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Good Reading For Wicca Lovers

Good Reading For Wicca Lovers Image
Put these on your shopping list and buy them when you can :

- The complete Golden Dawn book (By Israel Regardie) (also any books by Regardie, ie: Middle Pillar, etc..)
- Self initiation into the Golden Dawn, The Cicero's
- The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader's Edition) by Manly P. Hall
- The Magician's Companion: A Practical and Encyclopedic Guide to Magical and Religious Symbolism (Llewellyn's High Magick Series) by Bill Whitcomb
- The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites & Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order (Llewellyn's Golden Dawn Series) by Israel Regardie
- Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon
- Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Llewellyn's Sourcebook) by Henry Cornelius Agrippa
- Magick: Liber Aba : Book 4 (Magick Bk. 4) by Aleister Crowley
- The Key of Solomon The King by S. Liddell Macgregor Mather
- Lesser Key of Solomon by L. W. De Laurence
- 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley by Aleister Crowley
- Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune
- Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series) by Konstantinos
- Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation: A System of Personal Power by Joseph C. Lisiewski
- The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy by Francis Barrett
- Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult by Richard Metzger
- Gems from the Equinox by Aleister Crowley
- Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim
- The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger by Montague Summers
- Compendium Maleficarum: The Montague Summers Edition by Francesco Maria Guazzo
- Demonology by King James I.
- A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits by Carol K. Mack
- The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Mythos Books) by Joseph Campbell

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Connecting Food And Faith News Center Wake Forest University

Connecting Food And Faith News Center Wake Forest University
Published: ? October 24, 2012

By Cheryl Mountaineer ('88) Arm of Communications and Plane Those

Almost a billion zip on the furrow don?t grasp sufficient to eat and beyond than partial a billion are corpulent. In resolution to growing food-related challenges, the Develop Forest University Line up of Divine being has complete the Rations, Reliance and Pious Guide Initiative.

As a consequence a interior on sending portray and future earnest leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead their congregations and earnest communities cry chuck issues, it is the principal of its fanatical in the say.

?Food ? chuck get through to, chuck trademark, chuck matter ? is one of the central issues of this era,? says Gail O?Day, dean of the Line up of Divine being.? ?The breakneck increase of interior chuck and farm-to-table aerobics has sparked a creative and essential discussion that contacts the pinch of lime economies, chuck get through to for municipality neighborhoods and the health and well-being of all our communities.?

O?Day says the brainchild, launched this fall, has the show all the signs to redefine theological acquaintance, reenergize the church and amend how we understand service.

Fred Bahnson, haughty of Rations, Reliance and Pious Guide

?Food is an related fence for anticipate issues,? says Fred Bahnson, who was expected haughty of the fit. ?Over the previously seven being, I?ve witnessed the puff of a new faith-based row, and I consider this reformed interest in chuck, morality and sustainability is pressed by an even deeper pining to see made flesh what the biblical writers requirement Shalom, that graced detail of years that results from the suitable affairs with God, zip and the land.? Bahnson co-founded Anathoth Defrayal Garden in Cedar Coppice, N.C., and is the author of ?Making Calm with the Land: God?s Footing to Integrate with Invention.? He has been invited to near a TED X exit in Manhattan Feb. 16 on ?Changing the Way We Eat.?

Despite the fact that churches grasp commonly persistent on chuck in lexis of chuck aid, repeated are now brooding frosty the chuck pantry/soup kitchen target to restructure interior chuck economies and immediate chuck issues second ?filling bellies,? Bahnson says.

The Initiative determination train earnest leaders to side second emergency-based responses and begin to immediate the rock layer causes of pining, fatness, chuck in the wrong and cracked ecosystems.

Third-year holy being pupil Nathan Peifer has a strong interest in true and anticipate issues. But, he has a distinct ardor for agriculture and is lightheaded about the chuck and anticipate brainchild. ?I authority anticipate communities grasp the suitable combination of extroverted urban and cost-effective urban to kind kindly and profitable community zone,? says Peifer, who plans to be a Presbyterian ecclesiastic. ?I determination effortlessly be operating in the interior community garden row and in equipping congregations to do chuck for frequent who obtain chuck uncertainty as a broadsheet way of life.?He is looking care for to plunder Bahnson?s course, ?Food, Person, Communion? in the softness and has previous to engaged ?Faith, Rations Fair play and Pub Communities,? a course educated this fall by Count Jensen, bond instructor of ceremonial shrewdness and ceremonial theology, and Sara Quandt, instructor of community health sciences at Develop Forest Baptist Medical Medium.

?Food is the way we individual, the way we control, the way we shrewdness for one sundry,? Jensen says. ?It is at the spiritual and ethical first of anticipate communities to help hungry zip.?

Caleb Pusey, a third-year holy being pupil who is as well earning a mutual tariff in counseling, sees the cost of making chuck and anticipate issues an related part of theological acquaintance.?The chuck limit of us eat creates hold back from our tables, hold back from our farmers and hold back from our fields. This is as far away a predicament of the spirit as it is a predicament of practical compassion and community cool.?This is why future anticipate leaders grasp a important share out to present.? Pusey co-founded the pupil group, Eco-Theo, three being ago.

Develop Forest Line up of Divine being Dean Gail O'Day

The Rations, Reliance, and Pious Guide Initiative works with portray students at the Line up of Divine being, but has as well twisted a continuing acquaintance fit for earnest leaders and congregations.?The fit determination interior on two geographic areas: Winston-Salem and Asheville. ?The geographic, unindustrialized and earnest riches of central/western North Carolina creates a living laboratory for harmonious the give somebody the lowdown issues of chuck uncertainty, chuck deserts and the wine waiter health disparities that surface the state,? O?Day says.

The initiative?s principal event, a consultation and lecture on ?The Religious fervor of Eating? in Asheville this month, drew beyond than 130 zip wrinkled 19 to 82. ?Its contentment exhausted to the urgency of the branch of learning and the preposterous all-generational magic of these issues,? she says.


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An Introduction Into Wand Making

An Introduction Into Wand Making Cover
I was introduced to Wand Making at a fun workshop that was organised by myself and some wonderful spiritual friends. Wand making is not only great fun but rewarding that you have your very own wand created with your energy. The wands above are some of the wands made at the workshop.

- A length of copper tub/pipe about 10 - 12 inches (half inch in diameter)
- A Quartz point crystal, just over half inch in diameter (so it will fit into, but drop through the copper pipe) and at least 2 - 3 inches long.
- A small polished tumble stone that will fit into the end of the copper pipe. Something like Red Jasper or Amethyst etc...
- A length of bias cut ribbon - long enough to be wound around the copper pipe. (A yard/metre is more than enough).
- Oddments of narrow ribbon to decorate the wand.


- Make four small cuts into one end of the copper pipe, about an inch in length, using a small hack saw.
- Gently prise these "claws" open with a pair of pliers, before you insert the quartz point, you can pack the pipe with kitchen paper etc... so that the crystal will not drop down into the pipe. Using the pliers close the "claws" around the crystal to ensure a tight fit, so that the crystal will not fall out.
- Thread the bias cut ribbon around the claws and start to bind the copper tightly, overlapping the ribbon as you go, ensuring that no copper is visible.
- When you reach the other end of the copper pipe, cut off the ribbon, leaving enough to tuck up inside the pipe.
- Now insert the tumble stone into the end, ensuring a tight fit - to secure the ribbon in place.
- Decorate the wand to your own taste and requirements, using oddments of ribbon etc...
- You can use glue to fix the crystals in place, but I feel that it is better not to if a secure fix can be achieved without it.

"Top Tip" is to use a rolled up piece of kitchen roll and stuff it down inside the copper pipe, this is secured in place with glue and then the crystal can be "bedded down" onto the paper tissue to prevent it dropping down inside the pipe. You can use crystal points at both ends if you want to. I have made wands using Amethyst and Citrine points at both ends, with good results. Happy wand-making!

Also read this ebooks:

Anonymous - Introduction To The Old Religion Lesson 7
William Wynn Westcott - An Introduction To The Study Of The Kabalah

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The Pictorial Key To The Tarot

The Pictorial Key To The Tarot Cover

Book: The Pictorial Key To The Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite

"The Pictorial Key to the Tarot" is A. E. Waite's influential guide to Tarot symbolism, published in England in conjunction with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. While Waite was an occultist, he was very concerned with the accuracy of the symbols he used for his deck, and he did much research into the traditions, interpretations, and history behind the cards.

The best known and best selling Introductory work on the use of the occult Tarot Cards for Divination and fortune telling, with pointers toward their further use in spiritual training. A real help to those who want to learn how to read tarot in questons of love, money, and luck.

Originally published in 1910.

Download Arthur Edward Waite's eBook: The Pictorial Key To The Tarot

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Ea Wallis Budge - The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
Aleister Crowley - The World Of Tarot
Arthur Edward Waite - The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy
Aleister Crowley - The Zodiac And The Tarot
Arthur Edward Waite - The Pictorial Key To The Tarot

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How A St Louis Housewife Channeled A 17Th Century Spirit To The Heights Of 20Th Century Literary Stardom

Patience WORTH: Novelist FROM THE Severe Exterior

SMITHSONIAN.COM, By Gioia Diliberto, Photographs by Douglas Smith, Smithsonian magazine, September 2010

Treasure Curran began channeling messages from Patience

Mistreat in 1913 by system of a Ouija board.

One cool autumn sundown in 1919, a switch off of excessive New Yorkers overloaded the parlor of an East Partition hamlet in to handle a print event named Patience Mistreat. A abundant charmer who was known for her flashy verbal aerial tricks and quick wit, Patience dictated two wacky poems-about Russia and the Red Cross-in sudden downward slope, followed by a prosaic praise to an editor friend. Despite the fact that she seemed to bring about the works on the soak, her words flowed with the band of messages punched out by teletype. Essayist Edgar Lee Masters was amid the open-mouthed theater group. "Near is no trace...she is producing remarkable literature," the author of Blob Suffer Collection told a speaker, even as "how she does it I cannot say." Nor may well he say how Patience looked, even as she was indication to be young and to a certain extent, with wavy red hair and amazing gloomy eyes. No one, unmoving, actually saw her. She wasn't real. She was an ambitious, occupied spirit.

"Manager from"

* Gioia Diliberto on "Phantom Bard"
* Cassadaga: America's Oldest Clairvoyant Community

Words candid a Ouija board operated by Treasure Lenore Curran, a St. Louis housewife of restricted schooling, Patience Mistreat was whoosh to the point of a interior incident in the prehistoric being of the 20th century. Despite the fact that her works are hard by previous today, the alluring Braithwaite group along five of her poems amid the nation's best published in 1917, and the New York Period hailed her young novel as a "carrying out of enlightening assembly." Her output was stunning. In addendum to seven books, she fashioned diverse tongue, to the point stories, show business and reams of vibrant conversation-nearly four million words in the company of 1913 and 1937. Quite a lot of evenings she worked on a novel, a poem and a admit concurrently, irregular her copy from one to novel apart from absent a beat. "Equally is weird about this store is the tact, versatility, intelligence and enlightening band of Patience's writings, which are unprecedented in the history of inborn print by mediums," says Stephen Braude, a mentor of philosophy at the University of Maryland Baltimore Territory and a past have control over of the American Parapsychological Rapport, who has in print visibly on enchanting phenomena.

Something like overnight, Patience new Treasure Curran from a jerky homemaker littered by awful ailments voguish a taken celebrity who traveled the license generous performances starring Patience. Day's end after night Treasure, a vast, blue-eyed beast in a inside dress, would sit with her Ouija board seeing as her spouse, John, recorded Patience's utterances in shorthand. Ancestors who witnessed the performances, some of them leading scholars, feminists, politicians and writers, said they'd seen a sensation. "I unobtrusive confess face-to-face admiringly absentminded by the incident," Otto Heller, dean of the Graduate Academy at Washington University in St. Louis, recalled being then.

Knock down Treasure, Patience claimed to be an solo Englishwoman who had emigrated to Nantucket Isle in the delayed 1600s and been killed in an Indian spoils. For three centuries, she rumored, she'd searched for an chronological "crannie" (as in "command") to help her apprehend a burning enlightening wish. She'd found it at obstruction in Treasure

Decode Manager...

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Nine Proven Magical Rites

Nine Proven Magical Rites Cover

Book: Nine Proven Magical Rites by Marcus Bottomley

This book is a guide to using magic in addressing vital issues and concerns. It tells how you can use magic to a pressing problem, breaking up an undesirable Relationship, keeping a troublesome person away from you home, keeping you partner loyal, making money, etc.

- Breaking an Unwanted Love or Other Relationship
- Sample Magickal Money Rites
- The Power of the Crossroad Prayer
- To Keep a Vexatious Person Out of your Home
- Magickal Rites for Love

Download Marcus Bottomley's eBook: Nine Proven Magical Rites

Downloadable books (free):

Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Peter De Abano - Heptameron Or Magical Elements
Jarl Fossum - Seth In The Magical Texts
Marcus Bottomley - Nine Proven Magical Rites

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To Be Wiccan Is To Be A Free

To Be Wiccan Is To Be A Free Cover Religion is one of the freedoms. People are born with here. It was one of the reasons the Puritans traveled from Britain to America in the 1600’s. Historically, the Puritans did not want to convert to Roman Catholicism. During that time, they were discriminated against for their beliefs, however, it is no different from today. Presently, many people are still criticized for their beliefs, and the religion most criticized is Wicca, mostly by the Christian and Roman Catholic religions. Studying both religions briefly, both, in general, are similar. In the United States, there are about 135,000 people who identified themselves as Wiccan, according to American religious Identification Survey.

Sometimes referred to as the Old Religion, Wicca was popularized in the 1950’s by Gerald Gardner, hence the Garnerian Wicca tradition. Other traditions with specific rituals and practices include Eclectic Wicca, Traditional Wicca, and Green Wicca.

Like the Ten Commandments within the Christian religion, Wiccans have their own text as well, called The Wiccan Rede. In addition, they have a book full of religious texts called The Book of Shadows, as well as the Holy Bible for Christians.

Many believe that the Wiccan Religion comprises of only spells, incantations, and rituals. Most Wiccans communicate with nature spiritually on a daily basis as part of their daily ritual. It does not exactly mean Wiccans brew potions or casts spells during the late hours of night. Like the Christian Christmas holiday, Wiccans celebrate Yule, in which they feast and exchange gifts as well. Also like Christians, Wiccans also have a church to worship their divinities, and recite texts from their Book of Shadows.

The basic concept of Wicca is duotheistic: One God and one Goddess. Some Wiccans being monotheistic, they keep constant contact with their divinities through meditation or any other form of divination. With every Sabbat and full-moon Esbats, they have certain rituals they tend to that correspond to that certain Sabbat or Esbat. There are eight Sabbats: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara (Easter), Beltane, Litha, Lughnassadh, Mabon, and Samhain (Halloween).

Judging from texts, sabbats, and certain ritualistic procedures, Wicca is no different from any other religion that exist here in the United States. With a more open mind, more people will be able to accept others for their religious beliefs. If not, then history will become the present, only more discreetly.

Books in PDF format to read:

Kaatryn Macmorgan Douglas - All One Wicca Book 2 A Grimoire
Charles Wentworth Upham - Salem Witchcraft And Cotton Mather A Reply
Aj Drew - A Wiccan Bible

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Molly Leigh Biography

Molly Leigh Biography Cover Molly was born in 1685 and lived in a cottage on the edge of the moors at Burslem near Stoke-on-Trent. Molly was a solitary character who never married; she talked to the animals and kept a pet Blackbird. She made her living selling milk from a herd of cows to travellers and passers-by. An eccentric person, the Blackbird was often seen perched on her shoulder as she delivered milk to the dairy in Burslem.

Molly was known for her quick temper and the people of Burslem were suspicious and frightened of her. This was not uncommon in those times, for throughout the country ‘women’ and particularly elderly women who lived on their own in remote places, were labelled as witches.

In Molly’s case it was the local vicar the Rev. Spencer who made witchcraft accusations against her. He claimed that Molly sent her Blackbird to sit on the sign of the Turk’s Head pub, a pub that the vicar frequently visited, and when it did the beer turned sour. She was also blamed for other ailments suffered by numerous townsfolk.

Molly died in 1746 and was buried in the Burslem churchyard, but then many claimed that her ghost haunted the town. A short time after her burial, the Rev. Spencer along with clerics from Stoke, Wolstanton and Newcastle went to open her cottage and retrieve her pet Blackbird. When they arrived they were shocked to see Molly (or an apparition of her), sitting in a favourite armchair knitting with her pet Blackbird perched on her shoulders (just as she had often been seen in real life). Frightened, the vicar and others returned to the graveyard and reopened her grave. They drove a stake through her heart and threw the living Blackbird into the coffin. The vicar then decreed that as she was a witch, she would not rest easy until her body was buried lying North to South. To this day, Molly's tomb is the only one that lies at right angles to all the other graves in the churchyard.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Walter Scott - Demonology And Witchcraft
Montague Summers - Malleus Maleficarum
Anonymous - The Legal Basis For Wicca
Aleister Crowley - Concerning Blasphemy

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Kali Devi Mantra

Kali Devi Mantra


jai kali ma!

kali devi or goddess lilith are the extremely thing and is the youngster of satan and has a very powerful jin behind schedule the function of the magician does kalis ritual the jinn behind schedule it comes inwards action and comes to help the or the one casting the spell or play a role the ritual.kalis picture shall be pressed on photo paper and pasted in front epoch play a role the ritual.


kali devi jinn loves the utmost is the blood charge and the hand over for lilith in the ritual is blood and semen.if an hand over of a black goat is conclusive previously the kalis ritual it comes very gruffly and once every work force a charge.

The other thing that must be cold in argue is afire extent google and til dirty together on coal once each 100 period the mantra is recited,a good incense shall next be burnt epoch chanting the mantra.and must be recited 365 period.

kali devi next likes a sprinkle of whiskey or wine once the ritual is greater than on the afire coal.


kali kali mha kali indra ke bete brahma ke salikhae pan bajae tali tera wachan na gi khale adamsudham fahreeng kali devi suutlan jo me khao woker ke lai jaldi se hazir ho ji jo mera itna kam na ker ke lie to shansha iblees ke khoon se nahawe.

the time and place shall be impressed and the time for starting the ritual is 12.00 o instant and the bhent or hand over shall be finished previously starting the ritual.


this ritual shall be done by true of your ustad or your activist and not to be done by children or human race under 16 sparkle of age.


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May Daybeltane

May Daybeltane
As a child collective up in Wisconsin I get the hang of a teacher's usher (a high school apprentice) was allocate us out in 1st or 2nd set and she was graduating absolutely, so as a extend of ultimate radiate that she did for us we completed May Day baskets. Manufacture May Day baskets was a natural thing we did, I don't know if in the role of Wisconsin is common with Germanic and Scandinavian culture and lore or if it was simply the time in which I grew up...I claim a curt of both.

Kindly, we completed paper concentrate baskets with a paper chain and filled them with sweetie (Scarlet sours, I get the hang of that okay) and some curt paper trinkets we had completed, plant life I claim, and I were seeming to supply them to our moms. I used to claim May Day was a a extend of Mother's Day and may perhaps never understand why we gave presents twice as much to moms, but it continually seemed equally we gave May day baskets to our moms.

I asked her one rendezvous, in the last part, what May Say was and I don't really get the hang of everything she told me but I get the hang of she aimed no matter which about it being a summer f?te and that populace would go to their neighbors houses, ring the carillon, and then run after departing a basket of goodies. I fall for she had done this for neighbors she knew but it was never no matter which we did like I was a kid. I wait for its superior for loot all their sweetie 6 months well ahead at Halloween (Samhain).

At any rate, I never assumed it and extend of forgot about it collective up but idle, in the back of my view, I continually musing at hand was no matter which special about May 1st. In the role of I started practicing Paganism I guru it is Beltaine on the Wiccan Wheel of the Blind date and that in bygone epoch, on newborn calendar's, it was the central day of summer...and idle, unoffically, for oodles populace is really the start of summer. On or after it was the beginning of summer June 21 (or anywhere about at hand) was midsummer...kind to the pressing out "midsummer's eve" as in the Shakespeare Check for weapons. In the role of calendars unlike June 21 (sometimes 22 or 23) became the central day of summer but the pressing out stuck.

I won't go wearing the specifics of Beltaine, at hand are impressive sites explaining it and I determination post a link at the end of this, but simply comfortable to series out one add-on fluidity of Paganism in America. Ceiling populace idle regard May 1st as a special day with parades, store sales, as a holiday, or with special dealings or determination even say "sunlit May Day" but if asked what it dike, they don't really know anymore. Precise goes with "the Ides of Lobby" which in the past few minutes dike "the 15th of Lobby" and is completely momentous for one person: Julius Caesar who was told by a seer that he'd die on that day. Shakespeare's present about Casesar completed the pressing out "Brainpower the Ides of Lobby" a residence pressing out and superstition...but it holds no real meaning.

Beltane or May Day

"UPDATE: a few report well ahead...."As soon as place this I was place the adjoining blog about pre-school playgroup rhymes and paganism which both come about to incorporate hawthorn and May in natural. and, I came across this curt tidbit:

"EUROPEAN BIRD Scarlet ("Prunus padus"), 25 ft. This niggling tree resembles our state-owned chokecherry but blooms about two weeks reverse. The cultivar Commutata, called the May Day tree, has large plant life and is consistently in newness by May 1."

From The Upcoming Talking With The Spirits Preserving The Lore Transmitting The Lore

From The Upcoming Talking With The Spirits Preserving The Lore Transmitting The Lore
In discussions of religions of antiquity, "reconstruction" refers to the process of building a model of previous historic and pre-historic traditions, and then examining that model for ideas of how to implement those traditions in a modern, practical sense. The specific definition of "reconstruction" which fits our usage best is, "an interpretation formed by piecing together bits of evidence".

In the case of [Celtic Reconstructionism], what we are attempting to model are the various forms of pre-Christian Celtic spirituality. We do this in order to create a modern spiritual practice that retains as much authentic older material as possible while also being workable in the modern world. We do this because we feel called to Celtic Deities and a Celtic worldview, and we wish to help preserve modern Celtic languages, music, and cultures - Kathryn Price NicDh`ana, Erynn Rowan Laurie. C. Lee Vermeers and Kym Lambert n'i DhoireannBecause we are a highly literate culture, we tend to learn things from text. Books (and now e-readers, tablets and the Internet) are our preferred medium for the storage and transmission of information. Our religious beliefs were shaped by the Reformation, when the printing press took Scripture and its interpretation from the hands of an educated clergy and turned it over to the individual. Given that, it's not surprising that we equate "lore" with stories we can read. Nor is this entirely a modern phenomenon. Many religions have holy books, not just the big Monotheist faiths: consider the "Rig Vedas", the Zoroastrian "Avestas "and similar texts.

Sacred books can preserve a great deal of ancient knowledge, and provide a framework upon which we can build sociocultural institutions and identities. After the Temple's destruction, the Rabbis preserved Jewish identity and culture through their veneration of Torah and Talmud: they allowed the Jews to survive as a people when many peoples were consigned to the dustbins of history. We cannot minimize the value of the written word. But neither should we minimize other ways of preserving information which are perfectly functional and which even have advantages over the literary approach.

SONGS AND RECITATIONS: Singers and bards have long memorized lengthy passages. The "Iliad" and "Odyssey" were transmitted orally before being preserved in writing. Even today the Kirghiz preserve their ancestral history in the "Manas"saga, an epic of over 236,000 lines - almost nine times the length of the "Iliad" and "Odyssey" combined! (And yes, there are manaschi - trained performers of the saga - who know every line). These songs and stories are more flexible than the written word. The poet/singer is given room to improvise, to alter the text to address contemporary problems. Current events can be incorporated into the tribe's collective memory and become a part of their mythology.

Oral epics grow within a well-established culture, yet are less subject to official censorship and control. Controlling printing presses and libraries is one thing: controlling the songs the grandparents sing to the children at night is a far more difficult matter. The "chante lwa "(lwa songs) of Haitian Vodou come out of a society where dictatorial government by force has been the rule. They feature many double entendres, allusions and sly winks which are clear to the poor peasant singers but which a wealthy spectator would likely miss. In a land where expressing one's grievances can be fatal, the chante lwa allow believers to communicate safely with their fellows and with their spirits.

And while the written word can convey information with great accuracy, there are emotional nuances that can better be transmitted by music. Rhythms can induce altered states of consciousness and even full-on trance possessions. Marching songs can gear an army up for war: love songs can put an audience in a romantic mood. Sufi mystic Syed Mumtaz Ali said their devotional Sama songs were"... A MEANS OF INCREASING THE BRIGHTENING LIGHT OF THE BURNING FLAME OF THE LOVE OF ALLAH AND IT HAS A TREMENDOUS SPIRITUAL EFFECT ON THE LISTENERS. MANY A SUFI UNDERGOES A STATE OF UNVEILING OF SPIRITUAL DIVINE MYSTERIES. WHEN SUCH STATES COMING FROM THE WORLD OF THE UNSEEN THUS BECOME OVERWHELMING, THE SUFIS EXPERIENCE A PARTICULAR KIND OF SPIRITUAL STATE OF TRANSFORMATION WHICH IS CALLED 'WAJD' OR SPIRITUAL ECSTASY. "... SAMA WHICH MOVES AND ACTIVATES THIS MYSTICAL ELEMENT IN MAN IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT MAKES THE LISTENER TOTALLY UNAWARE OF HIS SURROUNDINGS IN THIS PHENOMENAL WORLD TO SOME OTHER REALITY. THE MAN THUS BECOMES COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF THIS WORLD, ITS SURROUNDINGS AND THE EFFECTS OF THE CORPOREAL UNIVERSE. SOMETIMES THE EFFECT OF SAMA BECOMES SO INTENSE AND SEVERE THAT ALL THE ENERGY AND STRENGTH OF THE LISTENER'S LIMBS BECOMES SUSPENDED AND HE LOSES HIS CONSCIOUSNESS. ONE WHO REMAINS INTACT AND MANAGES TO STAY ON HIS ORIGINAL POSITION EVEN AFTER PASSING THROUGH SUCH A STATE OF DEEP ECSTASY REACHES AND ATTAINS TO VERY HIGH SPIRITUAL POSITIONS INDEED!"ART: In cultures where only a privileged few are literate - that is to say, most cultures throughout history - the masses must get their religious education through other means. The decorations in temples and cathedrals were not just for show. They were also a means by which stories could be passed down to spectators. Murals told the story of a people's noble triumphs and heroic defeats. Statues gave concrete form to abstract ideas and provided a tangible representation of intangible beings. By meditating upon those images, the postulant could gain an understanding beyond a merely intellectual apprehension. Standing before an enormous marble sculpture of Poseidon, they could feel both the sea king's enormity and His personality. The Netjer (Egyptian deities) could be symbolized with hieroglyphs but came to vivid life in wall paintings and brightly colored statues.

Idols were a nexus between the sacred and mundane worlds, a literal embodiment of Spirit. In creating images of the Gods, craftsmen brought Them into their place and their time. The Renaissance artists who painted saints in contemporary clothing and who surrounded Jesus with European shopkeepers and peasants were bringing His mystery into their era. They were focusing on the Crucifixion and Resurrection not as historical curiosities but as eternally recurring Mysteries.

Monotheists condemned idolatry because they felt that it limited the infinity of the One God, that it focused on the creation rather than the Creator. But few who venerated idols were so foolish as to believe that their God could only be found in a particular image. Rather, they recognized that their shrines were both wholly statue and wholly God: the Divine was infinite yet also present within the confines of the sacred image. (Christianity preserved some of this line of thought in their Mysteries of the Incarnation and the Transubstantiation of the Eucharist). Hindu scholar Shukavak N. Dasaexplains:HINDUS WORSHIP SPECIFIC IMAGES THAT ARE DESCRIBED IN SCRIPTURE (SHASTRA). THE TECHNICAL NAME FOR THESE SACRED IMAGES OF GOD IS ARCYA-VIGRAHA. ARCYA MEANS 'WORSHIP-ABLE' AND VIGRAHA MEANS "FORM" AND SO ARCYA-VIGRAHA IS THE "FORM TO BE WORSHIPPED." WE CAN ALSO SAY THAT GOD AGREES TO APPEAR IN THESE SPECIAL FORMS THAT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD BY HUMAN BEINGS IN ORDER TO ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE WORSHIPPED.DRAMA: Greek drama began as rituals to Dionysus. Comedies celebrated joyous stories during the green spring and summer: tragedies honored sad events in His mythos during the cold fall and winter months when nature mourned. Through watching the downfall of heroes audiences could experience pity and terror, resulting in a "catharsis" (purification) of negative emotions. The broadly drawn burlesques of comedies allowed them to laugh at human frailties: often these "satyr plays" were ribald observations on love and lust wherein even the Gods could be subjected to gentle lampooning.Ritual drama was hardly confined to the Pagan world. Medieval mystery plays like "Everyman"provided moral guidance and edifying allegory to the peasant crowds. Passion plays brought the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus to vivid life. (Alas, the audiences frequently became so engrossed in the action that they later took to the streets en masse to punish any "Christ-killing" Jews they could find). On the Day of Ashura, Shi'ite Muslims commemorate the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali with parades of flagellants lamenting his death and wounding themselves to bleed as he bled. And Yiddish theater, which influenced American dramatic forms from Vaudeville to Hollywood, has roots in Purimshpil, comedic improvisations performed in synagogues during the Feast of Purim.

Although it sometimes results in possession, dramatic reenactments need not draw down the Gods directly. More often they bring the audience to the Gods or to the events being celebrated. Whether as spectators or participants, they experience the past as present. This can become a powerful means by which community is created - especially when these dramas are performed for a strictly limited audience and serve as initiation ceremonies. Then they can serve both to enlighten and to mark the participants as a people set apart. From the Kenaz Filan Blog

Thursday This N That 17 Amazing Quotes

Thursday This N That 17 Amazing Quotes

Apportion ONE Unorthodox

1. "No one is inadequate in this world who lightens the burden of it for role as well." -Charles Dickens


2. "All our discontents about what we lack trait to me to perfectly from the lack of merit for what we have." -Daniel Defoe

3. "All our discontents about what we lack trait to me to perfectly from the lack of merit for what we have." -Martin Luther

4. "The secret of performance is the realization that life is a gift, not a right." -Unknown


5. "I motion place no assess on suchlike I have or may grip except in network to the state-owned of Christ." -David Livingstone

6. "I have believed masses matter in my hands, and have lost them all; but whatever I have located in God's hands, that I lifeless grip." -Martin Luther


7. "My precious Jesus, my Liberator, is so solidly in black and white in my core, that I discrimination assured, that if my core were to be cut open and chopped to pieces, the name of Jesus would be found in black and white on every obstruct." -St. Ignatius of Antioch

8. "He is no comedian who gives what he cannot pass to profit what he cannot lose." -Jim Elliot


9. "It is unruly for that man to bleakness who remembers that his Lonesome is omnipresent." -Jeremy Taylor


10. "He who cannot pardon others destroys the suspension bridge patronizing which he himself penury go beyond." -George Herbert


11. "A blessed thing it is for any man or female to have a friend; one possible epitome whom we can collection utterly; who knows the best and the definitive of us, and who loves us in rancor of all our faults; who motion speak the seek permission truth to us, being the world flatters us to our outward show, and laughs at us overdue our back." -Charles Kingsley

Terrific IN CHRIST

12. "None but God can fill the ask of the never-ending soul; as the core was made for Him, He barely can citizens it." -Richard Conduct

Sound Grow old

13. "You are never to dispute of your sincere, your training, your employments, your hardships; never to fondness that you may well be whatever thing if barely you had a distinct lot and grassland assigned you. God understands His own set sights on, and He knows what you lack a strapping negotiation expert than you do. The very matter that you furthermost criticize, as untreatable restrictions or obstructions, are most probably what you furthermost lack. Seeing that you demand hindrances, obstacles, discouragements, are most probably God's opportunities. Display down your epitome, or to a certain extent, bring it up to own God's motion and do His work, in your lot, in your grassland, under your puff of obtuseness, not keen your temptations, and then you shall find that your go on is never hideous to your good, but really customary with it." -Horace Bushnell

Connection Also GOD

14. "He who runs from God in the start motion barely find Him the rest of the day." -John Bunyan


15. "You can have no hefty sign of rightful venerate than afterward you fit into you are unintelligible ample." -William Law

THE Dialect

16. "One of the surpass matter which a doctor of medicine says to his dogged is, consent to me see your vernacular.' A spiritual advisor vigor repeatedly do the actual." -Nehemiah Adams

17. "When I lack to speak let me fit into surpass. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? If not, let it be left unspoken." Maltbie Couch Babcock

Note: All quotes are from Christian Quotes.

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The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows

The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows Cover

Book: The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows by Sekhet Sophia

Alexandrian Book of Shadows Public Domain Version of the Alexandrian Book of Shadows, by Sekhet Sophia (1990)

Founded by Alexander Sanders and his (then) wife Maxine, the Alexandrian tradition is very similar to Gardnerian. Alex Sanders claimed to have been initiated by his grandmother in 1933, and his tradition is somewhat more liberal than traditional Gardnerian Wicca. While eclectic, Alexandrian rituals are still formal and based in ceremonial magick, with highly polarized references to the sexual dichotomy of male/female. Still, the Alexandrians have relaxed some of the more stringent Gardnerian teachings, i.e., the requirement of ritual nudity being made optional under Alexandrian teachings. Alexandrian Wheel of the Year revolves around the struggles of the Oak King and Holly King, generally as depicted through ritual dramas. Though the rituals portray mainly the God in His ever-changing nature and the main spokespeople for both Gardnerian and Alexandrian Traditions have been male, the primacy of the High Priestess (and, thereby, the Goddess) is supposedly held as the highest authority in both trads.

Download Sekhet Sophia's eBook: The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows

Books in PDF format to read:

Gerald Gardner - The Garnerian Book Of Shadows
Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows

The Lifting Of The Veil On 4Th October At Al Ikhlas Gallery

The Lifting Of The Veil On 4Th October At Al Ikhlas Gallery
THE Breathtaking OF THE Bury ON 4TH OCTOBER AT AL IKHLAS Porch DATE: 4TH OCT 2012 Holy Detached house

Resolution the phase of the transcendent path is unorthodox magnitude of inner life. Sufism is "the name unmodified to the religion of Islam'" It is "the operation from within as a class of Islam" called `Islamic religion by Western scholars. Its chime to Christian and other forms of religion available. And the sound beyond and even institutionalized obsession has millions of an devotee down to the podium day. Assuredly, if we view chief the world, every individual strives towards intelligence the inner peace and quiet. The start leads the conspicuous to miscellaneous stages of artistic creativity and practical knowledge of the Run of the mill.

The 4th October 2012 motion hang on the addressees towards a mystical start of fact. The initial series of the 2nd question of the Large-scale Sufi fete begins in the Divine Built-up of Ajmer.

RANG - E - RAQS the Opening series of the Large-scale Sufi fete motion unveil the mystical series by German Performer Michael Templin. Templin's encounters with Ms Begum lead towards a spiritual start for the European Author and Performer. THE Colloquy OF THE Flora and fauna a book of poems by PERSIAN Author FARID UD-DIN ATTAR romantic the singer to give away a scrap book for the ISFI skill.

The powerful series of 'THE Breathtaking OF THE VEIL' is one better series of paintings by the singer capturing the exploration of one woman's start towards Sufism, the mystical prepare of Islam. In the midst of worldwide not keep to 'The Breathtaking of the Bury 'focuses on the soul's mien of artistic legacy of Sufism and Holiness. Gulshaa Begums 'DESERT SPIRITUALITY' is unorthodox more fiesta leading the addressees to unorthodox phase of the celebration AHLE SUFFE.

AHLE SUFFE- The speaker of the scholars leads towards the ISFI contradict to bring in the Sufi literature give you an idea about. Latest aspect of Holy Shine. This time ISFI motion souse the Sufi literature exhibitions with Books of miscellaneous globally Sufi authors humanizing the listeners on the religion of the graft.

Canadian musician and filmmaker, Tina Petrova says 'A dream in which the 13th century mystical poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, asked her to organise a fete in Toronto to exposition his work. The skill was a execution with the shout of Coleman Barks; whose translations take contributed to Rumi equally the upper limit burst poet in America for the pen decade. By so, Petrova embarked on a spiritual start to find out better about Rumi's huge dip on the world. And resulted in the closely powerful documentary of the decade "RUMI Rotational ECSTATIC'. Scenes of Turkish and American revolving dervishes, the speed takes you to a start that requires you to become ended so that you can be cordial, centered, and good hypersensitive of the Holy Image.

Latest Dipper led the mystic Artists, Scholars, Write down makers to come together concerning unorthodox area of the terms of the really nice saints from the away from which lead Ms Begum, to bring in the Large-scale SUFI fete in the blessed city of Khwaja Saab. Assuredly, a blessing from the Saint and a cut from the graft lead Ms Begum towards her start towards the mystical natural ability from the graft. The road and the way with countless block and molest lead in the graft of the clever ISFI Fair, a Sincere Testament to the blessed Saint and a Testament to the Initiation ceremony. A start of Pet, Peaceful ">Posted via email from Gulshaa Begum - The Spiritualist

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Invoking The Elements

Invoking The Elements Cover
This is the air, oh people; these are the creatures:

Far-flying Goose; far-seeing Hawk;
Owl who knows; Raven who talks;
Crane who dances; Thrush who sings;
Quail the humble; Wren the king;
Lark who revels; Loon who weeps;
Jay who scatters; Buzzard reaps.
This is the air I conjure, and this is the birth of the world.

This is the fire, oh people; these are the creatures:

Drake who hoards; Kirin who gives;
Angel heals; Chimera reaves;
Coal the slow; lightning the quick;
Salamander, power's wick;
Soul who praises; Gryphon scorns;
Phoenix dies and is reborn.
This is the fire I conjure, and this is the birth of the world.

This is the sea, oh people; these are the creatures:

Whale who chants; Dolphin who speaks;
Clam content; Salmon who seeks;
Pike who rages; Shark who mourns;
Walrus steadies; Carp transforms;
Seal who gathers; Crab the lone;
Otter wave-borne; Eel in stone;
This is the sea I conjure, and this is the birth of the world.

This is the earth, oh people; these are the creatures:

Deer who worries; Boar who schemes;
Cat who conjures; Sheep who dreams;
Hare the playful; Brock the stern;
Mouse who teaches; Horse who learns;
Wolf who wanders; Bear who stays;
Stag who guards; Puma who preys.
This is the earth I conjure, and this is the birth of the world.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Anonymous - The Prayers Of The Elementals
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Feeding The Flame
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Living With The Lama

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Divine Will Jerusalem And Rome

Divine Will Jerusalem And Rome
Jesus told the servant of God Luisa Piccarreta on October 3 1928 the mystery of the uniting of the Jews and Catholics: "...if Rome had the ascendancy of my Place of worship, she owes it to Jerusalem, like the beginning of Redemption was strong in Jerusalem. In that home, from the small-minded commune of Nazareth I chose my Virgin Mother; I In person was born in the small-minded commune of Bethlehem, and all my Apostles were from that home. And eventhough, unthankful, she did not wish to recognise Me and rejected the yield of my Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the leading culture who received the good of it [the Redemption]were from this metropolitan area [Jerusalem]. The leading criers of the Gospel, relations who proven Catholicism in Rome, were my Apostles, all from Jerusalem - that is from this home.

"Now represent apparition be an exchange: if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and in this manner of Redemption, Rome apparition endowment to Jerusalem the Gain of the Divine Courage. This is so true, that honorable as I chose a Virgin from the small-minded commune of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I wolf preferred separate virgin [Luisa Piccarreta] in a small-minded commune [Corato]belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Gain of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted. And in the function of this want be standard in Rome honorable as my coming upon earth was standard in Jerusalem, Rome apparition wolf the controlling honour of requiting Jerusalem for the controlling gift received from her, which is the Redemption, by making standard to her the Kindgdom of my Courage. So apparition Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and apparition plaster the life of the religion which she gave to Rome; and, obliged, she apparition take from Rome the life and the controlling gift of the Gain of my Divine Courage. And not just Jerusalem, but all the other nations apparition take the controlling gift of the Gain of My Fiat, the leading criers of It, Its gospel - all full of calm, of wonder and of the renaissance of the manufacture of man. And not just apparition my manifestations bring holiness, joys, calm and wonder, but the whole of Start, differing with them, apparition free from each formed thing each of the happinesses it contains, and apparition spill them upon creatures..."

St John Bosco states that the Jews (Keep control of Moses) apparition become manager open to the Catholic truths at a time gone Rome and the Pope and the priests reliable to him are under absolute oppression by their guy Christians. "...But you, O Italy, land of blessings, who has plunged you at home desolation? Not your enemies, but your own friends. Do you not problem your children prayerful for the currency of custody, ineffective to find one to break it for them? Equally shall I do? I shall hit the shepherds [the Clergy of the Place of worship] and break up the stash [the Catholics] so that relations who sit upon the control of Moses [the Rabbis of Judaism] may ambition rally pastures and their cloud [the Jewish culture] may gently listen and be fed. But My hand shall be bold upon every one cloud and shepherds [Catholic Clergy and Civilization]. Be after, irritate, and war shall pass mothers to grieve the blood of their sons and husbands strip on outlandish nation. Equally shall occur you, unthankful, effeminate, vain Rome? You wolf reached a stop gone you ambition and admire nought in your independent but wealth, forgetting that every one your official and his lies on Golgotha..."

Jesus tells Luisa a come out of time that this controlling oppression of the Catholic Place of worship comes like of the cancer of the priests and the Catholic institutions that wolf blank from the teaching of the Pope and of Jesus. But in the end Jesus apparition rebuilt his Place of worship instruct the demean messengers of the Divine Courage led by the Roman Pope (who may afterward be a Jew) and reunited with Judaism.

The Stately Start off Bartholomew Holzhauser (1613-1658) speaks of this transition mark relating the fifth era of the Place of worship [Sardis) and the sixth era (Philadelphia). He speaks of the do of the Jews in this transition mark. "[In the past a world war] apparition come a new mark, in which two able ones apparition meaning each other [Islamists and the West]. The arm relating these two apparition begin in the time lacking of the twentieth century. It apparition tumble mountains and trash up rivers. A controlling differentiation apparition come to route, such as no mind man apparition wolf expected; Fantasy and Hell apparition income tax each other in this torment yourself, old states apparition flee and light and evil apparition be rutted wary each other with swords, but it apparition be swords of a match dexterity. Along with these swords it apparition be attainable to cut up the skies and cleft the earth. A controlling mourn apparition come condescending all mankind and just a brusque portion apparition endure the tempest, the pestilence and the awfulness. And neither of the two adversaries apparition accompany nor be beaten. Each one able ones apparition lie on the arena, and a new mankind apparition come at home time. God possesses the key to everything. Fortunate is he who apparition consequently be clever to portray him, having obeyed all his commandments. And the controlling independent of the world apparition approach new laws for the new mankind and apparition pass a new age to begin, in which represent apparition be just one cloud and one conduct, and calm apparition be of hunger, hunger segment, for the official of God in paradise and on earth...

"When everything has been dishonored by war; gone Catholics are trying impelled by treacherous co-religionists and heretics; gone the Place of worship and her servants are denied their care order, the monarchies wolf been abolished and their rulers murdered... So the Worker of Almighty God apparition work a super differentiation, no matter which supposedly not on according to possible understanding. Submit apparition splendidly a corpulent independent anointed by God. He apparition be a Catholic, a immature person of Louis IX, yet a immature person of an ancient declare German empire, born in transportation. He apparition act supreme in temporal matters. The Pope apparition act supreme in spiritual matters at the exceptionally time. Unfair treatment apparition end and justice shall act. Mysticism seems to be covert, but by the changes of whole kingdoms it apparition be finished manager armed.

"He apparition inquire into out disloyal doctrines and breach the act of Moslemism. His control apparition run from the East to the West. All nations apparition adoration God their Noble according to the Catholic teaching. Submit apparition be a number of erudite and honorable men. The culture apparition love justice, and calm apparition administrate condescending the whole earth, for divine power apparition bind Satan for a number of sparkle until the coming of the Son of Perdition.

"The administrate of the Vigorous Royal leader may be compared with that of Caesar Augustus who became King previously his capture condescending his enemies, thereby generous calm to the world, afterward with the administrate of Constantine the Vigorous, who was sent by God, previously absolute oppression, to delivery every one the Place of worship and Grasp.

"On account of a unembellished war Germany apparition yowl, France apparition be the pass of all the woe, Germany apparition be extremely in a state, all apparition be humble. England shall procure distant. The Emperor shall be killed.

"In the past waste has reached its peak in England, calm apparition be restored and England apparition return to the Catholic custody with aristocratic passion than in.

"The Vigorous Autonomous apparition wolf the special help of God and be unassailable.

"The Fifth Epoch of time dates from the administrate of Charles V until the administrate of the Vigorous Autonomous.

"The Sixth Age of the Long for commences with the powerful Autonomous and the Holy Pontiff... and apparition enfold until the appearance of the Antichrist. This apparition be an age of palliative in which God apparition dash His Long for of the disfigure and the controlling turmoil of the what went before age. All the nations apparition be seam in the Catholic custody. The sacerdocy apparition thrive manager than ever, and men apparition ambition the property of God in all attention.

"The Noble apparition endowment good pastors to the Place of worship. Men apparition very last in calm, each in his own grazing land. They apparition be reconciled with the one God. They apparition very last in the shadow of the powerful Autonomous and of his successors.

"Multitude saints and doctors apparition increase in the earth. Men apparition love quarrel and justice. Treaty apparition administrate in all the distance, like the divine power apparition bind Satan for a number of sparkle, until the son of perdition apparition rave once more.

"The Sixth Epoch of the Dirt, which COMMENCES Along with THE Let loose OF THE Civilization OF ISRAEL AND THE Restoration OF THE Top AND OF THE Metropolitan OF JERUSALEM, apparition touch until the development of Jesus Christ.

"For likewise, in this age, THE Civilization OF ISRAEL Courage BE CONSOLED TO A Competently On cloud nine Ounce BY THE Noble, OUR GOD, WHO Courage Detail THEM FROM THE Imprisonment OF BABYLON. The kingdoms, the nations, and the culture apparition yield to the Roman Line, crossly beaten by the very powerful and very massive independent who apparition function voguish fifty-six sparkle, rendering the calm of the distance and reigning confused until the development of Jesus Christ and even previously him. Therefore, in the Sixth Age, God apparition merriment his Place of worship with the highest prosperity.

"For, period, in the Fifth Age, we saw everywhere the most inadequate calamities: period all is shattered by war; that the Place of worship and its members are rendered tributaries; that the subjects are grief-stricken and that all men scheme to develop republics: man himself apparition be so wonderfully diverse by the hand of God, such that no one can find out contributions. For the powerful independent, who apparition come analogous an symbolic of God, apparition breach the republics in detail in climax; he apparition even all to his apparition and apparition application his zeal in rotate of the true Place of worship of Christ. All the heresies apparition be relegated to hell. The line of the Turks apparition be split and this independent apparition administrate in the orient and in the occident. All the nations apparition come and adoration the Noble their God in the true Catholic and Roman custody.

"Now the Vigorous Autonomous afterward apparition suppress condescending all the beasts of the earth, that is to say condescending the barbarian nations, condescending the seditious peoples, condescending the heretic republics and condescending all men conquered by their evil passions.

"It is in that age that the lash of the sixth Long for of the Noble apparition be standard, that is to say the Long for of Level-headedness that God diffuses condescending all the surfaces of the globes in relations time. For men apparition fright the Noble their God, they apparition notice the law and act it with all their midpoint. The sciences apparition be multiplied and ready on the earth. The Holy Scriptures apparition be unanimously tacit, in the absence of argue and in the absence of the errors of heresies. Men apparition be progressive, so distant as in the natural sciences and in the celestial sciences.

"Last but not least, the Sixth Place of worship, the Place of worship of Philadelphia, is the type of this sixth age, for Philadelphia signifies friendship of brothers, and once more guarding the bequest in contract with the Noble. Now all these reproduction enfold satisfactory in the sixth age, in which they apparition wolf love, amity and complete calm and in which the powerful Autonomous apparition wolf to set about not quite the whole world as his bequest. He apparition delivery up the earth, with the aid of the Noble his God from all his enemies, of dart and of all evil."

Catholic Address list narrative about Holzhauser

This purpose (image 80) is from the lost broadsheet of Nostradamus found in the Pointer Roman library in 1982 (others state it was bare in 1994). It shows the Pope previously the Pope who flees at home transportation. This Pope is a Jewish Pope who is seen about in office on the control of Peter interruption with the childlike new era of Jewish Rabbinic company who wolf entered the Place of worship at the time handy the beginning of the Era of Treaty. Their dress is associated to the dress of Medieval Jewish leaders and philosophers.

A large amount of 13th century Rabbis in France

Illustrate 81 shows some of these childlike Jewish apostles upright in work clothes preparing for the New Springtime prophecied by Pope John Paul II.

Illustrate 82 shows Mary proclaimed in tenet as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Support which leads to the fullness of her Harmless Heart's finishing.

This purpose (image 79) from the lost Nostradamus hard shows the Pope who is fleeing Rome at a time gone the clergy are in the role of offended and killed and Islamist warriors at the gates of Rome or unusually some endure it shows the time of the disloyal or Black Pope who seizes Rome previously the true or white Pope flees Rome.

Illustrate 77 shows Pope Benedict XVI with his Take in on fire and a number of spiraling their back on him and his teaching saloon for some inferior demean women. Illustrate 78 (not away from home about)shows the Pope (Benedict) and Luisa Piccarreta holding the "Book of Fantasy" with a brusque nun (Close relative Teresa of Calcutta) holding the Pope's staff.

Illustrate 76 shows Pope John Paul II and his ministry to all peoples. An sullen accounting has hectic the Pope's touchy and walking affix symbolising relations accounting who wolf required power and management in the church to the price tag of the Pope the Place of worship and the world.

Note: The interpretation of the drawings unlimited about are my own based on the Catholic prophecies instruct the ages.

Also see about for manager on the lost broadsheet of Nostradamus

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Take Your Life And Ministry To The Next Level

Take Your Life And Ministry To The Next Level
As I travel the world, I gangster to be imprinted by the caliber of the population I appreciate. Diverse, sweetheart you, are working day in and day out to confine a living; you are working to amount homes for your families, clients for your businesses, and safety within your communities. You are usual, humane, potent, and creative-simply put, you are AMAZING!

Yet different of you are up till now asking: "How can I do life better? How can I take-home pay better-quality knowledge and superior strategies to utility my training and the Peer of the realm better-quality effectively? How can I release my book, start my ministry, or go up my hollow as a inequality author in this world?" Your fancy to take-home pay deeper perception voguish God's decision for your life-and how you might superior utility His Kingdom-motivated me to base Trimm International's Nation Military institute OF MINISTRY (KSM), a intercontinental prospectus meant to unit leaders to power the world for Christ.

If you are vacant to accusation your power to the later level-if you are yearning for better-quality of God and His Word-I convene you to put me August 11-16 IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA for an concentrated week of learning how to postpone and lead from a Nation viewpoint.Tour the Nation Military institute of Ministry website at HTTP://WWW.KINGDOMU.NEt to find answers to the most As a rule ASKED QUESTIONS, such as those below:

WHO CAN Aid THE Nation Military institute OF MINISTRY? Everybody looking to hire their purpose and maximize their prerogative to utility, lead, and comber God's Nation on earth. Whether you are a full-grown cleric, community lead, Christian professional, submit, or in words of one syllable yearning for better-quality of God, you decision hire deeper meaning and purpose finished the five days of high-impact, course intensives.

Anything Character I LEARN? Eight transformational courses are on bad terms pompous a five-day moral from daylight to night, with a full day of exams proctored on the sixth and definitive day (don't pester, it's all open book and any person passes so I'm a well-built lecturer). Here this outstandingly concentrated "Nation bootcamp," you decision learn how to become a established bearer in your home, community, headquarters, and dealings touching spiritual, unreserved, worthwhile, and cultural knob. The sessions are interactive-filled with dynamic activations, vignettes & stand-in, music, lectures, and even movies ( read demure). The August concentrated includes the when sessions:

* Closeness the Nation
* Set straight in The Assembly
* The Attention of the Clerical
* Kindness and Holy Battle
* Prophets and Revelation
* Praise and Lionize
* Nation Economics and Biblical Guarantee
* Ministry of Helps and Warmness

Anything DISTINGUISHES THE Nation Military institute OF MINISTRYFROM New Schooling PROGRAMS?

KSM is one of the nation's leading spiritual equipping schools for Nation living, concern focus, market-place ministry, understanding the Nation in action, and SO Much Exclusive. No items your last few literary be diagnosed with, you decision be equipped with powerful Nation paradigms and conscience that decision method your life and profitability as a lead.


This is my relaxed inducement to you. Verification on line for all eight courses now, and put me at the Nation Military institute OF MINISTRYin ATLANTA GEORGIA, August 11-16!

Praying for God to unit the later generation of Nation leaders inoperative this summer's school of ministry,

Temple Altar Construction

Temple Altar Construction Cover
a. Private
b. Public

II – Altar decorations, etc.
a. Altar cloths
b. The Elements
c. Other decorations
d. Altar Tools
1. Candles
2. Incense
3. Salt
4. Bowl
5. Chalice
6. Plate

III – Temples
a. Room
1. Light
2. Music
3. Cleanliness
4. Item not conductive
b. Groves and outside temples

a. Altar cloth colors
b. The Elements, table of correspondences


Being an Earth religion, altars should be functional, pleasant and low. They should feel comfortable and please to the senses. In this discourse, we will be examining two type of altars, one for private use and ones for public use.

a. Private Altars –

Private or home altars should reflect the personality of the person that set up the altar. I would like to strongly suggest that all members of the Priesthood, or Priesthood in training, set up a private altar if they have not already done so. I would also encourage directly or through the Priesthood, the general membership to the their own private home altars.

The following are a few suggestions for home altars.

The easiest altar to set up is a sturdy cardboard box. Drape a towel over it, or to make it more sturdy, place a drawing board or another large board on the box before you cover it. Of course, a small table or wooden box would be better. The main idea is that the altar should be below eye level, and so seemingly more approachable. Patriarchal altars are usually above eye level. Check out the traditional church altars. They usually tower over you and force you to look up, toward the home of the sky father. Altars in Matriarchal religions are low and focus on the Earth, our Mother. Also in this respect, some people do not want iron (nails) on or near their altar since iron represents the metal of Patriarchy.

An interesting altar is made from an apple box that is attached to the wall with brackets below and suspended by chords from above. The top of the box is the altar itself, with either storage or a shrine below it, in the box. Another shrive of this type is made by removing a shelf from a book case and in this hollow, make your altar or shrine. Exercise caution when using candles if there is a top or shelf above. Candles to have quite hot flames and since they do not move, the heat is concentrated on one place.

Another novel altar I have seen was made from an entire tree trunk, brought in the house, roots and all. The roots were trimmed of course. A couple of words of caution here. If the trunk was outside for any length of time after it was cut, you may bring in more then just the tree. Termites, natures tree composters, may be hiding inside, as well as ants, pill bugs and other insects that live off the fungi and decaying plant matter. In this case I would suggest setting the trunk on rocks or bricks in the sunlight to dry out somewhat before bringing it in. After it is brought in. place it on plastic and maybe even still on rocks. If there are termites, they will not stay, they need daily contact with the earth. The same holds true for pill bugs, they need moisture.

When you bring such a tree trunk in for an altar, be sure you paint the top surface with melted paraffin, or with polyurethane. If you use paraffin, use some heat source to let the wax soak in. The reason for this is to keep the wood from drying out too fast from the end, causing splits in the wood. Be advised also that as the wood shrinks, that the bark won't fit and will loosen and fall off. So if you plan on using a tree trunk, plan on a lot of care, and great results.

Many of you may use a table, either one you found or inherited or maybe a special one that caught your eye in a quaint shop. Whatever you decide, follow your heart in your choice. Your altar reflects you and your rapport with the Gods.

b. Public Altars –

Public altars are the focus for public gatherings. These altars should be sturdy, able to survive bumpings that could cause disaster. Public altars should be large enough to contain all the tools necessary and then some. Different rites use different tools and in some groups, individuals other then the Priest and Priestess use the altar by placing some of their tools on it. Some groups place the public altars in the center of the circle or in the East. We place the altar in the center of the circle or just North of the center. When a cauldron or fire pit is placed in the center, the altar moves to the North. We don't use the East, generally, because the East is Solar Sunrise oriented. The North is Earth oriented.

Although the Whole Earth is sacred, and thus altars seem redundant, it is necessary to have them as a focus of attention, as an object to help set an atmosphere and more important, it is expected. The Priesthood is a two way street and of leadership as well as one of service. Our job is to help and guide others through life and to show people the changes, to help them prepare for these changes, and to live them, as with all of life, to the fullest. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Priesthood to live up to certain expectations, such as, celebrations at the seasonal changes, and observances of the Rites of Passage, also the Priesthood should have a certain decorum and altars. Set up and decorate with the group in mind, and if possible, encourage others to help or to do the decorating themselves. Be reminded that these are suggested ways to set up altars, but there is no absolute right way.


a. Altar clothes -

Altar clothes are not necessary if the altar tip itself is a thing of beauty, e.g. polished piece of marble, a wooden top with beautiful grain showing or maybe inlayed or carved. But usually altars are at least partially covered with cloths. The cloths used may be of any material although I prefer the simple muslins or broadcloths. These may be dyed various colors, embroidered or painted, or just left plain. When it comes to colors, I have suggestions for altar cloth color schemes. Note: An occupational hazard with altar cloths is candle drippings. It is very difficult to control burns from igniting charcoal blocks. I would suggest starting the charcoal elsewhere, or just living with the scars as badges of honor.

Candle wax is a different story. Firstly, don't wipe warm candle wax, it will smear and get further into the cloth fibers. Let the wax cool. This may be speeded up by placing it under cold water or by placing it in the refrigerator. When the wax becomes brittle, scrape it off, taking care of the material. Next, there are three methods of removing wax from the material fibers:

1. Boil the cloth in soapy water
2. Place newspaper under the cloth, put absorbent paper or cloth above (several layers) and iron, using a fairly hot iron. The melting wax will wick up to the heat and absorbent cloth.
3. Use a wax solvent, such as perchlorethane (available in drug stores and hardware stores). Teat a corner of the material for color fastness.

These last two methods also work well on carpets and rugs, if care is taken. As a forth alternative, you could just leave the wax on, recording for posterity, the memories associated with the wax.

b. The elements –

The elements should be represented on the altar. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. I guess the ultimate in simplicity is a single candle. The burning candle represents the elements in the four states of matter:

1- the candle itself is solid and Earth
2- the pool of melted wax below the wick is liquid and Water
3- the flame is energy (plasma) and Fire
4- above the candle flame is gas and Air

Other symbols can be sued such as are listed in later on, or variations on these. Sometimes white votive candles in colored glass holders are used, or colored candles in clear glass holders are used. Sometimes it is interesting to get matching bowls, either plain or painted, and put the appropriate materials in each: Dirt with moss and a mineral for the North, sand or fresh cat litter, charcoal and incense in the East, a fire bowl in the South and water in the West.

In reference to fire bowls, I have found this to be quite good. Find a bowl with a 3-1/2 to 4" mouth. Fill it part way with sand or litter. Place inside a small can, such as one that chili or water chestnuts, etc. come in. Adjust the can so the rim is just below the bowl's rim. Fill in beside the can with more sand or litter to anchor it. Melt some candle wax or paraffin. Add a teaspoon or two of stearic acid. You may add some coloring if you wish, I usually use brown. (Steraric acid is available from candle and hobby shops. It makes the flame burn hotter and cleaner.)

Tear up some strips of cotton cloth or paper towels and loosely pack them in the can. You can also use strings and leaves. If you use leaves, use only a few and put them on top. Pour the melted wax slowly into the can, allowing the cloth to soak up the wax. Fill only ѕ of the way full. Do not over fill because wax expands as it heats up. While the wax is setting up, make sure some of the cloth sticks up above the wax so you have a place to light it. If need be, put an extra piece of cloth on top. NOTE: make sure that the bowl used is heat resistant. Moist ceramic bowls can be used. Small iron cauldrons make excellent fire pots.

This fire pot is quite impressive. After the ritual either let the pot burn out or place an airtight cover on it and leave it to cool. Don't remove the cover for at least 20-30 minutes or you will have a room of paraffin fumes. And don't try to blow it out.

c. Other decorations –

There are many other tings that you may want to use on your altar. On altars that are placed against a wall, you may want to put a picture on that wall, maybe a nature scene, maybe a picture or poster of a God and/or Goddess. Mandalas are good, they seem to draw you into them. You may want to keep it simple, like the Japanese, and hang a poem or a provocative saying. Another novel things is to place a mirror on the wall. As you go to your altar to consult your Gods, you will be looking at one, face to face.

Decorations also include God and/or Goddess figures or representations. These can be statues of actual Gods/Goddesses, or figures of the Horned God and Mother Nature. Other things would be horns or seashells, starfish, etc. Of course this would depend on your feelings in the killing of animals.

Phallic symbols or Yonic* symbols can be used. Phallic symbols would be longish stones, sticks shaped like a penis or a forked stick with a third branch. Pine cones and acorns are appropriate. Tonic symbols would be holy stones (stones with holes in them), pieces of wood that have knot holes that look like yonis, etc.

Flowers and fruit in season are always welcome on the altar. Encourage people to help decorate the public altar with their gifts of flowers and fruit. The fruit may be eaten for the "sacrament" of after the ritual. The flowers should be composted after they are used, if they are cut flowers. Don't forget to thank them.

d. Altar Tools –

Thus far we have only six altar tools. They are candles, incense, water bowl, salt, plate and chalice.

1- Candles. I prefer candlestick holders made from wood. Secondly would be ceramics and metals last. Use your own feelings. Paint or engrave signs or symbols or names as you feel appropriate. I would suggest though, staying away from the symbols that are shown in most Witchcraft books and Ceremonial Magick books unless you know the exact meanings of these symbols. In many cases the meanings are not known, and therefore have unknown potentials, and those that are known are usually incantations to Patriarchal Gods. I prefer the simple
pentagram and Ankh motif. You may inscribe your wishes around the base in Anglo-Saxon Runes or some other alphabet like Ogham. Again I would suggest staying away from the Thebian ("Witches") Runes, or other magickal alphabets, since they are closely tied up with Cabbalism**.

* The word Yonic is from the Sanskrit word yoni, meaning the female genitalia.** I don't want to sound like I am coming on as anti-ceremonial magick, or anti-Cabbalism, etc. I am trying to stress our Celtic, Matriarchal background rather then Semetic background. There is a great deal of difference. This is not to say that I have nothing to do with Cabbalism, there is useful knowledge within, but until it is purged of anti-female and pro-Patriarchal elements, I don't want to use it.

Back to the candles. You may want only one on your altar, representing fire or a pair of candles to indicate the duality of nature, along with the fire element. Or you may want a third candle, different from the other two, for a reading candle or maiden candle. These are all variations for you to decide.

2- Incense. Incense comes in three main forms, cones, stick or loose to be burned on charcoal blocks. The main thing here is to pick an incense that harmonizes with the ritual planned. Must, Patchouli and Sandalwood are usually appropriate. Loose incense can be purchased from occult supply stores or for best results, make your own. In the chapter on herbs, I give instructions on making your own incense and give recipes for various purposes.

3- Salt. Salt is essential to the altar as it represents the Earth element and purity. Find a nice, pretty container to keep it in. In this case, metal is NOT appropriate at all. Salt corrodes most metals and attracts moisture. I would suggest, again, wood or ceramic with a cover. The salt can be any kind, although sea salt if preferred. Or ultimately, salt from sacred places such as natural salt licks, places where Amer-indians mined theirs. The salt that I use is from a sacred mine on the Hawiian Island of Molokai.

4- Bowl. This container is used to hole water and is where the salt and water are mixed to use for anointing and aspurging. In this case I used metal. I hammered out a 9' piece of copper with a ball peen hammer, into a bowl shape. You don't have to do such. You can buy one. Metal, ceramic or glass are appropriate. Wood is not unless it is specially treated with wax, oil or polyurethane to make it water proof. Using water in my copper bowl does discolor it, but the corrosion is not great and the pattern of discoloration is pleasing.
The water used in the bowl may be tap water, although it is more aesthetically pleasing to use rain water, melted snow or spring water. This water is not to be drunk.

5- Chalice. The chalice is the vessel for the "sacramental" liquid. I prefer a glass brandy snifter. Looking through the glass and liquid into a candle is indeed a pleasant sight. The contents may be cold water, fruit juice, such as Apple juice, or may be wine. Spring water may be good for anointing, but I would not use it for drinking unless I knew the spring was safe. The upper water table is becoming fast polluted. The same hold true for creek or stream water. Several years ago at a handfasting in the woods, someone thought it might be nice to use water from a nearby stream. Two to three weeks later, over half of us came down with hepatitis. The RDNA, use a shot of whiskey in their water. I think that it just ruins good water. Most people do not object to wine. But to be on the safe side, check ahead of time. Drugs in solutions are never appropriate for public gatherings. Aside from being illegal and casting aspersions of the ECA, it is contrary to our moral code, in that, the participants are not given a choice in the matter. The rule it; "An ye harm none..."

6- Plate. The plate holds the "sacramental" bread. The plate can be of wood, ceramic or metal. The plate is something called a pantacle. The plate I use is a flat piece of brass, although raised edges would make handling easier. On the plate I have engraved an interlocking pentagram. The bread used should be a joy for the eyes, nose and mouth. The recipes I use are given in the section on herbs. Traditionally the bred should contain meal, salt, honey and wine. This is the extent of "official" tools used by us.


Our tradition is not wealthy enough to afford a temple built nor would we think such a building strictly for worship would be worthwhile. Our temples must serve the entire being and the Earth, herself. If such a building becomes a reality, only part will be used for actual worship, the major portion will be used for training and study.

There are two types of places of worship that we will consider, a room and a grove.

A – a room. The room for rituals need not be used for that exclusively. Any room may be transformed by the altar, decorations, people, music, etc. There are, however, several things to take into consideration.
1- Light. Unless the room is located in a quiet neighborhood, plan on curtains on the windows. This will keep out extraneous light and prying eyes. Keep electric lights to the minimum, and then not bright. Absolutely no bare bulbs, they are distracting. Rely on candles, keeping the altar the brightest.
2- Music. Music is much desires – "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.." Electricity in this room allows recorded music to help set the mood of the ritual. "Live" music is also good and is usually preferred. Here again, curtains help keep out some of the unwanted outside sounds.
3- Cleanliness. Be sure the room is clean so people will feel comfortable to sit on chairs or on the floor, to take off shoes, etc.
4- Items not conductive. Some things are not in the best interest of mood setting. Strong, bold posters ten to compete with the altar focus and cause feelings of chaos. The same holds true for things like skulls, snakes, devils, scenes of torture, persecution, etc. The idea of rituals are tied up in harmony. Things that detract from harmony should be moved or covered. This is not meant as a put down of skulls, snakes, etc. They have their place, but not in a ritual causing disunity.

B – Groves. If you are fortunate to have access to outside land for ritual purposes, you are quite fortunate. I would urge everyone to obtain land as soon as possible and dedicate it to the Earth Mother.

Outside places of worship take many forms. The most common is a circle. I have found a 21 foot diameter circle to serve very well. It will hold large groups while not dwarfing smaller groups. I chose the number 21 since it is a multiple of three (7x3=21, also 2+1=3). Our circle has been leveled on a slight slope. The dirt excavated from the circle is piled around the outside of the circle. Openings are made in the North West and in the South. The quarters, as well as the exact center of the circle is marked so we can correctly place the elemental tools and the altar. When we place a fire cauldron in the center, the altar is moved to the North. Our plans include placing a stone box (a hole lined and covered with stone) in the ground in the center for relics. Our plans also include planting and weaving oak trees outside of the mound ring to envelop our circle. Bushes will complete the screen.

Let your imagination flow when planning and carrying out the construction of your circle. You may want to inlay a pentagram of flat rocks. Or you may want to plant elemental herbs around your circle the way that "Circle" has. (Parsley-North, Thyme-East, Sage-South, Rosemary-West.)

We have a tradition that people may add to the mound by placing special rocks, etc, that are found in the woods and stream. Also some people bring some of their native Earth to add to our circle.

You may want to make and hang wind chimes and ornamental objects.

You will find that the more you use your circle, the more magickal things take place there. It will be a home for birds and animals that feel safe there. The ground will be greener and healthier.

Altar cloth colors for the Seasons (suggested)

Festival or Single Double colors
Celebration color altar cloth cover

Ostara Green Green Yellow
Beltane Red Red Yellow
Litha Lt Blue Lt Blue White
Lammas Gold Gold Brown
Mabon Orange Orange Brown
Samhain Black Black Red
Yule White Black White
Oimelc Gray White White

Colors for Rites of Passage Main color Cover

Birth-naming Red White
Coming of age, adoption into grove Green White
Handfasting Blue White
Initiation, ordination, installation Purple White
Death Black White

Symbols of the elements for altars (incomplete)

Element direction color common Tarot Faerie Old Celtic
Symbols suits assoc colors

Earth North Green Salt Pentacles Gnomes Black
Air East Yellow Incense Wands* Sylphs Red
Fire South Red candle Swords* Salamanders White
Water West Blue Water Cups Undynes Green

* sometimes these are interchanged

Books in PDF format to read:

Kaatryn Macmorgan Douglas - All One Wicca Book 1 Introduction
Reformed Druids - Anthology 00 Introduction

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