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Message From The Ashtar Command 5912

Message From The Ashtar Command 5912
Grow rapidly each day voguish something new and something creative, as each dawning is recent destiny for you and recent gift to make a reasonableness what you have a meal come in this to experience. Telling further on you is the roadmap you have a meal full up for yourself, and it is this map that give run off with you to the places and the personnel that you wish to experience for instance you are in this in this 3rd dimensional world.

To stoppage in this fading experiencing all that you came in this to refinement would be a lost destiny that you may not get the optimism to experience once again in this type of harden, as multiple of you give not be coming back this way as your forays voguish the physical are high-class for you if this is what you wish for yourself. This is one of the choices you give be asked to make in the days tight, as presenting themselves to you give be opportunities for you to travel tight or to come back sluggish and possibly do special effects a little differently.

Exhibit are no penalties for you if you bring to come back once again and do special effects high-class. Not anybody is get ready to stoppage the physical realm sluggish and grip their ramble on voguish the spiritual realms of place. Exhibit is a strong perceptive to learn and to experience in this in the physical, and impart give continuously be heaps of opportunities for you to mount voguish the greater realms. It is a careful separate who understands for instance the time has come to begin a new ramble and for instance it is time to revise the steps they have a meal active, and use this blessed destiny to make astonishing choices that give allow them to experience special effects that they may have a meal missed and may wish to experience further on they move on.

We cannot fix our outer edge and inexplicably seat you to bring either course. We give continuously be heavy to do our best to allow you all the technique and the space that you like to make this verdict on your own and according to your own words. We of the greater realms along with have a meal decisions of our own to make, and of course, we favorably survey others role us the space that we like to make our own choices according to what we clang we need to and clang we would be devoted to to experience adjoining.

It is normal that members of each Star Stroke may bring astonishing advice to travel, as none of us ever has to say hello continuously. Exhibit give be multiple crossroads up tight for us to stand facing just the once once again and experience together what we have a meal choose for ourselves, of wherever we would be devoted to to be, who we would be devoted to to be with and what we would be devoted to to experience together. Exhibit are no rules or information as hope as we honesty the sacred control of free give and willpower of recent. This is a say that requisite not be disappointment, as it is this say and this one say alone that governs this break and preserves it as an impossibly free and successful place for so multiple indescribable souls to consider their home. Our home is very your home, for we portion in its shocking resources, its mysteries, its secrets, its adventures, its beauty, its wisdom, its farming powers and its love.

Exhibit comes a time for every separate to wish to experience aloof of what this break has to introduce them, and this time is now on the verge of for multiple of you of the home you consider Soil. For multiple of you, the time has come to blow up your confines and consider home not but your furrow, but your break. We, the Ashtar Cut, are in this to benefit you blow up the borders of your current lives and set out voguish new pastures that you have a meal never set reconcile in further on. Exhibit is so future aloof that a break has to introduce than any human being furrow can introduce, and multiple of you are now reaching this understanding and reaching for exactly what it is that is worldly for you and what give bring to you new adventures and thrill that you have a meal never grown further on.

We understand this go for that is burning within multiple of you, and this is one of the reasons that we are in this, to help allow you to see that you obtain the key that give open this new bravado for you. Exhibit are multiple doors that you have a meal voted for in the company of close to your ramble, and impart are multiple doors that you give come to as you grip your whereabouts. The bravado further on you now is the bravado that give open for you voguish a new and greater range of place than the current caliber of place you currently consider home.

It is a signpost for a separate to one day search the bravado that you stand further on today, and you may be proud and supportive it a successful realization, for very that is absolutely what it is, a successful realization. As in the company of the threshold and specially this bravado you give not, for the want of your expansion, need ramble once again voguish a mediocre range than the one you shall be rising voguish. For multiple of you this give come as astonishing communication, as you have a meal reached a advertise wherever what this range offers you no longer stimulates you, teaches you, excites you, motivates you, entices you or calls you.

For dwell in of you who now latch the consider of the greater realms, it is what is impart that beckons your base and calls you by your name. It is up to each and every one of you to declare and bring for yourselves if you give worry this consider or bring to continue amongst the seal and possibly amongst the straightforward in this in the physical realm of the 3rd range. We give honesty each and every soul's verdict and benefit you make a reasonableness which ever path you bring. We give not make any attempt to persuade you to reinstate your heart and alter your course, as each verdict a separate makes is a sacred willpower and requisite be respected by all of the beings within this break.

Exhibit are dwell in of us who have a meal or ready our choices, and we give not con for one instant that we would not be devoted to to see some of our precious ones that are now within the physical realm make the precise willpower that we have a meal ready. This is track natural, as excluding at this advertise you may not go on us we involuntarily go on you, and we love you and we miss you and we wish to be together once again with you as we grip on our portrait.

Exhibit give be dwell in of you who ask if you can learn of our verdict further on you make a willpower of your own, and to this we say yes, impart give be an destiny in the days tight to converse with you or somehow make our decisions obvious to you of what we, your friends and your boarding house, are choosing to experience adjoining. You give not be departed out in the cold fading having the destiny to funding with the members of your Star Stroke, as this is a strong verdict and it is famous all factors are included in the weighing of your choices. You give along with be susceptible equitable time as to search this verdict, as it give not be existing to you with little time to ponder upon what it is you wish to experience for yourself.

We say to dwell in of you reading these words to begin to deem about what it is you would be devoted to to experience. Is it the current nation of your place that you wish to grip to experience, or are you now get ready to experience aloof of what your break offers you? It is all up to you, and no one give bung you or scratch you in any one lane. We give grip to do our best to make your options as clear to you as we can so as to allow you to make an conscious willpower that give bring to you exactly what you would be devoted to to experience adjoining.

Multiple of you give, in the days tight, be susceptible an destiny to see aloof effortlessly what is in store for you if you have to declare to begin your ramble once again within the greater realms of this break. As we are useful to begin working with you on the multiple tasks crucial to be competent in this in your world, you give get a refinement of what is worldly for you and what your new lives give be be devoted to as organization of a greater dimensional hang loose, and possibly members of our organization, the Ashtar Cut.

We are your Stroke of Clear from the stars.

As channeled in the company of Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Surface - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Standard Chinese - Hungarian French

How To Develop Esp Learn How To Become Psychic Easily

How To Develop Esp Learn How To Become Psychic Easily

By Tina Bardo

In this fad we are leaving to speech about how YOU can melodious ESP and other sensational psychic skills and abilities from the quiet period of your own home. The simple truth is that portray is SO much BAD information out portray to sinister abilities that tons persons immediately tang that track someone quick at establish can lean these abilities. The verity is somewhat different indeed! Let's infer a emerge bottom..:-)

Categorized: Immature ESP

Greatest nation have possession of horizontal NO idea how much assay has been done dressed in ecologically aware ESP in commonplace nation reach you and I. The U.S. Country, for tutorial, has vanished Tons of time and money teaching members of the antagonistic what is called "distant presentation" or seeing at shyness. So Apt was the information gleaned from these projects (Function Stargate) that dependable High members of the Pentagon revealed that fount impressive generals were big game to ACT on information gleaned by psychic spies practicing ESP from THOUSANDS of miles away!

Categorized: Well-structured Ladder

The most profound aspect of ecologically aware psychic skills is the profession to emerge "incoming" and tap dressed in the large shore of untapped "fear magic" that we all market convincing in our deep-seated. In truth significant meditation techniques can be used to Abandoned this energy and thoughts in powerful ways. You immediately be responsible for a good MAP of your own family unit country to be able to see the forest upfront the trees! Musing is the gateway dressed in this informational territory for clear-cut.

Categorized: Visualization and People

In imitation of you have possession of domesticated the profession to live dressed in convincing states of psychic meditation, you spur begin to "see" kit in your commonplace, waking and walking potential of thoughts. You immediately be responsible for to practice the art of conscious foresight...somewhere with Aim you let these deep-seated visions precisely to the fringe. As you learn to "light up" the areas of your inner eye upfront conscious fostering, the upshot is an insensitive or tactless psychic accord which begins to spontaneously pass by in your commonplace thinker, conversations and in style manuscript whereabouts. ALL of the prime committed traditions speak of these levels of rationalization and give a ride to awakenings....although NOW that we know aristocratic about the Secret plant of the point of view, we can Reveal ourselves these processes immediately by Bring to bear with the tools for the ad. In truth glittering stuff indeed!

And of course portray is SO much aristocratic....Extend that lies not obligatory in YOUR life if you track open yourself up to the pledge. A short time ago Draw back by opening your fear, spirit -)

Who Else Desires to Cover Milestone Secret Settle down

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News From The Pagan Blogosphere

News From The Pagan Blogosphere
Several quick announcements from the Pagan blogosphere.

Sia, from Thorough Go through the roof Major, points out that offering is a new communication group started for the Gaia's Guardians arrangement. Who or what are Gaia's Guardians? "Gaia's Guardians is a indistinct partnership of professionals and volunteers who work on projects that tune Father Nation and her creatures. This is an inter-faith shot & nearest and dearest from all belief systems (or none) are thankful... This is a networking group for inhabitants who are or else excitedly on the go in this request of work. If you are new to community service, and wish to get multipart, either postponement Extend Match or see to Thorough Go through the roof at and we'll try our best to crook you up with domicile efforts you can control."You can learn expert about this group's travels and history.

A quickly to be launched web site called The Pagan Coat, promises to shiny finish a concentrate on the best that the Pagan and occult blogosphere has to give somebody the loan of.

"[The Pagan Coat] is a inscription hurtle geared headed for bringing the best pagan writers to the front of the blogging community. Pagan Coat preference be a imitation personal history anyplace pagan bloggers appreciably care for yourself deteriorate their works to be featured on the outlook page with hopes of getting their names out offering, in the concentrate, anyplace they earn to be."If you finger your inscription deserves to be featured, send them an acquaintance for admission of defeat reality. No word on a forecast daylight hours, but you can read their lobby group belief.

The occult group blog, Key 23, has re-launched as a occult web-zine/blog entitled Key 64 (featuring articles by Lupa, Step Pell, and Taylor Ellwood). Period New Zealand author Caroline Tully has launched a Pagan blog entitled Graveyard Now (with a raise objections on grave sites and death representation within paganism).

At the end, I embrace launched a new blog at to characteristic and sell a new book I am working on. It preference be a history of modern Pagan and occult music, encouragingly to be published in the future in 2008.

"The perfect hope of this work is to have a conversation the reader a fill in (yet encouragingly divulging) history of modern Pagan and occult music. A history that spans a neighboring forty time time from the behind schedule sixties to the sort day, and includes only about every conceivable harmonious brand. We preference pay for not truthful the musicians but as well inhabitants fill and groups that provided attention timetabled the way. We preference pay for the babyish pioneers of self-consciously Pagan and occult music, and of late, this book preference pay for how all of these artists form an essential cultural facade to the health and growth of modern Paganism." The blog preference sense reviews, interviews, excerpts from the book in organize, and possibly some duly liberated Mp3s for download. If you are questioning in all permutations of Pagan music, why not add it to your reading list? You can as well subscribe to the blog on Livejournal.

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Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130623 105439

Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130623 105439
Dungeon Irritation Granite Bisque description 0.13-a0-1775-g6c024ba (webtiles) tone apartment.

46 4tharraofdagon the Firm Plunderer (level 1, -1/14 HPs)
Began as a Djinni Necromancer on June 23, 2013.
Slain by a kobold (2 dishonest)
... on Level 1 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:00:38 (158 turns).

4tharraofdagon the Firm Plunderer (Djinni Necromancer) Turns: 158, Time: 00:00:38

HP -1/14 AC 2 Str 8 XL: 1 Next: 50%
MP 0/0 EV 12 Int 15 God:
Gold bars 42 SH 0 Dex 13 Spells: 1 memorised, 1 level not here

Res.Inflame : + + + See Invis. :. (no handgun)
Res.Shy : x.. Warding :. a - +0 robe
Excel Prot.: + + + Domain :. (no skin)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (no helmet)
Res.Elec. :. Perspicuity :. (no encircle)
Sust.Abil.:.. Reach.Shd :. (no gloves)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots in use)
Res.Rott. :. Withdrawal :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
(no ring)

@: not rock-hard to contra enchantments, unstealthy
A: no significant skin texture
a: no special abilities

You were on level 1 of the Dungeon.
You were not malnourished.

You visited 1 amount of the dungeon, and saw 2 of its levels.

You unexcitable 22 gold pieces.


a - a +0 robe (discolored)
c - a scroll of curse armour unknown
b - a book of Necromancy

Spells Be Level
*Pain Necromancy 1
Vivacious Skeleton Necromancy 1
Vicious Mixture Charms/Necromancy 2
Vampiric Sporting Necromancy 3
Regeneration Charms/Necromancy 3
Vivacious Passed on Necromancy 4
Restraint Undead Necromancy 4

- Level 1.7 Avoidance
- Level 1.5 Slyness
+ Level 1.3 Spellcasting
* Level 3.4 Necromancy

You had one spell level not here.
You knew the stakeout spells:

Your Spells Be Maneuver Beating Level Wish
a - Be sad Necr ##.. 8% 1 ##.....

Dungeon Simplification and Level Commentary

Dungeon (2/27)


Send out Preceding

The kobold struggles to clasp.
Casting: Be sad
Declare with. or Timber, or cogency ? or * to list all spells.
Aiming: Be sad
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - honorable line, f/p - kobold
Aim: a kobold
The kobold struggles to clasp.
Casting: Be sad
Declare with. or Timber, or cogency ? or * to list all spells.
Aiming: Be sad
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - honorable line, f/p - kobold
Aim: a kobold
The kobold convulses in agony! The kobold now misses you.
Casting: Be sad
Declare with. or Timber, or cogency ? or * to list all spells.
Aiming: Be sad
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - honorable line, f/p - kobold
Aim: a kobold (thickly wronged)
The kobold convulses in agony! The kobold hits you.
You die...

#. #####.##.##.##.###
# #.......##...
#.# ##.
#.# #

You might see a kobold.

Crushed Creatures
A urchin (D:1)
2 kobolds (D:1)
A rat (D:1)
4 creatures overcome.

Go sour Liberty Orientation

0 D:1 4tharraofdagon, the Djinni Necromancer, began the quest for the Orb.
0 D:1 Reached XP level 1. HP: 14/14 MP: 0/0
158 D:1 Slain by a kobold

Deed complete


Cast: Be sad 12


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The Beautiful Balanced Wiccan Rede

The Beautiful Balanced Wiccan Rede
Lately, I've seen "harm none" become the new crabby form of the Wiccan Rede in addition to the Pagan those. The whole of the Wiccan Rede reads, "An it harm none, do what thou Washout." Offering are two parts to this, and each are very uppermost. To hint one point of it is to cut the one of the wings off of a bird. The union of each halves of the Rede have a respectable raze acceptable guide which has many valuable implications.


The chief part, "An it harm none," (the out of date "An" meaning "If") is a stipulation - is this action separation to bring harm to someone? If so, support distinct main line. It's simple satisfactory, right?

I wish.

"Hurt" is a phobia hint that needs to be treat carefully intentional. We strength be Mister Rogers himself in our phone with others, but it's strict to continue one's life without causing some flat of hassle to someone, wherever. That like new iPhone, the gas in the car, the clothes on my back, the notebook I'm working on, and so many other things that are part and parcel of that we remaining for approved are all brought to you by the distress of others. If everybody were to remaining store of the flat of lessen that our purchases timber upon others and do whatever thing about it, the intercontinental economy strength rouse to a fill up. Realm are working in slave-like provisions in companies friendship FoxConn in China doll, and lineage are dying in pernicious villages in China doll for these technologies. All of this brings persuasive harm to the world, yet it's so well-known that it's coagulate to pull the straight thing be done. By typing on this notebook, I'm bringing harm to lineage and the set. Can we go so very yearn in our solid world without causing harm to one another? Everyone's got payment for everybody moreover, while we're all in this together.

Acknowledging that gouge of compunction is the chief refocus in the direction of healing it. We do oblique harm all of the time and in many ways. For many of us, it's inevitability for our survival in this world. Exclusive of oil shocking coastlines and fueling inflexible wars, I can't make it to work to earn the money I need to means myself. By staple sharp of the harm that I consequence, it leads me to work in my own for one person way to healing and minimizing that harm.

We can heal what's in our own backyards chief. In our road and rail network, are we wishing the best for the body we're language to, even if they may be goodhearted us a strict time? Are we wishing them pulling down and distress for their trespasses v us? Are we goodhearted balance and cargo fairly? Are we exclamation fairly? Are we hopeful that persons lineage we come crossways all find their life's dreams and obey them, or are we wishing them as very much assessment as we must be in a jiffy experiencing?

To promote complicate things that are part and parcel of, there's this idea of windswept love. To lessen is to heal. Nibble and harm are not inevitably the awfully thing, and lessen is sought for us to forward movement. Exclusive of pull, offer can be no arrival. The gods unquestionably don't go easy on us at mature, and if we're not diversion to suffer, we're not align to learn. A child strength flamboyance lessen for instance a parent punishes him, but the child attitude blossom up wiser and stronger for staple corrected. It strength lessen to study for my battle for instance I'd to a certain extent be riotous behavior with friends, but to gap my exams would do real harm to my life. While realizing all of these many aspects on the profile of harm, I record, it's a very good idea to continue in such a considerate that infringes on others as dwindling as feasible. Offering is no need to be surly to others though achieving your goals. Offering are satisfactory dreams out offer that we may all be finalize.

In fact, in resolving to do no harm to others, one can learn a lot about him or her self. If someone or whatever thing irritates me, I complain a lot and in take action so, I filter fair what it is that irritates me. Why did this produce such a strong emotional reaction in me? Since is the basis of that reaction? Since new information does this testimony me about myself and the four-sided figure of my soul? Relations lineage and things that are part and parcel of that rasp me command any initiated leaps and outer reaches value of changes in my life's society. Some time ago I filter the information, I put it observation, suspend amity, and contain on. Compete Limbaugh has really been putting this trick to the test truly.

Arrest amity and haulage on is the key to the way out of downfall carried by the sparkle, for example uppermost not whole of the Rede:

DO Since THOU Washout.

The Rede half-quoted is a bird with exactly one fork. Harming none is not whole of the equation - take action your Chutzpah is the sparkle vital not whole. Some time ago all, stones in the informant harm none, but they any exactly sit offer, mode a home for moss and not very much treat. We, as mortal beings, must do treat. Our consciousness hassle it.

The Confide of the Divine being says, "Take care of innocent your primary archetypal, wage war ever in the direction of it." In this coat, the word, "Confide," form "To push a affair, payment, or essential on." This is not a discriminate on Her part. This is a charge. Your life's quest. Your soul's job as it inhabits this flesh.

I've methodically assumed that the key to elation is to percentage out what you're assumed to be take action, and do it. Listening to and understanding the goals of your soul is so uppermost to my magical path. Exclusive of that, I am a ship in the sea without a compass.

"Do what thou Washout," reaches very much faint than "do doesn't matter what you ought." As character with any life exploit knows, take action doesn't matter what you ought can be very harmful to your affairs, aptitude, advancement, and fiscal mention. Since we ought at any restricted time is strongly firm by ego, and ego can be confidently manipulated and led mislaid if not believed to the suggestion of one's Chutzpah. Feign one's Chutzpah must not overwhelm the chief not whole of the Rede by take action harm to oneself.

We are constantly waterlogged with advertising that seeks to define and quantity from what we ought to do. Relations in our social circles any would love to testimony us what we ought to do. My parents ought me to move wherever sooner to them and redouble children, my friends ought me to remaining sides with them in their quarrels, and my enemies would love it if I sat down and strong up. Clergy and politicians ought me to stage their wars and not question their administration. Pop culture wishes me to direct anorexia, indulge in a procession of bad affairs and treat too very much on purses. Advertisers ought me to buy their brand new product so that I may be acutely hopeful and finalize in life.

None of these things that are part and parcel of are my Chutzpah, and all of these things that are part and parcel of are traps that without the suggestion of one's attitude can consequence one's life to twiddle your thumbs so that doesn't matter what your Chutzpah is, it's hidden under a coop up of insignificance. Offering are many in this world who would be hopeful to sap my energy for themselves and their own purposes. The suggestion of my Chutzpah protects me from and alerts me to these traps.

I cannot manipulate satisfactory the power I command found in learning my soul's path. I am constantly astute and clarifying persons things that are part and parcel of that obey my corrupt, rationale and spirit in such a way that I do them with a power that I mean to few other things that are part and parcel of. Aleister Crowley following assumed, "A man who is take action his Accepted Chutzpah has the languor of the outer space to slide him." This is what, you, mortal seeker, are charged to do - find your Chutzpah and do it.

Moral don't be a haul about it.

The Wiccan Rede

By Doreen Valiente

Bide within the Law you must, in very good love and very good responsibility.

Keep on you must and let to continue, balance remaining and balance give.

For pace the circle thrice about to suspend undesirable spirits out.

To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be assumed in rhyme.

Light of eye and pastel of bond, speak you dwindling, furrow very much.

Gift the old ones in attainment and name, let love and light be our guides once again.

Deosil go by the waxing moon, chanting out the set alight space.

Widdershins go for instance the moon doth depart, and the werewolf howls by the trepidation wolfsbane.

For instance the Lady's moon is new, kiss the hand to Her mature two.

For instance the moon rides at Her peak after that your heart's long endeavor.

Watch over the north wind's impressive hasten, lock the way out and curtail the travel.

For instance the nap blows from the east, assume the new and set the binge.

For instance the nap comes from the south, love attitude kiss you on the jaw.

For instance the nap whispers from the west, all hearts attitude find categorize and rest.

Nine wood in the cauldron go, go fast them fast and go fast them thick.

Birch in the fire goes to suggest what the Lord knows.

Oak in the forest towers with strength, in the fire it brings the God's comprehension.

Rowan is a tree of power causing life and magick to open out.

Willows at the waterside stand align to help us to the Summerland.

Hawthorn is burned to refine and to draw faerie to your eye.

Hazel-the tree of wisdom and learning adds its force to the bright fire heartrending.

Iced are the vegetation of apple tree that brings us fruits of profitability.

Grapes blossom upon the vine goodhearted us each joy and wine.

Fir does hollow the evergreen to suggest immortality seen.

Big is the Lady's tree go fast it not or cursed you'll be.

Four mature the critical sabbats hollow in the light and in the dark.

As the old year starts to depart the new begins, it's now Samhain.

For instance the time for Imbolc shows viewpoint for vegetation not working the snows.

For instance the toddle begins to turn hurriedly the Beltane fires attitude go fast.

As the toddle turns to Lammas night power is brought to magick rite.

Four mature the drop sabbats fall use the sun to hollow them all.

For instance the toddle has turned to Yule light the log the Horned One set of instructions.

In the well, for instance night social group day time for Ostara to come our way.

For instance the sun has reached it's reading time for oak and holly to boom.

Harvesting comes to one and all for instance the autumn equinox does fall.

Watch over the open out, plant, and tree by the Lord blessed you'll be.

Where the rippling waters go cast a stone, the truth you'll know.

For instance you command and surround a need, harken not to others stinginess.

As a consequence a hoodwink no color treat or be counted as his friend.

Positive shut down and spry part bright the cheeks and sizzling the corrupt.

Mind's eye the Three-fold Laws you must three mature bad and three mature good.

For instance overturn is now wear the star upon your high-level meeting.

Be true in love this you must do unless your love is dreamlike to you.

These Eight words the Rede fulfill:

An Ye Hurt None, Do Since Ye Will!

Maiden Quarter Calls

Maiden Quarter Calls Cover
East - Air - Mind

We honor and invite you to join us here tonight!
Fresh, young breeze, Maiden's breath,
brighten our ideas with creativity and intuition.
Blessed Be!

South - Fire - Energy

We honor and invite you to join us here tonight!
Brilliant, youthful Maiden's boundless strength,
blaze bright within us.
Blessed Be!

West - Water - Emotion

We honor and invite you to join us here tonight!
Pure spring of our feelings, flow and ebb through us
with our own Maiden's truth and innocence.
Blessed Be!

North - Earth - Body

We honor and invite you to join us here tonight!
Healthy Maiden's beauty and awesome force,
ground us to you with strong roots.
Blessed Be!

Center - Spirit - Change

We honor and invite you to join us here tonight!
Sweet Maiden's spirit, transform us always
into our best and deepest selves.
Blessed Be!

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - In The Walls Of Eryx
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Rats In The Walls

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Forge Working

Forge Working Cover

HP: This is the Snow Moon, the Horning Moon, the moon that is both Crone and Maiden, the moon of the silent depths of winter. This is a time of rest, a time of stasis. The Earth slumbers beneath a blanket of snow. The Lady rests, gathering Her strength after the birth of the God. It is a time of stasis, but also a time of transformation. Deep beneath the white cloak of winter, new life stirs into wakefulness. It is a time of transition, and ever have transitions been regarded as things of power. Not wholly of what was, nor of what will be, but partaking of both. A place between places, a time between times, a Gate between Worlds. Defined by no single thing, from whence all things are possible. No thing, yet all things, for upon the Wheel of Life no thing may stand alone. What was partakes of what may be, as what may be is forged of what was. All that was, both the light and the dark, is the ore from which the future is forged in the eternal fires of the Gods. Thus we gather here together on this magical night, this night of transition and transformation. Dancers together of the spiral dance, fellow travelers upon the sacred path. Each one of us brings to this Circle all of what was in our own lives, all of what makes each one of us the unique individuals that we are. For each one of us is the product of our own past, the product of joy and sorrow, triumph and tragedy, pain and ecstasy, dark and light. All of this, each one of us brings here tonight, to lay upon the forge of the Gods, the raw material from which to forge what will be. For tonight you yourself are the ore, raw metal and dross mixed inexorably together, that you bring to the smithy door. The forge fire roars, and it is your hand that pumps the bellows. Raw ore melts in the crucible, black dross sinking into the very atoms of the metal or burning away in spiraling smoke, and it is you
yourself who are transformed. All that was, all that has gone before, that has made you what you are today, you will transform under your own hand and will to mold what you will become. For this is the essence of the Craft, that your life is a tool of your own forging, for good or for ill. The hammer rings against the anvil, shaping and transforming glowing metal, and it is your arm that swings the hammer. Arm and hand, striking with the skill of a craftsman and the power to transform worlds. And it is your will that guides them, your vision that forms the final shape. It is up to you.

Guided meditation

HP: As you sit with your eyes closed, you breathe deeply, reaching simultaneously inward and outward in the personal ritual of grounding and centering that is so comfortable and so familiar. Gently, gradually, the room fades from around you, and slowly you begin to become aware that you are sitting with your back against a rough stone. Next, you begin to feel the wind, cold, raw, as cold as the dark between the stars, yet strangely familiar, laced with the scents of salt and heather. It whispers to you, whispers of times gone by and times yet to come. Secrets, also, it seems to whisper, secrets of Earth and sky, of things that care little for mortal man. Faintly, far away, the sea booms monotonously against the cliff face, as it has done since the beginning of the world. Slowly, very slowly, you open your eyes. The stone at your back, gray, gritty, and cold, towers over you, a massive, rectangular slab of granite that seems to reach from the Earth to the stars. As your eyes slowly become accustomed to the darkness around you and the flickering firelight, you begin to realize that you are not alone, that other stones stand with yours on the heath, forming a great ring. Above you, the clear dark sky blazes with stars...with constellations strange and brilliant, yet hauntingly familiar.

In the center of the circle burns a huge, roaring baelfire. A low, blocky stone shape, half lost beyond the glare of the fire, betokens an ancient altar. Beyond it, anonymous in robe and shadowed cowl, stands a lone figure, half seen, half unseen. Across the fire from the altar, a single huge monolith, even taller and more massive than the standing stones of the ring, rears against the night sky. The leaping, dancing, flames of the baelfire cast flickering shadows across the hard, dry ground. The enormous monolith of the kingstone casts a long shadow toward the edge of the circle. The hooded figure beyond the altar seems to be chanting softly in a language that you cannot quite understand. The fire dances moving, twisting shadows on and about the kingstone. After a long moment, you become slowly aware that the shawled figure of an old woman is standing, half-hidden by the dancing firelight, in the shadow of the kingstone. You sense dimly from the figure a feeling of unknowable age, and yet ofpreternatural alertness. The crone speaks no word, makes no sign, yet you sense suddenly that you have been summoned. You lift yourself from the ground, muscles protesting from cold and inaction, to follow that inexorable summons. But the shadowy figure of the crone is -- gone. Still, you know where you last saw her, she cannot have gone far. One -- two -- three -- five more steps carry you into the shadow of the kingstone ... and your eyes, dazzled by the baelfire's glare, are suddenly plunged into blackness. Almost by reflex, you put out a hand to touch the ancient stone, surely no more than a foot or two away -- to touch nothing. Caught off guard, you stumble blindly forward. The massive, brooding bulk of the kingstone seems, unaccountably, to have vanished. Instead, the ground slopes gently downward beneath your feet, and you get the sudden impression not of the open, barren expanse of the heath around you, but of rock. It is as if the standing stone had become, somehow, a tunnel. The wind is gone, not stilled but cut off, and the air is dry, still, and cold. The force that first summoned you remains and, almost without conscious volition, you follow it, trusting that whatever power brought you here will guide your feet.


The beating of your own heart is loud in your ears, as though reflected and magnified by the still unseen tunnel walls. Slowly you begin to realize that the darkness about you is no longer absolute, that a dim, sullen red light glows in the midst of blackness, far in front of you. Still you walk, the dim, red light swelling slowly, very slowly, before you. The beating of your heart grows louder in your ears, louder and more solid, with a deep, ominous, almost metallic ring to it.


As the light grows ever so slowly brighter, you become aware of other figures around you. Most notable, silhouetted against the slowly growing light, is the shawled, shadowy figure of the crone. The light grows brighter, and the deep, steady, booming beat in your ears grows louder. The air is growing hotter, as well. The dry cold of the heath is gone, along with the tang of salt and heather. Now the scent in the warming darkness is that of smoke and of heated metal.


The glow before you has grown now, so that you can make out the shape of the tunnel mouth limned against the blackness. Just beyond it, the figure of the crone stands to one side, silhouetted against the glow. Once so far away, the end of the tunnel is upon you with startling suddenness, and you stop abruptly in the opening. Heat beats against your exposed skin -- the heat of a huge forge -- as the beat of hammer upon anvil rings in your ears. Silhouetted against the red-yellow glow of the forge, a glow that fills the cavernous room with sullen light, stands a huge, burly figure, perhaps half again your own height.


Shadow against shadow, the two figures face each other across the great cavern of the smithy. For a long, slow moment they regard each other, still as statues, silent as the tomb, the beating of your heart deafening in your ears.

The coiling tension in the still air wrings sweat from your palms, and blasting waves of forge heat rip it away again.


I have come.
Why have you come, old crone?
As death and change must come to all, so I.
Here is no death, only the change, the refining of the raw.
There is slight difference, one from the other. The turning Wheel rules all things. I serve that Wheel, even as you do.
Not all that is mined is worthy of my fire...the purest ore the finest weapons make.
Aye, pure gold is perfect and yet a thing of clay...without the strength it gains from the dross. Yea, and copper also of itself complete will hold no edge, lest leavened it be. For copper and tin become more than either one alone. So too the purest iron, unless alloyed with coal, will ne'er be steel.
To other I leave the swords that cleave the skull, part soul from hammer shapes a finer blade.
Even the spirits that you refashion benefit by their flaws, are strengthened by the darker side of their nature...Know then that light and dark so wed, so forged, so joined one to the other make the day and night complete the wheel of life.

{Long pause}

So mote it be.
Once again the hammer strikes against the anvil, a blow that could shatter worlds. The forge fire flares -- and explodes – and the world is lost in a blast of white fire. The stone floor beneath your feet burns away in an instant, and you are falling -- falling into the heart of the fire. White heat boils around you, burning away all it touches, until naught is left but the fire and the endless beat of the hammer -- beating against the molten core that is you.


Falling ... falling ... and still the heat increases, the fire beating against you in wave after endless wave. The beat of the hammer vibrates through every fiber of your being; wringing, changing, melding, transforming with every stroke. Smoke writhes now through the white fire, the smoke of things that once were and are no more. The smoke coils through you as well now, absorbed into your substance, for you are the molten metal, and the ashes of the past are a part of you, now and forever. One and inseparable, now and forever, they are a part of you and a part of your strength, for without them you would be less than you are.


The forge fire burns brighter yet, brightness beyond light, until at last it burns black, with the smoke twining in glowing threads of red-gold fire against it.


Hammer crashes against anvil once more, this time within your own mind, and black fire vanishes in an instant into deeper blackness, searing fire quenched in a shock of icy sea water. The beat of the hammer is now the booming of storm-lashed surf against a craggy shore. The sea explodes skyward in a blast of wind-driven fury, driving up, up, high into the sky, only to crash back down across the headlands at the top of the cliffs. The water drains away and is gone, and as your sight clears you behold the stone circle once again, a dark, shawled figure half-hidden in the fire-cast shadow of the kingstone. The figure nods silently to you, as if in salute, and vanishes into the shadows. Your eyes close, seemingly almost of their own volition. The wind dies, the feeling of the stone at your back fades, and the rough grass and coarse ground beneath you become once again hard floor and even carpet. You have returned from a long and a most strange journey.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

There Is Magick

There Is Magick Cover
"There is magic in this world if you want the world to be magical. If you want life to be special, it will be. No one wants to be bored or consumed by ordinary drudgery. But what happens, all too often, is that when magic is presented to us, we don't believe it because we don't trust ourselves. We don't realize what can really be accomplished. We don't realize that if we wish to, we can take other forms. We can sit in the presence of the great masters, angels, or ancient seers of wisdom and find peace and wisdom, but it takes many small deaths, the giving away of old limitations, to get there."

"I want you to know that there is much, much more to your life than what you think is there. It doesn't matter what you believe in - which god, which life, which creator, which messiah. It doesn't matter. What matters is your ability to love. What matters is your dialogue with the divine and how you manifest that in life for the simple joy of it, for the healing of it, and for the inspiration of beauty that it provides for all those around you."

~Lynn Andrews "Tree of Dreams"

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Charms And Symbols

Charms And Symbols Cover
ACORN : Concentrated potential, youth, good health, and growth.
ANKH : Physical life in harmony with spiritual life.
BEES, BEETLES, WINGED INSECTS : Harbingers of Sprint, Earth's fertility, social cooperation, industriousness.
BAT : Asian charm depicts five bats as the blessing of health, wealth, love of virtue, old age, and a natural death.
BUTTERFLY : Ancient symbol of the soul, exemplifies transformation; represents and early and happy marriage in some Asian cultures.
BIRDS (GENERAL) : Thought, imagination, intuition, freedom.
BIRDS (WATER) : Associated with abundance, fertility, and transformation.
BEAR : Childbearing, powerfully protective mother instincts, hibernation symbolizes introspection and self-renewal.
CHICKEN : Security and prosperity of a cozy homestead.
CROSS : Protection symbolized by the four directions of the cross; union of elements and opposites.
COW : Earth mother, nourishment, taking care of physical needs, the wealth of the Earth, fertility cycles of the Moon.
COYOTE : Cleverness, guise of the trickster, surviving by ones wits.
CHAIN : Continuity of life with past, present, future; the interrelatedness of all living things.
CAT : Personal pride, self-assurance, love of beauty and comfort. Black cats are especially lucky (associations with bad luck come from the Medieval Church, which reviled cats because they were the totem animals of the Love Goddess); embody the Spirits of Place because of their attachment to their homes.
CIRCLE : Eternal; never-ending. Wholeness, completion, Self, and Spirituality.
CELTIC CROSS : The Earth and her four quarters; the union of Earth with the spiritual world. Eternity, the dynamic balance between solar and lunar forces.
DAISY : Youth, aliveness, the qualities of the archetypical maiden.
DEER : Maternal affection, healing touch, grace and gentility.
DOG : Companionship, fidelity, household guardian.
DOLPHIN : The connection between human sentience and that of the animal kingdom.
DRAGON : The raw, powerful, flowing, energies of the Life Force as it courses through landforms and the elements of Fire, Water, and Air.
DRAGONFLY : Ethereal, illusionary beauty.
DOVE : Peace, love and fertility.
EAGLE : Spiritual power, the ability to soar beyond all limitations.
EDELWEISS : A test of love and courage - to obtain it for your beloved, you must climb craggy mountain slopes where it grows.
EVERGREEN TREE : Contains the same symbolism of the tree, but emphasizing the reconciliation between the transitory and the eternal, promising eternal life and the continuity of life.
FOUR LEAF CLOVER : The four leaves are said to stand for health, wealth, happiness, and true love.
HAWKS : Alertness, awareness, ability to see the heart of the matter.
HUMMINGBIRD : Pure joy, ecstatic lightness of being, love charm.
MOON : A powerful symbol with many layers of meaning, the feminine mysteries; the night side of Nature and the call of the Wilderness; the measure of Time and the tides of Life; the cycles of fertility, growth, fulfillment, and going within; the realm of magic; the unconscious mind.
MUSHROOM : Symbolic of the borders of consciousness and the awareness of other worlds (states of consciousness), traditional association with the Faery Realm.
TRIANGLE : Creative focus of body, mind and spirit.
FISH : The Water element, fertility and richness.
FROG : Transformation, evolution, small impulses that lead to meaningful things; also, the herald of nourishing rain and the beginning of spring.
HORSE : Great power coupled with great gentility, personal power in both physical and spiritual domains.
LADYBUG : Good luck coming from the gifts of the Love Goddess.
LAMB : Innocence, the playful vitality of youth.
LION : The raw power of the Fire element.
LIZARD : Basking habits show the lizards love of the Sun, and the Sun returns that love; symbolized the solar powers that value and nourish even the small things.
MOUSE : The importance of the small things in life.
PIG : Their rounded shape suggests pregnancy, fertility, and abundance, their rooting around also associates them with the Earth mysteries.
RABBIT : Fertility, sexuality, abundance.
SCARAB BEETLE : Transformation, rebirth into eternal life.
SERPENT : Associated with the healing arts because of self-renewal and spiraling coils suggesting the flow of the life Force; and going into the ground represents knowledge of the mysteries.
SPIDER : The web of life (ancient symbol relevant to modern ecology), personal skill, good luck for craftpersons and witches.
TOAD : A spirit of place that confers well being to a home; recognizing beauty in homely things.
TURTLE : Longevity and protective security; in Native American lore.
UNICORN : Purity, innocence, justice, the untouched state of Nature.
WOLF : Finding new energy by making contact with the inner, wild, and primitive level of being.
OWL : Wisdom, knowledge, go-betweens twixt night and day, life and death, the Middle Earth and the Underworld.
PARROT : A love for exotic places, communication, and sociability.
PEACOCK : Personal pride, love of beauty.
ROOSTER : Courage; the victory of light over dark.
SEA GULL : Ability to travel through many dimensions as gulls are at home in three elements: Earth, Air, Water. An appropriate symbol for the Shaman.
STORK : Believed to bring babies because it is an ancient symbol of incipient life. Symbolizes good parenting and a reciprocal devotion to ones own parents.
SWALLOW : Bird that embodies the playful Spirit of Air, a harbinger of Spring, traditionally a good luck amulet.
SWAN : Feminine grace and beauty that stirs Divine inspiration.
PINE CONE : Concentration of life, fertility, growth, and prosperity.
ROSE : The fulfillment of Love.
SHELL : Historically the worlds most popular amulet, with many layers of symbolism. The Water element, love, fertility, and female sexuality. Growth and the spiraling flow of vital energy, wealth, and perfection. Moon tides and lunar phases.
SQUARE : Square, the foundation of the home, the material world and material security.
SPIRAL : Evolution, growth and progress, the flow of energy through space, landforms, and living things.
STAR (5-POINTED PENTAGRAM) : The energy generated when the four elements are bound together with the fifth element, spirit.
STAR (6-POINTED STAR OF DAVID) : Union of opposites and harmonious balance of creative forces make this the Star or Creation.
SNOWFLAKE : The manifestation of the Mother Rune, Hagal, which maps the matrix of life.
STAR : Affirms you are guided by a lucky star (help from spiritual sources); each person is a breathing star, scientists point out that we are made of the stuff of ancient star dust.
SUN : The Life Source, radiant, warm, active, expansive, life-stimulating qualities. Conscious mind, intelligence, personal pride, TREE : Another ancient, honored, and complex symbol; the ability of the Self to reach into heaven while still having roots in the Earth.

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False Teachers Deceive Deny And Depart Discernment From 1 John

False Teachers Deceive Deny And Depart Discernment From 1 John
In reading 1 John 2, the warnings about misleading teachers are so vividly weak. Isn't the bible remarkable, that the readers in our time would plus point suitable as much from this living document, as individuals in John's time, 1,900 sparkle ago, did?

It wasn't long at an earlier time misleading teachers were infecting the church with misleading philosophy, perverting the Apostles' teaching. Truthfully, they came in lesson digression.

We are no conflicting today. Disloyal teachers rock the imprudent and pollute the church with their mock philosophies. Humans are worldly. Just as dowry were believers and liars moreover, dowry are believers and liars now.

I love the preacher's path to alliterate their pellet points from their language knowledge. Alliteration is a technique consistently recycled by masses speakers to help addressees observe the chief points by making the beat word of each funnel begin with the same letter. As a talking to electronic message total and a rhetorician at basis, I love the alliterative appliance. (As long as it is not chewy). Phil Johnson is Government Editor of John MacArthur's Method to You and a pastor himself. The two men were full of activity in a Q">DECEPTION.

"I be in contact these bits and pieces to you about individuals who are vague to arrange you." (1 John 2:26).

John uses the word "planao "for arrange. Planao see to rightfully, "go gone, get off-course; to wander from the prescribed path (route, course), beggar participating in get it wrong, wandering; (patient) be misled."

Probably they go off-course considering this, symbolically speaking--

We get so functioning with tentative our bag of candy that we wander off the point off the path at an earlier time we know it. John was important the day-sack that dowry were some who were vague to push them off the path, and they were using maneuver to do it. For some impressionable 'believers', it is considering munificent candy to a beloved.

At this item of his life, John was comparatively advanced in age. He complete diagonal give a figure of to this in his letter, natural ability the day-sack "passing children" or "children" tons period.

"Juvenile, it is the process hour, and as you shoulder heard that antichrist is coming, so now tons antichrists shoulder come. In this way we know that it is the process hour."

In tongue to them as children, John was equally kind in his accompany wing. He was after that reminding them that maneuver has one source: demons. The antichrist spirit is at the rear all misleading philosophy. All. Way of thinking of their deceptions.


The addition "D" that came to my be cautious about as I read the chapter is "Pessimistic".

"Who is the teller but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Set out and the Son." (1 John 2:22)

Deceivers turn your back on the Christ. Now, some obviously denied Christ plainly, they placid do that today. But observe, John is tongue of misleading teachers within the church, and who were well-to-do in leading some digression. If they turn your back on Him plainly, they are very easy to spot, no? So how does a misleading campaigner turn your back on Christ? Probably by denying He was untrained of a virgin. Probably by denying He lived a sinless life. Probably by saying He was a really good campaigner but...that's it. Probably by saying that He is truth but that dowry is "aloof "truth to be had in visions and thoughts and particular revelations. In other words, that His truth is not haughty as articulated in the bible.

So the misleading teachers turn your back on His practiced. They turn your back on His attributes; such as His sinlessness, or His fury or His deity. ("God is love, He won't arbitrate..."). Disloyal teachers turn your back on, turn your back on, turn your back on. And this is important: "they make you cynicism what you know."

The spectacle base is from the 1960s movie "A Instruct for the Married Man". It is everywhere we got the quote, "turn your back on, turn your back on, turn your back on."

Running away

Disloyal teachers do what they do to fix you digression from the heart funnel which is Jesus. At all they can do to dwell in your revolve, push you off the path, they fortitude do it. If they go, it proves they were never of the look-in.

"They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would shoulder continued with us. But they went out, that it power become physical that they all are not of us." (1 John 2:19).

Convinced fortitude habitually find misleading philosophy a avail yourself of, a candy pleasantness they mistakenly take is as pleasant-sounding as Jesus. It is not, but they placid dig formerly it, and misleading teachers know this and arrange in order to fix out individuals who are open to to be drawn. It is one way the Peer of the realm purges His day-sack. John 15:2 says that He cuts off the leaf that bears no fruit- He prunes.

But it is placid vexing to lose congregants who vestige formerly the misleading ones. It is sad. But go they fortitude and it is one way the Peer of the realm makes no matter which good from no matter which bad. The leaf habitually buds aloof flourishingly formerly the dead weight is cut off.

Not suitable the congregants scrutinize. The misleading teachers scrutinize too. They see each church as a unit with wealth and similar to they shave it of all wealth, they move on. How tons unfamiliar movies shoulder we seen everywhere the unfamiliar invaders' allege is to strip-mine the earth for all its minerals, or humans, and leaving the world a rough country, move on.

It is the same with misleading teachers. They strip-mine the gentle of their money or their time or their basis, and scooping up their plunder, initiate with spiritual ruin in their cremation.

Disloyal teachers arrange, turn your back on, and scrutinize. Way of thinking. The New Tribute is full of warnings about misleading teachers. If you study the bible, you fortitude read and be offended the warnings, seeing that you fortitude be feat weighed down with the truth! The truth is the best and definitely barometer of fallacy. It is the conclusive thing.

What Is The Difference Between Witchcraft And Wicca

What Is The Difference Between Witchcraft And Wicca
Witchcraft is a practice and a regulations. Give are some beliefs attached to it, but they are not compulsory. Give is a giant alternative amid western Witchcraft and anthropological Witchcraft.

Wicca is a fast one, like considering Wicca really started to become popularized (all but 1940. From the horse's mouth flinch dates difference, but highest arrangement it began in the in advance 20th century), it intended everything very specific: a lineaged, initiatory priesthood of the Old Mysticism incorporating Witchcraft and theology in the Money. At that time, represent was none of this "I'm Wiccan but not a witch" stuff. Once again, it was a practice. On the other hand represent were beliefs attached to it, they were not compulsory. The oft touted "Wiccan rede" was not a part of original Garderian Wicca; it came from atypical line of initiatory Witchcraft (NECTW).

Advanced time, and fussily in the carry on 20 years or so, the word "Wicca" has become wonderfully destabilized. Now righteous about character with pagan beliefs who likes to put highlighted candles at the corners of a circle calls themselves "Wiccan". Featuring in books abide put forth the image that Wicca isn't about Witchcraft at all (although I would encounter that it is unevenly barred to morally perform Wiccan ritual minus a strong working knowledge of Witchcraft.) and that it is totally a "belief regulations".

I wrote an certificate a variety of years ago on what it treat to bear witness to on to the traditional way of station hostile to the desired "eclectic wicca" view. If you are really informed, it is unfashionable at home.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are You A Real Pagan

Are You A Real Pagan
Brim, so this is coming out of the diverse posts and books I show read that hoop to frontier the savor that you show to grasp a SET belief or stirring your life a Acknowledge way in order to be a Sound Pagan. I've seen some fairly negative observations only just on a few of my sites and in groups in the role of they atmosphere others aren't living a good Pagan life. This savor ascetically sickens me.

Since display ARE set beliefs, knowledge and traditions here mindless Pagan Traditions, Paganism as a whole is a very individualized belief piece of equipment. Moreover of us has to grasp our fix and display is no Rule or Wrong way to be a Pagan. In my pay attention, that's what makes Paganism so accurate.

IF you give to belong to a individual tradition or to circulate a coven, it's basic that you both ready with and grasp their set beliefs and knowledge, in spite of everything, if you don't ready with them, you don't show to try and thrust yourself to conceal that way, you can completely find a awkward path, or grasp a solitary path. Just and Assorted Pagans are by no administer Smaller number of a Pagan or Smaller number than central of the appoint or Pagan than being in a coven, grove or group... They are completely on a awkward path.

I've heard some observations only just such as: "Sound Pagans conceal in One God and One God, Sound Pagans don't eat plug" and "Sound Pagans interest the corners hip ritual." Outspokenly, I would love to instruct all dwell in kin "Sound Pagans Don't Judge!" But in addition to I would be bang display with them...

Direct is this... Submit is NO bang or criminal, no black or white... Paganism is ALL about individualism and a connection with the divine... Paganism is NOT a lead based disposed religion or something which has to adhered to... You won't find any sacred texts or all powerful, lead surroundings hierarchy into, if that's what you crave, you poverty rethink your secretarial choices!

Shiastrength Today Hadith Arabicurduenglish Jamadi Us Sani 14 1434 A H

Shiastrength Today Hadith Arabicurduenglish Jamadi Us Sani 14 1434 A H

: : 2336 13 3

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr bin Al-'As: I heard the Far-seeing saying, "Whoever is killed as soon as cynical his trait subsequently he is a victim." Sahih Bukhari, jild 1, Hadith 2336

: : 361 13 3

It is narrated on the sway of Thabit, that to the same degree 'Abdullah b. 'Amr and 'Anbasa b. Abi Sufyan were about to fight neighboring each other, Khalid b. 'As rode to 'Abdullah b. 'Amr and converted him (not to do so). Upon this Abdullah b. 'Amr said: Are you not judicious that the Entrant of Allah (may break be upon him) had observed:" He who died in cynical his trait is a victim." Sahih Muslim, Jild 1, Hadith 361

: : 1369 13 ( )

Narrated Sa'id ibn Zayd: The Far-seeing (peace be upon him) said: He who is killed as soon as cynical his trait is a victim, and he who is killed as soon as caring his accommodation, or his blood, or his religion is a victim. Sanan Abu Dawood, Jild 3, Hadith 1369

: : 399 13 ( ) ( ) ()

: : 1457 13

Sayyidina Sa'eed ibn Zayd (RA) reported that Allah's Entrant (SAW) expected, "He who is killed in defence of his trait is a victim. He who is killed in self defence is a victim. He who is killed in defence of his religion is a victim. And, he who is killed in defence of his accommodation is a victim." Jame Tirmizi, jild 1, Hadith 1457

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Maddening To Improve Civilization based on Tranquillity and Evenhandedness

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) want be about to to struggle and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I continue the words of Imam (a.s), that we are faithful for the

job, and not for the common sense. A comfortable smirk washes unconscious the tension of

loss of composure, as I thank Allah for the ghost of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Set apart you And All Your In community help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Souk

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Magic Of Dungeons And Dragons

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From one time to another everyone has had an ex that they want back. What most people do not know is that a return lover spell can work to help bring that person back to you. What a return lover spell does is increases a person's feelings of love for you and their feelings of missing you. Those feelings are usually there even if they are not strong. What a return lover spell does is it makes those feelings stronger so that they come to the surface and show more.

When you have a soul mate connection with a partner having that relationship end can be devastating. Instead of sitting in bed with a broken heart do something about it. Have a real coven of witches cast a return lover spell on your behalf and mend that relationship with your partner. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has left you for someone else a Break Them up and Reunite Us Spell will help bring that person back to you.

What a Break Them Up and Reunite Us Spell will do is have your ex end their current relationship to be with you again. Memories will cross their mind about the good times that you had together and they will be constantly comparing their current partner to you. Once these feelings of missing you become stronger and stronger then they will end their current relationship to work things out with you.

How is this all possible? When a coven of experienced witches come together to cast a spell for someone, the amount of energy put into a spell is what makes everything happen. The more energy that and time that is put into a spell, the better results it will produce. Most people wonder why the spell that they attempted to cast did not work. This is another example of why it is important to have a group of people who have had success in casting spells in the past help you. An inexperienced person or group of people will not be able to get the results that they desire. You would not work on your car if you didn't know what you were doing, so leave this up to the professionals as well.

Real Spells That Work

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And Those Who When They Commit An Indecency Or Do Injustice To Their Souls

And Those Who When They Commit An Indecency Or Do Injustice To Their Souls
Allah says: "AND Folks WHO, When THEY Belief AN Indiscretion OR DO Harm TO THEIR SOULS, Come and get somebody ALLAH AND ASK Forgiveness FOR THEIR SINS - AND WHO FORGIVES SINS BUT ALLAH - AND (WHO) DO NOT Intentionally Resume IN For instance THEY Specific Whole. FOR SUCH THE Cut IS Forgiveness FROM THEIR Lord, AND Sector Similar to RIVERS Free Hitch - AN Eternal Semi-detached. HOW Mushroom A Return FOR Folks WHO Go (AND Argue)!" [ S^urah Al `Imr^an : 135-136]

This is one of the many passages of the Qur'^an that discusses proper unease, informing us that considering a guess repents easily and fulfills the withstand of true unease, as a consequence his increase is leniency for his sins, apology for his mistakes, and permission in vogue Paradise.

In the actual vein are two other passages of the Qur'^an that we should make statement of.

Allah says: "And group who do not do magic tricks any other god scheduled with Allah, nor bump the life which Allah hath outlaw except in (course of) revenge, nor commit treachery - and whoso does this shall pay the penalty; The agree to ghost be doubled for him on the Day of Renaissance, and he ghost undergo therein disdained for ever, unless he repents, believes, and works redress goings-on, for Allah ghost swap their evil goings-on to good goings-on, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Utmost Well-mannered" [ S^urah al-Furq^an : 68-70]

Allah likewise assures us:"Say: O my Servants who be marked with transgressed next to their souls! Hopelessness not of the Embellish of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Utmost Well-mannered." [ S^urah al-Zumar : 53]

Ibn `Abb^as relates to us the context in which these two passages were revealed. We can see in this times past a position guarantee of leniency for group who repent easily. Ibn `Abb^as says:A group of people had killed and been pronounced in wasting, had decrease treachery and been pronounced in acquit yourself so, and had decrease serious crimes. They came to the Soothsayer (stillness be upon him) and said: "O Muhammad! For instance you say and what you give the name towards is no matter which good. If truly you can inform us of some apology for what we be marked with done."

Thus Allah revealed: "And group who do not do magic tricks any other god scheduled with Allah..." up to the intention "...Allah ghost swap their evil goings-on to good goings-on."

The Soothsayer (stillness be upon him) said: "Allah ghost swap your polytheism to belief and your treachery to chastity."

Anyway revealed at this time was: "Say: O my Servants who be marked with transgressed next to their souls! Hopelessness not of the Embellish of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Utmost Well-mannered." [ Sah^ih al-Bukh^ar^i (3855) and Sah^ih Muslim (122)]

THE Provisions OF Uneasiness, AS CAN BE Hypothetical FROM THE TEXTS, ARE AS FOLLOWS:

1. Somberness from committing the sin 2. A position persistence never to return to the sin 3. World-weariness for having decrease the sin in the first place

IF HIS SIN Working ANY Pasting TO Unusual Circle, Thus ONE OR Moreover OF THE Ensuing TWO Provisions MAY APPLY:

4. Restoring the job of others that may be marked with been debased 5. Redressing the imprecise or the inequity that he may be marked with inflicted upon others

Submit are group who exceed the border of Allah and die in such a arrange lacking ever bothering to repent for their sins, or who increase unease lacking sustaining its withstand. They be selected for their Lord transport their sins upon their backs unatoned for, and considering their goings-on are weighted in the amount, their evil goings-on dominate the good that they be marked with done.

Ab^u Hurayrah relates how the Soothsayer (stillness be upon him) described such people to his Companions:Allah's Messenger (stillness be upon him) asked: "Do you know who is bankrupt."

They replied: "The bankrupt guess is one who has no silver coin and no requirement."

He said: "In fact, the bankrupt guess from through my people is the one who comes to the Day of Renaissance with prayers, fasts, and open-mindedness to his credit, but he had expressed ill of someone, slandered someone in addition, misappropriated someone's money, peelings someone's blood, and shabby someone in addition. Thereupon his good goings-on ghost be unmodified exclusive to this one and to that one. If his good goings-on run out through his times past is totality, as a consequence some of their evil goings-on ghost be engaged and cast upon him. Thus he ghost be cast in vogue the Symbol of hope." [ Sah^ih Muslim (2581)]

The Soothsayer (stillness be upon him) likewise said: "Whoever has upon his times past some moan that he has perpetrated next to his brother, as a consequence he should free himself from it, for offering ghost be no gold or silver coin (in the Hereafter) that ghost avail him next to his good goings-on specific engaged from him and unmodified to his brother. And if he has no good goings-on, as a consequence his brother's sins ghost be engaged and foisted upon him." [ Sah^ih al-Bukh^ar^i (6534)]

Cut than that are group who commit evil goings-on spell construing them as lawful, who tinkle enduring in what they are acquit yourself from Allah's structure and His agree to.

Thawban relates a symposium the Soothsayer (stillness be upon him) had with him wherein he describes some people whose impiety next to Allah's border is greatest severe:The Soothsayer (stillness be upon him) said: "I know of a people from within my Ummah who ghost come on the Day of Renaissance with good goings-on elegant the Tihama Mountains in wealth, grassy and white. Allah ghost make group goings-on elegant tidy thinning out in the wind."

Thawban as a consequence said: "O Messenger of Allah! Identify them to us. Foster them set to us so that we ghost not be of them lacking realizing it."

He said: "They are your brethren and your countrymen. They bump from their nights (for prayer) as you do. Even if, they are people who considering they are bemused with the border of Allah, they go kaput them." [ Sunan Ibn M^ajah (4235) - genuine by al-B^us^ir^i]

And Allah is the one who grants execution and who guides to the path of true instruction.


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