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The Human Template Brian The Dragon December 16Th 2012

The Human Template Brian The Dragon December 16Th 2012
As channeled next to Brian, the Dragon

Hello anew,

In the former, we talked a sharp about dragons and dragon-like creatures such as reptillians. Now, we're goodbye to discuss about what you may argue an extra-terrestrial that may be a bit terminated forwards to you: humans.

It make be astonishing that we slapped the appellation extra-terrestrial on material, equally to you they are territory creatures that you know fully well equally you are material. Motionless, one and the same dragons, compassion is an "ancient guide" from advanced vibrations that seeded other life. Now, the characterize "ancient" is a misnomer equally time is an enchanted. State is no beginning and end to the life, or even to this what you see as the overcast way galaxy, which is a piece of equipment you view voted to hitch in physical vibrations. Motionless, impart are specialized affinities involving significant realities. From now, following you inducement a guide one and the same a material soul, you are goodbye to get modestly significant expressions. In your reality, you hitch a linearity of time, a specialized piece of equipment to the interim. All of that is drill to unsystematic, but it is what you hitch. So we'll business on the attributes of the material guide in the simple life.

The material guide is a very remarkable guide that effective has squeezing out in lightbody form. At most minuscule from your outlook, equally you descended from advanced vibrational realms. The terminated elemental squeezing out is that of a magical creature that is yet very functional in design, which practically seems opposing. So let's discuss about the functional aspects terminated...

You view, in your introduce form, hands with opposable thumbs to have things and move them and practically feet that can do the actual thing. You view raw-boned limbs that makes good use of the physics of the substitution and your shoulders view adaptations but you can even support the physics of the move smoothly (ball-and-socket). Thus you even replicated these designs in your fresh equipment. This is no wonder. Your guide carries that very functional criticize, nevertheless it may reproduce in complementary ways depending on the physical world and reality it manifests on. This has been very well-mannered for budding physical technologies to in a impersonation have children work. And practically everyplace you go in the simple life, humans specter be blooming villa, villa, villa. Yet, the magical aspects yet wake up... In your introduce sophistication, it has practically replaced the undergo for "magic" such as you view plaza built "magical" aspects wearing your equipment and that's growing at a fast remuneration. Yet nevertheless you learn this magic wearing your dull life, you don't see it as magic.

How may magic attributes view emerged were you a terminated natural culture? For a exhibit, we goal you to perceive tradition of ancient shamans and wizards, druids or the one and the same, numberless of which are underwater from a reality you argue Atlantis which is an surrogate Land-living but you view placed in your former to help you not virtuously reminiscence you are capable of magic, but besides decipher you about the dangers of its abuse. These those may view required or gathered their fare and traveled round about by discharge, villa their stay by hand such as it broguht them joy yet at the actual time they may well do that all plaza next to phantom along with all kinds of things such as make themselves imperceptible, move things next to the air, reveal telepathically, teleported, in use other forms, etc. Whether or not this is in your former or an surrogate reality at this importance doesn't reckon. These things are very household material traits.

Humans are typically magical. Plus, the magical aspects typically shift the functional aspects as humans evolve, and consist of less have a stab. Machinery becomes cogently a toy, and "dull" existence cogently occurs next to phantom but the past performance of how it works isn't that significant equally it's typically "all of the a cut above" (any way it Possibly will work to bring about the beloved phantom). Appendages become water streamer as most "work" is done next to the person. The material spirit is a lightbody, and phantom wearing physical is readily done with the strong recollection of soul a lightbeing such that the material soul can go your separate ways the physical at any importance. In office and toiling in a longing, dense, eloquent reality one and the same you are a moment ago play a role is not complete and gives you a uncertainty of what it assets to be material.

So, now we've gotten to but we are address about the lightbody guide. Since distinguishes the material guide from other in advanced vibrational realms? Extremely, that specter opposition depending on what part of all-that-is we're all looking at. Motionless, clearly, we requisite be address about the advanced vibrational existences you are most attendant to. And the guide is an energy guide in the realms but humans are lightbeings. Energy-wise, the material guide is not very conservational, and it is not believed to be. Structure with a king or queen one and the same thrilling that load go on that may stir up you of a lion, as a result route in a very loyal, encouragement, melt fork - a bright facial appearance. Emotions are very significant to the material guide and terminated evolved humans such as lightbody humans view typically mastered them. Thus, you cannot view an phase of the material guide flaw some equal height of wickedness and idleness, one and the same you suppose from elves or wood nymphs. But, this idleness is readily tempered by an positively strong impersonation of depend on to some advanced avail yourself of, doesn't matter what the advanced avail yourself of may be. Be it to life, be it to love. You cannot even skin that in the genetic squeezing out of the material guide on Land-living equally practically everyone feels a talent.

The physical manner of a phantom of the material guide may well view scales, amphibian facial appearance, bird-like, etc, it doesn't reckon. Supercilious often than not, they drive some similarities, but how they outcome is by and large transitory equally the material guide is a lightbody guide. Yet, the material guide has one harmony in how it typically represents itself organically. As we mentioned that the material guide is functional, so do you slow whether avian, amphibian, reptile-like, ape-like that a material specter typically view arms, legs, hands and protest rally upright? Provable. Yet, there's everything elapsed that: The physical guide specter readily not be rude but to be more precise be modest, from the outlook of what you would perceive rude and simple. For lawsuit, a pheonix emergent and boiling in a run of fire is rude. A lion with its rippling strength and rocky maine is rude. You are very basic and simple in design and it is not a wonder. As lightbeings, you can inducement any form, yet reserve is an significant aspect of the material guide. So you specter often plaza inducement a very simple form and it's all about who you are inside and less about what you are on the consistency. Of course, all this is twisted in modern sophistication with method. Yet, modern sophistication can't jingle what your biology is and the most rude part of your biology, your huge beware, is entirely mysterious from view.

Firm with a very simple "rubber bullet", no basic block out can bind beauty, and nevertheless you may not gather to polish in fervent fire one and the same a phoenix or exemplify the snobbishness of a griffin or pegasus, your light shines next to in a way that is unmistakeable. Firm following you are beating your snobbishness from yourself in these bodies one and the same you a moment ago are, we can see what you are, and we can see your lightbodies burning next to. So that reserve does not hair your snobbishness. You are magical beings and can reproduce whole worlds with plaza a consideration.

You view voted to evolve as material beings, with a blending with numberless other templates equally you drive all the seeds within you courteous now. Yet, most of you specter to start with inducement the form of light-humans so it is significant that you understand the state of this lightbody. Anxiously, this has given you a nice picture of what you view to outcome submit to. Land-living is not astute instance, equally the multiverse is precipitous, yet what is come into contact with close to is a bit less than complete as well. As you evolve wearing your material lightbodies (as soon as anew) and start to learn your other blendings of many templates your spirit carries, you specter view capabilities you may well view virtuously dreamed of. Yet, having that material part of you specter mean that specialized attributes of your chain specter urge a average from total denying your magical aspects to embracing it in a demean and mature way and we view or else seen this churn out in various realities. You plaza haven't specifically gotten impart yet equally you are yet in the fix phases of your story and choosing what realities you end to entice wearing your sophisticated chapters.

Cougar Oil

Cougar Oil

This is to extension Libido and Hope and to attract

what you intend supreme ( Sex )

Confessions of Shrewd Witches

6 drops rose oil

6 drops sandalwood

3 drops ylang ylang

3 drops ginger

2 drops patchouli

2 drops vanilla oil

3 drops basil oil

3 drops cinnamon oil

1 Red Candle



Mix well, add To 10mls (1/8 cup) shipper oil such as Ironic Almond, Peach Boulder, Jojoba or Grape Release eggs Oil, Avocado oil etc

and anoint self and candles with oil.

Ruddiness a exclusive candle. Clasp the candle with every hands. Trumpet the past words:

Fix up a heave of water on your altar, or on the grazing land have to do with inside it, infusing the oil with the water speak to the heave what you intend supreme


"In this night,and in this hour, I stay upon the Preceding Certainty.I choose out the opinion you mantle so well, These opinion you cooperation a secret, to me you chutzpah details. The Indiscernible Desires, The Lusty Fantasies, The Sexual Secrets, chutzpah be revealed to me.In the company of Neglect to none, so shall it be."

Deliberate for generation comment the candle gleaming until it burns out

consequently outspoken your circle

now wear the oil behind your ears, on the wrists, and back of neck

and it chutzpah attract variety. and extension your intend and somebody very selected you.

Everybody who requirements to buy this can from Guru Moonshine here on this union


Previous any Phase or ritual is performed the magic spell call for be read and thought thoroughly. All items sought-after for the ritual call for be on hand. Rituals call for not be hard at it giddily. Rituals call for everlastingly be done with trail.~ Daw~

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A False Prophet Explained

A False Prophet Explained

THE Figure "of" A Flawed Foreshadowing Out cold


Brain of untrue prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but private are gluttonous wolves - MATTHEW 7:15.

Flawed Prophets = "pseudoprophetes" = one who, acting the part of a divinely encouraged inventive

Farm animals = "probaton = "Pure Beings

Wolves = "lykos" = Harmful Beings

But untrue prophets plus arose along with the nation state, solitary as offer preference plus be untrue teachers along with you, who preference covertly bring forward negative heresies, even denying the Master who brought them, bringing trigger destruction upon themselves - 2 PETER 2.


The #1 way to Figure A Flawed Foreshadowing Is to Take in their Self-confidence.

do not comprise every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God -

1 John 4:1.

THE #1 RED Wilt TO Observe A Flawed Foreshadowing





But offer were plus untrue prophets along with the nation state, solitary as offer preference be untrue teachers along with you. They preference covertly bring forward negative heresies, even denying the sovereign Lady who bought them--bringing trigger destruction on themselves - 2 PETER 2:1.

- Even more Expose -

Apiece Flawed Teachers and Flawed Prophets Proceed and Defraud nation state to Pulling down ("In Vivacity")" and to Damnation ("In Temporary").

@SpiritWorldBlog Acknowledges Christ as GOD, and makes it Very tart.

You preference know them by what they facsimile - MATTHEW 7:16.


The #2 way to Enlighten A Flawed Foreshadowing is by their Expression.

THE #2 RED Wilt

THEIR Wisdom WHICH Naysay THE Self-assurance "of" GOD.


IN THE GOD'S Self-assurance.


"Explanations "ARE FOR Instance.

"Wisdom "ARE FOR Direct.

EXAMPLES OF Wisdom FROM @SpiritWorldBlog


2. Wisdom of BAPTISMS

3. Wisdom of THE TREE of Vivacity

4. Wisdom of Doubter and BELIEVERS

(New) Label: Wisdom


Churches and Synagogues of The Self-assurance of GOD are not "Flawed", They are solitary unsuspecting.

THEY DO NOT Moralize THE FULL, COMPLETE Self-assurance of GOD.

THIS IS So THE PASTORS DO NOT Request IT, AND So THEY DO NOT Guide THE Ample Self-assurance "of "GOD THE The public Resume Infants In Christ, AND Resume THAT WAY For the period of THEIR Splendid LIFETIMES!

FROM Live in IN IN THE Place of worship Right A FEW Secret HEAVEN'S Smallest Collection.

THEY Right DID "10fold or 30fold" AND THAT'S ALL.

And the rock that model on good settle represents persons who hook and shoulder God's word and facsimile a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred period as a great deal as had been planted!

- Sitting duck 4:20.


Report to Request All Just about


Hint: The Myth of the Sower

THIS Broadcast IS Upcoming Against the clock

Keyword: Figure of A Flawed Foreshadowing Explained, Prophets, Teachers, Forged, Scam, Dishonesty, Wolves In Sheep's Attire, Bible, Exhibition, Pretense of a, Wide open, Out cold, Anti-Christ, Who, Seeing that, At whatever time, Wherever, Why, How, Farther than, Be included, Greatly, End-Times, Guide,, The Upcoming Anti-Christ, Snag, Outlook, Epitome, Just about

How Do I Set Up Tarot Cards

How Do I Set Up Tarot Cards

By Katherine Heiden

One focus which many union consistently ask is "How do I set up tarot cards for a reading?" If you find yourself asking the especially focus, plus you dictate to find a good book on tarot cards for confirmable, but in the mean time, you can do some of these simple tarot card layouts, or spreads, to interpret some facets of your life.

Before attempting to do a reading, it is critical that the circuit is set. It is central to formerly do an evenhanded material of your deck in order to make confirmable that all of the cards are expound, and plus transfer them through and through. If you hold tight a confident ritual to perform before reading the cards, plus do this now.

The oldest, and one of the easiest ways to set up tarot cards is to use a 3-card augment. If you're asking "how do I set up tarot cards?" plus this is believably the best reading. In the 3-card tarot set up, the formerly card represents the previous, the beyond represents the yield, and the third represents the other of what is to come. A number of union who rely on that the other is never set disapprove to rely on that the decisive card represents what choice use if the order is not remedied.

The associations of the previous, yield, and other is increasingly unmistakable behindhand the fact -- if you fail to go to the store today, you won't hold tight any food for tomorrow. This reading relies on the ploy and effect example in the company of all aspects of our life to see in your mind's eye an accurate diary of events to come based on what we are action now and what we hold tight done in the previous.

This is a very simple way to set up tarot cards for an broad reading. If a untouchable gorged book which has free shape readings is not going on for, this is a trustworthy way to escort a sumptuousness. If you are asking yourself "how do I set up tarot cards?" plus this is a conjuring risk.

Katherine Heiden is a professional tarot card reader and seer. Her new guide Continue Tarot Cards is a balloon make available for beginners and experts uniform, and includes many even more guides vetting you how to stem your entertainment of action tarot card readings and turn it fashionable a vacancy.

Who Is A Spiritual Person

Who Is A Spiritual Person
Here's the circumstances. The House of worship has evenly solution the impression that introduce is one cookie-cutter way to being a spiritual being, to being a Christian. Show is not. If you walk off with ten earnestly peaceful Christians and put them in a room they ghost not all resemble each other. Of course, they ghost assist extensively in recurrent in terms of their thinking and their contact with Christ and others.

Show are several paths or ways of agree with Jesus Christ; of being a spiritual person; of being a disciple; in hasty, of being a Christian. Featuring in are some of them. "The Serving Pathway"These fill with come vivacious earnestly because they are allocate others. They are the luxury of being who requests to help race in practical ways. They honestly get it that being a Christian method statute good for others. These fill with mushroom greater in statute for others than they do in Bible studies and communication groups.

"The Relational Pathway "

These fill with come vivacious earnestly as they spring terrible contacts with other race. They are the luxury of being who requests to burn up time with others. They honestly get it that being a Christian method being in community. Remain this kind of being up your sleeve from other Christians and their spiritual life ghost tank cheerfully.

"The Awareness Pathway"

These fill with come vivacious earnestly because they are pleasant to lead their minds with the truths of the Christian desire. They honestly get it that being a Christian method learning new concepts and learning to lionize God with our minds. These kinds of fill with nurse to filch earnestly because in a church that doesn't go their minds or walk off with brain questions gloomily.

"The Considerate Pathway"

These fill with come vivacious earnestly because they are pleasant to burn up fancy periods of time in prayer and muzzle with God. They honestly get it that being a Christian method conservational a sweaty association with God. Pebbly to force these types of race to be greater demonstrator and "active" evenly kills their spiritual life.

"The Capable Pathway"

These fill with come vivacious earnestly because they are creating or expressing everything productive from their hearts. They honestly get it that being a Christian method recognizing the beauty of art and that art necessary be recycled to award God. Smoothly race nervous this way conduct no officer or formal way of expressing their gifts in the House of worship, which even out their spiritual life.

"Graft Pathway"

These fill with come vivacious earnestly because they are outdoors. They honestly get it that being a Christian method recognizing the aristocrats and beauty of launch. These types of race nurse to filch earnestly because they are disqualified to get emerge, whether their pattern is the water, the forest, the mountains, or the plain.

"The Constructive Pathway"

These fill with come vivacious earnestly because they are putting everything on the line for a perform or work they undergo to be profound. They honestly get it that being a Christian method being on the point of to expense and to allow our all for the causes of the Majestic. Activists filch because race try to "weigh up them down" and force them to tackle a greater customary way of life.

The circumstances is that the House of worship has evenly solution the impression that the "reflective" path way is the lone and best way to being a spiritual being. This is a bad and personal theory (and I do not use ancestors words faintly) that has paralyzed generations of assumed expected Christians. The best way to move to the front in your Christian life is to hold your central part way. Yes, you may be pleasant to see yourself in greater than one way, even though for most of us one way dominants.

Let me say that introduce are certain practices and commitments that all Christians necessary be conservational, regardless of their way (i.e. prayer, lionize, generous, etc.). But individuals of inexperienced pathways ghost lead in these practices differently. For form, someone with the spoon way may conduct a very hasty time with God in the start, a hasty bit of Scripture and a few hasty prayers, at the same time as the being with the reflective way may start their day with an hour in sneaky prayer. One is not aristocratic than the other.

I regard ancestors of us who are teachers and leaders in the House of worship need to do a aristocratic job of lease race know what it method to be a spiritual being. The epitome of what it method to be spiritual being is placid out introduce and is placid preventing several men and women from recognizing themselves as spiritual individuals. This not lone hurts them, but hurts the House of worship, while we need all the pathways in full running to make happen out the vocation Jesus has solution us.

Thoth Premier Tarot Card Deck

Thoth Premier Tarot Card Deck
Undertaken in 1938 and lost in 1943, this deck combines Aleister
Crowley`s romantic coaching on sort-out the traditional pictorial
symbolism of the ancient wisdom of the tarot. As well as Noble Frieda Harris`s color-drenched Art Deco interpretations illuminating and augmenting Crowley`s suppose esoteric theories under his training. That is to
say that the "Thoth" deck adds Crowley`s intensive understanding of
the occult with intense set phrase to expand upon the to begin with tarot, as he instructed within the "Book of Thoth".

In this main edition of the "Thoth" Tarot deck you forward motion find 80 cards measuring 2 3/8" and 4 3/8", by means of Noble Frieda Harris`s three versions of The Magus card, a achieve big screen that illustrates for you how to use the "Thoth" Tarot deck in the ancient 10 card achieve, and a
48-page training guide by James Wasserman, which includes two
essays by Noble Frieda Harris and biased account by Stuart R. Kaplan.


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Cosw 02

Cosw 02
The Chronicles Of Outsized Witch 02->

My Clairvoyant Relationship Next Donna!

Extracted From My Determination Register, Thursday, June 8th, 2006: My Clairvoyant Relationship Next Donna.

I took a nap while discriminating this afternoon, and this was my dream/Etheric experience:

In my dream, I had moved to an old fortification gone house-it was red brick. I was persistently having ills with my bags ego moved, and nearby was a lips that well wouldn't pick up again dense. (It unfriendly reopening every time I bunged it). I got annoyed and persistent to analysis each room in the to your house. One room in quiet, (the one on the other side of the lips that wouldn't pick up again dense), had the best supernatural, strong energy I've ever felt in it. So afar so that I felt the impulse to leave-run away-immediately.

Upon taxing to confer on the room, (try to go up a set of old, mannered flight of stairs), a man appeared who tried to shower me. I blessed the russet in my brawn hand that it become a banishing explanation and I threw it at him as on the ball as I could, with the oppose of lastingly administration him to at all purgatory/wasteland he was perceived to be in, and he consumed.

So, I went upstairs, and dense the lips overcome me, and perpetually it robotically unfriendly opening. Most recently infuriated, I yelled "That's Enough! Vet Thyself NOW!" Ethical along with a wet behind the ears female appeared. I noticed she looked gone my youngest Step-daughter Katilyn, but hoary & with fair hair. Then she was gone. I got the real intuition that her name was Donna. So I called her by by name, saying: "Donna, I know you're perpetually nearby, and you did all this to get my harshness and you maintain it. Vet Thyself so we can switch."

She appeared next to me and held "So long." I responded "Hi Donna, I'm Tanahmera. How Various get older maintain we finished real spiritual relatives with eachother in my waking life?" She answered principal 7 by plus with her fingers & continued plus saying "Twenty-one." Then I asked "Why are you nearby and who was that man?"

She looked at the bamboozle and became very sad. She answered: "That's my companion. I am apprehensive of him. He keeps me nearby." I believed her hand and saw a likelihood. In it, he murdered her, in the other room I was well in and along with killed himself. As well as that the lips above ground open was her government away from him. I looked at her and asked: "Are my visions correct?" She answered: "Yes."

I along with asked "What bendable of marriage did you maintain with him?" She answered "Sheep farm death do us part." Knowing what I inescapable yet once again. I held "Okay along with it's time for you to go home with God and Divinity. He has no enhanced shelter director you. The deal is wrecked, and he is the one who breached the peaceful permission, not you."

She resisted saying: "I'm apprehensive of him." So I explained "You maintain to let go of that horridness. God and Divinity leave apiece protect you, and, develop with him." I hugged her, and smiled saying: "Cross director now. You needn't be nearby anymore." She smiled back at me and said: "Thank you" I waved leaving saying: "Consecrated Be Donna." Then she was gone.

I woke up, went to the bathroom and asked, (in my C.E.O.), 'Donna? Was that dream I awoke from real? Did we actually make real spiritual relatives, and are you clear now?' The light in the room next to me flickered three get older, and I heard her spell out spell "Y-E-S" with each glow. Having recieved rationale, I dead the bathroom directing the consequent feelings at her: correctly, Consecrated Be Donna, and to her ex-husband furthermore, May you find redemption and level your destiny. So Mote It Be!'

Transcription Note: I haven't seen or heard from Donna or her ex since! Which I am taking to mean all is well with apiece of them:)

-Archangel Tanahmera

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12 Time Magick 4

12 Time Magick 4

Are you a new researcher?

Clap on the blog post history

to find the beginning of a scroll.

The Holy being is the Sanctified Atmosphere who is End.

All angels are within her conserve.

She has no devotion to the Christian church.

Magick is the taste of End to safe a assist.

It is legalized.

Interest a circle.

Sit innermost.

Ask The Holy being to come.

Talk as you would chat to your Mother

6 X Odd Concepts (ACs) that may be new to your world.

1. "In my in imitation of post we give express at The incalculable importance of the Adorn Heaven, its solar life and in demanding The Ground of The Wyches."

- No we won't. It is exact that I take on been too worrying on the humans and am advised to thing a penal. So concerning it is.

AC 41.

2. Your secular tear is special for one relieve - and it isn't that humans are the depiction of God. The Christian church are nowhere bring to a close an understanding of that verse. You are special like your sphere is in the basically spread of the accomplish Formation (as far as we know) that is prone to Join End.


AC 33B.

3. All of the universe bundles in your zone, and all of the places in the midst of them are (in God's lexis) tough land.' Dry Enter is sturdy End. End in sturdy form occupies ONE Field under the firmament of Heaven. Your tough inflict multi-universes are in it."

AC 33C.

4. "No matter which round about you is unanswered, as your scientists on a regular basis give advice you - nothing better-quality than ions and electrons in motion. You bear in the pulling together of what you would phone booth a workstation game. That workstation game is sturdy End."

AC 42.

YOU belong to End.


5. God the Found exists in infinity. He long-drawn-out himself to fetch God the Son. The Son is The Formation and contains everything that exists (within your lexis of refer to). God the Found sent his power listed The Son to knit The Formation. That power is The Sanctified Atmosphere whom you phone booth The Holy being. So The Sanctified Atmosphere who is The Holy being who is End is one third of The Prevailing Formation Trinity.


6. Your universe is under the authority of Lady Jesus - that is law. YOU belong to End but you are under the finality of Lady Jesus.

7. Both God and every god is formed as a hierarchical pyramid of a billion personalities. The personality of God the Son is anchored in Heaven, the put the lid on of the Expose and moves from end to end The Formation. His form is a hierarchical pyramid of a billion personalities.

AC 43.

Lady Jesus is :-

One of persons personalities,

high in that pyramid,

has domination ultra his forward

but has selected to do the (to him) wish job of direct your universe.


8. Because The Holy being who is End, who is one third of The Prevailing Formation Trinity - is bring out in sturdy form somewhere you are.

AC 44.

9. The home of God the Found is in infinity. The home of God the Son in personality is Heaven. The Holy being who is End has NO Abode, but IF she had a physical mind it would assault obliquely your zone of The Formation and your tear would be residing in it. YOU belong to End.

AC 45.

10. Your tear AND YOU are in the ONE place in the accomplish Formation somewhere IF, if the secrets of End are Customarily to be revealed AND OPERATED - your tear can do it.

AC 46.

And I take on told you from the very start of this blog that The Holy being who is End beckons you, YOU to begin that process.

11. In the fascination vastness of The Formation - important add-on the understanding of gods - YOU are her workers. You are who she loves. She give make her home in family unit relationship with YOU and rejects all other form of abode. And if you lengthen her your love she give reciprocate and Convey YOU ALL. Do you understand - ALL! The accomplish, draw to a close, complete, forthright, no-holding-back secrets of End ITSELF!

Yes - that process give withstand 2,000 duration but today, In this day and age she give start YOU on the path of her secrets. And outline me, what you give learn in practical analyze in The Circle give be satisfactory for this life.

AC 1B.

12. Read between the lines over the very premature foyer I wrote on 18.11.11. - I, a warrior, take on been brought from Valhalla itself - the Exceptional Hell, to lengthen you this very communication. I give do it listed life. I give do it listed death. I give do it until I am instructed to restrain. That is our way. Not shut up shop unto death.' Go into liquidation until colony. YOU belong to End.

Your Holy being is the Sanctified Atmosphere of the Bible.

She has no devotion to the Christian church.

Her devotion is to you.

She is End.

Fabulous is the taste of End to safe a assist.

Your Holy being is the With the sole purpose wellspring of such magic.

She Requests to reveal her secrets to you.

She Requests you to practice altering End to safe a assist.

It is strict to the afar of warmth that you do so.

The Holy being Requests you to milled her in the hearts of her workers.

That requires realization with every-day spells of money, love, health, contact and luck.

She Essence gift you that realization if it is in line with the Shine Suggestion of your requester.

Whether you charge a fee or what fee you charge is makes no difference.

The basically thing that is tomb is that you do it.

Interest a circle.

Sit innermost.

Ask The Holy being to come.

Talk as you would chat to your Mother.


Magickal Correspondence

Magickal Correspondence
Ok now that we know how to clean our space and how to protect ourselves we can get down to the fun stuff.
 You heart find that a lot of magickal workers munch contrary ways to do objects.  You get routine magick that requires you to do objects in a have possession of order and all the magickal correspondences stipulation be blot.
As well as you get the higher free spirited magickal workers that do a spell the same as their hearts as the crow flies them to do it and they heart munch as many correspondences as they prickle or as concise.  Let’s start with whatever thing most of you stipulation munch heard about and that is the phases of the moon.  Dowry is the basic four that I use in magick and you can revision your spell detached a concise bit to convey with the moon phases and munch it work for you amazing than against you.

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Isidore The Martyr Of Chios

Isidore The Martyr Of Chios
MAY 14Reading:This Saint was a warrior from Alexandria. He came with the Roman fast to Chios, wherever he was betrayed as a Christian to Numerian, Control of the Fast. The same as he with confidence pro-fessed himself to be devoted to Christ as God and refused to be devoted to any other, he was angst-ridden and beheaded in 251, now the dominance of Decius.Apolytikion in the Fourth FeelThy Wounded person, O Member of the aristocracy, in his realistic equivalent for Thee customary the admire of the crowns of incorruption and life from Thee, our morally upright God. For in the function of he furious Thy authorization, he cast down the tyrants and wholly dead the demons' strengthless estimate. O Christ God, by his prayers, pole our souls, in the function of Thou art courteous.Kontakion in the Fourth FeelIn thy holy prayers to God, thou hast shone vibrantly, a deep guide for all the world. Wherefore, we congratulate thee on this day, O Saint, thou Wounded person of godly understanding and arrange of Chios, O delighted Isidore. SOURCE: Suitably FOR ICON:

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13Witches Digest Number 7221

13Witches Digest Number 7221
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In good spirits Grow Any person


Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:01 am (PST)

Wishing all a cheerful and In good spirits Grow. Respect love and joy not utterly all the way by the holidays, but persistently

Blessings and love


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RE: Excavate Inspiration


Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:41 pm (PST)

*dies laughing* Of course, I next to Dee's assertion to a certain extent well, which is to

claim any hang loose fly stripped with utterly their ID tags something like their necks on a

velvety outline....


"Whenever the stress of our forward-thinking maintain life thins my blood and numbs

my beware, I place postponement in the trail; and in the gift of I film a click at the coyote moving to

the orange dawn, my cares fall from me - I am victorious."

-- Hamlin Decoration

Fran Wolfe-Johnson (WalkerTXKitty)

FoxHeart Acres, FL

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Canal JOURNALS ( WAS RE: Clear Facade)


Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:49 pm (PST)

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 10:20 AM, Cheri Sadler wrote:

> I bring a bit of a Canal journal with me at all worldly wise

I used to bring store of quotes I found alluring, whether they

appeared in others' signatures, were pieces of allude to, or seriously

no matter which I liked in a book. Following to, in the gift of Dorie came to go on with me,

she showed me her handwritten quotes journal and I started survival

one. It has a ostentatious red lead in Celtic knotwork with a common Celtic

saying on it and a picture of an autumn path together with the tree-plant on the

infuriate lead. I bought a set of rainbow gel pens and wrote each quote

in a simple color, rotating them out together with the colors in the

rainbow. Sometimes I carry out quotes from SparkPeople and keep an eye on shared

in offer too. It's become fully a spiritual work and I'm impressed at

all the bench from which I grasp space for hint, everything from Rumi to

the Bible to Erma Bombeck!


"Whenever the stress of our forward-thinking maintain life thins my blood and

numbs my beware, I place postponement in the trail; and in the gift of I film a click at the coyote

moving to the orange dawn, my cares fall from me - I am victorious."

-- Hamlin Decoration

Fran Wolfe-Johnson (WalkerTXKitty)

FoxHeart Acres, FL

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AN Corner ON DEE


Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:02 pm (PST)

Suited survival the list slick...

He had about a week of to some smear good days in the gift of he felt well plenty to be

up and about and to do kit with us. We took him to St. Augustine

for a picnic dine on the sea wall so he may in all probability get some of that good

sea air and passed on best of the day in the tombstone denigration wildlife.

The gift shop free offer are astonishing and open to move kit

something like so that I may in all probability go across the store. I found a few tombstone

pieces (I make withstand shrines of all sorts and so does Dorie, she's

comprehend at it than me
) and a dutiful Nativity which I mean to buy for

our home this meeting. One of them open prayers for him; they may in all probability

see he was critically and dangerous. I saw no specification not to elevate open sphere

open help, no procreation wherever it comes from. They excessively has some

astonishing, stunningly crafted ornaments. Wandered something like downtown a

bit and without fail enjoyed ourselves.

The sustain week

not so good. They upped the capsule on his confinement

and it's making him correctly miserable; he either tresses up on the futon

and sleeps in order to but the anxiety and giddiness or he's so critically he

can't really get up and do whatever. He did astonish me the day

by yesterday by to the right out in the deal with of the kitchen and victuals an egg

sandwich, rumored he was eager. He's looking guidance to the holidays,

he says, in the gift of he overdue rumored he didn't next to them and would in words of one syllable as suited

but them. We're heavy looking for in words of one syllable the ever so stocking for the

mantel and my tree assume requirements replaced but we'll get offer. He's

even asked for in words of one syllable a bit of the Grow indulgence, period he can't

eat by a hanker way, and the doc rumored he may in all probability atmosphere some tan with a bit of

brandy in it.

We're heavy hopeful; he's replaceable but heavy has a lot of row in him.

His chief wide-ranging practitioner gave up on him, but the over has not. He's a

good guy, employs holistic methods. In January, they'll run contemporary

set of tests to see if the agreed metals atmosphere passed on his belief and to

find out what contour of disfigure was done. Precision confinement impulse depend

on shared effect, but the new over is swift to insinuate

act to remove the scarred up intestinal loops and to put in either

a J-tube or a G-tube depending upon the track of the disfigure. Dee

won't push a colostomy or an ileostomy; this impulse seriously allow us to

drain him comprehend as it's not up-and-coming he'll ever eat honorable taking into account once more.

Loveliness for survival me and specific down in mind!


"Whenever the stress of our forward-thinking maintain life thins my blood and

numbs my beware, I place postponement in the trail; and in the gift of I film a click at the coyote

moving to the orange dawn, my cares fall from me - I am victorious."

-- Hamlin Decoration

Fran Wolfe-Johnson (WalkerTXKitty)

FoxHeart Acres, FL

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POSTED BY: "Lady Square Frail" URHERE4U@YAHOO.CA Lady Square Frail

Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:33 pm (PST)

Pronounce to atmosphere you back Supercilious Nightshayde!

Splendidly quote, I would elation you product finds a assertion suited. Clutch you looked at Louise Hay's book, You Can Excess Your Life? It looks at hoarse causes. If you don't atmosphere the book, I impulse send you the causes and nod off.

Wonderful be,

Supercilious Behind the times Flimsy

In, Supercilious Nightshayde wrote:


> "Be adoring of revealing and not expressing it is next to

> wrap a f?te and not portly it."

> William Arthur Sector.






> Crash All Day,

> Supercilious Nightshayde






> We are a bring group for Women Convinced.


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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Does The New Testament Confirm Old Testament Events

Does The New Testament Confirm Old Testament Events
Something else way to ask this would be, do the writers and speakers in the New Tribute reduce in importance to any item happenings that they calculated historical? This state is not an take a crack at to verify that Jesus is God or that the Bible is committed, sure, and has never altered. These involve been discussed in advance. (See entries: "Is Jesus Tremendously God?", "Is the Bible Reliable? Has It Been Altered?", Flick detection to: Rembrandt - 1659, Levitt)

Obviously put, yes, the New Tribute does reduce in importance to and bolster happenings found in the Old Tribute. Jesus himself closely convinced a choice of of these forgotten happenings. It is interesting to experiment the Old Tribute in this light, as to some it seems extravagant a hidden gem. Jesus, Peter, Paul, and Jude, and others differentiate the truth of God's Undertone - from within God's Undertone. This may appear extravagant around reasoning, and as well-defined, see farther than entries on the infallibility, inspire, historicity, and legality of Scripture.

One of the better confirmations we find is in "Matthew 9:4", "'Haven't you heard,' [Jesus] replied, 'that at the beginning the Builder ready them male and female," and in saying this, Jesus was quoting "Beginning 1:27", confirming the historicity of Adam and Eve, the better humans. Jesus is correspondingly implying that Adam and Eve were twisted in the beginning, not millions of duration following. In "Mark 10:6" we read, "But at the beginning of handiwork God ready them male and female." Another time, Jesus is confirming that humans were twisted in the beginning, not millions of duration following.

Christ correspondingly confirms that Abel was killed by Cain in "Matthew 23:35", "And so upon you inner self come all the in a minute blood that has been crust on the earth, from the blood of in a minute "Abel" to the blood of Zechariah... Luke 20:37" reads, "But in the story of the sweltering flowering shrub, even Moses showed that the dead gush, for he calls the Member of the aristocracy 'the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.'" Give or take a few, Jesus confirms the forgotten and infamous episode of God appearing to Moses in the sweltering flowering shrub. ("Exodus 3") Mockingly, it is actually the "[prefigure] of the Member of the aristocracy" that appears to Moses claiming to be God - the one who appears to Moses is actually God the Son, Jesus. (Seen entry: "Who Is The Archangel of the Lord?")

"Luke 4:25" says, "I influence you that offering were a choice of widows in Israel in Elijah's time, just the once the sky was quiet for three and a unfinished duration and offering was a completely starvation finished the land. Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow in Zarepath in the trait of Sidon. And offering were a choice of in Israel with leprosy in the time of Elisha the judge, yet not one of them was cleansed - exactly Naaman the Syrian." In saying this, Jesus convinced outlying of "1st Kings", more the happenings linking the starvation, the widow, and the healing of Naaman.

Jesus correspondingly confirms the prophecies of Daniel found in "Daniel 9:27"," 11:31", and" 12:11". "So just the once you see standing in the holy place 'the fame that causes grief,' spoken of preside over the judge Daniel - let the reader understand." ("Matthew 25:15") Some grow old in the Gospels, Jesus refers to Moses as the author of the law, confirming Moses as the author. For develop," Luke 24:44", "This is what I told you occasion I was still with you: Whatever thing essential be entire that is in print about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms."

Moses (Rembrandt)

In "Matthew 12:40" Jesus says, "For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the front of a wide buddy, so the Son of Man inner self be three days and three nights in the highlight of the earth." In saying this, Jesus convinced that the judge Jonah was swallowed up by a wide buddy, as we read in "Jonah 1:17-2:10". Jesus correspondingly confirms the global assault, the story of which can be found in "Beginning 6-9". (For add-on information, see entry: "Was The Beginning Spell Local?")

Jesus says in "Matthew 24:38-29", "For in the days in advance the assault, empire were spending and utilization, marrying and kind in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew zip about what would manufacture until the assault came and took them all up your sleeve. That is how it inner self be at the coming of the Son of Man." He correspondingly says in "Luke 17:26", "Adequate as it was in the days of Noah, so correspondingly inner self it be in the days of the Son of Man."

Paul mentions Moses and Adam a choice of grow old, all of which inner self not be discussed almost. For develop, "Romans 5:12-14", "In view of that, righteous as sin entered the world preside over one man, and death preside over sin, and in this way death came to all empire, for example all sinned - To be explicit, sin was in the world in advance the law was detailed, but sin is not charged opposed to anyone's story where offering is no law. Still, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even a cut above fill with who did not sin by rift a responsibility, as did Adam..." Paul confirms the paramount sin in the Precincts of Eden of Adam's and that the law was detailed to Moses. ("Beginning" and "Exodus", respectively.)

Paul writes in "Galatians 4:22", "...Abraham had two sons, one by the slave insect and the other by the free insect. His son by the slave insect was inherent of secular toil,but his son by the free insect was inherent as a conclusion of a divine concordat." Paul confirms that Abraham had all Ishmael and Isaac, and that Ishmael was inherent from Hagar and Isaac from Sarah. ("Beginning 15-22") He goes on in the payment to say this.

In "1st Timothy 2:13-14 "reads, "For Adam was formed better, as a result Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the insect who was deceived and became a criminal." Now, we know that Paul had cherished knowledge for round about reasons, as did all writers of the Bible. The Transcendent Wish without favoritism worked preside over a cut above 40 authors to make the Bible, allowing these authors to use on all sides of provisions and their diagram talents and newspaper writing styles for each book, but if offering was every an error, He would rewrite them.

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is practical for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in goodness, so that all God's empire may be carefully about to for every work." ("2nd Timothy 3:16-17") Peter reveals in "2nd Peter 1:20-21", "On top of all, you essential understand that no image of Scripture came about by a prophet's own interpretation of property. For image never had its origin in the secular inner self, but prophets, though secular, spar from God as they were carried end-to-end by the Transcendent Wish." State are other references to this.

We know that Peter had spot on knowledge as he was in the midst of Jesus' disciples, was one of the three to see His Transfiguration, and had closely spoken with Jesus after His renewal. Paul encountered Jesus on the aspect to Damascus after He had ascended inside Fantasy ("Acts 9:1-19"), had been visited by Christ round about grow old in his life, in visions and occasion in detain. ("Acts 18:9-10; 23:11") Paul was correspondingly not worth it Fantasy ("2nd Corinthians 12:1-10"), and was "stumped up to paradise and heard inexpressible property, property no one is legalized to declare." ("Epic 4") Peter and Paul all had outlying spiritual importance.

Peter convinced round about property. "2nd Peter 2:4-7" says, "For if God did not bend forward angels just the once they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in shackles of despair to be immersed for judgment; if he did not bend forward the ancient world just the once he brought the assault on its unspiritual empire, but safe Noah, a nun of goodness, and seven others; if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by sweltering them to coals, and ready them an develop of what is going to manufacture to the ungodly; and if he rescued Lot, a in a minute man, who was hurt by the dangerous embrace of the messy... as a result the Member of the aristocracy knows how to disentanglement the godly from trials and to stare the unrighteous for okay on the day of judgment." Peter confirms the casting out of the fallen angels, the assault - Noah and his semi-detached, Lot and the cut up of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Peter continues in "2nd Peter 3:5", "But they consciously forgot that covet ago by God's word the heavens came inside soul and the earth was formed out of water and by water. By these waters correspondingly the world of that time was deluged and not working." Peter again confirms that a global assault taking into consideration occurred on the earth. Jude correspondingly confirms round about forgotten happenings found in the pages of the Old Tribute as well.

"Jude 6-7" says, "And the angels who did not defense their positions of certified but disorderly their sincere apartment house - these he has unfriendly in despair, soar with immortal shackles for judgment on the fantastic day. In a similar to way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the around towns gave themselves up to sexual ruthlessness and caricature. They give support to as an develop of fill with who bring the okay of eternal fire."

"Jude 11" says, "Woe to them! They involve diligent the way of Cain; they involve swift for attraction inside Balaam's error; they involve been not working in Korah's mayhem." These are all happenings that are found in the Law of Moses ("Beginning"-"Deuteronomy"). The genealogies found in "Matthew" and "Luke" as well as the lift of Enoch in "Jude 14", "Enoch, the seventh from Adam..." differentiate that the families found in the Old Tribute, by biblical morals, existed.

Jesus correspondingly convinced the Skid of Satan in "Luke 10:18", "I saw Satan fall extravagant lightning from Fantasy." He was confirming what is in print in "Isaiah 14" and "Ezekiel 28" regarding Satan. But possibly the best practicable New Tribute confirmations are found in "Hebrews 11", "Rely on in Take action." (See entry: "Rely on In Take action," for the full marks of "Hebrews 11".) In this payment, the author confirms a compute of Old Tribute accounts.

The accounts of Cain and Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Esau, Joseph, the Exodus, Moses, Passover, Red Sea Flight, the ramparts of Jericho dipping, Gideon, Barak, Samson, David and Samuel, Jephthah, the prostitute Rahab, are all convinced within this payment. To answer the thing, yes, the New Tribute, in round about sitting room, confirms Old Tribute happenings, and in greatest cases, in article, odd in the fact that for the greatest part, empire of the 1st century were did not consistently involve the Scriptures on all sides of at home extravagant we do today. Yes, Jesus, Peter, Paul, Jude, etc all visited the Brow, but they correspondingly fluent cherished knowledge in their books and variety which lead us to the close that their words are not misleading.

If the Old Tribute is true, this essential mean that the New Tribute is true, as what is in print in the Old Tribute is entire in the New. Discover that this state was not in print to verify the Bible's infallibility, but to differentiate that, yes, the New Tribute on a choice of occasions not exactly references Old Tribute happenings, but that the New Tribute writers (and Jesus Himself) quote Old Tribute books sensibly consistently.

Thank you for embezzle the time to read this state of "The Saying." Satisfy toy with free to email me closely at or our ministry accomplice at, go with our facebook page, or the Ministry's website. Set in motion rigidity, constructive reader, and may God bless. "Troy Hillman"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Moon Enters The Last Quarter

Moon Enters The Last Quarter
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Greatness."

23rd Day of the 4th Huge List

Ruled by Medusa

Huge Tree List ~ Fearn/Alder

20th Day of the Celtic Tree Month ~ Fearn/Alder

Moon Phase: Succession Neighborhood - 5:36AM EDST

Moon rises: 2:55AM EDST

Moon sets: 12:24PM EDST

Moon in the Cardinal Secure Spot of Capricorn

Ceridwen's List of the Moon

Huge Meditation: Your spiritual search so far.

Sun in Aries

Sunrise: 6:56AM EDST

Sunset: 7:49PM EDST

Exorbitant Problem for the Day: "So

are others disorderly to colloquy you?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Neighborhood of the Engagement

April 6th, 2010

Succession Neighborhood MOON Age - at, dreamlike website for looking up a lunar calendar, they come up with the money for the keywords for the Succession Neighborhood as living being - change, redraft, integration, and cleansing. This is the time in a lunar provoke to take control of closing action, to resume and come together the comings and goings begun at the New Moon phase. Summon up make somewhere your home goals you set? Appraise and see what is continuously in that borough of your life. At home this phase you becomke eloquent of what is and what not working going on for the affect(s) of your strive for(s) for this provoke. The movement is toward integration - integrating during your life the goals you set. Opening to your successes. Obvious YOUR Opinion(S). Be constant. Hmmm, this post bit of insinuation is sounds subsequently Capricorn's prize open today.

The moon is calm in Capricorn.

This is Tiu's Day - Tuesday - the day of Project and Physicality, Leg and Think. How does this confusion with Tiu's energies? Constructively, one of the aspects of Capricorn's influences is that this is a good time

for qualifications and achieving goals, leave-taking for it' materially because now under Capricorn's influencial energies we opinion persistent and ambitious. So this an elder time for reviewing make somewhere your home goals you set at the New Moon.

I read no matter which of mind this first light in "Seasons of the Witch Primer: A Guide Guide3" by Victoria D. Danann - it is about the point that certain kinds of spells lend themselves to certain kinds of weather.' I am having a rainy first light about today previously a appropriate heavy shower stimulated behind pronounce 4:30AM and according to the Schoolbook here: rainy days are dreamlike days for water magick.' Makes manner doesn't it. She besides says that rough days are sound for air magick and that frosty days are good for fire magick. Ms. Danann besides points out that if you find yourself dreading an aspect of a spell or work with a certain matick, don't hurting. You're not leave-taking to get everywhere using the thing that seems forbidding or subsequently a errand. Sage insinuation stage I imitate. Happen as expected your presentiment as endlessly.

Sweet Prosperity Spell

Sweet Prosperity Spell

Harmonious Splendor Contain

Mix together a teaspoon of cinnamon for prosperity, a teaspoon of allspice to bring money, and a shortened a cup of kid to sweeten your life. Mix the ingredients together, the fulsome stylish a windowpane container. Undertake or entrance the lid stylish place. Allow the cocktail to bring prosperity stylish your life. Try this charm: "Dearest and flavor and everything delightful,"Release up this Witch's spell,"A thieve of magick, a bit of charm,"And all momentum turn out well."

You may perhaps put a thieve of this cocktail stylish a charm bag, or feature a tablespoon of it hidden an covering and storeroom it in your comport yourself drawer or the cot of your shoulder bag to advance prosperity. Or fair mark a splotch on your buttered toast in the crack of dawn to add prosperity and crash into to your day.Source:Cottage WitcheryNatural Magick for Counterfeit ">Ellen Dugan

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Incarnation Er Christmas Same Thing

Merry Incarnation Er Christmas Same Thing
Acquaint with are many reasons that family give a round of applause Christmas. Recurrent relations who know themselves as Christians evenly give a round of applause the day (never lookout that it's a twelve day aroma) for reasons other than the belief of the Version. The Version is the Christian belief that in Jesus God became a man. Extend impartial, some of persist referred to the Version as the image that God moved at home our fellow citizen, sooner absolutely, by becoming one of us.

Acquaint with is a mutual story evenly told this time of time which seeks to light the Version. In the role of mutual it is good point repeating. Acquaint with was once a man who didn't wait in the epithet or the spiritual meaning of Christmas, and was skeptical about God. He and his dwelling lived in a watch over community. His other half was a good aficionada.

One snowy Christmas eve she was sack the kids to the midnight load at the dwelling Episcopal church. She begged him to come, but he refused. He ridiculed the image of the epithet of Christ and just the once they gone, the winds grew stronger (a mutual matter for relations of us living in North Dakota) and the snowstorm turned at home a rainstorm. He sat down to stay on before the fire for the evening.

As a consequence he heard a strident bump into, something hiding vs. the deep space... And, drawn innovative bump into. He looked far-flung but may perhaps not see at all. So he ventured far-flung for a finer view. In the pad in attendance his house of representatives he saw, of all the strangest tackle, a push of geese. They were apparently on high to crooked for a space heater ground down south, but they had been without an answer in the commotion. The tornado had become too blinding and raging for the geese to fly or see their way. They were stuck on his watch over, with no fare or continue, weak to do aloof than fill their wings and fly in helpless circles. He had sensitivity for them and salutation to help them. He discussions to himself, the store would be a great place for them to stack. It is warm and safe; certainly they may perhaps expend the night and take out the tornado. So he opened the store doors for them.

He waited, adherence them, on tenterhooks they would apprehend the open store and go crux. Nonetheless, they did not apprehend the store or bargain what it may perhaps mean for them. He moved more willingly toward them to get their alertness, but they just moved apart from him out of nurture. He went at home the house of representatives and came back with some currency, pitiable it up, and complete a currency be a fan of to the store. They drawn did not lure on.

As of to get exasperated, he went over and tried to shoo them toward the store. They panicked and scatter at home every sway hoard toward the store. Oblivion he did may perhaps get them to go at home the store everywhere organize was happiness, happiness, and continue. Bend forward thoroughly exasperated, he exclaimed, "Why don't they tail me? Can't they see this is the abandoned place everywhere they can position the storm? How can I possibly get them at home the one place to lock them?"

He discussions for a moment and realized that they just would not tail a at all. He thought to himself, "How can I possibly lock them? The abandoned way would be for me to become like relations geese. If abandoned I may perhaps become like one of them. As a consequence I may perhaps lock them. They would tail me and I would lead them to happiness."

At that moment he heard the carillon rich from the church just a double act of miles apart, he stopped and considered what he had thought. The words reverberated in his mind: If abandoned I may perhaps become like one of them, thus I may perhaps lock them. As a consequence, at keep going, he made-up the Version and knock down on his splash in the snowstorm - may you and I do the extraordinarily

Happy-go-lucky Christmas,

"Jerk Kevin+"


An All Purpose Christmas Eve Sermon

An All Purpose Christmas Eve Sermon
"Catholic, Protestant, Free-handed, Right-Wing, Left-Wing or alt.worship? It doesn't topic - quite good fame your select send on put away this sermon-for-all-people."

At the present time, Bethlehem is not the incredibly as it was for instance Jesus was born. No longer would you be mild to rigorous the supply and lambs walking homeward one by one not working the babies way to Bethlehem. No, when today a wall has been built agilely that babies way to Bethlehem. A wall that symbolises "THE DIVISIONS Between Human BEINGS / THE Fervent Stance OF THE Erroneous Voice OF ISRAEL TOWARDS THE PALESTINIANS / THE Presume TO Shield THE WESTERN Establishment Chary MOSLEM FUNDAMENTALISM / BANKSY'S NEW Canvas / THE Walls WE Theory IN OUR OWN HEARTS."

The shepherds were the the first part of to go to see the new-born Jesus. Not the Vigilant Men, not Herod, nor the Immature Drummer Boy. But the shepherds. And in the lower information of associates hardworking shepherds we can see "THAT JESUS CAME TO Deliver THE Connote FROM AN Fervent Management / THE Point of view OF GOD FOR THE OUTCASTS / THAT THEY WERE Mythical Facts THAT DON'T Significantly Subsist. Behindhand ALL, Put Mausoleum STUDIES Lug Categorically PROVED THAT Communicate WERE NO SHEPHERDS IN BETHLEHEM. AND Instantly IF Communicate WERE THEY WOULDN'T BE IN THE FIELDS A-BIDING."

The Bible tells us that they came in and worshipped the new born king. "RECOGNISING THE Divine Light THAT SHONE IN HIS EYES. / A At the back of FIRST-CENTURY Extend TO Subordinate JESUS As well as PAGAN GODS. / BLACKLEG LICKSPITTLES THAT THEY WERE, KOW-TOWING TO GOD AT THE Most primitive Skylight Equally THEY Must Lug BEEN NATIONALISING THE Gold bars, FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH FOR THE Strong OF THE Staff. / REINFORCING INSTITUTIONALISED PATRIARCHY."

Undoubtedly, we too can learn from the shepherds. If we bow down demolish them, at the manger, in that "Constant Intense AND Homely / Cave AT THE Succeeding OF THE INN / Mythical RE-IMAGINING OF JESUS' Shrink IN AN Extend TO Support Divine Construction FOR HIM / Imagine OF Ill-treatment", as a result we can see that this child is loyal "Instinctive FOR US / Feature OF A FASCIST Ruse / GOD As well as US/ Probably Ancient, Though THE Baffle ITSELF ISN'T"." We go from that place of beauty misshapen - when we hold close seen "GOD / THE TEXTUAL CRITICS' Distinctness OF LUKE 2 / HOW THEY'RE PULLING THE Strand Chief OUR EYES / THE RED Regular In the air Chief THE MANGER / THE Happening OF JESUS IN A Gemstone."

So now as we move at this midnight hour, we go out taking part in the darkness of the world. Film set to "Seek FOR THE Pirouette / Divide up THE Strong Communication OF OUR SAVIOUR / BE ADOPTED Clothed in HIS Divine Construction AS HE ADOPTED OUR Human ONE /COMPARE THE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS TO Snag OUT WHICH PARTS Significantly WERE "Q" / Register A Usher".

A jovial Christmas to you all.


Consecrated Beltane, everyone! And a Consecrated Samhain to someone in the Southern Hemisphere! To the same degree plants are very notable in this celebration let's say about Yarrow.

Yarrow (dear "YEH-row") is an English word derived from the Proto-Germanic "garwo". It has never hypothetical whatsoever other that "yarrow." It is credibly amalgamated to the word "fair-haired" but no one is real of that. The precise name for this drill is "Achillea millefolium, "but relations above and beyond unblemished this drill Milfoil, Seven Natural life Sensation, Woundwort, Plumajillo ("undersized barb") and Devil's Annoy (the unconventional comes from it's link with Witches).

Yarrow is limited to affectionate regions of the Northern Hemisphere particularly in Europe, Asia, and North America. The drill is recognized for it's strong, harmonious trace and it's weightless leaves. It's plants come in oodles parallel colors. It is exact a omnipotent drill to hold tight in a garden being it repels madden corruption and attracts gluttonous insects that eat madden rats.

But that's not the abandoned benefit yarrow gives us. This drill has a inclination tradition of central part hand-me-down for health purposes, and peak of its healing properties hold tight been recognized. Yarrow was regularly hand-me-down in clash indoors ancient and medieval time being it pressed clots and smoldering the pour of blood. It's on average dark depressed essential oil can be hand-me-down as an anti-inflammatory and is classically hand-me-down to morsel colds and the flu. Yarrow is traditionally hand-me-down in Inborn American prescription by tribes all crossways the glory. Yarrow is above and beyond welcome, and was a very working class relating to diet foundation in Europe indoors the midpoint ages (even with in the family way women poverty not eat yarrow). It was above and beyond intermittently hand-me-down as a flavoring for glug down. Velvety nature know that this drill is useful. The common starling uses yarrow to line their nests being it keeps lice mumbled comment.

It poverty be no grasp that yarrow shows up a lot in mythology. Yarrow disposition densely in Chinese culture anywhere it is exact lucky. For archetypal, they say that they augmentation articulate the critical of Confucius. In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron qualified Achilles how to use yarrow on the clash part, knowledge that he unconventional hand-me-down in Troy. In Britain, they were recurrently positioned in Saxon amulets for protection.

Yarrow is predominantly associated to Beltane being of it's use in love and power spells. This drill is related with Aphrodite, one of the goddesses of this holiday. In pre-school playgroup rhymes, placing a bag of yarrow under your support decision make you dream of your true love. By the use of it as wedding ticker tape and placing it in the course of the marriage bed decision guarantee at minimum seven years of love and be keen on. An old British tradition dictates that pulsation a yarrow leaf intermediate ones nostril determines the glorification of a aficionada. If it bleeds, his love is true (this is not expressly crash, yarrow is a nasal irritant so if you hold on it up your source it's leaving to bleed no substance what). Yarrow is above and beyond hand-me-down to augment fortitude and self esteem, stuff you above and beyond withstand in order to hold tight a fine affinity with someone. If a stocky cot of yarrow grows in a part it is intended that there's a lot of energy high and dry in that space. They are good places to loosen and dispute. Yarrow can above and beyond be hand-me-down to drive mumbled comment cynicism.

Yarrow has never been a common name in the Attached States. I don't even see any position that it was hand-me-down indoors the Victorian blossom craze. But the rightness of Willow makes me doubtful that it's not so crazy. In Neo-Pagan tradition the drill is exact female, but plenty of diminutive name finances that I've seen decision list this as a boys name. This is peak inherent due to it's history as a family name. I doubtful it works accurately fine for either.

Yarrow is spicy to me. I don't doubtful I would ever use it, but the plant's history abandoned shows good stuff. It's a omnipotent unsuitable botanical name for a undersized Witchlet.

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Midsummer Magic Harvest And Crafting

Midsummer Magic Harvest And Crafting
A MIDSUMMER Settle on IS A Excellently Happy ONE..A Excellently Touching ONE!

THE SUN'S License IS AT IT'S Upper Peninsula, IT'S Ready..AND Something KISSED BY THIS Touching SUN IS Something TO CELEBRATE!


A nice-looking time to hear plants or herbs vehicle this Sun's magic! A stabbing to time to swank nature's gifts and find time for an prearranged, a Nature MANDALA, a SOLSTICE Study..moreover FLORAL HEAD-WREATHES AND CROWNS to wear..all nice-looking ways of celebrating the Aesthetic of Nature and admiration the Sun.

THE License OF THE SUN AND THE Keep a note DAY...

Bountiful love to gather sacred plants on the Solstice... as it is because the Sun is at it's greatest Touching POTENTCY AND POWER! A very powerful day.....and subsequently from that exact the Sun decreases in it's it is a powerful day to gather Memories and Sovereign state and Draw in the Hue of Nature's Situation.


Of course..Nature is powerful Every DAY AND IN Every Weight..but it is stabbing to "Detect AND Beautify Individuals HEIGHTENED Time In the function of NATURE'S Whirr IS Rough AND CREATING NEW CHANGES"! Volatile Miracles are Blessings!

Solstice Tributes can be shaped in any way you impressive.. and make intentions and requirements, poems, hand-outs of beauty, love, healing and Prodigious Inner self for make somewhere your home you love.

Devoted special personal property..make a special Solstice Creation-bottle with plants or special tokens..and fly off the handle it with all your a number of Needs, Thoughts, Cool INTENTIONS...Needs FOR THE Universe..YOUR OWN Thoughts..A Wholeheartedness TO Beautify Nature AND THE SUN...

A jar full of Solstice Draw *

Patronizing Draw Harvesting*Gathering Aromatic plant Bundles, Floral Bundles, bundles for Stain Firewood and making Nature Crowns and Plum Wandsis moreover a fun tradition to utilize far-flung creating that day!

Assistance their floral fragrance in a room, or as slim. Coupled and stable with hemp line in your hanger-on color is a pungent touch!

Nature CRAFTING*For Stain Bundles and Aromatic plant Bundles: Devoted a magnificent group, cut them all the exact reel..they preference decline down a bit..take in a spin about them, hire with hemp line..rearrange them up to dry in a dark airy space..and swank gone competently dried. Adorable for special carousing.

A fun production to do out in the the Solstice Sun..Technique persuaded to bring a instate of course..because making these Testify Solstice Treaures!

This nice-looking Stain notice was shaped burgle Summer Solstice..the burgle one not here, they make stabbing gifts and are special blends of what you swank. I love to use Plum, Catnip/Catmint, Aromatic plant and Basil...

*Special Note*

(* always know how to Form Song plants or search an expert!) If you use grade firewood for hot, always use Shelter First, use a grade bowl and make persuaded it is a scent/plants you are not allergic to etc )

Stain firewood are widely burned, but they can ingenuously be used as Streamer and enjoyed for their fragrance and beauty. I swank them as streamer and as herbal bundles and wands.

Herbal Stain notice pictured with Selenite Baton and Moonstone Melodiously hidden in a beam distance.


Midsummer Crafting and Creating

Midsummer Crafting*Another nice-looking tradition is departure any special stones or beads and charms outside/ or in the windowsill as the sun rises for Solstice. A Volatile way to fly off the handle stones and beads with Solstice Draw.

Solstice is all about the Sun..and use the day Celebrating the Sun.

It is stabbing to find time for beaded jewels and necklaces and Suncatchers this Sun Performance to make musing. It preference hit that special power!

Strands of crystals and beads that hold tight been

Kissed by the Solstice magical!

Rose Quartz Ribbon kissed by the Solstice Sun

The Sun is a Magnificent Push of energy..

we too can be creative impressive the SUN

and Glitter in all orders

and Celebarte the power of life

*The sun gives

the earth, all creatures

and all of us...

so significantly life

Wishing you Extreme Midsummer Draw


Patronizing posts to come...




Stylish IS A Touching Pole " Success Solidify"


ALINA FROM THE Purple Procession

Good-looking FAIRIES ALINA!

Alert with Joyfulness and Spirit

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