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The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity

The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity Cover

Book: The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity by Marian Singer

The fundamentals of spellcraft-all in one volume! While it's extensive in knowledge and theory and is actually rather good, it wouldn't hurt to check out other spell books and read up on other seasoned witches' and wizrads' theories. Even with that said, I love this book.

It's always a great reference for White Magick, Crystal Magick, and Astroligical charts. In a while I'll have worn the cover with opening it constantly to my favorite pages. It's also very good for the fast-paced witch to have -- you can slip it in your pocket or purse while you're out shopping for supplies or what-not and open it as a reference. (Don't attempt this if you're wearing a trench coat and sun glasses, the bail isn't worth it).

Also, if you're a beginner in Magick, this is a book I highly recogmend. The spellwork is simple and the supplies for them few. These aren't elaborate or complicated spells and most can be done at anytime. There are also spells for children and some for relationships and even money.

The Only wiccan spell Book You'll Ever Need, by noted Wiccan authorities Marian Singer and Trish MacGregor, is your perfect primer to understanding the basics of Wiccan philosophy and ideology. Starting with a brief rundown of Witchcraft Tools and symbols, this handy reference helps you create spells for virtually every aspect of your life:

# Business
# Creativity
# Health
# Love
# Personal power
# Prosperity, luck, and abundance
# Travel

I really like this book. I begun reading last week and I'm really interested in the topic. I think this is a great book for anyone wanting to know about white magic and how it works. Filled with myriad examples, simple instructions, and recipes that incorporate easy-to-find ingredients, The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need will have you creating your own magick in no time. Marian Singer really enjoys it almost as much as I do being a green witch. She said it is great for those who are new to the craft as well as to those who have been practicing it their entire life. I often see her reading this book when I go to visit her, infact she has opened it so much that the cover is wore out!

Marian Singer, author of Magick for the Wild Woman and the bestselling Everything(r) wicca and witchcraft Book, is an expert on Wicca, Witchcraft, and goddess traditions. Initially self-taught, she later received initiation into the Strega tradition of Italy. She frequently gives lectures and workshops around the country and has appeared on several television shows, such as Sightings and The Debra Duncan Show. A resident of Western New York, Ms. Singer regularly contributes to popular sites.

Buy Marian Singer's book: The Only Wiccan Spell Book You Will Ever Need For Love Happiness And Prosperity

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