Monday, February 9, 2009

Calling On Shango

Calling On Shango Cover Shango is complex yet very straightforward.
If you need help to enhance sexual potency.
If you need strength of the physical sort.
If you want magickal powers of drumming and dancing.

Then call on Shango.

A dark rich beer
A fine smooth stone
A secluded crossroad

first honor exu by leaving a
bit of the beer on the bare ground
in the middle of the crossroad
then lay the stone (make sure it is attractive enough)
at the northeast corner of the crossroad
pour beer over it while you squat
tell shango you honor his spirit
tell him you are in need
ask what it is you want
pour more beer on the stone

stand and look to the sky
smile and say thankyou

then drink all the rest of the beer
do not leave even a drop....

leave the bottle where a bum can find it for
the nickle

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