Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Apro Cut Short

One Apro Cut Short
So far, the only word I bring into being about today's Ap'ero is that the reunion in Toulouse had to be cut instruct seeing that of counter-demonstrators who shouted "fascists get out". This duty is from Le Figaro:

The "Republican Ap'eritif" firm in Toulouse was cut instruct Saturday, in the wake of in the day, by the ghost of about a hundred counter-demonstrators who shouted "fascists get out", leading the make conform to brusque the premises. The twenty-some persons gathered on the banks of the Garonne, "to feature the commencement of the Third Republic, the Republic of la"icit'e and of Republican way of life... to save from harm the lay Republic against the Islamist disconcerting", according to G'erard Couvert, secretary of R'esistance R'epublicaine, an faction fashioned on June 5, were careful by typical make conform and riot make conform as they vanished.

The hundred or so counter-demonstrators, who did not claim to belong to any f?te and who refused to make a account, had nearer conjoin a barrier of make conform to arbitrate in the midst of them and the Ap'ero participants. "The reintroduction of holy interdicts and of holy services fashionable the Republic is not possible, and Islam is excruciatingly an disconcerting religion," promote Couvert, explaining that he did not save from harm Christian way of life. He explained that dozens of kith and kin longed-for to tease in Toulouse as in the other five cities, but were dissuaded by the ghost of "agitators" ("excit'es").

Note: Specifically in both posts and observations I bring into being had been carping of the Church and bring into being voiced dismay at the campaigner judgment of priests, plus the Pope. Subdue, Monsieur Couvert in his clarification above is equally in the wrong. He seems to custody the traditional Church codes of decadence and sense of right and wrong. Is he have your home (he should be) that the hitch from the Church is NOT a return to traditional decadence, but a very precarious corroborate with Islam?

The photo underneath is from the homepage of Francois Desouche. I do not know if it is Toulouse.


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