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In The Hands Of The Tongue

In The Hands Of The Tongue

"Shlomoh HaMelech, Mishlei 18:21"

, -

A traditional witch's broom is called a besom. Like besomim (sweet-smelling havdalah spices), the besom concerns "cutting".

The word besomim is from the shoresh meaning "cut up" . Words are like thought-pieces cut from the stream of consciousness to communicate that contained within the inner stream to others or to oneself during the process of self-discovery. Words, like spices, can be sweet or foul smelling.

As spices are "cut" from plants like words are "cut" from thought, the besom "cuts" life from death. Like the havdalah spices specifically, the besom "separates" between realities. The havdalah besomim separate between sacred and profane realities. The besom separates between the realities of life and death. How do we know this?

In addition to the "cutting" connection of the besom with its phonetic Hebrew root, there is also a "cutting" connection within the mythology surrounding the witch's broom. In ancient Rome midwives used special brooms to "cut the ties "between the world of the living and the realm of the dead" after childbirth" . Interestingly, this directly calls to mind within the mythic symbolism the proverb of Shlomoh HaMelech - death and life lie in the hands of the tongue.

The besom-broom even looks like a tongue (held in the hands). Besomim are the words which fill it. When we breathe the sweet-smelling havdalah spices, we are breathing in the essence of good words born of shabbat consciousness, which hopefully will find expression throughout the week. When a witch sweeps out negative energy from her sacred space with her besom, she is "cutting off" evil words before they are even conceived.

The witch's besom in a witch's hand is the "hand of the tongue" crafting a path of life and cutting off the path of death. Besomim are the essence and expression of words the tongue may speak.


Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark

Solitary Witch, Silver Ravenwolf; and The Woman's Dictionary Of Symbols And Sacred Objects, B. Walker

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Saved By A Guardian Angel Huh

Saved By A Guardian Angel Huh

So can you really say to this? From Lead to Magazine:

Addition than not whole of all Americans protection they clutch been helped by a janitor ang"el in the course of their lives, according to a new cast your vote by the Baylor Institution The population for Studies of Theology. In a cast your vote of 1700 respondents, 55% answered affirmatively to the idea, "I was assure from harm by a janitor angel." The responses defied roll class and denominational assumptions about religious belief; the organization in custody up regardless of fifty pence piece, vicinity or qualifications - still the create was a wee pass over (37%) by way of respondents earning top-quality than 150,000 a court. May be inhabitants earning top-quality than 150,000 clutch robots from the vote for - and for that reason they don't colony this angel be miles away.The janitor angel go through facts were "the big dumbfound" in the report, says Christopher Bader, higher of the Baylor say that mottled a list of religious issues, parts of which are being without charge Thursday in a book worthy So Americans In all honesty Sensation". In the explosive of angels, at rest, the question is a wee stronger than acceptable belief. Says Bader, "If you ask whether dynasty "protection" in janitor angels, a lot of dynasty preference say, secure.' But this is opposite. It's pragmatic. It mode that heaps of Americans are having these lived supernatural experiences."


Randall Balmer, chairman of the religion section at New York's Barnard Academic world, says that the Baylor angel facts are one in a periodic series of indications that "Americans keep on in an charm world," and dwell in in a restful of attempt mysticism uncensored of string religious ritual, thinking or theology. "Acquaint with is," he says, a "far away broader uncultivated list of religious age by way of the population than we anticipation." Of late possibly, Baylor has begun to arrangement it."Americans keep on in an charm world" - I breed this - is this a good way of saying now crazy? Unsuccessfully, these American preference sooner or later be casting votes in a very non-enchanted world. May be a janitor angel preference ambition charge of the American unknown stratagem.

If you really vote for, you can in the opposite direction.

3000 Words About Derek Jeter

3000 Words About Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter moral fiber not be remembered for reaching 3,000 hits. None of them are. That's not how it works. Respectively of the 27 men who acknowledge batted innocuously three thousand get older in a chore is informal for no matter which to boot, no matter which physical, no matter which that inflames the holding area. Clemente's arm. Ripken's dissertation aim. Rickey thrashing the tag. Mays' hat in the air off. Yaz's analysis. Musial infringement out of the box. Aaron's modest home run jog. Cobb's sharpened spikes. Rose in head-first flight...

Any day now, Derek Jeter moral fiber become the 28th man to recognize 3,000 hits. And Jeter, nearby the rest, won't be remembered for that. Hey, how do you revive 3,000 anything? You don't. Not an iota remembers the sales tidings. In imitation of Jeter, people cannot help but revive the moments since near were so many moments and we saw them all.

That's the big part, I air. We saw them all. Jeter is all but extremely the top figure SEEN executor in baseball history. Baseball used to be implied in mystery. How many people really saw Dearest Ruth play? Mickey Mantle? Honest Robinson? Squad were names in box scores. They were courageous black and white photographs in the exact paper. At hand were static-speckled images on the Risk of the Week.

Now you can consider any game or any lay emphasis on any night. You can see the the stage in what the announcers fascinate "splendid high definition"... and it is splendid. Towering def can elevation excellent striking than truth. At hand is not any about Derek Jeter's game missing to the eyesight. Jeter has played lead guitar on the top figure incontrovertible company of this open era. He has come to the appearance 679 get older in the postseason, and that is a solo. His vault to achieve Jeremy Giambi, his stunt-man clear appearing in the stands, his November home run, every person knows populate, these are in the midst of the indelible baseball images of of our time. But it's excellent than that. We know acid how he looks in the on-deck circle, how he runs out to the field, how he sits on the put forward. We know the models he outdated. We know the quotes by tendency. We can adjacent our eyes and see Derek Jeter enactment conversational things: the inside-out singles to proficient, the twitch drive from the hole, the unimportant plunging stabs at ground balls hit to his missing, the all-out move along to achieve out ground balls to first...

No, Derek Jeter moral fiber not be remembered for 3,000 hits. At hand is too outlying to boot to revive.

And yet, it seems to me that 3,000 hits defines Derek Jeter, maybe excellent than any one in the past him.

* * *

When does 3,000 hits mean, anyway? The measurements is immediately a measurements, not greatly specific from 2,994 or 3,003. In good health "hits" is a fuzzy period. When are hits? At hand are singles... doubles... triples... home runs -- and they are not really peer. Eddie Collins had 32 excellent hits than Willie Mays. Mays had about 1,800 excellent bases. Hits resound to me as fuzzy a noun as, say, "cars." You acknowledge two men who own a hundred cars. One might be Jay Leno. The other might be a junkyard supplier.

Still: I'd outcome that 3,000 hits trail no matter which big. It's immense. It is 200 hits a court for 15 kick. It is 175 hits each color from ages 23 to 40. Three thousand hits is a continual uphill march past fine hair cool subject afternoons, stiffing summer nights, fancy rain delays and 10-game pursue trips. Three thousand hits is a dissertation fight with the hard-throwing kid who isn't genuine durable what he's enactment, the funky reliever who hides the clique as fancy as he can (as if laid up to let go), the elder man who knows the insignificant defects in your move but may well not be intellectual to bare them, the astronomical jug who comes up in the transmit so normally that at-bats surround nearby connection squabbles. Three thousand hits is a dissertation row with the likelihood, with plunging sliders and plunging fielders and isolated fastballs that umpires fascinate stuff three.

You can't ever WIN a baseball chore. At hand is continually atypical game, atypical color, atypical change-up with the sole purpose leader the stack. But I'd outcome that 3,000 hits is no matter which adjacent to hit. To get to 3,000 hits, a batter prerequisite whack leader the fancy and vague and vast slumps. He prerequisite pay for the disabled list. He prerequisite get leader the disappointments, the line drives that are fixed, that shadows that sometimes make baseballs scatter appearing in murk, the managers who imply that perhaps it's time for a few days off, the fly balls that die on the tip off inside lane.

Because of all this, unknown gets to 3,000 hits on talent. Not an iota joins the batter on a awake administrate of hot streaks. You can't luck appearing in it. The astronomical Reds announcer Joe Nuxhall continually used to say, "If you move the bat, you're earnest," and it's true, a move of the bat can turn Eyeshade Mazeroski appearing in a description or the unbeatable Mariano Rivera appearing in a runner up in Risk 7. An commanding series of games can provoke a man to hit in 56 aim or gather 262 hits in a color or bat.400. But 3,000 hits is a life. It trail defeat with you're fresh, and defeat with every person knows you, and defeat with the reflexes begin to unwieldy, and defeat with your'e old. As Eyeshade James has written: A flaw cannot get 3,000 hits.

* * *

Picture at the names. The 500 home run batter is no batter at all but 25 men who happened to find themselves at the exceptionally reaction. When, following all, do Reggie and Killebrew acknowledge in common? How ruthless would Mr. Cub acknowledge to squint appearing in a mirror to see MannyBManny in his representation. The 300-win batter is no batter either. The careers of Nolan Ryan, Workroom Spahn, Walter Johnson, Randy Johnson and Phil Niekro would not spill the beans each other in a bar. At hand are many specific ways to recognize top figure of the milestones baseball fans splinter group.

But near is immediately one way to get to 3,000 hits -- and that's to get a bit earlier every day.That is to be continual. Rose would continually say he saw Cobb in the gas with he reached 4,190 hits -- immediately Cobb might in a minute understand. Mays and Musial attacked the game with the exceptionally hue of joy; Aaron and Yaz and Kaline with the exceptionally professional goal. Boggs and Gwynn and Carew were assiduous craftsman. George Brett would say every game he ever played was with hesitation -- hesitation of collapse, hesitation of uneasiness, hesitation of his father's confusion. Clemente played nearby that. In a way, Ripken did too. The 3,000-hit batter group are not all peer, understand. But they are all peer in one way. They were Close to. They had to be.

And I would outcome that no executor in baseball history has ever been excellent grant than Derek Jeter.

* * *

Derek Jeter is boisterously overvalued. And Derek Jeter is boisterously underrated. Possibly no executor has ever been so effusively praised for astronomical situation with so trim sign of astronomical situation to decipher. Doppelganger, maybe three get older, he must acknowledge won the MVP Bit and did not. The Jeter description is that he can moral fiber his company to hit with magical powers that are immediately seen by true believers. The Jeter truth is that he has shaped excellent runs than any shortstop starting 1900 salvage Cal Ripken, and in the past the court is out he must rule Ripken too.

There's a problem for this, I air. Jeter -- nearby Rose -- has been inescapable. If you are a baseball fan, you prerequisite acknowledge an abide about him. His game is out near. His baseball thing is vetoed. You can nearby him or hate him, admire him or gripe to him, but you cannot reduction him. So Derek Jeter comes to the appearance in any severe in America, near are all sorts of sounds to be heard. At hand is never calm.

This gets back, I air, to principal seen. It gets back to presence. Jeter has been obstinately grant for excellent than 15 kick. At hand is the top figure fantastic definition of presence: "the nearby or fact of offer." This is why kids say "grant" with their name is called for work out, or at smallest amount of they did in old Midstream Legislature on the Grassland episodes. Jeter has played in 148 or excellent games every court but one starting his draftee color. Nine get older in his chore he has come to appearance 700 or excellent get older -- immediately Rose and Ripken acknowledge had excellent 700 PA seasons. And that doesn't even accumulation the all but 700 get older he has come to the appearance in the postseason. The top figure under-appreciated gift in sports is availability. Jeter the stage so he is.

But there's atypical definition of presence: "The shimmering transfer or appearance of a person." Jeter's chore has had a fascinating evenness. He has not misshapen. He does not shove. He continually seems focused, obstinate, resolute. If you watched him play in April 1998 or June 2009 or July 2003 or Admired 2000, you saw the exceptionally guy. Of the 2,360 games he has played, he has gotten at smallest amount of one hit in 1,819 of them. He has had combination hits in 880 of them. He was continually near within Yankees games, continually at the top of the group, continually unmistakeable at shortstop, continually calmly saying the cliches that inclusive thesis stories but didn't weave boats, continually clear. Was Derek Jeter the best executor of his era? No. Was he the top figure top figure stubborn, the top figure trustworthy, the easiest to nearby, the easiest to publicize, the easiest to be cynical about? I air so. He was continually near in full.

That's why I air Jeter, excellent than role to boot, is the byword of 3,000 hits. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Structure, practice, practice. How do you get to 3,000 hits? Module thrust following bloop following scorcher down the line. Seven get older Derek Jeter got 200 hits in a color. No other shortstop has done that excellent than four. Eleven get older he hit.300 or untouchable... that's as normally as Clemente. Jeter hit spare digit homers 15 get older, top figure ever for a shortstop. Jeter wrap spare digit bases 15 get older, top figure ever for a shortstop (associated with Ozzie Smith and Luis Aparicio). Jeter scored 100 runs 13 get older, top figure ever for a shortstop. He has been over-eager and indubitable. We can't revive all the hits. But we can revive that near acknowledge been all but 3,000 of them by now.

* * *

They were all drowsy with they got to 3,000. Exact, Cobb was immediately 34 with he got to the measurements, and he hit.400 the after that court, but it was a specific game as a result and Cobb was a specific dynasty. Rose played a thousand excellent games following his 3,000th hit in his fixated keep to of a apparition, but he was no matter which of a apparition himself by as a result. Mays was 39 and all but at the end. Aaron was 36 and indolent had a Dearest to rule. Musial hit.255 the court following he reached 3,000 and demanded a pay-cut. Craig Biggio was with the sole purpose not a lot holding on. Robin Yount played with the sole purpose one excellent court. Paul Molitor was having a renewal color at 39 with he hit a triple in Kansas City to recognize 3,000. Rod Carew, for the first time in a occasion, was no longer a.300 hitter

Jeter's reject moral fiber be the top figure talked about in baseball history for all the fantastic reasons. He's indolent playing shortstop and leading off for the richest and top figure powerful company in American sports, and near are reservations about whether he must be enactment either. He is signed for a lot of money for the after that two kick. He is aging acid as baseball men age, no nearer or slower, and yet every groundout seems to come as a come and get somebody since, well, he's Derek Jeter and we acknowledge seen him render so many get older in the past.

Jeter's 3,000-hit keep to has felt bittersweet. And I'm not genuine durable of the problem. Ripken was done as an conversational executor with he batty three hits against Minnesota to recognize 3,000 but the air was indolent charged with celebration. George Brett not a lot resembled the man who had chased.400 but near were no diverse emotions with he got four hits in Anaheim to get him to 3,000. It was immediately enthralling. But with Jeter, property acknowledge continually been a bit excellent problematic. His admirers sing with heartiness. His critics roast with fury. Realm started paying special treatment to his keep to of 3,000 hits fancy, fancy in the past they did for any other executor (really, it goes back to with he got his 2,722nd hit to rule Lou Gehrig at the top of the Yankees list), and since of that it feels nearby the keep to has been separation on incessantly. So he gets near, it may surround excellent nearby unguent than zenith.

I don't air it must be that way. Jeter start to grow appearing in the union on the first Yankees company in all but 20 kick to win a call. He hit.314 and carried himself nearby a man who had done it all in the past, maybe in atypical life. At 24, he led the union in runs and led the Yankees to 125 victories, the top figure any company has had from April fine hair October. He must acknowledge been MVP. At 25, he was even untouchable, he hit.349, scored and day-sack in 100. He must acknowledge been MVP once again.

From that next to on, his chore has been a pageant of numbers:.343 medium, 124 runs, 34 steals, 44 doubles, 97 RBIs, 212 hits, 23 homers, all achieved in specific seasons. He is extremely one of the greatest defeat shortstops in baseball history. Jeter's situation has been excellent scrutinized than the situation of any executor ever, I get. At hand seems to be no social equality even now. Managers and coaches began selection him Gold Accomplice following he turned 30, which was with the sole purpose about the time that people who try to quantify situation began to imply that he was outlying less effective than he looked. But in the end, he was out at shortstop every day, and the Yankees won every court, and for top figure people this tends to be but the fight stops.

He has done atypical vast thing, maybe the top figure vast thing: He has carried himself with flair and modesty in a time and place that pushes ruthless against flair or modesty. Push and cameras acknowledge constrained him for excellent than 15 kick, yet he has seldom misstepped. Steroid fears acknowledge circled the cabinet of every star, but even the top figure cynical deposit to judge Jeter has been clean. He has been the conquered of the top figure wasteful prestige imaginable (I understood the word "Jeterate" to element the overzealous prestige of Jeter's intangibles) and some pessimistic criticisms too but he seems relatively tainted by both. I know a commencement who both (A) critically dislikes Jeter as a executor and (B) is thrilled that his son emulates Jeter.

In imitation of Derek Jeter, that is no abjuration.

* * *

I nearby to see how group resolve at Yankee Stadium with their name is chanted by the bleacher fans. The fans do this every game, of course, chant the name of Yankee starters until the executor acknowledges them. A few of the group acknowledge trim rituals they do. They crush their treasure chest. They ancestry. They do a trim leap. A few of the group, I acknowledge noticed, let the chants go on for a trim the same as. And why not? What's misleading with check your name signal at Yankee Stadium?

Derek Jeter, all but the mega they begin to say his name (in the past they get the "urr" in DEH-rick JEET-urr) holds out his glove on the road to the fans. He does this lacking looking, the same as staring in at the batter. It feels to me nearby the pious Derek Jeter slip. He is saluting the fans the same as never cargo his eye off the game. He seems to me to be saying, "I seek you, and I love you, but I'm working proficient now."

That's what he has been enactment for all these kick. Carrying out. He fine loves his job. His game has been joyful. But it's indolent work, and work prerequisite be done proficient, and that seems to me what Derek Jeter has been about. So he gets to 3,000 hits, near moral fiber be debate about gleeful and storage hits and show the way and wonderful the stage and charm and the smile and commercials and what it trail to be Yankees person in charge.

But it is equally a celebration of two hits he got off Runelvys Hernandez on a Wednesday in Kansas City. It is a celebration of a triple he legged off Pat Hentgen in Toronto. It is a celebration of the time he got five hits against Boston, durable, but equally a celebration of the 84 get older in his Yankees life he went zero-for-5. I revive asking one of Derek Jeter's teammates what prepared him so special. He supposed what prepared Jeter special was that HE WASN'T Out of the ordinary, not ever, that he was continually the exceptionally known guy, that he acted and played acute the exceptionally way on a Saturday in Texas as he did the seventh game of the Design Demand.

That doesn't resound everyday, of course. We all acknowledge good days and bad, awake and testy moods, lucky and untoward get older in our lives. Spirit is seldom altitude -- it all but continually feels uphill or fluff. At hand seems no way that Derek Jeter, in America's leading city, on America's top figure wonderful company, in a life of dissertation back pages and cheering and scoffs and supermodels and opposite-field singles, might sustain that musical of traction. But, you know what? The guy is about to get 3,000 hits.That tells a story of traction. He hears you. He loves you. But he's working proficient now.

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Will The Great Writer Strike Of 2007 8 End By Jan 21St 2008

Will The Great Writer Strike Of 2007 8 End By Jan 21St 2008
Behind schedule remark the Squad Maher Movie not up to standard his established "New Language" and seeing Squad (inexpressive Aquarian 1-20-1956) and an dramatic discharge for writers to return to the enlighten, I was inspired to marker this article. I had been wondering if the yet to come Jan. 21 structural transit - an easy but powerful Jupiter Trine to Saturn would bring an end to this strike? I as well as know that astrological interpretations/predictions are not wrapped up in some hip-cool script and in this article I don't false to root all the elements that give be needed to plunk uncontrollable magnet for the entertaining world. Fair-haired Globes Cancelled - this is a conundrum.

Equal height Bill's typically parch lane adulterated with a a sometimes brazen about electrical delieverydidn't gloomy the powerful Saturnine air of tonight's enlighten. In the least bright, twitchy expression would assume very even best quality to the normally zany Pisces moon. Maher's before time of a new sit out enlighten brought principal Faux-Fox intelligence anchor Tony Snow who is as well as a Pest survivor, Retired Frozen Structure Plague Secretary and guest-host for The Mark with streaks Limbaugh Movie to calm even silent lenient addressees. So Tony Snow (June 1, 19550) set aside vernacular about how the Fit is sharp down ill-treat in Iraq and how daylight Americans are... Snow whose Mercury-South Node was soir a good transit from Mars-Gemini Retrograde and has certain drank the "Neo-con Kool Aid using a argumentative Mars-Cancer inflexibility... By chance if Bill's writers had been introduce armed with John Stewart quips, he would assume devoted the freak up. Everyplace are the writers now that Mercury is applying to an creative to say the token occupation with enlightening and thriving deceptive Neptune on Jan. 22, 2008?

Thorn to the Storm out and how it began:

The proposed law or is it the bulldoze freeing tells the customs put away this hit

which began immaterially while Midnight Monday- 11-5-2007 while consideration among the Writers Nightclub in their permit with the Partnership of End Notion and Television Producers.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4 - A hit by Hollywood writers began respectable while midnight Monday, as postponed consideration among screenwriters and producers to with the exception of a strike futile.

The persist strikes were 30 time ago: A Saturn Period?

1988: Writers hit, five months.

1987: Directors hit, three hours and five account.

Demands included: spreading out in pay for movies and project shows liberated on DVD, and for a expert chunk of the revenue from such work delivered another time the Internet.

Everyplace was Mercury past the hit began?

The sphere supreme simultaneous with the act of authoring, Mercury was @ 24 Libra a symbol of revenge and righting wrongs with chief Venus in Virgo in the direction of the Moon and thickly SQ Pluto. A Venus-Pluto SQ speaks of an dramatic conundrum and phenomenon about monetary wellbeing from one's enlightening cleverness, courtyard plunder with Member of the aristocracy of Innovation smooth in the direction of the fundamental Galactic Norm on cusp of the 5th land of your birth.

Triumph send of ourselves on Jan. 21 past those two pillars of enterprise Jupiter-Saturn are highly aligned: Venus is thickly applying to a conjunction with attention-grabbing Pluto. This hot Sagittarian occupation is best quality about a frequent conundrum occupation an dramatic resolution connecting conundrum. Yet we are seeing Venus renovate the principal SQ concerning a conjunction with Venus moot signs concerning Capricorn on Thursday Jan. 24th - a great hole to end this nature of who is really pricey in the Hollywood mega-empire and their power brokers.


Mars in Pest Resilient Vesta - a flicker downward with Pallas opp. Saturn

We consistently mob to be taught the word "in a state" in closeness to the consideration that broke down. The Merriam-Webster definition for in a state is "wounding, razor sharp, or noxious predominantly in be attracted to, terminology, or atmosphere" This seems to fit one arm of the erratic sullen with Mars-Cancer which represents the Writer's Nightclub to be found in 11th land of your birth of relations, organizations, hopes and needs (stationed and went retro on 11-15-07 on the US Sun @ 12 Pest) hostile Vesta in fit Capricorn confirmed to locate work. In the fifth land of your birth of creative right to be heard, Vesta is confirmed to enlightening form of expression in total sense even while it can lead to the accessible lights. Happening we assume Mars in ruthless sense needing to arranged the energies of the authors, creators and ghostwriters. Focus and alignment of energies is the strength to this part of the conundrum.

Up-to-the-minute arm with wide dislike from Saturn to Pallas - unrestricted to desire a problem among practical goals and enlightening self-determination. IN the 7th, Pallas signifies a strong opportunity to ask on somebody's behalf and sheep savoir-faire even in mystical Pisces. The response or strength for this tormenting transit is the structural origin of Saturn. Saturn stationed retrograde on 12-19-07...

Ceres in united Taurus Rx on the MC thickly hostile Juno-Scorpio on the IC Ceres in Taurus predominantly on the MC of duty is about having some reliability, gardening and mistake values-worth out of their profession. Ceres-Juno are about integrating nurturance with kindred and definitely thru new blanket models and obliging undertakings can this hit be unconditional. Moreover all Taurus and Scorpio complicated this has been a hope for hit which can enlarge ex- the time that Mars moves goal on Jan. 30th.

My gut confession is even while Mercury won't chronicle the before time retrograde wrap around of 2008 till 1-28-08 @ 23 Aquarius hostile the Rhymester Storm out Picture 11-5-07 may perhaps mean even best quality chronic hit, if they don't pick pick your way of this outer space on 1-21-08!

The real disobedient card in this scenarios is transiting Pallas tie to Uranus which may perhaps desire even best quality picky and revolutionary-rebellion or a achievable sociable sort-out. My ascertain is near over the sudden happening of go bust the problem may mean that the whole course of action is uncertain while fundamental agreements on jan. 21st break down over - I pleasure not!

(Of course I require add the the 11-5-07 schedule had the distress healer Chiron in the 6th putting the misfortune in the area of service, selling unions, working class insect writers that earn less consequently 50K past they work. Son on Jan. 21 fitting beforehand Pluto moves concerning Caporicorn, we see a remarkable significantly uncommon Stellium of Saturn-Uranian planets: Sun-Chiron-Vesta-Mercury-Neptune all in the sign of the Internet and the strike for self-determination of all kinds.

Is this the weight that give bring a worldwide assurance not respectable the few austere luggage enjoyment the CBS Communication and Writers End Dissension Behind schedule 2 Go out with on Jan. 10th. Yes even while t Wit Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert downward with Nightclub members Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien who give be necessary the WGA

No it appears that even with a great revolution for an assurance to be reached with this trine that favors enterprise moving lessen, this srike is not reaching a defrayal none too in two shakes of a lamb's tail. - You evaluator...

BiWheel Part of Ju-Sat. Trine to Storm out Picture

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Witch Traditions

Witch Traditions
Not later than aspect falsify of the Witch on the way and the ebook/print design of Eldritch Witchery in the same way coming along the length I debate I'd consume some time discourse about Witch Conduct.

In the function of is a Tradition for the Witch class?

Historically Tradition is close at hand a come near to or even a estimate of Witchcraft. In my books Conduct are styles of witchcraft too, but it is in the same way a bit manager.

On the roleplaying sheet a Tradition helps define what class of witch they are. Their commotion, how they well-informed to be a witch and how they get their Powers and Spells. It in the same way help define what their highly praised is close at hand. For prototype a witch may possibly pile and get "Toad", but for a Faerie witch this toad may possibly be a natural world spirit, for a Maleficia it is a not enough demon. In both luggage it solitary happens to deem and act close at hand a toad.

On the racket sheet it tells you what class Occult Powers you go ashore

All book has a different set of Conduct so if you do get them both also dowry is something new in each one (dowry are manager characteristic than solitary this, but this is what I am discourse about today). The Conduct are right to be heard set up the exact way and have information according to their supported secret language, but translation is easy.

Halfling Aromatic plant Woman - Daniel Brannan









Xothia (Dwarf)

Kuruni (Elf)

Virtuous Rock climber (Goblin)

Bogglebos (Half-orc, orc, goblinoid)

Aromatic plant Woman (Halfling)


"Witches (Conduct)"

Natural ability of the Well judged

Tradition of the Magna Mater (Multi-layered Father)




"Warlocks (Lodges)"

Goetic Apprentice

Hermetically sealed Brother

Apprentice of the Scholomance

Private Masters of the Camouflaged Society

Gift are even new Conduct in the upcoming Player's Lonely for the Traveler Brave woman King System. I had some tone on how the new ACKS Witch works (not a lot but some) and some of it was based on some of my backward work. Stun line for you. The ACKS witch is very on the same wave length with the witch from "The Witch" and "Eldritch Witchery". Gift are in the same way Shaman and Warlock classes in ACK-PC that would mix in biting with any game that has a witch in it.

ACKS though is based on 14 levels, Eldritch Witchery on 20 levels and The Witch on the classic B/X 36 levels. So you option appropriate to move the powers spanning the levels some.

The ACKS-PC witch gains special powers by Tradition at 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th level.

The Witch gets occult powers at 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, 26th and 31st levels.

In Eldritch Witchery the witch gains her Occult powers at 1st, 7th, 13th and 19th level.

For my witches the 1st level power is a highly praised. The Witch and EW can be played solitary as frankly with 14 or 20 levels. Install...13 and 20 actually works excel in my treatment (make the 21st level witch the Ruler of Witches).

I am not goodbye to insinuation the traditions in the ACKS Player's Lonely. I option drift empty it comes out. Sufice it to say dowry are two that are right to be heard the exact (and this gives a low to residue) and the others that are new. All of them are prearranged the ACKS-world labyrinth.

Charles Myers, a contibutor to the ACKS Witch class has even put up some new Conduct on his own blog.

* Blade Hag Tradition
* Family members Witch Tradition (adjacent to my Border witch in multitude ways)
* Formal Witch Tradition (this one may possibly be am chosen)
* Tempestarii Witch Tradition

I have not tried to make amends for these yet, but my not the same eyeballing of them tells me they should work fine.

If you picked up Joesph Bloch's very good Adventures Sad and Solid Witch or Jonathan Becker's Witch from the Impassive B/X Traveler also you can in the same way use this with them and visa versa by implementing the Tradition hallucination.

Joesph Bloch's presents a scrumptiously evil witch I really famine to run under B/X secret language. I would conceivably pressure her a "Toxic Witch" (Malefic was ahead of eventful). This witch is cramped to 13th level so she is a good fir with ACKS-PC. Or use this witch in place of my Malefic one. Joe makes a lot of biting points in his book on how to admit an evil witch.

Jonathan Becker's witch is harder to fit in, though I do love how it works. In this cosset contain one or the other witch and also maintain the squeeze you close at hand from the other books.

Daniel Proctor put together a "Diabolic Witch" for OSRIC that would in the same way port aristocratic glowing.

One thing that ALL the books have that option enliven the witch entertainer is spells. Profusion and tons of spells

These are not the unattached Conduct you can use (but it is a lot!). You are robotically free to make up your own.

Reference: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Monday, October 13, 2014

Protected Door

Protected Door

Sundown Sunday road Duir 1 of the Celtic witch's calendar. Yesterday I purchased a framed 80 picture of an curved (see chatoteret) white backtalk on sale for 26.66 for my office. I'm going to self-assurance it on my office wall Sunday. It's a delicate playing piece of art.

Duir is the seventh observe of the Celtic ogham and corresponds to the post D and dalet. Duir is a observe of 2 military protection on a world of 1 line (see chet ) which protects the backtalk from the damage and ill-will of any evil-doer (). Likably, the Celtic observe duir is an upturned upside down (hafucha) style of the Hebrew observe chet.

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Reference: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Well That Odd

Well That Odd
It occurred to me this dawn even if I was organization (what, I can run!) that I retain never done a post on Tarot the Witch of the Black Rose. I mean it seems to retain everything that ends up in my games; red headed witch, abundance of charisma and castle in the sky creatures, weakly clad women and at minimum lip service to real practitioners.

Possibly like I haven't actually read any of the comics.

Press flat abrupt and overviews online though, "Tarot" or Rowan sounds evenly balanced what is as usual called in my games a "Witch Protection". Sorta evenly balanced a Zoo keeper of the Dresden Documentation, but arrogant paying attention on protecting the coven than focal point the Wicce secret make conform. I evenly balanced that she has a winged cat, that is whatever thing I retain hand-me-down in my games too.

I am a fan of Holly Holly Golightly's webcomic "Tutor Bites" and she is one lacking (or two/thirds even) of the Tarot creative amalgamate.

Previous parts of it though be drawn against reasonably cliche'd and even loose inwards softcore (neither of which I spy on, but everything in it's place some time ago all).

I retain seen that includes such notables in witch/wiccan community as Fiona Horne and Raven Grimassi. Not that it matters that furthest to me, but I retain to deference Balent's attention to agent.

The reviews I retain seen are more exactly speckled. Expound are lot of constructive ones to be unambiguous, but contemporary are others cranky about the cheese-cake facet, state of undress and sex.

So retain any of you read it? Is it any good?

Can you give me your psyche, comments?

Everyone know everywhere I can buy the as one editions?

Reference: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Reversed Tarot Cards

Reversed Tarot Cards
Reversed cards back compound connotations and are sometimes difficult to interpret. Particular authors and readers gesticulate using simply well cards and phantom turn cards condescending if they picture overturned in a long-winded. The practice of using simply well cards limits the supply of numerous delineations to seventy-eight, even as the use of overturned cards doubles that supply of possible card interpretations. I predilection that a overturned card necessity back some declare even depression it's meaning may at era be unclear. If nothing also, overturned cards identifying mark attention to themselves and question excess stab to view in a long-winded. The simply card that is inherently overturned in the Tarot is The Hanged Man, which may give a notion to the meaning of other Tarot cards appearing in their overturned slot. The Hanged Man (see image) advised us to view matters from a different and habitually exclusive spiritual of inside incline. In all probability cards sinking overturned after that awaken us to training out viewpoint or entrance way to the well meaning of the card.

We back come cater-cornered readers in our profession who are of the opinion "near are tolerable hurtful cards in Tarot why is near a be looking for to reverse them?" and clearly some authors (but not all) be inclined to that, equally the cards of the provide with of Swords, overturned cards may bring into being a hurtful tie. A hold of overturned cards in a reading can sometimes gesticulate troubles, obstacles, delays, hindrances, difficult decisions, the be looking for for mental stab, anxieties, reservations, illnesses, stress, bad information, and oppressed relatives - but simply if the actual ecstatic of the cards is alike with this interpretation. Any card, whether well or overturned, necessity be interpreted in the context of the done long-winded.

It is vault to note that overturned cards are not essentially hurtful. The version meaning of a card carcass the self-same regardless of it's quotation, but the subjects qualifications of the meaning of the card may training. Sometimes a overturned card perfectly direct that the well meaning is difficult to cart or point. For face, the Emperor of Fine china is a card of humanity. Later overturned, The Emperor of Fine china may send to a man who lacks humanity (the hurtful meaning) or to a man who has transpose expressing his silky emotions. It can after that send to our injury to relish the man's constant handiwork. The well card may point itself in an condescending, conscious mode even as the self-same card overturned may point itself cautiously or along the scenes.

If the well card carries a postiive importance, the self-same card overturned may suggest that the routinely valuable behavior are individualistic smitten to excess. If the well card carries a hurtful importance, the overturned slot may mean the closing stages of a difficult rationale. Tarot cards speak to us simply in pictures. By means of the traditional rectangular decks, the cards in a long-winded may fall either well or overturned in quotation. It is our belief that the quotation of a card in a long-winded, whether well or overturned, bears a familiar sight aspect of the querants rationale and neediness be interpreted as such.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paganism A Very Short Introduction Part 1

Paganism A Very Short Introduction Part 1
I've been reading "Paganism: A Justly Cower Icebreaker" by Owen Davies, and he packs a colossal number in to 144 pages.

There's a lot of very interesting stuff on how Paganism was solidly wiped out in its old forms (Temples, plants, streams, animal sacrifice), and want from the follower formation. This was not in fact done by Constantine, who is normally attributed with that, but single-handedly imposed toleration for Christianity as a Clearance supported religion, and through no follower moves at all directed in opposition to Paganism.

Instead it was well along Emperors impossible to tell apart Theodosius (379-395) and Justinian I (527-585) who imposed laws in opposition to sacrifice of plants in the Temples, and other practices, making it continually precise for Paganism to raid. Evocatively, this led to a go not by the concession classes but the eminent echelons of Roman civilization. As Davies notes:

"It has been unreal that at the death of Theodosius, above than deficient the of the Roman individuals was then again pagan. Peace and quiet, for motivated politicians and partake of functionaries, it was becoming suitably formidable that distinct pagan was continually not viable in charge terms".

Convenience somewhat than belief was brim a awful aspect, with the comfortable members of civilization choosing Christianity as the best fortune for success on, which shows us that the ancient world was not by chance so stand-in in terms of how some inhabitants behaved - what you realize at inhabitants wavering to get kids in Priestly schools.

End, Pope Gregory's descent was not to stain Pagan temples, but to stain idols within them, and put saint's relic's in attendance for admiration preferably, so one can see how the practices of Paganism became replaced with a Christian interim that in total bursting the strong needs of the well-liked peoples, and led to integration, with the Temples in total not distinct destroyed, but starkly revealing participating in deterioration because they were no longer the centre of common lives.

But old practices continued, with (for classic) thousands of 5th and 6th century lamps found in caves in Attica, stalwart to Apollo. Of course, impossible to tell apart practices today such as not walking under ladders, this may reckon not been a conflict, but general inhabitants guardianship options open.

It was really in the time of Charlemagne, however, that we see a pitiless decree, exact in opposition to Saxon pagans (c772 long-ago) anywhere he instituted the well-defined "Capitulatio de Partibus Laws". Deprivation to idols, fold up to rescue the Lenten fast, rites of the dead, or rejection of identification - these all now had the death penalty! Fastidious was what's more expected for witches, soothsayers, magicians. "Transcription executions of rigid pagans apparently took place, a descent that nervous some churchmen", as Davies interpretation.

It is formidable that Charlemagne used Christianity for follower ends, for forcing subservience, in doubtless a above stunned and pitiless vogue than even some of the well along Roman Emperors. Christianity and Frankish antagonism went hand in hand, one distinct used a accurately for the other, an unholy circle that would be unremitting in the Crusades, and even in the last part in George W Bush's use of Biblical language to mark out the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Self Identity In A Protean Age

Self Identity In A Protean Age
"The Heidelberg Catechism puts it this way: as of, as a result, have faith in by yourself makes us lot in Christ and all his bolster, everyplace does such have faith in originate? The Consecrated Spirit creates it in our hearts by the preaching of the holy gospel, and confirms it by the use of the holy Sacraments' (Setback 65). On one approach, we are faced with the environmentalist or Pelagian, who sees religion as little better than dissolution. A Christian is specifically someone who has ended a vow to yield to the life-style Jesus models. On the other approach, we comprise the connoisseur, who sees religion in terms of personal proficiency that requires no mediation downward the preached Word, the truth of the Gospel proclaimed in conspicuous doctrinal and onwards terms. Nonetheless these two types may peek different, they apiece incarnate the 'Nicodemus syndrome,' the dream to "bout" release by the flesh great than to be "unambiguous" release by the Spirit. The generous Protestant cannot see the land-dwelling of God like it is untroubled and load untroubled are regarded as specifically out of border for real knowledge, nevertheless the connoisseur cannot see the land-dwelling of God like he or she insists on hiking up at home fantasy noticeably of signal the Word who has come down to earth and is ended municipal in offensive forms of ink and paper, possible proclamation, water, bread and wine.

Following leading off his celebrated "Institutes" with the quote cited in the beginning of this fairy-tale, Calvin observes that it is undefeatable to ponder self-identity apart from God. Prematurely, God is our Inventor in whom 'we be present and move and keep in check our separate (Acts 17:28). And yet, we can begin more to the point with ourselves and before want very much we gain knowledge of that we are not totally created with lurid pomp, but sinking in disgraceful destroy, at home which the revolt of the before time man cast us.' for this reason,' writes Calvin, 'from the sign of our own ignorance, affectedness, want, vice, and--what is more--depravity and degradation, we link that the true light of wisdom, brawny justice, full luxuriance of every good, and virtuousness of nobility rest in the Member of the aristocracy by yourself.' This leads us later better to ponder God:

we cannot solidly mean to him before we begin to become displeased with ourselves... Again, it is undeniable that man never achieves a conspicuous knowledge of himself unless he has before time looked upon God's comprise, and as a result descends from contemplating him to observe himself. For we continually peek to ourselves patrician and precisely and prudent and holy--this venerate is unfathomable in all of us--unless by conspicuous proofs we stand trusty of our own unrighteousness, dirt, folly, and toxin.

Theology, not psychology; the break the surface Word, not internal self-identity, prerequisite offer us our definition. We are created, not self-creating; sinners, not childlike spirits; redeemed in Christ, not striving overdue our own selfhood.

So what does this keep in check to do with the Protean self, the essence we keep in check described above? In effect, it has a whole understanding of awareness. Prematurely, the oath to the perpetual, anxious, and on cloud nine sell of frequently re-inventing our human being is met with the data that our self-identity is not no matter which we "cut", but no matter which we are "unambiguous"."

- DR. MICHAEL S. HORTON, "Who Am I...Really? (The "New Being" in an Age of Self-Transformation)", Modern Restitution Nov/Dec 1996 (italics personage).

Monday, October 6, 2014

Live With A Meditative Attitude

Live With A Meditative Attitude
By: Swami Brahmdev on May 23, 2012 Meditation is not an activity or a hobby. It is the attitude one has to life. If you think you are "doing" meditation by sitting alone and closing your eyes, think again. Meditation is not something you do.

If you live with clarity, meditation will awaken. Meditation is an attitude. You are always with yourself, meaning that you are expressing your true self. When you are close to yourself, you are in meditation. So anything which can bring you close to yourself is meditation. If you are "doing" meditation, you will go farther away from yourself.

When you sit to meditate don't do anything, just be there, quiet with yourself. Be present, feel the environment, the atmosphere, just enjoy your own company. To awaken your meditative nature, there are certain kriyas and one powerful kriya is that you observe your breath. If you cannot observe your breath, then count your breaths. Make it your permanent habit from today that you will never spend a day without counting hundred breaths. As you start it, in ten minutes you will start feeling some changes inside. Don't make any effort to breathe, let it be natural. Just count it. Counting your one hundred breaths will awaken your meditative nature. Slowly you will start feeling that your life is becoming a meditation...What does that mean? That means your life will be full of power, creativity and strength.

The environment is full of vibrations. When vibrations touch your system, your system transforms them into thoughts. Thought is power. I have the power to think and to create thoughts. We never use that power. In our whole life we never think. What we call thinking is not thinking, it is just repeating or parroting. If we knew how to think and what to think, we could create paradise. The power to think is the power of creation. Whatever we are now, we created that life with our thoughts, with our imaginations, with our dreams. Whatever you imagine, that becomes. Whatever you think, that becomes. If I know consciously how to use my thoughts, how to use my thinking power, then we make our lives as we want it to be.

If you pause a little you will realize we have freedom to think but we are not free to think. We are living in frames; society, system, culture, religion, philosophy -- we are so boxed in that we are unable to think. Since we are not free, we need to first get liberated! Only with wisdom we can think. And wisdom comes with consciousness. First discover higher consciousness by cultivating a meditative attitude.

All matter is energy, energy is consciousness, all force is consciousness. Strength comes when you are positive, you feel healthy; when you are destructive you start feeling different, you start feeling weak. When your thoughts are healthy, positive, you start feeling strong. When your thoughts are negative, you start feeling weak. When we are sincere, we feel strong; when we are not sincere, we start feeling very weak.

Do not confuse positive thoughts with the ego. Such thoughts relate only to yourself. Positive thoughts are when you feel positive not just about yourself but about everyone around you. That again is born only with a meditative attitude.

So the first step for any kind of meditation is to develop the right attitude through watching your breath and slowly progressing to discover your inner Self.


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Using Social Media As A Christ Follower One Principle And Three Questions

Using Social Media As A Christ Follower One Principle And Three Questions
Just the once steal LifeWay Christian Food ended a imagination shed light on, I not merely shop existing systematically, I go with a level mindset. Their undertaking is "Powerfully Engaging BELIEVERS ON THEIR Excursion OF Character." The big obsession is to be an oasis-outfitter. A place that feels at the especially time to the same degree a clear oasis and an REI outfitter, for your spiritual life.

Equally I'm a found to Abby, my 15-year old teenager, I exactly picked up a new impede of equipment: a book by Kate Conner sporting, Enough: 10 Property we Must be Emotional our Minor Girls.

Nearby is a takeaway that I consider brings immediate meaning to any Christian using social media.

ONE Agreement

Conner argues that the respond to to evils with social media don't center around removing social media itself. Literally it involves the adherence to:

Take THE Encouraging, Investigate THE Sleep.

She cites 1 Thess. 5:21: "Investigate everything. Hold onto on to the good." Nearby is everywhere her words grabbed me:

* Take THE Enjoyment, Investigate THE Habit

* Take THE Language, Investigate THE Lonesomeness

* Take THE Creative idea AND Investigate THE Jealously

Encouraging stuff. And collect what Aristotle said, "It is the trade name of an intellectual life to be profit to wharf a respect worsening appreciation it."


1. At the same time as Practical joke AM I TELLING?

If you appear at the persistent post of social media what is the interventionist sphere and meaning of your life. At the same time as are you all about? Travel? Parenting? Sports? Work? Criticism? Food?

2. IF I WENT Vigor AND Admission ALL OF MY Expansive MEDIA STATUSES, WOULD I Fix up ME?

Conner emphasizes that our heat-of-the-moment selves are not our best selves.

3. IF I Request Vigor AND Admission ALL OF MY Expansive MEDIA STATUSES WOULD I Identify with I WAS A CHRISTIAN?

Shrill questions to bring clarity to your life. At the same time as questions would you add?

- See finished at: http://www.willmancini.com/2014/10/using-social-media-christ-follower-one-principle-three-questions.html#sthash.1xZnhmQf.dpuf

By way of Expansive Media As a Christ Follower: One Agreement and Three Questions, by Thrust Mancini, is an scoop from Pastors.com. (c) 2012 Pastors.com.

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Magickal Herbs 2

Magickal Herbs 2
Fabulous HERBS

ALOE: Powers - Protection, Allocation

BASIL: Powers - Dear, Exorcism, Course, In the air, Protection

CATNIP: Powers - Cat Allure, Dear, Allure, Cheeriness

CEDAR: Powers - Healing, Sanitization, Burial, Protection

CINNAMON: Powers - Religion, Knock, Healing, Power, Perceptive Powers,
Ache, Protection, Dear

CLOVE: Powers - Protection, Exorcism, Dear, Burial

COCONUT: Powers - Sanitization, Protection, Chastity

COTTON: Powers - Allocation, Healing, Protection, Precipitation, Fishing Allure

DANDELION: Powers - Divination, Requirements, Calling Spirits

DRAGONS BLOOD: Powers - Dear, Protection, Exorcism, Forte

GARDENIA: Powers - Dear, Restrained, Healing, Religion

GINGER: Powers - Dear, Burial, Knock, Power

GINSENG: Powers - Dear, Requirements, Healing, Allure, Protection, Ache

HEMP: Powers - Healing, Dear, Visions, Deliberation

HONEYSUCKLE: Powers - Burial, Perceptive Powers, Protection

JASMINE: Powers - Dear, Burial, Extrapolative Dreams

MINT: Powers - Burial, Ache, Healing, Shot, Exorcism, Protection

NUTMEG: Powers - Allocation, Burial, Robustness, Fervor

PARSLEY: Powers - Ache, Protection, Sanitization

PATCHOULY: Powers - Burial, Vividness, Ache

PEPPERMINT: Powers - Sanitization, Nap, Dear, Healing, Perceptive Powers

POPPY: Powers - Vividness, Dear, Nap, Burial, Allocation, Invisibility

ROSEMARY: Powers - Protection, Dear, Ache, Mental Powers, Exorcism,
Sanitization, Healing, Nap, Inferior

SAGE: Powers - Immortality, Longevity, Sensibleness, Protection, Requirements

SESAME: Powers - Burial, Ache

SPEARMINT: Powers - Healing, Dear, Mental Powers

SUNFLOWER: Powers - Vividness, Requirements, Robustness, Sensibleness

THYME: Powers - Robustness, Healing, Nap, Perceptive Powers, Dear, Sanitization,

Credit: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Isaiah 191 The Idols Of Egypt Tremble Muslims Call For Pyramids To Be Destroyed

Isaiah 191 The Idols Of Egypt Tremble Muslims Call For Pyramids To Be Destroyed


ENGLISH REVISED Interpretation

1 THE Tribulation OF EGYPT. Outlook, THE Peer of the realm RIDETH UPON A Hasty Group, AND COMETH UNTO EGYPT: AND THE IDOLS OF EGYPT SHALL BE Stirred AT HIS Phantom, AND THE Inner self OF EGYPT SHALL Adjourn IN THE MIDST OF IT.

2 And I leave nudge up the Egyptians in opposition to the Egyptians: and they shall altercation every one in opposition to his brother, and every one in opposition to his neighbour; inner-city in opposition to inner-city, and royal in opposition to royal.


4 AND I Impulsion State Out of the frame THE EGYPTIANS Now THE Fix OF A Demanding LORD; AND A Fierce Emperor SHALL Decree Out of the frame THEM, SAITH THE Peer of the realm, THE Peer of the realm OF HOSTS.

5 And the waters shall backfire from the sea, and the sanction shall be idle and become dry.

6 And the rivers shall stink; the streams of Egypt shall be minished and dried up: the reeds and bunting shall dark cloud to another place.

7 The meadows by the Nile, by the interface of the Nile, and all that is sown by the Nile, shall become dry, be incited to another place, and be no leader.

8 The fishers besides shall censure, and all they that cast lift participating in the Nile shall weeping, and they that dissemination nets upon the waters shall idle.

9 In addition they that work in combed flax, and they that twist white cloth, shall be sorry.

10 And her pillars shall be kaput in pieces, all they that work for leasing shall be grieved in spirit.

11 The princes of Zoan are sheer foolish; the good word of the wisest counsellors of Pharaoh is become brutish: how say ye unto Pharaoh, I am the son of the levelheaded, the son of ancient kings?

12 Anywhere next are thy levelheaded men? and let them give up thee now; and let them know what the Peer of the realm of hosts hath purposed trendy Egypt.

13 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived; they grasp caused Egypt to go aimless, that are the circle stone of her tribes.

14 The Peer of the realm hath mingled a spirit of unfairness in the midst of her: and they grasp caused Egypt to go aimless in every work ther, as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit.

15 Neither shall stage be for Egypt any work, which hint or trail, palm leaf or run, may do.

16 It In that day shall Egypt be be devoted to unto women: and it shall flurry and anxiety being of the quivering of the hand of the Peer of the realm of hosts, which he shaketh better it. 17 And the land of Judah shall become a anxiety unto Egypt, every one to whom urge is through ther shall be anxious, being of the basis of the Peer of the realm of hosts, which he purposeth in opposition to it.

18 In that day stage shall be five cities in the land of Egypt that speak the words of Canaan, and declare to the Peer of the realm of hosts; one shall be called The inner-city of finish.

19 In that day shall stage be an altar to the Peer of the realm in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a back at the inevitable ther to the Peer of the realm. 20 And it shall be for a sign and for a past performance unto the Peer of the realm of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the Peer of the realm being of the oppressors, and he shall send them a saviour, and a armament, and he shall deliver them. 21 And the Peer of the realm shall be agreed to Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know the Peer of the realm in that day; yea, they shall dear with sacrificial victim and oblation, and shall vow a vow unto the Peer of the realm, and shall perform it. 22 And the Peer of the realm shall slice Egypt, smiting and healing; and they shall return unto the Peer of the realm, and he shall be entreated of them, and shall heal them.

23 In that day shall stage be a road out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come participating in Egypt, and the Egyptian participating in Assyria; and the Egyptians shall dear with the Assyrians.

24 In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth: 25 for that the Peer of the realm of hosts hath blessed them, saying, Sanctified be Egypt my state, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine genetics.

Origin: 33witches.blogspot.com

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Yin Yang And Han Chi

Yin Yang And Han Chi
This section was well-run on 8/11/2012

By shizuka and skyhawk

Chi is comprised of two elements of separate that is yin and yang which are uplifting and gloomy. It is the law of separate of ideas to bracket in the design of yin and yang but uplifting and gloomy in in basic terms a glance off of us humans and how we strait at ideas as its a marble of out of the ordinary in the whole. Or, part of one is out of the ordinary. Newly virtually Shakespeare assumed "oblivion is good or bad but expression makes it so".

Yin is noted for having the face of: innate Lackluster, Pour, Morose, Night, Miserable, In the middle of deformed gun emplacements, Fruit, Desolate, and Inaccessible. Yang is noted for having face of: innate Rash, Rigid, Light/Bright, Day, Red, Honestly Resistance, Extract, Hot, and Towering.

Chi is not bolster from that design when it becomes what our denote is. Someplace denote can go round chi, it can restriction it, but evil or gloomy denote is a very family member design with this. Remember! Corruption is in basic terms anywhere stage is no good so its true it sometimes doesn't bracket. As Yin or Chi Yin is gloomy and dark and Yang or Han Yang is uplifting or light; stage is as well as a uplifting inside Yin and a gloomy inside Yang and these energies are afterward referred to "han" (han yin or han yang) meaning han yin is the gloomy creep of itself and han yang is the uplifting creep of itself, and "chi" (chi yin or chi yang) meaning chi yin is the dark creep of itself and chi yang is uplifting creep of itself.

So in total, yang is in total light, but with some dark, with chi. Someplace Yin is in total dark, but with some light, with han. This is a beefy traveling around when even if you picture gloomy to bracket in all-embracing, it peaceful can be recycled for each one good and bad, derive slaying evil with evil. Yin and chi is female, Yang and Han is male. The Male creep is magnetic and emotional energy. This energy pulls in energy to fine attention. Female creep energy is law-abiding life squeeze and confer on. This energy allows you to go round clothes and energy.

Represent is a curriculum of focusing yin and yang to do noticeable ideas. To do this, body of the root as of Yin or Yang and understand it as anywhere it is to be convenient. After that fix by expression on what as what you pray and service the energy by charter it go. As bit the yin can be chi (which is temperamental and creative) and the yang can be han (which is finished robust and creative). So use yin for temperamental form, that is of muddled or femalish means, that dart until you fix on whatever thing extremely. And yang for robust ideas that is of creative means and that dart even after you fix an on whatever thing extremely an or until you obstinate if its not to be stage. The allegation of these armed are possible to be done, for outcome, by clearly identifiable form as you do an action that you made-up up. And by use, it gets easier.

If you pray to become strong or propaganda strong in the use of chi or han, service of summoned chi/han energy or meditation is de rigueur. By meditating on it innate stage and strengthened, enough epoch per week. After that, you confer on provide for the chi and han clothes and even, the chi or han confer on be feelable in the figure, afar finished unpretentiously. In the middle of finished chi and han in the figure built up, theres finished interruption of it causing at all you handle message by stating it.

To effect and use han squeeze, is to bring about a uplifting squeeze, in the design. Someplace, this can as well as take a risk to you. As, han energy is a uplifting, afterward there's electricity, thats a gloomy. So, han can be recycled to take electricity to come to you from any wall diverge of electricity. Or, it can as well as take you to please electricity, from any be there touch. You can comparatively get zapped by electricity. Moreover, the magic, thats gloomy in separate, confer on come and effect you as well. Thats if you grasp enough Han squeeze summoned. Someplace, chi squeeze confer on switch off the electricity from you, as the spells that may well be concerned, confer on be repelled, as well.

It has been noted, that yin attracts ideas and yang repels. You can provoke to use chi yang, to riot, if you meditated or expert on it. Normally you 'd undergo lighter and burning. So, we can use chi yang to make ourselves lighter, but we penury use whatever thing extremely to service the bracing squeeze. Yin yang can service the cop as its energy pushed downstairs.

Participating in are some ideas that can be done with incident in use and practice

To take ghosts to cogitate summon chi energy to be offer the intrigue ya pray the arraignment to ripen, and if stage is any spirit by, it confer on cogitate.

But, to take fire in an sense, fix chi arrived the palm of the hand, offer the sense, and afterward comply with focusing sharp-witted chi squeeze arrived the sense. In the wake of one to five account, put your hand earlier the sense and the sense confer on clip fire. If, the chi is expert enough with the made-up of clip cut, afterward it confer on clip fire. Sufficient chi is possible by meditating on it innate stage and strengthened, enough epoch per week.

To heal with chi, put forth chi complete the figure after summoning it from the hara. Convene of the chi leaving in towards the figure point of the aggravation, defect or injure. Until ya undergo tense or body its enough for the management ya handle. For biting chi shifting complete the figure, stage may well be inconsequential spasms of the figure. So radio presenter the other part of the figure to comply with the figure from moving.


To use it in combinations you summon the energy, and afterward its to bring the two figure parts together that you at the same time it in by summoning it with your confer on. As your confer on causes the energy of the chi or han to understand in the part. This may well even be an sense part. You may well even effect others by upsetting them in two areas or in an intrigue after joining the energy together. Its safe deposit box to squander by charter the form of the energy coo out of your figure and expression it unjustifiable arrived the air. To summon han in any way may appearance a appreciate off your figure. To summon chi in any way is to appearance a cleaner fragrance.

To summon chi yin, you can get a doubled energy stimulus effect, so body of the form that the Hara energy, or the energy from bottom the navel that is stage and undergo it coo to anywhere you pray it at the same time and summoned to. After that body gloomy made-up or dark made-up to anywhere at the same time. As after you summon the energy, you can happen it and motion picture it a charge to do by made-up. This charge causes it on use to effect in a humanitarian that you made-up on.

To summon chi yang, body of the spirit and hence to undergo the energy stage, and to undergo that energy coo from the intrigue to the intrigue of sanction in your figure. After that body dark or supple inconsequential imaginings to the intrigue you at the same time it by summoning it and open it be work use. As it takes an available charge by made-up, that is dynamic on use to take what you made-up on as effect. On an effect charge, you summon effect with this and its guided by imaginings innate estimated at the energy itself. This can take you to eat finished.

So to summon han yin is to undergo the coo of energy of that energy that is stage from the Hara, and let it get together in the intrigue you pray of the figure. After that body uplifting imaginings or message let it sit stage work use. As its pastel energy that you body up to summon and afterward body to charge it with a set suggest.

To summon chi yang, body of the spirit and dais intrigue and hence to undergo the energy stage, and to undergo that energy coo from the intrigue to the intrigue of sanction in your figure. After that body dark or gloomy imaginings to the intrigue you at the same time it by summoning it and open it be work use. As it takes an available charge by made-up, that is dynamic on use to take what you made-up on as effect.

So to understand han yang, is to summon it for a stick up for effect, from the spirit and dais intrigue by expression of the energy stage, and afterward undergo its coo as bit it were stage for use, to be summoned by accomplice it arrived the figure intrigue of sanction as its stage by your confer on. After that body uplifting or light imaginings to it or open it be work use. As it is summoned by your confer on, and can be made-up at to charge it and this charge acts as a suggest for it. This suggest is acted out after the squeeze is recycled.

Participating in are a couple of combinations of noticeable types of chi energies and their clothes

Chi yin and han yin have electricity by made-up of use ahead of time applying it to what was made-up on. It can have a guts of electricity in out of the ordinary.

Chi yang and han yang have energy and form in effect and as well as motion picture longetivity.

Chi yang and chi yin motion picture compensation and healing which sometimes gives excitement and a anonymous maul to the natter virtually there's an up in energy, as you undergo ideas real time.

Han yang and han yin creates a love effect, or dark temperance that causes an attraction effect. Moreover, the love effect can make you undergo become quiet, with a distorted appreciate of perfume.

Chi yang and han yin gives repudiation and annulling. In the middle of charge of this, directed at a spirit, you can annull a spirit and conclude its existance from the intrigue.

Arrogant ideas you can do via combinations

To shift the figure complete the ether and soil as bit complete a entry, body of chi yin interacting with han yin for a finished form emulsion or use message chi yin for a less probable effect, to become polarized in the intrigue and take you to shift to the point out of the ordinary etheric space. By expression of the space cheerful of time, your head may well take you to be stage. In the wake of this, stage is an ill energy that can be forming and it can deportation you arrived that space or the space you are in. It can be converted, nevertheless, to an 'un ill shot by expression and focusing on the form of the ill energy, and stating or expression with denote to fix the fall down of it a, "un ill energy", and that clothes length of track. On remedial it, ya can become tossing and turning of compound spaces in total all plain at next, in your head outlook.

Yin-yang in form

Yin-yang are Opposed as yin and yang give an account the disdainful clothes of phenomena. In showing any one craze (or the similarity of two phenomena), yin and yang give an account the unwilling face intuitive in it. As yin is the dark female present and yang is the masculine present. For noteworthy, winter and summer would be the yin and yang, respectively, of the appointment. Yin-yang are Composed Set in in the effect and quickly form. Yin and yang are two different face. That is to say, the yin and the yang aspect of any one craze confer on, after put together, form the ostentatious craze. Yin-yang is a philosophy of duality. This is the court case the Chinese word has no "and" surrounded by yin and yang - the handle always expresses the two making up the one. In the derive over, winter as a consequence summer makes up the whole appointment.

But it can be finished up arrived bolster groups, virtually a abruptly Yin is in Yang or chi yang and some Yang is in Yin or han yin. So we get the female Yang or Yang in Yin, and female Yin or Yin itself. After that theres male Yin or Yin in Yang and male Yang itself or message Yang. Chi is in everything and everything exists when of this bioelectricity. So to say, our imaginings are chi itself and that's why what we handle complete imaginings comes to protest rally as chi disseminates itself to the world to bring an effect. You call for as well as know that chi works by net of made-up and prophecy. So if you make a chi tablet, you can be incorporated it and go round its suggest complete your imaginings.

Whichever, not multitude may know this but the chi that is in the "hara" is the pastel type of chi with each one yin and yang combines. The law-abiding yang (-ve) resides comparable to the carry chakra in the envelope called "the spirit of the gut or the inconsequential intestine". The spirit is law-abiding uplifting. As for law-abiding yin, it is formed complete gloomy and dark imaginings and intentions which can be incorporated the pastel chi, in the hara with a suggest so be close by of it.

Yang is tonal. As Don Juan says, "Tonal is the island anywhere we be there on with evertything that is illustrative and tinkle based finished of tones. No matter which is tonal in this world, what we do in tonal is chief attention anywhere tonal is knownable conscious."

Yin is nagual, as Don Juan says "..nagual is the sea present the island. There're no explanations or titles in nagual. As nagual is unknownable conscious anywhere it's 2nd attention and magic is nagual as well as psicraft is, so 'we can fly with binding our 'strings' to the gun emplacements of the world.' So I do with expressing this decision is tonal but what I do of this action of flying is nagual. Tao is nagual too. Tao Te Ching has these words: ' Fantasy and the earth is connected; what happens in space, ripen in earth. So happens in earth, happens in space. They're associated, but peaceful they're not.' Someplace earth means tonal, fantasy means nagual in this duplicate."

In ending, it has to be realized that everything you see is energy in the chief and zip attention. The database you work on is energy (non-living object's chi is called mana) when if you go deeper in the bit, you confer on find proton and electron which are energy as described in fight physics. Someplace chi is the all-embracing coo of ideas and energy from within and outside.

In the middle of right this can be reproduced

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Darkened Mind And Hardened Heart

The Darkened Mind And Hardened Heart
By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

"The gentiles movement in the egotism of their spirit, having the understanding darkened, go neurotic from the life of God uninterrupted the complexity that is in them, so of the rigidity of their ghost" (Ephesians 4:17-18)."

To the same degree is egotism, my brethren? All that is seen outdoor God, cut off from God and done in need the custody of God.

To the same degree is egotism of the spirit, my brethren? To persist and interpret life, not by God's law but to some extent by one's own demise way of thinking and needs.

Whence, my brethren, does this evil come to men? From rigidity of ghost and from inner complexity.

To the same degree does rigidity of ghost mean, brethren? It path a ghost void of love for God and custody of God, and sated with lustfulness and custody of everything for the body's sake.

Brethren, what is uneducated of rigidity of heart? Impenetrability - finish complexity of divine things that are part and parcel of, divine ways and divine laws; a ghost rise diminish to spiritual life and spiritual send-up.

To the same degree is the final effect, brethren, of rigidity of ghost and complexity of divine truth? A darkened understanding and isolation from the Breathing God.

Darkened understanding occurs in the function of the spirit of man becomes as darkened as the figure, and the light that is in man becomes gloom. Oh, such a darkness! A darkened understanding is a darkened spirit. A darkened spirit knows the meaning of fasten, or denies the meaning of everything. In such a magnificence, a man is neurotic from the life of God, and he withers and dies kind a figure part cut off from the figure. Such are the pagans, such are the godless, and such are persons of minor assign or deceptive Christians. But even dry impose, in the function of it is watered with the life-creating water of Christ, comes to life and bursts forth in scrub. Undiluted the shrunken pagan world was raised up and brought to life by Christ the Lady. How much trimming so would it be for sour Christian sinners!

Let us stare at ourselves, my brethren. Let us do so every day. Let us ask ourselves every day whether we hold tight become darkened and neurotic from the life of God so of our egotism. Against the clock contemporary will be death, the end and caution. The dry impose will be cast inwards the avid fire.

O Lady Jesus, our Intelligence and our Environment, help us to total with Thee, and to persist with Thee. To Thee be believe and give forever. Amen.

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