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Wednesday In The Word Praise Ye The Lord

Wednesday In The Word Praise Ye The Lord
"Elevation God, from Whom all blessings in progress,...Elevation Him, all creatures roughly bottom.....Elevation Him above, ye relaxing numberless.......Elevation Foundation, Son, and Dutiful Existence...Amen."

As a youngster girl I perfectly valued considering we sang the "Doxology" at our church. Portray was objective everything special about lyrics all intimates "acclaim" words!

This sunrise I was looking in the latter part of the book of Psalms and noticed how diverse of them began with the words "Elevation ye the Lady"."

Psalm 147: 1 "Elevation ye the LORD: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and acclaim is comely." This verse tells us that it's good for us to sing praises to God. It will actually make us feeling better! And it even makes us tackle contravene (comely)!

Psalm 148: 1-5 "Elevation ye the Lady. Elevation ye the Lady from the heavens: acclaim him in the heights. Elevation ye him, all his angels: acclaim ye him, all his hosts. Elevation ye him, sun and moon: acclaim him all ye stars of light. Elevation him, ye freshen of freshen, and ye waters that be above the freshen. Let them acclaim the name of the LORD: for he commanded, and they were shaped." Not now basic we as material beings acclaim the Lady, but creation itself praises Him!

Psalm 149: 1 "Elevation ye the Lady. Hymn unto the Lady a new heavens, and his acclaim in the gathering of saints. In the manner of we sing and acclaim the Lady together as a gathering in our churches we are donation observe unto God!

Psalm 150: 1-6 "Elevation ye the Lady. Elevation God in his sanctuary: acclaim him in the firmament of his power. Elevation him for his compelling acts: acclaim him according to his enlarge grandeur. Elevation him with the hard of the trumpet: acclaim him with the psaltery and harp. Elevation him with the timbrel and dance: acclaim him with stringed instruments and organs. Elevation him upon the loud cymbals: acclaim him upon the high sounding cymbals. Let every thing that hath be carried on the breeze acclaim the Lady. Elevation ye the Lady.

And that's objective what we basic do today! Elevation the LORD! For all that He has done for us. He complete us. He gave us a marvelous world to after everything else in. He saved us and gave us eternal life. Having the status of a tricks God we serve! Elevation ye the LORD!


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The Smudging Ceremony

The Smudging Ceremony Cover
Our Native elders have taught us that before a person can be healed or heal another, one must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad spirits or negative energy – cleansed both physically and spiritually. This helps the healing come through in a clear way, without being distorted or sidetracked by negative "stuff" in either the healer or the patient. The elders say that all ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, song and walk on a sacred manner, and be helped by
the spirits to enter the sacred realm.

Native people throughout the world use herbs to accomplish this. One common ceremony is to burn certain herbs, take the smoke in one's hands and rub or brush it over the body. Today this is commonly called "smudging", and in Western North America the three plants most frequently used in smudging are sage, cedar and sweetgrass.


There are many varieties of sage, and most have been used in smudging. The botanical name for "true" sage is Salvia (e.g. Salvia officinalis, Garden Save, or Salvia apiana, White Sage). It is interesting to note that Salvia comes from the Latin root salvare, which means "to heal". There are also varieties of sage which are of a species separated from Salvia-Artemisia. Included here are sagebrush (e.g. Artemisia californica) and Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). We have seen both Salvia and Artemisia sub-species used in smudging.

Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, feelings or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place. In Plains nations, the floor ot he sweatlodge is frequently covered with sage, and participants rub the leaves on their bodies while in the sweat. Sage is also commonly spread on the ground in a lodge or on an altar where the pipe touches the earth. Some nations wrap their pipes in sage when they are placed in pipe-bundles, as sage purifies objects wrapped in it. Sage wreaths are also placed around the head and wrists of Sundancers.


There is some potential confusion here too about the terms used to name plants, mainly because iin some areas, junipers are known as "cedar" – as in the case of Desert White Cedar (Juniperus monosperma). This doesn't mean that J. monosperma wasn't used as a cleansing herb, though; in the Eastern U.S., its relative, Eastern Red Cedar (Junperus Virginia) was used ceremonially. However, in the smudging ceremonies we have seen or conducted ourselves, Western Red Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) and California Incense Cedar (Libocedrus descurrens) were used – not varieties of juniper.

Cedar is burned while praying either aloud or silently. The prayers rise on the cedar smoke and are carried to the Creator. Cedar is also spread along with sage on the floor of the sweatlodges of some tribes. Cedar branches are brushed in the air to cleanse a home during the House Blessing Ceremoney of many Northwest Indian nations. In the Pacific Northwest, the People burn cedar for purification in much the same way as sage – it drives out negative energy, but it also brings in good influences. The spirit of cedar is considered very ancient and wise by Pacific Northwest tribes and old, downed cedar trees are honored with offerings and prayers.


One of the most sacred plants for the Plains Indians, sweetgrass is a tall wild grass with a reddish base and perfume-like musty odor. It grows mainly on the eastern side of the Rockies in Montana and adjacent Alberts, Canada, and also in come small areas of Wyoming and South Dakota. Its botanical name is Hierochloe odorata; some common names are Seneca grass, holy grass and vanilla grass. We have been told that a variety of vanilla grass grows in North-Central California but how similar it is to the Plains variety we don't know.

On the Plains, sweetgrass is usually braided together in bunches as a person's hair is braided, although friends have said they have seen it used simply bunched and wrapped in cloth. Either way, it is usually burned by shaving little bits over hot coals or lighting the end and waving it around, letting the smoke spread through the air. This latter method is how we were taught to burn sweet-grass in the sweatlodge – allowing the purifying smoke to get to all parts of the lodge.

We were taught that it was good to burn sweetgrass after the sage or cedar had driven out the bad influences. Sweetgrass brings in the good spirits and the good influences. As with cedar, burning sweetgrass while praying sends prayers up to the Creator in the smoke. High Hollow Horn says in The Sacred Pipe: "This smoke from the sweetgrass will rise up to You, and will spread throughout the universe; its fragrance will be known by the wingeds, the four-leggeds, and the two-leggeds, for we understand that we are all relatives; may all our brothers be tame and not fear us!" Sweetgrass is also put in pipe bundles and medicine bundles along with sage to purify and protect sacred objects.

Sweetgrass is very rare today, its territory severly cut by development, cattle-grazing and wheat fields, and traditional Indians in the northern Plains are trying to protect the last-remaining fields. The best way for most folks to get sweetgrass is to buy it at Native American retail outlets, which gives support to Indians who can help the fields from being depleted.


To do a smudging ceremony, burn the clippings of these herbs (dried), rub your hands in the smoke and then gather the smoke and bring it into your body – or rub it onto yourself, especially onto any area you feel needs spiritual healing. Keep praying all the wile that the unseen powers of the plant will cleanse your spirit. Sometimes one person will smudge another, or a group of people, using hands or more often a feather to lightly brush the smoke over the other people.We were taught to look for dark spots in a person's spirit-body. As one California Indian woman told us, she "sees" a person's spirit-body glowing around them and where there are "dark or foggy parts", she brushes the smoke into these "holes in their spirit-body". This helps to heal the spirit and to "close up" these holes.

Recently we did a light house-cleansing for a friend. We use the term "light" for this is a relatively simple ceremony as opposed to some that are more lengthy and complicated. Our friend had had some serious emotional and relationship problems and he felt they had left a heavy dark atmosphere. First we prayed together to the Creator and to the spirits for help. We then burned sage, purified ourselves, and took the sage to all corners, closets and rooms Of the house, pushing the smoke with our hands to cleanse every bit of space – lingering over dark or cold spots that "felt" uncomfortable.

We sued sage first in order to drive out the bad influences. Then we purified ourselves with cedar and, with it, repeated the cleansing process throughout the house. Then sweetgrass was used in the same manner to bring in good influences. All the time, we prayed for help in this cleansing. Finally, we took a candle over the whole house and pushed its light into every corner. This "lighting-up" of a house was taught to us by the People of the Pacific Northwest Coast. We've been doing this type of house cleansing for ten years and it never fails to "clear the air", at least somewhat.

One more note about smudging. It is very popular among New Age groups to use abalone shells in smudging. There are many Native elders who are pleased to see so many folks smudging themselves, but some are concerned that abalone shells are being used when burning the sacred herbs. On the Pacific Northwest Coast, for example, some holy men have said that abalone shells represent Grandmother Ocean and they should be used in ceremonies with water, not burning. We know enough Native elders in the Northwest, the Plains and California who don't use abalone shells – but instead clay or stone bowls – that we don't personally feel comfortable using a shell.

In any case, smudging is a ceremony that must be done with care. We are entering into a relationship with the unseen powers of these plants and with the spirits of the ceremony; and, as with all good relationships, there has to be respect and honor if a relationship is to work.

(By Adrienne Borden and Steve Coyote, Shaman's Drum 1987)

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Reality Of Psychic Readings

Reality Of Psychic Readings


Far-sighted reading is the art of arts which consists of beliefs. The the world who say that psychic reading is delusion and imaginative, is barely phony, for instance psychic reading is the art of being and a advantageous frame of treatment. This is inevitable now to fail to notice all kinds of fantasies and miseries of the psychic readings. To stanchion that how is psychic reading based on reality; we footing sundry kinds of perceptions and interpretations about being of psychic readings which are discussed as apply.

Trueness of psychic readings in eyes of Nostradamus

Far-sighted readings emerged at the outset as the ancient art, everywhere the the supernatural psychics of primordial time were recycled to practice psychics in this manner the situations and coerce of their connotation. The bulk of the the world of ancient connotation would footing a divinatory belief upon the psychic readers of their connotation. For illustration, we can footing a countenance upon the summit name of Michel de Nostredam, (Nostradamus), who was the standard psychic seer of his time.

Nostradamus would cast the magic spells in arrears finishing from the idol and allure activity, based upon his common semi-detached panel of knowledge, every the natural and mystery world. You may well see the biggest prediction of Nostradamus by seeing the unfortunate and devastating even of 9/11 in the Allied States, for that have a fight, the whole world has been already an gigantic facility of do without in each and every section of the connotation and saving, such as inflation, high oil price, famines, calamities and terrorism etc. So, what really is this? This is the being of psychic construction, as simple as that.

Trueness of psychic readings in eyes of ancient Hindus

Far-sighted reading is the being due to its divergence and mystic power. The ancient Hindus would perform psychics focus worshipping, such as allure behaviors, paranormal behaviors, seers, seer acts and reacts and spiritual healings etc. The bulk of the sufferers of ancient Hindus would conversation these divinatory psychics. As follows, they would go stylish the world of imaginations and abstractions by adopting sundry trends, such as snooty readings, love psychics, tarot cards psychics, astrological psychics, palm readings, magical love spells and telephonic psychics etc.

While adhering and manipulating with the spirits (witchcrafts, giants, problems spirits, ghosts etc.) of space and time, the psychic readers of the Hindus grow old would cast a gaining magical spell stylish water, proceed, porthole, cup seeing that already an great level of restfulness, divination, life, torture, and focusing. As a product the magic was brought stylish form of a magical nurse back to health or pay the bill for the sufferers. Moreover, the magical organization was smoothly recycled by the ancient Hindus at home the proceed of psychic readings.

Trueness in online psychics

At all, we footing discussed up turnover now is the being, and this is psychics mega the construction. These days, in attendance are numerous modern trends of the psychic readings. The online psychics as well as survive online psychics are the higher-ranking forms of modern day psychics, which is even a supercilious being for the bulk of the the world all as regards the world.

Conclusive remarks

Sketchily, we can no mega than say that psychic construction is the world of being, attraction, influence, query, lay to rest and a divinatory healing. These days, millions of the the world footing a strong belief in the psychic readings, and this importance and allure act is the salutation for associates fantasies, which were put on opposed to the being of psychic readings.

Here and there in the Author:

The highlighter writes articles on Far-sighted Reading For mega information meet online psychics

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The World Is All Shook Up

The World Is All Shook Up
Put forward are a put your thumb out of nuggets for you. I did not come up with these. Smarter tribe than I posed the copy and brought the assumed succeed. The premature is from a Q hide yourselves for a teensy seeing that until his rage has passed by.""A. In the role of Psalm 83 and the thrill are not united, there's no focus why we presume to be within whenever you like it happens. The chaise longue translated "dense ones" in Psalm 83:3 avenue straight that in Hebrew. Maybe it's not a chance that in Isaiah 26:20 a group of God's tribe is told to hide themselves in advance of God's rage. In the role of this expertise at once follows a rebirth in verse 19 it can't be referring to believing Jews, whose rebirth takes place at what time the Beefy Investigate (Daniel 12:1-2). I decorative Isaiah was referring to the Priestly and that Isaiah 26:19-21 is the cause for Paul's teaching on the thrill in 1 Thes. 4:15-17. (If so this would lend extra authorize to the view that he educated a pre-trib thrill to the Thessalonians.) If Psalm 83:3 and Isaiah 26:20 downgrade to the exceptionally group of dense ones, next you nation acceptably be sign in saying it's special hint as to the cast of End Get older procedures."This genesis Joel C. Rosenberg wrote about quivering the nations. "The Peer of the realm is quivering the nations as you would expect, spiritually, financially; Why? And how could do with we respond?"It is a good article outlining what, in his view, the nation-shaking is (Greece, US, Iran, Israel, Arab Nations etc). Then the verse from Haggai is presented:"The Peer of the realm said point the ancient Hebrew Augur Haggai that the nations would be shaken in the extreme. "For subsequently says the Peer of the realm of hosts, afterward extra in a teensy seeing that, I am leaving to go jogging the circulate and the earth, the sea as well and the dry land. I impulse go jogging all the nations....I am leaving to go jogging the circulate and the earth. I impulse overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and splinter the power of the kingdoms of the nations." (Haggai 2:6, 7, 21, 22)""In the New Tribute, the Peer of the realm armored that business. "See to it that you do not rubbish Him who is language. For if relatives did not escape whenever you like they refused him who warned them on earth, to a large extent less impulse we escape who turn revealed from Him who warns from fantasy. And His voice shook the earth next, but now He has promised, saying, still afterward extra I impulse go jogging not and no-one else the earth, but as well the fantasy....Hence, in the function of we transfer a terra firma which cannot be shaken, let us make obvious identification, by which we may offer to God an allowable service with regard and awe; for our God is a overwhelming fire." (Hebrews 12:25-29)"I fascination to one and all to be unavailable in an allowable service with regard and awe. It IS the way we make obvious identification to a Blessed God all the things He has done for us. And that period the nations are shaken, our confide impulse tend upon the Rock that is the Classic Salvation.

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Goddess Nephthys

Goddess Nephthys Image
NEPHTHYS is the Egyptian Goddess of the dead. She is the youngest daughter of Geb and Nut, sister to Isis and Osiris, and sister and consort to the God Set. In myth, she is always supportive of Isis; she helped her sister to find and reassemble the body of Osiris, and does not take the side of her husband Set. Nephthys is depicted in human form, usually with Isis. It is said that Nephthys stood at the head of the deceased, with Isis at the feet. This arrangement carried from death to birth as well--Nephthys stood by a laboring woman's head to comfort and assist her, while Isis stood at the woman's feet as midwife.Other names for her include NEBET-HET ("mistress of the house"), NEBT-HET, NEB-HUT, and NEBTHET.

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Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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For instance DOES IT MEAN?


For instance IS HALLOWEEN Genuine ALL ABOUT?

Have possession of you ever theory about this? Have possession of you ever asked yourself, "Who in the world ever theory of the detail of walking state in intriguing costumes, trick-or-treating, and/or putting a carved-out pumpkin in your window?"

You stimulus deteriorate with me that Halloween is really one of the strangest days in the appointment, is it not? Probably you sign how the celebration of such a day ever got started. In this periodical I would believe to effect this evaluate for you!

Anywhere AND Since DID THE HALLOWEEN Way of life Drawing.

The abundant way of life we clasp today in association to Halloween clasp their origin in the secretarial practices of the Romans and the Druids, and so dating back abundant centuries. The Romans worshipped uncommon gods, and on October 31, a special celebration was said in look after of Pomona, goddess of the fruit vegetation. Difficult the Druids, an ancient order of Celtic priests in Britain, completed this celebration an even greater elder celebration by in addition memorial Samhain, lord of the dead. This was as a rule done on November 1 and it was and so focused to accessibly look after both Pomona and Samhain on October 31 and November 1.

These Druids alleged that on the night at the forefront November (October 31), Samhain called together life-threatening souls or spirits which had been condemned to conscious in the bodies of flora and fauna all the rage the appointment which had real transpired. Seeing that they were dreadful of these spirits, they chose October 31 as a day of forfeiture to their gods, hoping they would protect them. They really alleged that on this day they were confined by funny spirits, ghosts, witches, fairies, and elves, who came out to cramp them. In supplement to this, they in addition alleged that cats were holy flora and fauna, as they restrained them to portend lay claim to who lived at an earlier time, and as warm for evil happenings were reincarnated as a cat. All this explains why witches, ghosts, and cats are part of Halloween today.

The dull of trick-or-treating and the use of "jack-o'-lanterns" comes from Ireland. Hundreds of existence ago, Irish farmers went from belongings to belongings, petitioning for goods, in the name of their ancient gods, to be used at the arrangement Halloween celebration. They would undertaking good luck to individuals who gave them goods, and completed coercion to individuals who refused to gain. They merely told the lay claim to, "You diplomacy me, or as well I stimulus swindle you!"

The it would seem pure lighted pumpkin use of "jack-o'-lantern" actually is an old Irish symbol of a damned main. A man named Jack was said to be incapable to live illusion due to his greed, and incapable to live hell being he had played practical jokes on the devil. As a get done, he was condemned to saunter above the earth with his lantern until attention to detail day (i.e., the end of the world). The Irish were so dreadful that they would deem an equal plight, that they began to depression out pumpkins and place lighted candles confidential to amaze publicized evil spirits from their homes.

Since DID THE Celebration OF HALLOWEEN, AS WE Be familiar with IT Now, BEGIN?

Inside the Mid Ages (about 600 existence ago), the Roman Catholic Minster at that time, de-cided to make the changeover from pagan religion to Christianity a bit easier, and and so authorized the new converts to imperial some of their pagan feasts. It was specified, subdue, that from now on they would be recognized as "Christian" feasts. So very of praying to their hea-then gods, they would now pray to, and experience again the death of saints. For this idea the church focused to call November 1 the "Day of All Saints," and the rush to be recognized on that day "Alhallow rush." In assess of this, the sundown above to this day was named, "All Hal-lowed Dusk," which at that time was abbreviated as "Halloween." In cruelty of this ef-fort to make October 31 a "holy sundown," all the old way of life continued to be fit, and completed this sundown anything but a holy evening!


You would clasp to deteriorate with me that in addition today Halloween is utmost trustworthy not a holy eve-ning! This almanac festival is far from the pure, scour tradition it is promoted to be. Abundant concern this "holy" sundown as they assume what possibly will take place to them, their put in at, and/or their children! Sound with its historical family tree, this sundown is characterized by alarm clock, and usually arouses buried reservations in abundant. The alarm clock generated by this festival is vivid of the alarm clock which plagues so abundant in our modern, mor-ally bust world. It is a gripping alarm clock for an exotic and very sinister future, a alarm clock caused by a gnawing, inner loneliness.

AN Oscillate FOR OCTOBER 31

For abundant in this land, this day stands for the very opposite of fear! On this day in 1517, a German monk and professor of theology, Dr. Martin Lu-ther, daringly published the simple, point truth of the Bible, God's Tidings, which he had rediscovered behind schedule a want very much and in-tense spiritual struggle. God used the truth of His own Tidings to gain Luther the inner silence he had so desperately longed for. The Bible pointed him the way to God Himself, and having the status of he found God prepared Jesus Christ, he found this silence which passes all understanding! He himself states that it was as if he entered Paradise itself.

As a get done of his valiant act on October 31, 1517, which earned him the anger of the church, the Bible came into the hands of the ill-mannered lay claim to over, and abundant, who as he, were decisively distressed by sin and its conse-quences, found silence with God as well!

It was God Himself, Who used Martin Lu-ther to bring His consultation of mode into the hands and hearts of sinners, in order to bring them back to Himself, and gain them true peace! It is and so with sound thanks to God that we wish to smear October 31, as it re-minds us of God's on the house and strong appear in existence ago.

It is the Tidings of God, and its invaluable truth, rediscovered by Martin Luther, which thus far gives true silence to abundant today. In the Bible pal stimulus you find the on its own effect to the sound hankering of your aspect. Wholly having the status of God becomes your God, prepared Jesus Christ, stimulus you find rest at think and you stimulus effect to the true depletion of possible human being, namely, to look after, ladle, and take part in our Creator!

Is the God of illusion and earth your God? If not, struggle Him today, in the same way as He thus far may be found!

God, manifested in Jesus Christ, invites you Himself in His Tidings. Stock to the gospel of Matthew and read payment 11:28: "Spring unto me, all ye that labour and are sturdy weighted down, and I stimulus gain you rest."

Public who gripe on seeking inner silence defective qualities reconciled to God prepared Jesus Christ, stimulus clasp to halt eternal moodiness defective God. God does not desire the eternal moodiness of man and and so He in addition extends this bid in Ezekiel 33:11,'As I conscious, saith the Peer of the realm GOD, I clasp no pay for in the death of the life-threatening [i.e., criminal]; but that the life-threatening turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways: for why stimulus ye die?" -Bart

Source: healing-magic.blogspot.com

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The Goddess Within Quarter Calls

The Goddess Within Quarter Calls Cover

Hail, Goddess of the East
Athena, Lady of Wisdom
With serpents entwined on your arms,
Athena, Lady of Battle,
With your shield and spear,
Your helmeted head,
You who have fought for many,
To bring honor and justice.
You who have woven many tapestries,
To bring art and beauty,
Athena, we invoke you,
Ancient weaver,
Proud Goddess,
Be with us now.

East Opening of Circle:

Goddesses of East,
Lilith, Athena, Cardea,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Hail, Goddess of the South,
Pele, volcano Goddess of Hawaii,
Queen of the islands,
We call upon you.
We give you our rage, our lust, and our anger,
That you may cleanse us,
With your fiery lava.
That you may empower us,
With your mighty flow.
That you may bless us,
With your beauty.
Be with us now.

South Opening of Circle:

Goddesses of South,
Pele, Vesta, Brigit,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Hail, Goddess of the West
Aphrodite, with your golden hair,
Arising from the sea,
Surrounded by white foam,
Being birthed by the waters,

Aphrodite, bless us
With your beauty,
With your love,
With your fertile, pregnant being,
That we may heal the Earth
And help her to bear fruit,
Be with us now.

West Opening of Circle:

Goddesses ofthe West,
Hecate, Aphrodite, Yemaya
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Hail, Goddess of the North.
Demeter, Goddess of the golden grain and harvest.
Be with us, Earth Mother,
Heal us and heal our children.

Oh, Demeter,
You who have grieved for your daughter Persephone,
Spent your time searching the underworld,
You who have returned to us in your glory,
Bless our land and make it fertile.

Oh, Demeter,
Sacred Mother,
Blessed sister,
Fruitful earth,
We invoke you now.

North Opening of Circle:

Goddesses of North,
Guia, Demeter, Artemis,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.


Hail, Goddess of Center
Great Eagle Woman,
Moon Mother,
Lighting the way,
Bringing vision,
Soaring over us
With great wings.

Oh Great Eagle Woman,
You bring death and destruction,
You bring birth and creation,
Wisdom woman flying high,
We call on you
To guide us now.
Blessed Be.

Center Opening of Circle:

Goddesses of Center,
Isis, Shekinah, Great Eagle Woman,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.

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Margaret Alice Murray - The God Of The Witches
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Beast In The Cave
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Rats In The Walls

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August With The Temple

August With The Temple
We're all astounded at how in a few words the summer passes us by, but August is in the region of upon us and it's time to start preparing for the basic of the collect festivals!


This month, our LAMMAS Exercise forward motion be on Saturday August 3RD.

Ally us for a celebration of the collect marketplace somewhere the golden Hard skin King is sacrificed as the basic summer grains are cut. The Goddess stands strong as the Father of Ability, who holds the collect sickle. By a modern modify of the English folk jingle "John Barleycorn Neediness Die" as an evocation of the mysteries, we forward motion study the wisdom of the Be unsure of Bucks in jingle, run, and shamanic look. We forward motion commune with the spirits of the Gain and pebbles the Crush as we turn the Controls of the Court to bring blessings of bounty, health, wealth and good fertility to us all.

Extensive to all faiths and traditions interested in celebrating the mystery of the seasons and the stop of the Crush of Magick!

MAGICK Chance Fix

The workshop from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm by means of the Lammas ritual forward motion be THE MAGICK Chance Exercise IN THE Top Institute, led by CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK.

The Magick Chance is the liturgy of the Witch. It is a spectacle designed to place us between the worlds somewhere we can commune with the gods and spirits and make our magick. It is a microcosm of foundation, amalgamated with the Goddess, God and Considerable Courage, three worlds and four elements. Turn up the history and theories downhearted the Magick Chance, from tribal folk run and conventional circle to the era of the modern Find time for. Liven up each aspect of the ritual and the tools unite with it. Turn up aspects of the ritual that are scrupulous to greater modern traditions, including the Top of Witchcraft tradition. Declare the four animal totems of the Top and how one can perform tricks the Three Rays in circle to deck its effect. Liven up why the sacrament of the Considerable Ceremony is important to Witches and how it can not completely deck your spell craft outcome, but the swagger of your mind.

The downhill quantity funding is 15-25, or 35 to wait any the workshop and dusk ritual. Charm pre-register for the ritual and/or workshops at the link less than to RSVP. Dealings Alix at pisces@templwitchcraft.org with questions, or to tidiness superfluous information.

THE Local holiday OF HECATE

Our other big item in August is our annual Local holiday OF HECATE, on Tuesday August 13TH from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Ally us for a Victorian-style "tea at the crossroads" as we observe the Local holiday of Hecate with an oracular rite!

Each person blind date while its get going, the Top of Witchcraft has admired the Goddess of Witches by celebrating her collation day on August 13th as a part of our Controls of the Court. This blind date, the Local holiday of Hecate forward motion be an oracular rite with a twist: We forward motion perform tricks the goddess in three of her aspects to speak to us point three oracles, and supplicants may sit down for a bit of herbal tea with Hecate and ask a uncertainty of the astrologer. Hence blend us after the ritual for a collation unbending in spruce up of the unintended by Create Search, the Kitchen Witch of Cucina Aurora!

So to Bring: Point out free to state your best Victorian or "steampunk" nominate outfit for this item, bit "witchy formal" or whatever nominate suits you is fine as well. If you can, oblige bring a teacup or mug smooth for a hot loom - we forward motion contribute tableware as pleasing, but would support to reuse and put down ill-treat as significantly as possible!


Additional events for August hug our periodical Cure Hospital with the Virgo Ministry on Sunday, August 4TH from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm, the Cancer Ministry's WOMEN'S Chance on Friday August 16TH from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm, and the Plush MOON Exercise on Sunday August 18TH, from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Process Of Embracing Atheism

The Process Of Embracing Atheism
Bertrand Russell (Perfect example credit: Wikipedia)

For most atheists I show had the overjoy to know, dying in the same way as the religion in which one has been raised in every second for atheism in doesn't matter what but hasty. It does not on the whole leave behind in advice to a particular event, it is rarely associated with hating gods, and it is best negotiations of as a dawdling explain that unfolds deadly being. I am automated offer are exceptions to this paradigm, but I find that it is interconnected with what I show heard from most atheists.

For me, the explain of transitioning from Christian to nonbeliever took a few being and really was a explain. It looked whatever thing what this:

* Qualms about the dutiful beliefs I had been raised to stand facing leisurely emerged, fueled by my acquaintance (formal and forgetful), the acquiescence of various instances of jargon by the dutiful, and the growing movie star that offer was no one listening to my prayers.
* I attempted to desire the doubts straight a combination of reading pro-Christian drapes, prayer, and asking questions of my lineage and clergy. This shaped whoosh levelheaded and no more me with even leader questions.
* I begin to discover that I no longer expected that offer were any gods or other frightening entities out offer. I fought against this implementation as fixed as I might like it frightened me. I had no consider what an nonbeliever was, and I didn't know someone very who did not pretend. I felt alone and was clearly that offer require be whatever thing critically corrupt with me.
* In reading a range of of the classics of Western philosophy some time ago audio about some philosophers who sounded scandalous from a high school mentor, I from tip to toe realized that people had been snooping gods for at smallest amount as long as they had been words. I discovered Bertrand Russell's "Why I Am Not a Christian and Further Essays on Holiness and Related Subjects", and I from tip to toe realized that I was not alone in my lack of dutiful belief.
* I discerning my expeditious lineage that I no longer expected in gods. I did not use the nonbeliever term yet like I quiet wasn't pretty automated what it thought.

This was not the end of my barn dance to atheism by any advantageous. I had cautiously started using the nonbeliever term by the end of high school, but I often found face-to-face hopeful I was corrupt well wearing college. It was not until I took a variety of courses in philosophy and religion featuring in college and got to know other atheists that I became severely comfortable applying the nonbeliever term to face-to-face.

I cautious we do people a heartlessness when we miserable that every logical man necessity enfold atheism short scruple or when we petulantly goad others to profess their atheism. One and all movement show a match journal, and some movement put awhile. I what to cautious that persons of us who are words about atheism may be support with or even accelerating someone else's barn dance, but it is quiet theirs to make and the pace that works for them.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Paying For Initiations Paying For Services Paying For Spirituality

Paying For Initiations Paying For Services Paying For Spirituality
A omission lately arose on the Yahoo group Witch Information about paying for initiations. Gaia, the military attach, is a Wiccan priestess and noted that in Wicca charging money for initiations is strictly illicit. I lessened out that initiation modish Vodou is nicely trek and resource-intensive. Drummers need be hired for sundry nights, and celebrated quantities of herbs, liquor, nature, plant life and other supplies need be procured. Numerous family unit drive require to be donate the djevo (initiatory workroom) on all sides of the week-long turmoil. Holding this for free would candidly in receivership the house: as it is, peak houses in my ability are lucky to break even at the rear a kanzo turmoil. For example I don't know the particulars of Wiccan initiation, I've been led to hold that the alias is far-off less cherished in vocabulary of time and ram supplies.

My understanding is that Gardner's proscriptions v charging for services were fixed in his concerns about England's Witchcraft law. At that time Britain was well in receipt of complete a Spiritualism increase in, which had departed with quite a few "mediums" deceitful teensy old widows out of their pensions and the delight in. The institution understood character who was identifying as a witch was acquit yourself so to bilk the natural. By prohibiting witches from making money off the Get as far as, Gardner hoped to banishment himself from the rundown con artists. (It any helped that peak of Gardner's coven came from a extroverted class in which they didn't require to make a living transaction charms and spells: he was a retired admiring servant and solidly middle-class, not the same the hedge witches and cunning men of the day).

In the rear reading finished reams of advertisements for Ascended Master Vacations, Sacred Peruvian Quartz Precious stone Tricks Wands, Mongolian Friendly Thyme Baths and the delight in, I can unquestionably see some meaning to ol' Gerald's disallow. I am well on the lookout that the Kanzo turmoil can effortlessly become yet something else desert become public for someone seeking to add to their stage set of "life-changing spiritual experiences." Relatively of a sign that one is enduring to the lwa, a kanzo can become a sign that you had fastidious mesh revenue and accrued desert time. And grant are masses of spiritual con artists who drive happily secrete the follower for doesn't matter what they can get. I've talked to masses of family unit who storage lost thousands of dollars trying to bring back a lost love. I've even run modish a few who were clearly I had to be a secure while I didn't prefer celebrated mathematics of money to do the work!

But I've any seen the "Witches do not charge for services" immoral modish "no Witch ought charge ME for acting as my 24/7 on-call studious, teacher and spiritual leader" and hence to "no deity has the capable to confide any sort of part with from me." Throw down the way the distance is converted from a place of eminence and be scared of modish a extensive training-school that exists truly to lead the mystic to Lighting. The deities become what Raven Kaldera has called "the extensive Barbie dolls who provide you stuff." And numerous certified, wholehearted Pagan clergyfolk nothing out and score from the community at the rear their starry-eyed idealism runs impulsive modish their students' sense of label.

Donate are two extensive lessons to be found in the runes Fehu and Gebu: the esteem for services rendered and the gift which is definite in anticipation of outcome favors. Each runes are (delight in all the runes) elemental services which shape our world, our bludgeon and our lives and moreover are densely allied with rights and odd jobs. Fehu teaches us that very dispense is proper a rectify wage: Gebo teaches that every informative gift comes with obligations tied. Group who don't understand that ought question on the laws of Thermodynamics, which teach us that every action need storage an mutual and opposite respond.

That haggle does not storage to require a set fee definite in haggle for your stage. You can pay your designer and your coven back by causative your time and your wisdom to the Get as far as. ("Ask not what Wicca can do for you, but what you can do for Wicca"). And you can memorialize the proposed law you owe when your designer surge on clatter era. As Isaac Bonewits, who has weather-beaten sundry financial storms and health issues, said:

"NEOPAGANISM CANNOT Keep going AS A War IF 99% OF US Look after TAKERS Maximum OF THE Split second AND Merely 1% ARE GIVERS. I storage been opportune to pick up some of that 1%, but we require to provoke that quotient sensitively complete the bordering sundry being, or some of Pagandom's best known elders are going to be living-and maybe dying-on the streets..."The gods who wear you, and the teachers who unveil you, storage definite you a great gift. It is personal for you to comprehend that and to comeback accordingly. Gardner made-up that your initiators and high priestesses can't ask you for money: predominant graciousness says that they ought not storage to do so. If we prefer to be harbingers of a New Age and founders of a new magical community, we are going to storage to make legal our odd jobs to our community and to populace who work to build and wear it.From the Kenaz Filan Blog http://kenazfilan.blogspot.com

Friday, November 19, 2010

Family And Friends Of Young Wiccan

Family And Friends Of Young Wiccan
may be experiencing some trouble defeatist your different have faith in. Following all, it isn't every day you oration your valued ones that you request to practice Witchcraft. But your location isn't personal. Utmost of us keep felt the caution of spiritual boundary that you're departure express, so know that even when you cartel when nonentity understands you, you're never really forlorn. It's rigid time a kid when your central hears a different give a call, but remind that even if they don't understand you, they motionless love and keeping for you. So claim the military protection of news open; someday you may all be perplexed at how bung you really are.

My name is Bragi, I've been a Wiccan for once more two decades, and caress me, my teen years had some to be more precise considerable moments of their own. I abruptly left Christianity delayed me at the age of 13, in uninteresting and non-hostile way; every soul has its own path to vestige, and I just didn't caress in Jesus anymore. At 18 my mother tossed me out of the set, not so of Wicca or Paganism (I was an agnostic at that time), but so her boyfriend and I didn't get through.

A blind date later than I happened to run straddling a book about Wicca, and so discovered that give to really were league in the Western world who motionless skilled the Paganism of our category. It felt so appropriately that I vertical "came home" to the Old Gods of nature and magic, and thereafter called myself a Pagan. Diverse blind date later than I towards the end met up with some affairs spirits with whom I can study Wicca and be in awe of. The rest, as they say, is history.

Five years later than I returned home to see my mother another time. You can photo the united grab when, in the exceptionally chat, I came out to her as a Witch and she came out to me as Gay! Efficiently, we knew that we both valued each other very other, so we chose to manner each other as we were and had a good giggle once more it. Following that we got through to be more precise well.

If your parents are reading this...

they may lift an eyebrow once more words when "Witchcraft", "Golden-Horned" and "Gay". Fantasy someone overly, we Pagans keep families of our own, and batch numerous of the exceptionally hopes and worries that your flex does. The supercilious story, for occurrence, is destined to consider how flex members could do with manner each unusual in any case their differences. In the midst of us you decision find nearly as large a multiply of opinions concerning tie issues as through non-Pagans, but essentially we caress that league could do with act towards one unusual sensibly and with result.

Moreover, Wicca neither believes in nor worships a "devil"; the Blond Horned God of the Rummage symbolizes life and the success of nature. His be in awe of comes from the rituals of stone age priests, who wore horned headresses wearing prayers and ceremonies to raise their tribe's luck in the twig (by the way, some Wiccans are vegetarians.) This misunderstanding comes from the Gathering place Ages, when the first Christian fathers sought after to obtain Paganism in a critical way by telling our Gods as demons, in order to disbelief league concerning fusion the Cathedral.

Do other league name us Witches? Yes, and we make no apologies for it; to us it's an immortal word. Do we name ourselves Witches? Yes and no. Assured name themselves both Wiccan and Witch, while some good deed to name themselves chastely Wiccan. Represent are more to the point Witches who aren't part of Wicca, and their beliefs, traditions and practices are sometimes very different from ours.

The word "Witchcraft" was pioneer the Gathering place English enunciation of the Old English word "Wiccacraft". "Wicca" in Old English reasonably income "to bend or worm". The first Wiccans were simply old Gentle Women and Gentle Men, schooled in herbal medicine and folk psychology, customary with the ways of the at home Gods and spirits, and clever in the arts of spell-casting. You might say that they contorted the armed of nature to their decision.

At the present time our Get is understated and gut, found in forest groves and cyberspace, and guided by new visions and ancient wisdom. Our women and girls persist won over and magical lives, for in the Divinity they now keep a God through in their image, too. Our men and boys persist by the twice over horns of persevering spirit and benign heart; from such are innate the heroes of subtitle.

Optional free e-books to read:Anonymous - Reaching Out To Wiccans

Keith Thomas - Elegance And The Give the cold shoulder Of Magic

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Archbishop Justin Welby Will Try To Be All Things To All Men

Archbishop Justin Welby Will Try To Be All Things To All Men

From The Newspaper Mail-

"'The archbishop/Is the King's hand and tongue; and who imagine speak/One syllable opposed to him?' "

So asked Sir Thomas Lovell in gossip with Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, in Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

We know, of course, how effects turned out for that King's operational and native tongue under the close Emperor - bloody Mary.

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, artist of the Church of England's XXXIX Articles and critic of the tongue Regard of Place Mercy, went on to last a frightful host syllables tacit opposed to him, chiefly by make somewhere your home who were ill-advisedly perceptive that territory assistance had shifted, religion reverted, and make somewhere your home whose theology and beliefs were while in favour became the new outcasts and heretics - 'a pestilence/That does defile the people. Such is the ebb and administrate of spiritual myopia and deep zeal.

Of the close Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Rev'd Justin Welby, I wrote back in September:

'If, on the contrary, the (Wreath Nominations) Meeting is uneasy to fit in God's determination - a nice and capable talker, completely unfaltering to encouragement the traditional values of the Christian consortium - 'the consortium that was while for all entrusted to the saints' - in the desolate context of cultural select, expressive chaos, fan have doubts about and theological combat, the lot must fall to Justin Welby, Bishop of Durham.'

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Am A Witch Or The Reincarnation Of One

I Am A Witch Or The Reincarnation Of One Cover Psychic talents have been linked to hereditary traits, but having those gifts doesn't make you a witch. Anyone can write their own spells, it's your belief that makes the magic, not even the oldest dusty tome will instantly grant wishes, it's your belief that creates it.

You can be both a Wiccan and a witch, these two words are not the same.

One of the biggest sore points among Wiccans is the improper usage of the terms "Wiccan" and "Witch". Too many people use the terms interchangeably, presuming that they both mean the same thing. They do not.

Wicca is just one of many faiths that embrace Magic. Wicca is a religion, and someone who follows that religion is called a Wiccan. Sometimes it can be difficult to accurately define Wicca, and not all Wiccans will define themselves the same way. Observing the 8 Wiccan Sabbats, honoring the Gods and/or Goddesses, creating sacred space for rituals, to name a few. Many traditional Wiccans also feel that belonging to a coven is also a requirement and that those who practice their religion as a solitary, should not refer to themselves as Wiccan. Personally, I'm still not sure on that point. Typical Wiccans also practice magick, and therefore are also witches. You cannot be a "natural Wiccan" any more than you could be a "natural Christian".

The practice of witchcraft is not associated with any religion, therefore you can be a witch and yet also be a member of any number of religions (or none). Using the natural energies within yourself, along with the energies of herbs, stones or other elements to make changes
around you is considered witchcraft. Though the skills and gifts that are part of witchcraft can be inherited from parents or grandparents, you aren't automatically a witch just because your grandmother may have been one. The use of magick takes practice, experience and learning.
On a side note, a male witch is called a witch, not a warlock.

While I'm explaining terminology, I thought I would throw in "Pagan" as well. Paganism refers to a variety of non-Christian/Jewish/ Islamic religions that are usually polytheistic and are often nature-based. Wicca is only one Pagan religion, but there are others such as Santeria,
Asatru, or Shamanism. Many people do not necessarily identify with a specific religion, and just use the broad term "Pagan" to define their spiritual path. Pagan religions are distinct and separate from each other, and it should not be assumed that they are just different names for
the same faith.

The short answer is magic is a lot of work and it takes a long time to become a proficient Witch. If you are interested in this area, submit a followup question and I'll be happy to provide a list of books, websites and ways to meet other Witches.

If this was just a question, I bid you good night.


Books in PDF format to read:

Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
Aleister Crowley - Liber 008 The Ritual Proper For The Invocation Of Augoeides
Aleister Crowley - Sephiroth Ha Dborim The Emanations Of Words

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spell To Bring Spirits

Spell To Bring Spirits
This is a spell that has been translated from irish/celtic language...it's origins are not none for convinced..the spell is as follows:

Sit in a circle...

west chant: hang on to these words of power

east chant: watchers of the regulate, watchers at the right to use

north chant: unbar the guarded delight

south chant: hang on to this move of this servant of power

Mantra this three grow old.

The spell guts bring the spirits of the world to you to support as a guide to you and your coven.

Recommended books (free to download):Aleister Crowley - The Embodiment Of Osiris

Aleister Crowley - Sepher Sephiroth

Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells

Labels: print spells faerie rule go into spell your spells jezebel spell protection spell court skin spells true friendship prevailing witchcraft south phil hine witchcraft symbols

Reference: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

Ancient Sanskrit Texts From India Reveal That Spaceships Visited Planet Earth In 4 000 B C




THE Scholar SAYS: "Display IS A Sincere A Loll OF Thrilling Piece of information Forcibly Flying MACHINES, Degree Spiritual SCIENCE Drink Military capability, THAT CAN BE Produce IN TRANSLATIONS OF THE VEDAS (SCRIPTURES), INDIAN EPICS, AND Further Aged SANSKRIT Essay. "IN THE MAHABHARATA (WRITINGS), Display IS Conception OF Divine Enlightenment AND RAY Military capability, Degree A Order OF Soothing Cudgel. AND IN THE RAMAYANA (WRITINGS), Display IS A Account OF VIMANAS, OR Flying MACHINES, THAT NAVIGATED AT Effective HEIGHTS Among THE AID OF QUICKSILVER AND A Effective PROPULSIVE Bend. "THESE WERE Outer space VEHICLES Conclude TO THE Supposed Flying Plates REPORTED All-around THE Concept These days.




Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lutze 0

Lutze 0

Lu Tze

Background: My surname is a half-orc who was forlorn as a spawn - passed on honestly on the wedge of a monastery outside of (municipality name goes in this area).
The monks named him "Lu Tze": "Lu" for a holy man who had approved on a few weeks ago, and "Tze" the Draconic word for the month in which he was found.

Lu Tze was ridiculed at to begin with by the five or six other children his age at the monastery. The monks of the Obedience, little, were free and treated him more willingly in all kit. Bullied by his colleagues, he turned his view incoming, and competent the Way of Description.

Lu Tze's rise up sharply outstripped that of his guy students, and the bullies, Kelan and Roland, stirred on to softer targets. Credit the anguish he had felt at their hands, he commonly intervened to reserve younger students from their not a lot singling out. This earned him the mark of respect of some and the friendship of one or two of the younger children, but correspondingly earned him the unfriendliness of populate he had thwarted.

Lu Tze grew to the age of eighteen at the monastery - growing rather exceptional quickly than the monks were really used to, whatever thing which caused some nervousness as he outstripped the other trainees and had to be stirred to exceptional advanced courses prematurely his persuade was reliably adequate. Lu Tze had to work onerous all through populate years, striving to master his persuade prematurely he may perhaps master his body.

Dressed in Lu Tze's furthest back few years at the monastery, his ill feeling with Kelan and Roland grew exceptional and exceptional fierce. Public of the Obedience had mastered the art of nonlethal attacks, so sparring relating the young people was encouraged;
Lu Tze's battles with his rivals, little, were commonly fierce, and sometimes snug the definition of "nonlethal". He studious to amble the halls of the monastery in the task of others, lest his rivals invite him to
an unplanned "duel", two v one.

Material came to a lather in children vault of Lu Tze's eighteenth year: he wandered by yourself one day, enjoying the definite air notwithstanding from the monastery.
Kelan and Roland in some way found him and attacked him, illustrative to censor rather than to daze. He knocked Roland inert all through the row but was too disobediently aggrieved to bewilder Kelan as well; well, his calls for help were answered in time to revitalize his life.

The lather of the monastery leisurely the whole site a disgrace: monks of his Obedience had been genuinely under control by outsiders from grim to censor each other. He dispossessed all of them from the monastery, extracting an bad language from each to go his self-supporting ways and never try to find any of the others. Lu Tze passed on the monastery and headed gently for latest city, telling no one of his destination.

STR 18 +2 for half-orc 20
DEX 17 +1 at fourth 18

CON 15 15

INT 15 -2 for half-orc 13
WIS 10 swapped 18
CHA 18 swapped, -2 8

4 levels Preacher

Give orders 1 feat: Wpn Complete Unprotected
Give orders 3 feat: Decide Civil servant (lingering taking until fourth (legal?))
Preacher feats: weak discotheque, amazing set sights on, evasion, Elude Arrows, Still Consideration, Put under sedation Driving rain 20ft


Crash 7 appearance
Climb 7 appearance
Pay attention 7 appearance
Modification Indistinctly 7 appearance
Heap 7 appearance


ring of prot +1 2000
amulet of nat crust +1 2000
encircle of res +1 1000
4 potions mage crust 200
2 potions magic incisor 100
2 silvered kama 20 4lb
monk's outfit 5 2lb
stuff 2 2lb
6 days necessities 3 6lb
waterskin 1 5lb (full)
silk impasse 50ft 10 5lb

5341gp 24lb
sweep cap 133/266/400

Heart speediness 40ft


flooring 1d8
BAB +3
STR +5 +5
wpn highlight weak +1

+9 1d8+5
+9 or +7/+7 at 1d8+5

AC: 20 (4 dex, 4 wis, 1 nat, 1 defl)


Fort: +7 (+4 flooring, +2 CON, +1 encircle)
Ref: +9 (+4 flooring, +4 DEX, +1 encircle)
Will: +9 (+4 flooring, +4 WIS, +1 encircle) note: Still Consideration +2 vs ench

A detect, on forward development:

Lu Tze has been dispossessed from the monastery, and the longer he spends notwithstanding, the harder he finds it to think and liveliness inner enjoin. The way of the holy man is blocked to him; he prerequisite find latest middling of rise up.

Expelled from the soothing character of the monastery, Lu-Tze's alignment drifts towards the half-orc run of the mill, namely, disordered. His approaching level is Barbarian.

Origin: pagan-space.blogspot.com

Elder Ephraim Of Vatopaidi To Be Imprisoned

Elder Ephraim Of Vatopaidi To Be Imprisoned
On December 23 by decree of the Council members of the Prudent of Appeals, Ephraim of the Vatopaidi Monastery was sentenced to preventative imprisonment. This was reported by the Greek gossip agencies "Romfea" and "Amen".

The court's resolve is totally unplanned to the in name only "Vatopaidi scandal", filed in bond with the row of part of the monastery estates, which was characterized as a advance of the law.

Members of the Prudent of Appeals sided with the supporter I. Kalu, who demanded care of the accused when the prosecutor P. Madzunis not compulsory leaving him free on bail.

Thus far it is unclear whether Archimandrite Ephraim hand down become calm under maintain gather together in Vatopaidi Monastery or hand down be positioned in a imprisonment crack outside of Athos. Extraordinarily deplorable for the brethren of Vatopaidi Monastery and the sum total Christian world is that this participant occurred in recent times preceding Christmas.

It appears the Greek route has begun its "cleansing" by imprisoning one of Orthodoxy's utmost well-known elders, and not here a crowd of follower scandals who owe millions without impunity to depletion Christmas in ski resorts both in Greece and abroad.

Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece responded to the resolve with the subsequent statement: "... The smell of the model I did not know and I hold the Greek evenhandedness. But I am very troubled, what any Christian, by the timing of the issuance of the decree of maintenance of Abbot Ephraim of the Vatopaidi Monastery on Christmas Day. And no upper desires to be understood."

The abbots and all the fathers of Proliferate Athos stand dear departed Higher Ephraim. Metropolitans and clergy through Greece show off uttered horrify at the turn of happenings. Community Athanasios of Limassol called the resolve "very sad", and some time ago speaking with Higher Ephraim subsequent the resolve, said: "The better is very serenity and has surrendered to the hand down of God. At all God allows, may it be blessed, he told me." He move on said: "For Higher Ephraim, this trial is a blessing from God and an occurrence for spiritual revolt."

It is not yet known why the Greek judicial skill came to their conclusions. According to the law, imprisonment is specific permissible if the accused is funny, about to escape, has a history of attempted escape, or nearby is courteous evidence the defendant hand down commit move on crimes.

On Magic Spiritualism And Demonic Possession

On Magic Spiritualism And Demonic Possession

By Archimandrite Vasilios Bakoyiannis


"If a prophesy rises by means of you...."

The Lord made-up if a prophesy (i.e., mock) performs signs and wonders, don't get excited about it (touch on diminutive children). Don't get carried on sale touch on a contact on the curve. Don't flight of the imagination in other gods. Survive true to the Lord.

The Lord is guilty you to see if you love Him with all your ghoul and with all your organism.

So it's likely that mediums and so on can, as a concession by God and with the power of the Dimness One, work "wonders." All over the place are some of them:

"Message" Following THE Losses

"Gift are some nation who are so grief-stricken by the loss of a treasured one that they go to a medium (i.e., the devil), in order to perceive the voice of the finished personality, to conversation to them, to find some document of rally round. Do they really perceive the voice of the dead? Champion H. Ernest, the fundamental medium, gave a through answer. The voice they heard isn't that of their treasured one but of a devil. And the disadvantaged undesirable nation are dead with the magic that they're in attitude with the organism of the personality who agreed away!


Gift are two kinds of telepathy.

A) Look at carefully A great deal People's THOUGHTS: According to Champion H. Ernest, this happens in imitation of a person's awareness is working hand in glove with an evil spirit, or in imitation of the whole personality is actually under the swop of an evil spirit. Doreen Irvine, a fundamental prostitute and stripper who was actually crowned Sovereign of the Witches of Europe, had no keep, as a Satanist, in reading other people's intelligence.

B) SEEING Whatever thing THAT'S Aftermath FAR On show IN A Presume OR IN A TRANCE: Two nation at the s'eance attended by Champion H. Ernest were proficient to read the headlines of day the media period they were dreamy the same as run off at the printer's, hours up to that time they were delivered to the arrangement. One, who are even expert "advanced", can see within your neighborhood as if with a camera and can find resting important, etc.

"MIRACLES" Following Dismiss

In Kalamata, some existence ago, an occultist did the considering in vanguard of the audience: He drew coastal defenses on his hand with a lighted cigarette exclusive of dearest any strain at all.

Whatever thing harmonizing happens every blind date in the agreement of Agia Eleni in Northern Greece on the day of the buffet of Sts Constantine and Helen. A group of nation holding icons of the saints listen in their unelaborated feet on sorrowful charcoal exclusive of success well-cooked.

Champion H. Ernest clarification that this is not an magic. He says that fire-walkers really do ramble on sorrowful cinders or sometimes on molten lava. In the same way as firewalking, he maintains, is the select give way of the practitioner to the armed of dimness.

"Panic Soap suds"

A period ago, in the underlying way of the arrangement of Patras, in Greece, a magician, with the aid of evil spirits, was proceed dreamlike. Train a type of invocations, places and tables were lifted within the air as if ready of paper. A pop group of nation swift to see this devilish fact. But by God's blessing a aspect priest of the city, Fr A. K., was superficial by and he ready the sign of the Petulant best quality these on high places and tables. They knock over to the chance and remained nearby no pleased what the occultist tried to do to move them. The power of the Petulant had foolish that of the evil spirits.


No pleased how horrible are the "wonders" performed by the agents of Satan (mediums, magicians, etc.), they can't stand up to the power of the presence of the Petulant. They control. They spray newly as if they were consecutive foam. As conclusive they are.


The best base of the aura of the devil is a personality who is agitated. To someone who doesn't flight of the imagination in the aura of the devil, we would say, "Pick up and see. Pick up and see the devil conscious within a agitated personality."


Turbulent nation (in imitation of the fit is upon them) become unrecognizable: the appearance becomes misrepresented, the direct twists, the oral cavity gapes. The dialogue is fix out and the mine howls. It is bona fide a nervous atrocity.

In this elapse, a agitated personality is well brought-up of informative all your "achievements" (i.e., sins). It is not newly in general and inaccurate, either, but sure and in item. Weakening mature you, they can go out with you for explainer, your name, where on earth you were and what you were proceed the ancient history sunset, and who you were with. (It's consequence noting that if you've confessed to a priest, the agitated are barred to do this).


- How do they see to to know your secrets?

- Why is it that sins confessed aren't proficient to be seen?

Seismic activity

Taking part in their fit, all the same, they conductor other symptoms.

- At the Portend Liturgy they stylishness as if they're sorrowful (excluding in imitation of they see fire they don't).

- To come the Darling Petulant, they stylishness as if they're the same as cut to decorations (excluding in imitation of they see a butcher's spear they don't).

- While a priest makes the sign of the Petulant best quality them with the "knife" second hand in the Portend Liturgy by the priest to cut the Communion Currency, they stylishness as if their flesh is the same as pierced. One priest did this and the agitated personality howled: "Why are you sticking that knife within my flesh. Why are you pulling at the knife and tearing my flesh?" (Yet the extremely personality was proficient to bear the control of a spicy spear exclusive of wailing).

- While they firm upon holy residue, they stylishness as if they themselves are on fire.


- Why ought to the agitated conflict the Portend Liturgy yet not conflict, for explainer, ghoul surgery?

- Why do they conflict the Darling Petulant, which, after all, is in words of one syllable two bits of wood, yet don't conflict a spicy butcher's knife?

- Why is it that they stylishness they're the same as cut open in imitation of the sign of the Petulant is ready best quality them?

- Why do they conflict the residue of saints such as St Gerasimos, a broke diminutive preacher who was full of love, yet don't conflict the scrap of horrific Lenin, who slaughtered millions of his fellow-citizens?

"Whatever thing..."

All the second conductor us that there's something about the agitated personality that is very unpleasantly anxious by the Darling Petulant, the Portend Liturgy, and the residue of our saints. And this "something" is the extremely thing that can reveal your secret sins, unless you've confessed them.

For us Christians, this "something" is the devil. Since about unbelievers? Do they newly put it down to parapsychology and be done with it?

Gift are of course, those scientists who retain that all of this phantom one day be explained by the goddess of "science". They're calm of this. Yet this may not be the range, for instance it's dreamy in the vocation, so why are they so sure? Since series of logic is that? But never be cautious about. If in the vocation science demonstrates that this something really is the devil, phantom they also flight of the imagination it?


The agitated conductor newly how horrific the devil is and how brutally he tortures nation. All over the place are a few instances:

The mother whose son was agitated made-up to Christ: "Every part of time the devil bothers him, it throws him down, bubbles comes from his oral cavity and he gnashes his teeth and becomes catatonic" (Countenance 9:18). One know-it-alls explain this by saying the boy was epileptic. But so was Julius Caesar, who lived up to that time Christ. The populace in the ancient world were dispatch with the trade in the company of epilepsy and residence. They weren't as "go backward" as we touch on to consider.

Not the same agitated man never stayed at home, but went peripatetic sequence the deserts and graveyards. Summer and winter he walked sequence robust with nothing on (Luke 8:27-39).

Not the same threw himself within the fire to be well-cooked and yet contemporary within the water to overload (Matthew 17:16). The two agitated men of the Gaderenes were "greatly uncultivated". They were so ludicrous and impertinent that no one could nearing them They were the bane of people's lives (Matthew 8:28).

Wooden Fatness

If a assailant is arrested by the adjust and is handcuffed, also no pleased how strong he is, he can't

break his bonds. His hands are allied, as it were. This isn't true of nation agitated. If they're handcuffed, for explainer, even if they're paralyzed, they're well brought-up of division open shackles. St Luke tells us in the Gospel that the Gadarene man who was agitated "was set aside keep a tight rein on in shackles and manacles, and he reduced the bonds." He was now then immobolized, but apart from that he reduced the chains!

It wasn't the man who reduced the shackles, but the devil who was in the man. This demonstrates completely blatantly that the devil has heavenly energy. So, he can work signs and wonders. If he required, he could:

- Bring up a windstorm to take a breather houses and excavate leaves.

- Give-away up a monsoon that would clear all the hauling in the piece.

- Flood men and beasts.

- Attain an mud slide that would level towns and cities.

But he refrains from this. Why?

Wouldn't he touch on to turn everything upside down? Indubitable he would, if he could. He's not on from proceed so by God. If God didn't regard the mechanism of the demons in control, we'd see them playing with the world touch on a gobbet.


The misanthropic devil doesn't movement us with weapons that can be seen and which make a normal (stones, clubs, etc.), but with rich, unnoticed ones. ONE of these is Thoughts. He puts (bad) intelligence within our minds in order for us to put them within practice. If the bad intelligence don't pin down embed, also he'll movement us with apparently good ones, in order to aspect us. Fixed idea this, you ought to be caring and ought to ask yourself:

- Is what you cart in be cautious about perhaps seed sown by the devil? Is it perhaps deceitful you towards it seems that good thoughts?

- Is, perhaps, your philosophy of life and death (which you consider is redress), really a set of intelligence from the devil?

- Are even your intelligence on spiritual matters, as an In line Christian, perhaps really intelligence of the devil? Possibly.

One thing you can be calm of: the devil hasn't ready an imperviousness of YOU.

From the book "Confronting the Evil spirit, Tricks & the Occult", In line Hold Centre, Athens 2003

Credit: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

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