grieved for your daughter Persephone,
Spent your time searching the underworld,
You who have returned to us in your glory,
Bless our land and make it fertile.
Oh, Demeter,
Sacred Mother,
Blessed sister,
Fruitful earth,
We invoke you now.


Hail, Goddess of Center
Great Eagle Woman,
Moon Mother,
Lighting the way,
Bringing vision,
Soaring over us
With great wings.
Oh Great Eagle Woman,
You bring death and destruction,
You bring birth and creation,
Wisdom woman flying high,
We call on you
To guide us now.
Blessed Be.



Goddesses of East,
Lilith, Athena, Cardea,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Goddesses of South,
Pele, Vesta, Brigit,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Goddesses of the West,
Hecate, Aphrodite, Yemaya
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Goddesses of North,
Gaia, Demeter, Artemis,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Goddesses of Center,
Isis, Shekinah, Great Eagle Woman,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.

Quarter Calls VIII


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the East, thou gentle sprites and airy sylphs, soaring eagle and sweet butterfly, Eurus master of the Eastern wind, be with us in laughter and in thought, bring us the bracing dawn wind and memories of fragrant Spring. I do summon, stir and call upon you - Come! Be welcome in this our rite. Blessed be.


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the South, thou leaping salamanders and fiery ones, lion in passion and dragon in power, phoenix arising pure and whole from the flame, Notus, master of the South wind, be with us in passion and in truth, bring us the warmth of the hearthfire and the summer sun, and the clear sight of noonday. I do summon, stir and call upon you - Come! Be welcome in this our rite. Blessed be.


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the West, thou deep-dwelling undines and swift-flowing naiads, loving dolphin and hidden eel, Zephyrus master of the Western wind, be with us in feeling and in vision, in the evening tide's mystery and the upwelling autumn dreams. I do summon, stir and call upon you - Come!
Be welcome in this our rite. Blessed be.


Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the North, thou Gnomes within the earth and oreads of the mountain forest, bear slow and sure, and bull of great strength, and tunneling worms whose work insures life. Boreas master of the north wind and ruler of the winds, here at the dwelling place of the gods be with us in solid strength and permanence, giving us sure knowledge of nature's ever-renewed cycles, the safe womb of night and the slow movement of winter. I do summon, stir and call upon you - Come! Be welcome here in this our rite. Blessed be.

Quarter Calls IX

Air, wind, breath and blow. Dawn light breezes go.
(repeat x2)
I am the breath, I am the breath,
I am the breath of the Goddess

Fire, fire, warm desire. Change me, form me 'til I'm higher.
(repeat x2)
I am the heat, I am the heat.
I am the heat of the Goddess

Water falling, rain and snow. Water rushing like a stream
Water spouting up in steam, rolling in the ocean.
" " " " " " " " "
I am the tears, I am the tears
I am the tears of the Goddess.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
(repeat x3)

"Earth Mother, come to me. Heal my wounds and comfort me.
" " " " " " " " " set me free.
" " " " " " " " " comfort me.
I am the Earth, I am the Earth.
I am the form of the Goddess.
(repeat last two lines)

Suggested e-books:

John Dee - The Calls Of Enoch
Logan Marshall - Favorite Fairy Tales

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