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Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Ii The Hymns Of Hermes

Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Ii The Hymns Of Hermes Cover

Book: Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Ii The Hymns Of Hermes by George Robert Stowe Mead

Like The vision of Aridaeus (Echoes 3) and the Chaldaean oracles I and II (Echoes 8 and 9), The hymns of Hermes originated in Alexandria in the first centuries CE. According to Mead, the hymns here presented were inspired by ‘the best of ancient Egyptian wisdom’ filtered through Greek philosophy. He greatly regretted the fact that only fragments had survived of the Hermetic literature. The discovery of the virtually intact Treatise on the Eight and Ninth Sphere, describing the spiritual experience of the divine world in a dialogue between Hermes and a pupil, has greatly increased our knowledge of the nature of Hermetic hymns. According to Roelof van den Broek (Hermes Trismegistus. Inleiding, Teksten, Commentaren) this text supports Mead’s claim that Hermetic communities must have once existed, offering instruction, rituals and initiations.

Echoes from the Gnosis(1906) is a series of monographs under the title Echoes from the Gnosis (recently republished in a centennial edition) summarizing his insights into the formation of the Gnostic world-view. By this time Mead had published eight works on various aspects of the early Christian world and on “The Theosophy of the Greeks.” Together with his outstanding translations of the Hermetic books, these works established his reputation as one of the foremost English scholars in his broadly chosen fields. Mead was the first modern scholar of Gnostic tradition. A century later, the corpus of his work remains unequaled in breadth and insight.

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George Robert Stowe Mead - Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Ii The Hymns Of Hermes

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The Greater Key Of Solomon Part 2

The Greater Key Of Solomon Part 2 Cover

Book: The Greater Key Of Solomon Part 2 by Solomonic Grimoires

he Greater Key of Solomon, Books 1,2 & 3 - The Key of Solomon, divided in two books, contains the conjurations and invocations to summon spirits of the dead (preferably in battle) and spirits from Hell (not specified whether demons or punished souls, but it is understandable from the purpose of the texts that those spirits are demons), and to protect the conjurer (called exorcist in the book) from them and against an attempt of possession. There are curses to oblige reluctant spirits to obey. The book gives details on how to prepare the ink to draw the magic symbols necessary for the experiments the magician is going to perform, using animal blood mixed with other substances. All substances needed for the magic drawings and amulets are detailed, as well as the means to purify and prepare them. Many of the symbols incorporate the Passing through the River occult alphabet. The conjurer must also purify himself before performing an intended experiment, and these rituals are also detailed, as well as the clothing he must use, the colours, etc.

The Greater Key Of Solomon is the most important works attributed to Solomon was The Key of Solomon. A manuscript of the work in Greek found in the British Museum may date from as early as the thirteen century, and other copies in various languages can be found around Europe. In 1559 the Inquisition pronounced the Key a dangerous book and prohibited its being published or read. Many of the later grimoires, however, show its influence. In 1889 Golden Dawn leader S. L. MacGregor Mathers published an abridged edition of the work collating some seven different versions of it from the British Museum collection. His translation then became a major source for Golden Dawn rituals. It was reprinted in 1909, and a slightly revised, pirated American edition was published by L. W. deLaurence. The book, even in its abridged version, offers detailed instructions for preparing and executing various magic rituals involving the summoning and control of spirit entities.

According to the Key of Solomon animals must be sacrificed as offerings to the summoned spirits as a sine qua non (essential) condition, which is common in medieval books on "black magic". The book contains instructions to practice necromancy, experiments of invisibility, to cause harm to others, etc., and the zodiacal time appropriate for each experiment. All the necessary magical instruments needed to perform the experiments are described in great detail, including how and also the form to make it. As a curious need, the conjurer must manifest that he is free of any evil action before attempting any of these experiments (many of them to cause evil), and invoke the protection of God. There is also lore that certain symbols of Solomon have the ability to trap a demon (preferably a possessed man) if it walks under or on top of it. (Very powerful works of magick contained here. step carefully my friend!!).

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Healing Quarter Calls

Healing Quarter Calls Cover

Wings of Healing, wind of understanding
Carry me aloft to the clear blue sky
Wise and knowing, curious and wondering
Home to my mind, that I might know why


Flame of Healing, sweet determination
Power my belonging, make me strong
Wild and hungry, joyful and insistent
Home to desire, for the fire I long


Waves of Healing, serpent of the Mystery
Swallow me below to the tender deep
Strange and dreaming, wakening my wonder
Home to my truth, that my heart not sleep


Cave of Healing, rhythm of my heartbeat
Cradle me to silence, still my pain
Cool and patient, welcoming and wordless
Home to my bones, make me whole again

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