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The Hermetic Arcanum The Secret Work Of The Hermetic Philosophy

The Hermetic Arcanum The Secret Work Of The Hermetic Philosophy Cover

Book: The Hermetic Arcanum The Secret Work Of The Hermetic Philosophy by Jean Despagnet

This was a key work of 17th century alchemy. It was written in Latin by Jean d'Espagnet as 'Enchiridion physicae restitutae...' and the first edition was issued at Paris in 1623. A number of editions were issued over the next decades and it was included in a number of alchemical compendia. An English translation, translated by Elias Ashmole, was printed in 1650, in Arthur Dee's 'Fasciculus chemicus: or chymical collections'.

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Jean Despagnet - The Hermetic Arcanum The Secret Work Of The Hermetic Philosophy

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication

Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication Cover

Book: Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication by Konstantinos

Of all the books that Konstantinos has written, I'd have to say that this is, by far and away, one of his better books. If you absolutely have to read something by Konstantinos, then I think this is the best out of all of them.

For starters, I like how he broke things down into different "methods." Nothing is overly detailed, precise, and to the point with different methods within the "methods" in order to achieve results. Modern technology has given us powerful new tools for an age-old dream: seeing and speaking with the dead. Using things you probably already own - such as a camcorder, computer, or tape recorder - you can contact departed loved ones or other spirits, record their images and voices, and establish two-way Communications between the worlds. Speak with the Dead also details the more traditional methods of seance, trance, and scrying. You don't have to be a "techie" or an occultist to use any of these techniques. This book will guide you to one of the most awe-inspiring Experiences you'll ever have - making contact with deceased loved ones and other souls.

Speak with the Dead is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable Techniques for communicating with spirits. This book shows you seven methods for spirit contact:

-catching Electronic Voice Phenomena on tape
-using radio noise to provide spirits with a voice
-capturing ghostly images on videotape
-letting spirits use your computer or telephone
-scrying, establishing telepathic contact with the dead, and holding a seance

Konstantinos is a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical writing from New York Polytechnic Institute. He is a published author of articles and short fiction which have been featured in numerous publications including Popular Electronics, The Spook, and FATE Magazine. Konstantinos is a popular lecturer on the paranormal at colleges and bookstores in the New York City area and he has appeared on CNBC's After Hours and The Ricki Lake Show.

A Dark Neopagan, Konstantinos has been researching the occult and practicing magick for over fifteen years. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Konstantinos now devotes his time to writing, singing Gothic rock music, and exploring nocturnal life in New York City and around the country.

Konstantinos put everything here in a format to help someone who has never seen a ghost or had evidence of one appear begin to notice the subtle traces around them. Slowly but surely if you stick with the books methods until you notice them work you are sure to learn alot more about the afterlife, LIFE ITSELF, and ghosts. Their not the hollywood entertainment you are used to seeing... so it's not for those who want to be like "Ghostbusters" chasing spirts. But for those who want to study, I don't know of a better book.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Pocket Spell Creator Magickal References At Your Fingertips

The Pocket Spell Creator Magickal References At Your Fingertips Cover

Book: The Pocket Spell Creator Magickal References At Your Fingertips by Kerri Connor

These days, life is all about speed. Yet, when it's time to write a spell, it's as if our need for speed is frustrated. Whether you are a neophyte or a master, this book will quickly become your essential reference for choosing the right ingredients for any spell...quickly and easily. Small enough to fit in your backpack, glove compartment, or, of course, your pocket, it puts essential lists of magickal Correspondences and information right at your fingertips, including: Elements and their associations; Moon phases; Full moons; Days of the week; Colors; Crystals and stones; Foods; Herbs and plants; Oils; Recipes for oils, incense, and bath salt; Incantations; And much more. There is simply no other book that helps you create, finalize, and perfect spells easier or better. And, of course, faster!

THE Pocket Spell Creator allows you to make the most of whatever crystals, herbs, and essential oils you have on hand. Do you have some lemon, sage, and ginger around the house today? If so, you can quickly whip up one of several recipes for success!

THE POCKET Spell Creator are applicable to almost any metaphysical need, not just spells, so it is a good short but sweet type quick lookup. Simple and to the point. Has information about directions, colors, stone properties, herb properties and more. Not bad for a small pocket size reference.

Sections toward the front of THE POCKET SPELL CREATOR are devoted to describing the unique properties of individual herbs, oils, and stones, with recipes for bath salts and incantations listed toward the back of the book. This little book is just the right size to carry with you in a pocket or purse, yet it's full of useful information that will empower you to make the most of what you've got.

Buy Kerri Connor's book: The Pocket Spell Creator Magickal References At Your Fingertips

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Kerri Connor - The Pocket Spell Creator Magickal References At Your Fingertips

Monday, August 6, 2007

Charge Of The God

Charge Of The God Image
I am the radiant King of the Heavens, flooding the Earth with warmth and encouraging the hidden seed of creation to burst forth into manifestation.

I lift my shining spear to light the lives of all beings and daily pour forth my golden rays upon the Earth, putting to flight the powers of darkness.

I am the spirit of all beasts wild and free.

I run with the stag and soar as a sacred falcon against the shimmering sky.

The ancient woods and wild places emanate my powers, the birds of the air sing of my sanctity.

I am the harvest, offering up grain and fruits beneath the sickle of time so that all may be nourished.

For without planting there can be no harvest; without winter there can be no spring.

I am the thousand named Son of creation.

Know that by all names I am the same.

The spirit of the horned stag in the wild, the endless harvest.

See in the yearly cycle of festivals my birth, death and rebirth and know that such is the destiny of all creation.

I am the spark of life, the radiant Sun, the giver of peace and rest.

I send my rays of blessings to warm the hearts and strengthen the minds of all.

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