Sunday, January 22, 2006

Moon Magick

Moon Magick Cover Each phase of the moon has it’s own a special energy. Everyone knows that the moon affects the tides of the world’s oceans, and because our bodies are mostly fluid, so too does the moon affect people. Understanding the moons energies and the effect they have upon us, can help us to connect with and use its energies in magick and daily life.

Understanding the moon’s phases is important in determining the best time for using its energies in magick. The moon in its waxing phase is thought to be an ideal time for positive and Practical magick, while the moon in its waning phase is best for banishing and negative magick. In between are the New Moon and Full Moon, at which time the moon reaches the pinnacle of its power in each phase. Most witches, pagans and other magickally empowered people work within these Moon phases to gain best effect.

To get rid of warts, take a slice of apple and while looking at the New Moon, rub the flesh of the apple against the wart and say: “What I see is growing, What I rub is going”, then bury the piece of apple. As it rots so too will the wart disappear.

The Irish say that to see the future, for good or ill, take a mirror outside and let the light of the Moon fall on the surface. Stare into the mirror, any face that appears will be Connected With your future.

Upon seeing the New Moon, bow to it and turn over the silver or coins in your pocket. This will bring you luck in all your affairs.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our Story Of Atlantis

Our Story Of Atlantis Cover

Book: Our Story Of Atlantis by William Phelon

Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Phelon Edited by Dr. R. S. Clymer First published in 1903, this book predicted that the continent of Atlantis would within a hundred years reappear above the waters of the Atlantic, stretching from the southern part of the United States to the coast of Africa. The book contains Information about the ancient continent, birthplace of much of the wisdom and Knowledge of today's world.

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Friday, January 6, 2006

A Rite Of Passing

A Rite Of Passing Cover
This solitary ritual is written for the individual to perform privately, or with a small group of like minded individuals. after the traditional funeral of your spiritual tradition has been performed. It serves the purpose of allowing the individual as well as the departed to move on to that which awaits them on the Other side.

On an altar draped in shades of blue are three candles, which are white, red, and black representing life, death, and rebirth respectively. Before this is the cauldron of rebirth and lying next to it is a silver cord in which a know has been tied. The remaining space on the altar is decorated with pictures o the deceased, as well as their favorite things such as their favorite book, food, scents, etc...

When all is prepared, light the candles and say:

"That which is apart of us, can never be apart from us. The wheel is ever turning, and as life is a day, so has (N) passed into night. Nothing is final, and we who are left behind know that we will share in the cakes and wind with out brother/sister again. O' blessed spirit, we bid farewell, for you awaits a new destiny."

The silver cord (which symbolically ties the spirit to the body) is untied and burned by the candle which represent rebirth and dropped into the cauldron of regeneration.

Note: This ritual is heavily based on the funeral of Prue Halliwell as depicted in the Charmed episode "Charmed Again," along with my own changes.Though it was inspired by a somewhat controversial television show, I found it's beauty and simplicity appropriate and, unfortunately, I've had two occasions to perform it in the last few years. It helped me a great deal and I think it can help others as well.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

The Book Of The Seniors

The Book Of The Seniors Cover

Book: The Book Of The Seniors by Benjamin Rowe

Benjamin Rowe invokes each of the Seniors of the Earth Tablet, who tell Ben his own past-life story. Whatever your take on the validity of Rowe's visions, this is a cracking good read. The Seniors reveal that Ben is not truly human, but an ancient and Powerful being, a cosmic "sport" neither man nor god, whose existence has directly shaped the course of human history throughout his many incarnations. Sentient planets, Egyptian incest cults, and a truly wild sci-fi take on the nature of gods, souls, and the universe. Good vs. Evil! Achad vs. Perdurabo! Set vs. Horus, and you'll be SHOCKED at who you're rooting for! 'Nuff said!

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