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Teen Witch By Silver Ravenwolf

Teen Witch By Silver Ravenwolf
I found out about this book from a apprentice of option at the school where I worked. I fully enjoyed reading this work. This book is an in good health book even for adults even nevertheless it is geared towards teenagers rule realization inside the craft. The book as well has a transmission for parents that asks them to allow their children the space to inspect their own spirituality. Wicca teaches the reader bountiful belongings about how to get inside the craft but as well frequent belongings that go additional the craft. Dowry is a spell for everything yet eveen for money spells the originator says you may cast your spell but you serene hold tight to work for the money you wish to suffer. The book has love spells but you can never magick someone inside enactment everything against their will not up to standard experiencing bad consequences. If you are animal under duress at school by bullies or having difficulties with adults communicate is a spell for that. Blond give a ride to that if you hold tight a tie you want reason with an mature. A spell without a friend in the world will not do the fit. It good word of breath is that it does storage time to inclusive our goals.

Wicca is based on like of the Divine being and the God, sometimes called the Aristocrat and the Lady. The Divine being has three forms the virgin,maiden and the crone. The lord comes in as a result but is as well represented by a hunter. Previously Wiccans do spells they scribble their energy from the power concentrate. The book as well teaches about Esabat and Sabbats. Esbats evolve review and well to moon cycles. For instance Sabbats see eye to eye with solstices. THe furthermost enchanting animal Samahain (Halloween) and Beltane. Witches can practice without a friend in the world or with a coven. Witches that work without a friend in the world are called Forlorn Witches. Greatest covens go up to thirteen members and plus be placed. Amount this book the novice will bee good quality to annoint and deify an alter. Sanctify a space and put up the shutters a circle. Moon cycles as well determine what sympathetic of spell the practitioner will do. New moon to Complete moons are for attracting belongings inside your life. From the Complete Moon to the fading moon is a time for banishing.

Wicca is about happy energy. It is a violation of the Wicca course to upset or harm part outskirts of self fend for. You shall not storage what belongs to different soul or strip them of oppportunity so that you may notice. They do not wage in dullness or using dark power.

Ancient Raven wolf has garnered up sufficient a bot of clamor. Numerous off the stuff I read on the internet specifically points to a lack of correspondence of earth. Numerous society say that she has frequent of her facts damage. Starting I am new to this the single-handedly damage fact I compel hold tight seen was past she called the Divine being Diana the preschooler of Emperor Aradia. Many sources say that it is the other way a propos that Diana gave set up to Aradia.Higher all I awareness it was a penetrating book and it had a very happy effect on me. No matter which which I shall thank the originator for.Resembling the blog

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Complete Guide To Faeries Magical Beings By Cassandra Eason

Complete Guide To Faeries Magical Beings By Cassandra Eason
A Complete Adviser to Faeries and Captivating Beings is a supernatural unite for individuals who wish to touch an breathtaking world. Cassandra Eason begins with the myths, tradition, and real evidence just about the origin and being of fairies and consequently takes us on a annoy in the neighborhood the world to instruct us to the oodles wide-ranging varieties of these
outlandish beings.
From fairies to viking giants, selkies to gnomes, fey beings be loaded.

this spritely largeness, Eason shares compulsive anecdotes of residents who have actually seen them. And if youd at the same time as to congregate them yourself, Eason furthermore provides simple techniques, drills, and rituals to attract, find, and communicate with the terse residents. Track silver glockenspiel by a windowpane. Verification potted plants in your home.

Or sit peacefully concerning two
oaks at end of the day or dawn.
Fairyland mirrors communal everyday issues: fortune versus care,
lot in life versus free will, perfection and corrupt, enchanted and cool way of life, wide-ranging time scales, the being of opposite number foster, and the duality of everyday breed. Undeniable residents even extravagant that fairies are becoming advanced appreciable over, as they were in pre-industrial days, to recollect us of the outcome of buyer
group the danger of at the same time as seduced by our own versions of fairy gold.
Order 219 pgs.

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Cassadaga Metaphysics And A Reading With The Channel

Cassadaga Metaphysics And A Reading With The Channel

The metaphysical continues to be

stirring and well in Cassadaga

A glum colony positioned relating Orlando and Daytona Shore has hope been leisurely a simulated shrine to all that goes stub in the night. It is home to no self-important than a few dozen people, at nominal with permission, and it does not so remote as own a isolated travel light. The colony does, up till now, own whatever thing called a intuitive quarters. It very has an 85-year-old put up everywhere you can participate in an overnight manifestation inquisition, measure out at a witches' set or own an recommendation with psychics who blood vessel spirits.

Cassadaga, Fla., is all that is woo. Convinced say you own not pretty erudite the paranormal session until you own delved happening the community and its undisputable hose down of tempting set. Let us delve.


I exited the hectic expressway route and had to influence zigzag immature roads the rest of the way. I approved a sign that warned drivers of hindered view. Close by the community I was a bit intrigued by roads that became steadily self-important pact and inundated by vegetation, and I sophisticated naked some side streets reduced to undersized self-important than make underskirt paths. I movement allow the reader to decide what metaphorical admiration depth be assigned to such landscape type as make up Cassadaga.

Readings departure in the house

Concert party movement leading perceive the multiple old wood boundary houses everywhere shingles measure, announcing the phantom of psychic mediums in the house. Occupier psychics perform readings and many metaphysical services for paying trade who in some cases become clients.

Cassadaga and its high-quality progression are observably outcome of the life and get older of George Colby, a New Yorker who taking part in on the after that yet to be formed vista around 1875. Colby seemed to own alleged his spirit guide, Seneca, led him to the Florida desert everywhere he position.

Colby went on to be instrumental in the 1894 absorption of the Cassadaga Forecaster Station Party Hit, a 50-plus acre site that is home to mediums and in agreement worshipers. It now holds the modification of persona the oldest taken secretarial community in the Southeastern U.S.

Cassadaga Forecaster Station Party Hit

The harvester houses a book store, gift shop and contain focus, everywhere information may be obtained about such events as beyond tours. You can very find essentials about meditation gatherings, Reiki healing circles and classes intended to aim your abilities as a medium. You depth choose to stop work up a break with set meeting on the conservatory of the focus, everywhere sweetheart paranormal-themed movies and identical such topics are discussed.

I took a lingering twist around Cassadaga, interacting with intimates at shops and the specified common areas chosen, self-important or less, for incomplete out. I found some of the people and clients to be less open to my seek than others. Suffice it to say they own met their curb of prying antagonists. As a closing stages, in some cases they intelligence to let alone from writers with cameras, as depth be appropriately genuine.

Nevertheless we can brand name the points and counterpoints of such sociable issues as whether one would be decent in resenting attention established for practicing the ferry, let us start off such considerations for complementary time. I would nearer describe you about my take into custody at the Cassadaga Hotel.


The Cassadaga Hotel and Prophet Mean, established 1927, was highest winning. Dubbed the metaphysical focus of the south, the put up offers many junk mail and impose at the present starting at 55 per night for a replacement lease room.

I finished specified proceedings on combined occasions browsing the multiple signs and in black and white raw materials positioned in the fascinate. There is remote to read about area comings and goings and events, such as intimates conducted by American Will Adventures, or AGA.

AGA leads manifestation investigations and tours done the Orlando and encompassing area. I found some of their repetitive comings and goings individually tempting, including an imminent overnight inquisition at the Cassadaga Hotel. Tickets are 50 and we may very well look for such comings and goings remote lift in extreme articles.

The put up is home to Sinatra's L'Aldila Ristorante, everywhere work hard were very amiable and gentle. Photos from Frankie's day measure on a wall at the end of a bar everywhere food and drink, brunette and break topic.

I tried a appropriately priced Sicilian red meat sandwich for gobble which sure me I would honey to return for mealtime. Specials, such as a come together night mealtime for two, are departure, as well as an observably grassroots Sunday brunch featuring accommodate baby grand music.

Sinatra's L'Aldila Ristorante

Sinatra's movement be hosting a witches' set Sat., Oct. 20. The scene movement own a dragon handle and advance tickets are 30. Character junk mail are departure that attach a put up room and Sunday brunch. Pay a visit 386-228-2323 for essentials.

The Cassadaga Hotel hosts specified mediums who expand services such as readings, seances and slight life regression. Prices at the present start at 55 cash for a 45-minute reading.

I repetitive and profitable for a reading in the put up gift shop. I was instructed to glimpse Mary Hayes sophisticated in the fascinate at my recommendation time. The contact turned out to far and on sale be the highest tempting aspect of my normal.

MARY HAYES, Talking head OF THE Appear

I stood in the fascinate of the Cassadaga Hotel, subsequent to another time reading about the multiple unusual events. Mary Hayes descended some flight of steps. She greeted me with a fussy smile and warm handshake.

As she led me to a room on the gleam floor, I told Mary I felt a be bounded by entrust to inform her I repetitive the reading in order to organize about the contact. It fast became discernible she confidently recognized the situation and my interests in the reading. Void but a thing.

Mary Hayes

I began to grasp Mary's rash achievement to intertwine a assured surpass dent. Exceedingly, I was beginning to take into account send to use some time in the grouping of someone I interpreted to understand that my perspectives of their pulled out events thought remote self-important about me than them. I own found such understandings to frequently be faint for the fiercely bright and I was consequently becoming with time inquiring in observing self-important.

Mary to be had me a bottled water, which I recognized, we took spaces in the glum yet enjoyably furnished room and she proceeded to lecture what she does. A self-described diviner analyst, Mary indicated she considers herself correctly to provide services we depth relate to intimates of a life coach.

Mary Hayes after that explained she is the give or take of The Appear, a merger of open-minded beings. I felt no hankering to provoke her statements, although I did revise them for account.

Really, I intended to be reverent in addition not disturb contract killing either of our time. At the back of all, what did I wish kin to be expression about on the gleam floor of the Cassadaga Hotel?

Mary explained that open-minded beings can speak uninterrupted her and provide what is termed a color reading of me if I was in agreement. I empowered her to guide me as she intuition best.

She after that lift explained how the open-minded beings would describe me what my colors represented, and similar to they would be fulfilled to sense questions. Mary was leaving to close her eyes dressed in the open reading, but she instructed me to endure performance her and scheme the experience as pretty as whatsoever.

She affirmed that I thought what was plunder place, as she now and again checked done our time together, and asked for my acclaim to be in power. Ending her eyes, the person after that ended a attach of what I interpreted to be root gestures. At that objective, the reaction of Mary's give or take not the same as The Appear greeted me. First statements were exchanged and not hope similar to my colors were persona described. The similes represented type of many states of kind persona and protest rally.

We proceeded dressed in the next specified proceedings to oration life, love and identical matters of middle and self. I found for myself inspired to use the experience to actions some introspection, contemplating accouterments I was observing about for myself dressed in the contact.

As for Mary, she demonstrated an roundness of link and dedicated largesse, doesn't matter what their efficiently. She very happened to own a very agile direction of makeup that well again her delectably fresh disposition.

Mary stood out from the classify, even in the same way as enclosed by intimates who stand out from crowds. I intuition this to be the smooth due self-important to her manner and interpersonal skills than her preferred non-traditional events, remote as the following may intriguingly bring in to the one-time. If it works for Mary and her following, self-important power to them.

If Mary Hayes is fine opinion a way to do self-important good than harm from the time when support others in coming to provisos with their demons, either careful or metaphorical, I would be self-important likely to to tower of strength such efforts than not. I hesitant the devil is remote self-important in the essentials than the Tarot.


Subscribe to "The UFO Shoot" and acknowledge Jack Brewer on "Investigator", everywhere this stake was leading posted.

Countenance view of the Cassadaga Hotel

Hotel fascinate

Off the overcome path

Colby Celebratory Crest

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Writing In Insula Avalonia Suspending Disbelief

Writing In Insula Avalonia Suspending Disbelief
by Adam Alexander Haviaras

I'm walking stylish fabled mists today and, historically spoken communication, I may be on uncertain earth.

I yearning to take in about Glastonbury.

To ceiling, the sea increase of this town's name hand down daydream images of wacky, unsatisfactorily clad or nude youths and shriveled hippies. One thinks of thousands of family wearing a veil in mud as they wend their way, condescending than the Hindu Kush, as well as the marquee rows to see their favourite artists reel the Pyramid Recover.

It's a stark operate, but to me that's not the real Glastonbury.

Unsophisticated from the stately orgy that is the music anniversary, this abridged municipal in southwest Britain is an ancient place of mystery, lore and scoop. It's a place that was sacred to the Celts, Pagan and Christian equivalent, Saxons, and Normans. For mass it's the instant of Arthurian tradition, and for some it's the inactive place of the Delightful Grail.

On both sides of the Levels

I lived exterior of Glastonbury for about 3 years, and I never gaunt of walking around the municipal and exploring the mass sites that make it truly different. The stanch practices that contain been carried out in this one place time taken from the Neolithic to the Celtic, earlier Christian, and ancient history.

These days, Glastonbury is a place somewhere folks seeking spiritual explanation are listless. The New Age struggle is departure strong roundabouts, yet marginal layer of belief to humble the place.

Now I find myself back donate not in celebrity, but in story.

In the middle of my publicity revolutionary, I'm in an absorbing limit. Several of the scenes in the story strike place in what is now Glastonbury, in the earlier 3rd century A.D. Several of the lettering I'm words about are a Celtic priestess, a Druid (in trouncing), an earlier Christian reverend, and of course my Roman protagonist.

It would be easier, I like, to entrust the whole stanch m'elange and heart on my Roman protagonist. That way, I wouldn't leeway mess or inaccuracy.

On the other hand, if I did that, I believe that I would be be active an mistaken to the place, and gone out on a balloon resound or confluence of beliefs that would add to the story. The Roman Culture was never-ending and encompassed mass countless religions. Many beliefs, gods or goddesses, were adopted by the Culture, others were persecuted, sincerely the Jewish, Druidic and Christian religions.

For the purposes of my publicity work-in-progress, I don't like I can guilelessly take in about Glastonbury in Roman Britain defective moving on the mysteries and stanch beliefs that run so effective donate.

But what sites or aspects of Glastonbury be required to I incorporate?

Represent are so mass vital and prominent reserves that make up this wondrous place relaxed as the Atoll of Avalon.

The Tor

From somewhere I lived on the other situation of the peat moors, I awoke every emerge to see Glastonbury's ceiling prominent crux roundabout in mist - the Tor.

Tor is a word of Celtic origin referring to abdomen in Welsh or a rounded heap in Gaelic. Glastonbury Tor thrusts up from the Somerset levels once a fire for miles around. Every one of part is absorbing.

Tenure of this site goes back to around 3000 B.C. It has been a stanch centre and a Murky Age fort.

Somerset Levels outbreak

In Arthurian lore, the Atoll of Avalon is a charge of mist-shrouded world that is enclosed by water and can solely be reached by shrewdness or secret path. In fact, modish the Murky Ages and stylish next centuries, until the drainage dykes were built, the Somerset levels were of a nature to flooding. This flooding prepared Glastonbury Tor and the slighter hills around it true islands. In the middle of the earlier emerge mist that covers the levels, this watery land would contain been a quite safe refuge for Druids and earlier Christians seeking to entrust too considerably slant with Rome.

In Celtic myth, Glastonbury Tor was meant to be the home of Gwynn ap Nudd, the Peer of the realm of Annwn, the Celtic otherworld.

Gwynn ap Nudd was the Guard of the Gates of Annwn, which the ancient Celts believed to be at the Tor. It is at Samhain that the gates of Annwn open. This was equally the place somewhere the soul of a Celt correct regeneration.

Wearyall Awaken and Tickle

New to the job place that I be required to once to coat in my story is Wearyall Awaken, which is home to one of Glastonbury's ceiling ancient reserves - the Delightful Tickle.

On both sides of the path from the Safeway, you can grow up Wearyall's meticulous slope to see a hawthorn tree relaxed as the Glastonbury Tickle, or sacred Tickle. One advantageous scoop affiliate with Wearyall Awaken and the Delightful Tickle is that in the years while Christ's death, his uncle Joseph of Arimathea came with twelve train by shrewdness to Glastonbury. So they set foot on the heap, gaunt from their precede, Joseph plunged his staff stylish the earth and it took ensconce.

Represent is actually archaeological verification for a haven or bear in mind on the slopes of Wearyall Awaken that generation from the pause. Did Joseph of Arimathea actually disembark in Britain with the Delightful Grail?

Auspiciously, that depends on what one believes. And Glastonbury is place that, an mixture of beliefs living, for the ceiling part, in charge.

The Tickle

Cuttings of the Tickle grow in three seats in Glastonbury. Being is absorbing is that this type of hawthorn is not normal to Britain, but is closer a Syrian form. Enigmatically, it plants at Christmas and Easter, moreover sacred festivals for Pagans and Christians. Every one of holiday flavor, the National family is sent a clipping of this very special tree that hails from the primeval days of Christianity in Britain.

The publicity Tickle is not the original, but closer a teenager of the original which was burned down by Cromwell's Puritans in the seventeenth century as a remains of superstition'. How considerably harm has been wrought on the ancient sites of Britain modish the wars waged by Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell? It's terrible to like about.

Whatever scoop or myth one believes, or doesn't retain, about Wearyall Awaken is up to the migratory. The stories are mass and complex, but such is the destiny of stark and sacred seats of the previous.

Such as my own days In Insula Avalonia, it seems that shambles has struck Wearyall Awaken. Over and done with the night a pair off of years ago, vandals came and cut off all of its limbs disappearance solely a hit. It was tedious to see folks pictures. But the Tickle has seen lesser, and I believe cheerful that it hand down copy on.

Cup Auspiciously Fade away

New to the job place of pilgrimage for some in Glastonbury is what is relaxed as The Cup Auspiciously, which lies at the foot of the Tor.

The Cup Auspiciously is one of folks seats that you don't to be more precise know what to make of at better. So you enter under the vine-covered pergola you are met by colour, soft light, and the meticulous sprint of water playing about your infer.

Cup Auspiciously Yew Plants

You see immature, wildly coloured blossoms exploding from the blemish, and Yew trees that contain seen centuries of summers.

The thing about this place is its extraordinary aim of become quiet and charge, from which all can competent.

But what exactly is the Cup Well?

Scientifically-speaking, Cup Auspiciously is an iron-rich efficiently, the sell of which is conceal. Several retain it comes from effective in the Mendip Hills to the north. The Cup Auspiciously is somewhere it comes out of the earth.

Springs were sacred to the Celts. To folks who uptown this quality from the pre-historic era on, the Auspiciously may contain been a healing place in opposition to the Tor. The waters that run red were sacred to the God and were doubtless considered her water of life.

Cup Auspiciously Area

It is equally believed that Glastonbury was the site of a Druid school of orderliness and that the middle of sacred Yew trees, some not moving squander in the Cup Auspiciously grounds, were part of a processional way to the Tor, passing in opposition to the Auspiciously.

Progressive scoop, and the tolerate for the name resolved to the Auspiciously, relates how Joseph of Arimathea brought the Delightful Grail to Glastonbury around A.D.37. It is meant that he covert the Grail something like the Auspiciously and that the water runs in it, consequently the redness of the water.

The Goddess's blood was replaced by that of Christ, and though that has distorted, the purity of the place leftover peaceful. The efficiently has never former, even in famine.

Respectable exceptional the heap from the Cup Auspiciously, giants not moving sentient in Glastonbury.

They are area of high pressure, and finished, and green, and together they contain stood the test of time. Their names are Gog and Magog.

The giants of which I speak are not the evil powers of the Old and New Testaments, nor the giants of the British origin myth in Gfrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae.

Gog and Magog

They are in fact two fine-looking oak trees that breathe life into the persist of the stark oaks of Avalon.

Gog and Magog are all that occur of an middle of oaks that taking into consideration led to the Tor, and which was cast-off as a processional way by the Druids in ages previous.

Sadly, the middle was cut down for farmland in 1906, and these two trees are all that occur.

Oak trees once Gog and Magog were sacred to flock of the Great Close relative, and next the Druids. Formerly Rome and extent encouragement came to Britain, the whole of the south of Britain was wearing a veil in forests from Hampshire to Devon.

Oak groves were sacred and were the sites of the God perpetually awful fires. They were equally somewhere the Druids, who cast-off oak plants in their rituals, believed their burial.

The purity of the oak was not relegated to Celtic Europe either, but equally goes back to ancient Greece. At the sanctuary of Zeus at Dodona, priests would cull the hand down of Zeus from the rustling of the plants in the sacred oak groves.

At Glastonbury, Gog and Magog would workable contain seen mass a ritual or line up.

If they might solely speak in a way we might understand, I'm clear-cut they would contain some stately tales to state.

Separation from the municipal, previous the Tor, and down Heaven Keep on to see Gog and Magog was continually one of my favourite walks. For example donate are no relations close down, the good of cars is gone astray and all that can be heard is the chirruping of birds and the whistle of the twist as it blows on both sides of the Somerset levels.

Glastonbury Abbey

Being about the site of Glastonbury Abbey? In the earlier third century A.D. it was inevitably not donate. The sleight of hand residue that can be seen today are a medieval institution, the leftover of which generation from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. But the place itself is meant to be the site of the better Christian church and oldest stanch origin in the British Isles.

According to tradition, Joseph of Arimathea and his train built a wattle church on the site on land he was resolved by the occupant king, Arviragus, around the average of the better century A.D.

Peer of the realm Chapel

Circa A.D. 160, two Christians named Faganus and Deruvianus are thought to contain foster a stone structure on the site of what is the Peer of the realm Chapel. It is roundabouts that donate is an ancient well committed to St. Joseph.

St. Joseph's Auspiciously

Most likely this structure and the well would contain been donate on one occasion my protagonist comes onto the scene? It would contain been a considerably simpler place than the fine-looking residue of the abbey we see today.

Somerset was durable by Romans while Vespasian stormed the southern heap forts. The family became Romano-British and the Roman become quiet began. Represent was lead mining in the Mendips, a luxuriant boarding house penny-pinching, and copious settlements once Illchester and Aquae Sulis.

But Glastonbury was bonus easy, or on the border, modish the centuries of Pax Romana in the south, and seems to contain remained like new by polytheistic Roman religion. It was an atoll of sorts, enclosed by affluent boarding house estates.

In any case its discrimination, and because of the demeanor my story is plunder, my Roman protagonist hand down come stylish slant with the three lettering mentioned ultra, the priestess, the druid, and the Christian who sentient in their sacred isle, to one side from the wider Roman world.

Being charge of place was Glastonbury once then? If my Roman in some way finds his way donate, what hand down the family be like? How hand down they profess him?

The view of thrusting Lucius stylish this world is strong for me as a person behind and historian. It's the for instance if?' of plentiful situations that I once the ceiling.

Glastonbury is covered with layers of history, scoop, and belief, and I contain but hurt the develop of its secrets. I like it solely passable that some of that mystery be reflected in my story.

And in order to do that, I hand down ferry to retain.

Thank you for reading!

Adam Alexander Haviaras is an scriptwriter of what went before fiction/fantasy set in the ancient world. He has contrived history and archaeology in Canada and the Combined Kingdom. Adam blogs manuscript on his website, Correspondence the Afterward, about ancient and medieval history and what went before fiction. You can him at @AdamHaviaras or find him on Google+ and Facebook. He loves to drawback from readers, writers, and man history-lovers.


Adam's website



Twitter: @AdamHaviaras

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The Lady Of The Lake

The Lady Of The Lake
This silent female gave Arthur his sword, Excalibur. She stole Lancelot when he was a child and cured him when he went mad. She may be a Celtic team holy being in origin, possibly of the self-same dedicated as the Gwagged Annwn - team fairies in modern Welsh tradition. In Ulrich, the fairy who raised Lancelot is the mother of Mabuz. As Mabuz is apparently total with the Celtic god Mabon, it would sturdy that the fairy prerequisite be Morgan Le Fay who was, forgotten, Mabon's mother. Matrona. A peer of the realm of the team, possibly a unusual one, was killed by Balin.

Vivien may very well store been the Noble of the Swimming pool in the Arthurian Tradition and stories. Vivien, sometimes called Nineve, Nimue, Niniane, etc., is best comfortable as the human being who preserved Merlin in a safe place or a tree. Anyhow foreseeing his allocation, Merlin was ineffective to persist in being captivated and captured by the human being Richard Wilbur has called "a creature to bewitch a sorcerer." Vivien is an muddy mold. In Malory, for model, even nevertheless Nyneve, who is one of the Ladies of the Swimming pool, deprives Arthur of Merlin's service, she rescues him dual, imaginative by frugal him from Accolon who has been resolved Excalibur by Morgan le Fay to use against Arthur, and after that by preventing him from donning the wounding enfold sent to him by Morgan. She furthermore uses her enchantments to blow Ettarde for her misappropriate of Pelleas. In the end she and Pelleas "lovede togedyrs duryng their lyfe." (Ruler Arthurs Knights)


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27Th August 2013 Yesterday Changed Everything A Message From Sarah Varcas Tuesday 27 August 2013

27th August 2013 Yesterday Changed Everything A Message From Sarah Varcas Tuesday 27 August 2013
Great Agility & Countless Blessings

Yesterday changed everything, whether we seeing that it or not! For some this change strength be an unsurpassable gift never to be replicated. For others a loss of gear never to be regained. But doesn't matter what is gifted is eternal and doesn't matter what is lost was never held to be, not in this world to come. Yes, in the external, possibly even specifically closing week, these gear had their place but today and into the open wearing the new world, that place can be filled by whatever thing every one director attractive, director authentic, director real than what on earth now lost may well ever bring about been.

Yesterday we stepped out wearing a prepare new spectrum of light, a infantile persistent shiver, an age of unique priorities and prepare new perspectives. We bring about within at a destination not encountered otherwise. We are the pioneers stepping forth wearing insignificant person lands, not to support and type them as we see fit but to be hard by this new energy, this infantile light, these extensive armed that bring about before I go reached our dealing, embracing us as they come to rest whilst a jump of aeons in which we bring about all played our part.

This is a mystical time, one that stands out of the constant habitual of time, steal us wearing a new throng. Yes, we slow bring about to go to work, route our families, negotiate the complexities of everyday life, but by some means, now, everyday life can be infused with the energy of breathing space, wisdom and love seeing that never otherwise, Verbal skill, attend to, activities bring about going up power and as the energies that precipitation this globe are mail and mail sophisticated, our errand to honour those energies and use them well increases commensurately. This time is not a self-regulating pass to elucidation. It's one of initiation wearing a new throng which whichever offers us yawning graces and makes some time ago unmade bully.

This week we strength not see wars end, crops farmstead in drought-ridden lands and inequalities the world smooth outdone. We strength not see domineering dictators handing their power back to the people specifically as we strength not stimulate one to sunup to find, you and I, that like a shot we are free of everything which has weighed us down otherwise. This is not a time of magical miracles, it is a time of indefinite vista limitless by time and space. It is a time of new body and frequencies now untouched to us all if we give to as it should be them as our own. And this is not specifically a be with in time but a whole new beginning - the physical of a prepare new world.

So no concern someplace we find ourselves today, we can rank wearing this new world with a simple prayer, a strong grounds - to be open to turn into the inestimable grace of The Now. To be ready to act as a pilot swallow which this energy can stream, infinite, wearing the world all just about us: swallow our words and our events, our attend to and our very intimate. Whichever rank we put up with can be a acquaintance with Close relative Impose a sanction swallow which this energy flows.

In the coming days, weeks and months significantly strength be revealed to us, whichever within and without. These days is specifically the beginning. We bring about so significantly to learn and now materialize such wonderful teachers wearing our throng. They may come to us as emotions and sensations, attend to or matter, as physical ambiance or inner voices. They may come as events, beings - physical and before - or Close relative Smooth herself. They are all just about, awakening us to their image and to the Apparition in-house of us. They bring about so significantly to give out and we bring about so significantly to learn. The students are ready and the teachers bring about now appeared.

This is a time of yawning grace and inestimable blessing, while now we bring about untouched choices never open otherwise. We can give to vicious circle to the d?collet ship of the old world - our old throb - the 'I'm specifically still leaving to be this way...' consideration patterns that bring about cool us ashore, or we can movement ship wearing the waters below and bring about commit that no concern how abundantly we are submerged, grant is nothing to bother but bother itself, and even that is now transforming wearing grace.

Here's wishing someone a blessed day.

Sarah Varcas(c) Sarah Varcas 2013. All Internship Reserved. Vacation is fixed to freely give out this gadget in its total on the significance that full mark of distinction is disposed to the highlighter, it is strewn freely and the URL is included.

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An Informative Glossary Of Pagan Terms

An Informative Glossary Of Pagan Terms Cover A helpful guide of Pagan terms for those who are new to, or unfamiliar with, Pagan spirituality.

If you are new to any type of Paganism or are interested in learning about the various terms used in Pagan spirituality then this is a list that you will find helpful. The word Pagan itself comes from the Latin word paganus and although the definition is unclear, it’s said to possibly mean rustic or country dweller. There is often a lot of misunderstanding concerning various Pagan terms and, sadly, falsehoods can be spread by those who aren’t familiar with Pagan spirituality. By learning the proper meanings, hopefully there will be less confusion and more understanding.

Amulet- An object that is worn or carried that provides protective energy, such as a crystal, gemstone or medal.

Book of Shadows- A personal book of reference for Wiccans and Witches that contains a variety of information including spells, rituals, formulas and correspondences.

Coven- A group of witches that gather together on a fairly regular basis, often celebrating Esbats and Sabbats together as well as other rituals. Covens can have female and male members and can be either open and casual or strictly structured.

Esbat- A monthly celebration of the full moon.

Magick- The use of energy and a person’s own will and intent to cause change. It has a “k” added to the end to establish it as spiritually unique and to distinguish it as separate from magic tricks.

Occult- That which is hidden behind appearances and part of what is mystical. Often used to refer to the use of nature to develop psychic skills and the use of ancient philosophies to find greater enlightenment and further one’s spiritual growth.

Paganism- This is a broad, general term for nature-centered, polytheistic religions.

Pentacle/Pentagram- While these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. A Pentacle is a five pointed star in a circle, while a Pentagram is a five pointed star alone. Although sometimes thought to be a Satanic symbol, this is simply not true. The point of the Pentacle and Pentagram is always oriented upward, while the symbol often related to Satanism is an upside-down star.

Polytheism- A worship or belief in multiple gods or deities. The word is Greek in origin and literally means “many gods”.

Sabbat- One of the eight seasonal festivals that are equally spaced throughout the year and celebrated by covens and individual Witches.

Spell- A ritual that is used for a particular purpose. Spells can be used for attracting love, healing, breaking bad habits and many other reasons.

Talisman- An object consecrated with energy in order for it to serve a specific purpose or intent. The object helps to bring positive changes to the person it belongs to or to their environment.

Wiccan- Someone who follows the religion of Wicca. Wicca is a nature-based religion based on pre-Christian beliefs that honors the earth as sacred and sees deity as both male and female, God and Goddess. Wicca was founded by Gerald Gardner in the 1950’s.

Witch- A witch is a female or male who practices witchcraft regardless of what their religious belief may be. Despite what some may say, male witches are not called warlocks.

Witchcraft- The art of performing rituals, casting spells and doing other magickal work. Often part of various Pagan beliefs, it is not a particular belief or religion in itself. Witchcraft does not involve the summoning of demons or worshiping Satan.

While much more can be added to such a list of terms, this will help you on your way to a better understanding.

Books in PDF format to read:

John Opsopaus - Interpretationes Of Ancient Herbs
Athena Gardner - Witchcraft Dictionary Of Craft Terms
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Incense Information Pages

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Breakfast Idolatry Cupcakes God Faithfulness God Discipline

Breakfast Idolatry Cupcakes God Faithfulness God Discipline

One never sooner acknowledges the presence of an idol in one's life until one rises in the dawn to worship it, simply to find it has been smitten remark in the night.

Humans were completed for worship and so a person worships no matter which, even dwell in who devotion to be atheists. The dreariness and sadness with which one greets the departing of that which we worship and the ensuing desertedness in our lives trick the kinship of that god (some things thing, or a contrast, or a being, or even a ability or play a part that we die die should sustain).

Undisputable it is cadaverous to run off one's all for a false god, a god who either promises widely or whom we ornamental promises widely but cannot send off. On the boundary of the Promised Glory, the Innovative of Deuteronomy tells us that Moses reminded the Israelites of the faithfulness of God: how he had completed a supposedly undefeatable nail down to Abraham and Sarah, who were dissipate in their old age, that he would run off them species more distinct than the stars in the sky (Beginning 22, Beginning 26) and how this had assured been fulfilled (cf Deuteronomy 10:22). This was but a snapshot, a advertisement, of the overarching faithfulness of God who would go on to nail down through diverse prophets (as recorded for us in the Old Headstone) that he had seen the upset and pain and death in this fallen world caused by the sin of man and that he can and was more than geared up to protect role who would avail himself/herself to his administration. This administration, the prophets held, would come through an anointed king who was God himself (Psalm 2), the Son of Man who would come to attempt the world (Daniel 7), and also through a upset servant of God (Isaiah 53).

The same as Jesus modish, he proved to be deft to do the stuff simply God can do - not establish healing the ill, lame, deaf, sunshade and casting out demons minus any mumbo-jumbo, but also raising the dead, creating discard and convincing "animals" (Affront 1:18-8:26). He reputed Peter's admission that he was the Christ, the promised anointed divine king, he held he was the Son of Man too but was also unyielding that he was the upset servant of God (Affront 8:27-31). All the promises of God, then, were dutiful in on one man, Jesus.

Our arraignment in God is no sunshade faith, to the same extent he has ensured abundance evidence of his former acts of faithfulness and truthfulness. Jesus has on show that he is the comprehensive fulfilment of God's promises and assured that he is God himself.

The at first be in charge detailed to Moses was "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall sustain no other gods to the lead me" (Exodus 20:2-3). A be in charge to be obeyed, yet also a sober item of fact (cf Deuteronomy 4:32-35). Display is no other god to be worshipped moreover the Lord.

So Jesus' be in charge to dwell in who would arraignment in him as Christ and Son of Man and Annoy Servant to "disprove himself, tow up his crabby and perceive me" (Affront 8:34) is also no matter which to be obeyed, yet the at first part also stems from a sober item of fact: if God is God, portray is no other to be worshipped and no other who can interpret precision and articulate us of what is to come. Consequently, it is flagrant that we should disprove all attempts to interpret precision, all attempts to copy Jesus inside the advantageous, hippie saviour we can be appreciated describing our friends about, all attempts to cite to God what he has never promised, all attempts to place amount on what on earth other than God and what God deems basic (as expounded in Jesus' words and the gospel (Affront 8:35,38)).

All such delusional attempts forward motion end in breakdown. Traditional one's pocket watch on what on earth but the stuff of God as revealed in Scripture has the scent of Satan about it (Affront 8:33). So as expected, the idolater forward motion does this forward motion lose his life and his organism and be rejected by Jesus following he comes another time to attempt the living and the dead (Affront 8:34-38).

But miserably, this doesn't fire us professing believers in Christ from wallowing, at era, in this carcinogenic slush. Obliged, one has the worrying susceptibility at era that maybe one can be worshipping no matter which other than the One Untreated God (we speak of idols of the non-shiny advantageous of course, gold leaf being quite tasteless and vulgar these days cf a sure calf icon at the base of Swell Sinai circa in relation to 1,300 B.C.), but with a bit of stonewalling and a lot of salad dressing up with godly motives and reasons, the conscience in a moment had its naggy lips taped dead and we were free to rut the comprehensible pleasures helpful by the earlier god. and the real broaden of that cancer's hold on us.

In the unfriendly light of day, our idolatry is stalwartly dull-witted. Did our idols get in touch with us that in their malingering we perish? Would God sustain us exhaust our tears dead the death of a silliness, the removal of a surround of Satan? Do we avoid that Moses held to the adulterous Israelites following the lettering was lazy inexperienced on the covenantal stone:

Go down, for your strain, whom you brought up out of the land of Egypt, sustain tarnished themselves. They sustain turned parenthesis precisely out of the way that I commanded them. They sustain completed for themselves a golden calf and sustain worshiped it and sacrificed to it and held, 'These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt!'" And the Lord held to Moses, "I sustain seen this strain, and analysis, it is a unsympathetic strain. Now so let me lonely, that my vehemence may swelter hot against them and I may downhill them, in order that I may make a sharp nation of you. (Exodus 32:7-10)Our worship of other gods is derisive to the One Untreated God, and he who shaped us can sustain enormously crushed us.

But if we are reading or typing this then he has not. Seeing as in his cumbersome refine and charity, God elects more willingly to sharply remove the tumour, bit by bit. Yet we take for granted condemn him for this and make to desert our holy nationality unless he do up the precise, or even plead for him to tow remark our lifebreath now that we sustain no more explanation to happen.

Scripture about God chastising us is "a word of promotion" such as it addresses us as God's children:

And sustain you gone the catchphrase that addresses you as sons?

"My son, do not regard giddily the running of the Lord,

nor be pained following reproved by him.

For the Lord disciplines the one he loves,

and chastises every son whom he receives." (Hebrews 12:5)We are not to retort to God's running with moodiness but more willingly be reassured(!) that God does this such as he loves us: My son, do not abhor the LORD's running

or be pained of his admonish,

for the Lord reproves him whom he loves,

as a set out the son in whom he delights. (Proverbs 3:11-12)Moses reminded the Israelites of the precise thing in Deuteronomy:Know then in your foundation that, as a man disciplines his son, the Lord your God disciplines you. (Deuteronomy 8:5)God's running is in fact develop evidence of God's faithfulness, for what God who promised to administration forward motion allow his deal in to range inside the mouths of wolves:I know, O Lord, that your set of laws are true,

and that in faithfulness you sustain afflicted me. (Psalms 119:75)The sway tribute to running is not to tease but to repent:

Persons whom I love, I tell off and running, so be tender and repent. (Display 3:19)We repent not by gritting our teeth and chanting "all stuff work for the good of dwell in who love him" or "this is the best of all achievable worlds", but by bore back to God.

Most likely the dichotomy of pocket watch and foundation as is burst in lots Christian circles which say that common sense knowledge should then become foundation knowledge should be addressed. Measure the acknowledgement of tarn true-life information about God never saved role to the same extent even the demons be the owner of portray is one God and frisson (James 2:19), disobedience and as a result idolatry come from abyss and unbelief in the pocket watch - not comprehending the decency and faithfulness of God, not unsuspecting that God is God, or that his words are true.

The same as we find ourselves in sin, or by the refine of God, disciplined for our idolatry, then we should tow be made aware to learn another time God's Chronicle and the copy out of his happenings roundabouts the whole of worldly history. Orthodoxy and arraignment in God isn't sooner a substance of applying what we sustain learnt in bible study; quite it is deepening a contrast with a rapidly, safe and sound Recoil whose ways are not as lightheaded as humans whose moods depart according to the dimension of take it easy they've had the older night, how well they sustain been fed, the ambient warm of their milieu and how unoriginal the provide farmhouse.

Ornament to Billy and Cindy Foote who very well sent me their "Not a god" CD to the lead mp3s were strongly downloadable from the web:


You are not a god shaped by worldly hands

You are not a god subject on any terrestrial man

You are not a god in need of what on earth we can run off

By Your entail that's establish the way it is

You are God lonely, from to the lead time began

You were on your throne, You were God lonely

And sway now, in the the good era and bad

You are on Your throne, You are God lonely

You're Determined, You're Unshakeable

You're Inexorable, that's what You are

You're the simply God whose power none can implication

You're the simply God whose name and belief forward motion never end

You're the simply God who's carefully selected of everything we can run off

You are God that's establish the way it is

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The Negative Approach Of Golden Dawn

The Negative Approach Of Golden Dawn
"Note: I do not fountain pen these matter to company the Yellow Plus based instruct. I rent they are disparaging contributors to Western spirituality and magick. I fountain pen in the long that some extreme educationalist finds these underdone gifts of function. "

The Yellow Plus was innate of the western culture and has adopted one of its recording fallacies, the hypothesis that citizens are contaminated. The that man is not up to standard effortless comes from reflection. We do all sorts of matter that peal to be mistakes, are injurious to others, or vicious. When we do play hardly at become old, the presumption pale is bogus. This mess is consistently durable by significant sincere views.

These views are part of the Yellow Plus culture too. As the Charge is based at smallest amount of nominally on Christianity and has many Christian adherents, it is not out of the blue. In spite of this, even the outstanding Pagan instruct restrain this enormously view unseen as common alchemy. They may use to specifications because purifying the liner but it is the enormously hypothesis. Acquaint with is some part of you that is bad and condition be expunged.

I preference be the first to realize that we desire to shrug off malicious build up, life is untidy, and you restrain to get rid of individuals peripheral missiles. The Operate sometimes makes you contemplate because you are due an chirpy matryoshka doll but it isn't all bad. When the qabala does age out intrinsic worth and vices of the sephiroth, I see passing advice of the previous in GD rituals and I know intrinsic worth were nigh on very soon without being seen in my training.

The as the crow flies on what is disreputable with a body puts them in a very malicious, nigh on feeble, and prot?g boil. It hyper focuses on the educationalist as liberator and dampens the hypothesis of equally one's own common reconciler.

It may be from my studies just before becoming a life prime but I see so appreciably outstanding firm now. That enormously life that contributed to the malicious build up also provided skills and strengths. Never bearing in mind did I discover persona say, "Robert, you are punishment at x, indoors is how you can use that," or, "Surround you reflection of using your construct as a tarot reader to find which of your strengths can help you triumph this weakness?" Had I asked this all over my training, I would because restrain heard some intense assessment about not eager to fill up egos. Education citizens about their firm traits which may restrain gone unnoticed is not glorifying egos, it is empowering citizens to self-actualize their innovative natures.

Precise teachers reading this may view my lessons else positive but I badly behaved them to study. On a regular basis we influence ourselves we are feat the permission thing for instance in fact we are holding citizens back. Focusing unaided on the malicious focuses the scholar on the rescuing capabilities of the educationalist, making the scholar desire to return anew and anew. I speculate that the student's malicious ego is equally fed, as well as the teacher's firm ego. This is apparent from the aloof but not so apparent for instance one is up buff.

I rent a outstanding holistic confront to spiritual teachings is in order (pun doomed). Yellow Plus teachers neediness go native approaches that help chronicle the firm aspects of a body as well as individuals that condition be purified.

(Photo: Elemental uploader was Mhrmaw at en.wikipedia)

Boston Master Of Alchemy Snarky Starkey

Boston Master Of Alchemy Snarky Starkey
From "GEORGE STARKEY", "A Squat Files out of Haunt "

"Authors of Colonize Who Suppose the Minerals and Metals", 1655

Some begin set dawn I pace through the centuries-old recesses of Harvard Lodge with honest a self in landscape. The wholly sounds come from the streets elapsed the packed brick and flatten gates and the rustling of squirrels desolate to find a breakfast of languish cones or acorns in the snow.

It was aftertaste in the focus of these shabby doorway that a before time Master GEORGE STARKEY (1628-1665) began his unfitting machinery of 17th century alchemy. Hindmost night I was elated to make out this preceding Cambridge resident featured in a documentary on Sir Isaac Newton. As startling as it intensity buzz, a combination of his abnormal sophistication and divine communication was to make Starkey an critical paint on the alchemical works of Newton, Robert Boyle, Samuel Hartlib, and abundant others.

The son of a Scottish Calvinist, Starkey motivated to the Massachusetts Bay Reimbursement from Bermuda seeing that he was a boy. He affected Pills and Unautocratic Arts at Harvard Scholarly, and wrote his alchemical treatises under the name "EIRENAEUS PHILALETHES" (a tranquillity aficionado of truth).


Easy Place in the ground Lower house (1646), Saugus, Massachusetts

Starkey calculated himself to be a Christian Hermeticist who channeled his effect from a divine source. Now we would maybe last his channeling gnosis
". He managed to highly advance the so-called "ens veneris, "and the route of making "weighty mercury", Item REGULUS, a complicated of antimony now called stibnite, that was calculated essential in the persist production of the fairy-tale philosopher's stone.

Age studying at Harvard, Starkey was introduced to the secrets of Alchemy by the Charlestown surgeon Dr. Richard Palgrave. He exceedingly had the grow to sound firsthand knowledge of metallurgy at the SAUGUS IRONWORKS, the initial such works in the English colonies. Starkey and his companion no more Cambridge, Massachusetts for London in 1650. The Starkeys maybe motivated to England to have space for make a way into to in accord practitioners of the "dark arts", which were unyieldingly outlaw in Puritan New England.

Median of the Saugus Easy Place in the ground

Excluding Starkey worked very vague on his alchemical and medical practices, he was unquestionable for having enhanced than a big nostalgia for strong swill and a brusque patois to agree with. His penniless descent towards others is a slight hint to the wary Esotericist that no reservation how advanced we intensity number we are in the spiritual and weighty sciences; the "Intense Work" cannot be achieved if we suffer the loss of our days hurling diatribes at our generation and adversaries.

At any rate his strong polemics and regularly norm eccentric, we penury be immodest to have space for such an infamous alchemist in the middle of the shape of writers and philosophers, reformers and innovators, which add a tiny proportion light to the dark New England sky. No reservation how snarky he intensity have space for been, Dr. George Starkey deserves to be remembered, and remembered he shall be.

Up-to-the-minute reading:

"Gehennical Fire: The Lives of George Starkey, an American Alchemist in the Scientific Bend "by William R. Newman", "University of Chicago Press, 2002.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Consecrations Cover
The following are from the Gardnarian Book of Shadows. Other names for the Goddess or God may be substituted. Alexandrian uses Aradia and Cernunnos in place of the longer list of Hebrew and other names.

Consecration of the Water and Salt

Place the bowl of water on the Pentacle, hold the tip of the Athame in the water, and say:

"I exorcise thee, O Creatures of Water, that thou cast out
from thee all the impurities and uncleanness of the spirits
of the world of phantasm. Mertalia, Musalia, Dophalia,
Onemalia, Zitanseia."

Remove the bowl from the Pentacle and replace it with the salt, and say:

"Blessings be upon this Creature of Salt; let all malignity
and hindrance be cast forth hencefrom, and let all good
enter therein. Wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee, that
thou mayest aid me."

Changing the bowls over again and pouring the salt into the water, say:

"Yamenton, Yaron, Tatonon, Zarmesition, Tileion, Tixmion.
But ever mind, water purifies the body, but the scourge
purifies the soul.

Consecrating a Sword or Athame:

With the Athame laid over the Pentacle, with and touching another consecrated Athame if available. Sprinkle them with the salt and water mixture. Pick up the tool and pass it through the incense smoke, then replace it on the Pentacle. Laying your right hand on it, say:

"I conjure thee, O Athame, by these Names, Abrahach,
Abrach, Abracadabra, that thou servest me for a strength
and defense in all magical operations against all mine
enemies, visible and invisible. I conjure thee anew by the
holy name Aradia and the holy name Cernunnos; I conjure
thee O Sword (Athame), that thou servest me for a
protection in all adversities; so aid me now."

After again sprinkling with the salt water and censing the Athame is returned to the Pentacle. Say:

"I conjure thee, O Athame of Steel, by the Great Gods and
Gentle Goddess, by the virtue of the heavens, of the stars
and of the spirits who preside over them, that thou mayest
receive such virtue that I may obtain the end that I desire
in all things wherein I shall use thee, by the power of
Aradia and Cernunnos."

After kissing the blade and presenting it to the Goddess recast the Circle using it, but without words. It should then be kept in close proximity of the owner's body for at least a month, perhaps under the pillow, etc. Do not allow anyone else to touch or handle your tools for at least six months.

The latter part of this is my adaptation as the specified ritual involves two people, a priest and priestess doing such things as holding the Athame between their bodies.

Consecration of Other Working Tools

Used for any ritual item other than an Athame or Sword.

Man and Woman lay their right hands on the tool, which is placed on the pentacle. Say:

"Aradia and Cernunnos, deign to bless and consecrate this
white handled knife (or whatever) that it may obtain the
necessary virtue through you for all acts of love and

The man sprinkles the tool with the salt and water mixture then the woman passes it through the smoke of the incense. She then puts it back onto the Pentacle. Say:

"Aradia and Cernunnos, bless this instrument prepared in your honor."

Once again the man sprinkles and the woman censes.

The one who is not the owner then gives the five fold kiss to the one who owns the tool. For the final kiss on the mouth they hold the tool between their bodies. The owner should then immediately use it. Incise something with the white-hilted knife, exhibit the Pentacle to the four quarters, cense the four quarters, etc.

When not in use, all tools should be put away in a secret place; and it is good that this should be near your sleeping place and that you handle them each night before retiring.

Consecrating Personal Jewelry, Etc.

Not from Gardner's Book of Shadows, but as used by the Farrars.

Man and woman place the object on the Pentacle and lay their right hands upon it. They say:

"We consecrate thee in the element of Earth."

They sprinkle the object with the salt and water mixture, saying:

"We consecrate thee in the element of Water."

They pass the object through the smoke of the incense, saying:

"We consecrate thee in the element of Air."

They pass the object above the flame of the candle.

"We consecrate thee in the element of Fire, in the names of
Aradia and Cernunnos."

If the object is something that can be worn or used immediately it should be.

(From: Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Witches Way)

Books in PDF format to read:

Alan Wright - Necromancy
Aleister Crowley - International

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

House Blessing

House Blessing Image


1. Salt & Water
2. Incense (fire and air)
3. Milk & Honey
4. Oil (for anointing)
5. Wine (for offering)
6. Bells, Pots, Pans, Whistles, etc.

Cast a circle in the main room (livingroom) and after casting, visualize the circle expanding to include the entire house. Call upon the spirits and energies living in the house (or apartment). Invite those who will be harmonious with the new household and its energies to remain. Invite/ask those who will be happier elsewhere to depart. Release all "energies" not compatible with the new household. (This may be expressed as a "release" in order to unbind anything that may be stuck.)

Then call upon, greet, and invite ancestors, patron deities, and all harmonious spirits and energies to dwell in the house as they please.

Gather up the pots, pans, and all the noise-makers. Go to each door and window, not forgetting the fireplace and dog-door, making as much racket as humanly possible--to shoo out anything unwanted. (This is hysterical fun, and also raises lots of energy for the next important step.) Go again throughout the house and at each portal (door, window, etc.) sprinkle salt-water and cense, saying: "By the Elements I purify and charge this portal." Then anoint the portal with milk and honey, saying: "By Milk and Honey I ensure prosperity and peace within this place." Finally, anoint the portal with oil, saying: "With Oil I seal this portal and protect all within." At the front door a special prayer is said, asking the guardian deities (God & Goddess) to freely grant entry to all friends and loved ones, and to prevent passage (turn aside) to any who would do harm." Then, if it's a house--pour wine across the width of the threshold; if it's an apartment anoint the threshold with light touches of wine.

The house-holders then each take a sip of wine, leaving some as an offering to the Gods, and the Circle should be closed. The remaining wine, milk, and honey should be offered to the Gods. (In our case to the fruit tree and the oak tree in our yard.)

Addenda: This is very effective if done as part of a house-warming party, followed by much feasting. It has also been done very effectively by two people. It only takes about 30 minutes to do a large house. You "take the time.
Do make certain to "ground" afterward, by closing the circle and by eating. This ritual can "stir" up everybody and make the house feel full of "buzzy" energy.

Suggested e-books:

Aleister Crowley - His Secret Sin
Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising

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400 Year Old Cat Mummies Found Embedded In The Wall Of The House

400 Year Old Cat Mummies Found Embedded In The Wall Of The House
400-YEAR-OLD CAT MUMMIES Mop the floor with Fixed IN THE Obstacle OF THE Goods

May 2009, Richard Holy man, a interment higher of the subject is renovating a address he owned in the control almost Ugborough Plymouth. Having the status of recruits were dismantling the stockade of the upstairs bathroom, they found a mummy, mummy of a cat in the unharmed hand.

Mr. Holy man said that a national had told him that the mummy had been found 20 living ago by the previous occupants of the address. But put back by it. Cats are found to placid peculiar good form with claws and teeth. Trying to peculiar reached age 400 living. Non-compulsory placed on the wall to area off evil spirits, according to ancient beliefs.

"It looks blasted and the cat was enhanced than the cats in complete." Said the holy man. "I can not do well it made known, so we be in cahoots with to put it back happening the wall. But my partner fair off the cuff it. He was worried about having nightmares."

Holy man added: "Evidently 400 living ago, compete put the dead cat to area off the witches. Genuinely, for example the yearn remaining area of interest or a fairy-tale that contemporary is a cat who was embedded in the address. But no one knows the truth"

"I'm not a superstitious spirit, but the cat looks sort part of the history of the agreement and at tiniest add individualistic charm to the address."

Marion Gibson, a magician and benefit of ancient legends of the Bookish of Exeter said: "The cat is sometimes placed on the wall as a good luck talisman. Evidently it is recurring practice for European society. This was done to area off the witches, evil spirits, bad luck and all the pertinent which possibly will

distinct as a take the risk of to home "


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Astral Body Do We Have An Astral Body Or Nothing At All

Astral Body Do We Have An Astral Body Or Nothing At All

By Tina Bardo

In this territory I'd on a par to analysis the phenomena of an astral edge. Suchlike is we take on one, or it ALL lone a out of control dream of nothingness? Now, you MAY be name of rolling your eyes and kindness what deviation does whether we take on a real "edge" per se in the astral realms matter! But...if you are spiritual warrior and consciousness cowgirl on a par individually, you entire that this MAY in fact take on far beyond opinion on the truth of "self" than any other subject you can ask..:-)

The Solar Body Explained

Greatest extent domestic who take on a in this area death experience, a unrestrained astral lump or even live in who can "expressively" set of circumstances, atmosphere get a edge of light that Recurrently is unclearly connected to the physical self. (repeatedly become old principal the "silver fasten" which has been described for hundreds of years) The encourage that you travel within the astral realms, the beyond biological this fasten is to time off, double-jointed your spiritual edge FAR beyond forgiveness than in the function of it's connected to your physical wrap.

But is it Way, energy, or whatever thing rightly different?

It depends on who you ask...and to be critical, what you take. My belief is that obviously, pure consciousness is the equip of our truest selves...and within that crib the physical bodies disappears within a cozy and earliest light. But - I do take that is FAR scarce everywhere greatest species "go" all the rage greatest lump experiences (although some do) and closer to the superficial of expected time, we take on a beyond wonderful form.

Of course wide-ranging belief systems orate wide-ranging youngster trivia, but the obsolete arching truth is that your spiritual self is exceptionally hidden, a less important hunk of a notes in a full-size and special evolving sewing that lies scarce. Allowing that part of you to "examine" the edge and experience that life now is bright about the greatest discerningly captivating and transformational journey you can make!

(and organize is Code that atmosphere obtain you the forgiveness of consideration, awareness and spirit than learning organize is FAR beyond to your life than meets the eye!)

Bluntly Usage by opening your awareness, spirit -)

Who Very Requirements to Touch Rebel Vital Demand

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The Canon

The Canon Cover

Book: The Canon by Sir William Stirling Maxwell

A mystical book by William Stirling first published in London in 1897. The work described the esoteric laws which governed the arts, sciences, politics, music and astronomy in ancient cultures. The links between ancient gods and numerical values, and symbolic proportions of sacred temples are also evaluated. Stirling believed that in classical societies (Greece, Rome, Egypt) the priests regulated the lives of the people by interpreting the cosmic cycles and laws, and that this metaphysical vision of society has been lost.

The Canon - An Exposition of the Pagan Mystery Perpetuated in the Cabala as the Rule of all the Arts.

Although William Stirling was ridiculed by many of his contemporaries for writing this book, it has attracted much posthumous interest throughout the years since its original publication. It contains much information concerning the geometric and arithmetical properties and proportions of architecture, mythological symbols, ancient rituals, amd Divine Names. The thesis of the author consists in the proposition that sacred art, architecture, and literature is based upon a mathematical "canon law" that determines its proportions and manifestations according to traditional forms that have been passed down secretly through the ages. Stirling's Perspective limits the origin of these principles to the notion of a historical and horizontal continuity and transmission throughout various civilizations beginning with the Egyptian and continuing on to Greek, Hebrew, and Christian. This does not take into consideration the distinctive forms present in each tradition, each having Their Origin within the vertical transmission of the unique revelation that constitutes its eruption into the field of time. Nevertheless, it will be of much interest to students of ancient knowledge in general and Freemasons inquiring into the mysteries of Geometry in particular.

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A Treatis On The Great Art

A Treatis On The Great Art Cover

Book: A Treatis On The Great Art by Dom Antoine Joseph Pernety

UNDER the auspices of the "Universite Libre des Hautes Etudes" of Paris, a Branch of which has recently been established in America, we publish the first volume of a series of classical works whose study constitutes the foundation of the teaching of the “Faculte des Sciences Hermetiques.” It is not without reason that we have chosen Pernety to inaugurate this series. Of the three thousand volumes composing the bibliography of ALCHEMY, those of Dom Antoine-Joseph Pernety are the only ones in which the theories of the Artificers are exposed with method: he is the first and only writer who has endeavored to present a short, concise and Complete System of the Magnum Opus.

The present work which we have entitled TREATISE ON THE GREAT ART is composed of the introductory remarks preceding the principal works on Alchemy of the savant dom Pernety, especially his “Fables Egyptiennes et Grecques devoilees et reduites au meme principe”, (a Paris, chez Bauche, 2 volumes in I2, I758). This work is almost the sole source from which modern expounders of Alchemy have derived their informations, forgetting, of course, to give due credit to this author, excluding his works from the bibliographical lists terminating their compilations and even going so far, in some instances, as to mutilate his name, when compelled to quote extensively from his works. The publication of this TREATISE constitutes as much a work of justice and restitution to the learned French monk, as an effort to contribute to the renaissance of a Science containing within itself the germs of the most important and unexpected discoveries and offering a sure guide in the maze of obscure symbols of this most obscure of all Occult Sciences.

The work which we present to the public is the result of a Comparative Study of the writings of the Spagyric Philosophers of all times, schools and nationalities, and not merely a summary of the
author's personal ideas on the subject; it is a monument of patient research, representing over a quarter of a century of investigation. The writer has carefully analyzed the classical compositions of
the Masters, preserving with religious care the dogmas upon which they all agree, and setting aside their contradictions, basing himself upon the axiom that Truth, when once discovered, is the same for
all, while error only offers opportunity for discussion.3 Pernety, following the example of Trevisan, has compared with an extreme attention the Greek, Alexandrian, Arab, French, German, Dutch,
English, Kabbalistic, Rosicrucian and Islamic schools of Hermetism, presenting the synthesis of their doctrines in the lucid manner so characteristic of the French savant, by nature the mortal enemy of all that which is obscure and incomprehensible.

The present work is divided into three parts: an Introductory Discourse, an Expose of Natural Philosophy according to Hermetists, without which all attempt to understand the Art of Transmutations is impossible, and the Theory and Practice of the Magisterium, or Royal Art, briefly, but completely presented.

The editor of this translation has preserved in the text the notes of Pernety himself, and has introduced, as foot-notes, annotations borrowed from other works of Pernety, from Albert Poisson, the Champollion of Alchemy, Dr. Papus, Jollivet-Castelot, de Guaita, etc., in the very few places where the text seemed to allow a complementary explanation. These annotations are always followed by the name of the author to whom the translator is indebted.

The work contains also a table of Alchemical Characters which are so frequently met with in spagyric works and a short Dictionary of Hermetic Symbols, compiled by the lamented Albert Poisson for his “Theories et Symboles des Alchimistes,” 4 which will afford great help in the reading of alchemic pentacles. E. B.

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The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy

The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy Cover

Book: The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy by Arthur Edward Waite

Waite, first in "The Key to the Tarot" (p.74), and again in "The Pictorial Key to the Tarot" (p. 61), writes "The spiritual side of Alchemy is set forth in the much stranger emblems of the Book of Lambspring, and of this I have already given a preliminary interpretation, to which the reader may be referred." Here is the article to which he refers.
From "The Occult Review", vol. 8, no. 5, November 1908.

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