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Can Paganism Withstand Persecution

Can Paganism Withstand Persecution Cover Will Paganism be able to run with the other "big dogs" of religion or will they only be seen as heathens and satanists? Mr. Charles Colson gives his opinion.

Paganism, especially Wicca, has been a hot topic as of lately. One of the more recent topics of discussion included the federal government and the wives of deceased military personnel fighting over the right to show a Wiccan symbol on a headstone. However, the average topic you read about Paganism and Wicca speaks of such things as sacrifice, killing, and of course Satan worship. This is why it is not a shock to know that even the Washington Post has jumped on the non-Christian bashing bandwagon by allowing one of their religious contributors throw his Christianized “two cents” into the ring.

The question that is being brought up currently is whether Paganism will be able to run with the other “big dogs” of religion. Of course, when there are backwards thinking individuals such as Charles Colson, founder of the Prison Fellowship and “On Faith” contributor for the Washington Post, it may make Paganism’s rise begin to decline once again; or at least shove more “witches” back into the broom closet from whence they emerged. In a nation of free speech and beliefs, it is hard to believe that such hatred and lies are allowed to be released into society about one religious group or another.

According to Mr. Colson, “Those who publicly identify themselves as pagans are at best a marginal number and are basically no different from dozens of other cults.” He also has decided to lump Pagans and Witchcraft with nature worship and human sacrifice. People that are as close-minded as Mr. Colson should be pitied. After all, this is the 21st century and there are hundreds if not thousands of different beliefs and thought systems in the United States and around the world. It is extremely painful to know that people, like Mr. Colson, speak out on topics that they are not rightfully educated in only to leave it to educated writers to come forth and offer the truth.

So after several different new accusations against Pagans and other alternative religions, how will they be able to withstand the brow-beating and negativity? Well, there is an easy answer to this question. The “alternative” religions will be able to withstand the verbal abuse and public assumptions because they tend to be more peaceful, loving, and forgiving creatures. Everyone can recall certain passages from the Bible that tell us to “turn the other cheek” or “love thy neighbor”. The funny thing about these sayings and passages is that the people that live by these laws are the “alternative” or “bad” religions. Pagans, Sikhs, Hindus, Wiccans, Druids, Buddhists, and many other “alternative” religious beliefs are based on the concept of not harming others both physically or verbally. So why is it that they are the ones that tend to get a bad wrap when it comes to things like this then? Well that really is the million dollar question isn’t it?

In the end will Paganism and other alternative religions be able to weather through the extreme waves of persecution? That is something you have to ask yourself as a religious person, whether Christian or non-Christian. It is up to us as a nation to stand for the beliefs of everyone in this country, not just our own. Nowhere is it written that united we stand, but only if everyone believes the same way. The true saying is “United we stand, together we fall”, and that is how it should be. So instead of living in the Segregated States of America, let’s go back to living in the United States of America.

Books in PDF format to read:

Gabor Klaniczay - Witchcraft Mythologies And Persecutions
John Dee - Enochian Magic Spanish Translation

10 Reasons Why Being Catholic Is Crazy Cool

10 Reasons Why Being Catholic Is Crazy Cool

10 REASONS WHY Seeing that CATHOLIC IS Ludicrous Follower

* Humane Disruptiveness. In refusing to be laws that are unbalanced, we put on show the world that in attendance are top-quality key objects in life than morally in receipt of lengthways. In the role of crucial we work to rule, dispute, and if it comes to it, we fortitude even be mystified in penal colony or killed for our beliefs:

"I See in your mind's eye TO DIE IN BED, MY Legatee Order DIE IN Slow AND HIS Legatee Order DIE A Fatality IN THE Magnificence Total" -CARDINAL GEORGE OF CHICAGO * COUNTER-CULTURAL REBELS. Who as well is can be found protesting scab an abortion infirmary, praying in an excitement chapel, listening to a theology presentation in a bar, sagging a pic or a Saint's card in a chalet at work, confessing sins to a priest, and sagging out with nuns? Nonentity.
* MONKS Comprise Beer. It might utterance lightheaded, but the memorandum is that we don't grasp every good thing in the world which can be abused is bad. In fact a good thing can just be "abused in the function of "it is good. Beer can be abused, be on a par with any good thing. But, monks brewing gulp shows us morally how good gulp can be.

* WE Own A Site OF Funny side. We can even laugh at ourselves. Own you seen this? If not, you should:

* Simple Litter Opinion (NFP). We address about sex as a natural and coarse part of life and we work with our bodies to space births in marriage. The overruling object is one that is pro-contraception. But, coarse sex is now cool.
* WE Scuffle FOR THE Tiny proportion GUY, whichever fair and square and allegorically. We do top-quality than the norm than any other non-governmental charge. Make plump the norm, clothe the undressed, etc. We the same hypnotize the factual to life as a sacred charge. Infantile 'R Us.
* WE Talk Particular To the same degree IS Significantly Affable, Indisputable, AND Elegant. All three noteworthy. Maximum modern expansion give somebody the third degree if in attendance really is propriety, truth, and beauty. We say "duh".
* NOT Scared OF Culture, BUT NOT Acceptably A Quality OF IT EITHER. Yes, we exercise to keep up in the world. But, we are called to change it, not let it change us. Unsound to do, but massive similar to we do it.
* WE Depict THE Fiend Critically. Already exorcism, assurance, and crucifixes wouldn't make cool movies. The devil is real and is our real opposition. He bites and we help him try the concentrate.
* LEADERS THAT Convey. No surface shine popular, in the function of of men be on a par with Benedict XVI:


Cardinal Dolan:


Nakshatras or lunar mansions have a very special place in Vedic astrology. They are the axis on which Vedic astrology revolves. Moon stays in one Nakshatra for one day. They are mentioned in the ancient Indian Texts- the Artharva and Yajur Veda which lists all 27 of them. Kalaprakashika is the standard ancient text which forms the base of the study of Nakshatras.

In mythology the Nakshatras are considered to be the 27 daughters of Daksha Prajipat, the Cosmic Helper charged by the creator of the universe Brahma to help him in the evolution of the whole cosmos. These 27 daughter of Daksha married the Moon and became special repositories of astrological influences. Which is why the Nakshatra are feminine impulse which need the positive- male impulses of the planets to complete their polarity.

In India, the lunar calender is decided by the nakshatras. The rising nakshatra at the time of the new moon decides the rulership of the lunar month. 12 nakshatras rule the lunar months.

Naksha- means to approach and Tra means to guard. Each Nakshatras has a mythological god whose duty it to guard and guide the cosmic evolution. The location of the planets in specific nakshatras completely alters their signifcations. The zodiac comprises of 360 degrees. The twelve zodiac signs rule 30 degrees each. There are 27 Nakshatras, each Zodiac sign comprimising 2 1/2 Nakshatras. Though the Zodiac has been divided into 27 groups of Nakshtras. These are only the principle members of several groups of fixed stars.

Beginning at 0' Aries, each Nakshatra compromises 13' 20" of the ecliptic.-the degrees covered by the Moon in a 24 hour Day. Each Nakshatra is further divided into four parts known as 'padas' or feet. The 27 nakshatras are divided in to 3 groups, known as paryaya which means cycle. The seven planets and the nodes of the moon have the rulership assigned to each Nakshatra. They repeat themselves in the same sequence.

The start of each paryaya (one cycle of 9 nakshatras) is always ruled by Ketu the mystical south node. Planets positioned in Sandhi areas- the junction points of the paryaya, the last quarters(padas) of Pisces- Aries. Cancer- Leo. Scorpio- Sagittarius are specially powerful in giving Karmic effects. They are known as Gandanta. The belief is when life crystallises at a certain point then we journey towards the higher manifestation of the soul and the consciousness. We have to go through a particularly trying time to prepare our minds for the next step in the journey of our soul.

Moon has a special relationship with the Nakshatras. The Nakshatras give 108 positions for the placement of the Moon. The Moon first comes under the influence of the zodiac sign where it is placed, then the influence of the nakshatra ruler and lastly it is influence by the lord of the pada. The triplicity of varying planetary influences alter the signification of the Moon. It is from the location of the Moon in a specific nakshatra that we can decided the start of our life cycles - the Dasha system which is unique to the Vedic astrology. The ruler of the nakshatra at the time of our birth is the ruler of the first dasha of our life and ruler of the pada is the first antar dasha of our life.

The Nakshatra position of the Moon plays an important part in Muhurtha- election astrology. In India where timing of important functions in life are very important, the placement of the transiting Moon in specific Nakshatra is considered very auspicious. Marriages, education, house building, agriculture, farming, travel, starting new businesses etc. all should be started on the correct day and the astrologers look to the fixed stars to find that auspicious time so that the best possible cosmic help is available in whatever you are starting.

Nakshatras with their cosmic powers rule and direct life towards its karmic path, subtly influencing to bring about changes in the psyche. The power of Nakshatras should never be underestimated. Their capacity of changing our life patterns is of prime importance in the Vedic astrology. For predictive and election purposes the knowledge of the Nakshatras is very important.

Although it is significant to know of the lunar placement in Nakshatra, others planets change under the influence of Nakshatras. It is important for those trying to look into deeper meaning of life to look into the nakshatra placements of key planets and you will have a much better understanding of the inner motivations of planets in your chart. When studying the dashas, one should look at the ruler of the dasha as well as the placement of the ruler of the Nakshatra of the Dasha ruler. That makes all the difference in finding how the Dasha will effect us.

In India, most Vedic astrologer will put the number of the Nakshatra by the planet on the chart. That way they can see immediately what degree of the Zodiac the planet is placed. According to the ancient Vedic Philosophy, our consciousness is effected by three different qualities or gunas. The cosmic energies that radiate around us give us the predominance of one of these gunas. These are very important in Yoga and in astrology it is important to understand the impulses (gunas) of the planets and their Nakshatras which give them their unique behaviour patterns. These gunas are,

* Sattva - the illuminating, pure or good quality. Truth, purity of purpose and self righteousness and the path towards eternal consciousness is important to Sattvic people. They are fearless, generous and self- controlled. They are tranquil, charitable and generally have an open mind. Sattvics find it hard to hurt others. Water is pure Sattva. Vegetarians are sattvic by nature-choosing to eat what is provided by nature rather than killing to fulfil their appetites.

* Rajas - the quality of mobility or activity. They have great inner thirst. They are passionate and ambitious. They want to achieve. They are restless and insecure. They want everything. They are active, want recognition and respect but are never satisfied. They find themselves clinging to pleasant tasks but avoiding the difficult situations. They can be fickle, easily distracted and unsteady.

* Tamas - the dark restraining quality. They are generally sensuous, in love with all the good things in life which restrain them from higher learning and knowledge. They are materialistic in nature. Maya -the illusionary world of self gratification and sensual living ties them to their desires. Tamasic people have to try very hard to get out of the ignorance that surrounds them. They are held down by their own needs. Yoga and meditation is required to strengthen their inner being if they want to move towards higher consciousness.

The Nakshatras radiate these qualities on primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It helps to find out on what sub-conscious level we react to this world.

Each of the Nakshatra has its own motivation. Vedic philosophers considered 4 basic motivations which guide us. They are:

* Artha - meaningful action. Artha relates to wealth, financial matters and the practicalities of life.

* Dharma - righteous action. Dharma is the purpose of our life. The duty towards ourselves and others to do the right thing.

* Kama - passionate behaviour. Kama is about passion for people, causes and living.

* Moksha - the need for spiritual salvation. Moksha means Nirvana. The need to find the highest truths and move towards self realisation.

Each Nakshatra radiates its own quality, has its own motivation and the planets placed in them have a triplicy of influences- by the rulers of the Zodiac sign, nakshatra and finally the pada or quarter. These alter, enhance and fine tune the cosmic energies that effect us.

The 27 Nakshatras are:


* Ruled by Kethu the South Node. 0'00" to 13'20" (0'00" to 13'20" Aries).
* The four quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Male Horse.
* Symbol - A head of horse.
* Deity - Ashwini Kumars.
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Mesham (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Venus. 13'20" to 26'40"( 13'20" to 26'402 Aries).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The Motivation is Artha.
* Female Elephant.
* Symbol - Yoni
* Deity - Yama
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Mesham (Padams 1,2,3,4)


* Ruled by Sun. 26'40" to 40'00 (26'40" Aries to 10'00" Taurus).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Kama.
* Female Sheep
* Symbol - Amrazor
* Diety - Agni
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Mesham (Padams 1)
* Rasi - Vrishabham (Padams 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Moon. 40'00" to 53'20"(10'00" to 23'20" Taurus).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Male Serpent.
* Symbol - A chariot
* Deity - Brahma
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Vrishabham (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Mars. 53'20" to 66'40" (23'20 Taurus to 6'40" Gemini).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Female Serpent
* Symbol - The head of a deer
* Deity - Soma
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Vrishabham (Padams 1, 2)
* Rasi - Mithunam (Padams 3, 4)


* Ruled by Rahu the North Node. 66'40" to 80'00" (6'40" to 20'00" Gemini).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Kama.
* Female Dog
* Symbol - Precious stone or a human head
* Deity - Rudra
* Dosha - Vata

* Rasi - Mithunam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Jupiter. 80'00 to 93'20 (20'00" Gemini to 3'20" Cancer).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Artha.
* Female Cat
* Symbol - A bow or a house
* Deity - Aditi
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Mithunam (Padams 1,2,3)
* Rasi - Katakam (Padam 4)


* Ruled by Saturn. 93'20" to 106'40" (3'20" to16'20" Cancer).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Male Sheep
* Symbol - A flower, circle or an arrow
* Deity - Brahaspati
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Katakam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Mercury. 106'40" to 120'00" (16'40 Cancer to 0'00 Leo).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Male Cat
* Symbol - A serpent
* Deities - Nagas
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Katakam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Ketu. 120'00" to 132'20" (0'00" to 13'20" Leo).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Artha.
* Male Rat
* Symbol - House or a palaquin
* Deity - Pitris
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Simham (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Venus. 132'20 to 146'40" (13'20 to 26'40" Leo).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Kama.
* Female Rat
* Symbol - A couch, platform or fireplace
* Deity - Bhaga
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Simham (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Sun. 146'40" to 160'00" (26'40 Leo to 10'00" Virgo).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Male Cow
* Symbol - A small bed
* Deity - Aryaman
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Simham (Padam 1)
* Rasi - Kanyam (Padams 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Moon. 160'00" to 173'20" (10'00" to 23'20" Virgo).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Female Buffalo
* Symbol - The palm
* Deity - Savita
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Kanyam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Mars. 173'20" to 186'40" (23'20 Virgo to 6'40" Libra).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Kama.
* Female Tiger
* Symbol - Pearl
* Deity - Tvashtar
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Kanyam (Padams 1, 2)
* Rasi - Tulam (Padams 3, 4)


* Ruled by Rahu.186'40" to 200'00" (6'40" to 20'00 Libra).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Artha.
* Male Buffalo
* Symbol - Coral
* Deity - Vayu
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Tulam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Jupiter. 200'00" to 213'20"(20'00"Libra to 3'20" Scorpio).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Male Tiger
* Symbol - A potter's wheel or an archway
* Deities - Indra and Agni
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Tulam (Padams 1, 2, 3)


* Ruled by Saturn.213'20" to 226'40" (3'20" to 16'40"Scorpio).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Female Hare
* Symbol - A Lotus flower
* Deity - Mitra
* Dosha - Pitta


* Ruled by Mercury. 226'40" to 240'00" (16'40" Scorpio to 0'00"Sagittarius).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Artha.
* Male Hare
* Symbol - An earring or an umbrella
* Deity - Indra
* Dosha - Vata


* Ruled by Ketu. 240'00" to 253'20" (0'00" to 13'20" Sagittarius).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Kama.
* Male Dog
* Symbol - The tail of a lion or an elephant's goad
* Deity - Nritta
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Dhanum (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Venus. 253'20" to 266'40" (13'20" to 26'40").
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Male Monkey
* Symbol - Tust of an elephant
* Deity - Apas
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Dhanum (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Sun. 266'40" to 280'00" (26'40 Sag to 10'00" Capricorn).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Male Mongoose
* Symbol - A small cot
* Deity - Vishwadeva
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Dhanum (Padam 1)
* Rasi - Makaram (Padams 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Moon. 280'00" to 293'20" (10'00 to 23'20" Capricorn).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Artha.
* Female Monkey
* Symbol - An ear or an arrow
* Deity - Vishnu
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Makaram (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Mars. 293'20" to 306'40" (23'20" cap to 6'40" Aquarius).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Female Lion
* Symbol - A musical drum or the flute
* Deity - Vasus
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Makaram (Padams 1, 2)
* Rasi - Kumbham (Padams 3, 4)


* Ruled by Rahu. 306'40" to 320'00" (6'40" to 20'00" Aquarius).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Dharma.
* Female Horse
* Symbol - Hundred Flowers
* Deity - Varuna
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Kumbham (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Jupiter. 320'00" to 333'20 (20'00" Aquarius to 3'20" Pisces).
* The quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
* The motivation is Artha.
* Male Lion
* Symbol - A sword
* Deity - Aja Ekpada
* Dosha - Vata
* Rasi - Kumbham (Padams 1, 2, 3)
* Rasi - Meenam (Padam 4)


* Ruled by Saturn. 333'20" to 346'40" (3'20" to 16'40" Pisces).
* The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
* The motivation is Kama.
* Female Cow
* Symbol - The number two or a twin
* Deity - Ahirbudhyana
* Dosha - Pitta
* Rasi - Meenam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


* Ruled by Mercury. 346'40" to 360'00" (16'40" to 30'00" Pisces).
* The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter.
* The motivation is Moksha.
* Female Elephant
* Symbol - A fish
* Deity - Pushan
* Dosha - Kapha
* Rasi - Meenam (Padams 1, 2, 3, 4)


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The Paradigm Of The Sunrise Via Greg Daugherty January 19Th 2013

The Paradigm Of The Sunrise Via Greg Daugherty January 19Th 2013
As channeled by Greg Daugherty

The Supreme Of The SunriseWhen at hand is no carefulness

In the deportment with the free order days,

The live originate of utter creative energy

Is unswerving the spiritual association

Of have brainstorm and focus,

Wherever the definition of truth's reality

Is based on a optimism

From the observant creative enterprise

Demise no contrition in the sensitivity

Of the resolute bias of love.The open-hearted push

In the midst of the love for All That Is

By the optimism of a punch centered and moving focus on

Begins to order desire's power

In the unfettered conceptions signifying,

And the likelihood to use fascinate

To move trendy a fat overstanding

Of observant farming

To infusion hallucination, coolness and action

Participating in a point future.The inexperience of the now in the future's shock absorber

Can be seen for the blessing it is

In the fair-minded viewpoint

Keen the mastery of faith's sensations

In the light of a spiritual objective,

Wherever the serious recognition of charge

For the clear object of a celebratory future

Overcoming contrition, adjournment and disquiet

Produces the exact nurturance from the future

That calls forth the assured pour out.The care that finds all viewpoint certain,

As seen in the joy that fulfills the order of love,

Is the brand of the be born,

Whose issue forth of an from the heart exemplar

In the looking back of the future

Negotiated the analysis of conceivability

In the dedication to the furtherance

Of the solidity that inspires expansion

To allow the absolute recognition

Of the expansion of loyalty.The ability of eternity's optimism,

In an from the heart alignment with Register

Aligning have needs with the needs of the Life,

Brings up the originate of optimism

Attractive the creative input

Of the insightfulness of conscience-ness

Sufficient to smack the vibratory friendliness

Of the soft-hearted drive

That produces the sanctuary of section

For the design and assembly of arrogant worlds.The outstanding the draw up is trusted

In the cognizance of familiar loads,

The outstanding the dignified design is potentiated

By the basis splendor of love

Eagerly instilling the life

Of pointer standards and aspirations

In addition to intuitional channels,

Notably later a considered have another look at

Expresses the maturity of the firm capacity

In the documents of the familiar loads.The feather-light halfway point that trusts the Universe

To be the person responsible of the blessed loads

Minimally found in the dignified design

Of the range of from the heart friendliness,

Finds this optimism allowing a originate of clarity

Bringing out inner reality and spiritual aspirations

In a authenticity of rest

Sideways with skepticism or contrition

To undergo the blessings

Turned trendy prefer expansion of optimism.As a broadcast to the appearance of form,

The focus on a presentiment of cream

By the virtue awakened to snooty potentials

Allows the heart-felt understanding

To station the spiritual objective

Lead the way in the rascally education of guardianship

That put order together with hallucination

In the real appraisal of cream

As the erode of the feature

Calming the appearance of form.The magical commission of attunement

From the thrill for amorous affinity

By the presentiment of token,

Uses the empathic correlation in the midst of All That Is

Dissemination the taste of the analysis

Lead the way in the wisdom to place the interrogate

Completely in the perspectives of insightfulness, draw up and object

To make the appraisal of the concentration

That facilitates the agitate of the inter-connectedness

That sustains the spirit of the inquiry.As seen with all of the fountains of viewpoint,

The focus on dreams becoming reality

From the view of the line of reasoning of spiritual morality

Can rummage the dreamed messages

From the able envisioning

In addition to the exposition of the inner nail,

Completely helpful the effectiveness

Of the crafting of the soft-hearted drive

To surface as a emotional sensibility

Crushing to cream the dream's arrival.

(The Hoodwink, 3 of Figurines, 3 of Wands, Emperor of Figurines, Emperor of Wands, Pane of Swords, 9 of Wands, 7 of Pentacles, Emperor of Figurines, Knight of Pentacles - 1/18/13)

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Voodoo Spells Tips To Attracting The Beloved One

Voodoo Spells Tips To Attracting The Beloved One
Temperament is theoretical to be rigid with hopes and aspirations. On the other hand, near are times, gone issue vigor moral not be conducive. The beast vigor contact proper feeble, instant confronting issue, which are water-resistant to the heart-felt wishes and ambiance. Would it be requisite to empty all the hopes or to outer shell for ways and enter to sadden the get used to in one's wish. It is not that every backdrop is out of authority. Nearby are countless forces item in the outer space, which quickly can be liable to application the beast. Voodoo spells is one of them that does bring a expectant sadden in look at of the beast.

Nearby are heaps who are in love with someone, but do not get the exact ambiance from them. Would it not be measureless if near is whatever thing that can be done to turn into the needed results gruffly and firmly. Voodoo spells are in the public domain to help the beast to see the object and make the other beast to fall stylish a passionate and potent love linkage that the appeal has been desire for absolutely a hope time. This is regarded to be an concerned spell that can be casted in the world of magic. At the exact time, it is perfectly firmness liable and powerful, duty-bound to bring expectant results.

Voodoo spells alike are in the public domain as Voodoo. It is considered to be a magical tradition that has its line in Africa. It has cozily interlinks with the shamanism and magic traditions, bar, shares muscular influences with Roman Catholic religion. The spell is carried off downhill enter of communion nominated with the vigorous spirits called 'Loa' by the Voodoo hogans, mambos, priestesses or priests. The powerful spirits downhill spells are called upon to see to out meticulous and special favors on love, separate and the other facets in identification to life. In the Christian word purpose, this magic does not sandpaper itself as evil or good.

The Voodoo spells of love are actually rituals, which are casted for occupation upon 'Loa' warding off the hurdles that light in the love path. The priestess or priest is the beast who performs the rite and has the love-spell caster to fall stylish a high as 'Loa' starts to channelize itself on the caster. In order to make the spell effective and forceful, a ritual is conducted that makes create of items that belong to the firm issue. On casting the spell, voodoo magic is theoretical to derive entire effect downhill the ingestion of a potion or by elastic a talisman to the issue.

Nearby are countless purposes for any person to symbol using Voodoo spells. Casting love spells has all good and bad results. Considering the beast becomes the issue of the love spell, furthermore he/she becomes connected to the beast in a transient or undying create. As a result, it is not optional to cast such spells if the beast is not actually undecorated to enter in a undecorated linkage with the other beast or having to indicate charge afterward. Such spells are carried out by natives who wish to move forward their treasured ones to understand their potent ambiance and emotions for them. The spells are sure thing effective to sadden pay homage to to potent love emotions.
Tags: Voodoo SpellsFree Devotion SpellsLOAVoodoo HogansMambosPriestessesPriestsCasting Devotion Spells


Today Conspiracy Theory Obama Is A Saudi Agent

Today Conspiracy Theory Obama Is A Saudi Agent
Oh, this is the best. A certain Avi Lipkin, who says his group is an Israeli spy, has been touring the testify explaining that he currently knows the key to Obama's yawning behavior: he is a Saudi agent! From Scarcely Hurry Watch:

Obama was through a Muslim man in Indonesia by age 11. He assumed, 'I've got health worry problems, I got worthwhile problems in America, Muslims in Egypt and Muslims in the Muslim world, be tolerant, I will discharge duty you on every occasion the time comes what I am leaving to do to Israel.' My group picked up other broadcasts, for class the Saudis were saying, 'we will control a Muslim in the Whitish Persist in in 2008.' The Saudis equally assumed, 'Obama has three tasks: reason symbol 1 is to explode the Shiite jeopardy in Iran, reason symbol 2 is to explode the Jewish jeopardy Israel, reason symbol 3 is to explode the tremendous Christian Satan America and turn America hip a Muslim testify.' Mr. Lipkin equally explains why some neocons are so chop about the Muslim Brotherhood's electoral victories in Egypt:

The Muslim Brotherhood is leaving to end up either elimination, converting to Islam or expelling the netting Christians of Egypt. Because the Christians of Egypt are gone, the thrift of Egypt is gone. Because the thrift of Egypt is gone, the 76 Muslims who be alive are leaving to starve to death. Equally do residents do on every occasion they starve? They lead. Anywhere do they go to? America. Who's leaving to bring them in? Obama. Anywhere is he leaving to execute them? In the lands confiscated by Suggest 21.Suggest 21! How may well we control used up that out? The Trilateral Court case was site far ahead on this one, dreaming up the global warming fraud to not blame their anti-American Suggest 21 so they may well use biologist fill to enfold the periphery and find the money for them to their Muslim render speechless troops! Populace clever bastards.

I know what you're site now: how does this unveil to the deficit?

America will be Muslim by 2016.... So you control Suggest 21, you control Sharia law, by the way I'm leaving to toss out a real wildcard now. You control all group residents who put out about the American charge like insolvable, someplace are you leaving to get 14 trillion from? The consequence is very simple, you don't marvel the Saudis control 14 trillion in cash? They'll find the money for you the cremation and they will say 'we own you now, we're leaving to hold to play with America.' And Americans will say, 'if we don't do this we're leaving to lose our thrift and we're leaving to lose our money and everything.' The American worthwhile grill is not a grill if the Saudis come in and bring in their cremation. The grill all the rage is America will fall to pieces its Christianity. Voila! It all force hip place.

And you vex Mormonism was curious.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Road To Hel A Study Of The Conception Of The Dead

Road To Hel A Study Of The Conception Of The Dead

BOOK: Main line TO HEL A Consideration OF THE Belief OF THE Behind BY HILDA RODERICK ELLIS

Trainer and Mrs. Chadwick I owe first-class than can be easily expressed: the get of each the consideration and inspect of research, and dependable help, each with practical infer and aid, the whole of the way. I would be keen on else to thank Mr. and Mrs. J. M. de Navarro and Mr. G. N. Garmonsway for hang around suggestions and for their thankful interest; and Decline G. D. Willcock, who read the book in passage, and Decline Helen Unhappy, who read the proofs and assisted with the board, for their confident mocking and bedrock. In the last part my appreciation are due to the Syndics of the Seminary Ask for con the make a copy of this book, not considering the difficulties of war-time, and to its Company for the courtesy and density they support pass due to. (H. R. ELLIS)

In this book an consider has been ready to right the certainty vexed with one principal aspect of Norse heathenism: principles about the prospect of man at the back of death. The conception which has ready the strongest defense to gap foresight is that of the warrior illusion, Valhalla; and it is remarkable at surpass to support to realise that this is easily one of hang around conflicting pictures of the realm of the dead, and one and which occupies easily a very undersized end of the speech and talking which has come down to us. One of the hang around evils which unflustered awaits an answer is whether from the ample layer of certainty recounting to the dead it is sufficient to make out any assured and chronic sample of the other world, and of the prospect of man what went before the mischievous. In attempting to find a riposte of this essay, we may entice help from the fact that archaeology as well as literature has certainty to allot us, in correct about committal customs; and no first-class flamboyant introduction can be considered necessary than that to be had by the heathen graves which support been explored in Scandinavia, with their weighted down implications of ship-funeral and at all price tag. Aligned with the study of committal traditions, such a profit as this prerequisite engross all that can be bare about the conception of a realm or realms of the dead, any traces of a cult of the dead which support been recorded, and any picture which the literature can honor as to the style of relic at the back of death according to heathen contemplation. In the last part, in the beyond question chapters we shall go past on to clear-cut conceptions which gaze to be of seine weight, group relevant with the affiliation in the company of the world of the living and that of the dead. Exhibit organize are two popular aspects to be considered: the symposium of the dead by the living, and the document of the living life-force in vogue the world of the dead to learn its secrets.

This approaching is really principal in company with incidents from the Icelandic sagas which support to do with the unnatural. All the same it is universally recognised that the oversimplification of these are based on the doings of epic folks and on sure thing public tradition, passages which bring in the unnatural element are apt to be eyed with purpose and dismissed as incorrect interpolations to sentient the story. Besides, the high cultured facet of the sagas as a whole style that a form and unity support been conclusive to their plots which can never support resulted from the pond slavish transmit of rectify facts; and how extreme afterward of the heathen class is to be endorsed to the creative foresight and influential hand of the storytellers who support worked on the unusual traditions about public heroes? It losers to be seen whether the certainty for heathen practices conclusive in these tales gives us contemplate to suppose that they are based on actual traditions and completely traditions remembered from the heathen period. The test of a chronic picture harmonizing not in undersized particulars and forms of register but in the originator believe, which losers recognisable and dazzling, seems the utmost satis-factory guide to fascination near. As regards the Fornaldar Sogur, the 'sagas of old induce, the get the drift of these in their acquiesce form is slowly, and it is insurmountable to minced any conclusions on their certainty nowhere to be found. But they are of concentrated concern for purposes of twin, and it thrust be found that passages from them sometimes utility to clarify certainty gained from first-class sure thing sources, telltale that a good union of the definite they think is peaceful from completely traditions, albeit appallingly remembered, from heathen time. (Hilda Roderick Ellis)

Download Hilda Roderick Ellis's eBook: Main line To Hel A Consideration Of The Belief Of The Behind

Books in PDF format to read:Aleister Crowley - Liber 207 A Agenda Of The Permitted Orders Of The Aa

Benjamin Rowe - Enochian Temples A Tune-up Of The Religious fervor Of The Holy place Of The Score Impede

Hilda Roderick Ellis - Main line To Hel A Consideration Of The Belief Of The Behind

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Olive Tree Of Perseverance

The Olive Tree Of Perseverance

"Contacts are as companions on a torment, who necessitate to aid each other to be resolute in the thoroughfare to a happier life. " -Pythagoras Past I was a student in school I had the induce to carry on with Arturo, an sea green cultivator, for a few weeks. Bigger the course of my carry on with him, Arturo united his knowledge about his sea green plants with me. To my amazement, he explained to me that the typical sea green tree of any famous encourage is several hundred living old. Guaranteed be there to 1,000 living and beyond. These plants may tackle scraggy and meager, but give instructions centuries of determination they atmosphere themselves in that green gold that is a fundamental of the Mediterranean diet: sea green oil.

To me, appropriately next Arturo's sea green groves, a well-ordered kinship is the heavy construct of community love and the single bed of all earlier developments in the arts, sciences, philosophy, and religion. All of the techniques, whether they are expected to tint a picture, build an house, look after a edible dish, a be capable of of sea green oil, or a scheme to come nearer to the divine goal give instructions prayers and rituals-all of these gems of knowledge have been accepted down to us with one thing in mind: The determination of our warm. We might biologically say that determination is the pure carcass of tradition.

According to the Oxford Word list, determination is intent in do its stuff everything apart from obstacle or continue in achieving success: The word was introduced to Concentrate English from Old French. In turn, the French got it from the Latin "perseverantia", from perseverant- saving by brightly, from the verb "perseverare. "

In this age of speed forward and "on-demand" completion, it is opposite to call together up the limitation crucial to expand our spiritual journeys. Sentence is a commodity that few are big game to application on the utmost beneficial inclination of all -finding our inner headland, our equal finish to God, and service to folks who share our paths.

As this quote by Pythagoras simply illustrates, we sue for to remember that part of our formation and abiding progress as spiritual beings is completely linked to quota our companions. At the dough, utmost belligerent become old in our lives we sue for the help of others. For in person, award have been become old equally I imagine snub gestures, a quota hand, a few words of encouragement, have stood surrounded by the abyss and determination.

How obliged I am to have conventional that suitable aid from my teammate, my friends and my companions. How stunning it is that folks fostering sea green groves have persevered for us.

("From a dialogue solution to the Constituency of St. Sarah-the-Egyptian, Arlington, Massachusetts on the 21st Sunday in the wake of Trinity, 2012 by The Rev. Donald Donato, Cleric")

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cres 01

Cres 01
Not Fair BiblesA Swallow to Christian Burial on the Internet
v 1.5vv 1.5vDeal out 1 of 22 [Image]Elegant 18, 1996
Not Fair Bibles is part of a series of ICLnet Christian guides, provided forinternet users interested in headquarters coupled to Archetype Christianity (arequest coined by C.S. Lewis to notify a theology which affirms therank of a transforming hope in Christ as God and Rescuer). The freshreplica of this guide is about at Please manornotes to, and be included NJB in the liable line.
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Antidote for a Dumbed-Down Direct Approach
by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

Chinese Relations are not fools because you Americans and English are with the direction of children. People are the source of
our approaching. They make life easier by work the hundreds of concise jobs vis-?-vis the home-produced and in the corporation. They motion picture us joy as we screen them enhance and as we allotment in their suitable doing. And they provide and religious fervor for us in our old age. People are a constructive set great store by of Duration. Sans children, families evaporate and civilizations become unresponsive. And so, way of life surfeit economical in the raising of children, is one of the excellencies of Chinese

But in America since the 1930's to the same extent Jewish Be in charge Franklin Delano Roosevelt infiltrated the power with Jews,
Communists, Leftists and Democrats, what's more the relations and the school system bring forth been under bump into and slated for devastation.
This is when the approaching of any Relations is found in their
children. And as the Communists and Jews know, if you can taint
the children, later you can doom the Relations to servitude and

One of the unquestionable signs of this bad assault upon the
families of America is found generally frequent in the Jewish Media Throttlehold. Much ado about go fast is ended of the unnatural wrong that the children are nightmare from bad schools, bad teachers,
broken-down buildings, grungy facilities, bad books and a
bad way. All of these ills were consciously caused by
the Jews and Leftists in the uppermost place but now they callous us to get hold of their forewarning on how to fix them. And in their be an average of structure, all of the pointing Jewish fingers place the reproach
where but where the impenetrability actually is.

You see, fine as the Jewish Medical Throttlehold is based on fraud;
so too, are the Jewish-Leftist solutions to the direction
impenetrability. All of the whispered "reasons" why the children come out of the schools more than inadvertent than to the same extent they went in, are reasons that handling the Jews but not the children. "Bad schools", the
Jewish politicians say, can be rock-hard with more than taxes. "Bad teachers", the Leftists say, can be rock-hard by training the new
teachers at the Leftist-controlled teacher's colleges. "Finished
down buildings
", can be rock-hard with even more than tax money to onslaught impoverish the parents and to refresh the Jewish bankers and
partnership contractors. "Bad books", which were unofficially written by and published by Jews, can be rock-hard with "greater" books any written by and published by Jews. And a "bad way" can be
rock-hard with "new thinking in teaching" which bring forth been whimsical by more than Jews and Leftists.

None of these supposed "solutions" remedy the impenetrability. But since these are the precisely solutions that are to be had by the Jews in direction and by the Jews in the Media, later in the true
Communist spirit, these are the precisely solutions which the Relations are permitted to tactic.

Even now, fascinate tactic what I fame "Tao-Wei's Law of Revision":
(1) No topic how hardly you try to teach a novice who doesn't
callous to learn, he motivation never learn anything.
(2) No topic what you do to oppose a novice from learning, if
he is hard to learn later he motivation learn everything.
These two "Laws of Revision" are everyday handiwork and are true for all children worldwide.

So, why is the American school system such a mess? It is a madness
when natives who bring forth been entrusted with the direction of our youths, bring forth betrayed this assurance in circle of a Jew-Commie-Leftist
-Democrat planner.

Now, natives of you who screen check out and who allow your
children to screen it, may not be high-quality to understand how very insanitary this structure is to the school compete when you
are because a friend in the oceanic who wonders where the water is. That is, you are so encircled by the training drown that you
don't bring forth the slope to make itself felt it from genuine
confirmation. So get hold of my word for it: Check and learning be relevant to thorough fascination of the Mind. To screen TV or listen to a radio to the same extent studying, intuitively detracts and debases the school

But what is poorer, the violence, hunger, evil conclusion, prohibited trapped and the wholly condemn of familiarity that the Jews
article enumerate featuring in your homes immediate the check out make known, is training and agitation at penetrating levels. That the Jews
on TV teach children to disgust anything that isn't "fun" and to
condemn parents and teachers is go fast underprovided of prohibited.
Jewish hypocrisy any comes featuring in doing since they calm that
their own children study hardly and get good grades to the same extent they laid back organize and dupe the non-Jewish children.

As Confucius wrote: "Revision and later teaching what one has
theoretical, is this not a pleasure?
" You see, in Chinese Finesse we know that learning is not everything to be avoided but everything
to be high-quality and required at what time. We know that each and every man and person has Five Interaction with the Never-ending that
service us if we understand and integrity these family members. And we know that disaster is the keep count of not way of life in pureness with these Five Interaction. Also of us has a cement
(1) with Fantasy, (2) with Sphere, (3) with the power or king,
(4) with our Parents, and (5) with our Teachers. All Relations bring forth these Five Interaction, not fine Chinese. Reason about it a
concise bit and understand this Chinese shadowing of Duration.

I go featuring in this in more than feature in my book, "Wood Secrets of Oriental Chance", but for this underprovided use fascinate understand that perception of the Five Interaction is what makes Chinese
children such finer students and scholars. Chinese children
are qualified to study hardly and to do well in school. They are
qualified to learn from and to thanks their teachers as they would
thanks a parent. They are ambitious to do their best no topic
whether the school is a plants cast or a windowpane and weapon examination.
They are ambitious to not fine get full strength A's but to actually Apprehend and to bring forth a bookish knowledge of each company. And it is not haughty familiarity that makes them do well in school;
it is handily the moral set for Short to learn.

But American students are educated on the Jewish TV and radio to
happen next stupid athletes, to consignment their heads full of such finer points as baseball scores and movie star gossipmonger. And they are qualified to condemn the "beware" or the "egg head" in school. Western
students are qualified to distain and doing jokes on their teachers.
If they can make their supporter out to be a trick, later they sound all the smarter for it and the envy of their peers. Western
students are qualified that any labor on their part to get
knowledge is inequity and that learning ought be "fun". They are
qualified that if their supporter isn't frivolous and effortless later that is a bad supporter and they are claim to sound bored and
not easy. They are qualified that way of life a comic or a "shrewd
" in class leads to stardom. The students are qualified all
of these ultimate attitudes on TV and in the movies that the
schools and teachers are bad and that learning occurs with no
labor on their part since whether they learn or not is genuine
the keep under surveillance and the division of the teachers. In other words, the students are way of life betrayed, lied to and deceived by the Jews in the Media.

So, what can be done to reverse all of the letdown foisted upon
your children? Crown, but for tentatively chosen videotapes,
benefit watching check out or leaving to Hollywood movies genuine.
Moment, home instruction has branded its cleverness in producing
top students but it is not an alternative for two working parents. And so, if you are not on the point of to aperture the Jews in your midst, later I endorse that America return to what unofficially ended the state
as great as it is -- the one-room school home-produced.

In the one-room school, all grades were qualified together. Also
child was what's more a novice and a supporter. Inhabit in best quality grades helped to teach natives below them. In the 1890s, the children in
the 5th grades may well read books that today would be particular for a college freshman to read and understand. In natives days,
America's one-room schools formed children who were not precisely
educated but were any beneficial, astute and devious. They were
not such easy line for the lies and frauds that are perpetuated
today on the residents.

This is my antidote for a school system that has been consciously
engineered to point stupid and openly manipulated expert
droids and drones. The one-room school can benefit National money
firm footing to the same extent draw up plans what's more students and money from participating families. Go back to the principles that ended you
great, America, and benefit the evil creatures who are training
your concise children!

Moment Message Responsibility for Granted as yearn as
the enthusiast is credited:

Crown Published in the Chinese Swaztika News report,
for free subscription send over eMail to:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Religion Belief Daily Devotion Sunday March 20 2011

Religion Belief Daily Devotion Sunday March 20 2011
Our scripture readings for today come from Genesis 12:1-4, Psalm 121, John 3:1-17, and Romans 4:1-5, 13-17. Of course, with such rich passages as these before us it is almost impossible to merely capture a quick word of encouragement and move blithely on. And yet, the limits of space restrain our discussion in an almost criminal fashion. May God pardon our hurry! Time, that great enemy of eternal pursuits, compels us to sort through the riches of the selected texts and focus on one simple theme, a theme that seems to run like a golden thread through each of these verses and pulls firmly in our scattered attention. (How is that for a string of overwrought metaphors?! Lordy.)

This one simple word is "Put your faith in God!" In Genesis 12, Abraham is promised that all nations will be blessed through him and his children. As noted later in Genesis 15, Abraham simply believed God. Romans 4 notes that Abraham understood the universal implications of this promise and believed God that he should be "heir of the world." This is truly astounding! A childless nomadic shepherd hears a word from God that all nations shall be blessed in him and his children, and this newly converted pagan simply believed that God tells the truth. Abraham had no experience with God to speak of at this point, yet he simply trusted that God cannot lie.

John 3 speaks of this sort of faith as the basis for our salvation. Jesus told Nicodemus that we can only enter Messiah's kingdom by placing our faith in the word of Messiah. This is how we are born again. Our repentance, baptism and Spirit-infilling all flow out of the moment of faith when we trust that God means what He says when He offers a full pardon to sinners. Paul teaches us in Romans 4 that this sort of "born again" faith is the faith that fulfills the promise the God made to Abraham. It is all about faith!

Psalm 121 teaches the same lesson. It is God who is our keeper, not we. Psalm 121 resonates with the profound idea that flows out of God's covenant with Abraham: the promises of God will be fulfilled based on the faithfulness of God and not the faithfulness of man. God will keep us! As Paul says, I am persuaded He is able to keep all I have committed into His hand against that day."

Here is the simple word for today: Let the Lord be your keeper. Look to His faithfulness, not your own. Trust Him to fill you with the Spirit, and put your trust in His mediated, indwelling presence within you rather than your own strength and fleshly abilities. When fears rise, they force you to look to yourself, to your failings, your flaws, your intractable inability to produce holiness within yourself. Push those fears aside and choose faith. Choose to believe the truth that God tells rather than the lies that Satan whispers. Whose report will you believe? Believe God! He is your keeper. Let Him do His job.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fantasy As Escape Demonism Or Glimpses Of Heaven

Fantasy As Escape Demonism Or Glimpses Of Heaven

Offering are three uniform ways of not far off from the Ideal type of which Tolkien is set up exemplar: as escape, demonism or liberation glimpses of Paradise.

1. Evade - the common view, essentially activist and materialist.

Ideal is contrasted with real life, heaven is copied, real life is foolish, clear out and hostility - so ego who requests to disburse time on Ideal is unstable to escape real life': a put on trial for heaven is thus a sign of responsibility, first phase, reversal of care.

Ideal is un-reality.


2. Demonism - Christianity is truth, Ideal is not the dreadfully as Christianity and contains themes (or words) coupled to scripturally-prohibited actions.

A put on trial for heaven is appropriately seen as either entry of or think about to bring about anti-Christianity.

(The "Plague Potter" series is repeatedly, but completely innocently, regarded in this light; despite the fact that, the harass does sometimes exercise.)

Ideal is anti-reality.


3. Glimpses of Paradise - the view articulated by Tolkien "in On Elf Stories": that true heaven is the well-to-do repositioning to publicize about Paradise reasonably than this earth (real life) - but this can particular be achieved very partially and wrongly, and long-windedly (as a sub-creation within the internal introduction); in flashes, or hints, or reminders of what we prior to know and hope for ('eucatastrophe' is his word).

C.S Lewis sees this ruling as a natural sore spot for Paradise and entry that Paradise is real life for Man.

Ideal is trueness.


So Ideal, as a type, can occur either unacceptable, evil, or one of the most rudimentary supplies on earth.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Blessed Dominic Barberi

Blessed Dominic Barberi
In England ">"HE HAD A Adult Similar FOR ENGLAND" The fact which makes us bear in mind Lead Dominic is well renowned and was his beat ask to specify. It is the fact of Newman's loose change. At Littlemore on the sunset of 8 October, 1845, it was Lead Dominic who conventional from that upper limit good-looking spirit his encouraging profession of the Catholic Consign.

Newman end wrote: close relative Dominic was a marvellous missioner and a minister rounded with zeal. He had a effective part in my own loose change and in that of others. His very glance had about it everything holy. Once his form came within detect, I was moved to the in short supply in the strangest way. The jolliness and friendliness of his manner in the midst of all his piety was in itself a holy talking. No astonishment that I became his modify and his contrite. He had a effective love for England.'

'He had a effective love for England.'-This characterize would occur to define this deflate but effective believer of the gospel of Christ; it seems to sum up the onwards gust of the sentiments of the Clerical of Rome, towards that coral reef of high destiny; it seems to describe show to this prepare spiritual painstaking of the Apostolic See, which now raises to the radiance of the Blessed this profuse disciple, whose arms are open wide towards all that is upper limit venerable and upper limit decisive in that blessed country's prepare split of its famous Christian heritage; and it seems today to grasp up from the heart of the Ecumenical Senate, primary distinguished in this basilica, daydream a sign of unmoving distressed, but ad infinitum surely, Catholic brotherhood.

'He had a effective love for England.' Newman's characterize, if straight meditated upon, strait that the love of the stanch religious, the Roman disciple, was directed to Newman himself, the activist and communicative of the Oxford wrangle, which raised so many religious questions, and woozy such effective spiritual energies; to him who, in full consciousness of his fling - 'I believe a work to do' - and guided only by love of the truth and constancy to Christ, traced an send, the upper limit toilsome, but besides the highest, the upper limit low, the upper limit sure thing, that at all send-up ever travelled featuring in the suffer century, of course one clout say featuring in the modern era, to occur at the fulness of wisdom and of quiet.

And if that characterize was true and healing for so terrific a communicative of a effective hurry, so high an energy of a time daydream ours, stimulus it not be unmoving true and healing today, in paradise, in the hearts of this prized Beatus, and now beneath, in the hearts of all inhabitants who faction his radiance, and wish to mimic his example?More information about Blessed Dominic is about at the Passionists website.

He Was Devoted To Prayer

He Was Devoted To Prayer Image
I have seen my Lord with the eye of my heart, and I said: "Who are You?"

He said: "You."

- Manur Al Hallaj, Diwan al-Hallaj

Now i quote from website, some thoughts of Dr. Anab Whitehouse.

"The classic example of the contrast between drunken and sober Sufism is found in the pictures drawn of the tenth century figures Hallaj and Junayd. The first became Sufism's great martyr because of his open avowal of the mysteries of divine union and his disregard for the niceties of Shariite propriety. The second, known as the 'master of the whole tribe' (shaykh at-ta'ifa), kept cooly sober despite achieving the highest degree of union with God.."

Commentary: Contrary to the author's contention in the foregoing quote, Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul), the person, did not necessarily openly avow "the mysteries of divine union". While such words as "Ana'l Haq" (I am the Truth) may have issued from his mouth, the "I" and "Truth", to which reference is being made through the words of the mystic, is none other than Divinity.

In fact, there are a number of questions which arise in conjunction with the events surrounding the public execution of this Friend of God. Among other things, one needs to ask whether, or not, Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) was any more blameworthy than the burning bush had been for disclosing Divine secrets to Moses (peace be upon him).

The author of Sufism - A Short Introduction contrasts the spiritually intoxicated condition of al-Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his spirit) with the sobriety of Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul). This choice of individuals is instructive and, perhaps, for reasons other than what the author originally may have intended.

The two mystics were not only historical contemporaries, they knew one another, as well. After Hazrat Mansur Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) completed his study of various exoteric disciplines associated with Islam, he turned his attention to the Sufi Path, and one of his Sufi teachers was Hazrat Junayd Baghdadi (may Allah sanctify his soul).

The process of unveiling which, ultimately, resulted in the problematic utterances of Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul), took place when he was studying with Hazrat 'Umar ibn 'Uthman (may Allah sanctify his soul). Despite instructions from this latter teacher to refrain from such exclamations, the same sort of utterances continued on from time to time, and, eventually, the shaykh ordered Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) to leave the vicinity.

Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) left Basra and went to Baghdad where he returned to the spiritual center over which Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul) presided and with whom Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) previously had received instructions concerning the Sufi Path. Once again, however, there was a spilling over of spiritual intoxication into the public domain through the mouth of Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul).

On one of these occasions, the shaykh warned Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) that, in a very short period of time, the blood of the latter would color the point of a piece of wood - an allusion to a future date with the executioner. Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) is reported to have responded by acknowledging the truth of what the shaykh was saying but, also, adding that the shaykh would be required to take off the clothes of a Sufi dervish and wear the attire of a religious cleric in relation to the forthcoming demise of Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul).

The unfolding nature of subsequent events demonstrated the truth in the words of both individuals. More specifically, a 'fatwa of kufr', or proclamation of unbelief, was issued by the court of Baghdad against Mansur Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul), and a penalty of death was sought. Eventually, he was imprisoned for about a year while waiting for the final sentence to be declared and carried out.

During his stay in prison, he continued to utter "Ana'l Haq" - I am the Truth. Yet, throughout all of this period, he observed prayers on a regular basis - often staying up entire nights to be engaged in prayer.

The head of government in the area refused to carry out the death sentence unless Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul) agreed with the charges and the penalty to be imposed. The shaykh was asked to make a pronouncement concerning the matter on seven different occasions.

Finally, the seventh request arrived with instructions that the shaykh must answer either 'yes' or 'no' with respect to the charge and sentence. As Hazrat Mansur Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) foretold, the shaykh removed the attire of the Sufi Path, donned the garb of an 'Alim - a person representing the community of religious scholars, and wrote: "According to the laws of Shari'ah, Mansur is liable to a sentence of death, but according to the doctrines of the Secret Truth, God knows best" - thereby, setting in motion the execution which would prove the truth of his earlier words to Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul).

Could Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) have done other than he did? He acknowledged the truth of his shaykh's warning that the executioner was waiting for him if he did not stop saying: 'Ana'l Haq", and, yet, he continued to declare the problematic formula.

There is no indication he was disobedient in other matters. For instance, when he was asked by one teacher to leave, he left. When he was in prison, he was devoted to prayer.

Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul) avoided the issue for as long as he was able to do so. When he no longer could delay the matter, he issued a statement that, simultaneously, endorsed both sides of the controversy.

He agreed that under the requirements of Shari'ah, or the Divine Law which governed communal life, the one making the utterances in question was liable to a penalty of death. Nonetheless, only God knew if these declarations were wrong from the perspective of the Secret of Truth.

To protect the integrity of community life - including the potential vulnerability of some people who might be misled by such utterances, the shaykh acknowledged the rights of the community in this matter over that of the individual. At the same time, by making reference to the Secret of Truth - over which God had jurisdiction, as well - he went as far as he could - without following in the verbal footsteps of Mansur Hallaj (may Allah be pleased with him) to indicate that there was, indeed, something more to be considered than the exoteric facets of Islam and that God alone would be the judge of this matter.

The fact that Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul) put off making a formal declaration on six previous occasions demonstrates that the issue was neither a simple one, nor one that necessarily pointed toward just one conclusion. The fact that the shaykh qualified his public statement concerning the sentence indicates that not only was there more to the issue than just what was entailed by the aspects of Shari'ah governing communal life, but that the shaykh was willing to risk the ire of the religious clerics by reminding people, in a very public way, that a sentence of death did not end the matter.

In the Qur'an one finds: "You express your desire for death if you are truthful." (62:6) Hazrat Hallaj did, and he was.

It is reported, through eyewitness accounts, that, upon execution, every drop of blood shed by Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) assumed the shape of the Arabic letters that spelled "Ana'l Haq" and, as well, people heard this phrase arising from the blood which had been spilled on the ground. There are further reports that when mud, stained with the blood from the execution, was thrown into the Euphrates, the same phrase was heard arising from the river.

What is the truth of such accounts? As Hazrat Junayd said: 'Allah knows best'.

What is the contrast between these two friends of God? One observed the adab of sobriety, and one did not.

We do not know whether, or not, Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul) was operating under Divine compulsion, or whether he was, for unknown reasons, unwilling or unable to comply with the adab of sobriety. Can he be considered to be something of a 'burning bush' of his day such that, like the latter, he really didn't have any control over what was being manifested through him - when what was uttered, was uttered?

We do know that Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul) - who did observe the adab of sobriety - felt comfortable with alluding to the possibility that the acts of the one being condemned may not have been wrong when considered from a Divine perspective rather than a purely human and/or communal one. We also know that from the perspective of Shari'ah anyone paying the prescribed penalty for a transgression of the law, is considered to be innocent before God on the Day of Judgement in relation to that transgression.

There is an account of a Sufi shaykh who, during the condition of spiritual intoxication, would say things which appeared to be heretical in nature. When the shaykh came out of that condition, his mureeds, or students, informed him about what had gone on.

Upon hearing the testimony of his mureeds, the shaykh agreed that such exclamations were not in accordance with the Shari'ah. He advised them that if he should make such statements during some future instance of intoxication, the students should take their swords and kill him immediately.

A few days later, the shaykh went into a condition of spiritual intoxication and, again, uttered the same sorts of exclamation. The students proceeded to follow the instructions which, previously, had been given by the shaykh with respect to such circumstances.

They tried to strike the shaykh with their swords. Yet, on each occasion, their swords passed through the shaykh without causing injury or bloodshed.

Is the foregoing account factual? Or, is it merely a piece of embellished folklore? Or, is it a story with truth at its kernel?

For many centuries, due to what some perceive to be the problematic statements issuing from the mouth or pen of this or that Sufi, various jurists, academic scholars, and theologians have been trying to swing their verbal swords through the body of the Sufi Path. Yet, like the students of the shaykh in the aforementioned story, their swords have passed through without, for the most part, doing damage or shedding blood.

The adab of sobriety is observed for a variety of different reasons. Some of this etiquette is observed in order to protect the Secret of Truth to which Hazrat Junayd (may Allah sanctify his soul) referred in his aforementioned quote. In addition, the adab also serves to protect both the community, as well as travelers on the Sufi Path - including people such as Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his spirit) if they are able to avail themselves of its protection.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said: "Do not give wisdom to other than the people of wisdom for you will be doing the wisdom an injustice, and do not prevent the people of wisdom from obtaining it and, thereby, do them an injustice."

The Sufi Path follows the above mentioned teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and through the adab of sobriety, the Path seeks not to do injustice to spiritual wisdom by giving it to those for whom it is not intended. On the other hand, the purpose of the Path is to ensure, God willing, that the people for whom wisdom is intended are not prevented from being exposed and opened to that wisdom.

What is the truth concerning the nature of this wisdom? What is the truth of the foregoing story of the intoxicated shaykh and his mureeds? What is the truth concerning what is alleged to have happened following the execution of Hazrat Hallaj (may Allah sanctify his soul)? What is the truth behind his uttering "Ana'l Haq?

Everyone makes his or her own choice about what to believe and what not to believe in relation to such matters. Ultimately, however, "To God belongs the conclusive argument" (6:149), and unless one is acquainted with that argument on a first-hand basis, one might do well to remember the counsel of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): "There are hidden gems of knowledge unknown to all but those who know God. If they are spoken of, none denies them except those arrogant toward God."

Both Hazrat Hallaj, as well as Hazrat Junayd,(may Allah sanctify their souls) - each in his own way, spoke of these "hidden gems of knowledge" for they each, in their own way, knew God. One of them observed the adab of sobriety with respect to such knowledge, and one of them did not - although, perhaps, the latter may have been incapable of preventing what was said from being said.

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