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The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies

The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies Cover

Book: The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana

I use the above title because the rituals described in this book DO WORK!! i repeat, the rituals in this book DO WORK!!!!this is not another new age book full of filler!this is a practical grimoire of ceremonial magick!it teaches you to use SERIOUS powers!! this book uses egyptian & caballistic magick, two of the most POWERFUL systems of magick known,i believe this to be the reason for the author's use of a pseudonym because the Golden Dawn system draws heavilly upon egyptian and caballistic magick and their members are sworn to secrecy regarding their use.i wish i had found this book sooner!this book is hard to find so i ordered a copy directly from it's publisher, finbarr international. also it's listed quite often on ebay.get your hands on this book however you can! (reader's review)

This book was the first and only book I personally have a success story with. I have on my path purchased many books from beginner to complex. This one I have always been drawn too. I received my copy from a friend of my father who had willed it to me. Since recieving this book I have had a whirlwind of fun in my life. I have the best Pals and family life i could ever hope for and I started and now own my own business. I would love for anyone to get just a small peice of what i have received. As i was told by Mr. Scott many times before his passing. "You hold the key to all the Magick ,you just need direction" And "trust me all the magick works" words I will forever adhere too and spread to those around me. Thanks and Thanks to Nathan Elkana for publishing this awesome practical Text. (reader's review)

This book is fabulous! shows incredible magic spells, are simples and effectives, shows real and complete rituals to get money, love,unhex, defence,and a great metod to make charge and consacrate talismans. Nathan Elkana probably is the psedonymous of some powerful and famous black witch. Definitively this author reveled some of REAL spells(black and white) on this simple but powerfull grimoire. (reader's review)

Buy Nathan Elkana's book: The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies

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Nathan Elkana - The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites And Ceremonies

The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World

The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World Cover

Book: The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World by Sirona Knight

Sirona Knight (A Witch Like Me) and Patricia Telesco (An Enchanted Life) offer Cyber Spellbook: Magick in the Virtual World. The Cyber Spellbook is mixing modern technology with witchcraft. Although thousands of Wicca enthusiasts use the Web daily for research and to meet people, they may not realize their computer's witchcraft-related properties. For example, a keyboard can represent "creative flow," with the "delete" key an instrument for banishing and the "shift" key helping one shift between the ordinary and magickal worlds. The authors explain ways to integrate technology (from cell phones to lawn mowers) with spells, making this a truly up-to-date Wicca resource.

This book is certain to delight New Age and truly appreciates innovative ideas. For the first time in Pagan history, these two Witches have finally put together a book that speaks to our times. It's up to date. We all use electronics and techno-tools in our magic today--I'm keying this review on my computer, which is one of my main cyber witch tools. All witches with fully functioning and open minds will want this book handy in their libraries to refer to--after all, we live in a techno-world, not the Dark Ages. Half-brained Witches will hate it because it threatens their comfy little niche and beliefs. I'm sure there will be a lot of Old Guard, narrow minded Witches that will freak out and complain at the boldness of these authors. I SALUTE these two authors for pushing the envelope and going beyond the insipid little spellbooks with this wonderful New Age book. These authors are ahead of their times and are breaking new ground--way to go Women! Blessed be Patricia Telesco and Sirona Knight!!! May they continue writing more innovative and leading edge books for Witches like me for a long time to come.

Buy Sirona Knight's book: The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World

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Wishing Wells And Well Magick

Wishing Wells And Well Magick Cover
Each well is said to have it's own guardian spirit. The guardian sprits of wells are sometimes deities and other times nymphs or sprites. Water drawn at dawn from a particularly deep well is said to cure a toothache. Traditionally, a well should be fed a slice of bread each year on New Years Day. In some parts of the world, it is also traditional to dress the well with flowers.

Wishing wells specifically collect offerings from those petitioning the guardian spirit of the well. The petitioner must ask for the wish to be granted silently or by whispering. Typical offerings are coins, pebbles, and pins. This custom derives from an older custom that utilized stones. It is thought that when you toss your coin into the well, the guardian spirit will then decide whether or not to belss you with what you desire.

Wells, especially in areas where drinking water is scarce, evoke radient fertility power. This is particularly true of open wells, fed by rain and constantly charged by moonlight. To utilize this power, charge a rag with your desire for fertility and attach it to the well.

The first water of a new well is charged with extra power. Therefore the first drink is customarily offered to a childless woman as a fertility potion.

Source: Elemental Witch

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Zanoni Cover

Book: Zanoni by Edward Bulwer Lytton

Zanoni is an 1842 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton This piece of literature describes a fascinating story of love and occult aspiration. By way of introduction, the author confesses: "...It so chanced that some years ago, in my younger days, whether of authorship or life, I felt the desire to make myself acquainted with the true origins and tenets of the singular sect known by the name of Rosicrucians." A manuscript came into his hands written in the most unintelligible cipher, a manuscript which through the author's own Interpretation became Zanoni.

Zanoni is an immortal and as such he cannot fall in love but he does fall in love with Viola, an opera singer from Naples. Zanoni has lived for ages since the times of the Chaldean civilization. His master Mejnor warns him against having a love affair with the actress but Zanoni does not heed. He finally marries Viola and they have a child. As Zanoni experiences an increase in humanity, he begins to lose his gift of immortality. He finally dies in the guillotine during the French Revolution.

The name Zanoni is derived from the Chaldean root zan, meaning "sun".

Bulwer-Lytton humanized Gothic art and evoked its poetry. In Zanoni, Bulwer goes deep into the Rosicrucian Mysteries unveiling the secrets hidden in the four elements, secrets which only initiated Rosicrucians have the power to reveal, the ultimate goal being the discovery of the Elixir of life and the attainment of immortality and eternal youth. This is all depicted in Zanoni himself who at the time of Babylon the great abandoned all human passions in order to become immortal but during the French Revolution, in order to become human again, he falls in love and dies in the guillotine. Bulwer-Lytton fashioned Gothic material to suit the Victorian era.

What influence if any, Zanoni could have had on Nietzsche is a matter of pure conjecture but again Bulwer-Lytton's The Coming Race had an influence on the Nazi interpretation of the Superman. A. R. Orage himself re-read Zanoni within two years of having read Thus Spoke Zarathustra and in an article on Zanoni, written in 1902, he mentions Nietzche for the first time. For Orage, Zanoni's teacher Mejnor's plan to create a race of supermen is most agreeable and a reading subject worthy of Cecil Rhodes.

It is Zanoni's ultimate sacrifice that would give Bulwer-Lytton's friend Charles Dickens an idea on how to end A Tale of Two Cities.

Speaking to Glyndon, Mejnour says of the Guardian, "...Know, at least, that all of us - the highest and the wisest - who have, in sober truth, passed beyond the threshold, have had, as our first fearful task, to master and subdue its grisly and appalling guardian."

According to the German Occultist Rudolf Steiner, the Guardian of the Threshold is an actual figure of an astral nature which was fictionalized by Bulwer-Lytton in the novel Zanoni.

Samael Aun Weor refers to Adonai as Zanoni's real Master and to the Guardian of the Threshold as the Psychological 'I' or reincarnating ego.

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