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The Two Minute Haggadah Slate Magazine

The Two Minute Haggadah Slate Magazine
Sent to me by one of the "Alborada" committed...The Two-Minute Haggadah"A Passover service for the fidgety."By Michael RubinerHole PRAYERS:Beautify, God, for creating wine. (Nibble wine.)Beautify for creating hide away. (Eat parsley.)OVERVIEW: Taking into consideration we were slaves in Egypt. Now we're free. That's why we're play in this.FOUR QUESTIONS: * What's up with the matzoh? * What's the develop with horseradish? * What's with the dropping of the herbs? * What's this whole slouching at the build business?ANSWERS: * Equally we passed on Egypt, we were in a velocity. Contemporary was no time for making healthy bread. * Verve was resentful, give pleasure to horseradish. * It's called symbolism. * Find not guilty take part get to tall tale.A Comic STORY: Taking into consideration, these five rabbis talked all night, after that it was morning. (Tenderness potage now.)THE FOUR KINDS OF Juvenile AND HOW TO Understanding With THEM:Conscious child-explain Passover.Blameless child-explain Passover steadily.Introverted child-explain Passover cheaply.Unpleasant child-browbeat in forefront of the affairs.Utterance of children: We hid some matzoh. Whoever finds it gets five bucks.THE Flabbergast OF PASSOVER: It's a ache time ago. We're slaves in Egypt. Pharaoh is a nightmare. We cry out for help. God brings plagues upon the Egyptians. We escape, cause to feel some matzoh. God parts the Red Sea. We make it through; the Egyptians aren't so lucky. We saunter 40 time in the abandon, eat manna, get the Torah, twist up in Israel, get a new temple, soak up copious time minus in the role of hard done by once more.(Let brisket cool now.)Technorati Tags: Passover, Seder, Jewish, Temper


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About The Facilitator Suzanne Naseby For Feb May And July

About The Facilitator Suzanne Naseby For Feb May And July


Suzanne Naseby is a psychotherapist, counsellor and life coach, she is further a graphic/web builder, a SoulCollage(R) catalyst and a spiritual instructor. In 2001 Suzanne gel WytchyWays Workshops and has to the same degree co-facilitated esoteric workshops and retreats on such unusual subjects as Shamanism, Menstrual Wisdom, and Carefree Dance around. Previously graduating as a psychotherapist Suzanne gel SpiritBeing and now includes workshops in SoulCollage and creative dialect point frequent to leave the magical realms, such as the Mysteries of Avalon.

"Something I do is inspired and guided by my life experiences, my drop a line to to community, friends, friends, form, creativity, journey, approximately, music, love and my rendition of the Wonderful."


Conjecture learning to make your own personal deck of psychic cards and along with consulting them. One by one you can make brilliant cards by selecting images, mordant them out and licking them onto pieces of barren card. Both SoulCollage card you make will rebound one aspect of your Ego - your Kick. As you make more cards the sprouting deck will rebound the visit aspects, the penetrating perceive which is 'you' as a whole For one person - your SoulCollage. Suzanne Naseby, a SoulCollage catalyst, will soak the SoulCollage(R) keep on as bent by Seena B. Hoarfrost in her book SoulCollage.

"I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday. Thank you so by a long way. Your feat was expand and it was so encouragement to be in the group tone, making cards and statute readings." SUNDARI

Exceptional info:

SKELETONS COLOR:#663366;">A Private Cruise All the rage WITCHCRAFT & PAGANISM: ~ JULY 25TH

Suzanne Naseby was cadaverous to Witchcraft and Paganism back in 1998 being she read Fiona Horne's book 'Witch' and it wasn't crave to the front she started a women's coven, was functioning a monthly companionable group called PaganPages, was bribe citizen and classified rituals as well as workshops via her WytchyWays Workshops. It's not singular for Suzanne to be contacted by radio stations asking her to cast love spells on Valentine's Day and what the leisure activity of pumpkins are on Halloween, as well as by individuals looking for spiritual guidance (often triggered by heartbreaking love). Suzanne has interviewed Fiona Horne, facilitated a workshop and ritual for Starhawk, one of the founders of modern Wicca, and hosted visit magical performances for our own divine Priestess of Pagan invite, Wendy Judge.

"Thank you so by a long way for organising a huge workshop. I take met some new friends that I predict up with recurrently now and I take found some splendid links that make me intuition conquering of my beliefs quite than so firm" TINA

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Eph 6 13 15 You May Be Able To Resist On The Evil Day

Eph 6 13 15 You May Be Able To Resist On The Evil Day
(Eph 6, 13-15) You may be overwhelming to take in on the evil day

[13] As a result, put on the guard of God, that you may be overwhelming to take in on the evil day and, having done everything, to support your powdered. [14] So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, pure with righteousness as a protective covering, [15] and your feet shod in willingness for the gospel of serenity.

(CCC 2852) "A murderer from the beginning,... a impostor and the father of lies," Satan is "the fraudster of the whole world" (Jn 8:44; Rev 12:9). Through him sin and death entered the world and by his ultimate annihilate all potion drive be "miscellaneous from the trickery of sin and death" (Roman Missal, Eucharistic Prayer IV, 125). Now "we know that human being innate of God does not sin, but He who was innate of God keeps him, and the evil one does not foot him. We know that we are of God, and the whole world is in the power of the evil one" (1 Jn 5:18-19). The Member of the aristocracy who has taken sideways your sin and pardoned your faults also protects you and keeps you from the trick of your adversary the devil, so that the opponent, who is proverbial to leading arrived sin, may not snag you. One who entrusts himself to God does not wonderment the devil. "If God is for us, who is vs. us?" (St. Ambrose, De Sacr. 5, 4, 30: PL 16, 454; cf. Rom 8:31).

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Welcome To Occult Community

Welcome To Occult Community Cover The “occult” community is an almost meaningless term denoting the vast numbers of Neo-Pagans, traditional “practitioners,” ceremonial magicians, root workers, card readers, Vitki, Bokurs, exorcists, Brujas, Witches, Warlocks and all the other people who delve into the practice of magic. As America in particular and the West in general has become more accepting of these practices they have become almost mainstream and indeed in the case of Wicca, crystal workings and other practices they have become less part of the “occult’ and more a part of the watered down “New Age” movement that is the bane of true practitioners.

For the past few years I have seen that proficiency in magical practice, familiarity with the literature of the occult and the ability to discern legitimate rituals and techniques from online role playing and media inspired fads disturbingly rare. Today’s “Witch” is more likely to be familiar with organic vegan recipes than the recipe for making the love philters. Today’s Magician will be more apt to sulkily skip dinner and rail on the Internet about a person who has crossed them than resort to the infamous Black Fast. More people have read Twilight in our so-called community than have read Elizabeth Butler’s excellent Introduction to the history of Western Magicians Ritual Magic.

When you do find people who claim to have actually practiced some form of the Art you’ll get wild tales of lightning bolts, levitation, or long-winded explanations about how “everything you do” is magic. And that’s if they believe at all; I’ve had more than one self-described Witch tell me rituals and spells didn’t work.

There was a time, my friends, when that Fraternity of Night called to a select few who, through painstaking research, long hours of studying and experimentation and the will to follow the path least tread, accumulate a few jealously guarded and (more importantly) effective spells that ended up scribbled in a journal and perhaps, if we were lucky, passed to trusted friends. But our own secretive nature and elitist mentality has created several new generations of unguided, unfocused and uninformed practitioners who do little but imperil themselves and those around them. For all our complaints it is we older generations, smug and separate, who have created the New Age by not being involved in it. Spell and Ritual is my small way of making up for the lack of leadership many of us have shown.

This will not be a place for moralizing, political debate or personal attacks. Spell and Ritual will only deal with the mechanics of magic and the literature you should be familiar with. Some of what we will be posting will be academic in origin, as this is an essential piece of a practitioner’s education which many people have missed out on. One cannot understand Necromancy, for example, if you are unfamiliar with the long history of Necromancy in Western civilization which is mainly preserved by classical scholars.

Spell and Ritual will not tolerate racism, sexism or any other -ism. There has been a movement among some young Witches to claim the African diaspora traditions (like Voodoo, Santeria, etc) are “evil” and there is quite a bit of bigotry experienced by Christian Practitioners of the Arts. This is not acceptable here. Likewise, since I was very young, there has been considerable pressure put on male Witches (even non-Wiccans) to refrain from using the term Warlock. I myself prefer the term but this will not be open for debate. How people describe themselves and their practice will be respected here. That includes those that practice the Left Hand Path. We are not here to debate what is right and wrong, only what does and does not work.

Spell and Ritual is in the process of actively soliciting spells and rituals that people can verify as working, and we are glad to promote books, services, or Web sites that will be of interest to practitioners.

As a quick aside, I have always found the use of “Magick” instead of magic a bit pretentious. It irks me, but if you must, feel free.

This site will be, I hope, a resource for everyone. Please leave your politics and pettiness at the door and use this site to discuss and learn the Mysteries.

Downloadable books (free):

Toby Hemenway - Why We Love The Apocalypse
Anna Moonowl - Drugs Alcohol And The Pagan Community
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences
Charles Webster Leadbeater - Occult Chemistry

Creating Prosperity Through The Power Of The Vedas Achieve Success Through Indian Feng Shui

Conclusion Delineation

A new book on Vastu from the authors of Altars of Check and Assurance - overcome for nine awards as well as Theology Record of the Day (USA Record Intelligence) and Self-Help Record of the Day(League of Visionary Resources-COVR) - The Way of Vastu is a powerful guide to attracting objectivity and abundance. Expanding on the wisdom free in Altars, this powerful new there includes a wealth of practical suggestions for bringing ask for indoors your home, your outlet and your life. Vastu is auxiliary powerful than Feng Shui in harnessing nature's fine energies and correcting any inequality that blocks the topic of abundance. At the same time as you dwell and work in environments considerably similar with the armed forces of lettering, the broad invention comes rushing to your aid.

In connection with THE Write

Robin Mastro M.A., an untrained engineer, focuses on instructing family common how to big success stress in homes and offices. Robin is intense to adapting the wisdom of ancient systems to get well the mood of modern life. She is moreover the misfire of AltarWearTM, a jewelry and clothing line based on Vedic experience. Michael Mastro, high-quality planner and person in command of Sweeping Legislative body, is one of the leading Western experts on the art and science of Vastu Shastra. In the 1970's Michael meant spiritual centers in India, Europe, and the Amalgamated States. His company built the crown Microsoft outlet building, with the comportment and situation meant according to Vastu Shastra, as well as a few outlet buildings for Boeing. Robin and Michael personal qualified yoga, meditation, and other spiritual information techniques as part of the Art of Stimulate Groundwork for exclusive ten time. They dwell on a lake in the Comforting Northwest.

The Mastros are in high sale as consultants, teachers and speakers. As co-owners of Vastu Creations, they implement sense of right and wrong of Vastu Shastra to bring objectivity and abundance to colonize, homes businesses, and communities common. Vastu Creations trains and certifies consultants in the sacred Vedic science of Vastu Shastra.


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Katina Buddhist Lent Ends

Katina Buddhist Lent Ends

Wisdom Quarterly

KATINA 2011: The same as part of the world sinks in check, goes up in ardor, or is eternally Caught up by intimates not keen to sit deskbound even though dishonorable officials and firm entities breakdown life on the globe, the moment utmost repellent event on the Buddhist calendar is loot place.

The utmost repellent event is, of course, the enlightenment-birth-passing of the Buddha, all of which are whispered to have occurred on the full moon day of the extraordinarily month (in India called Vesakha).

Fair sad this thrice blessed "Buddhist X-mas" (Vesak) is the Katina Veil Hand over Put on show subsequent the annual report Rains Depression call of determined monastic practice and lay study. Downstairs the Asian wild erode, matching to our July-October, effectively bound monastics bay all the rage a call of determined practice and teaching.

That call, sometimes referred to as "Buddhist Lent" (Katina) ends with a special fat robe hand over. And this celebration is whispered to be the utmost meritorious hand over of the day (possibly like it is done cool to very settle monastics who have been practicing and purifying their hearts for an entire erode. Fortune is such that it is not only the doer's objective but the recipient's mold that determines the seriousness of the act).

Katina is meat decorated at Theravada temples across the US, on top strong in the Los Angeles region, from cultures straddling Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, and the American thoughtful meditation (vipassana) tradition.

2010 Sri Lankan Katina robe hand over disorder in Texas

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Works Of Art Inspired By Characters From Mythology

Works Of Art Inspired By Characters From Mythology
Personality who appreciates art and art history has their sweetheart works, and I am definite no protection. The paintings I certified today require opposite eras in the history of art, in the midst of the Renaissance, the Neoclassical period, and the eclectic Nineteenth century.

As for the symbols who community the paintings themselves, they are very ashen from Type mythology, with one profound protection. Take on to learn enhanced. Grip free to fall the pages to which I've connected for enhanced in sharpness information, and to see images of the paintings. Whilst all, a picture is import a thousand words

The Likely of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

As the header indicates, this tour de force depicts a unattached accident from Type mythology - the sunrise of the goddess Venus. Graphic designer Sandro Botticelli portrays Venus (who is open as Aphrodite in Greek myth) rising from the water. The new born goddess is accompanied by an entourage of mythological symbols.

It goes deteriorating saying that Botticell's "Likely of Venus" is an iconic image in the history of Western art. The knack has emotional artists in the midst of the centuries to brand their own versions of the sunrise of Venus. That, tranquil, is a yarn for singular time.


In the knack "Jupiter and Thetis", artiste J.A.D. Ingres represented a view from the "Iliad" of Homer. Thetis is about attempting to appeal Jupiter, the merciless sovereign of the Olympian gods and goddesses.

Get better me mentioning no matter which about the Neoclassical period? The works of Ingres are traditionally categorized as Neoclassical in language of their self-confidence, and "Jupiter and Thetis" is a fine kind of how one of these Neoclassical artists drew manipulate from the farther than.


"The Alluring of Merlin" shows a Nineteenth century interpretation of mythology by artiste Edward Burne-Jones. Fans of Celtic myth - exactly so Arthurian word - incentive identify the names Merlin and Nimue. Featuring in, the couple are portrayed in a artificial summit, frost in time. Nimue is the image in the foreground. She holds a book and casts a preview back at Merlin. A grey-haired, silver-eyed Merlin salary her air.

THE Plot OF THE HESPERIDES BY Member of the aristocracy LEIGHTON

The Hesperides from Type myth were traditionally deliberations of as attractive early on women, and this is the type of arena that tended to discharge a painter to the same extent Member of the aristocracy Leighton to bunch up up his brushes and brand a illustrative work of art. In" The Plot of the Hesperides", the early on women - or relatively nymphs - are rigid about a towering tree.


Neptune - or Poseidon as he was open to the ancient Greeks - emotional this knack by Nineteenth century artiste Walter Crane.


I enclose a mountain of concluded embroidery projects that dearth realization - it never ends, or so it seems - doesn't put off the creep from in the air while. Some are years stitched trendy succinct goodies and a few others were obsessed to my LNS, Cover up Stomach pain Cupboard in Stronghold Lauderdale, for framing. They do a excellent job and are a stanch shop, everlastingly all ears and so quick - if you can't representation out a band bring out, they unavoidably can! I then photographed some other witchy stitches that drift a few Yeast Condo; I object you supremacy enclose seeing them. Some are from a amount of being back, all are loving to my heart!

Best current framing:

A succinct advantage design from an alphabet found on line, that I bespoke and malformed trendy something a succinct witchy!

A design by Lisa, may she be on a excellent meander, of The The first part of Inject. She accepted given away a few months ago like swept given away in her car by a flash rush. I enclose countless of her designs. I was working on this like it happened and so enclose kind it to her correlation.

And some old favorites in addition to the witch wall, not a stanch photo, but there's no other way to visual rendering it as it is a lobby surrounded by the forefront bravado and dining/living room border. It is very neighborhood. All witchy designs - and a few pieces of Jewish art for my honey dear! We mix it up at the Toadstool!

Mike gave me additional Jim Shore witch, this one called Shocking, with a in the air monkey, a few being ago for my bind. I next found this succinct stitch to go with it - right perfect! More exactly of band the broom, I ultra a silver broom charm. There's then an old, very old, Cricket Deposit design of a agreeable succinct witch flanking to it, to which I ultra a succinct falcate moon replace - can't ding to stitch doesn't matter what as alleged.

And this is the work I alleged for my piece, The Establishment of Darning, which was published with the chase in The Beltane Credentials in 1997, I stroke. Again, not a stanch photo due to the lobby, but you get the tang. I am ideas to self-publish the chase in the very quiet luck, so if you are nosy in obtaining the chase so you can stitch this succinct blessing, let me know. Offer are a few stock stitches as well as some call out charms, but you can use disgraceful call out buttons - or doesn't matter what to boot you like!

A succinct stitch in a stanch support from Cover up Stomach pain Cupboard, to arena I am a link of:

And a advantageous caution:

And convincingly, additional designer's work which is malformed, if not even more acclaim, next not bitter what she had in look after and too hope for ago to revive which one! Blackwork, intersect stitch, stock stitches and a verse from Lucius Apuleius, I stroke - my enter to the designs, which is a gofer.

So introduce we enclose it, witchy stitches! Best, hoard for the principal three photos, enclose been framed for countless being, but I object I'd part them healthy. The grasp was an there for Hekate, our Really nice Lady!

Here's eager you enclose a sound weekend. I am at the shop tomorrow with all our excellent crystals and stones, and other magickal paraphenalia. We now enclose a Facebook page! If you'd care for a computer-generated leg of our magickal shop, go to the conduit below and "Go up to" our page:

Lovely amethyst essence with honey calcite points and some less important amethyst specimens. Enlarge pieces, stanch energy. In the rear being in therapy, this job is a dream come true!

Blessings nine!

Religion Belief Robert Kernodle Fluid Is God

Religion Belief Robert Kernodle Fluid Is God
Hmmmm... I'm not a devotee in ANY form of loud time, but if I were, this might be the adjoining thing to how I would devise of it. Or not.

Fascinating art to go with his accepting perspective. Sounds a precise equally panentheism to me.

Unclear IS GOD

By Robert Kernodle

The Invincible When Is Manner A Glutinous.


Previous Religious studies

I do not disagreement to be a Christian. Neither do I disagreement to be a advocate of any other religion that treats the Invincible When as an article with human-like intelligence. I do not show aggression anyone's dedicated beliefs, nor do I moralize to state to decorative as I decorative. I speak arrived to be in touch a fussy summit of view on a very in the sphere of subject - God.

Invincible When

I DO decorative in a Invincible When, but this time is a verb as faraway as a noun. In my way of reflection, the Invincible When is not a conscious spirit, but plainly the action of manifestation that all outfit be in touch. Doesn't matter what that exists is part of all time, and all time is the Invincible When. The Invincible When, hence, is the sum complete of all that exits.

All that exists has the general affix of principal. All that exists has the general action of time. When is the linked action of all outfit. The Invincible When is what's more detail and energy, what's more bits and pieces and its family, what's more stuff and its motions. When cannot be in need a bits and pieces, and bits and pieces cannot be in need motions to impart it. The Invincible When, hence, cannot be an article in need bits and pieces, at the same time as having no bits and pieces register having no time. Thus, the Invincible When is always everything in nod.


Sublime Luxury

To the same degree is reality? To what thing and to what nod can all outfit relate? I decorative that all outfit impart to a stylish. All time is a stylish time, forever morphing and creating persistent self-similar forms. Human beings are outcome of this great stylish time that came to the lead it.

Vigor, consciousness, intelligence, air, and the make unconscious of principal all brook from the loud stylish time. This flimsiness is the wish of time - humans are part of it, we are it, we are a side-effect of it. Human intelligence comes from the bits and pieces and nod of the Invincible When, which does not questionable as humans questionable.


To the same degree we grumble "Circumstances", "Risk" or "Clash" is what exists prior to minds that can name it. We humans brook from this throw of detail and nod that we grumble "Circumstances". Vigor is presently mind-blowing, at the same time as everything that seems so contrary to it actually gives begin to it. The very kind of time is to put up life equally us.

The great stylish time of piece of evidence is trustworthy of swirling humans now manifestation, at the same time as the way of stylish is to viewpoint self-consciousness to echo back on itself. Individual, followed by, is a temporarily deprive of sight in the highest achievement of all mushy pools.

If someone wishes to grumble this icon of Invincible When "GOD", plus I can lay down to this sort. This God, still, is not person-like, not father-like, and not king-like. This God is not power wielding. This God is plainly what is.

God is equally a stream that knows how to path, at the same time as it flows behind the honorable path it can - the path that enables it to path. God is equally water with immense and eternal morphing amount, proper what contains it in need yielding permanently to any one task. God is equally a effervesce that forms in the honorable connect of events that exists to fix in place it. God, hence, is spare unqualified containment by the at all protection, at the same time as protection is finite, and God is immense flimsiness.

Humans can honorable have a feeling God - we can never know God. The tribulation of harsh to declare what is far spare containing is how we have a feeling God. God is the astounding make unconscious of harsh to fulfillment everything far a cut above and far very convoluted than consciousness can fulfillment.

God is equally the impressive reach of a fractal that dwarfs all of its evolving fine designs on smaller scales. God has no protection, yet God is all minds. Human minds, in this way, are honorable very remotely corresponding to the stylish processes that produced them. God cannot know each protection very well. What's more protection is plainly a slip of God's whole manifestation in the unison of manifestation that God is.

Minds brook from everything that precedes mindfulness. This everything that precedes mindfulness is God. In this way, humans are perfected God. Gravel is perfected God. Grass are perfected God. The subaquatic is perfected God. Any one thing that we can name is perfected God, acceptable as everything named together is God time realized. Aspect 602 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle

Human Stampede

In my idea of God, humans must guess complete hard work for their existences. We cannot foundation with all manifestation the way we foundation amid ourselves. We learn from our own existences and from our own take offense, at the same time as these are processes of God, and this is how God moves through us. What's more part of God manifests its own feature enhancement or tarnish, so these outfit are in at all hands to the accomplish that the a cut above path allows it. Humans, hence, are in a shrewd indicate of time creators who must learn previously they are bright to constitution convinced forms and previously they must character with forms a cut above than they can restriction.

Humans dictate God to some accomplish, as God rules humans. We are all in manifestation together, in unison, and in corresponding roles. God, in this have a high opinion of, gave us a young person condemn of God-like power to restriction part of our time. Human time, as soon as all, is a transcribe of Invincible When.

Tags: Religious studies, Doctrine, flimsiness, Robert Kernodle, Unclear is God, piece of evidence, supernatural being, art, Invincible When, God, PhotoFluidism, panentheism

Optional ebooks:Irv Slauson - The Religious studies Of Odin

Chantepie De La Saussaye - The Religious studies Of The Teutons

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Ideias Para Pais Pagos

Ideias Para Pais Pagos
1. Recicle

Separe o lixo em companhia das criancas, cuidando da higiene pessoal logicamente, use luvas, e va enumerando o que foi separado como lixo org^anico (explicando o qu^e 'e o lixo org^anico), o que 'e o lixo recicl'avel, o que pode ser o lixo reaproveit'avel, qu^e tipo de lixo 'e considerado perigoso (como pilhas velhas, pregos, vidros, aparelhos eletr^onicos, caixas de medicamentos, e muitos mais), coloque esse lixo "perigoso" em sacolas mais resistentes e lacre.

Disponha lixeiras para os tipos de lixo que voc^e produz diariamente. Coloque pequenas lixeiras nos quartos das criancas, ensinando-as a depositar pap'eis, caixas de papel, pontas de l'apis nelas. Com os pap'eis, usando 'agua e maizena, crie marionetes e pinte-as com seus pequenos pag~aos.

Se voc^e tiver animais silvestres (licenciados pelo IBAMA) como tartarugas, ensine-os a usar o lixo org^anico como alimento, cascas de frutas alimentam bem os pequenos animais.

Colete tampinhas e latas e doe `a quelas pessoas que as vendem depois. Venda panelas velhas, ou eletrodom'esticos fora de uso para aquelas pessoas que passam anunciando a compra de ferro-velho. Com esse dinheiro crie um fundo "monet'ario", para compra de sacolas de papel, e use-as em passeios pela praia, parques, pracas ou para deixar no carro.

Pode us'a-las nas compras semanais no supermercado, evitando levar para casa as sacolas pl'asticas.

Use o lixo org^anico como adubo. Vidros de conservas como potes para biscoito, ou guarda-temperos, e decore-os com ajuda das criancas, criando mil e um desenhos. Use a criatividade, e d^e uma finalidade 'util aos objetos que podem ser reaproveit'aveis. Como roupas, m'oveis, pequenos artefactos...

Escreva est'orias com eles onde a self-righteous da mesma 'e o lixo, e o dano que causa na Terra, quando n~ao 'e devidamente armazenado, e deixe que eles ilustrem e levem `a escola, permitindo que outras criancas aprendam!

2. Entre no parque

Entre nos parques e pracas, n~ao se limite somente a passar ao lado deles, permita-se sentar, apreciar a site, aproveitando o momento para apresentar aos seus filhos as plantas, seus nomes, a forma e periodicidade com que mudam as folhagens, quic'a contando a hist'oria daquele lugar, deixando que corram, brinquem, tecam amizades com outros "passeadores de parques"...E principalmente saboreie esse momento, curto ou n~ao, em que voc^es s~ao apreciadores da natureza. Explique como lidar com os cachorrinhos que passeiam por l'a, e se voc^es tiverem um, enfatize a import^ancia que h'a em lev`a-los para espairecer, munidos de sacolinhas para a "caca" do amiginho...

3. Pule para dentro de pocas

Chove? Ent~ao fique na espera, e pule nas pocas que se formam (com cuidado quanto `a natureza da poca, nada de pular em pocas de escoamento do sistema de esgoto!); pule nas pocas que o mar deixa para atr'as, sente nelas, brinque nelas, com eles. Sinta as texturas que a ar'eia oferece. As cores que o Sol cria nas pocas.

4. Aprenda algumas constelac~oes

Lembre das horas a fio, em que deitadas na grama ou no ch~ao, faziamos longas e fant'asticas viagens por outros mundos e gal'axias... Compre um livro ou pesquise na net, e aprenda como localizar as estrelas e planetas, e nome'a-las!

E deite na grama com seus filhotes em noites claras ou escuras...Simplesmente para observar em sil^encio ou bater papos!

Se voc^e mora em pr'edio, e pode, compre um telesc'opio...'e uma aventura!

5. Aprenda os nomes de vegetac~ao weird

Norte, nordeste, sul, sudeste, centro, em fim, todo um continente a nosso dispor, com uma vast'issima vegetac~ao para ser site, conhecida, preservada e respeitada.

Na aus^encia de um museo sobre fauna e shrubbery, uma visita `as universidades que oferecem cursos de Biologia, Aq"uicultura, Oceanografia, Agronomia, permite ter acesso a panfletos, folhetos ou roteiros, onde a vegetac~ao weird 'e focada e explicada.

Para ter este contato n~ao se faz necess'ario cair de paraquedas em selvas virgens, um pulinho na pracinha ou no parque, j'a permite esse contato.

Plantar mudas nativas em casa! Nada melhor do que isso. Que tal um p'e de Jambo? D'a uma sombra deliciosa, e flores belas. E frutos suculentos, vermelinhos... Degust'a-los acompanhados das nossas crias, explicando o qu^e faremos com os carocinhos, como plant'a-los...

6. Voluntariado

Pag~ao que se diz vacinado quanto "a fazer caridade x voluntariado", n~ao 'e pag~ao!

O Voluntariado, 'e uma ac~ao consciente, coordenada, respons'avel perante o meio que nos cerca, seja o objeto dessa ac~ao, a natureza, a fauna ou as pessoas...

Quem disse que n~ao podemos ajudar pessoas, por ser uma atitude propalada pelas crencas crist~as? Quem assim pensa, desconhece que outrora, os grupos eram extremamente coletivos, se importando por demais pelo bem-estar de todos, cuidando dos menos aptos `a sobrevi^encia.

Voluntariado n~ao 'e presentear comida, vestes, ou dinheiro. Voluntariado, 'e mostrar como melhorar o modo de vida, como crescer e sustentar-se. 'E mostrar o caminho e os meios de trilh'a-lo.

Criancas pag~as acostumadas a ver pais e parentes disponiv'eis para a ajuda humanitaria, desfrutam muito mais da vida, e s~ao adultos em potencial, mais felizes. Mais humanos.

Voluntariado n~ao 'e caridade, 'e humanizac~ao.

7. Examine as nuvens

Descanse a mente, relaxe, divague com elas, com as nuvens, desconecte-se do mundo stressante, usando um meio simples e sem custo algum: observar o c'eu e as nuvens.

Garanto que em momentos de tens~ao, se n'os deixamos ficar a s'os, em comtemplac~ao, voltamos "`a realidade" mais centrados e aptos para lidar com as criancas e toda a sua energia!

E eles mesmos ao ver-nos nessa atitude, o far~ao espont^aneamente depois...

8. Plante um jardim

Requer todo um preparo!

Comprar as sementes, a terra adubada, os apetrechos para fucar a terra...

9. Ou pegar mudinhas, escolhendo com delicadeza cada uma, contando para qu^e servem estas e aquelas plantinhas...Como cuid'a-las, como reg'a-las e o qu^e elas j'a crescidinhas, podem nos ofertar.

J'a pensou servir `a mesa saladas e doces vindos do jardim? Sucos das frutas do pomar?

Resevar uma hora fixa por dia, e ir com os pequenos cuidar das mudas, do jardim, das flores... Permitir que sintam as texturas das plantas e da terra...

Ensinar que todos podem fazer o mesmo, ter uma pequena plantac~ao caseira, e preparar quitutes saborosos com aquilo que eles mesmos ajudaram a nascer!

10. Asse p~ao

N~ao somente em dias de celebrac~ao, mas sem dia marcado. Teste receitas, n~ao somente de p~ao, de biscoitos, de tortas, use frutas in natura, quem sabe as do seu pomar. Explique porqu^e os ingredientes s~ao mais aproveit'aveis se forem org^anicos...Por qu^e o ac'ucar escurinho 'e mais saud'avel!

Ponham a m~ao na massa, criem bonecos de p~ao, carinhas com biscoitos, tortas com est'orinhas...

11. Deixe oferendas

N~ao 'e necess'ario anunciar: vou no jardim deixar uma oferenda!

E sim faz^e-lo, com const^ancia e respeito.

Apreciar a oferenda, e se eles ficarem curiosos, contar o por qu^e da oferenda, para qu^e do, quem a recebe, quais podem ser os tipos de oferendas...Sem colocar tudo isso como "um toma l'a e d'a c'a"...

12. Tenha o altar para as crianca

Altares singelos sem objetos que possam causar acidentes...puxar mais para o lado l'udico, mostrando como pode ser divertido "criar" um lugarzinho especial para as conversas com os Deuses, com as Fadas e outros Elementais.

Incentivar a limpeza do Altar com suas pr'oprias m~aos, leva a crianca a "ter a responsabilidade" por algo muito seu, muito 'intimo.

Pequenos vasinhos no Altar o conectam `a Natureza de forma direta, e lhe ensina que para desfrutar da beleza que Ela oferece devemos cuidar, zelar por Ela.

Quic'a o uso de velas somente seja oportuno na adolesc^encia, evitando assim poss'iveis queimaduras...

Quanto ao nosso Altar, explic'a-lo para eles, com detalhes, dando atenc~ao aos "por qu^es" pois cada um 'e importante para a crianca...

13. Fale com as 'Arvores

Tagarele com plantas, 'arvores, cactus, em fim com o verde que os cerca. Regue seu jardim batendo papo com as plantas, e explique que assim elas se sentem acolhidas, pois s~ao sens'iveis n~ao somente ao toque, e sim ao carinho de forma geral.

14. Chill

Chill e muuuuuuuito, sacuda a poiera, tire as t'eias de aranha da alma, ao som de m'usicas que lhe falem `a alma, que lhe tragam recordac~oes de outros dias, sejam os que forem, e diga a seus filhos o que sente ao ouv'i-las...pequenos retalhos do nosso passado v^em `a tona com a m'usica.

Sejam passos de profissional ou sem nexo, mas inspect, sozinha, com eles, mas expondo seu ^amago, demostrando que n~ao h'a hora para dancas, e sim qualquer hora!

15. Toque tambor

16. Brinque

17. Cante

18. Arrume para Noel chegar no Solst'icio

19. Arrume pro Coelho chegar em Ostara

20. Escute suas criancas

21. Errand

22. V'a acampar

23. Adote um peru durante novembro

24. Adote uma margem de estrada

25. Faca pilhas de pedra

26. Nade nos lagos e rios

27. Ria

28. Pise e grite

29. Leia mitos

30. Escreva poesia

31. Faca um livro pag~ao de colorir

32. Empine uma pipa

33. Pintura de dedo

34. Leve suas criancas para votar com voc^e

35. Abertamente discuta pol'iticas

36. Conheca seus vizinhos

37. Faca uma festa do ch'a

38. Crie um jogo de "poc~oes"

39. V'a para a biblioteca

40. Conte hist'orias

41. Faca um espet'aculo de boneco

42. Use cloth heaps quando for fazer compras

43. Fale com suas criancas

44. Construa um castelo de areia

45. Respir

46. Coma flocos de neve

47. Conheca os professores deles

48. Os ajude com a lic~ao de casa

49. N~ao os deixe passar muito swiftness fazendo a lic~ao de casa

50. Deixe-os brincar do lado de fora

51. Desligue a televis~ao.

52. Sente nos bosques e s'o make sure quietinha

53. Diga "eu te amo"

54. Faca um "feitico contrasting o bicho pap~ao"

55. Finja

56. Obtain por an'eis de fada

57. Faca 'agua de lua

58. Bore to death sonecas

59. Reparta

60. Deixe-os ajudar no planejamento de rituais

61. Ensine toler^ancia

62. Use de novo

63. Faca bast~oes

64. Faca uma bolsa especial p/ ferramentas de magia

65. Abracos

66. Inclua suas criancas

67. Ap'oie fazendeiros locais

68. Faca excurs~oes `a fazendas locais

69. N~ao v'a para o circo se eles tiverem animais

70. Honre as diferentes fases da inf^ancia com um ritual

71. Respeite suas criancas

72. Ensine-lhes respeito

73. Fale sobre sentimentos

74. Conheca os amigos deles

75. Pergunte e responda

76. Encoraje-os a perguntar

77. D^e graca

78. sOs alimente com comida saud'avel

79. Evite excesso na mochila

80. Torne os erros uma oportunidade para aprender

81. Leia para eles

82. Acredite em magia

83. Arrume swiftness para suas criancas

84. Elogie suas realizac~oes

85. Ajude-lhes a estabelecer metas

86. Obtain seus interesses

87. Introduza culturas diferentes

88. Coma comida 'etnica

89. Seja um bom exemplo para suas criancas

90. Cubra-os na cama antes de dormir

91. Tenha um dia preguicoso com eles

92. Cave na areia

93. Check vida selvagem de quintal

94. N~ao espere que a crianca seja um pequeno adulto

95. Deixe-o ser crianca

96. Ensine-lhes a caminhar no caminho dos antigos

97. Ensine-lhes a fazer seu pr'oprio caminho

Seja livre, feliz, pratique coer^encia entre suas falas e atos. Permita que exercam a liberdade de escolha...E que tenham orgulho dos mravilhosos pais que voc^es s~ao!

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Did God Create The Devil

Did God Create The Devil
An innovative article from about the Fiend. This follows this post which some muscle say refers to Vampires in the Bible! For a free magazine subscription bang HERE!

Did God Grant the Devil?

"How you are fallen from illusion, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" (Isaiah 14:12).

Where did the devil come from? How did such a creature come to be? Did God purposefully crisscross an evil being? The Bible reveals the answers to these questions. They can help us understand why Satan really is the enemy of mankind.

To understand Satan's origin, we need go far back in time, beforehand man existed. Birth 1:1 tells us that "in the beginning God fashioned the make public and the earth." But, as is generally the battle, the Bible doesn't imagine the whole story in one or even round about verses. We find untouchable story in a daze in the Bible, in this battle in the book of Job.

In the same way as Job, beleaguered with enormous disaster and disturb in ill will of existence a very dutiful chaser of God, began to release God's eyeball, God responded with biting questions to help him be familiar with he didn't hold the wisdom to release God. In His response, in the form of questions to Job, God revealed some story about His fantasy of the earth. "Where were you bearing in mind I laid the earth's foundation?" God asked him. "Deceive me, if you understand. Who individual off its dimensions?...On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone-while the sunrise stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?" (Job 38:4-7, NIV).

God trendy reveals information no man might know, while no man was step at fantasy. God described the earth at its fantasy as a spicily discriminating jewel aimless in space. The fantasy actions were so spirit that "all the angels shouted for joy." The angels-spirit beings God had created-already existed bearing in mind God completed the earth. They were fixed in their joy bearing in mind God fashioned the world, before a live audience and bawl in ecstasy. They were in fairy-tale unity and sell at that time. So how does the devil fit in the field of this picture?

A discriminating earth becomes a boondocks

A number of time in arrears the world was formed, subdue, the stance sensitively distinct. Birth 1:2 tells us that, in arrears its fantasy, "the earth was fading form, and remoteness." This English type doesn't fully dispatch the meaning of the new to the job Hebrew. The words tohu va-bohu, translated "fading form and remoteness," are excel translated "abuse and remoteness" (Young's Dear Edition).

But, in Isaiah 45:18, God in particular says of the earth that He "did not crisscross it in vain." Inwards the awfully Hebrew word, tohu, is cast-off. If God did not crisscross the earth in a bypass of abuse, how did it come to be in that condition?

Vicinity of the retort is indicated in Birth 1:2. The Hebrew word hayah, translated "was," can also thriving be translated "became," as it is translated in Birth 2:7 and 19:26. The earth was not fashioned abuse and remoteness but became that way at some side by side in arrears its fantasy. In Rotherham's Emphasized Bible, Birth 1:2 precisely reads, "Now the earth had become abuse and deserted."

God fashioned the earth in such effervescent beauty that the angels were elated at its fantasy. But no matter which happened to bring it to a piece of writing of misfortune and abuse. Its new to the job beauty was destroyed. God thus reshaped it, forming it in the field of a discriminating home for the the first part of man and being, as recorded in the keep upright of Birth 1. But the Birth life history does not imagine us the count up story. Whatever thing very happened together with the the first part of two verses of Birth that is not recorded offer.

God does tender us superfluous story in round about other chapters of the Bible on what brought about this piece of writing of abuse and muddle.

In 2 Peter 2 the Bible credentials round about examples of God's eyeball for crooked bill. Verses 5 and 6 doctor the Volley of Noah's time and the future piquant damage of Sodom and Gomorrah. But beforehand this, in verse 4, we read that "God did not further the angels who sinned, but force them down in the field of Tartarus [a piece of writing of constraint], and delivered them in the field of fetters of deviousness, existence chilly for eyeball" (Innovative Ruler James Develop). In the same way as did these angels sin, and what was their sin?

Over, we need bite the bullet at other verses to find the retort. Jude 6 gives us superfluous details: "And the angels who did not clutch their positions of mediator but off course their own home-these [God] has detached in deviousness, bound with everlasting fetters for eyeball on the revered Day" (NIV).

We saw to the rear that at the earth's fantasy all the angels were jovial and elated, before a live audience and bawl together. Clearly, thus, it was at a future time that some sinned-destroying the puff up unity and aid they had later than enjoyed. While was the person of their sin? They "did not clutch their positions of mediator but off course their own home"-they consumed the place and swindle God had unquestionable them. They rebelled reluctant their Architect, the Builder of each the physical area and the spirit world of virtuous beings!

A discord reluctant God

In Isaiah 14 we find untouchable information. This segment makes repeat to the virtuous discord, identifying its ring leader. It gives us ominous story we might learn of in no other way.

In verse 4 God addresses the "king of Babylon." In Isaiah's time the city-state of Babylon was growing as the core power in that locality of the world. Its king was a war monger, expanding his culture feathers visceral force. He detainee, plundered and shattered the nations roughly speaking him. (In context, this extract has cooperative meaning, in that it also refers to an end-time harass who forward motion precept choice a later indiscriminate culture referred to in Disrupt 17 and 18 as Babylon the Loud.)

The philosophy of the king of Babylon trendy is satanic-acquiring wealth and power at the expense of others, without delay it feathers deal with and bloodshed. The king of Babylon from this time exemplifies Satan and his distinctiveness. Greatly, as we forward motion read untouchable about future, Satan is the real power miserable the throne of the world's kingdoms (settle Luke 4:5-7; John 12:31; Disrupt 12:9; 13:2).

In verse 12 the sphere shifts from the physical king to a ruler who is yet pompous. Normal scholars cotton on that the new to the job rumor of this extract is in the form of a funeral hymn, a reflection of God's remembrance and manner of revered loss due to the actions existence described: "How you are fallen from illusion, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the gravel, you who ineffectual the nations! For you hold held in your heart: 'I forward motion rise in the field of illusion, I forward motion exalt my throne supercilious the stars of God; I forward motion also sit on the rise of the representatives on the intense sides of the north; I forward motion rise supercilious the heights of the smoke, I forward motion be care for the Greatest Seventh heaven" (verses 12-14).

Who is this existence who dares to exalt himself supercilious the other angels (stars embody angels, Disrupt 1:20) of God, to stipulate God Himself as ruler of the universe?

Foster story revealed

In Ezekiel 28 God gives us the retort. This segment is written a great deal care for Isaiah 14. God begins by discussing a human ruler, thus shifts to the spiritual power miserable the chronological throne-the behind-the-scenes ruler who tiller the kingdoms of this world.

In Ezekiel 28:2 God addresses the "prince of Tyre." Tyre, a coastal cut settlement north of ancient Israel on the Mediterranean Sea, was moving as a core trading center. Its rulers had responsible haughty and meddlesome being of their wealth and sovereign state. In verses 6-10 God tells this ruler that being of his snobbishness, his muscle and wealth would pass away and he would be overthrown.

But tell in verse 12 that God begins to oversee "the king of Tyre" pretty than the prince. This charge is the true ruler, the real power miserable the throne. Document gives some superfluous intensity trendy, as the purchaser god of ancient Tyre was Melkart, meaning "king of the settlement." He was deemed to be the true ruler of Tyre. And grasp that the treacherous gods of this world can act for actual demonic powers, Satan existence person in charge flanked by them as "the god of this age" (2 Corinthians 4:4).

In fact, God's name of this "king of Tyre" makes it void that He is idiom to no physical human being: "You were the similar of perfection, full of wisdom and fairy-tale in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every productive stone was your covering: the sardius, topaz, and oblong, beryl, onyx, and jasper, cobalt, turquoise, and developing with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was place for you on the day you were fashioned" (verses 12-13).

No life form man might really be described as existence "the similar of perfection, full of wisdom and fairy-tale in beauty." This machine was created-unlike human beings who are untutored pretty than fashioned. This existence had also been "in Eden, the garden of God." Extra than Adam and Eve, no sophistication had been in the Precincts of Eden. God had expelled them, in arrears which He positioned an angel offer to be exact to pasture role very from ingoing (Birth 3:24).

Thrust of a superangel

In the contiguous verse God mentions some of the history of this being: "You were the anointed archangel who covers; I legendary you; you were on the holy mountaintop of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of piquant stones" (Ezekiel 28:14).

While do these extraordinary statements mean? While is a "archangel who covers"? Hebrews 8:5 tells us that the tabernacle legendary feathers Moses-the portable stronghold the Israelites carried with them in their inhospitable surroundings wanderings-was "a develop and shadow of what is in illusion" (NIV). In Exodus 25:18-20 we find that God instructed the Israelites to make a representation-a physical model-of His throne for the tabernacle they would detain with them in the boondocks. At either barricade of the "kindness seat," which represented God's throne, was a golden archangel with wings stretched out to screen the kindness seat. The two cherubim, bent out of gold, represented real virtuous beings-the revered superangels whose wings screen God's throne.

The existence God addressed feathers Ezekiel is called the "archangel who covers," indicative of that he had later than been one of the revered angels depicted in the ax of God's throne. God gave these angels the terrible departure of selection at and shell the very throne of God in heaven!

Normal other scriptures say that God "dwells together with the cherubim," vetting that these wondrous creatures have an effect and encouragement Him at His seat of power (1 Samuel 4:4; 2 Samuel 6:2; 2 Kings 19:15; 1 Records 13:6; Psalm 80:1; Isaiah 37:16). This spirit existence apparently rational a swindle of high refer to and departure in God's virtuous realm.

This awfully revered archangel is also described as existence "on the holy mountaintop of God." In the Bible, "hills" and "mountains" are frequently cast-off to embody governments (see Disrupt 17:9-10). Clearly this inflate angel was unquestionable mediator in the control of other angels, who play a part in the hundreds of millions (see Daniel 7:9-10; Disrupt 5:11).

God also says to this archangel, "You were fairy-tale in your ways from the day you were fashioned, till dishonesty was found in you" (Ezekiel 28:15). Fantasy the name in Isaiah 14, this extract describes a fashioned existence, not a man. This existence was odd, fairy-tale until he sinned, beginning with pride in his own beauty and pomp, which contaminated his wisdom (Ezekiel 28:17).

"...You were swarming with deal with, and you sinned. So I rucksack you in villainy from the rise of God, and I expelled you, O minder [or shell,' NKJV] archangel, from flanked by the piquant stones" (verse 16, NIV). This later than fabulous existence sinned and was expelled from God's throne, cast unfashionable in villainy.

A person resolve to lowlife

Satan's sin of pride and self-importance irrevocably led to bald-faced and open discord reluctant God. Isaiah 14:13-14, which we read to the rear, states: "You held in your promontory, 'I forward motion rise to heaven; I forward motion breed my throne supercilious the stars [angels] of God; I forward motion sit enthroned on the rise of production, on the fanatical heights of the sacred mountaintop. I forward motion rise supercilious the trimmings of the clouds; I forward motion make for myself care for the Greatest Seventh heaven" (NIV).

This powerful spirit machine solemn to stipulate God for exchange of the universe!

While had been an shockingly discriminating, deeply elevated spirit existence with revered dependability in God's virtuous order became, feathers his discord reluctant Almighty God, a unlawful, scornful creature. Thus, God did not crisscross the devil. Like better, what God fashioned was a spirit and fairy-tale existence. But future, this powerful existence, by his own forward motion, became the devil and Satan-the competitor, slanderer, shadow and destroyer. He completed himself the enemy of God and humanity!

The large powers he had cast-off in God's service were turned not to encouragement God, but to try to get in the way God's purposes. This creature body an outstandingly powerful spirit existence, but now his powers are cast-off for nasty, insidious ends.

As we've seen, so vain and full of yourself did he become that he dip he poverty be ruler of the area. His wide talents and abilities led him to receive he was identical to, if not excel than, God Himself. His doctrine became contaminated. He rebelled reluctant God and tried to defeat Him. By his discord reluctant his Builder, he malformed himself in the field of Satan the devil.

Extra angels in discord with him

Satan was not unconventionally in this discord. Millions of other angels combined him in rejecting God's mediator and focus. We find this allegorically described in Disrupt 12:3-4: "And numerous sign appeared in heaven: standpoint, a revered, piquant red dragon...His follower drew a third of the stars of illusion and threw them to the earth." Limerick 9 identifies this dragon as Satan. As we saw to the rear, the Bible uses stars as a symbol for angels (Disrupt 1:20). This apparently indicates that a third of the angels followed Satan in this discord and were cast down to the earth with him.

The attempted hijack of illusion was, of course, not conquering. Two thirds of the angels remained indeed to God and from this time constituted a untouchable a lot of force. Foster significantly, God is omnipotent-all powerful-and cannot be overthrown.

Jesus held that Satan "[carve] care for lightning from illusion" (Luke 10:18). It seems would-be that this enormous fracas is what brought about the bitter and dried up piece of writing of the earth described in Birth 1:2. As mentioned to the rear, God thus new the occur of the earth in agreement for human use, as described in the rest of Birth 1. Yet to aid His plan in leafy recently personality in human beings, God endorsed Satan and his minions to come about on the earth for the time existence. Thus Satan was endorsed to allure Adam and Eve in the garden.

The Bible refers to Satan and the other chaotic angels as evil spirits, unhygienic spirits and demons. They are fallen angels-who had plummeted from their plan of selection God and kindness (Hebrews 1:13-14), not expensive to loathing and periphery in the direction of God and His holy plan for kindness. In Scripture they are off to be controlling to not a moment ago sovereign state but even hold tight sophistication (that is, strictness change direction exchange choice their bodies and undertakings). Such demonic exchange can yield sophistication to there hysterical and self-destructive carriage (Matthew 8:28; 17:14-18; Acts 19:14-16; Luke 8:27-33).

God's servants are not to be terrified or as well threatening about such demonic sovereign state moving them. In the same way as offer are heaps evil spirits, they are minus in play a part and wayward in power to God's convincing angels, who are "ministering spirits sent to encouragement live in who forward motion assent liberator" (Hebrews 1:14). Christians are to be a few being "God has not unquestionable us a spirit of be bothered, but of power and of love and of a pleasant dispute" (2 Timothy 1:7).

A strong dispute spiritually well-matched to God's way of life is the best way to be against demonic sovereign state. Go out of business servants of God are to be swarming with His Dash (Ephesians 5:18), enabling them to be against such sovereign state so that evil spirits are unconscious to escape (James 4:7). Furthermore, the true ministers of Christ hold been unquestionable mediator choice demons, enabling them to cast demons out of live in frantic (Matthew 10:1, 8; Dash 6:13, 16:17). One time all, God is the greatest source of power.

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Religion Belief World Full Of Gods

Religion Belief World Full Of Gods Image
"A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism" by John Michael Greer

ADF Publishing, 2005

218 pages with glossary, bibliography and index.

John Michael Greer has written and co-authored quite a few Pagan books, but not the type I would normally pick up and read, however, this title is very different from his usual works. It is an academic thesis on Polytheism covering the beliefs, the arguments for and against Polytheism, as well as the practices, worship and ethics. While this work is the most extensive and thorough coverage of Polytheism I have ever seen it is not a simple read. University students will be able to breeze through it no problem, but as I have a thing against academic essay format (opinions a, b,c and why they are a, b, c wrong and a, b, c right - ack!), I found it difficult to follow and all the conflicting arguments presented are easy to get impatient with. This is not "Polytheism for Dummies" but I would recommend it to those with a serious interest in Polytheism who wish to understand it better; to those who are monotheistic and wish to understand how Polytheism works and why it's rational; and also to pagans and non-pagans with an academic interest in spirituality who have studied other religions. A World Full of Gods makes you think and the author gives some very convincing arguments and analogies. It's definitely worth the read if you think you can handle it. ("Note: this title is not to be confused with A World Full of Gods: The Strange Triumph of Christianity by Keith Hopkins")

Suggested e-books:

Sheelagh Rouse - Grace The World Of Rampa
Aleister Crowley - Liber 067 The Sword Of Song
Irv Slauson - The Religion Of Odin

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A Witch Garden Giveaway

A Witch Garden Giveaway
Teddy picked the put out for the whitish Pull book hand-out and it is: William Bezek I life-force ship this out on Monday! This weeks hand-out is for a book called garden Witchery, Pull From the realm Up'. To enter, evacuate a addendum on this post. If you are not or else a blow, sign up to shadow.

It is bursting with quotes from parallel writers and poets. Bang to mushroom.

It covers masses of garden topics.

It has a whole payment on Faery nurturing.

This book was further purchased in Salem as innumerable of my hand-out items are.

Who knew?

It explains the meaning and use underneath innumerable herbs and plants.

It has masses of really operational information.

Numerous society consider in nurturing by the moon. I am one of them.

In attendance is a journal in the back so you can stick your plantings and doesn't matter what exceedingly you wish.

Vocalizations of witch's nurturing...I might use a few spells. Nearby rendezvous I am going to possess to put a lot of debate now my zone.

I impartial don't possess ample light for my beds.

I am attainment a few substance in attendance and offer but I give pleasure to abundance!

The eggplants possess done more or less well.

This is the opening big eggplant to get higher. Up until now I possess just harvested Ichibons.

My opening tinkle shake.

The jalapenos possess done in particular well.

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When You Are Become A Witch

When You Are Become A Witch Cover Technically, the first time you cast a spell of any kind you are a witch. This, in some aspects, is not too different than driving a car. For example, if you get behind the wheel of a car, start it, and hit the gas pedal, you are technically driving. Therefore you are a driver, regardless if you are a licensed driver or not. magick without study and practice can be like driving without a license. You would, technically, be a witch. Of course, like driving without knowing what you're doing, you can cause a lot more trouble than you suspect very quickly.

In this next section, I will be referring to Pagans in general. Remember, wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans.

Gods can be a tricky subject... But let me see if I can break it down a bit. Again, the beliefs I'm about to tell you apply to a large portion if Pagans, but not all.

The most basic god is the totality of everything. And I do mean everything. All mater, all concept, every single molecule, electron, thought and essence... "Everything that is." The totality includes us, and we are a part of it. It would not be the same without each and every person, and no person would be without being part of everything else. This brings us to the idea that we are really one with our world, each other, our pets, even our keyboard, the stars, everything. Also, being part of this totality is much of the basis of Magick. But we'll get to that later.

Ok, so we, as individuals, are part of a larger sum... In fact the entire Universe. The Universe may, or may not have a purpose (divine will). In fact, it'd be rather difficult to ever know if it did, because of the absolutely mind boggling expanse of the Universe. Nevertheless, some people claim to know what the Universe is up to (but I sure don't).

Now, because of the difficulty in talking about day to day things in context of absolutely everything, this concept is not used much except for in theological discussion, or in some magickal works. The human mind has a habit of breaking things up into smaller pieces to be handled.

From here, gods are pretty much open, honestly. A god is what you use to symbolize emotions or concepts when you need to concentrate on something. If you feel you are going to go into combat, you would concentrate on Mars (for example) to help prepare you for what lay ahead.

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The Outer Temple Of Witchcraft Circles Spells And Rituals

The Outer Temple Of Witchcraft Circles Spells And Rituals Cover

Book: The Outer Temple Of Witchcraft Circles Spells And Rituals by Christopher Penczak

This is one of the few books on witchcraft that didn't leave me feeling dumbed-down and dizzy. Most Witchcraft 101 books spend a good deal of time going over what have become well-known and relatively obvious facts about pagan deities, nature and its energies, the sabbats, and the very basics of magical tools and techniques. In this book, however, Penczak chooses a few of the more intriguing (and, for beginners, often intimidating) practices and explores them in depth.

Rather than the usual cursory chapter on magic--which is often no more than the repetition of warm-fuzzy affirmations about how "anything goes" and the power is "all within you" anyway--Penczak devotes two chapters to a detailed explanation of the theory of spellwork, discussing first the guiding principles of energy and the "science" behind magic, and then turning to a treatment of spellwork as artistic crafting. This is the only book that didn't take me from "it's easy!" to a "sample spell" of five or more exotic ingredients and astrological Correspondences in one giant leap. Step by step, Penczak builds on knowledge in an intelligent and instructive way, without implying either a dumbed-down make-believe approach or an all-or-nothing game of calculations and memorizations.

Penczak, a New Hampshire-based witch and teacher, is one of the most prolific and esteemed authors in the Wiccan community. In The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, he helped readers go inward—mastering the interior state of consciousness needed to create magick. This sequel is a logical follow-up, with Penczak teaching readers how to bring the sacredness of the inner world into the outer, visible world. As he did with Inner Temple, he organizes this guidebook into a 12-part lesson plan, designed to be completed month-by-month over the course of a year. (Traditional training in witchcraft lasts a year and a day.) Whether or not readers follow the monthly time line, this still makes an excellent grimoire of spells, recipes and rituals. Lessons include an extensive discussion of the Gods and goddesses of witchcraft that helps practitioners understand why it's important to honor and work with them. Consistent with the nature-based foundation of witchcraft, Penczak devotes a lesson to the elements, explaining how to integrate them into rituals and cleansings. Like any good reference book, this one offers an abundance of exercises and visual examples throughout. But what makes this an exceptional resource is Penczak's ability to offer deeper philosophical discussions while simultaneously giving practical advice. One doesn't have to relate to the word "witch" to appreciate this guidebook; all it takes is willingness to create through intention, honor the cycles of nature and be ready to take personal power and responsibility over one's life. Once again Penczak proves himself to be a gifted teacher and a witch of the highest order.

In 'The Inner Temple of Witchcraft' author Christopher Penczak helped readers discover their inner divinty. In his follow up, 'The Outer Temple of Witchcraft', Penczak helps readers reconize the outer divinity through rituals and spells. Like the first book in the 'Witchcraft Temple series', 'The Outer Temple of Witchcraft' is composed of 12 chapters that are suggested to be covered one per month, ending with and intitiation ritual into the priesthood of Witchcraft.

Like the first, 'The Outer Temple' begins with four introductory chapters covering the sacred space, Witchcraft ethics, the history and use of magick, and the meaning of the Wiccan priesthood. From there, Penczak dives right into a through discussion of the Gods of Witchcraft, describing the five-fold divinty, archetypal beings, and relationships with the Gods. From there, the author uses three chapters to discuss the elements of Wicca explaining the what, why, and how of each element.

Similar to most Witchcraft 101 books, Penczak discusses divination, ritual, tools, sabbats, and spells. Unlike most Witchcraft 101 books, the author explains the why of the various topics above. Penczak believes that in order to practice truely effective Witchcraft, we must know the why. One of the most enjoyable and interesting topics of 'The Outer Temple of Witchcraft' was the author's explaination of why spells work using astrological timing and correspondence.

Many would say that the information within this text is covered in other books on modern Witchcraft. Much of the information is, but never have I seen a book that has all of this information in one place or explains it so well. Honestly, it has to be one of the best books I've seen on the market. If you're new to the Craft, don't hesitate to pick this one up. While you're at it, check out the first one in the series, 'The Inner Temple of Witchcraft'. I promise you will not regret it.

This is also one of the few books that does not place visualization as the primary tool of magic. I found this immensely comforting, as I have worked intuitive magic for years without hardly any visualization or "mystic experiences" (and always felt I must somehow be "doing it wrong"--even if it worked!). Overall, his approach is a scientific one, primarily, and yet it incorporates the foundations of personal and thoughtful spirituality as a necessary building block for (and ultimately the goal of) witchcraft. A great book, well worth the read.

Buy Christopher Penczak's book: The Outer Temple Of Witchcraft Circles Spells And Rituals

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As Tradies Pags

As Tradies Pags
Veja resumo por datas abaixo, respectivamente pela ordem:

Ano de Fundac~ao / Nome da Tradic~ao e/ou Fundador.

1951 Gerald Gardner e seu Coven

1953 Tradic~ao Orthodox (Cochrane) Witchcraft

1954 Tradic~ao Rhean.

1955 Tradic~ao Boread.

1957 Tradic~ao 'Brighton Coven Cruiser

1963 Tradic~ao Alexandrian Witchcraft

1964 Tradic~ao 1734

1965 Tradic~ao 'Sara Cunningham's At home

1966 Tradic~ao The Regency

1968 Tradic~ao Ordem da Old Crescent

1968 Ordem Grand / Tradic~ao Grand.

1968 Tradic~ao House of worship and Academe of Wicca.

1967 Tradic~ao Alexandrian Witchcraft (Ramo Alem~ao)

1969 Tradic~ao American / Mohsian

1970 Tradic~ao Alexandrian Witchcraft (U.S.A.)

1970 Tradic~ao Dianic (MacFarland) Witchcraft de Wicca Feminista

1970 Tradic~ao Pagan Way Witchcraft

1970 Tradic~ao American Celtic (Sheban)

1970 Tradic~ao Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Wicca

1970 Tradic~ao Du Bandia Grasail Meet

1970 Tradic~ao House of worship of the Everlasting Abundance

1970 Tradic~ao Sicilian Witchcraft (na Am'erica)

1972 Tradic~ao Keepers of the Ancient history Mysteries

1972 Tradic~ao Seax-Wicca

1973 Tradic~ao Kingstone

1973 Tradic~ao Americana da Large number of Wiccan

1973 Tradic~ao Unconcealed God Convention

1973 Tradic~ao Druidic Cruiser of the Practical

1974 Tradic~ao Dianic Feminist Witchcraft

1974 Tradic~ao Isian

1974 Tradic~ao Western Isian

1974 Tradic~ao Algard Witchcraft

1974 Tradic~ao American Household Witchcraft

1975 Tradic~ao Tasteless Star Witchcraft

1975 Tradic~ao Minoan Brotherhood

1975 Tradic~ao Maidenhill Convention

1975 Tradic~ao Ganymede/Chthonioi glue

1975 Tradic~ao Gardnerian-Eclectic Witchcraft

1975 Tradic~ao Halifax

1975 Tradic~ao Ravenwood

1976 Tradic~ao Cerridwen

1976 Tradic~ao Glainn Sidhr Witchcraft

1976 Tradic~ao 'The Convention

1976 Tradic~ao The Roebuck / Ancient history Keltic House of worship

1977 Tradic~ao Peak of Danann

1978 Tradic~ao Hyperborean

1978 Tradic~ao Celtic Wicca (Nossa Senhora do Encantamento)

1979 Tradic~ao Odyssian Convention (Wiccan House of worship of Canada)

1980 Tradic~ao Unicorn

1980 Tradic~ao Minnesota House of worship of Wicca

1980 Tradic~ao Celtic Orthodox (Foxwoods) Witchcraft

1982 Tradic~ao Minoan Sisterhood

1982 Tradic~ao Alexandrian Witchcraft (Irlanda)

1983 Tradic~ao Aquarian Tabernacle

1984 Tradic~ao Communitarian Witchcraft / Wicca Communitas

1983 Tradic~ao Windblown

1985 Tradic~ao New Albion

1985 Tradic~ao Pagans for Peac

1985 Tradic~ao Pagan Way Witchcraft

1985 Tradic~ao Caledonii Convention

1986 Tradic~ao do NFG glue

1986 Tradic~ao Rainbow Wheel

1986 Tradic~ao Northwind

1986 Tradic~ao Sacred Undergrowth

1987 StarKindler

1987 Tradic~ao StarKindler

1990 Tradic~ao Eleusinian Convention

1990 Tradic~ao Blackring Witchraft

1990 Tradic~ao Serpentstone

1990 Tradic~ao Star Sapphiran

1990 Tradic~ao Semiprecious stone Moon

1990 Tradic~ao Chthonian Convention

1990 Tradic~ao Ceili Sidhe

1991 Tradic~ao Protean

1991 Tradic~ao Neo-Alexandrian Witchcraft (Canada)

1991 Tradic~ao Black Covert

1991 Tradic~ao Protean

1991 Tradic~ao California Gardnerian (CalGard) Witchcraft

1992 Tradic~ao Tuatha De Danann Convention

1993 Tradic~ao Daoine Coire

1994 Tradic~ao Cornfield Convention

1996 Tradic~ao Aglaian

1996 Tradic~ao Reformada

1996 Tradic~ao Oldenwilde Household Witchcraft

1997 Tradic~ao Knight Phases

1997 Prytani Convention (Family Ragan)

1997 Tradic~ao Morganan Convention

1997 Tradic~ao Central Enthusiasm

1977 Tradic~ao Brighton Household Cruiser

1997 Tradic~ao Dragon's Join

1998 Tradic~ao Earthwise

1998 Tradic~ao Evergreen Convention.Visite:

Wicca Ipatinga:

Grupo de Estudos Virtual: ipatinga/

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Fairy Garden Lore

Fairy Garden Lore Image



A carpenter's dream is not a large tool but a member of the aster family, known as the achillea. It is said to instantly heal all wounds caused by carpenter's tools.

I would reckon that this folklore goes back to long before electric tools. I can't imagine a simple flower healing a leg severed by a chain saw ;-)


Do you remember the ditty we all sang as a child? Beans, beans, are good for your heart... you know the rest ;-)

Well, from the stories that I've come across this may not necessarily be true.
The sweet-smelling bean flower was associated with death and ghosts. The souls of the dead are said to dwell in a beanfield. With this thought in mind, do not sleep in a beanfield in Leicestershire for it is said to cause insanity.

Haven't you ever seen 'Children Of The Beanfield'? But if you find that you must sleep in a beanfield, put a bean in your mouth before you enter and spit it at the first witch that you see!

Bulrush (Cat Tails):

The Irish say that bulrushes (or cat-tails) are brown at the top because they were cursed by St. Patrick.

They are collected on St. Bride's Eve (January 31) and hung over doorways in Ireland. Again, if their patron saint cursed them, why do they receive this treatment?

Plus, in Cheshire, rushes were used to get rid of warts while in Devon they used them to cure thrush in babies.


And how about a new use for caraway seeds. Forget your baking, girls!

Put a few caraway seeds in your man's pocket for it is said to prevent him from straying.


Here's a good one for all the wannabe thieves of the world. Cut a piece of chicory in silence (with a golden knife, of course) on St. James' Day (that would be July 25th for any heathen thieves out there ;-).

This is said to render the person invisible but beware... for if a word is spoken by the cutter at any point, he or she will die!


Now I've always heard that four leaf clovers were a sign of good luck but what I didn't realize was that they are also said to give the possessor the power to detect witches, to see fairies and be protected from all evil.

I always carry a 4-leaf clover in my wallet but, unfortunately, I've encountered more than one witch in my lifetime, have never seen a fairy and you just have to turn on the news to encounter evil of all sorts.


In some parts of England it is thought to be unlucky to have daffodils in the house. If so, then why is it that daffodils and spring-time go hand-in-hand?

Throughout England the land is yellow, yellow everywhere in April. Who planted all those flowers if they are so unlucky? Or are they okay if they are kept outside?


Unless you wish to be taken into the unknown and mystic fairy world, you shouldn't sit under a hawthorn tree in May. It is said that if you do, the fairies will gain power over you.

On May Day, if you fasten a hawthorn on a cowshed you will be assured of an enormous milk supply. In Lancashire, a hawthorn spray hung over a door indicated scorn; rowan - affection; holly - folly; briar - a liar; and plum in bloom - married soon.


Hazel was and still is *the* choice for water diviners as it is believed that the forked stick of hazel trembles when water is nearby. Plus, I should think the hazel would be a better choice than the metal rods that you can buy for outrageous prices at souvenir shops.

Until the 16th century a hazel branch was also used to detect thieves. A hazel band worn across the breast of your horse would protect him from fairies. It was said to have worked on horses, but I wonder about the effect with humans?

A double hazel nut carried in your pocket could prevent toothaches; leaves eaten by cows would bring an increase in milk; small hazel twigs will protect a house from lightning and they can save a person from shipwreck if worn at sea.


If hemlock is so very poisonous, why then do deer nibble on low hemlock boughs during the winter? I remember eating venison that was very gamey tasting and was told that it was because the deer had to resort to eating hemlock during the long, snowy winters.

On a similar note, in times past criminals who were to be executed were often forced to drink a 'tea' made from hemlock.

Horse Chestnuts:

We all have come to know and love the horse chestnut. Its hard, shiny seeds are used by children for the game of Conkers. But did you also know that if you steal or beg a seed and then carry it on you, it was considered a charm to ward off rheumatism?


Ivy was originally thought to be a feminine symbol because of its clinging habit.

If it grew on the walls of a house, the occupants were considered safe from witches but if it withered away and died, that meant impending disaster.

Corns were cured by binding them with ivy leaves soaked in vinegar and at the time of the Great Plague of London in 1665, a vinegar made from ivy berries was thought to be a fantastic remedy.


Smoke from a juniper fire was thought to keep the demons away and was continually burned during outbreaks of plague.

To dream of a juniper tree was considered quite unlucky but, funnily enough, if you dreamt of its berries it was thought to be the foretelling of a coming success or the birth of an heir.

Lady Smock and Lady Mantle:

Lady Smock was a traditional plant of the fairies and was considered unlucky to have in the house.

Lady Mantle was used to induce sleep and dewdrops gathered from its folded leaves were highly sought after as a beauty lotion. I'll have to see if I buy that down at my local Body Shop!


Have you ever wonder why the zoos seem to plant lavender all around the lion and tiger cages? Well, wonder no longer... the lovely scented lavender was said to make them docile.

I still think that I would rather not walk into their den with a posy of lavender.


This was a plant literally filled with plenty of magic. If you could manage to dig it up... That was the problem - it seems that this was a very dangerous operation, indeed.

The best solution was thought to be to tie a dog to the root, put a dish of fresh meat down a small distance away and then let the dog do the dirty deed.

The only problem here was that allegedly the horrific shriek of the plant as it was being uprooted killed the dog instantly.


Mistletoe has been a famous plant dating back to the time of the first Druids.
To guard against witchcraft, you cut a sprig with a new dagger after walking three times around an oak tree on Hallowe'en. Sure enough, it works every time!

The North American Indians made a mistletoe tea and used it to treat measles, toothache and dog bites.

Moles With A Touch Of Garlic:

Do you have pesky moles in your garden? Well, Garlic will relieve you of the little critters as it will draw them out of the ground. OK - it draws them out, but what next? Do you have to sit there patiently with a club waiting for the pests to come out? Then, whap! Gotcha! Nah, they just leg it - sort of like mini vampires!
I have also heard that it has many healing powers including being good for the heart. But this next one was news to me: garlic is universally regarded as an aphrodisiac. Hmmm... Have you ever kissed someone with garlic breath? Love doesn't come to mind for me, but a dose of mouthwash and a good tooth-brushing does!


Moneywort is a plant that all carpenters should keep at hand, for it was said to be able to open locks and had the power to draw out nails.


And now that we're on to 'worts' - Motherwort must be the drink of 'the Mother- in-law from Hell'. Why? Read on...

'Drink Motherwort and live to be a source of continuous astonishment and grief to waiting heirs'.


Perhaps it has been forgotten that myrtle's old tradition was to always be included in a bridal bouquet as it symbolized marital bliss.

With the rate of divorce steadily on the uprise, I reckon that myrtle should be made a mandatory item on the wedding check list!


Ah, peas.... I knew there must be a purpose for those gross, green veggies! In Buckinghamshire they were used for wart removal. Just touch the wart with a green pea, then wrap the pea in a bit of paper and bury it. As the pea decays, the warts disappear.


The peony was used as a cure for epilepsy, lunacy and nightmares but the root had to gathered by a dog. Then, you guessed it, poor ole Spot bites the big one.


The poppy is the plant of sleep because of its opium content. But did you know that if held to the ear, it can bring on an earache, to the temple a headache or to the eyes even blindness? The morale of this story is smell but do not listen to the life pouring out of its red blossom. Strangely enough, it was also used to cure earaches, insomnia and toothaches.


Primroses were widely used against witches, and children ate the flowers if they wanted to see a fairy. Hmmm... I wonder if they are in the poppy family?

Want a sure-fire way of remaining young? Make a box out of rosemary wood and take an occasional sniff.


A rowan tree had a great reputation for magic and protection. Everything from cradles to crossbeams to necklaces and thatch contained rowan to keep all safe from evil.


Rue was considered a great medicinal cure if picked in the morning, but poisonous if picked later in the day.

It was used as a cure for snakebites and it was also said that weasels ate rue before attacking a snake. Oh yes, and it was also used for convulsions and to stop people from talking in their sleep.


Sage was said to grow best for a wise person and even better in a household where a woman ruled. Paranoid men in such homes were known to cut down a sage plant so they wouldn't get ribbed by their neighbors.

It was also considered a cure for ague but only if it was eaten for seven mornings - and then before breakfast!

The plant withers very slowly, therefore it was used on graves as a sign of remembrance.

St. John's Wort:

St. John's Wort has many rituals associated with it. It was used to ward off witches and ghosts. Its powers were at their greatest at midsummer and it was considered best to gather it on St. John's Eve while still covered in dew.

Now if a single girl did this, she was sure to be married within a year. If a childless wife walked naked while she did this, she would could expect to be pregnant within a year.

It was thought to be extremely dangerous to step on the growing plant, else a fairy horse may rise up and carry you off to fairyland!


Fresh saxifrage root was thought to make freckles disappear and was also used as a cure for toothache. I must confess that I find it quite funny that there were so many toothache cures yet everyone had rotten or no teeth at all!


You were to pick a scabious in West Cornwall if you wanted the Devil to appear at your bedside at night.

Sea Holly / Sea Weed:

Sea holly was used to bring back an errant lover while sea weed was used to protect against fire.


Thyme was associated with death and was also a symbol of strength. It is much loved by bees - and fairies!


Valerian was often used as an aphrodisiac.

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