Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black Magic And The Occult

Black Magic And The Occult Cover Throughout the ages, most elements of the Occult have been referred to as Black Magic or evil forms of magic.. This is common misunderstanding, as most elements of the Occult and its understanding are focused on the good element of the energy.. The black arts is more a personal aspect from a confused magician or sorcery.. All magic or energy wielding that is designed to intentionally harm another will in the end, end up harming the wielder and I will explain why..?

What is Black Magic ?

First of all let’s sum up Black magic or Evil magic as some call it. Many people are doing this form of magic without even knowing throughout there lives, manipulating people, manipulating greed, controlling the energy in a negative way which benefits themselves only.. If we can better understand these forms of energy manipulation or control it is then easier to protect ourselves from this common aspect of life.

An example of Misunderstood Black Magic

A good example of Black magic is any form of energy, that negatively effects your health or power to make choices (internal freedom).. It could be an influence at work with your boss where you are so used to being told what to do you are unaware of what it is doing to you.. It could be chasing the money to the point where money becomes your life and emotional response to others does not exist.. Another example could be in an abusive relationship where one partner gets pleasure out of hurting the other, do not confuse this with anything else this is emotional black magic..
It comes back on The Wielder of the Black Magic User..

Now that I have named a few examples I will explain why it will eventually negatively effect the wielder who tampers with negative or Black magic.. Similar to what Einstein said every action deserves a equal and opposite reaction it is similar with energy.. If you keep taking and taking and using it negatively, it will return on you and the effects could be devastating.. It could make you depressed or suicidal or even cause cancer to name a few.. It is important to make sure all use of the energy which we are all apart is always positive, that way only more positive can return..

Victims of Black Magic – Protect Yourself!

The unfortunate side of this is the victims, if you are a victim of energy harm or black magic it is important to try to defend yourself with your own energy.. Be positive and get advice from those that have massive amounts of energy levels, there are plenty of good magic users all around us who do not know they wield for good or might not even be aware of energy but always are willing to help..

Once you have advice or help you need to identify the wielder and confront them with emotional protection.. You cannot ask them about black magic as most will be like what the.. But you can tell them how they make you feel and then say you will never effect me like this again and be strong.. Sometimes moving away can help but you must confront these energy abusers first as they can leave a energy trail that can hurt you for months.. Sometimes black magic wielders will go for those that they think they can control easier or who are overly nice. If this is the case, you need to address this immediately if you notice it happening to another.. It is recommended to confront the wielder and explain an explanation and ask them to stop doing it..

I hope this post helps people understand a bit more on energy, which exists in everything and what makes Black magic, if you can think of anything else, feel free to comment below..

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