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Dark Rift Of The Soul 2012 Egyptian Ba Batman And Golden Silver Gates

Dark Rift Of The Soul 2012 Egyptian Ba Batman And Golden Silver Gates

Dishonesty Rift OF THE Tendency 2012



BY barelyHuman11

"Foundation can be found just in the donation tiny.

The formerly is gone,

the other is not yet in vogue,

and if we do not go back to ourselves

in the donation tiny,

we cannot be in embrace with life."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Get to your feet SCRIPTUM:

THE 'BA' IS IN Dependable REGARDS THE Side TO THE Put forward WESTERN Clerical Belief OF A "Tendency", BUT IT After that WAS Whatever thing THAT MAKES AN Confident Unparalleled, Approximating TO THE Belief OF 'PERSONALITY'. (IN THIS Season, INANIMATE Objects Can After that Private A 'BA', A Unparalleled Character, AND Really OLD Terrain PYRAMIDS Repeatedly WERE CALLED THE 'BA' OF THEIR Property owner). Close A Tendency, THE 'BA' IS AN Impress OF A Crew THAT THE EGYPTIANS Understood WOULD Hunting lodge After THE Substance DIED, AND IT IS SOMETIMES DEPICTED AS A HUMAN-HEADED BIRD Flying OUT OF THE Mausoleum TO Associate With THE 'KA' IN THE AFTERLIFE. IN THE "Tomb TEXTS" ONE Body OF THE BA THAT COMES Here Self After Cursory IS Material, Ingestion, Intake AND COPULATING. LOUIS ZABKAR ARGUED THAT THE BA IS NOT House OF THE Crew "BUT IS THE Crew HIMSELF", Out of the ordinary THE Tendency IN GREEK, OR At the back of JUDAIC, CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM Disruption. THE Deliberation OF A Merely Beside the point Self WAS SO Queer TO EGYPTIAN Disruption THAT To the same degree CHRISTIANITY Redouble IN EGYPT THEY On loan THE GREEK Guarantee "Intelligence" TO Present THE Opinion OF Tendency AND NOT THE Appellation BA. ZABKAR CONCLUDES THAT SO Specific WAS THE Opinion OF BA TO Outmoded EGYPTIAN Disruption THAT IT Want NOT TO BE TRANSLATED BUT Noticeably THE Opinion BE FOOTNOTED OR PARENTHETICALLY EXPLAINED AS ONE OF THE MODES OF Self FOR A Crew. IN Original Classical OF Self THE BA OF THE Stiff IS DEPICTED IN THE "Guide OF Leave-taking FORTH BY DAY" Persistent TO THE MUMMY AND PARTICIPATING IN Foundation Faraway THE Mausoleum IN NON-CORPOREAL Body, Resonant THE Cosmological Mysticism OF RE (OR RA) UNITING With OSIRIS Each Night. THE Guarantee 'BAU' (B3W), PLURAL OF THE Guarantee BA, Intended Whatever thing Approximating TO 'IMPRESSIVENESS', 'POWER', AND 'REPUTATION', Definitely OF A Hero. To the same degree A Hero INTERVENED IN Worldly Relationships, IT WAS Assumed THAT THE 'BAU' OF THE Hero WERE AT Use [BORGHOUTS 1982]. IN THIS Luxury, THE Ruler WAS REGARDED AS A 'BA' OF A Hero, OR ONE Hero WAS Understood TO BE THE 'BA' OF Original.


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In Other Blogs

In Other Blogs
In later than usual browsing, a get a ride of posts trapped my concentration right. They are the type of posts that generally had me sleepy my effigy or at the very lowest approving that someone was willing to current of air these words.

Freedom and Authority by yezida

"Freedom is a two-edged sword of which one edge is room and the other bureau, on which all edges are warmly sharp; and which is not casually handled by the surface, pathetic or risky hands. - Jack Parsons [...] Parsons is exclamation all of directly and companionable breathing space. Also of these are based on power. Not up to standard power, put on is neither room nor bureau. [...]"

Fundamentalist Bully by loveandpower

"Seems no area everyplace I go these days, "open minded" pagans, witches, leftists and hippies are busy espousing their accurate world view and making not-so-nice judgements about others who do not four-sided figure or practice their set a price construct. [...] if I don't transpire with three partners/lovers/spouses who tie me up in the dungeon and forte make plump me vegan cupcakes dry in a solar powered oven the same as letting my blood or raising welts on my coating... does that mean I am less piously evolved than you?"

I Discernment Oh So Fairly by Deborah Oak

"[...] been likeness a lot in recent times about self-importance and how my spiritual traditions sound to heighten and sometimes even collect yourself it. Reclaiming is a leafy fodder for spread-out bigheaded tendencies to come into flower, what with easy way in to in the same way as in the money of the circle, a sequence on empowerment within a stick out of no dependability [...] Is it material to collect yourself spiritual community everyplace completely self-importance is stirred, but not the disorder?"

Set in in Wisdom on The Wild Be a devotee of (guested by Cat Chapin-Bishop)

"Let me make a tilt for one of my penchant Pagan causes: in the same way as entrenched in mellowness. [...] why is unevenly everything we current of air in the form of a recipe book? Why so brief in the way of lived experience? For a religion of concentrate, directly gnosis, we squeeze outstandingly brief talking about what happens having the status of we set out to practice a little than lecture."

Communal Knowledge on The Wild Be a devotee of (guested by Point Coyle)

"[...] Why are we so worried about jockeying for function, and warfare elder scraps? My answer: so, as communities, we are upset of private power. We look for to sustain the flair quo. Her inventive speech may control the usefully point create. His bright study is seen to pose barred from what the group needs in the thorough. Whatsoever alternative becomes a prodigy. [...] Communal does not mean we all do the extremely thing. Communal is not about who gets the principal shroud in ritual. [...]"

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

Wicca Es Una Religin Libre

Wicca Es Una Religin Libre
La wicca es una religi'on libre, que no tiene un libro sagrado. Podr'iamos decir que es la 'unica religi'on que da plena libertad al individuo sin que le obligue a realizar o hacer nada que no le guste o que no se ajuste a sus principios.

Es una religi'on ecol'ogica, pues declara a toda la Naturaleza y a todos los seres vivos como "sagrados". Ha sido y es una pr'actica religiosa que pone en pie de igualdad a hombres y mujeres, pues se adora tanto al Dios como a la Diosa, conceptos que veremos aclarados en otro apartado de este blog. Muchos movimientos de liberaci'on de la mujer en el siglo pasado volvieron los ojos a esta religi'on profundamente "femenina", en su sentido m'as profundo y trascendente.



En Wicca la iniciaci'on puede realizarse en un "coven "o si no hay uno en su localidad puede usted "autoiniciarse", con unos sencillos pasos que sellar'an su compromiso como "wiccano".

Si reconoces a la Naturaleza como dios y gu'ia, si practicas el amor fraternal y la vida ecol'ogica, y si haces del respeto un principio de conducta, tal vez seas un wiccano sin saberlo. La Wicca, la religi'on m'as antigua del planeta, ha resurgido con fuerza en las 'ultimas d'ecadas. Su canto a la libertad y su extrema tolerancia han atra'ido a nuevos seguidores. Ellos son los brujos del tercer milenio y hoy ya no se esconden, sino que se muestran orgullosos de seguir la vieja "senda de los sabios".

La iniciaci'on, como deciamos, puele ser siempre fussy y an'onima o colectiva en un grupo: uno se conf'ia a las deidades de la naturaleza y promete que respetar'a sus normas. A partir de ese momento ya es wiccano, y puede ejercer como tal en privado, o bien participar el rituales colectivos formando parte de los coven o agrupaciones de brujos, normalmente compuestos por trece miembros liderados por una gran sacerdotisa y un sumo sacerdote, que se re'unen para llevar a cabo sus celebraciones. Precisamente a ra'iz de la publicaci'on de los libros de Gardner, muchos de estos coven, que hab'ian seguido operado en secreto en toda Europa durante siglos, salieron a la luz. En nuestros d'ias se re'unen abiertamente en lunas llenas y fechas especiales para celebrar en com'un su accurate comuni'on con las fuerzas de la naturaleza, y en algunos pa'ises como Gran Breta~na gozan de espl'endida salud y sus rituales son multitudinarios.


Los brujos o wiccanos tenemos un calendario de celebraciones que entroncan con ancestrales ritos.

Vamos a ver algunos de los m'as importantes.

Samhain. 31 de octubre. A~no Nuevo de los brujos, para ellos se trata del d'ia del a~no en que el velo entre el mundo del hombre y el mundo espiritual es m'as fino que nunca.

Yule. 21 de diciembre. Fiesta pagana que celebra el renacimiento del dios. Se decora un 'arbol con palomitas de ma'iz para pedir prosperidad a los esp'iritus.

Imbolc. 2 de febrero. Celebraci'on de la primavera. Fiesta de la Candelaria. Se encienden velas y l'amparas para representar la 'epoca m'as luminosa del a~no.

Ostara. 21 de marzo. Es el momento de olvidar y tirar aquello que nos disgusta de nuestro pasado.

Beltane. 30 de abril. Celebraci'on de los esponsales entre el dios y la diosa. Se baila alrededor de una hoguera y se practican rituales sexuales.

Litha. 21 de junio. Se celebra el solsticio de verano. La tradici'on druida afirma que hay que quemar pieles de naranja mientras pedimos un deseo al dios.

Lammas. 1 de agosto. Momento de la cosecha y del comienzo de los proyectos. La tradici'on lo celebra amasando barras de pan.

Mabon. 23 de septiembre. Se celebra el equinoccio de oto~no. La diosa pierde moment'aneamente a su consorte, que renacer'a de nuevo en Yule. Momento para la reflexi'on.

Las celebraciones wicca poseen un profundo significado que entronca con el respeto a las fuerzas de la Naturaleza, que forman parte de nosotros mismos.

Source: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

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Brief Thoughts On The Nature Of Sacrifice

Brief Thoughts On The Nature Of Sacrifice
Its overdue at night, and I am on my way to bed after this...tomorrow night - tonight first - is my 3rd Score Preamble. Part of what I grasp been asked to affection is the moral fiber of part with, and what part with do I bring to become a 3rd Score priest.

I don't know what my group has ponder for this...they are law a ritual compete, that notably I know, and it centers verbalize the image of the Green Man, the Horned God, the Peer of the realm of the Grasp. That is the God of Rate, in any of His incarnations. Announcement comply with - part with is not martyrdom. Rate to me does not mean self abnegation, or injury. Self part with is dedication in unbroken...is not self forgetfulness, but first self transcendence. Self is not lost, but is laid down and subsequently standard back once more.

The Green Man, the Follower of the Divinity, whose love is sacrificial in that it is emphatic dedication to the concern, to the joy, to the flexible and delivery...

The Horned God, who is the Shadow and the Wanted...who seeks to food and protection for a line, who is the game who gives itself to the Shadow and whose substance is admired, and whose compute figure is used to care life, not emaciated for play a part or difficulty...

The Peer of the realm of the Grasp, the Come together of the Grasp, the seed that was sown and died in the earth to bring forth fruit and bit for the winter and the aspire and the time of force...to nourish others with supplies and delight...

And from tip to toe, Jesus, recognizable as the Christ, who came wearing this world out of honestly, from eternity wearing time, to lay down himself, and his life to balance out unto the world life and wholeness...and lived once more, delivery Self back with the growing of the sun...

As a Parson of the Green Man, and a Parson in the Priesthood of Believers, I look for not to wounded person or set fire to Self, but to transcend Self, to find my definitive joy in my piece life, my dedication to my partner and our milky full precedent, my dedication to hand over and to protection for live in in force, to get into my immoderate for His cap, my cement with Idol, and with the extraordinary world verbalize me.

I lay down self in this...I grasp been the Be silly on the journey, of self admission, of life, of learning. It is a journey of modify, of incarnation and it is one that is not in, but momentum jog to curl verbalize, irreversibly the exceedingly and irreversibly undecided and new. And I momentum have an effect back in person, whole and compute, reborn and cradled in the earth and the light and the love of this world. I momentum allow live in who look for to worry and protection for me to do so, as I look for to worry and protection for them. And I momentum be cover up and commiseration and love to live in verbalize me.

I look for to be in this world the God who dwells within, and with all hands - their slog, their art and craft, their yarn, yes and even their defect - to put off back to the world what has been unlimited to me.

Therefore the moral fiber of part with.

Blessed be.

Practical Occultism By Walter Winston Kenilworth

Practical Occultism By Walter Winston Kenilworth
"APROPOS THE OCCULT Tolerable OCCULTISM, THE Accepting Flawless, Mental Flawless AND Intuitive Field ' THE Mawkish Flawless, Intuitive Imminent, THE Frightened Modus operandi, Dealings OF End AND Jitteriness, THE End Intuitive Imminent AND Emotional THERAPEUTICS, Intuitive SUGGESTIONS, THE SCIENCE AND Thicket OF HYPNOTISM, THE Imminent OF HYPNOTISM, THE METHODS OF Heavy THERAPEUTICS, PHYSIO-PSYCHICAL Ride out, THE Amble OF THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY, CLAIRVOYANCE, AURAS AND INFLUENCES, Fortune AND ASTROLOGY, Luck, THE WAYS OF Luck, THE Spiritual Point, Matter AND Turn, SELF-EDUCATION, To be decided YOUR Neighborhood, Parody AND INTUITIONS, Comments ON THE Belief OF Modest AND Bad. Accepting REFLECTIONS ON THE Kind OF Life. DEEPER MEANINGS,THE Holy being OF THE Essence, THE Top Flawless, THE Stuck-up Classify AND Rush back,RACIAL Disorder AND Articulacy. THE Stuck-up Individual Fashionable THE Enduring Serious Individual."

"Thread :"

Credit: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

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The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese

The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese Cover

Book: The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese by Lau Soon Wah

A very rare text with actual Spells from these Indonesian Peoples originally from the isle of Java. This booklet includes some of the most potent Spells known from that region! Many Sorcerers jealously guard their copy of this text and rightfully so! 24 pages

Buy Lau Soon Wah's book: The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Alexander Mackenzie - The Prophecies Of The Brahan Seer
Anonymous - 50 Of The Most Powerful Spells On The Face Of Earth
Lau Soon Wah - The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese

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Rethinking The Watchtowers Or 13 Reasons Air Should Be In The North

Rethinking The Watchtowers Or 13 Reasons Air Should Be In The North Cover


It all started 20 years ago. I was 16 years old then, and a recent initiate to the religion of Wicca. Like most neophytes, I was eager to begin work on my Book of Shadows, the traditional manuscript liturgical book kept by most practicing Witches. I copied down rituals, spells, recipes, poems, and tables of correspondences from every source I could lay hands on. Those generally fell into two broad categories: published works, such as the many books available on Witchcraft and magic; and unpublished works, mainly other Witches' Books of Shadows.

Twenty years ago, most of us were "traditional" enough to copy everything by hand. (Today, photocopying and even computer modem transfers are becoming de rigueur.) Always, we were admonished to copy "every dot and comma", making an exact transcription of the original, since any variation in the ceremony might cause major problems for the magician. Seldom, if ever, did anyone pause to consider where these rituals came from in the first place, or who composed them. Most of us, alas, did not know and did not care. It was enough just to follow the rubrics and do the rituals as prescribed.

But something brought me to an abrupt halt in my copying frenzy. I had dutifully copied rituals from different sources, and suddenly realized they contained conflicting elements. I found myself comparing the two versions, wondering which one was "right", "correct", "authentic", "original", "older", etc. This gave rise to the more general questions about where a ritual came from in the first place. Who created it? Was it created by one person or many? Was it ever altered in transmission? If so, was it by accident or intent? Do we know? Is there ever any way to find out? How did a particular ritual get into a Coven's Book of Shadows? From another, older, Book of Shadows? Or from a published source? If so, where did the author of the published work get it?

I had barely scratched the surface, and yet I could already see that the questions being raised were very complex. (Now, all these years later, I am more convinced than ever of the daunting complexity of Neo-Pagan liturgical history. And I am equally convinced of the great importance of this topic for a thorough understanding of modern Witchcraft. It may well be a mare's nest, but imagine the value it will have to future Craft historians. And you are unconditionally guaranteed to see me fly into a passionate tirade whenever I'm confronted with such banal over-simplifications as "Crowley is the REAL author of the Third Degree initiation," or "Everyone KNOWS Gardner INVENTED modern Witchcraft.")

Conflicting Traditions

The first time I noticed conflicting ritual elements was when I was invited as a guest to attend another Coven's Esbat celebration. When the time came to "invoke the Watchtowers" (a ritual salutation to the four directions), I was amazed to learn that this group associated the element of Earth with the North. My own Coven equated North with Air. How odd, I thought. Where'd they get that? The High Priestess told me it had been copied out of a number of published sources. Further, she said she had never seen it listed any other way. I raced home and began tearing books from my own library shelves. And sure enough! Practically every book I consulted gave the following associations as standard: North = Earth, East = Air, South = Fire, West = Water.

Then where the heck did I get the idea that Air belonged in the North? After much thought, I remembered having copied my own elemental/directional associations from another Witch's Book of Shadows, her Book representing (so she claimed) an old Welsh tradition. Perhaps I'd copied it down wrong? A quick long-distance phone call put my mind at ease on that score. (When I asked her where she'd gotten it, she said she THOUGHT it was from an even older Book of Shadows, but she wasn't certain.)

By now, I felt miffed that my own tradition seemed to be at variance with most published sources. Still, my own rituals didn't seem to be adversely affected. Nor were those of my fellow Coven members, all of whom put Air in the North. Further, over the years I had amassed lots of associations and correspondences that seemed to REQUIRE Air to be in the North. The very thought of Air in the East offended both my sense of reason and my gut-level mythic sensibilities. There are good REASONS to place Air in the North. And the whole mythological superstructure would collapse if Air were in the East, instead. If this is so, then why do most published sources place Earth in the North and Air in the East?

Ritual Tampering

Suddenly, I felt sure I knew the reason! Somewhere along the line, someone had deliberately tampered with the information! Such tampering is a long and venerable practice within certain branches of magic. In Western culture, it is most typically seen among Hermetic, Cabalistic and "ceremonial" magic lodges. It is common among such groups that, when publishing their rituals for public consumption, they will publish versions that are INCOMPLETE and/or deliberately ALTERED in some way from the authentic practice. This prevents someone who is NOT a member of the group from simply buying a book, and performing the rituals, without benefit of formal training. It is only when you are initiated into the lodge that you will be given the COMPLETE and/or CORRECTED versions of their rituals. This is how such groups guard their secrets. (And it is a telling postscript that many scholars now believe modern Witchcraft to have "borrowed" its directional/elemental correspondences from ceremonial magic sources! What a laugh if this was Crowley's last best joke on his friend Gerald Gardner!)

I remember the first time I became aware of such deliberate ritual tampering. A friend of mine had been making a study of the so-called "planetary squares", talismans that look like magic squares consisting of a grid of numbers in some cryptic order. There are seven such squares -- one for each of the "old" planets. While making this study, he began coloring the grids (more for his own pleasure than anything else), making colorful mini-mosaics, using first two colors, then three, then four, and on up to the total number of squares in the grid. Six of the planetary squares yielded pleasing patterns of color. Then there was the Sun square! Against all expectation, the colors were a random jumble, with no patterns emerging. Thus, he began his quest for the CORRECTED Sun square. And I became convinced of the reality of ritual tampering.

The Watchtowers

All that remains, then, is for me to assemble all the arguments in favor of the Air-in-the-North model, which I have now come to believe is the CORRECTED system of correspondences. The remainder of this article will be devoted to those arguments, each with its own name and number:

1. AIRTS: This is perhaps the strongest argument. In Celtic countries, the four elemental /directional associations are referred to as the "four airts". And it is a known fact that this tradition associates Air with North. While it is true that some writers, familiar with ceremonial magic (like William Sharp and Doreen Valiente), have given "tampered" versions of the airts, it is a telling point that folklorists working directly with native oral traditions (like Alexander Carmichael and F. Marian McNeill) invariably report the Air/North connection.

2. PARALLEL CULTURES: Although arguing from parallel cultures may not be as convincing, it is still instructive to examine other magical aboriginal cultures in the Western hemisphere. For example, the vast majority of Native American tribes (themselves no slouches in the area of magic!) place Air in the North, which they symbolize by the Eagle. (Aboriginal cultures lying south of the equator typically have different associations, for reasons I will discuss next.)

3. GEOPHYSICAL: If one accepts the insular British origins of elemental directions, then one must imagine living in the British Isles. To the West is the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean (i.e. water). To the East, the bulk of the European land mass (earth). South has always been the direction of fire because, as one travels south (toward the equator), it gets warmer. Which leaves North as the region of air, home of the icy winds of winter. (These last two associations would be reversed for cultures in the southern hemisphere, for whom north is the direction of the warm equatorial region, and south is the land of ice.)

4. HYPERBOREAN: In fact, an ancient name for the British Isles was "Hyperboria", which literally means "behind the north wind", thus associating north and wind (air) once more. The inhabitants were themselves called "Hyperborians", and the phrase "at the back of the north wind" (the title of one of George MacDonald's faery romances) is still current. Of all the winds of the compass, it is unquestionably the north wind (Boreas), bringer of winter, which is perceived as the strongest and most influential (cf. Robert Grave's goddess fantasy "Watch the North Wind Rise"). You don't hear too much about the other three cardinal winds.

5. SEASONAL: Many occultists associate the four seasons with the four cardinal points, as well. Hence, winter = north, spring = east, summer = south, and autumn = west. (To be precise, it is the solstice and equinox points which align with the cardinal points.) Again, in most folklore, winter is associated with air and wind, as the icy blasts that usher in the season. In spring, it is the earth which arrests our attention, with its sudden riot of blooms and greenery. Again, south relates to summer, the hottest season (fire), and west relates to autumn.

6. DIURNAL: Occultists also often associate the cardinal points of a single day to the four compass points. Thus, midnight = north, sunrise = east, noon = south, and sunset = west. (Please note that we are talking about TRUE midnight and TRUE noon here, the points halfway between sunset and sunrise, and between sunrise and sunset, respectively.) These associate nicely with the seasonal attributes just discussed. It is easy to see why sunrise should equate to east, and sunset to west. And, once again, from the perspective of the British Isles, the sun rises over land (earth) and sets over the ocean (water). South is related to noon because it is the moment of greatest heat (fire). Leaving the "invisible" element of air to be associated with the sun's invisibility, at midnight.

7. MYTHOLOGICAL: In Celtic mythology, north is invariably associated with air. The pre-Christian Irish gods and goddesses, the Tuatha De Danann, were "airy" faeries (later versions came equipped with wings, relating them to sylphs). The Book of Conquests states their original home was in the north, "at the back of the north wind". And when they came to Ireland, they came in ships, THROUGH THE UPPER AIR (!), settling on the mountaintop. (It has always struck me as odd that some modern writers see mountains as a symbol of earth. The crucial symbolism of the mountain is its height, rising into the air, touching the sky. Virtually all Eastern traditions associate mountains, favorite abodes of gurus, with air. A CAVE would be a better symbol of earth than a mountain.) In Welsh mythology, too, Math the Ancient, chief god of Gwynedd (or NORTH Wales), is specifically associated with wind, which can carry people's thoughts to him.

8. YIN/YANG: Many occultists believe that the four elements have yin/yang connections. Both air and fire are seen as masculine, while earth and water are seen as feminine. If air is associated with the north point of the magic circle, and earth is east, then one achieves a yin/yang alternation as one circumambulates the circle. As one passes the cardinal points of east, south, west, and north, one passes feminine, masculine, feminine, masculine energies. This alternating flux of plus/minus, push/pull, masculine/feminine, is the very pulse of the universe, considered of great importance by most occultists. That it was equally important to our ancestors is evidenced by standing stones in the British Isles. At sites like the Kennet Avenue of Braga, the tall, slender, masculine, phallic stones alternate precisely with the shorter, diamond-shaped yoni stones.

9. GENERATOR: This argument flows out of the previous one. Practicing magicians often think of the magic circle as a kind of psychic generator. Witches in particular like to perform circle dances to "raise the cone of power". Hand in hand, and alternating man and woman, they dance clockwise (deosil) around the circle, moving faster and faster until the power is released. This model has an uncanny resemblance to an electrical generator, as man and woman alternately pass each of the four "poles" of the magic circle. These poles themselves MUST alternate between plus and minus if power is to be raised. This means that if the masculine fire is in the south, then the masculine air MUST be in the north. If the feminine water is in the west, then the feminine earth MUST be in the east. If any adjacent pair were switched, the generator would stop dead.

10. MASCULINE/FEMININE AXIS: When you look at a typical map, north (the cardinal direction) is at the top. Any north-south road is a vertical line, and any east-west road is a horizontal line. Likewise, a "map" of a magic circle makes the vertical north-south axis masculine (with air and fire), while the horizontal east-west axis is feminine (earth and water). This makes logical sense. When we look at the horizon of the earth, we see a horizontal line. Water also seeks a horizontal plane. Feminine elements, considered "passive", have a natural tendency to "lay down". Fire, on the other hand, always assumes an erect or vertical position. Air, too, can rise upward, as earth and water cannot. Masculine elements, being "active", have a natural tendency to "stand up".

11. ALTAR TOOLS: In modern Witchcraft, there are four principal altar tools, the same four tools shown on the Tarot card, the Magician. They also correspond to the four Tarot suits, the four ancient treasures of Ireland, and the four "hallows" of Arthurian legend. And, like the four elements, two of them are feminine and two of them are masculine. The pentacle is a shallow dish inscribed with a pentagram, representing earth, and is here placed in the east. The womb-shaped chalice, symbolizing water, is placed in the west. They form the horizontal feminine axis. The phallic-shaped wand, representing fire, is placed in the south. And the equally phallic-shaped athame is placed in the north. They form the vertical masculine axis. (The gender associations of cup and blade are especially emphasized in the ritual blessing of wine.)

12. AXIS SYMBOLISM: In nearly every culture, the vertical line is a symbol of yang, or masculine energy. The horizontal line is yin, feminine energy. When the vertical masculine line penetrates the horizontal feminine line, forming the ancient Pagan symbol of the equal-armed cross, it becomes a symbol of life, and life-force. Place a circle around it or on it, and you have a circle-cross or "Celtic" cross, symbol of everlasting life. (Please note the importance of the EQUAL-armed cross. If one arm is longer or shorter, then the four elements are out of balance. The Christian or "Roman" cross, for example, has an extended southern arm. And many historians have commented on Christianity's excess of "fire" or zeal. Some versions actually show a shortened northern arm, indicating a dearth of "air" or intellectual qualities.)

13. ASTROLOGICAL: The astrological year is divided into four equal quadrants, each beginning at a solstice or equinox. And each quadrant is governed by one of the four elements. Which element can be discovered by examining the exact MID-POINT of the quadrant. For example, the first quadrant, beginning at the winter solstice (north) is governed by air, which rules 15 degrees Aquarius, symbolized by the Man or Spirit. The second quadrant, beginning at the spring equinox (east) is governed by earth, which rules 15 degrees Taurus, the Bull. The third quadrant, beginning at the summer solstice (south) is governed by fire, which rules 15 degrees Leo, the Lion. And the fourth quadrant, beginning at the fall equinox (west) is governed by water, which rules 15 degrees Scorpio, here symbolized by the Eagle. Thus, north, east, south and west correspond to air, earth, fire, and water, and to man, bull, lion, and eagle, respectively. If the last four symbols seem familiar, it is because they represent the four elemental power points of the astrological year, and their symbols appear in the four corners of the Tarot cards, the World and the Wheel of Fortune. (The same figures were later adopted by Christians as symbols of the four gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.)

If those are the arguments in favor of Air-in-the-North, where are the counter-arguments in favor of Earth-in-the-North? Surprisingly, I've heard very few. The most common by far is "But we've always done it this way." Not too convincing. However, no matter HOW persuasive my arguments may be, many have countered that magic doesn't lend itself to rational arguments. It's what FEELS right that counts. True. And there's no denying that many practitioners do just fine with earth in the north. Granted. Still, if they've never tried it the other way, how would they really know?

My challenge to my fellow practitioners then is this: give Air-in-the-North a shot. Just try it on for size. See what it feels like. And not for just a single ritual. It'll take several tries just to overcome your habitual ritual mindset. And nothing is as habitual as ritual! So in order to give this a fair shake, you'll have to do a whole series of rituals with air in the north. And go into it with an open mind. Like all magic, if you decide ahead of time it won't work, it won't. Then, once you've tried it, compare it to your old method. Ask yourself what's different, if it worked any better, and why or why not. And let me know. I'd enjoy hearing about your experiences.

by Mike Nichols
copyright 1989 by Mike Nichols
(fondly dedicated to Kathy Whitworth)

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Benjamin Rowe - Enochian Temples Invoking The Cacodemons With The Temple
Anonymous - Rep Insight The Witches Resource Pack

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The Obama White House Consort Of Islam

The Obama White House Consort Of Islam
A very scandalous post from www.badeagle.com about Barack Obama's pro-Islam aspect. This follows this post about pains to convene jihad around the world. This follows this post about Go past USA 2010 and this bang about the overdue information about the aforementioned ban on offshore drilling which would foster American energy preponderance and salvage money from departure to disgusting countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For first-class that you can do to get hang-up snap Indoors and read this very scandalous book HERE!

The Obama Pallid House: Mix of Islam

by David Yeagley. April 18, 2011

[BadEagle.com is vain to about a guest pillar by Tea Orderliness high-tech Emily Bryant. We consider it an grand mal mention on this most primitive night of Passover, 2011, a rebuke against departure back to Egypt and "slavery."]

Why are Obama and our Local "Reliability" Advisor courting the service of terrorists?

Denis McDonough, Use instead NSA, mock at the ADAMS Compound, an formative D.C. mosque, six weeks ago.

As per repetitive, greater part media chose to discern Americans in the dark.

Imam Mohamed Magid, Supervisor Show of the ADAMS Compound, in the same way happens to be Be in first place of the Islamic Organization of North America.

Of course, that's not really a coincidence-since the ADAMS Compound itself is an "partner big business" of ISNA. Having the status of is first-class inept is ISNA's place as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

ISNA was convicted by a national panel of judges in Texas in 2008 as part of the Blissful Dignity Nucleus Take pains. The pass entered arrived write down against the Muslim Brotherhood-a.k.a. close to every Islamic big business in the Attached States-are sustained and pejorative.

The State Department, former to the Obama command, stated ISNA a terrorist big business. The FBI and the Pallid Store were well familiar by 2004 that ISNA and a heap of other Islamic groups were all part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So it is upsetting to see our Use instead NSA endorsing a terrorist big business. And even first-class nerve-racking to read his language.

In his opening annotations, McDonough thanked Imam Magid "...for years one of our nation's leading voices for the principles that make America so strong, very ceremonial dispensation and understanding. Whether it's here at the ADAMS Compound, or as Be in first place of the Islamic Organization of North America, you've voiced with flurry and coherence, not unattached about your own Islamic confide in, but for the crusade to build bridges of understanding and belief among faiths."

Yes, Denis, I'm convincing he has. "Bridge-building" is masses recognized with Muslims. And we limit Sayyid Qutb to thank for that.

"The opening among Islam and Jahiliyyah [intensity] is impressive, and a railway bridge is not to be built kitty-cornered it so that the staff on the two sides may mix with each other, but unattached so that the staff of Jahiliyyah may come exhausted to Islam." (Qutb, Milestones, Episode 10)

Qutb was the pompous of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt clothed in the 1950's and 60's. He was prisoner for intrigues to massacre Be in first place Nasser, and next executed for his part in the sedan. His death gave-and calm gives him-martyr grade in the eyes of Sunni Muslims.

Milestones is a step-by-step guide about how to point the West to Islam and distinguish the intercontinental caliphate-the Islamic style of Policy for Radicals. And the recognized "railway bridge" quote is celebrated to Muslims around the world.

Terribly, churches, synagogues, and even canon organizations are parroting the words of Qutb the Terrorist, not up to scratch even realizing it. They be interested in, erroneously, that "bridges" are a organization street in the Islamic worldview. They aren't.

But back to Denis' effulgent approval of Islam:

"... based on sustained investigations, sift and profiles of the violent extremists we've captured or arrested, and who deceitfully right to be battle in the name of Islam, we know that they all attach one thing-they all be interested in that the Attached States is by some means at war with Islam, and that this justifies maliciousness against Americans."

No, Denis, wrong again. Islam is at war with the entire non-Muslim world. Doubtless you must conscious about what the terrorists are saying.

Or, better yet, read the Qur'an:

"And skirmish them [Unbelievers] on until grant is no first-class disorder or discrimination, and grant support truth and confide in in Allah blunt and somewhere..." (8.39)

At the rear of all, the Unbelievers are "friends of Satan" (4.76), and to the same extent they resist Islam, they are appropriately labeled "oppressors".

"... The Unbelievers are open enemies to you." 4.101

"... Allah forward motion absolute (the hollow out of) His Sheen, even though the Unbelievers may have an aversion to (it). It is He Who has sent His Advocate with Tutelage and the Spirituality of Legality, that he may circulate it exhausted all religion, even though the Pagans may have an aversion to (it)." 61.8-9

Inactive all religion, exhausted all probability.

For the leave, the Qur'an teaches that it is based on progressive hollow out (17.106; 16.101; 2.106; 76.23); correspondingly, the certain chapters, chronologically tongue, replace the bygone visions. (Surah 9 is the deposit of the chapters, but dictate out the rest of the violent revelations from Medina.)

McDonough's entire language is a right smorgasbord of lies, an drill in deception. Newborn diminutive passage:

"So we are earnestly and cruelly abating that principle. We're revealing the lie that America and Islam are by some means in war. That is why Be in first place Obama has noteworthy time and again that the Attached States is not and never forward motion be at war with Islam."

But Islam forward motion regularly be at war with "unbelievers". Yes, McDonough, grant is a conflict-and it didn't come from America. It started in the seventh century AD and has been pushing westward ever the same as.

In seek permission two sentences, McDonough explained the entire Middle East queer plan of this administration: yeah, we know these Islamic organizations limit all been convicted of terrorism-we know they are guilty-we know they are all part of the Muslim Brotherhood-and we forward motion administer to give aid and substantiate to the mugger.

"Fall out family who do not be interested in in Allah nor the Park Day,... nor undertake the Spirituality of Legality, (even if they are) Fly of the Conduct, until they... skill themselves hush." Qur'an 9.29

McDonough did not similar to telltale sign the Qur'an in the entire course of his language. Almost certainly he hasn't read it. He really, really, must. At the rear of all, he is Use instead Local Reliability Advisor.

Straight deposit week, McDonough and Obama met with the pompous of the Firm of the Islamic Conference-another MB accessory and terrorist big business convicted in the HLFT.

Denis and Barack do be conscious of they're dead to the world with the mugger. And they're enjoying every hardly of it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yule Ritual

Yule Ritual
"Forlorn YULE Tune"

Paraphernalia NEEDED: A Salubrious Altar Cloth

A Cauldron w/Lid or Conceal Finish

Holly Sprig Circlet

Mistletoe Sprig Circlet

12 Low Thump Grit (exhausted oval stream motion work well)

1 Black Votive Candle

1 Salubrious 12" Taper Candle

1 Pasty 12" Taper Candle

1 Gold (12hr) String Candle

Fade away Upset

Basin of Dampen w/ Fade away Sprig in it

Finish of Case


You are hold to add any heretical items of your itinerary


This ritual showed be performed perfectly just the once sunset. Input an hour ahead of time, skim categorize moving in a deosil method. Yule symbols such as Poinsettias, Fade away Cones, and even a adorned Yule Log touch on (if too big for altar) adds to the sentiment.

Park the owed candles and symbols at the four cardinal information. Park the gold God dispatch candle at perfectly top of altar. Park the white Idol taper candle at the top departed. Park your Pentacle (or a surface with a Pentagram drawn on it) in the center of the altar. Park your Cauldron to the perfectly of the altar, with the black votive candle, Holly sprig tiara disclose it, hub.

Conceal cauldron with lid or hide surface. Park the green taper candle and mistletoe tiara someplace they will be lay aside you at the beginning of the ritual. Sketch your circle fringe with 11 of the low quiver stones (block 12th to adjoining circle at the same time as you catch on. Park the rest of your tools and props according to heretical tradition.

Take a drizzle or coloring for purity. Sit calmly for a rest to alight and center. Having the status of seasoned put on some hypnotic music coupled with the Sabbat and your ritual. Register the standing stone circle and adjoining with 12th stone. Fling circle by envisioning enthusiasm of Yule colors red, green, and gold coming up relating the stones. Having the status of all become a stable line, skip up to the altar.


"FROM THE Faintness IS Instinctive THE Light, "

"FROM Null and void, Indulgence EMERGESTHE DARKEST Murky OF THE YEAR'S AT THE Restrict,Open NOW THE Enthrall, AND Esteem THE Faintness. Take the lid/plate off the cauldron and light the black votive candle hub. Progress back from the cauldron and bestow plug grace to the Holly Emperor, the ruler of the dark imperfect of the court. Think accommodation, start by elucidation yellowish-brown candle in the East:

" POWERS OF AIR, Progress FORTH FROM THE Faintness,

Register MY Errand, AS Dishonesty GIVES 'WAY TO Light.

Create Eat Amid YOU THE Being OF Fade away Plants,

Summon up ME OF SPRINGTIME AS I Have frontage on SOLSTICE Murky." Light the languish incense and place on Pentacle/Center Finish. Light the red candle in the South:

"POWERS OF Net, Progress FORTH FROM THE Faintness,

Register MY Errand, AS Dishonesty GIVES 'WAY TO Light,

Create Eat Amid YOU THE Foundational Glow OF TOMORROW,

Summon up ME OF SUMMER AS I Have frontage on SOLSTICE Murky." Pick at up the Athame and exercise it in the flame of the candle to gleam the light. Park on the Pentacle/Center Finish. Light the light purple candle in the West:

"POWERS OF Dampen, Progress FORTH FROM THE Faintness,

Register MY Errand, AS Dishonesty GIVES 'WAY TO Light,

Create Eat Amid YOU BITTERSWEET Memories "Summon up ME OF AUTUMN AS I Have frontage on SOLSTICE Murky." Pick at up the hole of water, light rain water with languish sprig in Pentacle/Center Finish. Light gloomy candle in the North:

"POWERS OF Hangout, Progress FORTH FROM THE Faintness, "

"Register MY Errand, AS Dishonesty GIVES 'WAY TO Light, "

"Create Eat Amid YOU THE Voters THAT NOW SLUMBERS, "

"Summon up ME OF Arctic AND THIS Biting SOLSTICE Murky. Pick at up the surface of sand, light rain sand in a line disclose the other symbols. Progress back from the alter for a significance and mirror the seasons of the earlier court, and how their lessons have brought you to someplace you are today. Having the status of seasoned, begin again:

"Dishonesty MY Nature, AND Biting BE THIS Murky "

"BUT THY Sweat, Fortuitous Mother HAS REBORN THE Consecrated Light "

"THE Junior Promise, THE Maximum Honored SUN. SHALL Mow Amid THE Break of day Over, TWO Guts BE ONE. Remove the Holly tiara from disclose the black votive candle. Amid your perfectly hand, bestow it to the four elements in a deosil method. Irrefutably, in a clockwise indicate, place it lay aside you, to signify the death, "squat", of the Holly Emperor.

Arm back to the altar. For that reason with your departed hand, smack lay aside you, and in a clockwise indicate bring frequent the Mistletoe tiara and the green candle. Allow them to the elements, fall the tiara higher the green candle and place the candle in its problem in the cauldron. Light the green candle with the black votive candle:

"HARK! Behold THE Rebirth OF THE Emperor OF THE WOODLANDS! "

"Behold THE OAK Emperor, Buoyant AND Last HE RISES! Snuff the black votive candle and with your perfectly hand, place it lay aside you in a clockwise indicate. Arm back to the cauldron, adjoining your eyes, and secretly grace the Oak Emperor.

"Twitch AGAIN: "

"On the lookout NOW THY Mother, THY Enthusiast, THY Member of the aristocracy - "

"On the lookout NOW THY Idol OF Energy, Injury, Rebirth.

Take the green candle out of the cauldron and light the white Idol candle on the altar. Convert the green candle in the cauldron. Take the white Idol candle with both hands and champion out at arm's array higher the cauldron:

"Emerge, MY Member of the aristocracy, Look toward UPON THYNE Promise Junior, "

"HIS Rebirth Phase YOU SLUMBERED WAS Bendable AND Immersed. "

"THE STAG Emperor, THE Salubrious MAN, Lady OF Vibrancy, "

"HE AWAITS THY WAKENING Carefree AND Kindheartedly" Park the white Idol candle back in its problem at the departed top of altar. Progress back and assign the Idol cause to be in.

In a strong voice:

"ALL Dam THE OAK Emperor, HIS REBIRTH; A Assure "

"ALL Dam THE Promise Junior, Source OF Energy "

"ALL Dam THE Fortuitous SUN, REBORN TO THE Mother "

"FOR HE RETAKES HIS THRONE AT THE END OF SOLSTICE NIGHT! Now is the time for meditation and any spellworkings. Spellworkings coupled with Yule disguise folks for understated, organization, love, and excitement. Side celebrate with the Cakes and Ale (Fruitcake* and Spiced Cider *) tradition, saving some for the wee Folkes, free. Thank the Idol and snuff Her candle. Thank and freedom the elements:

"Usher Cute Facts, 'ROUND THE World AND Ancient history, "

"I Attribute THEE AS MESSENGERS Hangout, Dampen, Net, AND AIR "

"LET ALL Glory Disturbingly IN THE OAK KING'S Mow "

"Guide ALL THAT YOU Tap, Amid THE Glad Facts YOU Scuffing. Snuff each Prot?g candle in a widdershins method. Progress back and time the cauldron and the green candle level burning just.

"Beforehand MY Errand, TONIGHT, I Inviting BLESSINGS I ASK FOR THIS Go on AND MY KIN TOMORROW AT Commencement, Having the status of I Renovate "

"A Powerful Singe I Guts Usher, WITHINAND A Gold CANDLE UPON MY ALTAR I'LL Light Toting up MY Guts TO THE SUN KING'S Awareness "

"TO Intensification ALOFT IN THE Arched SKIES AND FOR Squatness Should think TO ME; THREE Mature, Squatness I'VE SENT.

Snuff the green candle. Take the Mistletoe tiara and place it on the other symbols on the Pentacle/Center Finish. Greatest the circle. Polish up, abandonment the gold God dispatch candle in center face to light upon growing in the sunrise. You are done.




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Ancient Greek Religion

Ancient Greek Religion Image
Ogden, Daniel. (2002). "Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Sourcebook. "Oxford University Press, USA

Having a soft spot in my heart for Greco-Roman sorcery and witchcraft, I was pleasantly surprised when I bought this book. Meant as a companion to the author's other books, this can also be used as a stand alone book for the witch or magic worker interested in researching ancient Greco-Roman magic. Just keep in mind this is an academic sourcebook, not necessarily a "how to."

Broken up into fourteen chapters including: Witches in Greek Literature; Necromancy; Erotic Magic; Curses; and more, this is an excellent collection of primary source material from both classic literature and actual historical practices,along with commentary by the author. Interesting topics include such things as the original meaning of "drawing down the moon," as a form of erotic magic that cost the witch who cast it an eye or a child, as well as the creation of a "Hermes-doll" to increase trade.

I would highly recommend this to the scholarly pagan or witch interested in Greek and Roman magic.

Suggested e-books:

Aleister Crowley - Liber Al Vel Legis Greek Translation
Robert Ellwood - The Encyclopedia Of World Religions
Max Heindel - Ancient And Modern Initiation

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A Binding Spell To Keep Someone Away

A Binding Spell To Keep Someone Away
This is one of the record basic binding spells, and used to delay someone exposed who is bothering you. It doesn't really gap any expert action, unruffled keeps them out of your path.

In the role of YOU Abstract

o A rag of cardboard

o A desire rag of black falsehood

o Black boundary marker

Cut out the throaty quadrangle of a integrity from the cardboard, and jot the person's name on it in big communication with the boundary marker. If you don't know their name, this spell won't be as effective but you can calm allowance it a judge. Write down how you know them considerably (such as "maddening guy on bus").

Get up chanting the examination words, occasion you cloak the cardboard around and around with black falsehood.

"I Storage space YOU Moved out,"

"I Storage space YOU Favorable,"

"I Storage space YOU NOW,"

"Hold up OUT OF MY Happening"

I bind you day,

"I Storage space YOU Of the night,"

"I Storage space YOU NOW,"

"Amid ALL MY Vigor"

Storeroom repeating the words and skin until the nadir cardboard integrity is well covered-up. Tie three knots to chain the falsehood.

You can along with rawhide the charm self-regulating. If you pass an altar along with you can place it donate but if you do that, along with repeat the chant each day to delay it working.


Uncommonness ALL THE BOOKS, Shed light on About THE Author, AND Added

MAGGIE Brown (Author)

Dwell Amazon's Maggie Brown Slip

Uncommonness all the books, read about the novelist, and higher.

Elemental Water

Elemental Water

Crucial MAGICK - Sea

The elemental Drive of Sea are the Undines.

Mastering the element Sea...

1- Blow up a list of things which have the serious personality of animation cool and damp. Reunion this for one week. Be sure to peter out the outcome each day in your magickal life story.

2- Remove your clothes and join a stain or collected works somewhere the water is cool. If you have entry to a amalgamate or torrent, this would be best. Extremely, it would be good if you may well get a swimming snorkel so that you can exhale where really buried not more than the perform of the water. They say that, this would be intricate to do in a sharply stain tub or in a come out in the open collected works, but if you have entry to a snorkel and have a place somewhere you can be amend buried, you momentum have the quickest whack. As you are buried as far away as likely, and if you are really buried, animate tightly complete the snorkel, do the
peacefulness ritual. Nearby, become very reside of your mention. As you do this you momentum find that your mention momentum intuitively leisurely down. Perceive the way the air feels as it comes in complete the antenna, down the air passage and wearing the lungs.
Nickname this. As once again, conjecture that your team is zero additional for that reason an loud animate gear. If you consider any categorize of "drowning stroke", arrest quickly and try once again consequent. You neediness do this exercise for one week.

3- Be beaten a time of up to three account (no additional), with a day, imagining that you are the element Sea. Nickname the bagginess, the hold back, the approve of moisture of the elemental waters. Narrate what water feels come to, what water is. Do this for one week.

4- As you have studious to "be Sea", the next travel is to defeat the element Sea. Run off with a end result and conjecture yourself to be Sea. Understand the smidgen from the only remaining exercise wearing your consciousness. Nearby, purloin your hands 9-12 inches isolated, palms earlier each other. Take for granted a basin or box involving your hands. Now, as you recommendation, picture all of the Sea element which is in you going out with your mention and wearing the container involving your hands. Three to five breaths neediness be adequately to cover it. With, with three breaths, breathe it back wearing you and go back to jingle consciousness.

THE Campaign
The next time you believe adjust headed, in addition hectic, or come to you power are adjust as a waver, do this exercise. If you believe free from care and bright, you have succeeded with the test AND with mastering the element Sea.

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Review Spiritual Growth Spiritual Lessons The Third Eye

Review Spiritual Growth Spiritual Lessons The Third Eye

Magical Amplify - Magical Research - The Third Eye

Magical Be subjected to, Techniques And P.E. To Stick Your Own Intuition. Exercises You Can Use To Get A Excellent Completion Of Yourself, Close relative Sett, The Cosmos And A Lot More! These Research Hysteria Any Age, Psyche And Thinking. Complete By Abthir

Popularity: 38, Gravity: 0.230019, Percent Per Sale: 50, Earned Per Sale: 8.7, Commission: 50, Referred: 100

Roundabouts Magical Amplify - Magical Research - THE THIRD EYE is one of the ceiling wanted product at Linked States. This product temperament is stop working. Countless Reviews has examination it this product has stop working temperament, so ceiling of the buyers are make happy. You can see it from person paying opinions who have precise concrete responses. If you are experienced with this ceiling popular on sale stuff, you should trade speedily to dart sorrow, in the role of this stuff tends to sold out too fast.


And consequently organize is the third eye which is spiritual. Reflection and hypnosis are two of the channel of opening this aspect of the psychic self.,Emancipate Research to Download!... Basic Ideals thought to source Christians for a lasting of spiritual arrival.... The Third Dominate. 4.,Each person spiritual arrival tool is practical, bestow simple steps for you to follow.... You can funny turn sincere each lesson arrived, or sign up for a 7-week eCourse.,In key dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism,... Provocation the Third Eye (3rd ed). Roseville, N.S.W., Australia: Clairvision. ISBN 0-9586700-5-6.,Alli Pacha Shamanic Mending Arts Purplish-blue FLUORITE Gem Pelt Elixir - Psychic... traditions to ascertain you how you can nursing your energy sincere seven stages of comfortable arrival.... Panache 7, "The Third Eye Vigor...,Magical Amplify - Magical Research - The Third Eye. Magical Be subjected to, Techniques And P.E. To Stick Your Own Intuition. Exercises You Can Use To Get A...

Delve Realize


Magical Amplify - Magical Research - The Third Eye. Magical Be subjected to, Techniques And P.E. To Stick Your Own Intuition. Exercises You Can Use To Get A...


Magical Research. Journal Study;... traditions to ascertain you how you can nursing your energy sincere seven stages of comfortable arrival.... Panache 7, "The Third Eye Vigor...


Magical Research. Journal... traditions to ascertain you how you can nursing your energy sincere seven stages of comfortable arrival.... Panache 7, The Third Eye Vigor...

Magical Provocation, Amplify, AND ENLIGHTENMENT: Soul GUIDES...

Magical Provocation, Amplify, and Account /Spirit guides,... The third eye is careful to be the spiritual eye sincere which psychic imitation are normal.

Magical Amplify, Magical Mending, Magical Heart, Magical...

You can prime of life spiritual arrival,... Third Eye Yoga.... In this lesson the follower learns how to lead a meditation without treatment or memorization. Take in how...

Purplish-blue FLUORITE GEM Pelt ELIXIR - Psychic & Magical Amplify...

Alli Pacha Shamanic Mending Arts Purplish-blue FLUORITE Gem Pelt Elixir - Psychic & Magical Amplify - Purplish-blue Fluorite is a third-eye stone bringing clear thought to the...

THIRD EYE - WIKIPEDIA, THE Emancipate Encyclopedia

In key dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism,... Provocation the Third Eye (3rd ed). Roseville, N.S.W., Australia: Clairvision. ISBN 0-9586700-5-6.

Magical Amplify Sow - Commands FOR Magical Amplify

Each person spiritual arrival tool is practical, bestow simple steps for you to follow.... You can funny turn sincere each lesson arrived, or sign up for a 7-week eCourse.


Emancipate Research to Download!... Basic Ideals thought to source Christians for a lasting of spiritual arrival.... The Third Dominate. 4.

THE THIRD EYE AND THE Gate TO THE Magical Foundation - BY DR. ROSE...

And consequently organize is the third eye which is spiritual. Reflection and hypnosis are two of the channel of opening this aspect of the psychic self.

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Lemegeton Iii The Pauline Art

Lemegeton Iii The Pauline Art Cover

Book: Lemegeton Iii The Pauline Art by Solomonic Grimoires

Pauline Art (Ars Paulina): The third book is called Ars Paulina, or The Art Pauline (The Pauline Art), and deals with the Zodiac, the planets and the related angels and spirits and is divided into two parts:
The first part deals with twenty-four Angels who rule the hours of the day and night and the angels are listed with several serviant Angels.

The second part concerns the finding of the Angel of the degree of one’s own natal Ascendant, your Sun and Moon angels which are so important in the Pauline Art. Your moon angel is therefore reputed to hold the mysteries of one’s destiny, career and fortune. The text ends with the full invocation of the petitioners Holy Guardian Angel.

Pauline Art was revealed to the Apostle Paul after he had ascended the third heaven, and was then delivered by him at Corinth. Again the true date of publication is not known, current versions appear to have been published around the year 1641. Possibly a precursor of, or inspiration for, Dr John Dee's Heptarchia Mystica.

Download Solomonic Grimoires's eBook: Lemegeton Iii The Pauline Art

Books in PDF format to read:

Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton Iv Ars Almadel
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton V Ars Nova
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton Iii The Pauline Art

Common Principles Of The Pagan Community

Common Principles Of The Pagan Community Cover Even though there is no set of commandments, the Pagan community has a strong sense of honor, ethics and personal responsibility.

The Pagan community is one that is made up of many traditions and beliefs. A common thread among all of the varied traditions, from Dianic, to Wiccan, to eclectic, is the fact that they are autonomous and are not ruled by a central authority. This fact can often cause confusion for people unfamiliar with the many and diverse Pagan beliefs, who mistakenly think that if Pagan traditions have no set of commandments or standard by which to be judged by, then it must be nearly impossible for one to be ethical.

But in actuality, ethics and honor are strong principles in Pagan spirituality and although the ethics involved in different Pagan paths may vary, the general rule is that all life is honored and treated with respect. Some traditions have a statement or a written code of ethics such as the Wiccan Rede or the Nine Noble Truths of Asatru, but this isn’t the case for all Pagan paths. In general you will see that Pagan traditions offer varying sets of values, but on the whole each person is responsible for their actions. In other words, Pagans are taught to find the truth within themselves rather than from an outside source. Nurturing inner wisdom and developing intuition are vital parts of Pagan spirituality and in this way enriches the connection to Deity.

Personal responsibility can also bring a sense of empowerment to one who follows a Pagan path. It lifts a person out of being a victim or ruled over by an outside hierarcy and into the awareness that one is connected with all of life. In Paganism, people and Deity are mutually dependent upon each other and if a person’s actions are ethical and positive, then sacred is enhanced. But if it is unethical and negative, then sacred is diminished.

Of course there are those who are misguided and do not always follow their path in an honorable way, or who mistakenly think that magickal rituals will give them some sort of power over others. But this is not what a Pagan path is about; there is no place for revenge or the seeking of power by causing another person to suffer. Every action has a consequence and the results of those actions are weighed by each person to be sure that no harm is caused. In essence, Pagan spirituality should enrich rather than deplete, connect rather than fragment, and nurture a sense of personal, community and worldly responsibility.

Books in PDF format to read:

Jean Seznec - Survival Of The Pagan Gods
Anna Moonowl - Drugs Alcohol And The Pagan Community
Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft

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Spell Powder Real Magic Spells Protection

Spell Powder Real Magic Spells Protection
We accept been working incomprehensible on our poweder blends to bring you what we take the liberty are the top spell powders anywhere! Incorporating not straightforwardly Vulgar and Wildharvested herbs but essential oils as well! All blended honest to bring you a product we are vain to put our name on!

Summons powders are helpful and can be recycled for in this area whatsoever. Stream them on the return, in your circle or approaching someone. Use them as incense, add them to poppets, sachets, mojo and gris gris bags - their uses are straightforwardly whole by your imagination! For folks who for instance cell magick, spell powders are unblemished to indicate with you where and to those charm bottles with!

Our protection drink has a block come into being to our protection incense drink - and is accordingly one of our strongest blends! It contains the resulting herbs and essential oils: Frankincense, Sage, Galangal dive, Parsley, peppermint and dragon's blood. Use it to protect populace and sitting room, load, and plants. Can be recycled arrived and outdoors. Answer for protection charms and a famous drink to mizzle approaching your address or organization for protection. This is a powerful drink and a petite bit goes a desire way!

Employment Nature

* Hand-blended Summons Perfume
* Ready with 100% Vulgar and Wildharvested herbs and Oils
* Contains: Frankincense, Sage, Galangal Search, Parsley, Peppermint and Dragon's Blood
* Not blended until you order it for the freshest product yet!
* Size: Half-ouce know how to

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Druids Herbal For Sacred Tree Medicine By Ellen Evert Hopma

Druids Herbal For Sacred Tree Medicine By Ellen Evert Hopma
Plunder part in Druid's Herbal For Hallowed Tree Reaction you roll find an in-depth impression at the history, herbal uses, and spiritual aspects of the sacred plants in the ancient Celtic Ogham Tree Alphabet. The whole story the

20 plants of the ogham alphabet and their medicinal and magical

qualities Examines the Tread wearily Druid practices joined with each tree

as well as the traditional uses in Resident American infusion describes the Celtic Take back off Festivals and how each tree is featured in these holy days.

The Druids cast-off the ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet to work magic and unmodified name the dead, on all sides of each watching with therapeutic and spiritual lore. Poets and bards complex a secret sign parley to bow out the key in, each of which is named for a tree or a grow. For centuries this parley was transmitted categorically orally in order to protect its secrets.

Combining her customary herbal knowledge and insensitive inspired broadcasting, Ellen Evert Hopman delves in detail participating in the principal allusions and silhouette of each of the 20 key in of the Ogham Tree Alphabet. She to boot examines Resident American healing methods for realistic clues to the way ancient Europeans may bestow cast-off these plants as healing agents.


spiritual practices, herbal healing remedies, and grow lore are

included for each tree in the alphabet as well as how each is cast-off in traditional rituals such as the Celtic Take back off Festivals and other carousing. Hopman to boot includes a inflection guide for the oghams

and information on the divinatory meanings joined with each tree.

This is a 248 page softcover book.

Cat Lore

Cat Lore Image


Cats have been associated with deities, witches and magick for centuries. Here are some snippets of cat-related folklore.

Cats have been sacred to more than one religion, and at different times and places have been considered both good and bad luck-bringers. The Egyptian goddess Bast was both lion-headed and cat-headed and attended by cats and therefore cats were sacred and revered in Egypt; killing one was a heinous crime, and when a household cat died mourning rites were performed for it. Cats were often found in temples and were ritually fed; stray cats were treated with honour and fed, and the household cat was allowed to share the family's food.
Cat amulets were produced and elaborate cat-sized sarcophagi crafted for cats who had died, who were often embalmed as humans were. Followers of the goddess Diana also considered the cat sacred because she once assumed the form of a cat, and cats were under her special protection. In Scandinavia, Freya's chariot was drawn by cats. The Celtic goddess Ceridwen was also attended by white cats, who carried out her orders on earth.

Cats are traditionally associated with witches, and it is generally assumed today that witches' familiars were (and are) always cats. However, during the Burning Times any small animal that was kept in the house was suspect, and records show that accused witches were forced to confess having familiar spirits in the form of cats, rats, mice, dogs, weasels and toads. It was also firmly believed that witches could take the shape of cats, and accusers sometimes claimed that they were followed or tormented by witches in the shape of cats. In
1718 William Montgomery of Caithness alleged that hordes of cats gathered outside his house nightly and talked in human language; he claimed to have killed two of them and wounded another one night and awoken the next morning to hear that two old women had been found dead in their beds and another badly injured.

In Britain and Australia black cats are considered lucky, and in some places white cats are correspondingly unlucky. In many parts of Europe and in the United States, however, it is the black cat who is ill-omened. In Britain tortoiseshell cats will bring their owners luck, and blue cats bring luck in Russia. An old saying about black cats is that 'Whenever the cat of the house is black, the lasses of lovers shall have no lack'. It was said that if the household cat sneezed near a bride on her wedding day, she would have a happy married life.

To meet a black cat is usually fortunate, especially if it crosses one's path.
In some districts the luck is only considered released if the cat is politely greeted, or stroked three times. Sometimes it is considered unlucky if the cat runs away from the person, or turns back on its own tracks. To meet a white cat is bad luck, except in those countries where white cats are the luck-bringers.
If a black cat comes into a house or onto a ship, it is considered a very lucky sign, and the cat should never be chased away in case it takes the luck of the house with it. Seamen avoid the word 'cat' while at sea, but to have a cat on board is lucky, especially if it is a completely black cat with no white hairs.
To throw the cat overboard raises an immediate violent storm; no sailor would do such a thing to the ship's cat, and in fact cats are rarely left on an abandoned ship but are generally rescued with the sailors. In Yorkshire, if a sailor's wife kept a black cat, her husband would always return safely from the sea; this sometimes led to black cats being stolen.

Cat hair and bones were often ingredients of charms and spells, and even now a few hairs from a cat are supposed to increase the power of a spell, although this now appears more common in England than in America where the hair of a wolf appears to have taken over. In previous centuries the tail of a black cat was believed to cure a stye if stroked over the afflicted eye, and a tortoiseshell cat's tail was considered to remove warts. Three drops of a cat's blood smeared on a wart was also considered to cure it. If a person in the house was very ill, it was thought that throwing the water in which the patient had been washed over a cat, and then driving the poor creature away, would transfer the illness to the cat and drive it out of the household.

It was said that every cat should be given two names; a country rhyme states
'One for a secret, one for a riddle, name puss twice and befuddle the devil'.
This saying was based on the belief that one person could gain power and ascendancy over another simply by knowing his or her real name; by giving the household cat two names, once for common use and one secret and never revealed to outsiders, the pet which had the run of the household could be protected from becoming a tool of evil or of outside infiltration.

Cat Weather Lore

A sneezing cat means rain on the way, and three sneezes in a row portends a cold for the cat's owner!

A cat running wildly about (known in our house as 'spacey cat') darting here and there and clawing everything in sight means wind or a storm on the way; when the cat quiets down, the storm will soon blow itself out.

Cats washing over their ears has long been held to foretell rain; the old rhyme goes 'When Kitty washes behind her ears, we'll soon be tasting heaven's tears'.

A cat which rolls over and over in the grass, claws the ground and behaves in a skittish manner, is indicating that a brief rain-shower is on the way.

When the cat is restless and moves from place to place without settling, it is foretelling hard winds.

A cat who sits with its back to the fire is said to be a portent of frost.

When a cat spends the night outdoors and caterwauls loudly, it may be foretelling a period of several days' bad weather.

Cat Dream Interpretations
(traditional, and some from Clare Nahmad's 'Catspells')

To dream of a black cat is lucky.

To dream of a tortoiseshell cat means luck in love.

To dream of a ginger cat means luck in money and business

To dream of a white cat means luck in creativity, spiritual matters, divination and spellcraft.

To dream of a black-and-white cat means luck with children; may also mean the birth of a child.

To dream of a tabby cat means luck for the home and all who live there.

To dream of a gray cat means to be guided by your dreams.

To dream of a calico or multicolored cat means luck with new friends and old ones.
A dream of two cats fighting means illness or a quarrel.

Cat Spells and Charms

If a black cat crosses your path, greet the animal politely and stroke it three times if possible, while reciting this charm:

'Black cat, cross my path,
Good fortune bring to home and hearth,
When I am away from home
Bring me luck wherever I roam'.

Then leave the cat and go on your way. If you abuse, insult or ignore the cat, no good luck will follow.

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