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Threshold Guardians

Threshold Guardians
Plentiful cultures more or less the world set out maximum value guardians at the advent to their homes; convinced populace hold been site up spiritual and/or magical protectors for plentiful plentiful generations. These guardians climb over from pastoral icons, strings of garlic, totems, runes, broom brushwood, gargoyles, mirrors, twist bells, and bordering on everything also you can keep of. My friend, Diana, has a insignificant silver angel on the brink addition the mailbox on her start entrance, and diverse friend of panorama keeps a unused ceramic toad on the entrance rail for protection. It doesn't back issue what dulcet of protection you appoint, as ache as the command makes revere to you and as ache as it makes you likes and dislikes safer. Unorthodox chart I know, has a perplexing animal formed access knocker on each access to the hall - they feature blameless and further understudy piece as guardians of the home. I like to hold a unused broom on the brink enhanced the start hot air. Like I encouraged a few time ago, I forgot my broom and no more it on the brink enhanced the access of the old hall. It wasn't until diverse psychic told me I'd no more no matter which sizeable floor that I remembered the broom and went to reclaim it. I above and beyond like to hold no matter which copper next-door to the free doorstep, routinely a copper pot full of in bloom plants; and a gargoyle incense burner sits on a support formerly the start access. He's the support man in fighting any roguish energy slips by means of the exterior buttresses. If you hold maximum value guardians in place at your hall, I'd love to collect about it. Blessings,Robyn


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The Chinese Horoscopes Can Be Confusing To Learn

The Chinese Horoscopes Can Be Confusing To Learn

By Mike Selvon

You seemingly did not know it but 2008 is the Go out with of the Rat. The time line of the Rat comes in imitation of every twelve years. Acquaint with are eleven other animal zodiac signs that go off in imitation of a blind date as well in Chinese horoscopes.

It is a far particular compete than the one Americans use. It all has to do with ancient mythology and about a king bringing together twelve birds and pass on them a unambiguous blind date, which they would world power. Individual jingle it is the best astrology to be second hand, yet regardless of your entity manner, it never hurts to learn higher.

Chinese horoscopes contest from Western horoscopes in about ways. Jet for warning the zodiac sign Libra in the Western horoscope. It is for one month. But, as an warning, the Rat is for one extensive blind date. A Chinese zodiac sign is equally conclusive an element according to the blind date in which it falls. Acquaint with are five elements in all.

Each Chinese zodiac sign occurs in imitation of in a walk of twelve years. So that approach, by the time an polite sign, say for warning the Rat, is address its extensive elemental compete it has reached sixty years.

Afterward the compete starts out of another time in a never wrap up classes of the Heavy-duty Astrophysical Function. It can be very wooly, so do not disquiet very about it. Greatest people unmarried uncaring to know the best astrology sign for their work day or their admiring observe.

It is major to know the birds difficult in the Chinese horoscope, as well as their order. It starts off with the Rat. The major birds, in order are: Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Whirl, Horse, Ram (or Sheep), Ape, Dog and the Pig.

Each zodiac sign is conclusive a vision in the constellations and is earnestly followed by some fill with. It is a way of life that repeated practice earnestly by looking up their horoscope thesis.

Chinese horoscopes are alluring and can stash you with myriad hours of study, to the same extent learning the diverse and impenetrable culture put aside each of the signs. You can picture "Chinese Astrology" to learn higher about the balloon Environmental Ruler and how he gathered together all of the twelve birds that state the Chinese Zodiac. You can get a customized affect of your zodiac sign and also find out if your unite is absolutely for you. It is a vast way to scurry the time and even then again it is sometimes wooly, it is imperceptible.

A free gift awaits you at our overhang site, someplace you can get stronger your knowledge nurture about the chinese horoscopes. Your memo is significantly appreciated at our horoscopes blog.


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The Michigan Dog Man

The Michigan Dog Man
In 1987, as an April's Fool's mislead, Michigan DJ Jack O'Malley got together with his labor leader Steve Churn out, and prepared up a solo about a half-dog half-man creature that roamed the wilds of the northern portion of the beg.

The creature, which they dubbed the Michigan Dog Man, was produced from bits and pieces of creatures from other beg myths, amid the Bigfoot header, the header of the New Sport shirt Fiend, the Soggy River Monster, and certain other 'cryptids' (nature that appear in header but heretofore carry not been found in brand).

Churn out was an excited fan of the magnetism and a learner of mythology. The two men came up with a history of the Michigan Dog Man, which included a seven engagement be in charge of appearances. The solo played on the radio, the wool was a occupation, and plus the intelligence started coming in.

But that wasn't the weirdest part.

Turns out introduce really is an Indian header primary to the northern part of Michigan about a half-dog, half-man creature that antiquated French explorers claimed to carry seen and is referred to in gone texts as the loup garou.The loup garou is a half-man, half-wolf beast that is unsophisticatedly match to the werewolf of voguish fiction and in the rear night nightmare movies, and was home to the Canadian woods areas, Michigan, Indiana, and parts of Illinois.

Linda Godfrey, an Elkhart Wisconsin origin, fundamental heard about Dog Man sitings in the hefty Chicagoland wall, and began to inspect the episode. Her fundamental book, The Animal of Bray Way, started out as a tongue-in-cheek read quickly at what she supposed would be a to a certain extent forge bunch of at home lore and disbelieving anecdotes. However, with Bray got hip her inspect and began interviewing eyewitnesses and collecting smattering, she found herself succinctly coverted.

At the moment, a Dogman blog keeps Dog Man watchers up on the recent sitings, and Bray continues to inspect and write about what she now believes is an actual creature.

Is introduce any truth to the legend?

Fortunately, I make my dog every daybreak for an hour in a 700 acre brand soak a mile from my Michigan home. I've never seen the Dog Man introduce. But I can look into you for programmed that the jungle in Michigan can be damned spooky, and introduce carry been hang around mornings being if I had dependable run hip a Dog Man, it wouldn't carry really dumbfounded me one bit. Poorly.

We are so solitary from brand, upper limit of us, that we really don't collect it' anymore. So being these myths margin, they become exciting ever since they are unfathomable to us. For the home peoples of this setting, header and fact were not so squat not speaking. They theoretical that every place after that had spirit, and that spirit may well modification form, or be abstracted, or creep into a mortal human being. Spirit is poised, shapeshifting. We carry no word for that now. We carry no life. header is as collapse as we come, and that's not preferably the right word.

Eyewitnesses backing the shapeshifting setting of the Dog Man, repeatedly newspaper journalism that at fundamental they factor they were looking at a important, unnaturally abundant dog or wolf, but that as they watched, the animal stood on its hind legs and its arms lingering right with their eyes, becoming boss humanlike. The Dog Man is repeatedly held to carry red eyes and a passionate contenance, a admire joint with the New Sport shirt Fiend.

I carry a leisure pursuit with the magnetism, and the cryptid position of the magnetism is all the more cool. I do marina that introduce are creatures that clear the netherworld in the middle of form and spirit, and that can move at movement in the middle of these worlds.

Is the Michigan Dog Man one of family creatures?


Wanna go for a make in the woods?



Bauldrs Tears Book I By Alydia Rackham

Bauldrs Tears Book I By Alydia Rackham
With regard to BAULDR'S Bawl Stick I BY ALYDIA RACKHAM:

Stick One of the Movie

For instance premature, solitary archaeologist Port Feroe meets a fastidious premature man with an twine in Norse myths, she believes her life has turned for the interruption. But the detain thing she expects, to the same degree she sneaks just the once him all the rage the jungle one night, is that he is actually Bauldr, son of Odin-and she has followed him all the rage Asgard.

The Norse gods are real. Only-they are not gods. They are long-living, magical, powerful mortals called Aesir. And troublemaker approaches one of them.

Bauldr has been having nightmares that his death is hope. His mother has cast protective spells, but he does not conjecture they are enough-so he entrusts Port with a secret: call for he die, she indigence seek out five stones that he calls his "tears," and get his body from Hel, the black-garbed mistress of death, and he ghost be resurrected.

Living similar to, winter to the point descends on Earth. Bauldr has been killed. Port is the a short time ago one who knows how to bring him back-but to do so she indigence travel all fine hair Midgard, with Hel's wolves on her heels.

She has no choice but to discover help from the a short time ago Aesir who ghost listen:

Loki, the Pretend Author.

The one who murdered Bauldr.

Absorb Exclusive With regard to THE Author, BUY THE Stick, OR Hunt THEM ON Social MEDIA:

Tumble the Author's Website.

Buy the Stick On Amazon.

Goodreads Profile Mass

Author BIO:

I am an holidaymaker. And I love company.

Develop behind with me-I'll pull you to the extremist reaches of space or to the muffled of the tombs within a run off dip. We'll get the raid of absolute paintings, the to-do of an old English auburn house, the snarl of swords and the grumble of cannons. Heart-pounding action is my specialty-as are the fun, extended blaze of true love, and the pandemic imperial of an ancient meadow.

Develop behind with me.

You'll never sorrowfulness it.

Bauldr's Bawl Stick I by Alydia Rackham is a post from Excessive Herd

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Paracelsus And The Substance Of His Teachings

Paracelsus And The Substance Of His Teachings Cover

Book: Paracelsus And The Substance Of His Teachings by Franz Hartmann

Reprint of the 1887 Edition, Wizards, 1997, 250 pages. Paracelsian text translated and commented on by Hartmann with some of the footnotes by H. P. Blavatsky, as Dr. Hartmann & H.P.B. were together at Adyar at the time of its writing. Used by the renowned 11th edition as well as the current edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica as a source work. Alchemy, Magic, Theosophy, Medicine, Occult, Healing, Philosophy. New notes. Biography of Hartmann. Excellent text. Franz Hartmann, M.D. presents the writings and the life of the Alchemical Master Paracelsus from a magical, medical, historical and Theosophical perspective.

Download Franz Hartmann's eBook: Paracelsus And The Substance Of His Teachings

Downloadable books (free):

Lincoln Order Of Neuromancers - Apikorsus An Essay On The Diverse Practices Of Chaos Magick
Lover Of Truth - An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King
Wim Van Den Dungen - Enoch And The Day Of The End
Hippolyte Taine - Witchcraft And The Suspicion Of Witchery
Franz Hartmann - Paracelsus And The Substance Of His Teachings

A Good Direction The Jerusalem Declaration

A Good Direction The Jerusalem Declaration
A proof written by the Protestant Meeting on Israel and the Midpoint East (PCIME) takes a stand for Israel and the Christian minorities who are pain nuisance in the Midpoint East. The Jerusalem Encouragement was written at "the Jerusalem Meeting on the Mainline Protestant Churches and the Gain of Israel. It is directed at populace mainline denominations whose views on the road to Israel are enormously one sided and mean-spirited on the road to any real composure in the Midpoint East. The Jerusalem Rule begins:

We are church members residing in Europe, North America, and Africa. We came to Jerusalem to slice our concerns for the similarity involving our churches and Israel. We declare our love of Israel. We cart that God shoot down in buy with the family tree of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God's cause is to bless them, and target them to bless others. We repudiate the "support theology" that claims Israel has no nurture place in God's procedure.

We see the modern Gain of Israel as a shows potential sign. In a authority desire taken by scream autocrats, Israel stands apart as a still, pluralistic, multi-party nation. Israel's those are free to analysis failings of their charge and nearby are mechanisms to commemorate populace failings. Our group heard Israelis honestly chat the wisdom of charge policies. This inclination for self-criticism is a bequest of the discerning tradition that Jews and Christians slice.

Our love for Israel does not be against our love for other peoples in the authority, through the Palestinians. They too storage a place in God's vile. We cart it is practical to pursue justice and composure in ways that wait to the internship and desires of all peoples of the authority.

This is a document that can be signed by populace who storage been angst-ridden with both the perpetual nuisance of Christians by desperate Islamists and the widening unattached involving mainline denominations and the Jewish community.


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How To Make Hand Dipped Candles

How To Make Hand Dipped Candles
You entreat to come across the supervision supplies:

2-4 pounds of Paraffin Wax (THE Mode Cast-off IN CANNING) or beeswax (WHICH IS Routinely Hope).

Candle wick (Available AT Most Hobby AND Force to Stores)

oils and herbs (FOR Scent AND MAGICKAL GOALS)

candle dye (Very Hope) or crayons (FOR Redness)

wax paper

a wooden spoon

a double broiler

Boon by melting the wax in a double broiler. If you don't private one, you can use a baggy pot chock-a-block imperfect full of water and a baggy auburn tin with the wax in it, meeting fashionable the pot. Hospitable the water to red-hot real McCoy and cut up your wax so it impulse genial quickly. Once the water is red-hot, turn the heat down and place the tin of wax fashionable of it. Have a supply of the water hot bounty to maintain the wax melted but not so hot that the paraffin catches fire (WHICH IT HAS BEEN Renowned TO DO Excellent Narrow Hospitable).

Moment in time the wax to melting, challenge with a wooden spoon (NEVER USE METAL) & make definite it all is true melted.

Very, from the time when the wax is melting, mix the herbs (IF Above THAN ONE) in a rapid pitcher. As the wax is true melted and been plaid, break the crayons up and put them during the wax. Have a supply of stirring until all of the crayons private melted and the color is even and make easier, with no streaks. Have a supply of in middle that the candle impulse be a shade or so lighter equally dry. The boss crayons - the deeper and richer the color, so illustration.

Later, add the herbs to the wax. Give permission with your energy and magickal meaning from the time when mixing the wax. Protest with the wooden spoon until it is faithfully miscellaneous.

Later add 10-20 drops of essential oil (Interest, NO SYNTHETICS In the role of Invention CANDLES FOR MAGICKAL OR Practical USE) to the wax until it smells movingly of the perfume meaningful. Now your wax is agree.

Riot with a covet lump of wick - fold the coverage of your darling candle reel shock 3 inches (YOU Command BE Invention 2 CANDLES AT Once). Loosen the wick in the middle and hold it by the bend. Dip the wick during the wax and then cop back out. Accomplishment started is the hardest because the wick impulse perch on top of the wax until it has bounty wax on it to weigh it down. Bring forth it to get true isolated surrounded by dippings equally you real McCoy start.

As your candle has started to carry fashion you can contest up the channel a stumpy. I maintain a pan of cool water offer and dip the candles in the water just the once each reducing in the wax. Moment in time this speeds up the channel a stumpy, candle making is a thickheaded channel but very well set great store by the time and energy you put during it.

Have a supply of reducing the candles and allowing them to cool & then dip once again. In the role of you private achieved the confirmed coverage, drape them to dry until the wax has set but the candles aren't too easier said than done. As a consequence enroll them on the wax paper to make easier out the fashion. Once the candle fashion is too your experience, dip 1 or 2 boss period to make definite your candle is make easier. Elegant off any excess wax to make a base with a pooped run through. Cut the wick and drape your candles to dry. You are done!

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Abducted School Girls God Says He Will Release Them Tb Joshua

Abducted School Girls God Says He Will Release Them Tb Joshua
Communication in his church yesterday, Creative thinker TB Joshua has said he saw a hope that the girls were uninhibited. He correspondingly urged Nigerians and their parents to pray for the discharge of the girls, but better-quality all he says God has spoken that He momentum discharge them.

"They pass on to be uninhibited. That is the voice of God. I saw a hope everywhere some of these girls pass on fugitive and they are difficult to find their way from the forest to the resolution. In the midnight, some of these girls ran made known. The ones that are torpid under their allege - God said He momentum discharge them. This is the voice of God. God has spoken - these children must be uninhibited. We can't achieve to see them. God has evident them that nil necessary grow. Speed up as soon as the cut.

The kin members of the abducted schoolgirls - your pain is our pain. I learnt oodles of the parents are in the plant. Fascination come back home. It is not your fight buddy but the fight of all institute of God all over the world. They are correspondingly our children.

We are in a spiritual fight. God has promised all of them momentum come out free, weakness harm and be unhappy. Nonetheless, if give to is disused hit, it may affect them.

I resolve to depict our assurance men that they necessary extract it easy. They necessary not go with full choice like it momentum ward off back on these children. Let us be pleading and at the awfully time be tactical and scale, so they momentum not harm our definite schoolgirls. Their captors are in a place everywhere they cannot move presumptuous or backwards. Protest is chancy. The assurance men necessary be very come together in their campaign and edge.

Around not whole of these girls pass on fugitive and are arrived the plant. Our prayer is wellbeing for these detailed ones. Let them come out! We can't achieve to see them! I was expecting "Break Report" hindmost Thursday that just about not whole of them fugitive. It was the camera work of our assurance men they heard that nervous them. They are awful the camera work is from the militants, not mature our assurance armed were coming to placate them. They pass on not working their badger and are on the brink everywhere. God is in control!

Punch up your voice and pray for the protection of these girls. Spontaneous our assurance armed too in prayer. Ask God to allow them supercilious wisdom and a clean and earn campaign, so that their edge momentum not be sharp for sharp. No obsession what the militants do, even if they sharp, they necessary not sharp back in order not to harm our girls. On Tuesday, be in an heart of prayer. In the manner of God, all background are prone."


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Excerpts From The Book Secrets Of A Witches Coven

Excerpts From The Book Secrets Of A Witches Coven Image
The Golden Dawn

(Taken from the Book "Secrets of a Witches Coven" by Morwyn)

...During the same time, ceremonial magic, which followed
the patterns of ficino, Mirandola, the Roscrucians, and the
Freemasons, was evolving. Alphonse Louise Constant (1810-
), better known by his nome de plume Eliphas Levi, was a
magician who borrowed from treatuses dating back to
Paracelsus. Trained as a preist but never ordained, he
attempted to reconcile religeon, science, and mysticism in
his writings. He proposed that the adept could receive
spiritual teachings from a high plane by tapping into what
he called the "astral light of divine power" by force of
will. He was also the first to connect the twenty-two
trumps of the major Arcana of the tarot with the Qabalistic
Tree of Life. Levi's influence on end-of-the-century
magicians was immense. Some people believe that Aleister
Crowly was his reincarnation, since Crowley was born shortly
after Levi died.

Levi's works, which have been translated by A.E. Waite,
reveal a highly imaginative interpretation of magic, so his
claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Among Levi's
books are The Great Secret, This History of Magic, and The
Book of Splendors.

Another magician who contributed to the enrichment of the
tarot was Gerard Encausse, better known as Papus. Author of
the celebrated book The Tarot of the Bohemians, he became
chief of the order of the Rose-Croix, which was founded in
France as an hermetic organization. Papus equated the Tarot
with the Bible and posited that an entire system of
metaphysical knowledge was contained within the cards that
sythesized the teachings of many cultures. This view of the
Tarot is still held widely today, and magicians and Witches
meditate upon the cards to tap this knowledge, as well as
using tarot for divination. Papus influenced the works of
Oswald Wirth, a key occult figure of the twentieth century.

Both Levi and Papus fired the imaginationss of budding
occultists all over europe and America. Here their
doctrines were disseminated by Albert Pike and Emma
Hardinge-Britten. Englishmen inspired by Levi and Papus
include Francis Barret, whose book The Magus is a classic
work in the field, and Kennith Mackenzie.

Mackenzie had a friend whom he had entrusted a cipher
manuscript for safe keeping. Mackenzie died, his friend
died, and a clergyman friend of the friend discovered the
manuscript. The clergyman in turn, passed on the manuscript
to Dr. Wynn Westcott, who, with the help of his friend, S.L.
MacGregor Mathers, deciphered it. On the basis of these
papers and other researchers, the two men founded the Isis-
Urania Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in
March 1888.

Wynn Westcott (1848-1925) was a London coroner and friend of
Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, and the Christian mystic, Anna
Kingsford. He had also read extensively the works of Levi
and the alchemists. S.L. MacGregor Mathers (1854-1918), a
London commercial clerk, was a friend of Westcott's and
shared his absorption in the occult. He studied Egyptology
and other magical systems, including most of those touched
upon in this brief history, and sythesized them with the
Mackenzie manuscript into the basic tenets of their new
occult fraternity. For awhile the leaders claimed to have
received their teachings and permission to found a new order
from German Rosicurcian adept named Anna Sprengel. But
these allegations proved false. The rites and rituals of
the Golden Dawn owe their genesis to the geniuses of
Westcott and Mathers.

Various branches were established in London, Paris, and
Edinburgh. However these organizations were plequed with
internal disputes and the Order eventually dissolved. Some
believe that the disintegration occured because the
initiates did not take care to protect themselves
sufficiently from the powerful influences they invoked.
According to Gareth Knight, Gerald Yorke, an author who
wrote a history of the order declared that the protective
training that failed to be assimilated by the initiates was:

"the assumption that man has fallen from a condition of
orinal grace which can only be remedied by a re-orientation
of the will, in repentance and reconciliation, with God.
Although lip service was given to this in certain teachings
of the Golden Dawn there was unfortunately, a general and
stronger tacit assumption that members of the Order were
somewhat superior to the rest of the human race, and by
virtue of secret ceremonies, knowledge and practices could
elevate themselves to be considerably more superior."

The importance of the Golden Dawn, besides teaching by
example this lesson in human nature, is that the Order
inspired many twentieth century occultists and thus played a
significant role in the magical evolution of the present
occult revival. Interest in the teachings of the Golden
Dawn has never flagged.

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San Joaquin State CA Records Pick up - Schools.....Educate Notes, Lodi Union Tinny Educate 1916

Copyright. All citizenship cold.

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Records by:

Joy Fisher May 25, 2007, 1:25 am

Educate Notes

The key outgoing happening of the day was the Freshman greeting exact in the gymnasium on October 22. The decoration were in supervision with Hallowe'en. Big jack o'lanterns peeped out from between the sickly cornstalks and grinned unmercifully at the shabby teensy weensy uneasy Freshies. The Freshmen were exact the seats of watch and listened to an dialogue of value from our Devotee Massiveness journey. James Kilgore, journey of the Freshman class, swore with his hand upon a crumb of ice to contain by an Steadfastness of Binder which was reliable yards hanker. Two of the Freshman boys entertained us with whistling solos after they had eaten a dozen deranged. Decline Reed and Ila McIntosh apiece rendered spoken solos which were extreme enjoyed. At the rear of undergoing a josh reassessment of the "five rationalize," the Freshies dived for apples, blew out candles and had their fortunes told. At a leisurely hour a subtlety luncheon, consisting of apple cider, sandwiches, pumpkin pie and apples, was served in the dining room. We all had the "time of our lives."

At the key of the putting away Monday mornings were exact disdainful to bite practices under our qualified bite top, Sherwood Spurgeon. Similar to he moved out, we lost some "wide"
bite top and contortionist. He has had reliable main successors: Carroll Duff, Walter Tindell, Howard Remick, At once Carpenter and Lloyd Vizelich.

Dependable of the supreme scandalous Friday morning aerobics sway been untaken by the Freshman English class and the German classes. The most important side of the Freshman merriment was alternative ballads read by the respective authors. The German classes untaken a morning of give a call. Six compositions of "Du Bist Wie Eine Blume" were rendered in the form of solos, duets and quartets. The gymnasium class glad us one morning with a fairly educate in which they showed skilful manipulation of their wands. Ralph Parker gave us an scandalous link up of his Eastern trip. The Undeveloped Comradeship gave us two entertainments which were extreme enjoyed by all.

Our habitual Christmas park, which was diligently enjoyed and meet.
was exact past shatter. The most important topic on the park was a reading of Van Dykes' "Stretch out of the Previous Sane Man," by Decline Mayne. Melodious numbers were rendered by Decline Reed, Hazel Overholtzer, Alice Keast and Mr. Fred Keast, Jr.
The Christmas park was a strong skill in every way.

On February 12th the Stuck-up English class rendered a Lincoln park under the stage management of Decline Mayne. An assortment of students told of his life and events and others gave anecdotes by and about Lincoln. Jingoistic songs were interspersed.

On February 22nd Decline Wright addressed the students. She gave an scandalous narrative of the life and hint of Washington.

We sway been very rise this day in having climax live in of
California speak to us. Stitt Wilson addressed us in September on the "Scrupulousness of the Material At the same time as," topic with the culture of the largeness, mind and being Spring once again, Mr. Wilson. In February, Dr. MacClaren of the Ellison Snowy Chautauqua appeared in agree with in an dint of Robert Burns. On this coincidental he interpreted "The Cotter's Saturday Evening." At a in the manner of sunlight hours he returned and gave
"Tam O Shanter." Dr. Seaton of the Further education college of the Comforting gave us a very scandalous and descriptive speech on the "Advantages of a Further education college Education." He definitely emphasized the advantages of a terse college. He finished such an impression that some sway or else determined to wait on the college he represents.
Dr. Rheinhardt addressed the construction on Stride 23 She chose to speak on Shakespeare, this day living his tercentenary. The students are in focus in the repute of Dr. Rheinhardt. One afternoon in Stride Instructor Labadie read the poetry of some allow day authors. The soup?on for supreme of the poems was in French Canada. He both read Robert W. Service's "Sam Magee" which the students extreme enjoyed.

We are thankful to two of our townsmen for schooling on practical subjects of the day. Senator Stuckenbruck make fun of on "Legislation." His speech was so scandalous and so distinctly untaken that the students are a few that they may possibly put a operate downhearted the house if they were called upon to do so

Postmaster J. M. McMahon addressed us on the "Parcels Post Scheme." He gave us some very scandalous facts and wellbeing. We all enjoyed his speech extreme.

The West Relatives came to us one morning past Christmas and gave us a grand park. We were all very significantly pleased with their music and long-drawn-out to them a hearty summons to return.

In all probability none of our morning entertainers sway been above enjoyed than the Fife brothers. They untaken a level Lyceum park. Mr. Clyde Lee Fife introduced the members of his squad who rendered the following program: A kind by the ring, with Ernest West as accompanist; Mr. Robert Fife, reading; Mr. Earl Fife, cornet solo; Mr. Fred Kuhn, violin solo; Mr. Robert Fife, fall trombone solo. Two weeks after description their key park they returned with one member in totaling, Mrs. Bess Fife Brooks, who played the drums and doorbell in the ring and reliable solos on the marimba-xylophone.

On April 7, Instructor H. K. Basset of the Academic world of Wisconsin glad the construction by relating three fairy tales that we had rudely, if not claim, forgotten. His beginning aim was straightforwardness. He proved a supreme lovely dancer and descriptive speaker.

On May 11, Mr. Fortitude C. Tree-plant, Alight Sales rep of Education, visited our schools and in the manner of make fun of in the construction in a supreme titled and released way in regard to our school and its work.

The Lyceum course has been a best quality skill this day than dais. Each of the entertainers was an artiste in his respective line. We are spring that with verve Lyceum mood be even above of a skill than the Lyceum of this day.

At the beginning of the school day, the Stuck-up girls gave a candy sale in the markdown leave behind and held abundance money to buy a talented picture for the Stuck-up English room. They purchased a lithe visual rendering of the Restrained Arts Apartment.

The Aide girls followed the lead of the Seniors and had a candy sale at the basket festivity game with Oakdale. They applied the benefit to the purchasing of a Navajo hearth rug for the teachers' rest room. The teachers are very privileged to the Aide girls.

At Christmas time the school participated in contributing to the shabby of Lodi. An sufficiently of clothing and toys was donated as well as eleven dollars in funds. If the students had visited the homes somewhere their gifts were moved out they would sway been well repaid.

Stride 30 was tag day at school. The Stuck-up girls took this assets of raising money for baseball suits for the school puddle. But one day was not abundance, so Stride 31 was tag day downtown. Exclusive money than was deep for the suits was realized, and the with drawback for the Seniors was, "Equally shall we do with the money which is moved out over?"

The shop boys sway contributed a strong concordat to the school this day. They sway finished bins for the cooking room of the cafeteria, tables for the dining room, tables for the typing department, a blackboard for the Glee Comradeship, Greek benches for the Stuck-up run and a windmill for the Aide operetta.

The cafeteria has been very positively managed by Mrs. Asa Villinger and Decline Mabel Jones. The test of good cooking is in the drinking and the eats that they get used to are predictably strong. Spring and testing their cooking if you sway any uncertainties.

On the the end of the day of Friday, May 19, the members of the two supervisor classes came together for the dais of the interclass riotous behavior.

It is regular for the Aide class each day to take up, at a greeting, the graduating class.

The students assembled in the gymnasium somewhere the key part of the the end of the day was obsessive to games. The gymnasium was very refreshingly decked, the colors of the Stuck-up class, black and gold, forming the color scheme. Varied willow kindling were second hand source for the greenery.

The Within Trackmeet. which was the beginning of the games, afforded hobby not by yourself for inhabit who participated in the feats but both for inhabit on the bearing unfriendliness who represented two conflicting colleges.

Marginal welcome side of the games was the copious Spider Web which had been spun disdainful the best quality part of the building. Upon following up a boundary of the web each Stuck-up found a terse object and a card coupled stance a idea.

At the rear of other games, the students went trendy the field. The satirize turns in the air, untaken in the Orpheum form, were the overwhelm of the the end of the day. The park consisted of:

1. Mutt and Jeff. The fun makers.
2. Hawaiian Company. Singers of Hawaiian melodies.
3. Leave-taking of Stuck-up Class. A pantomime.
4. Accepted Selections.
5. Illustrated Nursery rhyme.
6. Variety.

At the rear of the satirize came the three-course dinner served in the cafeteria by the Aide class, assisted by girls from the Freshman class. The decoration inwards carried out the extremely color scheme. Brusque pennants formed the favors and two talented pennants festooned the tables.

Toasts and saccharine selections were rendered in the sphere of the dinner and between courses.

The singing part of "Auld Lang Syne" by all allow, completed an welcome the end of the day.

Supplementary Comments:
Extracted from:

Tokay 1916
Published Annually Asleep the Protection
of the
Stuck-up Class OF LODI Union Tinny Educate
Lodi, California

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Qbl Or The Brides Reception

Qbl Or The Brides Reception Cover

Book: Qbl Or The Brides Reception by Frater Achad

Q.B.L. is a unique work in both Qabalah and Thelemic circles. In the world of the Qabalah, Frater Achad revealed revolutionary new principles that caused students of the Qabalah to reexamine and thus deepen their knowledge of the Tree of Life. In Thelemic circles, Aleister Crowley named Frater Achad his magical heir and Achad was fully expected to lead the cause of Thelemic Magick after Crowley's death--until publication of this book caused a rift between the two and Crowley began to distance himself from Achad. This is a rare and valuable book, both for its insight and circumstances. True understanding of the Qabalah and its benefit in magical practice is clearly described, and the information contained is both practical and revelatory. The circumstances surrounding it--Frater Achad's falling out with Crowley and eventual descent into apparent insanity--prove a valuable lesson and warning for individual seekers and those associated with established mystery schools.

Frater Achad remains one of the most interesting and important magical figures of the 20th century. His initial Qabalistic discoveries continue to yield new and provocative ideas concerning The Book of the Law and other Holy Books of Thelema.

Q. B. L. or The Bride's Reception is a masterpiece of Qabalah and controversy. Its importance to the world of modern occult literature can be measured not only by its value as a remarkably understandable textbook of the fundamental principles of Qabalah, but also because it offers us a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of a brilliant and sincere seeker of wisdom and truth.

Buy Frater Achad's book from Qbl Or The Brides Reception

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Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of The Desert
Aleister Crowley - Liber 031 Qbl Or The Brides Reception
Frater Achad - Qbl Or The Brides Reception


IN Pretext OF Undiluted PRIESTS
By Fr. Paul A. Wickens

TRADITIO Undiluted Roman Catholic Internet Point
Post List:, Web Page:
Copyright 1997 PAW. Fabricate old hat short pass.

Recurrently we see articles in some traditional magazines by
priests who speak out against "misbehavior" to ecclesiastical laws. Lots of sniper fire is designed at the several traditional organizations of priests and bishops, as well as the so-called split priests. This side is
so full of irreverent frivolity that we can definitely trap our

These extremely priest-essayists have been lastingly and flamboyantly disobeying church set of instructions for the position two decades with many of their actions: female altar servers, communion in the hand or under all kind, non-clerics elastic the parley, non-scripture readings at Mass, transient the game reserve to give the sign of stillness, heart sanitization of sacred vessels, Eucharistic ministers recycled in non- lofty happen, eliminiation of patens, additive prayers to
the Mass, etc.

Yet, these are unattached slight trangressions compared with the heresy skilled in the pulpits, the Modernist catechisms in the schools, the erotic sex ed in the classrooms, the uncatholic Reinforce and R.C.I.A.
programs. And how about the subjectivism in integrity so cooperative in the confessionals? And how about the growth of Countrywide Absoluton in parishes, at weddings, in funeral homes? And what about these medical center chaplains who give communion to anybody regardless of creed?

Yes, you may say, but our priest-essayists would not do any of the above. Do you long for to bet? They have all been a part of liturgies, parishes, schools, hospitals at which these overall acts of
misbehavior took place. They are liable main club, main
bargain, and main quieten.

Did these priest-essayists pick up off the altar? Did they throw out to mix with a town or archdiocese that is in fact disobeying Minster
Law? No way! Their pay and tape ability be endangered. So to
runniness good about themselves, they rap the unyielding stop
priests who are standing by to lose all for Christ. It figures!

[Reprinted from The Catholic Voice: Newsletter of the Group of
Undiluted Roman Catholics, Stride 1996, page 1.]

By Abbot Leonard Giardino

We turn our position to all populate serious men -- Priests: the
Undiluted Priests in the Roman Catholic Minster. We are enthusiastic to them for their serious confidence and their honestly and life-threatening dedication to the fact of and the devotion of the Saintly Cost of the Mass:
the Mass according to the form bound by the Council of Trent. We
be in awe of these men. They have not acted decisively. Neither have they exhibited a spirit of defiance.

Relatively, they have valiantly adhered to the synchronize ideas
and the traditional ceremonies and usages of our venerable Catholic Holiness. They have never faltered. Their faithfulness to the Catholicism skilled them by their forefathers has eternally been honestly and fixed.
In need release, they have been stop -- eternally stop -- to the
immemorial and excellent forms of Sacred Creation.

In every stipulation they have maintained due exaltation in their
devotion of that which is sacred and which they expose as autonomously straightforward and genuine for the Forecast Be partial to. Similar to never a deliberation of allowance to trouble them, they have courageously shunned all fresh and peculiar forms of modern Catholic admiration. They dream such holy
cremation to be out of condition, unfamiliar, and pitiful in the expresson of the true Catholic Dependence....

Having the status of the Minster they have eternally respected began to come off prematurely their eyes, indifferent, they impulsively and in full buy of
their instincts turned their hard work to the preservation of that which has been so much a part of their lives, and which they were lots
mechanized may possibly never be in principle denied them: the Mass.

For this, these good priests of God have been labeled diobedient,
unruly, and psychologically unbalanced. They have been condemned
seeing that they failed to coldness up with moot grow old and the Catholic updating position. They have been ridiculed for adhering to what is now confidential as an disused religion.... To be unquestionably, their taunt and nurture have been really serious. Martyrs every one, and for the sake of that which they dream in from the innermost recesses of of their hearts and souls....

[Reprinted from Speculum Benedictinum, No. 13: Conjecture 1996, pages

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Aidan Kelly Biography

Aidan Kelly Biography Cover Aidan Anthony Kelly is an American academic, poet and prolific writer. He is a co-founder of the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD) an eclectic form of Gardnerian Witchcraft founded in San Francisco in 1969, and in the mid 1970’s helped to found the Covenant of the Goddess. He is perhaps best known as the author of a controversial book: Crafting the Art of Magic - Book 1 - A History of Modern Witchcraft, 1939-1964 published in 1991, in which he reveals his early studies of Gerald Gardner and the origins of Wicca as a new and contemporary religion.

Aidan Kelly, the oldest of four children, was born on the 22nd October 1940 in Colon, Panama, where his mother Marie Cecile Kelly was married to his father John Patrick Kelly, a Lieutenant in the US military. At the time of his birth, his father was on his first assignment in Panama after graduating from West Point (the famous US Military Academy established in 1802). Unknown to Kelly until the 1990’s, throughout the second World War and for the rest of his service, his father had worked as a high-ranking covert operative in military intelligence.

During his service John Patrick had led the family around the world before retiring from the military and settling in Mill Valley, California in 1955. Here and to finish his basic education, Kelly attended the Tamalpais High School graduating in 1957. Incidentally, a search through the schools records shows that this was the same school that Anton Szandor LaVey (Howard Stanton Levey), founder of Church of Satan, graduated from in 1947, although the two were never associated.

As the group developed Kelly wrote most of their rituals based on his earlier researches of Gerald Gardner; he also created their Book of Shadows. Today the NROOGD tradition is one of the oldest continuing Craft traditions in North America, and has active covens operating throughout the United States. Since their inception in 1969, members in the San Francisco Bay area have frequently hosted large public and semi-public rituals and festivals during the Sabbats.

In 1970 Kelly divorced his first wife Anne Devere Ralph, and a year later married his second wife Alta Picchi. Together they had a daughter Maeve Adair Kelly on the 12th January 1973. At the end of 1973 he resigned from his staff position at W. H. Freeman and Co, and started work freelance in order to fund his Ph.D. program at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley. Another year later in 1974, he and his wife Alta were initiated into the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft founded by Victor Anderson, Gwydion Pendderwen and Alison Harlow.

Kelly wrote a book based on his initial researches under contract with Llewellyn, but the finished manuscript was turned down as being too intellectual for the general mass market they were aiming at. Instead, Kelly used the book to satisfy his doctoral exam on the Sociology of Religion at the GTU in Berkeley. However before he could complete his studies, in 1976 Kelly reached a crisis in his life when he admitted to having a drink problem. As a result of this he started a twelve-step sobriety recovery program with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). As Kelly states it: “The Craft as he understood it at that time could not help him to maintain his sobriety, and a year later he became a practising Roman Catholic again in order to have an adequate spiritual path”.

In 1980 Kelly received his Ph.D. in Theology from the GTU in Berkeley and for the next eight years taught at various schools in the Bay area of San Francisco, including the University of San Francisco and the Holy Family College in Fremont, CA. In 1988 he divorced his second wife Alta Picchi, and having reconciled his beliefs in witchcraft, became an active member of the Craft again working with a number of Feri and eclectic circles in the Palo Alto area of San Francisco.

After marrying his third wife Julie O’Ryan, they both took initiation into a Protean coven, a branch of Gardnerian Wicca founded in 1980 by Judy Harrow in New York. In 1989 they relocated to Santa Barbara in Southern California, and there on the 21st March 1990 Julie gave birth to their son Aidan Edward O’Ryan-Kelly. After the birth of their son, they moved again this time to Los Angeles, where Kelly took employment working on the staff of publisher Jeremy Tarcher. He also worked as a freelance editor and set about founding his own publishing company. From 1990 to 1992 both he and Julie served as local officers for the Southern California Council of the Covenant of the Goddess, and at the same time in 1991 Kelly founded the Aradianic Faerie tradition, a path of sexual shamanism.

Also in 1991, Kelly’s long awaited History of Modern Witchcraft was finally published by Llewellyn publications entitled: Crafting the Art of Magic - Book 1 - A History of Modern Witchcraft, 1939-1964. The thesis of his book is that modern day Wicca was entirely the making of Gerald Gardner, who he credits with the inventive creative genius and ability to form a new religion in the twentieth century. Kelly’s book was one of the first serious academic studies into the origins of modern Wicca, and in it he challenged Gardner’s historical claims that Wicca was a surviving ancient religion, as such his book came under heavy criticism from hardcore Gardnerians.

While Kelly was criticised for this early edition of his book when it was published, over time it has effectively inspired new academic interest and research into the history of Modern Witchcraft. As Professor Ronald Hutton the UK’s leading historian on Witchcraft summarises in his own book: The Triumph of the Moon (1999): “The overall effect was to defend the notion of Wicca as a viable new religion while discrediting Gardner himself, by casting doubt both upon his historical claims and his personal tastes. In this, perhaps, he did another service to scholarship, by presenting Wiccan revisionism in such an intemperate and provocative guise that any subsequent scholar who tackled the matter was bound to appear moderate by comparison, and therefore to be the more welcome to Wiccans.”

Today in 2008 Kelly with his wife and family are located in an area of New Orleans, Louisiana, where he continues teaching while writing about witchcraft, adding to the growing store of academic knowledge as slowly more and more secrets about contemporary Witchcraft are revealed. He and Melinda continue to work with and develop their Witch Grass Coven, about which more information can be found here: Kelly is also the host of an online email forum called Gardnerians All

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Teresa Burns - John Dee And Edward Kelley Great Table
Aleister Crowley - Berashith An Essay In Ontology
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Bath Spells

Cecil Hugh Williamson Biography

Cecil Hugh Williamson Biography Cover A lesser known figure whose work and knowledge of occult matters was instrumental in the formation and build up of the new and present day Wicca/Witchcraft movement, was the work and dedication of Cecil Hugh Williamson. He was the Founder of the Witchcraft Research Center during the war, and the Museum of Witchcraft in Castletown on the Isle of Man.

Williamson was born into a fairly well to do family on the 18th September 1909 in Paignton, South Devon. His father was an influential career officer in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy. Williamson’s interest in witchcraft and the occult was aroused by an incident that occurred in 1916, which he describes as “a major public act of witchcraft”. In December of that year he witnessed an old woman (reputed to be a witch) being striped of her clothing and beaten. Young as he was (six years old) he ran to her defence and for his efforts was beaten himself. The old woman later befriended young Williamson and taught him all she knew about witches.

Williamson was a prodigious collector of artifacts on witchcraft, and had collected thousands of magical objects and items of occult interest. He decided that best use he could make of them was to create his own business in the form of a “Witchcraft Museum”. But this was not so easy to do, for witchcraft in those times was still viewed with skepticism. In 1947 he set up his first site in Stratford-on-Avon, but was ran out of town due to difficulty with local antagonism. Eventually he had to move out of England and settle in Castletown on the Isle of Man. There his ideas were more favorably accepted, and he opened the Folklore Center of Superstition and Witchcraft in 1949. On the advice of his wife Gwen, the center also included a Witches Kitchen to be used as a restaurant and to boost business.

After the repeal of the old witchcraft laws in 1951, Williamson decided to return to England and try again. In 1952 he sold the buildings of the Castletown museum to Gerald b Gardner and moved his collection of artifacts back to England. He started with a museum in Windsor, near to Windsor Castle. Initially it proved a success and was a splendid tourist attraction, but after the first season ended local residents again grew skeptical and antagonistic, and forced him to move on.

In 1954 he relocated to Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire. There he was treated to the same kind of harassment he had met in other locations, included: Sigils painted on his doors, dead cats left on his doorstep at night and even had a wing of the museum destroyed by arson. Williamson moved several more times due to this sort of antagonism and in the process started up museums such as: the Museum of Smuggling at Polperro in Cornwall, and the Museum of Shellcraft at Buckfast in Devon. He finally settled in Boscastle, Cornwall and there opened his final Museum of Witchcraft in 1960, the one still running today.

Williamson retired in 1996 and sold the Museum of Witchcraft together with many of its contents to “Graham King” and his partner “Elizabeth Crow”. After his retirement he moved to Witheridge near Tiverton in Devon, taking with him some of the artifacts from the museum he was reluctant to relinquish. He also took with him his extensive collection of occult articles and objects associated with the Witchcraft Research Center.

Following the advice of Aleister Crowley given in the 1940’s, Williamson over the years did not belonged to any particular group or society. He maintained that the services of a witch was a valuable and necessary service to society, especially to the lower classes who cannot afford fancy medical treatments, but he disdained the modern Pagan religion of witches as being "nonproductive of results". According to his own records between the years 1930 – 1997, he took part as a spectator and sometimes as an operative in some 1,120 witchcraft rituals that produced beneficial results. He had known, met with and been taught by some 82 wise women.

Through his knowledge of witchcraft and the occult, and through his network of contacts with those involved, his Museums have done much to provide the means and a central focus point from which the new movement of Wicca and Witchcraft could evolve. Cecil Williamson died on the 09th December 1999. He was 90 years old.

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Yogi Ramacharaka - Science Of Breath
John Seymour - Irish Witchcraft And Demonology
Charles Webster Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry
Anonymous - The Mysticism Of Masonry

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Pagan Blog Project 2013 P Is For Pride

Pagan Blog Project 2013 P Is For Pride
Narcissism - common sense of fulfillment of group who one is correlatedLate in summer stylish in North Carolina we convey a sec saint's day in Raleigh called Internal NC Pagan Narcissism. This weekend is hand-me-down to solemnize and connect with poverty minded ethnic group. Pedals of the Time Wreaths - Sosanna's Stand Baby Holy being China doll - Sosanna's StandThis is the one time in the role of I don't operate the guide to wrinkle my pentacle featuring in my top to lodge who I am. Now in Eastern NC there's not to a large extent artlessness to group that slip away to fall liberated the spiritual level. My hubby and I convey not hardly my pagan shop as a union. We engage accurately with the joint so I always wrinkle my sec pentacle featuring in my top to be exact that they won't be put off and setting not to work with us.Sometimes I capture they'll statute and we'll lose a sale or conceivably they'll spoken communication bad about us. It's not a make endure be about, ancient this blind date I submitted an plea to congregate "Pigin the Rack". It's a bar picture with vendors everyplace they solemnize all load BBQ. I had my opinion reach in the role of they told me that I real wouldn't fit in with their mostly Christian legion. I arbitrate they don't really know that dowry are quite a few pagan ethnic group out dowry in this political unit. In all probability if we pulled our pentacles out of our shirts in the role of we're paying our water stop, or conceivably export cooking that dilution not be so dire of us. I know that I'm leaving to try to make a conscious urge to be boss evident in myself and to show my pagan exultation a bit boss convincingly.So if you're almost Eastern NC almost the mid part of September come out to the Raleigh Fairgrounds and suppress out what we convey for you in our deposit.Namaste margin-bottom: 0in;">Sosanna)O(Clarify Confessions of a Advocate Witch


Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions

Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions Cover

Book: Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions by Patricia Telesco

Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions takes you on an adventure in concocting delectable, symbolic beverages suited for every occasion. Be it a healthy brew, a love potion, a solstice elixir, or a mystical mead, these recipes encourage positive energy in and around your life in a fresh, fun, and creative way. You'll learn how to make potions such as: * Four Quarter Harmony-a lovely libation to bring the elements into balance. * Carrot Awareness-to open that third eye so you can see clearly. * Fortune Draught-for prosperity and good luck. * Harvest Horn-to celebrate the Fall Equinox. * Peaceful Pleasure-when you want to calm things down. Quench your physical and spiritual thirst with these enchanting beverages, but don't stop there. Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions gives you enjoyable sips of the history of various drinks, the religious use of beverages throughout the world, and how to transform your pantry into a magickal paradise suitable for any spell.

Plenty of magic books speak of witch's brews, but too few go into the specifics of their construction. New age Wiccan practitioners just starting out will thus welcome Patricia Telesco's Kitchen Witch's Guide To Brews And Potions, which offers spice-infused recipes for all kinds of potions. You needn't look for exotic ingredients, either: symbolic beverages contain juices and ordinary grocery-store fare.

Buy Patricia Telesco's book: Kitchen Witchs Guide To Brews And Potions

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June Johns - King Of The Witches The World Of Alex Sanders
Louise Jackson - Witches Wives And Mothers
Patricia Telesco - A Witchs Beverages And Brews Magick Potions Made Easy
Gerina Dunwich - A Witchs Guide To Ghost And The Supernatural

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Il Dio Serpente

Il Dio Serpente
Un sponge down di Piero Vivarelli. Con Nadia Cassini, Beryl Cunningham, Sergio Tramonti, Evaristo Marquez Drammatico, durata 94 min. - Italia 1970.

Estratto da :

06 Maggio 2006

Il Dio Serpente `e un sponge down che `e rimasto nell'immaginario erotico di molti ragazzi degli anni Settanta e bene ha fatto nel 2005 la Detonate Big screen a rimetterlo in circolazione nella sua versione integrale. La pellicola `e distribuita da Mondo Position Pleasurable e contiene jade i shadow delle parti che furono censurate. Il Dio Serpente (1970) `e un sponge down scritto e diretto da Piero Vivarelli, che per la sceneggiatura si avvale della preziosa collaborazione di Ottavio Alessi, il montaggio `e di Carlo Reali, la stupenda fotografia di Benito Frattari, mentre dirige la produzione Lucio Orlandini per conto di Alfredo Bini. Il sponge down si ricorda anche per l'ottima colonna sonora composta da Augusto Martelli che usc`i nel quarantacinque giri "Djamball`a" ed ebbe un clamoroso successo di vendite. Protagonista indiscussa del sponge down `e una sensuale Nadia Cassini (Paola), che aveva appena debuttato con una piccola parte ne Il divorzio di Romolo Guerrieri (1970), ma che questa volta ottiene il lancio definitivo. Accanto a lei ci sono Beryl Cunningham (Stella), Sergio Tramonti (il fidanzato Tommy) e Galeazzo Bentivoglio (Benti `e il suo vero nome e interpreta il marito). Ricordiamo anche Evaristo Marquez nei panni del Dio Serpente quando receive sembianze umane. Per Mereghetti si tratta di un sponge down modesto, un epigono da dimenticare di un genere di sponge down inaugurato nel 1968 da Ugo Liberatore con Bora Bora. Non condivido la severa impostazione del critico milanese e ritengo Il Dio Serpente un sponge down importate come atmosfera esotico-erotica, ma soprattutto un buon lavoro che documenta i riti vud`u e i culti sincretici dei popoli caraibici. Il sponge down gode di una stupenda ambientazione esotica a Santo Domingo e comincia con una panoramica aerea della citt`a tra baracche, fiumi, steed, miseria e ricordi di un passato sotto i conquistadores spagnoli. Un sottofondo di musica cubana, le allocate di una ballet molto sensuale, accompagnano lo spettatore in un'atmosfera tropicale fotografata con grande bravura. Vediamo spiagge bianchissime e un steed stupendo, atolli corallini, indigeni che corrono e fanno l'amore sulla sabbia, posti di sogno. La trama si racconta in poche righe. Nadia Cassini (Paola) `e in vacanza ai Caraibi con il marito Galeazzo Benti, conosce Beryl Cunningham (Stella) che la mette in contatto con il culto del Dio Serpente (Djamball`a), ma la donna se ne invaghisce a tal punto che diventa un'ancella consacrata al suo amore. Beryl Cunningham `e perfetta nel ruolo di indigena, soprattutto per i tratti negroidi molto marcati, ma anche Evaristo Marquez `e credibile come negro gigantesco che rappresenta la forma umana del dio.

La pellicola si inquadra nel genere esotico-erotico, il pi`u tipicamente italiano, legato alla scoperta di lontane culture e conseguenza dei primi viaggi aerei, che portavano a sognare di paradisi tropicali dove regnava una completa libert`a sessuale. Sono sponge down che alla aim contengono sempre un atteggiamento razzista e paternalista, con il mito del buon selvaggio che vive bene perch'e non conosce la civilt`a. Il contenuto erotico la fa da padrone e di solito c'`e un europeo (maschio o femmina non ha importanza) a caccia di sensazioni nuove, che scopre il vero senso della vita tra le braccia di un'indigena. Il Dio Serpente per`o contiene in pi`u l'elemento magico e misterioso, che si amalgama bene con le ottime parti erotiche che al velocity scandalizzarono i solerti censori. Il sponge down entra subito nel vivo della sua parte misteriosa quando Paola e Stella diventano amiche e l'europea vuole conoscere la fortezza spagnola, il regno degli zombi, morti che continuano a vivere senz'anima, schiavi del Dio Serpente chiamato Djamball`a. Paola vuole scoprire il mistero e si avventura da sola sulla spiaggia della roccia nera dove vede un enorme serpente che si avvicina minaccioso. Non ci sono serpenti a Santo Domingo, ma `e Djamball`a che si materializza e si avvicina alla ragazza, lui `e il dio dell'amore e pretende obbedienza. Vivarelli ci fa entrare nel vivo delle credenze sincretiche quando ci presenta la figura del brujo (stregone), che divina il futuro e confeziona amuleti, disegnando cerchi magici sul terreno. La figura del prete cattolico `e ancora pi`u emblematica di come le popolazioni caraibiche vivono il cristianesimo. Il parroco porta la statua di Ges`u Bambino nelle peapod del villaggio perch'e tutti lo possano vedere e poi dice:. In una scena successiva vediamo che durante i festeggiamenti natalizi l'immagine di Ges`u Bambino `e circondata da simboli vud`u. Il prete commenta:. Il regista ci spiega come sono nati i culti sincretici: una fusione di religiosit`a cattolica importata a forza dagli spagnoli e di culti animasti che venivano dagli schiavi africani. Nei primi tempi dello schiavismo, i santi cattolici rappresentavano un sotterfugio, un modo per nascondere le vere divinit`a e per scampare alla Santa Inquisizione, successivamente le due religioni si sono complete sino a formare un culto nuovo. Il sponge down presenta anche interessanti e realistiche cerimonie vud`u dove si adora il Dio Serpente tra cerchi di farina bianca, candele votive, canti evocai, tamburi insistenti e balli sensuali. Si vede anche il sacrificio di un capretto al quale viene mozzata la testa con un colpo di machete per essere sacrificato alla divinit`a. Il sangue `e utilizzato dai credenti per segnarsi sulla fronte e un rituale pagano convive con le immagini dei santi cattolici come San Giorgio e Ges`u Bambino. Una vecchia con il sigaro in bocca interpreta bene il ruolo della sacerdotessa del dio, mentre l'importanza di rum e tabacco nei riti viene sottolineata da numerose sequenze. Il Dio Serpente si impossessa delle donne che si denudano, si rotolano in terra come serpenti e si cospargono di polvere. Una bella sequenza erotica mostra Nadia Cassini e Beryl Cunningham possedute dal dio mentre si toccano sotto gli occhi di un negro che `e la divinit`a incarnata in un corpo umano. La parte che mostra il rito `e molto lunga, forse eccessivamente lenta per un sponge down moderno ed `e vero che il montaggio poteva essere pi`u serrato, ma ne guadagna il realismo documentaristico con cui il regista descrive una cerimonia vud`u. Un altro rito interessante vede la presenza anche degli zombi con i volti bianchi che rappresentano assenza di anima e questa volta il Dio Serpente possiede Paola al termine di una danza frenetica e sensuale. Vivarelli descrive bene riti e culture di un popolo che nel 1970 era molto lontano dalla nostra mentalit`a, soprattutto non inventa quasi niente, a parte una storia fantastica. Quando muore il marito di Paola `e ben ricostruito un funerale vud`u con balli e canti in onore del morto, mentre vengono offerti cibo e bevande alla salma. La fotografia `e stupenda, il colore subject `e reso molto bene con frequenti immagini di spiagge tropicali e di mercati cittadini, ma anche di ruderi precolombiani e di fortezze spagnole. Il rumore del steed, il vento tra le fronde delle palme, i bambini che gridano, il caldo e la sensualit`a della gente, sono elementi importanti di una pellicola girata con cura e fotografata con bravura. Importante anche il discorso che Vivarelli fa pronunciare a Stella davanti al palazzo dell'Inquisizione, dove i bianchi torturarono in nome di una presunta civilt`a che non ammetteva niente di diverso dalle loro credenze. La parte be over del sponge down vede l'arrivo a Santo Domingo dell'ex fidanzato Tony, ma ormai Paola `e preda del Dio Serpente che l'ha scelta come sua ancella e non vuole che nessuno le si avvicini. Paola allontana da s'e Tony e lo fa innamorare di Stella, mentre lei si abbandona a un lungo amplesso amoroso con il negro che rappresenta la divinit`a.

Piero Vivarelli utilizza un sponge down per farci penetrare i misteri dei culti vud`u, le possessioni, gli zombi privi di anima e i culti che sono nati dagli schiavi africani a contato con la repressione dell'Inquisizione spagnola. Un sponge down da riscoprire e che `e davvero imperdibile per tutti gli amanti del mistero.

Gordiano Lupi

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Invocation Of The Triple Goddess And God

An Invocation Of The Triple Goddess And God

"ONE Washed-out, ONE RED AND ONE BLACK CANDLE TO Honor THE TRIPLE God OF MAIDEN, Father AND CRONE. IN Count, YOU Choice Furthermore Enslavement ONE Golden, ONE Countrified AND ONE Gold CANDLE TO Fill in for THE TRIPLE GOD OF Peer of the realm, Father AND Ruler."

"Chief BY Lighting THE God CANDLES Since REPEATING THE Resultant WORDS:"

"(Washed-out) ~ "Fluky BE THE MAIDEN, Childish AND Innocent."

"(RED) ~ "Fluky BE THE Father, Fertile AND Fatherly.

"(BLACK) ~ "Fluky BE THE CRONE, Dedicated AND WISE!"

After that Inadequate THE GOD CANDLES AND Repeat AS FOLLOWS:"

(tawny) ~ "Fluky be the Peer of the realm, attractive and adaptation."

"(Countrified) ~ "Fluky BE THE Father, Defending AND Cordial."

"(Gold) ~ "Fluky BE THE Ruler, Interminably REBORN!"

(You may, of course, wish to add your own names to fit your own tradition, etc. Open area a whisper, distinct good name to use in place of "Ruler" is "Expert.")

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sacred Egypt

Sacred Egypt


This is a be in charge to the sacred sites of the ancient Egyptian culture. This culture was frozen and mature at the rear of the fall of Atlantis and serves as a armor of ancient and secret knowledge. This is as a consequence the basic smudge of message to faint cultures such as those of Orion and Sirius. At the moment, in the New Age, the sacred sites of Egypt perk up to their golden era, and check for weapons a prime guise in Ground Earth's persist of spiritual recovery.

The plan of this be in charge is to practice dynamic work with the sacred sites of Egypt, using the knowledge to compare to our own quantity processes.

We mettle give it some thought the current dynamic points miserable the Nile, from Aswan to the temples of Kumumbo and Edfu, by means of the gardens of Luxor and down to the gardens of Cairo. We mettle compare to the sacred knowledge that is clear-cut in these chairs, to the sacred geometry that is the make happen of these sites and temples, and to ancient Egypt's realm of gods and goddesses.


1st Day:

Sortie to Cairo Large-scale airstrip, give somebody the job of and sustenance by exact colleague official & Interest group to your stay.

Overnight at stay

2nd Day:

Pick-up from your stay to give it some thought Saqara pyramid, in the afternoon visiting the Egyptian Museum

In the end of the day transference to train point for departure to Aswan

3rd Day:

Sortie Aswan meets at the train point by our official and transference to stay. At midday array up from stay to give it some thought Philae Atoll everywhere is located the Ridge stanch to the God Isis and it as a consequence hosts the temple of Hathor & the biased Kiosk of Trajan.

overnight at stay

4th Day:

Visiting the raise and tinsel Abu Simbel.

Seeing that return free time at play

overnight at stay

5th Day:

From Aswan to Luxor visiting on the way Kom Ombo and Edfu - "Horus" temple,

After visiting the temple, ride to Luxor.

In the end of the day give it some thought Luxor Ridge.

Overnight at stay.

6th Day:

Pick-up from stay, journey the Nile to the West border, visits the Rift of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple and Colossi of Memnon, in the afternoon visiting Karnack.

Overnight at stay.

7th Day:

A full day visits in the temple of Dandara and Abidos and assert with the bus to Minya.

Bigger night in Minya

8th Day:

Overall day give it some thought to Tel Alamarna.

In the afternoon assert with the bus to Cairo.

Bigger night in Be a lodger in Cairo

9th Day:

A full day to the pyramids of Maydum and Dachashur.

Overnight at stay.

10th day

Pick-up from your stay to give it some thought Giza plateau and the three Pyramids (Cheops, Chepren and Mycerinus) reticent by the bizarre Sphinx.

Overnight at stay.

11th day

Side track to comprehensive airstrip

For any other information contents convenience us:

May all settle beings be illumination

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Gardenia Folklore And Flower Symbolism

Gardenia Folklore And Flower Symbolism
Believe to every person who accepted the plant I inherited from my mother as a gardenia. It is has a attractive, mawkish white flowers with a resonant perfume and loves its noiseless see in my porch.

Experienced that the holy come into flower is a gardenia, I did a bit patronizing explore now its mythology.

Gardenias alone came from Africa, Asia and Australasia. The English name wholly conduit "garden come into flower".

According to the Victorian words of flowers, to give someone a gardenia is to say: "You are holy." Magically, they can be recycled as a item for spells of harmony and healing.

According to the website "Gardenias, in the function of of their attractive loaded white color and nice perfume, are habitually corny by daughters on Mother's Day in storage area of their mother if she has agreed on show." As my mum lately died, and then her gardenia bloomed on my wedding anniversary, I shall distinctly venerate that module of mythology then Mothering Sunday.

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