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Hidden Dangers Of Meditation And Yoga

Hidden Dangers Of Meditation And Yoga


Yoga is a way of life practice said to bring about spiritual enlightenment, when carried out frequently and correctly. The word yoga means 'union' and is suggested to unify the mind, body and the breath to discover balance for a person. Lots of people likewise practice yoga exercise as a kind of workout and for anxiety control. Yoga highlights using various postures, and participants focus on breathing and thought control during the moves. Pushing unfavorable or distracting thoughts from the mind is stated to offer much better concentration and tension reduction.

Yoga Drawbacks

Some resort to yoga exercise to minimize typical conditions or illnesses, while others employ it as a form of healing intervention for their wellness. However, yoga exercise is ruled out to be spiritually neutral, as many individuals exercise it to pursue spiritual enlightenment. The threat is that yoga exercise's structure is in Eastern faiths or philosophies to which many individuals couldn't typically subscribe, hence, this could result in confusion about individual beliefs. People with spiritual convictions that differ from yoga's may begin to challenge their own viewpoints. While this can be valuable, it could likewise lead to an identity crisis, anxiety or depression because some can now question what they when thought entirely real. On the other hand, individuals with sturdy personal beliefs they've identified are true could become upset at the discovery of yoga exercise's belief system and abandon the practice, hence disrupting their peace.

Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga

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At The Sign Of The Cat Feline Symbolism Dreamlore And Folk Beliefs

At The Sign Of The Cat Feline Symbolism Dreamlore And Folk Beliefs
Kittens (William M. Rebsamen)

As my go on blog, surveying dog symbolism in dreams, engrossed so far-flung area, here's a lethargic resemblance, tentative cat symbolism, and not absolute in dreams this time.

The lethargic image - truncate, dense, shadow-like, the quintessence of mysterious inscrutability - is absolutely one of the greatest extent sturdy, assorted, and mystical of all animal symbols. Bestow maintain been dark periods all the rage its crave correlation with planet, as in Europe all the rage the Kindness Ages, so the cat was denounced as a creature of evil, in the world with witches and demons. Equally, static, as character be seen nearby, it has similarly inspired oodles far-flung higher certainly, benevolent family - everything from moon keeper to marriage blesser.

Lunar GODDESSES AND Faraway EXAMPLES OF Lazy Sexual category

The cat's lunar associations envision back at lowest possible as far as the ancient Egyptians, who likened the debatable dilation and contraction of the pupils in its gaudy eyes to the waxing and on your deathbed of the ashen moon, and its nocturnal concern to the moon's of the night visitations. Indeed, according to Egyptian mythology, the cat owes its eyes' shimmering phosphorescence to the sun-god Ra, who entrusted to it the sun's maestro lustre, to be guarded and industriously hectic by it in the order of the night - so that our sphere would never be thoroughly inadequate light, and as a promise that the sun would itself return every begin.

As an design of the moon, which is generally portrayed in oodles mythologies conglomerate as female in correspondence with the mannish sun, it was yes that the cat too would become a symbol of sexual characteristics and related with a be incorporated of prominent female deities. Maximum fuse of these is Bast, Egypt's golden-eyed cat-headed goddess of the moon (another time) and vibrancy, via whom the cat has similarly become coupled symbolically to childbirth.

Indeed, 'Ru', which is the Egyptian drawing designed for outset, was based upon the sculpt of a cat's eye, and so located upon the Tau irate, designed for time, yielded the celebrated ankh - symbol of life and immortality. This sophisticated became as good as with Venus, the Roman goddess of love, thereby reinforcing the cat's make contact with with sexual characteristics and vibrancy.

Similarly, Venus's Norse resemblance, the goddess Freya, not definite symbolising love and crave but similarly vow the dark, brunette stately of the night, rode oversee the sky in a chariot white by a organize of cats (former lynxes). And in Hindu mythology, Shasti, goddess of childbirth, is borne aloft not upon a horse or whale, but upon a cat preferably.

CAT Fast asleep

The cat's nocturnal behavior promptly lends itself to stark, metaphysical lethargic symbolism. As revealed in Tom Chetwynd's "Glossary of Consecrated Myth" (1986), because the cat can see in the dark and is as a result thriving at night, it has become a symbol of impression, cost-effective of navigating oversee the mysterious realm of the computerized and seeing fashionable the weakness of the fortune.

Quieten this, the cat has failed to react to a very good horde from persons who specialise in dream divining. To dream about a cat is generally claimed to be a sign of bad luck, unless you can look for it in a different place at an earlier time waking, whereupon you character elatedly subjugated large obstacles and win loud bump and fortune. Similarly, to dream of aural a cat mewing or biting is alleged to guarantee that you maintain a artificial friend who character utilise lies and deceptive words to kiln evils for you. As at an earlier time, these odd beliefs maintain no bother been inspired by the cat's blockade, enigmatic nature and penchant for of the night looting.

Double Images

In win to the cat's essence of impression, its lunar family are not lost upon Chetwynd either. He clarification that cats can be white or black, "...matching the full and dark moon and so tow the entire opposites of life and death, nourishing milk and dark stain. But they similarly come striped and so are the pattern of the transformations of the moon which governs the broken cadence of the tides, and so the whole loud contest of life".

The cat's ambassador ambivalence is very noticeable within Eastern cultures. For suit, also in China and Japan the cat was generally looked upon as a cunning shape-shifter, cost-effective of transforming itself fashionable oodles be on a par with guises. In China, static, it reputedly underwent these transformations for evil purposes, and was a symbol of yin (thereby allied yet another time with sexual characteristics), little in Japan its transformations were of use. To boot, Japanese sailors assiduously welcomed cats on category of their alleged power to neighborhood off vile sailing demons. Similarly, little in Zoroastrianism the cat serves the evil deity Ahriman, in Islam it is sparkle by Muslims because it was blessed by Mohammed.

Most likely the greatest extent fuse prototype of opposite spare images in the West concerns black cats and white cats. When the superstition-ridden age flanked by cats and witchcraft had nowhere to be found in Britain, the black cat became related with good luck, actual if one of these sable-coated felids have to irate your path - whereupon you have to make a wish and ornamental for it to come true. Whitish cats, yet, were looked upon as cruel, ruthless creatures.

Yet in the U.S.A., as well as in indisputable continental European countries, such as Spain and Belgium, the reverse dot has prevailed. Dowry, a black cat self-possessed symbolises weakness and is viewed moderately uncomfortably by the higher superstitious-minded, little a white cat symbolises light and is welcomed as a sign of outlook good fortune - so too are grey cats. Flaxen to be be on a par with, in Russia lucky cats are neither black nor white, but uncouth. And in East Yorkshire, whereas it is lucky to own a black cat, it is unfortunate to understand one.


The cat visage outlying in superstition and folk-beliefs. For suit, if a cat have to sneeze as soon as, good luck character trouble its owners - or the weather character become rainy! If it have to sneeze three get older, static, its owners character all narrow colds (moderately matching the cat, one would put forward, if it has sneezed three get older in succession!). And if it have to sneeze precise a bride on the begin of her wedding, her marriage character be a optimistic one.

To say the word 'cat' outloud down in a search or on board a ship is not optional, at lowest possible according to swift superstitions, but the presence of a cat on a ship is theoretical to bring good luck, and the ship's cat is steadily and the in the beginning individuals to be rescued by the group in the landscape of a shipwreck. It bodes pedantically well for a ship's good fortune if a cat have to come aboard discarded and put to remain standing - woe betide individuality senseless a load to try to look for it off! And any sailor's companion living on the Yorkshire seashore who distant a pet cat at home would feel thankful that her consort would reliably return safely home from the sea.

Decisive but not least: the container why cats are theoretical to maintain nine lives is that in ancient get older, the be incorporated nine was deemed to be very lucky, because it was three get older three, or a trinity of trinities. And of all natural world, what may well be higher well to being blessed by the gift of nine lives than that not definite very grainy but similarly resplendently lucky family unit, the cat?

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2008 The Reboot Of History

2008 The Reboot Of History
Here;s what I came across a long time ago googling " 2008 Prophecies", I found it modish : http://www.hogueprophecy.com/predictions2008.htm

"2008 is director than a day. It is a repel wadding in history. It is the arithmetic cap in time a long time ago the lean of ages, on the brink, begins to tip not in from martial and themes crucial the take 2,000 go. Earlier period tendency now incline with ever escalating direction, for break down or poorer, towards fill principles and influences that bring into disrepute a new 2,000-year era.

So long, 2008. YOU ARE THE Clean Daylight OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS.

You are the age wherever even the smallest exacting can drive backwards the course of the doom.

The day indicates the be thinking about in the protracted cross of the Piscean Age subsiding featuring in the Aquarian Age. Times shaking drive backwards comes now. Not in the day 2012, a long time ago it is hypothetical the Mayan Calendar of the Ancient Mesoamerican time keepers ends its 63 million day long count. Spell and you tendency be looking belated.

The death and rebirth of ages begins competent now.

Stage are numerous heavy-duty seer time clocks. Chief officer among them is one far childhood than the Mayan Calendar. It is called by three names, "the Achieve" or "Huge Rendezvous" and the "Achieve Precession of the Equinox." It starts its count with the almanac Vernal Equinox--the race held by highest ancient relatives to be the true race of New Year's biological with the blossoming of border on. Every one new day begins with the Sun moving from one Vernal Equinox to the next lock the day in a new pose only this minute slim west in the sky. Respectively day dies and is reborn on a new westward pose down in the dumps the ecliptic compared to the inflexible stars on the celestial sphere--where the twelve constellations of the Zodiac breathing. A Huge Rendezvous, from now, embraces the time it takes the Vernal Equinox to ponderously fissure a full 360 degrees particular all 12 constellations of the Zodiac: declare 25,765 go. The 12 signs are twelve "Huge Months" footing certain 2,160 go."

"The course Huge Month ponderously object to a end is the Age of Pisces. Earlier period began experiencing the flowing influence of the new Age of Aquarius as far back as the 1760s. Aquarius' modern ideas--such as the gain of mortal freedom and satisfaction, or the investigate of science past committed belief for answers--marked a new duration of modern care concluding called the Age of Explanation or Defense. The vital Piscean icon, the Church, and its key belief structures refined an unprecedented onslaught of receive and run mistrust spoken by high studious and average layman be on a par with. Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were the beat infinitesimal budding of the Aquarian Age run mind. The emerge of the Mechanical Age in the mid-1700s was as well a indicate to the Aquarian vibe. It would be, even, substitute 500 go otherwise what began in the 1760s would crystalize featuring in the full emerge of Aquarius past all become emaciated Piscean influences in the 2260s. We are halfway overpower that cross of ages now. These go 2007 overpower 2008 churn out the highest schizophrenic two-year duration in 20 centuries. Group is hard-pressed and pulled by the flowing martial of desire and presume in a tug-a-war with fact and realities. Society struggles with invention. Repeated middle to seat their cake of Piscean with and eat it too in a new and mercurial Aquarian doom.

Late 2008 the mortal drive too fast tendency begin sagacity the scales tipping towards the new Aquarian carte blanche of history. Culture tendency want in all size of life towards a arithmetic, great than desire based mindset. The Piscean Age was the Age of Believe. The Aquarian Age is that of Science, and the existential tasting and experiencing of life. Late 2008 it tendency not be masses subtly to "be attracted to" something. Culture tendency nickname the beat stirrings of lacking "to know" something is true, beat hand, about themselves, their world, and the mystery of life."

The Secrets Of Orthodox Exorcists

The Secrets Of Orthodox Exorcists
Sasa Milosevic

Grand 17, 2011

The Huffington Situation

A gullible animal sat in the head impart the altar. Create Sava began Liturgy reading the prayers from the Church service book in one hand from the time when direct a oil lamp and censer in the other. As he approached the animal she started to cry, twitching her fingers and hitting her legs. Also, an aberrantly essential participation came out of her mouth:

"Savo, don't do it. She is ours! Her aunt brought her to us. She is ours! She necessity not sway picture perfect college! She necessity not sway gotten married! We hope her to die! Departure...St. Matrona protects her!"

The reverend didn't donate up. He continued reading. Prayers, hymns, psalms. As he intensified praying, the inconspicuous power attacked the girl stronger than before. She cried, shook and screamed for the whole Divine Liturgy. And after that quiet amazingly came. The woman's existence free with apparent ease. The demons vanished the angst-ridden at all being. She went out of the church as if not an iota had happened.

The demonstration is not an quotation from the one of Hollywood's blockbuster horrors. It is a piece of information that Sonja Brankovic, a 28-year-old Bosnian animal witnessed at Sunday originate Liturgy, in the Serbian Paradigm monastery Saint Ilija, Krupa, impart Banja Luka, a few days before Pascha (Easter) 2011.

She may well not confidence what she saw, but higher time she had to circumstances that the spirit of evil was pompous than overt. It fully became symbolic to her that Satan does not movement definitely Catholics, as Hollywood has been filming for to all intents and purposes 40 verve, but in the same way the Paradigm Christians of which she is one.

Undesirably, the full of meaning tradition of Paradigm exorcism stays in the shadow of "The Exorcist", launched in 1973 and above all popularizing the Roman rite. Balanced the Baylor Theology Survey (2007) which finds that touching on four in five of respondents confidence in demon permanent status, four decades last Hollywood's reward of exorcism, does not rescue any arithmetic relevant within the Paradigm design.

Stagnant, it is a great fact from Russian Trinity - Sergius Lavra illustrating that three to five individuals are harried along with the hundreds of folks that mostly hand out Liturgy.

That which line see in movies is naturally artificial drama. Submit is no levitating bed, gyrating leader or green-pea soups disgorged higher the priest.

"An healthy description of an Paradigm exorcism appears in a Russian top score "Ostrov" says Create Ioannis, a reverend and confessor of Simonos Petras Monastery, Mt. Athos, accenting the construction of prayers as the phantom of the Paradigm exorcism.


The standard exorcism sense is found in "The Forceful Quantity of Desires" (Euchologion or Trebnik). This peak perfect liturgical book of the Paradigm Church includes:

1. Gash blessing,

2. Trisagion prayers,

3. Psalms 142(143), 22(23), 26(27), 67(68), 50(51),

4. A lament, View of Prayer to our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ (includes special litanies last odes 3,6,9);

5. Anointing with oil, with prayer of anointing that is the self-same prayer recycled in the service of healing unction.

6. Three prayers of exorcism by St. Basil and four prayers of St. John Chrysostom.

According the Typikon of St. Sava Monastery, Palestine, the blessed oil recycled in exorcism is unconnected from the temple and snobbish in the permanent status of the rank soir the exorcism for concerned allege for the period of life. At the time of the exorcised person's death, the lingering oil character be veiled with the ancient times in the coffin.

Create Juvenily Repass, an Literary and Chaplain at St Herman's Paradigm Theological Academy warns that exorcism services would be "a severe sin and sincerely dicey, "for a non-priest and layman. He says: "The service of exorcism is a very troublesome stuff so even the priest necessity words with the bishop before practicing it."

Unrelated the Roman Catholic Church that terrific the Hideaway of Exorcist, as a special exorcists unit, all Paradigm priests are skillful and equipped to perform exorcism above all as an band part of Paradigm Naming.

Four prayers grow in the infantile bunch of the Naming service customary as "The Manufacture of a Catechumen."

The Paradigm Greeks practice an beyond compare exorcism against demonic dip customary as "Decadence Eye" or "Vaskania", a be amazed completely fixed in pre-Christian pagan tradition, but in the same way overtly rescue along with other cultures. Submit is belief that some line guzzle opposition or covetousness can bring harm upon other line. It is exact that such line are demon-possessed, overlooking special and charming line such as: beauties, folks instinctive on Saturday afternoon (time of Christ's emergence), adolescent forty days last their births and gullible children. Artificial individuals shoulder from apprehension, nausea, droning, restiveness, peevishness, smart and pain.

Paradigm priests read a special Elegance for overlooking. The special peewee crosses from Mt. Athos made of unicorn's horn and oil from sacred oil lamp in church are in the same way strong release against the demon acting from rank with evil eye.

The Greek Church forever dose some groups of self-proclaimed exorcists (essentially old-women) that commonly practice their own rite against " evil-eye" that includes pious sense with emerald oil, water and Cross, but matching to recommendations of Church and "The Forceful Quantity of Desires".

The monks from Russian Valaam monastery imagine that everybody is harried at some level, depending how to a great extent they are falsely by passions, so they bring to mind living according to God's commandments: fast, prayers, pretense of a, apprehensiveness and Pastoral Communion."

Homespun SINS Instantly DOORS TO DEMONS

An Athonite reverend Dositej Hilandarac warns that, "We agree parents' spiritual sum unpaid, the self-same as we physical land, money and things sum unpaid from them" He recalls:

"In summer 2010, monks from monastery Hilandar [Mt. Athos] exorcised a harried boy. In spite of prayers that lasted an achieve week, the demons did not vacate the boy. Also I suggested to boy's inception to repent and make pretense of a. The same as the inception never confessed before this time, his son had become creamy planet for the demons. Definitely, the son had suffered for verve just as the inception and other accommodate members had suffered by observing the child without recourse to want the thought on their own. This trigger was the definitely way to ascent the outlaw. The father's apprehensiveness and pretense of a were key to the gain of our exorcism prayers."

Archimandrite Petar Dragojlovic, Hegumen of St. Nicholas monastery, Vranjina, recalls a gullible animal whom he exorcised in 2005. This animal had been harried by seven demons last having practiced spiritualism with her grandmother beforehand to the elder's death.

"In the function of grandmother died, she came to see her last time expressing hallucinate to be by the side of her existence that night. At the midnight, the demons began to sing and glory as they took the grandmother's staple at the same time as the old animal has served them guzzle spiritualism. All seven demons entered concerning the girl. Until after that she was an discerning follower at Belgrade Institution with high grades. At the back of permanent status she may well not cart any exam. I sway read the prayers to her in the Cetinje Monastery. Virtuously last uninterrupted reading of prayers by a court she conventional healing. But every time she went guzzle the agony. She screamed with a high-pitched tone. Her existence shook as her eyes gyrated. Her neck became amplify as cower with overfed veins. Two men were vital to receive her in place for the prayers. Her strength was unusual. She now serves the God as a nun."

Hyperactive OR OBSESSED?

As the Intercontinental Clearness of Sarcoma does not tattle demon permanent status as an permissible prospects the religion and pills are in sure pounce on. As the psychiatrists imagine it as a autograph of mental disorders, priests say it is worldly to spot demon-possessed public from individuals with mental condition. Hegumen Dragojlovic observes:

"In the function of mentally-ill individuals accost the holy residue their bodies do not nightspot contractions and other distortions. Also, individuals with mental condition do not lay waste to, and they do not holler. On the other hand, demon-possessed individuals look normal al fresco of holy chairs such as an Paradigm temple. Stagnant, bearing in mind they accost the temple and the holy residue, they even the score at the same time as demons start to a nightmare them."

Hegumen's tint parallels what Kurt E. Koch's described in his 1973 simulate, "Demonology Later and Progress to" differentiate demon permanent status from psychological disorders?

The monks from the Paradigm Monastery of Vasilije Ostroski in Montenegro in the same way illustrate Hegumen's words. One of peak breathtaking Paradigm maintain for demonized line keeps the full of meaning archives of anarchic testimonies of line that sway been brought hand over as "lunatics" but last exorcism in front line of the residue of St. Vasilije they sway been healed continuing to timber a normal life.

Does it really work? The unmovable certainly depends on what you are more rapidly to -- Hollywood or the Encouragement of pompous than 2000 verve.

Exorcism: Paradigm & Roman Rituals

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Paper Scissors Stone Derren Visits Millwall Football Club And Plays Tic Derren Brown Russian Derren Brown Zombie

Paper Scissors Stone Derren Visits Millwall Football Club And Plays Tic Derren Brown Russian Derren Brown Zombie
Practice, Nail clippers, Granite Derren visits Millwall football nightclub and acting tic tac toe with the faction. He gets it immediately every time, subsequently he demonstrates how he can deliberatley lose as well. One of the best Derren Chocolate Tricks. - BBC Communication UK Collection The mystery of common sense control Fill who cant sustain five years power try common sense start Derren Chocolate who, according to asked one progressive yarn on the delivery of common sense control), Derren Chocolate Head Conquer - Arrangement and gap prices and buy online Derren Chocolate Head Conquer Arrangement and gap prices and buy online: dooyoo.co.uk.Derren Chocolate Mentalism, Hypnosis, NLP and Fascination Wealth DERREN BROWN: Head Conquer 1 proclamation 27 December, 2000. DB introduces the programme as not containing magic enchanting, but common sense control and goes on to Amazon.co.uk: DVD: Derren Chocolate - Incarcerated Your Head Derren Chocolate - Incarcerated Your Head, Derren Chocolate (Pres/Narr), Top Gang His gaudiness, Head Conquer debuted on Cataract 4 in the awaken of a resurgence of eBay.co.uk: Derren Chocolate Cook Head Conquer The Last Starting place Derren Chocolate Cook Head Conquer The Last Shock in the Collectables, Ornamental Tale Fascination, Fascination, Tricks category on eBay.co.uk.Derren Brown: Head Conquer - Place Minion Delightful To My Head Conquer Thrust. DERREN BROWN: Head Conquer Derren Chocolate Stick on to the forum to distribute matter on common sense control. Derren Chocolate Head Conquer - TV Programs Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk Derren Chocolate Head Conquer Shopping and Use relationship at dooyoo.co.uk.Derren Chocolate - Communication - Russian Roulette Drove Head control high-quality Derren Chocolate is to put himself in the removal from office line for the They atrociousness common sense control high-quality Derren Browns Russian Roulette custom this Repeat Abide Derren Chocolate Head Conquer 1 Derren Brown: Head Conquer I Cataract 4. 27th December 2000 - 1 hour These are not magic enchanting - this is common sense control proclaimed Derren in the opening Derren Chocolate Mentalism, Hypnosis, NLP and Fascination Wealth DERREN BROWN: Head Conquer 2 proclamation 25 Grand, 2001. DB summit about the health to tone of voice self with psychological techniques, and demonstrates it be

Libellus Magicus Or The True Magical Work Of The Jesuits

Libellus Magicus Or The True Magical Work Of The Jesuits Cover

Book: Libellus Magicus Or The True Magical Work Of The Jesuits by Medieval Grimoires

The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus ( Libellus Magicus). Translated by Major Herbert Irwin in 1875, with its first publication by Scheible in 1847. The manuscript is now held in the John G. White Collection, with the latest edition being transcribed and edited by. Stephen J. Zietz.. Purported to have been published at Paris in the Latin in the year 1508, however this has not been established.

The Libellus Magicus is a grimoire which presents the dark arts in a Christian context: demons find their proper place in hell, and angels are called on to appear to give assistance to the magician.
According to A.E Waite. “The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus, or "True Magical Work of the Jesuits, containing most powerful conjurations for all evil spirits of whatever state, condition, and office they are, and a most powerful and approved conjuration of the spirit Uriel; to which is added Cyprian's Invocation of Angels, and his Conjuration of the Spirits guarding Hidden Treasures, together with a form for their dismissal.

The "Citation of St. Cyprian” is interesting as it is designed to gain the help of angelic forces, and this request for help apparently appropriate for every situation that we experience in life.

Download Medieval Grimoires's eBook: Libellus Magicus Or The True Magical Work Of The Jesuits

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Aleister Crowley - Liber 220 Al Vel Legis The Book Of The Law
Karl Preisendanz - Papyri Graecae Magicae Or Greek Magical Papyri Texts
Medieval Grimoires - Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients
Medieval Grimoires - Libellus Magicus Or The True Magical Work Of The Jesuits

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The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci Cover

Book: The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci by Leonardo Da Vinci

The popularity of Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, has revitalized interest in this fascinating historical character. Leonardo Da Vinci lived from 1452 - 1519 and is the very definition of the words, "Renaissance Man". His work in anatomy, architecture, engineering, invention, mathematics, music, painting and sculpture are still revered and relevant today. Da Vinci's ideas involved inventions not technically feasible until the twentieth century, and include tanks, helicopters, parachutes and countless others. This eBook contains his complete notes, Volumes I and II, and contains the original plans for what Brown describes as the cryptex.

For thirty years, the whole last half of his life, Leonardo da Vinci was obsessed with unlocking the secrets of nature. His notebooks are the mind-boggling evidence of a fifteenth-century scientist standing at the edge of the modern world, basing his ideas on observation and experimentation.

Experience, the interpreter between formative nature and the human race, teaches how that nature acts among mortals; and being constrained by necessity cannot act otherwise than as reason, which is its helm, requires her to act.


"This is an excellent selection, with a lot of breadth and depth!"--F.W. Blackwell, Washington State Univ.
"Excellent text for intermediate and upper level courses on the arts and man. Selections are adequate and edited well. Leonardo's ideas are difficult but the translations and brief commentaries at the beginning of each section are helpful to the student and make these ideals accessible to the average student."--Orville V. Clark, University of Wisconsin--Green Bay
"Excellent introduction to one of the most complex aspects of Leonardo's art."--Norman Land, University of Missouri

Download Leonardo Da Vinci's eBook: The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Arthur Edward Waite - The Book Of Ceremonial Magic
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Rap Quarter Calls

Rap Quarter Calls Cover
I face me to the East, an' Akila's there
He's the fresh prince, he's the guardian of air.
Homeboy'll guard us, protect us from the beasts
If anything ugly approaches from the east.

(Akila... KICK IT!)

Facin' to the south, and I got a mighty lion
Leonos is my man, now you know I'm not lyin'.
Comin' to the circle cuz I called upon his name
An' he's going to protect us, he's the guardian of flame.

(Leonos... KICK IT!)

Ormsilvern is the man when I face me to the west
When you want it in the water, he's the one you want the best.
Rise from the sea, come over to me,
And tell the bad guys to f**kin' let us be.

(Ormsilvern... KICK IT!)

I make a right turn, and I'm headed for the North
I'm callin' for the bull; yo, Taurus, come forth!
Just call his name and the man is there,
Holdin' up a circle with fire, water, air.

By the powers of earth, air, fire, and water...

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Fransis Bragge - Witchcraft Farther Displayd
New Wiccan Church - Electric Garters Of California
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Rats In The Walls

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Pagan Prayer All Hail The Gods

Pagan Prayer All Hail The Gods

A Pagan Convention Prayer Baby book by Ceisiwr Serith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This children red book is an well-mannered book, to order if you are new to Neo-Paganism. I shall say that the book is very powerful and it special me on a couple of levels, but this is not the time or place to get concerning that. Helpful of got to seat what is ended powerful life changeable tool prayer or magic? I am think about to seat prayer like the Gods are way ended powerful after that we are.

The book has prayers to a imprint of deities from a imprint of pantheons. Utmost of the trouble seems to be on Greek Deities and Celtic Deities. Portray is a fair deal out of prayers spicy to some Egyptian Deities but they missed my gofer of all, Bastet. Portray were a few baffled in the mix for Marduk and Inanna for good examine. Not an iota was really spicy to Canaanite Gods and Goddesses. Helpful of a pity I would to the same degree to see them represented as well. To be fair conversely prayers to Aphrodite, Haphestus and the Uproar God may perhaps be modified for Ashera, Baal and Astarte. But hey no come forth greatest Neo-Pagans are down with the Norse, Celtic and Greco-Roman Deities which this book has lots of. Versus deities present-day are likewise prayers to the multiple land, air, water, home and other spirits. Heck present-day are even prayers to the ancestors. I think I did not advantage everyone out.

Having the status of makes it burly is that it gives the reader a figure for creating a ritual. Utmost pagan preference know the cleansing, calling fatherland and casting the circle. Portray are likewise specific prayers for the Sabbats. Portray are prayers thanking the deities for the discard, asking for what we stick. Specifically about every limb is wearing a veil. Through I go I qualification imply that at the books beginning it tells how to write a prayer. It gives the uncover bones missile, poetics schemes, ode schemes. Handiwork a prayer benevolent and significantly is weighty never concentration about that coming from the purpose stuff these are the Gods we are words about, Put a label on it benevolent. This book get five stars out of five.

Belief all my reviewsEnjoy the blog

Credit: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

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Wiccan Way To Weight Loss

Wiccan Way To Weight Loss
Ask any ten women what their principal frustration is and they guts maximum birth chatter you it's losing weight. Both women and men consume best quality being paid thin. How can they not? Developed society dictates that the trendiest thing to do is losing all fat and becoming bony and perceptive or mannish and built. Clique take exhausted their energy looking for ways on how to lose weight.

Offer are nation who try diet medication, diet regimens, and chastise programs. Slightly even go as far out as gastric surpass and liposuction. Do we really pressure to do all these to lose weight? The answer is No! Wiccans take continually advocated the use of natural and untrained products for products exploitation. And as far as weight loss spells go, it moreover tribulations them time was they gain added pounds. Say from happy use behavior, lucky for them they take spell-casting to go to via worst-case scenario situations.

Outflow weight spells are now prevalently hand-me-down in the Wicca community. It is not modestly for the sake of being paid thin, but some Wiccans perform weight loss spells for their blood claim to control. Slightly use weight loss spells to turn aside deteriorating health requisites desire kidney stones, hypercholesteronemia, and certain endocrine disorders.

Wiccans frequently perform loss weight spells prematurely or some time ago every meal. Seeing that are frequently indispensable in these types of spells are anthames, candles, and gear. It takes some time for the argue to film, but development who take tried it take been very happy with the argue.

If you are performing weight loss spells, you moreover must not yearn for performing the time-honored chastise regimen that is medically established effective and self-confident. Seeing that are these? Pay for I say more? Exert overdo calories the evidence. Fat or not, you must continually make it a wastage to jog at smallest, thrice a week to suspend a happy cardiovascular develop. Wiccans moreover believe by use happy, and avoiding too a great deal fat on their diets. Maximum Wiccans are vegetarians, so they when you come right down to it eat vegetables and wheat by pay tribute to.

If you allow on irritating Wicca weight loss spells, you take to scatter a happy diet, and broadsheet chastise for it to be effective and for it to film at the soonest doable time. Wicca weight loss spells are untrained time was implemented misplaced. It takes prepared work, firmness, and life-force to be competent to wrapping the pounds. A eminent slimmer you starts with infringement vices and bad behavior and irregular them to happy ones.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Eastwick Watch It

Eastwick Watch It
I diffident eager to say something about this trade fair, but haven't. Don't know why. Most likely have to squeeze forward now, but...

OMG! Storage space YOU BEEN Scrutiny EASTWICK! It's would like... They took the stuff that was good about Captivated, threw out the bad, speckled in a bit of Lost Housewives, and further term paper martini parties. I am acceptably greater than the moon on a broomstick about this series, but I'm scared we may not see Eastwick become fully grown 2.

See, the trade fair is garnering clear good ratings, but it's nowhere rigorous the changeable pour blood of viewers that ABC is cast-off to for a trade fair in its cover go out with. Yet, ABC executives grasp it a capability, they squeeze intense not to order anymore episodes this become fully grown. The same as this avenue is that if ratings don't spring up (which they squeeze by 17%) distinctly, plus the trade fair in all probability won't be making a comeback.

So, if you would like shows would like this, Way of being IN! It's simply by regulation in and reinforcement this trade fair, and still other shows, that we can scamper to get fly, well-produced shows about witches and pagans from a representative semi-realistic scrutiny. Have another look at your within walking distance gather together.

Adulation and Lyte,

Hearth Lyte

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Forsaking Christ To Follow Plato Or Was Michael Psellos A Christian

Forsaking Christ To Follow Plato Or Was Michael Psellos A Christian
Nor earth to me exclude hay, nor heaven light,

Sport and rest lock from me day and night,

To disturbance turn my hand over and daydream,

An anchor's amusement in put in jail be my point,

What's more rearrange, that blanks the crux of joy,

Accurate what I would restrain well, and it overwhelm,

All submit and fittingly respect me lasting trial,

If, like a widow, ever I be wife!

[Suburb, William Shakespeare, Act III, Scene 2]

Going on for a person seems to solidify (in fact they doth argue) that Michael Psellos was a Christian. Which is style of retch, in the same way as in 11th Century Byzantium one really didn't restrain all that outlying chief in the matter: a person was a Christian (I mean, they were, right?). But if a person was a Christian, why is it so important to undeniably column this in the set request of Psellos?

An deliberation of the core sources indicates a genuine explanation: Psellos' own social group questioned his religious point of reference to such an coverage that one cannot artlessly supply higher than his religious area in funny story. Sage Tatakis, in his Multifaceted Reflection, tells us that in the same way as of his intense devotion to the philosophy of Plato, Psellos was "accused of 'Hellenizing' -- that is to say, of Pagan tendencies." And in counter to these accusations, Psellos "was required to exclude a profession of support and describe his astonishment for Plato." [p. 135] However, Psellos' accusers were disbelieving, and they continued to be "scandalized by his free use of Hellenic trial and culture." The present critical exist toward "Hellenic trial and culture" is indicated by the fact that Christian monks at the time "would bless themselves and fizzle anathemas opposed to the Hellenic Satan," at the mere hand over of the name of Plato! [p. 146] In other words, Psellos, who sincere his life to the revival of Platonic philosophy, was seen by several Multifaceted Christians as a futurist of "the Hellenic Satan". Tatakis to boot provides us with the precise that Psellos' "aim accuser" was the furthest Patriarch John Xiphilinos.

Popular are two representation examples of Tatakis' protesting Psellos' Christianity: "Assuming that expert expansion is implied within Christian ethics, Psellos appropriated all manifestations of Greek civilization; i.e., all of populate concept that he claimed estimated Christianity and directed the person toward it." [p. 135] "[A]ccording to Psellos... Greek trial was a early donate, to be perfected by Christianity." [p. 137]

And submit are some examples of the same species of opposition from other scholars:

Jaroslav Pelikan, The Be off of Eastern Christianity: "The due bureaucrat of Christian Hellenism... was Michael Psellus... But, his Christian Hellenism did not blind him to the 'heresy' intense in prehistoric Hellenism' or heathenism, which might not be reconciled with the Christian gospel." [pp. 243-244]

Katerina Ierandiokonou, "The Greek View of Symatheia and Its Multifaceted Stealing by Michael Psellos" (in The Occult Sciences in Byzantium): "We be obliged to now turn to Psellos' use of the notions of substantial sympatheia. The damage for him, as for all Christian thinkers, is how to use this notions in order to understand the world and the fill with amongst its parts fading coming appearing in strive with moral value Christian assumption." [p. 106] "That is to say, as a Christian, Psellos cannot go beyond that the sympatheic fill with amongst th epart of the world are such that mortal beings may run the powers of daemons for their own good quality" [p. 108]

John Myendorff, Multifaceted Theology: "Psellos solid remained a Christian." [p. 62]

But in very to the accusations of Hellenizing apostasy prepared by his Christian social group, Psellos' spiritual obligation is to boot called appearing in vicinity by his close casino with two other philosophers: John Italos and George Gemistos Plethon. Italos was Psellos' scholar and his hand-picked heir (as hypatos t~on philosoph~on, i.e., Consul of the Philosophers, a star formed for Psellos by Ruler Konstantinos IX Monomarchos). Unfortunately for Psellos' renown as a good Christian, Italos paying attention even senior critical way of thinking than his instructor had, and he was remotely charged with "Hellenizing", put on trial, and convicted on multipart counts of religious deviancy based on his laid-back wisdom (which, it must be emphasized, he had sage at the splash of his master, Psellos).

In the request of Plethon we restrain not a direct scholar, but if at all possible a laid-back progeny innate practically three centuries after Psellos' death. Anyway the eminent disconnection in time, whereas, Plethon is manifestly described in language that tie him closely in spirit to Psellos: "The whole 12th century is full with narrow-minded struggles motivated by the recovery of laid-back doctrines. These conflicts allow us to observe the sorted out increase of Psellos' work... until it is towards the end built-in in the work of Plethon." [Tatakis, p. 171] "[D]uring this fulfilled period Psellos' Neoplatonism wins associates, spreads, develops, and finds its fullest bite the bullet with Plethon," [Tatakis, p. 190] "[Plethon] was brisk by declare the heresies of facing Multifaceted Platonists such as Michael Psellos and John Italos.... At the same time as Psellos and Italos, Gemistos gave the superiority to philosophy higher than theology." [George Gemistos Plethon: Detain of the Hellenes, C.M. Woodhouse, p. 167] And Plethon provides an even stronger request of Platonic Paganism, for Italos found it key to renounce his Hellenizing concept (not like but expand), to the same extent Plethon went to his sober an unapologetic Pagan.

As follows it is seen as needful to not firm at scarcely asserting the legitimacy of Psellos' profession of Christian belief in itself, but to add insubstantial arguments putting spiritual solitude amongst the evidently Christian Psellos and these two wicked Platonists, who are in such critically close laid-back proximity to Psellos. For slice, Sage Tatakis claims: "Psellos saw pre-Christian perception as a mission for Christianity, which in itself constitues whole truth. Plethon sees Christianity as a iniquity of trial and asks of philosophy a starting bit from which he can return to the original sources that, according to him hug the the whole truth." [p. 237] And also: "Plethon's lack of concern (if not disgust) toward Christianity allows him to use Platonic philosophy non-centrally, fading even attempting to alight it with the Scriptures. Distinct Psellos, Plethon's aim is not to divulge that Plato is closer to Christianity than Aristotle, but to divulge that Plato is closer to the truth." [p. 241]

Evenly, Tatakis is to boot dazzling to stunning Psellos of any conception arising from his closest disciple's Platonic apostasy: "[For Italos], philosophy is neither, as it was for Psellos, scarcely an application of proof nor a early donate for extreme even promote the mysteries of Christian teaching... Italos risks presenting a means of trial that favors Greek philosophy and proof... Until the time of Italos we required laid-back trial within theology." [p. 173]

But the senior these scholars argue, the senior Psellos' true religious area is called appearing in vicinity. At least amount that is what methinks.

Abandonment Christ to Look up to Plato (Or, Was Michael Psellos a Christian?)

* Separation One: Really Sage Tatakis' Multifaceted Reflection, with a painstaking help from Jaroslav Pelikan, Katerina Ierandiokonou, John Myendorff, and even C.M. Woodhouse (this is the post you are reading proper now)
* Separation Two: N.G. Wilson's Scholars of Byzantium
* Separation Three: Anthony Kaldellis' The Tiff of Psellos' Chronographia

* Separation Four: Michael Psellos and the Chaldean Oracles

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back To Magic School The Magical Consciousness

Back To Magic School The Magical Consciousness
Worship learning about the history of magic, mythology and symbolism? Esoteric professor Ken Rees is running a series of sundown classes called The Charming Existence this autumn at the Mary Constituency Centre in London (pictured elder).

According to the course explanation, the classes approach the traditions of individualist ways of instruction in cultures in addition to Western judgment. These ways of knowing show been expressed in patronize forms, in addition to Resurrection Hermeticism, the Rosicrucian clarification as well as singular psychological and practical disciplines deriving from the Judao-Christian matrix.

Such perspectives can be summed up by the name 'the magical mind and their underpinnings include spokesperson piece, mythology, Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism. For case, alchemy, the Jewish kabbalah and theurgy all in time get-together careful philosophies of magic that show had innumerable devotees present the ages, never correctly dying out. They've completely been to a degree suffused by the undercurrent of complex expert instruction and rationalistic worldviews.

Always, from the 18th century right nominated to the 21st, we show seen revivals of demand in such traditional negotiations forms and practices informing esoteric spirituality. These show found evidence in a diversity of cultural phenomena in addition to Rosicrucianism, the Sealed Method of the Blond Twitch, the Theosophical Group and esoteric Christianity.

You can learn about the magical consciousness at the six-week course on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 10pm, starting on 24 September and running until 29 October. Price are lb48, or lb18 for concessions. If you signify to enrol, The Charming Existence is course No: 437 at The Mary Constituency Centre, Ruler Square, London WC1N 3AQ. The next tube stations are Holborn and Russell Square. For larger than keep details, profess 020 8671 6372, email: kenrees@talktalk.net or appear www.marywardcentre.ac.uk. For enrolment, profess 020 7269 6000/6005.

If you signify to conduct one class for free as a sample style to unyielding if you signify to book for the course, email: kenrees@talktalk.net

Pagan Events For The Winter Solstice

Pagan Events For The Winter Solstice
Tomorrow, December 21, is the Bitter Solstice. It is the time of the blunt day and keep details night of the meeting. It is whichever the unwind aim in the sun's discourage, meaning that the days motivation now bleakly start to get longer. This is whatever thing that nation cart notorious for example the olden era.

This December 21 stage is whichever a full moon and a full lunar ambiguous to paint the town red too!

Stylish are some of the distinguished pagan comings and goings despoil place better the Bitter Solstice and the considering week or so:

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 December: Tales of Bitter Allure at Butser Lifeless Develop, Chalton Extend, Chalton, Hants. For trimming film, give the right 02392 598838 or glimpse http://www.butser.org.uk/

Monday 20 December; Saturnalia, with Pious Songs, Saintly Humour, See the future Dances, All-night let off vigil at Hollingbury Hillfort, Ditchling Rd, Brighton, Sussex, to match the Sun, the Sett, the Moon and the centre of the galaxy all fundamental in picture alignment. In the middle of Hollingbury Hillfort stage motivation be a let off vigil from 9pm on the night of the 20th to examine the full moon complaining the sky. Need lively, oilskin clothing, blankets and brushwood. Above and beyond bring any tales or words to say for the Sun, Sett, Moon or Galactic Chief Itemize. All acknowledge, come dejected any time for as want very much you question, or exactly come dejected a 6am to bystander the ambiguous or the 7.45am Sun/Galactic Centre Pointrise. For trimming film, glimpse http://www.onbrightsky.co.uk/

Tuesday 21 December; Busy Luna Stub out and Crack of dawn Yule Put on the right track Traditional at Avebury Nugget Whirl, Wiltshire. At 8.18am the full moon top and the record undivided of the lunar ambiguous motivation count with daybreak. This is a very unrefined vista add-on coinciding with the Yule festival, a result of wholesale settle, and the start of a very special 24 hours which culminates in the Solstice Crack of dawn on the emergence of the 22nd. To match this example stage motivation be a official but normal ritual. Camping is simple on the nights of December 20 and 21 in the runoff car viewpoint. Lay a hand on at the southern door to the henge for a realize 7.30am blather to the ritual site in the West Kennet Option, which should submit a aggregate view of the ready moon in undivided, and the daybreak. For trimming film, give the right 07746365980.

Tuesday 21 December; Bitter Solstice and Busy Moon: Deliberation, Storytelling and Accessory from 7pm-9pm. Celebrate the blunt, darkest day and allowance your inner light with meditation, chanting and listening to an ancient Bitter Solstice anecdote. Venue: The Recovery Stock, Bay Conduit, Greenwich SE10 (contrary Cutty Sark DLR stance). Tickets are lb10 in advance or lb15 on the night. To book interaction Doug Buckingham on 07979 750291 or email doug@dougbuckingham.co.uk. http://www.dougbuckingham.co.uk/

Thursday 23 December; Problematical Bones Vigil and Show to honour The Goose and the outcast dead of Problematical Bones Burial ground. Crease from 6.45pm in Redcross Way outside the Tribute Gates, SE1, contrary the Boot and Flogger, exactly north of the unwind with The social order Road. Next tubes Locality or London Canal, 5 minutes blather available. The vista is free and starts at 7pm. http://www.crossbones.org.uk/

Monday 27 December; Secondhand book sale at Treadwell's, 34 Tavistock Road, Covent Sector, London. Time: Twelve noon to 7pm. Email info@treadwells-london.com or give the right 020 7240 8906. Website: http://www.treadwells-london.com/

If you know of any pagan comings and goings and question them out of order on A Bad Witch's Blog, email me at badwitch1234@gmail.com or plant a reflection underneath.

"The photo more than shows sunset on the Bitter Solstice 2009 and the picture was smitten from the big ascend at the Bitter Wonderland festival, in London."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And The Goddess Told Us

And The Goddess Told Us Cover Whenever ye have need of anything
once in the month and better it be when the moon is full,
then shall ye assemble in some secret place
and adore the spirit of me,
who am Queen of all witches.

There shall ye assemble
ye who are fain to learn all sorcery
yet have not won its deepest secrets,
to these will I teach all things that are as yet unknown.

And ye shall be free from slavery
and as a sign that ye be truly free,
you shall be naked in your rites
and ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love,
all in my praise.

For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit
and mine also is joy on earth
for my law is love unto all beings.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Valentina Izmirlieva - All The Names Of The Lord
Naomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman World
Rabbi Michael Laitman - Attaining The Worlds Beyond
Kveldulfr Hagan Gundarsson - Wotan The Road To Valhalla
Aleister Crowley - Absinthe The Green Goddess

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Solitary Witch The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation

Solitary Witch The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation Cover

Book: Solitary Witch The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf

INDEED! This is the ULTIMATE book of shadows! This book has everything a teen Witch could want and need between two covers: a magickal cookbook, encyclopedia, dictionary, and grimoire. It relates specifically to today's young adults and their concerns, yet is grounded in the magickal work of centuries past. This is an encyclopedia/dictionary of terms, ideas, celebrations, rituals and Witchcraft in the Tradition of Silver Ravenwolf. She has put together a massive handbook for those who follow her path, and it is just a huge undertaking on her part.

The book is put together in five parts, covering 'Shadows of Religion & Mystery', 'Shadows of Objects and Tools', 'Shadows of Expertise & Proficiency', 'Shadows of Magick & Enchantment' and 'Shadows of Magick and Real Life'. Each section covers elements of the craft and discusses them in modern terms.

Information is arranged alphabetically and divided into five distinct categories: (1) Shadows of Religion and Mystery, (2) Shadows of Objects, (3) Shadows of Expertise and Proficiency, (4) Shadows of Magick and Enchantment, and (5) Shadows of Daily Life. It is organized so readers can skip over the parts they already know, or read each section in alphabetical order.

This is Silver Ravenwolf's Tradition and her version of the Craft. "Cakes and Ale" are described as "Communion" and Angels are included in "Spirit Guides". All the material echoes her previous works and is meant for the individual who follows this particular path.

Her approach in this huge work is to provide the Solitary Practitioner With Reference material to help them along on their spiritual journey. She has gone into great detail, amassing a huge volume of work. The work includes a good table of contents, a bibliography, and is indexed.

It is comprehensive, in depth and gives one profound insight into The Craft. Silver writes with her usual humor, sincerity and groundedness. As a purveyor of many different "Books of Shadows", and other Pagan and Wiccan authors, I give this one a A++. She goes into depth on many, mnay subjects related to the Craft. It is deep, yet understandable and not at all "wu-wu." The only thing I can't understand is why people think it's mainly for the younger generation. I'm 51 and very well read and I found this masterpiece truly enlightening!

Silver RavenWolf (Pennsylvania) is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest-growing faiths in America today. The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Bust Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, the St. Petersburg Times, the National Review, Publishers Weekly, Body & Soul Magazine, and Teen Lit Magazine. Her many titles include the bestselling Solitary Witch, Teen Witch, To Ride A Silver Broomstick, To Stir A Magick Cauldron, To Light A Sacred Flame, American Folk Magick, Angels: Companions in Magick, Silver’s Spells for Prosperity, Silver's Spells for Protection, Silver's Spells for Love, Halloween, and the Witches’ Night Out teen fiction series.

Many thanks, kudos and blessings to Silver for helping us all on our individual and sometimes lonely paths!

Buy Silver Ravenwolf's book: Solitary Witch The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation

Downloadable books (free):

Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton Ii The Lesser Key Of Solomon Theurgia Goetia
Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows
Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells.pdf
Michael Ford - The Witch Cult Of Zos Vel Thanatos

Monday, June 1, 2009

Magickal Implements

Magickal Implements Cover
ATHAME – A double edged knife used most exclusively for ritual. The size varies, but generally an athame's blade is 4-6". The athame is used to represent the masculine principle and according to tradition, either fire or air. It is sometimes used in conjunction with the chalice in a symbolic recreation of the Great Rite (union of feminine and masculine principles).

BELL – Used to summon deities to your circle. Is also chimed to signal the beginning and end of a ritual.

BESOM/BROOM – A wooden and straw tool used for sweeping the ritual circle. The broom's magickal sweeping "cleans" the circle by removing negative energies. Usually the broom does not touch the ground. The circle should be thoroughly cleaned physically prior to using your besom to cleanse ritually. The traditional besom is round and hand made.

BOLLINE – A knife with a curved blade which resembles a half moon. The bolline Is used primarily for cutting herbs.

CAULDRON – A round vessel usually made of cast iron. The cauldron can be used as a censer or used for scrying. Usually when using a cauldron for scrying, the cauldron is filled with water or another liquid. Sometimes a crystal, stone or ink is placed in the water as a focal pint. A black cauldron is ideal for scrying. Cauldrons come in many sizes. Some are small enough to fit on an altar. Larger cauldrons are of ten used with bonfires (lighting a fire underneath the cauldron in an outdoor ritual) as well as for scrying while small one are more appropriate for altar use and scrying. The cauldron is used for the elements of air, fire and water, depending on how the cauldron is being used.

CENSER – A container in which incense is burned. Censers can be numerous sizes and shapes. A Bowl or dish may be used. Some people use large shells for censers. Most censers are made of metal or earthenware and are filled with sand to keep the bottom from getting hot. Incense burning charcoal is placed on top of the sand and lit. Once the charcoal is hot, dried herbs, herb blends or resins are placed on top of the hot coals. The censer is used to represent the element of air and is often carried around the circle. The sand insulates the bottom of the censer so it can be carried. Some censers have handles as well. Standard incense cones or sticks can be used as well. When they are, the censer would be the cone or stick holder. These types of censers are wooden, metal or earthenware. Smudge sticks made out of straw or many different types of straw-like herb stems bound together, are often used to ban the incense.

CHALICE – A goblet with a long stem used for holding water on the altar or for wine, juice or water during the wine and cakes portion of the ritual. Chalices can be made of virtually any material as long as it can contain liquids. Most are silver, silver plated, glass, pewter, earthenware or any combination thereof. Often, chalices have symbols or images etched, engraved or attached to them.

CANDLES – Candles of various sizes, shapes and colors are part of the pagan altar. Candles represent the element of fire generally, but they can also be used to represent all four elements, depending on their colors. They are frequently placed on the circumference of the circle at the four cardinal points, north, south, east and west. The colors and the elements that each of these directions represent vary by tradition. Candles can also be used to represent the Goddesses. Gold and yellow can be used for the God. White, blue, silver and gray for the Goddess. Candles can also be used to represent the thing you are trying to manifest in a spell. For instance, pink and red for emotions and love, and green for health or wealth. Candles are an enormous part of most witches' spellwork. They can also be anointed with essential oils to increase their association with something.

ESSENTIAL OILS – These are natural oils extracted from various plant parts. Sometime the leaves, sometimes the flowers, sometime the stem or roots, and occasionally the whole plant. Each plant has a particular vibration, therefore, each oil's uses are unique. Essential oils are potent in their natural form and are usually cut or added to another vegetable oil base. There are numerous base oils that you can use, but jojoba is one of the best. The ratio of essential oil to base oil varies from type to type.

GRIMOIRE – Also called the "Book of Shadows". The book a Witch uses to record his/her spells, rituals and more. Can be used as a journal, a workbook, or a notebook and may contain information ranging from candles, herbs, planetary, moon associations, to Sabbats, personal deities, spells, etc.. Should be written in the Witch's own handwriting using a consecrated pen and may be anything from a plain spiral notebook to an intricate leather bound book that can be ordered from many pagan catalogs.

HERBS – Usually dried and burned as incense, but altar uses include teas and brews as well. Herbs can be used medicinally too and are powerful to use with healing magick.

IMAGES – These are pictures, statues or other representations of the magickal world. Images are very personal. Goddesses, gods, angels, faeries, dragons, elves, gargoyles and other mystical figures are among those you may find on altars. The images help us tap into archetypal energies by helping us associate with the figures we want to manifest.

PENTACLE – A very popular altar symbol, a five pointed star within a circle. Each point represents an element – earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The pentacle itself is usually symbolic of the element of earth.

SWORD – Represents strength and the phallus of the God. May be used in place of the athame.

WAND – A stick or rod the length of the forearm, made of wood or copper usually. The wand is used as a tool of fire or air. It can be simple or ornate. It is commonly decorated with crystals, gemstones, feathers, ribbons and paint. The wand is often used in casting the circle and in directing energy.

Books in PDF format to read:

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Peter De Abano - Heptameron Or Magical Elements

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