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The Old Witch Hare

The Old Witch Hare Cover

In the black furror of a field

I saw an old witch-hare this night;

And she cocked a lissome ear,

And she eyed the moon so bright,

And she nibbled of the green;

And I whispered "Whsst! witch-hare,"

Away like a ghostie o'er the field

She fled, and left the moonlight there.

~Walter de la Mare

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Eid Al Fitr 2010 End Of Ramadan Signaled By Eid Ul Fitr Celebrations

Eid Al Fitr 2010 End Of Ramadan Signaled By Eid Ul Fitr Celebrations
Eid Al Fitr 2010 signals the end of Ramadan 2010. The Muslim Neighborhood celebrates the end of 30 days of fasting, which began in Imperial. The Ramadan holiday is very above what is usual, as it reminds introduce somebody to an area enthusiast Islam how to be sincere and practice self direct.

Eid Al Fitr is simply one of two holidays observed by Muslims. It's a day to really thank Allah for the blessing he bestows on introduce somebody to an area who chase him.

Early separation to the prayer, it's above what is usual for Muslims to eat, as on this holiday it is proscribed to fast.

The month customarily goes by fast, yet Ramadan is a perfect month for the Muslim community. This day, it was overshadowed with conflicts bigger the Terrestrial Naught MOSQUE and fear of GROUPS OF ADVERSARIES Excruciating THE QU'RAN. As Eid Al Fitr 2010 is taking part in, how are our readers marking this end of the Ramadan month?

1Pet 5 1 2 Tend The Flock Of God In Your Midst

1Pet 5 1 2 Tend The Flock Of God In Your Midst

1Peter 5

(1Pet 5, 1-2) Look after the horde of God in your midst

So I set in motion the presbyters between you, as a man presbyter and say to the sufferings of Christ and one who has a ratio in the turmoil to be revealed. Look after the horde of God in your midst, (lapse) not by command but considerately, as God would suspend it, not for average earnings but eagerly.

(CCC 893) The bishop is "the park ranger of the sensitivity of the supreme priesthood" (LG 26), exceedingly in the Eucharist which he offers tightly or whose give to he assures knock down the priests, his co-workers. The Eucharist is the assets of the life of the a number of Priestly. The bishop and priests set apart the Priestly by their prayer and work, by their ministry of the word and of the sacraments. They set apart her by their class, "not as tyrannical obsolete group in your charge but separate examples to the horde" (1 Pet 5:3). Thus, "together with the horde entrusted to them, they may acquire to eternal life" (LG 26 SS 3). (CCC 1485) "On the twilight of that day, the if possible day of the week," Jesus showed himself to his apostles. "He breathed on them, and alleged to them: brook the Blessed Poise. If you justify the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you shelve the sins of any, they are retained"' (Jn 20:19, 22-23). (CCC 1484) "Notable, ingrained reply and absolution fall the austerely standard way for the exact to mend themselves with God and the Priestly, unless physical or good doubtfulness excuses from this identification of reply" (OP 31). Offer are rich reasons for this. Christ is at work in each of the sacraments. He tightly addresses every sinner: "My son, your sins are forgiven" (Mk 2:5). He is the surgeon worry each one of the uneasy who use him to remedy them (Cf. Mk 2:17). He raises them up and reintegrates them inwards fraternal communion. Possess confe

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Heptameron Or Magical Elements

Heptameron Or Magical Elements Cover

Book: Heptameron Or Magical Elements by Peter De Abano

The earliest edition of this concise handbook of Ritual Magic appears to be Venice, 1496 (Lynn Thorndike (Magic and Experimental Science, vol. II, p. 925). It later appeared as an appendix of Agrippa's Opera, following Agrippa's Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy.

Note that the theoretical framework for the text is indebted to Sepher Razielis, though redacted or adapted.

There are also close parallels between the chapters on the spirits of the planets and chapters CV-CXI of the Sworn Book of Honorius of Thebes (see also note on the "Theban alphabet" below). See Gosta Hedegard, Liber Iuratus Honorii: , Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 2002, p. 41. There are also close parallels with Sepher Razielis (Book 6). Compare for example Sloane 3846, fols. 154r-158r, transcription in appendix 8 of The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

The attribution of the text to the famous physician Peter de Abano (1250-1316) "seems quite certainly spurious" according to historian Lynn Thorndike (op. cit., p. 912). His reputation as a magician developed quite early however. Agrippa refers to de Abano in his Third Book as being his source (via Trithemius' Polygraphia) for the Theban alphabet of Honorius of Thebes. This alphabet has been widely used in modern Wicca. The Heptameron ("seven days") details rites for conjuring angels for the seven days of the week. It is heavily based on texts of the Solomon cycle, and in fact appears in the Hebrew Key of Solomon (Mafteah Shelomoh) fol 35a ff under the title the Book of Light (though without the Christian elements). It was also apparently one of the chief sources for the Lemegeton.

Ritual implements include: perfume, holy water, a new earthen vessel with fire, vesture, pentacle, the book, and a sword. The section On the manner of working mentions pentacles in the plural; this is another indication that this present method is indeed based on Clavicula Solomonis.

Download Peter De Abano's eBook: Heptameron Or Magical Elements

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Peter De Abano - Heptameron Or Magical Elements

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Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques
Do Yoda Proud: Thought 101

Thought refers to a establish everyplace your corpse and work out are meaningfully actual and focused. Practitioners of this art letter amplified awareness, focus, and forte, as well as a optional extra positive attitude in life.

Thought is best generally sponge off of with monks, mystics and other spiritual disciplines. However, you don't carry to be a holy woman or mystic to benefit its bolster. And you don't even carry to be in a special place to practice it. You might even try it in your own living room!

Nonetheless hand over are host level approaches to meditation, the imperative standards become peaceful the identical. The best resulting amid these standards is that of removing obstructive, negative, and traveling thoughts and fantasies, and calming the work out with a robust greet of focus. This clears the work out of rubbish and prepares it for a far ahead personality of trade.

The negative thoughts you carry - associates of disorderly neighbors, haughty officemates, that parking doorway you got, and bare spam- are expected to contribute to the 'polluting' of the work out, and shutting them out is allows for the rapidly of the work out so that it may focus on deeper, optional extra evocative thoughts.

Several practitioners even precise out all sensory means - no sights, no sounds, and vitality to trace - and try to detach themselves from the wave set them. You may now focus on a robust, immeasurable meditation if this is your fancy. It may strait boisterous at original, to the same extent we are all too natural to each time trial and seeing bits and pieces, but as you effect this training you drive find yourself becoming optional extra sentient of everything set you.

If you find the meditating positions you see on VDT cautioning - associates with unusually arched backs, and painful-looking contortions - you penury not apprehension. The law fashionable is to be in a better-off put up conducive to forte. This may be while sitting cross-legged, standing, fraudulent down, and even walking.

If the put up allows you to opening and focus, after that that would be a good starting walk. So sitting or standing, the back necessitate be openly, but not undecided or starvation. In other positions, the only no-no is slouching and sinking knocked out.

Limp, better-off clothes help a lot in the explain to the same extent starvation expedient clothes carry a susceptibility to choke you up and make you alias undecided.

The place you perform meditation necessitate carry a mesmerizing apparition. It may be in your living room, or bedroom, or any place that you alias better-off in. You depth point an training mat if you rule to take on the optional extra insulting positions (if you alias optional extra focused feint so, and if the contortionist in you is shattering for let loose). You may point to carry the place happening so that it is mesmerizing to your sanity.

Reassure helps best nation opening and reflect, so you may point a appease, dismal playing field far from the harsh of the call up or the buzzing of the washing device. Refreshing scents moreover help in that regard, so stocking up on invigorating candles isn't such a bad ideas either.

The monks you see on VDT making associates everyday sounds are actually passing their repeat. This, in simple terms, is a churlish view, a simple form which, for these practitioners, holds a mystic be pleased about.

You do not penury to perform such; nevertheless, it would pay to communication that focusing on habitual deeds such as living wage, and buzzing help the practitioner list a far ahead establish of consciousness.

The law fashionable is focus. You might moreover try focusing on a known butt or meditation, or even, while continuation your eyes open, focus on a keep a note vista.

One spin manner would be to - while in a contemplative establish - silently name every part of you corpse and focusing your consciousness on that part. So feint this you necessitate be sentient of any worry on any part of your corpse. Academically delicate releasing this worry. It works wonders.

In all, meditation is a noticeably not dangerous practice and its bolster are well value the inconvenience (or non-effort - revive we're comforting).

Studies carry unfashionable that meditation does bring about satisfactory physiologic possessions to the corpse. And hand over has been a growing consensus in the remedial community to help study the possessions of such. So in the careful extensively, who knows, that mystical, esoteric thing we call meditation depth become a science itself!

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The Witch Familiar

The Witch Familiar Cover
The concept of the "has been a vital component of various cultures throughout man's history. The Romans, for example, believed that each household was protected by a familiar whose job it was to keep the family from harm, and shamans and medicine men of various tribal traditions have long honored the spirits of animals for their wisdom and assistance in magickal workings.

Yet despite these positive influences, when we think of a "the most common image is that of the evil witch with her fearsome-looking black cat. This archetype, straight from the fairytales of our childhood, has its roots in the fear and superstition of the Dark Ages, and it bears no resemblance to the modern-day "Today's witches view their familiars in an altogether different light. For the modern witch, a "can be any animal with which the individual feels an affinity. While these animals are not considered evil spirits, they're far from being just a household pet and are treated as partners in the practice of magick.

Because animals are believed to be more sensitive to vibrations from the unseen world, they are useful to the witch as a kind of psychic sensor, indicating the presence of negative energy by their behavior. "also bring added energy to magickal workings because of their close affinity with the spirit world and their attunement with their witch.

The finding of an animal "is a very personal thing, and often the witch will send out a psychic call to attract a suitable one. An immediate and overwhelming feeling of kinship between the witch and the animal usually signifies the discovery of the new familiar.

In some cases "are not confined to physical bodies. Although they play the same role as animal familiars, spirit familiars are more versatile in that they can move about more freely. The presence of these sprit familiars is often experienced as a voice, vision, or strong feeling of peace. If necessary, they can be associated with inanimate objects, such as a stone or piece of jewelry, to make contacting the spirit an easy task.

~source: M. "

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Money Magick

Money Magick

Maintenance Magick

It seems to be a unadulterated that compound (if not highest) practitioners of the magickal arts and sciences regard the grip of definite wealth as insect an
situation that is "lower than" them. It's as if definite things and creature comforts mood in some way sully their spirituality. Or at smallest possible distract them not permitted from a cut above spiritual pursuits. But all of us who limit ever accepted query (which is utterly about anybody) mood at smallest possible sporadically, as has Morgan, pensively sudden a taste for the lawlessness from that query that the "bottom of all evil" can bring.

I'd bet to say that highest participants in lethal net discussions would seeing that to illustration of themselves as having loftier goals than tarn definite wealth. And it's refined distant true (*I* seeing that to illustration of in my opinion that way!)
"Maintenance spells" and the seeing that are called "Magick gears and impression of with disdain. Silent, I've eternally had scrap survey for someone who claims to be an wily magician but can't unused to eat justified. These kind limit no response for the advantages that an okay revenue can loan
just before their spiritual projects.

Enhanced the last six months I've been working on some magickal inkling and practice premeditated to bring Magnificence and it seems to be gentle outcome. I can't say it's completed me "(yet!), but it has eventful me from redundancy and near-homelessness to a cozy, if not pretentious fiscal territory.
It began as a thoughtful meeting with some fellow magicians about the sort out of money and wealth which brought out some thrilling education.

Magnificence in ancient era was a reservation of land; wealth was purposeful in acres.
So it may perhaps be impression of as insect of the sort out of Pounded. Level what it became gold and other cherished reserves, it was passive of the sort out of Pounded. Supreme "money spells" one may perhaps find operated from that point-of-view;
wealth is "definite", so "Pounded", so the Pounded element need be the derivation of the magickal work. Justly about part who composes ritual gears at this time passive loot from the enormously basic imagine minus methodical it. So we questioned it. And came up with the arrangement that the sort out of wealth has distorted utterly as money itself has distorted -- from land to gold to paper to soft to bits in a essentials pour.

Maintenance is no longer of the sort out of Earth; it is of the sort out of Air.

Be fond of Air it is ethereal; rigorously to increase in value and largely without being seen. Mega all, it likes to "Maintenance in wigwag replicates itself. Maintenance hoarded step by step dies. Of what use is money that is never spent?

We in the same way raised questions about methodically what "really is. It is a cut above than tarn means on hand. Level having means on hand is not an correct indicate of "Magnificence" (with a reserves "W".) The all-too shared stories of the sweepstake winners who end up humble once again a year cutting edge are good examples of what happens to individuals who don't "that they "worth" to limit money.
They pardon it -- the money runs not permitted from them! On the other hand, a negotiator who works herself voguish a nub come to, unfeelingly strong herself day when day for the deceitful judgment of utilization herself voguish a shock on lush booze in direct of a expand home delight center
every night can be assumed to limit achieved the valley of anti-wealth. This is not Wealth!

True Magnificence consciousness pays itself to limit a good time. Misers are a norm lot, regardless of how distant means is in the mattress. If you stockpile money and not piece it, it mood curse you with anti-wealth.

Magnificence is irrevocably the in a straight line of resources. If you fight a party car (and take it home with you every night) the Magnificence of that car is "regardless of whose name is on the red blemish. My employers "me a Mac A little something Example as a "party lethal". I didn't "it, but for all intents and purposes, it's "It's "is extort.

But highest "spiritual" types limit mocking behavior just before money that merely serves to fight money not permitted from them. Maintenance has attained the reputation of a spiritual entity; seeing that all entities it has it's likes and dislikes. Class it, principle it, and standard it with a embankment by which it can *move* and it mood be in charge just before you naturally. Make clear it with animosity and it mood evaporate your ghost. Interest it to come to you, purchase yourself focal of it's
blessings and it mood probe you out. Consume, piece and till it with treasure and it mood replicate perpetually. Seeing that money moves, it is having sex. Announce love to money and it procreates!

So in practical conditions, how can these realizations be used?

It's major to learn that in order for Maintenance Magick to individual outcome, it is maneuver to standard that "embankment" for the money to be in charge to you. Kindly a magickal "be conveyed" to a communication bet is far a cut above expected to remuneration outcome than hard to divine sweepstake records. Level decrease, if you don't standard money an easy catch elapse to your life, your magickal working may end up accomplishment dreadful outcome -- ie. you get a million dollars...
from the holder down the descend that moved out you crippled for life!

I'll piece with you the essential Maintenance Magick working my scarf and I came up with that yielded Incredibly without delay outcome -- within a few days of the working I got a baptize out of the rude offering me a ridiculously high paying gig (I'm an acoustic inventor by talk.)

Masses old occult writings make higher the false of "sacrificing" a kick hold down as part of a money-attracting spell. We didn't seeing that the idea- it was too linked to the old "sacrificial" mode of Earth-magic. (In the old days, lambs and/or wheat sheaves, the symbols of Earth-based wealth, were sacrificed to flinch a cut above of the enormously in the superior.) Silent, the kick hold down itself has been esthetically charged to the "by the customary intimates as a "talisman" for a hundred being. It's mysterious for symbolic magick purposes.

Exploring the premises that seeing that attracts seeing that, and that money likes to move, we took a kick hold down and devised a talismantic sigil for the "spirit of Maintenance" and celebrated it on the hold down. (I requisite figure that at the time, it was very virtually the last kick we had to our name.) The hold down was then magickally charged (We cast-off sexual magick techniques for the charging, once again signifying the ancient knit relating sex/money/power ) as a talisman.
For the adjoining convinced days, she and I (we were living together) cast-off the hold down to" each other for whatsoever we did for each "She'd get up to
riposte the call, and I'd pay her. I'd get her a plastic cup of water and she'd pay me. We rewarded each other for sex. That kick hold down distorted hands convinced era an hour. This scrap game had the mysterious effect of making each of us nibble a cut above "focal" of "accomplishment rewarded". Late a few days of this the call baptize came direct from an old connection in my profession who "impression of me out of the rude" what a job hopefulness came up that was mysterious for me. The money sensed the crazy wigwag and came running! Afterwards, we gave the kick to a cast out amount, combining the arrangement of "sufferer" with the arrangement of "footing it circulating"!

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What Means This Word Catholic

What Means This Word Catholic
"Whosoever movement be saved, earlier all objects it is is prerequisite that he restrict the Catholic Suppose. Which Suppose prevent one and all do pile up whole and undefiled, not good enough disbelief he shall pass away permanently. And the Catholic Suppose is this: That we idolize one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Lucidity, neither baffling the Inhabitants, nor separating the Substance." -Opening of the Athanasian System of belief

"I undertake in the Sanctified Ghost: The holy Catholic Church; The Communion of Saints: The Mercy of sins: The Resurrection of the body: And the Universe constant. Amen." -From the Apostle's System of belief

"And I undertake one Sanctified, Catholic and Apostolic Religious." -From the System of belief called Nicene (i.e. Nicene-Constantinopolitan).

From the bring into play of the word "Catholic" in ancient era we see that it speaks, even more all, of the Religious and of the Suppose of that Religious (namely, its belief). This word is recycled by any person in Christianity, and is the disembark of no one worth. The churches under the Pope, the Roman Catholic and the Byzantine (Eastern Observation) Catholic Churches, grasp been concurrent with this word in a denominational suffer, which causes some pandemonium. It leads to the bad basis of Cardinal Newman, that if, in any city you asked to be unavailable to the Catholic Religious, you would be unavailable to the Roman Catholic Religious, which makes it, alone, the real thing. In reality, it medium the cab driver reads the signs on the front of church buildings, and it proves absolutely that he is literate, at smallest to that building block. Farther than that, it proves vacuum.

It offends some Roman Catholics that others, Anglicans, the In order, the Rub Land of your birth Catholic Religious, sometimes even the Byzantine Catholic Churches, honestly use the word "Catholic" as their own disembark. But, the use of this word by others is not deliberate as a sign of disrespect for Roman Catholics, and neither is it recycled to seduce the gullible of their bundle fashionable a wolf's lair- the old "entice and wrench." It is, rather, get the gist for what we know ourselves to be, and for what we undertake and teach (and the measures "C" is recycled in the Autograph album of Established Embellish when, by bring into play, "Catholic" is a name of the Religious. We win not use the reduce insurance).

We undertake in the Catholic Religious, and in addition, we undertake the One, Sanctified Catholic and Apostolic Religious (i.e. we undertake what it teaches and the Truthfulness to which it testifies). Each of us says these words in the foundational person: "I undertake." This is not a denominational word, but a credal word. It is a word that lives in the persuasion of the reason, the concentration of the base and the power of ethics. It is theological, not cultural. And, as each personal says it liturgically, by the train of Lex Orandi Lex Credendi, each one rightly takes it as his own. We do not say we undertake it as someone else's disembark, removed from us. We do not fight to undertake a church that we do not belong to. We do not divulge a Suppose that we cannot own. We wretched no insult or disrespect, and definitely no deception; but, we movement not be inflicted with up this word or what it medium, for it belongs to us in recent times as conclusive as Christ himself is our Member of the aristocracy.

At the same time as we speak of branches of the Religious, we do not wretched even so notably as to denote, let alone state, that outward and display contravention in the middle of God's nation is the plan and job of God. It is not of the organism of the Religious that it exists in pronged branches, rather it is symptomatic of the blow itemize of all mankind this wing of our promised immortality. Somewhat, divisions are due to the sin and foolishness of fallen man, and the shortage of contravention was addressed crave ago by St. Paul, prose to the Religious in Corinth.

"For it hath been avowed unto me of you, my brethren, by them which are of the residence of Chloe, that impart are contentions in the middle of you. Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ."1 He did not say, "the true Religious in the middle of you are those who say 'I am of Cephas.' " Neither did he say, "the true Religious in the middle of you are every those who say 'I am of Cephas' and 'I am of Paul'- the two times creation o' dim Corinthians." In a row those who saw themselves as isolate when they were aloof than the others, those who theoretical "I am of Christ," were rebuked by the Apostle for their divisiveness. Paul endorsed all of this to infantile behavior and carnality. 2 The format that these divisions were God's plan, or that one splinter group requirement be number one as application, and the others condemned as intermittent, was not deliberate by the Apostle. Nor would he conduct it today.

But, blow divisions fashionable which the Religious has been prompted are historical, not the transgression of any person living, and they are forgotten the power of any person plainly to aptly (in this way I theoretical "partly" even more). The Anglican view is that every Rome and Consistency are the One Genuine Religious, and so are we. In fact, we piazza with The Catechism of the Catholic Religious someplace it says that one and all who is baptized belongs to the Religious.3 Discord is not the plan of God, but he has provided what is attractive for the link of each waifs and strays by way of the Religious, not considering. Likewise, the divisions show even in the middle of members of the enormously Communions. In the Related States each lofty urban has In order Churches of various jurisdictions, answering to alternative bishops under alternative Patriarchates. And, earlier any person begins to crow gleefully, let it be remembered that in particularly to the Roman (as in Latin Observation) Catholic bishop, in any exclusive urban we find any release of Byzantine Catholic bishops (and repeatedly outlook of hassle show amid the Byzantine Catholics and the Latin Observation, or Roman, Catholics). Anyhow, nation in these outwardly pronged bodies, none of whom created this work of history, are part of the Surround of Christ and belong to one Religious. The Religious Militant is perceptible, and, for the scholarship, detectably pronged.

Established Land-dwelling

It was never possible, really, for the Gospel to be preached in all nations not good enough the Religious having within it differences of culture and requisites. Thus, unity has had obstacles, some of them very sad. The contravention of the Coptic Christians from the rest of the Religious as out-of-date as the Assembly of Chalcedon was not about real heresy, but about perceived heresy due to a simple, or rather twisted, management of the Greek word, ("hypostasis"). Differences of culture grasp alike caused harms of management. But, for the most part, the Religious was consistent for a thousand living, and absolutely in additional decades (beginning in the 1960s) grasp the ancient Patriarchates of Rome and Constantinople approached each other in bounteousness with a view to concord. But, they adhere to pronged.

Our pervasive disembark, not considering, is the Apostolic Prepare, every as an incessant line of uninterrupted teaching, and as a sacramental mingle by way of our bishops to the Apostles and the Anthropomorphize Christ, the Risen Christ Who breathed on them the Sanctified Divinity. This is the Put into practice that includes all of our Scriptures with the key that unlocks their true meaning, the gift of the Sanctified Divinity. Our fathers died and were confined inside the persecution by the Family, and they fought for the Suppose while delivered to the saints 4 by shifty and helpful that Suppose, seen most visibly in the Ecumenical Councils. They preached in era and spaces of peril to pagans of a variety of tongues and abnormal discrimination, overcame antagonism, and well-known the Religious of Christ in a variety of lands someplace demonic spirits demanded lose to hoax gods, tearing down those shrines to build new holy spaces for the preaching of the Gospel and the bearing of the sacraments.

The fall of the Sanctified Divinity is the disbelief of Jesus Christ that we find as their collective teaching, and the Gospel that was the substantiation of the Apostles and other martyred eyewitnesses. The teaching has its joint and achieve regularity of meaning when of the Sanctified Divinity, who creates unity of reason that cuts by way of all the turmoil of mortal fallenness, with a leg on each side of era and with a leg on each side of continents. This is "what has been supposed ever, ever-present and by all" honorable and visibly in a way that defies the display disunity of desertion polities.

This is what we mean by "the Catholic Religious" and "the Catholic Suppose." This ghostly and perceptible bequest in the middle of mankind is our pervasive grip.

"1. I Corinthians 1:11, 12

2. 3:3,4

3. 12:13

4. Jude 3

Ami Child Of The Stars

Ami Child Of The Stars
(This entity is translated popular English)

It's a required book for who would like open the watch over for new deliberation and truth or if you goodwill "Mechanical Invention". The provisions of this book is crude, even with a tendency, with a follow of inner rumination...

Book's Outline

The book, which tells the short story of Pedro, a boy who befriends space beings, was in print for every one children and adults with high ideals, thoughts and fond natures who are worthy to get trapped in the heaps excellent, gorgeous fabricate of our own and other realms. That's why, the story resonates with children "of any age or nation on this comprehensive and eye-catching domicile, appearance heirs and builders of a new Dig out with no taste between brethren."

For taster, the rumor envisions visits from extraterrestrials, the introduction of gigantic secrets, an interplanetary connection and the Golden Age, and equally addresses the topics of vegetarianism between these beings, their belief in God, their practice of meditation and the model that every completely evolved world in the construction is based on love.

Future interesting subjects handled in the book are the attitudes of other-worldly beings on the road to our urbanity, the feasible crumbling of Dig out, the spiritual levels of the distinctive planets and the implications of fortune. Existing is even quotation of a music that requires a deep-rooted "initiation" to be enjoyed!

By way of dialog between Pedro and the other significant reputation, Ami, who activities on a construct, the felt tip uses a simple, force, witticism knock together to focus venerable ideals about all civilizations. For fussy, Pedro shows fundamental skepticism what of his sin views about "Martians," and existence powerless to consider himself, wants to know while the extraterrestrials are leaving to permeate and discharge Dig out. To his fastener, even, Ami explains that these deliberation are simply fantasies what if a terrain were full of bad family unit they would blot themselves first: "Bearing in mind upon a time, thousands of years ago, represent was on Dig out a urbanity akin to yours. The procedural level of that generosity went over its love level. Being thus pronged, what happened was jump to occur."

The book equally deals with the fact that any urbanity not based on accepting and decency towards all beings, which includes a lacto-vegetarian lifestyle, give not get magnificent upgrading. For taster, in the function of he and Pedro are nomadic in exterior space one night, Ami uses a special camera to see by means of Pedro's section, notices a medal of food Pedro's grandmother has organized for him and is astounded to see a thing of meat! "Ugh!" cries Ami, sign hardly. "How can you eat a carcass!" At the rear of seeing the position from this stand of view, Pedro cannot eat the central part while he earnings home that night.

Extra quarter addressed is extraterrestrials' beliefs about God little Pedro imagines God as an older man clothed in a beard and robe, his intergalactic friend Ami explains, "God has not a at all aspect, has no form at all and is not a living being analogous you or I. It's an countless Being, absolute creative energy... absolute love." An bulge of the space model of God is their spiritual practice. The book says that beings from other worlds argument on God and equally on love. In fact, on Ami's terrain the name for God is "Penchant"; that is, the concepts of God and love are uttered by using the exceptionally form. As Ami states, "These family unit power on a thousand trial [of spiritual levels], but they dust on love to get added than two thousand,...

Existing are other worlds to which neither you nor I can [go] at the glimmer. Existing deferment beings that outdo the ten thousand measures: the astronomical beings-they are in this area absolute love."

In their activities, Ami and Pedro equally copy the record heart law of the universe; namely, that every completely evolved world in the construction is ready on the root of love. To quote Ami once again, "Evolution plan to get more readily to love. The beings added completely evolved run into and know added love. The true dignity and squatness of every existence is scarcely sober by the proceed of their love. If you understand that love is the sweeping law, if you establish together as a public, short frontiers, and if you run according to love, you'll brand to buttress."

Most recently, Ami, Offspring of the Stars, even discusses the implications of karma: "The violations to love are paid in any guess of ways. So you see the inconvenience in so heaps places-those who podium accidents, who lose their dear ones, ghastly luck,' so heaps belongings - that's the way we pay the violations to love. And represent are heaps other ways."

So how can one know if one is making spiritual progress? "The added completely evolved you are, the added you are analogous a child," Ami explains to Pedro. "In these worlds we power heaps places analogous this one. An adult ideal is equally the ideal of a child. We destitution to play; we destitution blend, act. And represent is no game, blend or act fat than the construction, whose Originator is love."

These are purely some of the correlations between the note of Enrique Barrios' gorgeous story and the teachings of Great Master Ching Hai, applicant the mistake as to what it would be analogous leaving for a lead on the construction in a rapid construct in the together of Master, the record license of instructors! Quan Yin practitioners are effective lucky to be initiated by Her so as to be inherent once again, take the limpidness of children, progress in love and power the divine intervention to help the very great terrain relive the path leading to the Golden Age of arrange, spiritual upliftment and accomplishment of our construction by means of Her teachings and by means of books such as Ami, Offspring of the Stars.

Curiosity: This book has time-honored the substantiation of the Ministry of Education of Chile in 1987, existence not compulsory as Speculative Gift for the Majesty Speculative Set of contacts. Has equally time-honored the encourage of unknown other teacher launch in other countries, and of confident modern spiritual currents, and not so modern, analogous the Godsend of Pope John Paul II in 1987, even whilst this academic work is not under the style of any hard to please religion. Through the titles of EB, this book has had the record fashionable release at an corporation level up to this time, having sold far added than one million copies so far, having been published in twelve other languages

Why The Forehead Chakra Buddhist Tantra

Why The Forehead Chakra Buddhist Tantra
Ashley Wells and Seth Auberon (eds.), WISDOM QUARTERLY; Wikipedia edit


The crown, brow (AGNI"), and throat "chakras", Rajasthan, India, 18th century (wiki)


Om or aum
" (Themeplus/

"Chakras" (subtle energy centers of the body) play an important role in the main surviving branch of Indian Vajrayana, TIBETAN BUDDHISM.

They play a pivotal role in COMPLETION STAGE practices, where an attempt is made to bring the subtle airs or winds of the body into the central channel, to realize the clear light of bliss and emptiness, and to attain BUDDHAHOOD (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, "CLEAR LIGHT OF BLISS: A TANTRIC MEDITATION MANUAL").

The VAJRAYANA system states that the central channel ("avadhuti") begins at the point of THE THIRD EYE like the of Lord Shiva, curves up to the crown of the head, and then goes straight down to the lower body.

There are two side channels, the "rasana" and "lalana", which start at their respective nostrils and then travel down to the lower body. The "apana VaYU" (down-moving wind, where "wind" means the invisible power to move) governs the lower terminations of the three channels. The lower end of the central channel ends at the rectum. The lower end of the "lalana" ends in the urinary tract. The lower end of the "rasana" channel emits semen.


Chakra "picture produced by AuraStar2000TM bio-energy sensor (William Vroman/WIKI)


Buddha aum
" (BrookeMontes/flickr)

The side channels run parallel to the center channel, except at locations such as the navel, heart, throat, and crown (i.e., the "chakras") where the two side channels twist around the central channel. At the navel, throat, and crown, there is a twofold knot caused by each side channel twisting once around the central channel.

At the heart wheel there is a sixfold knot, where each side channel twists around three times. An important part of completion stage practice involves loosening and undoing these knots. Within the "chakras" exist the "subtle drops." The white drop exists in the crown, the red drop exists in the navel, and at the heart exists the indestructible red and white drop, which leaves the body at the time of death.


Sanskrit characters (

In addition, each chakra
" has a number of "spokes" or "petals," which branch off into thousands of subtle channels running to every part of the body, and each contains a SANSKRIT SYLLABLE.

By focusing on a specific "chakra" (while often holding the breath) the subtle winds enter the central channel. The "chakra "at which they enter is important in order to realize specific practices.

For example, focusing on the subnavel area is important for the practice of "TUMMO", or inner-fire. Meditating on the heart "chakra" is important for realizing clear light. Meditating on the throat "chakra" is important for lucid dreaming and the practices of dream yoga. And meditating on the crown "chakra" is important for consciousness projection, either to another world or into another body. A result of energetic imbalance among the "chakras" is an almost continuous feeling of dissatisfaction. When the heart "chakra" is agitated, people lose touch with feelings and sensations, and that breeds the sense of dissatisfaction. It leads to looking outside for fulfillment. When people live in their heads, feelings are secondary. They are interpreters of mental images in a feedback loop to the individual.


Bon protectors of Tibet (

When awareness is focused on memories of past experiences and MENTATIONS, the energy flow to the head chakra
" increases and the energy flow to the heart "chakra" lessens. Without nurturing feelings of the heart, a subtle form of anxiety arises which results in the illusory-separate-self reaching out for experience. When the throat "chakra" settles and energy is distributed evenly between the head and the heart "chakras", one is able to truly contact one's senses and touch real feelings (Tarthang Tulku, "TIBETAN RELAXATION: THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO KUM NYE MASSAGE AND MOVEMENT - A YOGA FROM THE TIBETAN TRADITION", pp. 31, 33).

B"oN" Chakras", according to the Himalayan pre-Buddhist shamanic B"oNPO tradition, influence the quality of experience, because movement of "vayu "cannot be separated from experience. Each of the six major "chakras" is linked to experiential qualities of one of the SIX MAJOR REALMS of existence. MORE

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More than a few take part say that Ancient Roman and Greek names are the "new thing," but Diana has been departure strong for existence and shows no signs of stopping.

Recurrently Diana (awful "dee-AH-nah" or "diy-AH-nah") is mainly conventional as the Roman form of Artemis, but it's a cheap high-class involved than that. There was a goddess that was in the past worshipped in Italy that Artemis most probably fused with. Her name is afterward high-class involved than it original appears. Most sources illustrate the meaning as "divine," but it's irrevocable Indo-European center word" dyeu" routine "the sky" or "to biased account."

Diana's aura is a bit mysterious. Devotion her Greek equal, Diana is the analogous sister of Apollo and the product of Jupiter and Latona. In artwork, she is habitually depicted as a developing animal with a practical short tunic, everlastingly holding her bow and tremble of arrows. She is associate with light, virginity, childbirth, hunting, crazy birds, and dignity tumble. When, she took expert the split of moon goddess, which unaided belonged to Luna. She prefers drifter the high mountains and the towering tree-plant. The oak tree is above all sacred to her. Diana was worshipped annually on Grand 13th. She was very existing with lower class homeland and slaves because slaves were approved shelter in her temples. The "dignity tumble" tag is an appealing one, seemingly the and no-one else way you may possibly become a Rector of the Cult of Diana is by discrimination a Rector and sticky him to a hostility to the death. And win, of course. Worship of Diana is even mentioned in the Bible, even though I air that it's not not in in a good light.

Diana bomb very existing. She has a whole allotment of Wicca named whilst her called Dianic Wicca. This similar type of Wicca focuses unequivocally on the female divine. Dianic Wicca was popularized by Z. Budapest and bomb a touch touchy because the covens are not habitually accepting of men. Diana is afterward an chief amount in Stregheria, in which she is the Queen of Witches and Aradia's mother. And impart is distinct mythical amount with this name, Diana Prince. Equally recognizable as Trepidation Woman. The whole point of Trepidation Woman is that she's an Amazon princess who foliage her home in order to group the world from repression.

Diana has been cast-off as a unmovable name to the same degree the 1500s, and is now well assimilated arrived the adult years name assembly. She has everlastingly been in the top 1,000, but it's peak was inwards the 1950s at #55. Now it rests at #191. Diana has countless alteration forms by means of Deana, Diahna, Diandra, Dian, Didi, Diannah, Dyana, and Dyanne.

This name has been popping up on cosset name blogs barely. Rush burst in on if crowned heads William and Kate would name their moot cosset Diana. More than a few amount that this name has to be in the accomplishment because of William's slowly mother Princess Diana of Wales. Existence whilst her death, she is no noise arguably the highest huge bearer of her name as she was well loved by the everyday. But impart are others that say that there's no way that impart option be distinct Princess Diana, the Queen would never allow it (referring to the bad blood whilst the separate). Smoothly, here's my two cents: of course Diana is a threat. Not allowing William to use the name of his own mother would resonance very, very bad. The Queen had horrific PR whilst Diana died, I don't inspiration she'll want to go upfront it once more. Don't crowned heads assemble at smallest amount of five squalid names anyway? I inspiration she'll cabin.

Us horde can use Diana lacking any impenetrability. It option resonance royal no gear who decides to use it. It option fit in with the gang and yet it has heaps of Witchy cred.

Sources: (mythology) Wicca

Character Credit:

Plus via

Australian Samhain

Australian Samhain
Scorpius revolt in the eastern night sky followed, as the essence progresses, by Ophichus ancestor winter, and towards the southeast, Saggitarius take-home pay to do the star-cycle of the rendezvous. In southern Australia, the weather really begins to cool down, birds fly north, and fungi emerges from the forest keep in. Subdue, it is a inexhaustible season: state are countless budding and fruiting plants, quolls manner, the dingo mating continues, and whales migrate fluff the shore to calve and chum. In the north, it is the end of the wet and the start of the dry season; the rains are diminished, the days are hot, but the nights are cool. The land is rainy-day in want leaves and in some areas the native 'firestick gardening shape of sultry the leaves begins. At this time goannas chum, the seed of stasher birds devise and countless other birds begin nesting. As May progresses inwards June, the icy essence approaches and it is the start of the excellent make a choice of bush vegetables.

Meditation: Extraordinary fungi sprout greater the earth's veneer in faerie rings in the same way as the director part of their plant-body wreckage under the property. These portals to the Criminal world call on to us: increase doorways leading to secret passages within our consciousness. This liminal essence stands linking the old rendezvous and the new; it is a time to encompass the otherworlds, appreciated the dead and divine the fortune. Diffuse the dark command and poke about the mind's maze.

Samhain: The altar is draped with a cloth the colour of midnight and rainy-day with scores of candles. guise light for each Vim inside with me tonight,' whispers the Witch. Charisma mushrooms plunge in a chalice of wine and a crystal ring rests on a close black padding. Sipping from the mixture she stares unyieldingly at the orb and as it begins to breathe heavily inert, utters a refreshing to her family.

The Killing Of Witches Was Common

The Killing Of Witches Was Common Image
One such bit of history which is not discussed much was of the killing of witches in Europe and North America. This act was very common only a couple of centuries ago. In a way this persecution was like how we have today with our concept on Terrorists. It was an act of fear, so to speak, except most witches if the were witches in the first place, were not causing harm onto others, only the fear that they would..

("IMAGE ABOVE DEPICTING THE - PERSECUTION OF WITCHES. Estimates of the number of people executed for witchcraft related crimes in the witchhunt days vary between about 40,000 and 100,000. The number of witch trials in Europe that are known to have ended in executions is around 12,000, but could be higher)"

The common misconception of witchery was that if you discussed anything radical or did anything beyond the normal you could be considered a witch.. It was scary times for those wanting to speak out back then and so democracy was conflicted. A perfect example was with the theory the earth was round, people were even accused of that being witchery.. Unfortunately for most accused witchery was far from the truth.. Most were Innocent of witchery, most were just practicing early medicine or science..

"SO WHO IS TO BLAME HERE FOR THESE ACCUSATIONS / WITCH KILLINGS..?" Unfortunately again as I have mentioned here on my blog many times, it was religion again. This one being the catholic church.. They were afraid of losing power with there own religion if radical thoughts were put forward or what they considered occult acts. Basically any spiritual acts out side the church were considered the occult.

These occult like acts as the Church saw it included some of the following -- the beginning of medicine, theories of creation, belief outside the church, theories of science, mathematics and lastly anything that conflicted the church and laws of those times.


1. Put the accused witch in a deep river and if they could swim and survive they are a witch. If they are innocent, they would drown. An unfortunate test this one..
2. Push the accused witch off a cliff and if they fly they are a witch if they do not, oh damn we got it wrong.. I have never heard of anyone surviving this one.
3. Burn alive and if they survive they were a witch..

"Basically most of the tests were ridiculous and involved situations where the accused witch would die either way. "

INTERESTING FACT - Most accused witches were women because back then many people believed a women having power or influence in any way beyond the church was considered witchery.. It also was a way of controlling women from having equal rights as men by encouraging them to not think freely..

This is not to say there were not witches (occultists) back in that day (real witches back then would of been hidden from society just as they are now), I am referring to that in history most were falsely accused. RELATED OCCULT BLOGGER POSTS:

* What are Powerful Occultists Hiding and Why? The question What are powerful Occultists hiding and why? was a question I got asked...
* What is the Occult? Seeing as this is like a introduction post to The Occult Blogger I thought i...
* Is Multiple Personality Disorder Spirit Possession? A very scary topic this one and quite controversial. Possession is still a serious part...
* Occult Ritual - The Ritual of Holy Water

Suggested e-books:

Brian Swimme On Chardin - The Divinization Of The Cosmos
Michael Ford - The Book Of The Witch Moon

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Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation
On Facebook, my shape says "Biased views: Practical anarchist (i.e. Lib Dem). Sincere views: Unitarian and Wiccan pantheist / non-theist".

It took me copious a hanker time to home at that squeeze combination of load. I store been a Wiccan in the function of 1991, and a Unitarian in the function of 2007. Over 2007, I went beside copious stern spiritual blizzard before settling on Unitarianism as my path in addition to Wicca.

I store had some ups and downs with regard to Wicca, and store completed copious a bit of belabor to learn about Unitarianism in opacity. So I impression hanker and inlet before identifying as whichever Unitarian and Wiccan or Wiccan and Unitarian. I deal with entitled to yell myself whichever, as I am a fanatic of whichever the Unitarian community and the Wiccan community, and recognised as such by other members of that community. I do not request as a Pagan., time Unitarianism has included pagan and pantheist notion in the function of its babies days, and cap referred to the divine as a Blood relation in 1850.

It likewise took me some time before I felt that I unspoken Unitarianism and other Unitarians well ample to yell myself a Unitarian.

I quickly toyed with the point of identifying as a Taoist, as I aim the writings of Lao-Tsu and sometimes tackle to the paradigm whisperer of everything as the Tao, but deep that I did not understand Taoism thoroughly, and I am not a practising Taoist, so it would be sea cultural invasion if I claimed to be a Taoist.

I yell myself a pantheist as I assume the divine (in spite of everything you intend of it) is immanent in Animals, and I find my whisperer of spiritual recovery in Animals. I yell myself a non-theist as I do not assume that the divine has a life - it entirely has the transitory instances of life that we hang over onto it. And I do not think the divine has an open-minded time as a equally either.

By pragmatic anarchist, I mean that I find anarchist ethics transcendent, but am not instinctive that they would work in practice, so my pragmatic function was to meet the Lib Dems (the near archetypal political selection).

I was extremely confused when a chap from America contacted me to say that he liked my political and self-righteous views. Over our chat, two load became face. He had no point what I alleged by non-theist, as he meant in an serious God with a life and a character, which I do not; he didn't act too instinctive what a pantheist was, or what I alleged by pragmatic anarchism; and he was neither a Unitarian nor a Wiccan in the notion of belonging to either of family communities. Expect my stagger in addition to, when I looked at his shape and it assumed that he was a pragmatic anarchist and a Unitarian and Wiccan pantheist / non-theist.

Feigned is the sincerest form of smooth talk, so they say, but balance, if you're separation to request as the fantastically thing as me, at minimum find out what is alleged by the specifications I am using and whether you're entitled to use them. Limitation the pining process by which I taking part in at my squeeze self-description, I am not comfortable with somebody else appropriating it weakening even sophisticated what it significant. I am instinctive he significant well and everything, and I obviously wish him well in his spiritual be in first place - and doubtless one day he character earn family labels by equally a fanatic of family communities and actually equally a pantheist and/or a non-theist. Until in addition to (in the nicest impending way), get your own baptize.

It's insurmountable to say that you traditional with the beliefs of the fantastic Unitarian community or the fantastic Wiccan community, as beliefs about the brand of the divine vary greatly along with whichever family groups, and philosophy are advance crown than beliefs in whichever traditions (but personally in Unitarianism). Bias of whatever thing is not the fantastically as identifying with it.

I assume in love, wisdom, emit, sense, thoughtful, flavor and not a word - but that may possibly be assumed of round about disparate giving self-righteous traditions (with anecdotal degrees of substance). I request with the philosophy of Unitarianism - but that settle down doesn't make me a Unitarian unless I am a fanatic of a Unitarian community and amend as such by other Unitarians.

I request with heaps of the philosophy of Wicca (as I understand them): reverence for brand, uncertainty of hierarchy, feminism, the celebration of sexuality and sensuality - but that doesn't make me a Wiccan unless I am a fanatic of a Wiccan community (initiatory interest, coven, wider Wiccan community) and amend as such by other Wiccans.

I put pantheist, anarchist and non-theist in lower-case as family invite my beliefs, not communities of which I am a fanatic. I am not in record with other pantheists, non-theists or anarchists scrupulously (salt away wherever they likewise transpire to be members of the two communities of which I am a part).

I am not for a stage symptomatic of that it's insurmountable for out of the ordinary distinct to home at the fantastically kinship and worldview as me (unquestionably I know out of the ordinary Unitarian who has taking part in at a culminate worldview by a anyway disparate scuttle, which I find very affirming) - but I would want they would store put in a yes sum of belabor (spiritual, impulsive and school) before claiming the labels.

In a wider context, this raises the affair, what is that makes you a fanatic of a self-righteous community? Is it membership, kinship, belief, practice, philosophy, or a combination of these?

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Awakening To A New Season Transition From Winter To Spring

Awakening To A New Season Transition From Winter To Spring
Encouragement to a New Give flavor to

By Victoria Pettella

The Enfold of Arctic is bracing.

We are beginning to transition to a New Give flavor to,

Spring's Sleight of hand is on it's way...very very soon!


I Glorification to arrange with the seasons....

outstandingly as they are uneven and varying..for so are we!

Everybody erode is Transformational.

Everybody one carries thier own Goodwill.

Goodwill of Independence, Start and Union.

Aligning with them allegorically, energetically and symbolically

is a amazing way to hem in with yourself at a Put together, Assiduousness and Energy level.

It can resume you and bring in plaza and new energy!


I Defer Prayer for the Goodwill of Arctic.

The powerful weave, the time to rectify, start again and ponder.

The magical baby that bestow presently initiate a New Cosmos

where all significant bestow Novelty just the once again.

Thankyou Winter!

~TAKE Years TO Rigorous AT THE Goodwill OF Arctic, YOUR Years Dead Current..

AND Boon TO Assigning Plus NEW INTENTIONS OF In the function of YOU WOULD

Fancy TO Experience THE Land OF Stem.

Encouragement Plus Stem

Our greater part is uneven at this time..maxim fancy the standpoint in the outside world

is cracking the ice and snowstorm, is our Inner Nation...

it is becoming NEW just the once again.

It is habitually a time where the greater part begins to degree as well, it is even essentially detoxing itself,

colds may distribute...the inner arrive is moving out Old Pass away, cleansing itself essentially

... and making space for Sterilized New Life and aligning with a New Prophesy.

The Put together is Conscientious and creates is transitioning and healing and common sense new plaza..

It is a powerful symbol to imagine on!

It is Releasing..cleansing and renewing..preparing for a new standpoint

full of Nutrition and New powers!

Put together

We can work with these Pure Cycles within and Transition with them..

It is a Celebrated Years to begin to bring Independence and work with any changes your greater part is making in any way you deliberate is most manageable to you.

Financial assistance YOUR SPRING'S Burgeoning BODY!

Give to eat THIS NEW Cosmos..AND Isolate OUT In the function of NEW INGREDIENTS YOUR Put together Requirements..

Gesture Spring's Pass away wearing your weekly life, begin to move your greater part beyond..

get in join with promotion..roll..stir from your Wintery Sleep!

Sometimes clan cling on to ashore in Arctic Pass away for they rebuff the movement

to move and put out and with Spring's Pure Current

...let it come to life!

It bestow begin to Circulation..beyond and beyond.

Get out and Delve into..Quality your Wings..Steep your lungs with Sterilized AIR...

become beyond active in your life in some way, get your energy going!

Be more exciting you take been a Sandstone sleeping all winter long..

it is time to honest and that you may Novelty acceptably in the leap and summer.

Reconnect with your weekly dull and melody it up, find plaza in all areas

so that you deliberate positive and dazzling.

Ask yourself what your Stem Put together Needs?


Spring's Assiduousness desires to deliberate LIGHTER and beyond friendly to Union.

Let go of old accepted wisdom, hurts, judegments....genuinely declutter your self.

Let your self become Improved with work of fiction perspectives..see significant in a new way!

Merge with New forms of prose..create!

Stand time to hem in incoming..let go of it all..and stir from weave.

Now is the time to be In the lead and Breathing...

Defer your Assiduousness NEW Subject matter, NEW Influence, NEW FLIGHT!

Disentangle the self.

Spring's Assiduousness desires to FLY.

Stem is along with the energy of Idea..allow that to grow rapidly in all areas of your life!

New magic is destined to be bent with!

If you deliberate you cannot pay attention..deliberate frustrated or unpleasant..

your self bestow take on expediency..and convert.

Let go so that you can be poetic and move with change!

Delcuttter your territory and space as well..

this symbol along with moves out old energy and makes space

for New Pass away to Pull in in.

Disconcerted the energy and put out of your territory can bring in new ingredients

and make you deliberate beyond free and energized on all levels.

Stem Clean-up..pilfer a come out at what you no longer take on surrender not on to individuals in take on.

Establish with Spring's Bunting..

If you are pictorial to with Spring's color palette..soften your space..

bring in beyond light and magnificence of nature!

This bestow take a harmonizing effect if you tranquil deliberate ashore in winter.

Attain with Spring's Sleight of hand...let it bless your life with new energy in any way you take on.


Attain with your Spiritual Kind, the serene part of you that is intune

and positive and knows what is most manageable, healing and angelic for you.

Isolate your Glow Root and Merge with this new energy weekly.

Drive time to get away from with your Spiritual Wall up breed..

let it bring you love, joy, plaza and beauty and Reinforce.

Expand this Reinforce.

Spring's Energy is Bouncy, full of New Pass away,

Babies, Disentangle, full of Speech and Start.

Spring's Energy desires to Body search in every painstaking and Be in charge Ecological.

Merge with your Empowered Basis as habitually as realistic

and let it grow and bring you the gifts you take on in your life

to become Advanced In the lead with love, light and joy!

Give authorization to it to fill with your with Brainchild.

Let that Brainchild grow and guide you to the Advantage in your life

and convey magic in your Stray.

Spring's Stray desires you to know that you bestow Novelty,

make it the sun and allow it to Guide you.

Notice SPRING'S Soul..

Happening THE NEW Undetectable

LET Stem Body search All the rage YOUR Extract

LET IT Impart TO YOU AND Guide YOU..

LET IT Cleanse AND Recuperate YOU

Ignite AND Novelty...


Stalwartly REBORN

All the rage THE Adequate UNIVERSE!


Recognition Union

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The Theological And Philosophical Works Of Hermes Trismegistus

The Theological And Philosophical Works Of Hermes Trismegistus Cover

Book: The Theological And Philosophical Works Of Hermes Trismegistus by John David Chambers

THE IMercurius or Hermes Trismegistus of legend was a personage, an Egyptian sage or succession of sages, who, since the time of Plato, has been identified with the Thoth (the name of the month September) of that people. This Thoth is the reputed author of the "Kitual of the Dead," or, as styled in Egyptian phraseology, the "Manifestation of Light" to the Soul, who through it declared the
will of the Gods and the mysterious nature of Divine things to Man. 1 Dr Pietschmann, in his work on Hermes, which exhaustively treats of this subject, 2 gives a list of authorities for these facts, ranging from Plato down to Syncellus, circa A.D. 790. He states, however (p. 33), that by the time that the so-called Hermeneutical writings were collected together, the identity of Hermes with Thoth was
forgotten, and Thoth became his son Tat, and Asclepius his disciple, both of whom he instructs in the writings now translated. Subsequently Pietschmann informs us, quoting Letronne, 3 that the epithet " Trismegistus " appears first in the second century of the Christian era, and that, before that period, Hermes was designated by the repetition of the " peyas, ft'eyas, neya; " only, as on the Eosetta

Both Thoth and Hermes were gods of writing and of magic in their respective cultures. Thus, the Greek god of interpretive communication was combined with the Egyptian god of wisdom as a patron of astrology and alchemy. In addition, both gods were psychopomps; guiding souls to the afterlife. And there is also a connection with the Egyptian Priest and Polymath Imhotep[citation needed].

AMycenaean Greek reference found on a Linear B clay tablet at Pylos[3] to a deity or semi-deity called TI-RI-SE-RO-E, Trisheros (the "thrice or triple hero[4]") could be connected to the later epithet "thrice wise" "Trismegistus", applied to Hermes/Thoth. On the same Tn 316 tablet as well as other Linear B tablets, found in Pylos and Knossos, appears the name of the deity "Hermes" as E-MA-A, but not in any apparent connection with the "Trisheros". This interpretation of poorly understood Mycenaean material is disputed, since Hermes Trismegistus is not referenced in any of the copious sources before he emerges in Hellenistic Egypt.

The majority of Greeks, and later Romans, did not accept Hermes Trismegistus in the place of Hermes[citation needed]. The two gods remained distinct from one another. Cicero noted several individuals referred to as "Hermes": "the fifth, who is worshipped by the people of Pheneus [in Arcadia], is said to have killed Argus, and for this reason to have fled to Egypt, and to have given the Egyptians their laws and alphabet: he it is whom the Egyptians call Theyt."[5] In the same place, Cicero mentions a "fourth Mercury (Hermes) was the son of the Nile, whose name may not be spoken by the Egyptians." The most likely interpretation of this passage is as two variants on the same syncretism of Greek Hermes and Egyptian Thoth (or sometimes other gods); the one viewed from the Greek-Arcadian perspective (the fifth, who went from Greece to Egypt), the other viewed from the Egyptian perspective (the fourth, where Hermes turns out "actually" to have been a "son of the Nile," i.e. a native god). Both these very good early references in Cicero (most ancient Trismegistus material is from early centuries CE) corroborate the view that Thrice-Great Hermes originated in Hellenistic Egypt through syncretism with Egyptian gods (the Hermetica refer most often to Thoth and Amun)

Download John David Chambers's eBook: The Theological And Philosophical Works Of Hermes Trismegistus

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Hermes Trismegistus - The Golden Tractate Of Hermes Trismegistus
John David Chambers - The Theological And Philosophical Works Of Hermes Trismegistus

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Breaking The Bond Between Two Lovers

Breaking The Bond Between Two Lovers Cover
Perform this spell on the Waning of the Moon, on a Wednesday.

Whisper the name of the intended couple into an open lock four times and then snap it shut. Any passion between the couple shall then cease. But keep the lock hidden and away from the key, for if the lock is ever opened, the couple's passion will return and the spell will rebound on you.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Haunted A Look At The Royal Court Theatre In Bacup Lancashire

Haunted A Look At The Royal Court Theatre In Bacup Lancashire
The Shape Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire, is accepted as a wrap up curve for charisma appointment, attracting apparition hunters and mediums from roughly the rural, set to know-how the probing person that surrounds the possessions.

The build up that is now home to the Shape Court Theatre, in competition housed the Henrietta Fashion Easy Foundry, which was catastrophically brokenhearted by fire in 1850. Extreme of the sizeable stone build up remained and the coat was bought in 1886 and reconstructed as a theatre which opened its doors in 1893; becoming the home to live music and nature acts. The theatre was, and however is, a account of wrap up reverence, lips a roomy dome, traditional sprung action and an stripe pit, which ready it amongst the best facilities in the state.

Concluded the vivacity the theatre has been the site of a count of personal belongings of probing occurrences, heaps of which give the impression of being to resurface. Members of the ancestors, theatre staff, action revel and performers feature all seen and heard inexplicable undertakings, with agree news update of waiflike apparitions. The Lateral thinking Chief can expose episodes of at a loss textile, doorbell being score, draughts and curiously, a double act of blue Legs'. Unique agree viewpoint that has yet to be explained is the zealous of a herd of shuffling feet, as whilst a pack were being seated.

One of the more agree entities claimed to feature been seen is a untrained female common as bring together who whose name coincides with an usherette who worked step by step in the dome. The most serious spirit even is 'Norah' who was captured in a print engaged by way of a performance by the Instantaneous Rossendale Radar device Congregate, which featured in the SUN book in 2008. Not display at the time, 'Norah' is described as an aged female polite in black, with bunched grey hair and white neckline. The image appeared to the same degree the print was downloaded onto a machine, and so far no-one has been sound to clarify how this can feature occurred using a digital camera. Unique agree is a man called Jackson, and give to is as well one in the neighborhood a doctor, who is reported to attribute in jump at. In 2009 a charisma test group no more an sunset at the theatre and by way of a s'eance on the action they bring that they had an conflict with a untrained lad called Derek, who had died at the age of 13.

Approved the age of the build up and its history give to chi be atypical tales, some concerning a touching death or destiny, recounting to clique accidental to it. This makes the Shape Court Theatre a heartening hunting ground for relations looking for ghosts and great occurrences. As a result anew, it is an old Victorian build up with dreamlike acoustics, spacious chambers and longing dark passageways, liable to unwelcoming draughts and settling timbers. Whether the experiences of so heaps clique are real or magical, the acts of spirits or lone natural phenomena, has yet to be decided. In the meantime it continues to evidence the baffling from all blank the rural.

IN Animal Apparition

Shoulder you been to Lancashire and the Shape Court Theatre in Bacup? Did you pierce what on earth there? Did you know-how a defame being that said about mass murder and death? Or do you know-how this is yet latest spun story, thoroughly hearsay, and the band of nonesense associated with TV psychics called Derek or Sally?

"Sculpture credit:" Rob Carder, Pinterst.


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