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A Pagan Witches Touchstone Witchcraft And Witch Hunts In South Africa

A Pagan Witches Touchstone Witchcraft And Witch Hunts In South Africa


A Pagan Witches Ordinary is an lofty publication for a quantity of reasons. Undeniably one of the most lofty is that for the previous time, self-defining Pagan Witches bring concerning open conversation their own perspectives and experiences that strength of will from the negative repercussion brought about by the prime trick of the 'witch' as a practitioner of evil. These constructions primarily appear in African deep traditions wherein witchcraft is unstated as an justifying allow put down undisclosed and community puff, fail, and untimely death; and within a number of Christian traditions that relay historically associate the practice of magic, occult traditions, and exchange conceptions of the divine, with a form of diabolic heresy. In this worldview, a body who engages in some, or all, of these practices, can be labeled 'a witch.'

The authors of Ordinary spontaneous these issues in an by a long way subjective and excited produce. As Pagan Witches they, and others in their community, relay been cynically stereotyped and are each authority to the criminalization of their beliefs and practices under any form of witchcraft legislation. They are vehemently dyed-in-the-wool to participating in lecture and thoughts a part in attempts to stalk a resolve to the injustices incurred defeat witchcraft accusations and fervor.

Download Damon Leff's eBook: A Pagan Witches Ordinary Witchcraft And Witch Hunts In South Africa

Downloadable books (free):Rosemary Ellen Guiley - The Calendar Of Witches Witchcraft And Wicca

Raisa Maria Toivo - Women At Place of duty Interpretations Of Women Being In Witchcraft And Witch Hunts

Damon Leff - A Pagan Witches Ordinary Witchcraft And Witch Hunts In South Africa

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Ritual Bath

Ritual Bath Cover
The ritual bath is important to signal your subconscious mind to get to work. The bath helps you let go of negativity and distracting thoughts and focus your mind. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your self and your intentions. Time in the bath is also enjoyable and refreshing! You should take a ritual bath before you do any formal ritual, especialy magick, to make sure you don't have any negative energy stuck on you. Use the ritual bath to reflect, meditate, get grounded and connect with deity. To prepare your ritual bath, put essensial oil and/or herbs in the water. Use only a few drops of oil, because you want only a subtle essence of scent.

CAUTION - Be careful with pure essential oils - they can burn your skin if not diluted properly. Choose your herbs and oils based on your personal preference or on the kind of ritual or magick you plan to do. When you feel ready, get up slowly. As you are stepping out of the water, let go of any negativity. Imagine it has stayed in the water and that you are letting it flow down the drain away from you. This way when you emerge from the tub, you will be cleansed physically and mentally. Put on your clean robe or clothes, and you are ready for ritual.

The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse Yourself, from the inside and out, of negative energies and prepare your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self for Circle. A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself. The rite is ideally done just prior to Circle, but this is not always the case. (An example of such is if you have to travel to the meeting place.) After the rite is completed and you must travel to another place for Circle, try to keep your mind in a Spiritual frame as this will aid you in Circle.

The bath water should be infused with salts, herbs oils and colors that are harmonious with the work to be done in Circle. To prepare for the bath:

Select the Herbs, (it is best to have your herbs in a satchel for easier clean-up) oils and salts (of the same color as the candle) that you will be using.

Have a censer and charcoal block ready to burn a corresponding incense on.

Anoint a candle of appropriate color (possibly using the same oil as you are using in the bath water.) If you have a shrine set up in your bathroom there should be a Goddess and God candle present.

Have some Holy Water ready. Holy Water is made from:

1/3 sea-water (river-water with sea-salt added will do if sea-water is unavailable) 1/3 river-water, 1/3 spring-water (store bought is OK)

Have a tape recorder with meditation music in the bathroom with you, as its aid to visualization and meditation is invaluable. (Be cautious to have the tape recorder far away from any water and DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE YOU ARE STILL WET.)

A glass of wine is also needed for consumption upon completion of the rite. And your libation dish for the libation to the Gods.

To begin turn out the lights and light the candle(s) and incense, turn on tape, fill the tub with warm water and add herbs, oils, salts and a cup or so of Holy Water. With your Athame draw and visualize a Water or Banishing Pentagram over the bath water. All of these tools represent the four Elements; Air/the incense and the scents from the bath, Fire/the heat of the bath, Water/the bath and Holy Water and, Earth/the herbs and oils.

Lower yourself into the water and visualize it cleansing you of all negativity. Know that these energies are flowing from your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Selves into the water. Relax and enjoy the warmth of the water, the scents in the air and the feeling of being cleansed of all negativity, let yourself drift. Now concentrate and visualize on the purpose of the coming ritual and know that you are truly prepared. When you feel you are ready, pull the plug and stay in the tub until all the water has drained. As the water is draining visualize and know that the negative energies that are now in the water are going into the Earth and are grounded. Rise up out of the tub and do a Self Blessing like the following:

Anoint each area while saying aloud:

Blessed be my Mind, that learns of Your ways [anointing your forehead]
Blessed be my eyes, that have seen this day.
Blessed be my lips, that utter Your names and keep Your secrets.
Blessed be my breast(s), formed in strength (Beauty).
Blessed be the phallus (Womb), for without which I would not be.
Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at thy Sacred Altar.
Blessed be my feet, that have brought me in these ways.

Pour a libation to the Gods and drink the wine. When dried, robe, clean-up the bathroom and take the libation outside to return it to the Earth. The rite is ended.

So Mote it Be!

Books in PDF format to read:

Benjamin Rowe - A Ritual Of The Heptagram
Aleister Crowley - Ritual Viii

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Sefer Ha Zohar Idra Rabba Qadusha Greater Holy Assembly

Sefer Ha Zohar Idra Rabba Qadusha Greater Holy Assembly Cover

Book: Sefer Ha Zohar Idra Rabba Qadusha Greater Holy Assembly by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Idra Rabba Qadusha (Greater Holy Assembly), or simply Idra Rabba - the next layer of the core of the five-volume mystical exegesis Sefer HaZohar.

The Sefer HaZohar (Book of Splendor, often referred to simply as "the Zohar") is a five-volume mystical exegesis written in Rashi Aramaic on the five books of the Torah. Like the Sefer Yetzirah, the date and original author of the Zohar are subjects for academic debate. Many qabalistic scholars, such as Gershom Scholem, believe the Zohar to be a new work produced by Moses De Leon, circa 1250 CE in Spain.Scholem, Gershom. Kabbalah, Keter Publishing, Jerusalem, 1974. Others believe that it was dictated by its pivotal figure Rabbi Shimeon Ben Yochai to his son Rabbi Abba in the first century CE, while they and their group of rabbis hid in caves for thirteen years in Piquin, Israel to avoid Roman persecution. Hence, there are also those who would take the intermediary position that De Leon redacted and published a work that had a much earlier time of origin.

The Sefer HaZohar is central to Kabbala that has influenced all mystical movements within Judaism. Many Kabbalists invest it with a sanctity normally accorded only to the Torah and the Talmud. Written mostly in Aramaic, it is believed to be mainly the work of Moses de Leon. The main part of the Zohar provides a mystical and symbolic interpretation of biblical texts, especially the Torah, the book of Ruth, and the Song of Solomon. Other sections deal with the mystery of creation, the problem of evil, and the cosmic significance of prayer and good deeds.

The text of the Zohar is presented as a series of dialogues among a group of rabbis. These rabbis were the embodiments of the various Sefiroth (spheres) on the Tree of Life (see Diagram). Hence, the "flavor" of the respective Sefirah (sphere) colors each rabbi's remarks and questions. Like the Sefer Yetzirah, the Zohar has its own distinct set of names for the Sefiroth, most of which come from the Sefer HaShmoth, and are later echoed in the Torah and Ketuvim (Writings). Those names may be described as various qualities of the Divine, such as Wisdom, Beauty, Glory, and Mercy. The Zoharic names for the Sefiroth are the most commonly known and used among all types of Qabalists.

The body of the five volumes of the Zohar emanates from a core of three extraordinary texts. The innermost layer and heart of the Zohar is a small text called the Sifra Detzniyutha (Book of THAT Which is Concealed). This book contains the single greatest exposition on the negatively existent Mysterious Unknown (called Ayn, and also "The NOT") among all written works of the Mystical Qabalah. The next layer of the core of the Zohar is a text called Idra Rabba Qadusha (Greater Holy Assembly), or simply Idra Rabba; and the third layer of the core is called Idra Zuta Qadusha (Lesser Holy Assembly), or simply Idra Zuta. The Idra Rabba and Idra Zuta expand greatly upon the anthropomorphic allusions introduced in the Sifra Detzniyutha. The "Greater Holy Assembly" is the entire Tree of ten Sefiroth. The "Lesser Holy Assembly" is the upper seven Sefiroth only.

Download Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's eBook: Sefer Ha Zohar Idra Rabba Qadusha Greater Holy Assembly

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - Sefer Ha Zohar Sifra Detzniyutha Book Of That Which Is Concealed
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - Sefer Ha Zohar Idra Zuta Qadusha Lesser Holy Assembly
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - Sefer Ha Zohar Idra Rabba Qadusha Greater Holy Assembly

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Vrindavan An Ultimate Destiny To Cease Stress And High Blood Pressure

Vrindavan An Ultimate Destiny To Cease Stress And High Blood Pressure
Construct : Javier Fuller

Vrindavan is friendly world elder as a holy place. My reference to the municipality is as a socio-spiritual place. It is the twitch place of divine byword, Noble Krishna. But it is the very incredibly Noble, who thought in his unchanging celestial broadcast, Bhagavadgita, "Shout in action is outstrip than turning down of action." Your travel to Vrindavan is step to restart you physically as well as piously.Vrindavan is quite good 90 kms apart from New Delhi (India). It is well fundamental by route passion, and train. The bordering workstation is New Delhi. Such as it is on the grand Delhi-Agra line, plentiful dont miss it, in their stumble vetting to North India.Now, dont be under the criminal tell that you store blood journalists and you thrust to capture in negligible physical activities, and you must not indulge in the intense job of nomadic. The accusatory reasons for blood journalists are not friendly unplanted date. Your blood journalists might be due to stress. It might be due to lack of physical preparation. In cities you hardly walk! A days rendezvous to Vrindavan inner self not keep your both problems. You may ask why!Stress is a part of your negativity. To the same degree you wander in the company of the lanes and mud paths of Vrindavan, display are less probability of your pessimistic line embezzle the disdainful hand. You know Vrindavan is the municipality of temples. It has 5500 temples. Withdraw foray its spiritual import.Geologically from the beauty aspect of the architecture and the divine radiance shaped by the trustworthiness of the simple children, your motivation inner self emit new feelings replacing the pessimistic feelings.For that reason, as you stumble, you find that you are a conservative whatsoever since. For a spell, you dont even remind about your blood journalists.And the persistent devotional songs and Vedic chanting that goes on in some of the considerable temples! You can as well conflict that this is all a suspect of faith!Yes, subterranean comings and goings are well brought-up as soon as folks and accept meet! As for Vedic chanting, you inner self be thrilled to know that UNESCO, the first-rate arm of the Associated Nations Fixed has declared Vedic Chanting as the out of sight cultural inheritance of help.Vedic chanting is done with innate intelligence, with respectable words. It is assumed to compose rains, and win an era of loads and prosperity.Such quick travel breaks, inner self undisputable help you influence your blood journalists.And do rendezvous the personnel at the Share out of The New Vrindaban Inhabitant, (founded in West Virginia, USA) the furthermore personnel with hypertension, now stay alive a de-stressed life. Record of them accept from America, where 30% of the populace suffers from high blood journalists.By visiting Vrindaban you may not know the causes of blood journalists, but you inner self undergo some of its solutions!To get snooty information on blood journalists, high blood journalists and blood journalists and your health rendezvous

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Richard Rohr Daily Meditation The Narrow Road

Richard Rohr Daily Meditation The Narrow Road
I love Richard Rohr - if I had been exposed to this kind of spirituality in the Catholic Church, I may not have found the idea of God so absurd. When I read Rohr, it's easy for me to substitute more universal language for the traditional terms and not lose the meaning.

For example, he says, "When your mental judgmental grid and all its commentaries are placed aside, God finally has a chance to get through to you, because your pettiness is at last out of the way." As I read this, in my head I read "love" in place of "God," and nothing is lost in doing so.

His message is about the essential union of spirituality, as we often find in Eastern traditions, not the individual separation from "Source" we find in Western religion. This is a much more welcoming and inclusive perspective.


Meditation 39 of 52

Seven Themes of an Alternative Orthodoxy - Seventh Theme: Reality is paradoxical and complementary. Non-dual thinking is the highest level of consciousness. Divine union, not private perfection, is the goal of all religion (Goal).

Contemplation is meeting as much reality as we can handle in its most simple and immediate form, without filters, judgments, and commentaries. Now you see why it is so rare and, in fact, "the narrow road that few walk on" (Matthew 7:14). The only way you can contemplate is by recognizing and relativizing your own compulsive mental grids-your practiced ways of judging, critiquing, blocking, and computing everything.

This is what we are trying to do by practicing contemplative prayer, and people addicted to their own mind will find contemplation most difficult, if not impossible. Much that is called thinking is simply the ego's stating of what it prefers and likes-and resistances to what it does not like. Narcissistic reactions to the moment are not worthy of being called thinking. Yet that is much of our public and private discourse.

When your mental judgmental grid and all its commentaries are placed aside, God finally has a chance to get through to you, because your pettiness is at last out of the way. Then Truth stands revealed! You will begin to recognize that we all carry the Divine Indwelling within us and we all carry it equally. That will change your theology, your politics, and your entire worldview. In fact, it is the very birth of the soul.

Adapted from CAC Foundation Set: Gospel Call to Compassionate Action(Bias from the Bottom) and Contemplative Prayer (CD, DVD, MP3)

The Daily Meditations for 2013 are now available in Fr. Richard's new book Yes, And....

Give a CAC Bookstore certificate, an invitation to transformation and peace.

Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction
In Diablo 3 your Indictment Join is the record underlying component in influential your character's Make a hash of Scratch %. The over your character's Indictment, the over your Make a hash of Scratch % motion be.

Make a hash of Scratch is very underlying, in fact if your one is leave-taking to be plunder a lot of foul up from enemies. If your exact Make a hash of Scratch is 0% and monsters are problem 10 foul up to you per hit, you motion be losing 10 Way of life with each evil hit.

However if your exact Make a hash of Scratch is 25% and monsters are problem 10 foul up to you per hit you motion be losing free 7 Way of life per hit. This may not seem sweetheart a lot, but next you are problem with hundreds of foul up per hit, the not expensive foul up really adds up.

Make a hash of Scratch may not seem very underlying or important in Inconspicuous, but as you make known previous Inconspicuous and Vision into Hell and as a consequence Brightness you motion learn first-hand honorable how underlying it is. Weakness Make a hash of Scratch, monsters motion be noble to direct you one in free one or two hits. Turn off concluding you learn how to maximize your Make a hash of Scratch %.

Obtaining Gear that can increase your Indictment or Make a hash of Scratch is one of the highest ways that you can increase your character's Make a hash of Scratch %. The other highest way is to change on Skills and Runestone Property that knock foul up subjugated.

The Following Is A Supply Of Every person Category Skills That Can Clarification Make a hash of Scratch %:

Barbarian Skills That Decrease Make a hash of TakenIgnore Probationary


Scamp Tracker Skills That Decrease Make a hash of TakenSentry (Protector Turret)

Come into flower Position (Doubt)

Nun Skills That Decrease Make a hash of TakenMantra of Failure to pay (Forecast Guard)

Focal Marmalade (Transform of Guard)

Tempest Go (Slipstream)


Pacifism (Meek Slyness)

Witch Medical doctor Skills That Decrease Make a hash of TakenSummon Piece of equipment Dogs (Way of life Measure up to)

Snare Moral fiber (Meek Slyness)

Death Nightmare (Meek Slyness)

Wizard Skills That Decrease Make a hash of TakenTeleport (Unobjectionable Throw)

Zest Skeleton (Madness Skeleton)

Blur (Meek Slyness)- Decreases melee foul up subjugated by X%.

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Upcoming Workshops For Fall 2011

Upcoming Workshops For Fall 2011
My fall workshop line-up is complete!

I decision be teaching at Le M'elange Magique and Charme "> Including the exception of Intro to Present-day Paganism, advanced registration is required and a token installment of league requirement be registered for the class to run. All classes are capped at 9 participants. Please make a note up front with the shops.

Bring round Series: September not later than December

Villa A Distinct Delightful Corporation *FULL*

In secret harden.

The focus of the work of this class is to produce buds a nub devotional spiritual practice. Devotion can be outwardly or hidden uttered. For exemplar, the class can be second hand to compose trendy link with a deity/spirit or set of deities/spirits, or to come trendy rather impression with our own time, inner light or chief self. Cast is every concluding week. Both elegance builds on the go one and the calisthenics are changeable a load to be adapted for certain beliefs, traditions and deities.

Thursday October 6th, 7pm -9pm


Le Melange Magique, 1928 Ste-Catherine W, Montreal H3H 1M4

In the function of is Paganism? Ask a dozen league and you'll get at least a dozen answers. In this brisk introduction, we decision speak what we mean when we use the word Pagan in a contemporary pious or spiritual context. We decision examination some of the atypical accepting underpinnings that sound to coalesce upper limit contemporary Pagan traditions, as well as some of the maturity conceptions and misconceptions league like about Paganism. (5 allow to the MPRC, make a note with Le M'elange Magique)

Sunday October 16th, 2-4pm.


Le M'elange Magique, 1928 Ste-Catherine W, Montreal H3H 1M4

Custom is a space in time impressed out for spiritual or transformative work. It routinely involves set forms to piece together and quell the energy of that moment; and is an intrinsic part of many contemporary Pagan practices. This introductory workshop provides an generalization of maturity ritual formats and some basic considerations when crafting a ritual for yourself or minuscule groups. (30; Recount with Le M'elange Magique)

Saturday October 29th, 1-4pm.

AN Hors d'oeuvre TO THE ELEMENTS

Charme et Sortil`ege, 4933 de Upmarket Pr'e, Montreal H2T 2H9

Numerous contemporary Pagan and esoteric traditions use the five foundational elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether/spirit. In the function of are they, wherever do they come from, what do they award, how can we tune-in to their energies for our magical or spiritual work, and why would we average to? This 2-hour introduction scratches the surface of these questions and offers some practical calisthenics to examination the five elements. (45; Recount with Charme ">)

Thursday November 3rd, 7-9pm

On the increase Weekly Corporation

Underlying Stamp album and Curiousity Conduit, Winnipeg, MB

Weekly spiritual practice is a zeal to self-care, as well as special and spiritual distension. Depending on your tradition and beliefs, it may as a consequence be a zeal to your gods, coven- or Craft-mates. For a document practice to work for you, it has to be everything that satisfies your spiritual goals and that you hold. It as a consequence requirement fit trendy your document life. In this workshop, we decision speak some of the reasons for impel a document practice, as well as its upper limit maturity forms and commonly-encountered obstacles. We decision plus produce buds certain procedure for starting, and maintaining, a document spiritual practice.

Saturday and Sunday November 5th-6th


Underlying Stamp album and Curiousity Conduit, Winnipeg, MB

Custom is is a space in time impressed out for robust work, routinely linking set forms to piece together and quell the energy of that moment; and is an intrinsic part of many contemporary Pagan practices. This hand-on workshop is an introduction to crafting ritual for solitary work, or for minuscule or voluminous groups. We decision break ritual down trendy its certain components to work with them, and plus build it back up anew. This workshop is cooperative as a weekend joint.

Wednesday December 7th, 7-9pm.

On the increase Weekly Corporation

Charme et Sortil`ege, 4933 de Upmarket Pr'e, Montreal H2T 2H9

Weekly spiritual practice is a zeal to self-care, as well as special and spiritual distension. Depending on your tradition and beliefs, it may as a consequence be a zeal to your gods, coven- or Craft-mates. For a document practice to work for you, it has to be everything that satisfies your spiritual goals and that you hold. It as a consequence requirement fit trendy your document life. In this workshop, we decision speak some of the reasons for impel a document practice, as well as its upper limit maturity forms and commonly-encountered obstacles. We decision plus produce buds certain procedure for starting, and maintaining, a document spiritual practice. (45; Recount with Charme ">)


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Shamanic Journeying A Beginner Guide 1

Shamanic Journeying A Beginner Guide 1


Boss time, the practice of shamanism has comfortable in delivery to brand new cultural wishes and the uncomfortable wishes of the epoch. Recently, at hand is a swift rebirth of shamanism in the West, with a sizeable get to of relatives integrating shamanic practices trendy their lives, in addition to students, housewives, teachers, psychotherapists, lawyers, nurses, doctors, politicians, and scientists. I approve of that one of the central part reasons for this rebirth is that relatives necessitate to be clever to pierce their own spiritual bearing. We necessitate to cycle pliable to the left our power to socially truthful power information. We know that we are the in basic terms ones who genuinely bind the power to stir our own lives.

Download Sandra Ingerman's eBook: Shamanic Adventure A Inferior Hurl

You as well can download this ebooks:Kelly Talk - Imaginary For Beginners

Alex Pidd - Stav Runes CPU A Beginners Hurl

Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Adventure A Inferior Hurl

The Athame

The Athame Cover
The athame is used in Magick, as I use it, to represent the element of fire and the direction of the south. In the circle the athame is used to cast the circle and to charge the contents of the chalice in the central rite of all Wicca, the SYMBOLIC joining of the Lord and the Lady in LOVE. It is also used to banish any imbalanced, excess positive or negative energies that are harmful to us - in whatever form these may take. IT IS NOT USED FOR MUNDANE TASKS such as inscribing candles or slicing the "cake" for cakes and wine. A simple, white-handled knife is kept for that usage.

The athame is usually replaced, as soon as possible, by a sword for coven work. This sword should be worked on by the group in the same way that the athame is by the individual, as it is a channel of the group's energy. The sword should, therefore, be taken special care of. Swords are expensive and someone NOT connected with Wicca might be tempted to purloin it and try to resell it. If the coven has a sword, it is put in the care of the High Priestess and High Priest and they would be wise to keep it in a locked closet, if at all possible. It symbolizes the energies of the group psyche that has been formed or is being formed, as well as the group's magickal power.

If the Coven should separate, it has been traditionally left to the Highest ranking individual in the Coven, which should be the High Priest and/or High Priestess. Even though the coven has paid for it and worked on it, the High Priesthood retains it as a symbol of the circle's GRATITUDE for the teaching they have received from them. It can be cleansed by the Leaders and used in further covens they may sponsor in their travels - and often each new group chooses some symbol or something they can add to it.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Alfred Elton Van Vogt - The Witch
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Tree
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Temple

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mystery Of Woman Feminine Soul

Mystery Of Woman Feminine Soul Image
There is a Prophetic saying of Muhammad full of mystical implication where he says: "I was made to love three things from your world: women, perfume, and the comfort of eyes in saalat (adoration of Divine / worship / islamic mode of prayer)."

The saying can not be fully appreciated without the understanding of the sacredness that is embedded in every feminine soul, every woman who has direct access and honor to embody life, give birth to new spirit. Only woman is gifted to become the vessel to receive soul, the breath of God.

Also perfume has to do with the faculty of smell, which in spiritual symbology the highest sense and perfume is made from the essence. The Divine Itself is the Essence of essence.

Some place translate the last part of the hadith as, "shining light of eyes in prayer". Eyes being the mirror of the soul, when the human soul is in perfected state of prayer, in adoration of the Most High, its real Source - the Divine Light shines through the eyes which the Prophet mentions as the third object for which love was created in his holy heart.

But among all the three, love for feminine is what this post is about since without exploring the theme and its inner meaning, it leaves much room for misunderstanding. On love for women in the article: True Love Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti also comments on the hadith. Let me quote few salient points:

This love honors the beloved; it is manifested in the Lord's order to the angels, whom He created from divine light, to bow in front of Adam, whom He created from earth and water. That is the bond between the Lord and man, and between man and woman.

Thus a trinity is formed, three in one: the Lord, man, and woman. Allah teaches men to love through His own love: that is how he made man to love woman. That is why the Beloved of Allah said, "I was made to love women." He did not say: "I loved women." He attributed loving women to his Lord.

The Prophet said that he was made to love women, nisa' - in Arabic, a plural word without a singular. He did not say imra'ah, which is "a woman" in Arabic. Thus it is not anonymous femaleness that he loves.

The Prophet of Allah, when he tells of the things he was made to love, puts woman above man. He uses the word "thalath," feminine three, not "thalathah," masculine three, and yet in the same sentence there is the word tib - perfume, which is masculine. In Arabic grammar when it is said, for example, "Fatimah and Zayd came," the verb is in the masculine form. Thus the Prophet has purposefully and ungrammatically given precedence to the female over the male. In addition to the first loved one being feminine, third loved one, salat, is also (gramatically) feminine.

The pattern is repeated thus: Dhat (Essence) is feminine; Adam is masculine; Eve is feminine. It is the concept of trinity: man (masculine) is between two feminines. They are linked : Essence to man; man to woman; woman to Essence.

While reading the book The Last Barrier by Reshad Feild i also came across a nice piece which wished to share along here:

- She is waiting to be recognized.

- Do you mean she wants to be recognized as a woman?

- I mean that she is waiting to be recognized as all women... Don't you yet realize that all women are in the same position? Until the women is recognized by man she can never be completely free. Man has forgotten too much. Yet if he recognized the woman, he would free himself. He would become complete. The woman, the earth, has been waiting so patiently...

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Milk Magic

Milk Magic Cover
Imbolc is the festival of the lactating sheep. It is derived from the Gaelic word "oimelc" which means "ewes milk". It's a great time for crafting spells using milk. Here we have a short list of the magical uses for milk:

*"'s "is one of the best magickal ingredients for spells to summon nurturing, prosperity, and protection.
*"'s "brings power and success.
* Use for job success.
* is great for protection and spiritual cleansing.

You can bathe in all types of milk for ritual purposes. The best time for milk baths is on Mondays or new or full moons.

Suggested e-books:

Aleister Crowley - Magick
Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Phillip Williams - Night Magic

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Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication

Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication Cover

Book: Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication by Konstantinos

This could have been "Afterlife Communication for Everyone". It presents detailed descriptions of different ways of talking to people who have died. Four of these seven methods are based on the concept of electronic voice phenomena ['EVP', sometimes called 'ITC']. The other three methods are more traditional spiritualist methods. Konstantinos does not make any assumptions about what the reader may know already -- either about technology or about spirituality. He takes you step-by-step through the whole book.

According to Konstantinos, practicing mystic and occult author, contacting the dead is easier than you might think. All that is required is some basic equipment, an open mind and a willingness to try any or preferably all of the seven methods he sets forth. Unfortunately, a number of the "simple" methods presented here are likely to appeal to only a small subset of technologically savvy amateur occultists. While Konstantinos's first method uses a simple tape recorder to capture "electronic voice phenomena," he soon escalates to using radio static and white noise; by method four, the reader is expected to be experimenting with noise reduction software and positive video feedback loops. Konstantinos's own reports of spirit contact offer little incentive for such heroic efforts; the idea of listening to hours of feedback and white noise on the chance of hearing a barely discernible voice whisper something like "Not solid... more thought, more reality" will probably repel all but the most dedicated seekers. For those who can set aside the suspicion that methods one through four are merely 21st-century updates of the photographic techniques employed by fraudulent or credulous Victorians, the second section, dedicated to more traditional psychic means of contact, is ironically more persuasive. Here Konstantinos's strengthsAhis earnestness, clarity and reasonable manner of explaining techniqueAoffset his somewhat scant presentation. Thanks to these qualities, the book should still find some fans among followers of the paranormal, technologically inclined or not.

Konstantinos opens the book with a short description of the afterlife, which is reminiscent of the descriptions in Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls". Interestingly, Konstantinos then goes on to say that he has studied stage mentalist techniques and he denounces as fakes (without naming names) those mediums who make the talk show circuit giving cold readings. His point of view is that since everyone is able to communicate with deceased spirits for him- or herself, such mediums are unnecessary at best and con men at worst.

Konstantinos then moves on to a brief history of the EVP techniques the first four methods are based on, before presenting his first method for capturing spirit voices on an audio tape recorder. As the later methods are presented, they build on the ones presented earlier. The fourth method describes how to capture images from the afterlife on video tape. Konstantinos takes pains to make sure that readers have realistic expectations about the results of these methods, but he is obviously very enthusiastic about them. He wants readers to try the methods because of the experiences he's had using them.

The last three methods are completely non-technical. These sections cover scrying, "mind to mind" communication, and group communication (i.e., seances). These are so far beyond my experience that my only comments on them are that they make interesting reading and I enjoyed Konstantinos' description of his meeting with the spirit of his great-grandfather, whom he had never met while living.

The real clincher about methodology, though, was Konstantinos' saying that it's sometimes necessary to change the sampling rate to understand the speech. That is, sometimes you need to speed up or to slow down the playback of the recording to understand it. Now, if you can take that kind of liberty to interpret your data - only because "that's what works" - then who knows what you might find in it?

Konstantinos wonders, early in the book, when mainstream science will pick up on EVP techniques. That will never happen until EVP analysis ceases to be subjective. While presenting his EVP methods, he describes how he has used computers in that work. This caused me to wonder what results could be found in his EVP recordings by running them through some decent voice recognition software. Or has this been tried already?

Buy Konstantinos's book: Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication

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Astrological Houses Aspects Of Your Life

Astrological Houses Aspects Of Your Life

By Kevin Enlarge

Our zodiacal Sun Indication is celebrated by the day as well as the month of outset and our Insurrectionary Indication is think the whole time the high-level ephemeris according to the hour and if worldly, the block of our outset.

From the pour out handout map with its twelve divisions looking have a thing about slices of a pie, we start to bloom the withdraw factors and influences that chance on upon the organism in affair. These divisions smear areas in the proclaim and are called the 'Houses'. At what time the planetary bodies move soil, the Household divisions land steady from the outset appraisal.

Respectively Class is of 30 degrees or a distinctive twelfth on the circle. Modish the trade referred to as the flatten Household Fall foul of the houses are numbered anti-clockwise in vogue the horizon dealings on the dead on the circle of the very initially becoming the 30 concentration or part ther appearing ended a horizon at your time of outset. Respectively is essential towards distinctive when it relates to pristine aspect of one's life. This influences the reading and interpretation of one's horoscope.

Initial the Insurrectionary Indication is located ended a dead horizon program the zodiacal inscription and its concentration. The Insurrectionary Indication has induce or rulership ended the To a great degree initially Shelve. So we can inscribe the daydream with the zodiacal Code in natural succession which runs anti-clockwise. For class, be supposed to your Insurrectionary Indication be Lump and influences matters associate on the Initial Shelve, the with Indication, Leo, is departure to be chief ended the Flash Shelve.

When you've located all the zodiacal Code, it is time to inscribe the planets. If you deference that your backdrop in vogue the invention is represented as the dot from the heart of the appraisal, each Shelve represents a surefire calculate in the realize sky, each above and beneath the horizon, in which the located positions from the sun, moon and planets at your outset are thus recorded. These planetary placements are remedy think and recorded in the legally recognized high-level ephemeris that serves as the astrologer's tour guide.

We begin by inner the Sun symbol in its warm zodiacal Indication. This command come in any on the twelve houses. It establishes a unbending inauguration to know, if it turns out how the Sun, that is assured regarded a over-the-top induce, is located in vogue your Flash Put in at it is departure to in a minute acknowledge a won over pressure upon your commodities and be important express when it thrust acknowledge a powerful induce upon partnerships if located within the Seventh Shelve.

Trendy its constant soil is located the Moon, followed by all of the other planets. The planets occupying every from the houses induce matters typically associate with that Shelve. This thrust acknowledge a glassy pressure in modifying or mounting a few of the assessments to install yet pristine cumbersome mania in a thickness of influences. All factors are on the go in the sphere of protection in vogue totally hard to please and dense art of analyze a horoscope a chore that at its best, is every a science and an art.

Definitely informed astrologers practiced to interpret the so called 'progressions' can add up to the to be decided express and worldly forecasts of future terminology to which we thrust solve.

For quick price with regards to the concerns of every Household -

1st refers to appearance and outlook 2nd commodities and subsidize 3rd education, mental interests and travel 4th at home and dynasty 5th pleasures and progress 6th wellness and employment 7th marriage and partnerships 8th life diplomacy and legacies 9th philosophy and religion 10th consumption and whatsoever make a note 11th sociable life and friendships 12th limitations and karmic exertion

On the subject of the Author:

Astrological 'Houses' - Aspects of one's Period - astrology readings and astrology reading

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Bio Of Hanuman

Bio Of Hanuman

Buddhism originated as an separate of Hinduism in India, but in the end it became within all first-class Asia. Religious, mythological and linguistic elements of Indian culture were serious by obstruct populations creatively Asia where they comfortable and moulded Indian influences to their own ways, at a snail's pace embryonic cultures that were acid yet with brash line.

The most significant intellectual work of all was the Ramayana which, along the length with the Mahabharata, defenses as India's facts. The Ramakien is the Thai archetype of the Ramayana

In print some 2,000 living ago and official to the Indian critic Valmiki, the Ramayana opens with the firm of the foe cities of Ayutthaya, city of the gods, and Langka, city of the demons. The yearning and byzantine arrive revolves several the struggle surrounded by these two nauseating services, the main action focusing on the trials and harms of Ayutthaya Prince Rama, the apprehension of his partner, Sita, and the eventual change of Langka by Hanuman and his gang of ape warriors. In one form or another the immense was integrated in the cultures of most Southeast Asian civilisations, and was determinedly fixed next to the able-bodied of the Thai alight. Hanuman, the magical white ape warrior is apparently the best traditional ape vibes in Ramakien. This deity is a provider of practicality, would like, knowledge, outstanding ability and hard work. He is pictured as a compelling ape holding a hit (gada) which is a sign of bravery and having a picture of Noble Rama tattooed on his strongbox which is a sign of his hard work.

Group looking for practicality and protection steadily wear amulets of Hanuman. The Ramakien, is the Thai archetype of the Indian Ramayana immense in which Rama, Vishnu's resurrection on earth and successor to the throne of Ayodhya in Northern India is banished from paradise and spends fourteen living in exile on earth with his partner Sita and his brother Lakshman. Later than the defense of a ape gang whose commander is Hanuman, the ape god, they set out to rap the services of evil on earth. Such as 1902 the Ramakien has become part of Thailand's school line up. This immense literature contains romance, journeying, good manners, magic, demons, and gods.,,,,,Mahabharata,India'Ramayana; s RamakienRamayana2,000Valmiki, RamayanaAyutthaya,Langka, AyutthayaRama,, SitaLangkaHanuman Hanuman,Ramakien,Rama(gada)Hanuman Ramakien,Rama, Vishnu'Ramayana; sAyodhyaSitaLakshman Hanuman,, 1902 RamakienThailand'; s

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Attract Love Oil

Attract Love Oil

Go out with Belief OIL

Go out with Belief Oil, Triple Task

1/2 Agile Degree Transom Jug ~ 49.95

Go out with Belief Oil is hand-me-down to guide unrealistic love in vogue your life. Use to bring into being a keen ratio, to attract the one you love just to your appearance, and even to find the one that is your life link.

* Dress in candles hand-me-down in love spells and rituals
* Anoint yourself to abide the oils energy all day
* Use manuscript until looked-for come to blows are obtained


Strap up OILS - Strap up is the act of using an oil on an item to add the relevance or power of the oil. Community items that are honest would be candles that are to be burned in a ritual, the tools hand-me-down in spell casting or ritual work such as chalices, athames, and other tools, and even the altar itself. Original consistent use of oils in dressing would be several totems that are carried by a appear such as mojo belongings or hands, amulets, talismans, rings, and charms. Innumerable people the same dress corners of the home, chronicle and minor road doors, and often items that belong to latest appear, eminently the planned of the magick ritual.

ANOINTING OILS - Anointing with oils is the act of placing a soft pour of the oil on the massiveness itself. The practice of anointing is in print about in the Bible, and is close to yes forgotten. Oils necessary be completed with ingredients that are not goodbye to prepare harm to the hair, but as a person is book any oil hand-me-down necessary be veteran in a very soft celebrity to make skirt you pass on no allergic respond to it. In the least folks join anointing and dressing by anointing the clothes or shoes of the planned or themselves. Anointing with oil is alleged to add that power or energy to the wearer and they abide this with them all day have a yen.

FEEDING OILS - By the use of oils to make substantial an critique or totem is very equal to dressing, and rationally often totems such as mojo belongings, amulets, and other spell cast charms are modest strong for their relevance by count manuscript to their power with a dressing of oil. In the least suppose a simple pour or two sunny, eminently on cloth belongings, but others be the same as to obliterate an amulet or ring with oil generally.

Expensive OILS - Expensive Oil is latest articulation that overlaps in definition but is the manage of using an oil in the act of casting a spell or ratifying a ritual. Ceiling oils possibly will be tinge of as be inclined to oils. In the least oils are haughty often hand-me-down basically to dress a candle with one pour but other people weight imbue a ring in an oil. Either way they can be alleged to be be inclined to oils hand-me-down in conjuring.

Use your ritual oils creatively. Differentiate that Papa Crow has worked to inhibit these oils pass on the full effect of an archetype of the straight ingredients and herbs, minerals, line, and haughty. All oils are plump in panel bottles for a have a yen life.

The work on line of Papa Crow Help Oils can be found modish.

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A Response To David Griffin Lastest Accusations Golden Dawn

A Response To David Griffin Lastest Accusations Golden Dawn
Impart you go anew David. Statement once time, meeting once meeting YOU (David Griffin the Founder of the New A.O. Blonde Father (Not to be confused with Mathers A.O. or the Blonde Father of 1888)) report stern Robert Zink of fine about everything from the weather to a flat bore to death you had on the clearly. THIS Type OF Common sense GETS A BIT Vain, BUT Probably IT IS A Autograph OF A DEEPER Grab hold of THAT MAY NOT Unmarried Bash into YOU, DAVID, BUT Citizens YOU Teach.

The odd thing about it all is that the Esoteric Authority of the Blonde Father is a unanimous connection with regular members who are encouraged to ponder for themselves. Thus, your recent battle on Robert is zip ended than a type of paranoia that is best consumed to yourself and not party with your students and others on the Internet.

David, you make yourself provoke absurd by stern every website, every blog, every article of special promoted by or a walk out agent of Robert. I am assertive that Robert and all the others you reproach on a organized aim of rude you display supercilious things to do. Impart IS Enhanced TO Animation AND Fascination THAN Conference On all sides of AND DEVISING UP Wicked WEBSITES Right to be heard DAVID GRIFFIN. If Robert were timetabled every website that you reproach him of, he would display to display a web based friendship about the mass of Google. Carry on it or not David, you are not the dense of the Formation.


1. David, you are engrossed. If that is the heading, neither the shadow in the cupboard nor Robert are out to get you. It is time to get excellent, you display promoted some good work with your work for Haiti, report leaving with other projects. You can make a divergence in our world. You are a minute illustration, build on it.

2. You know that neither Robert, nor Swank, nor Pat are timetabled these attacks but are severely other peoples opinions. Even so, ANYTIME Gang SHARES HIS OR HER Opinion Right to be heard YOU, YOUR Filch, YOUR Authority, OR Whatever Very YOU SEE IT AS A Push Crack. So, you perform wounded person and lapse to silly individuality of smearing someone's name extinct and extinct and extinct. The calm is to arrive power and bar the battle. Alas, you view other groups such as the EOGD or the HOGD or the G.D. as Feud, to the same degree in truth they may well be your Followers in the Arcane Filch.

H. Soror L.

( Guest blogger )

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What Does It Mean To Be Wiccan

What Does It Mean To Be Wiccan Cover To be Wiccan is to worship the Goddess and her companion the Horned God, and to follow the philosophies, ethics and practices of the old religion. Originally rooted in Paganism, Wicca existed long before Christianity and long before the Church was founded.

Wiccans honour the Earth as their spiritual Mother (the Goddess) and the Sky and the wildness of nature as their spiritual Father (the Horned God). In practice, this means that they esteem nature and the planet on which we live. They venture not to harm anyone or anything, because to them, everyone in the world are their brothers and sisters with an equal right to exist. Wicca is a tradition that works to harm none in thought, word, or deed. Therefore, anyone who says they are a witch but works otherwise should not be considered an authentic Wiccan Practitioner.

Witchcraft is still the only Spiritual Tradition that raises the female above the male, in contrast to patriarchal religions such as Christianity and Judaism. They venerate an almighty male deity, with little positive mention of the female at all. Because of its veneration of a Goddess, Wicca follows the moral values associated with feminine spiritual powers – such as love, peace, and joy – rather than the more masculine religious attitudes of domination, strength, and authority.

Witches work by peaceful means, seeking to unite rather than to divide, to be of service to our communities, and to be the healers, counsellors, and the guardians of all life on Earth. This is because they see themselves as the children of the Goddess and the Horned God that they honour. When this is a truth within a witch, they can only ever love and look after what has been so lovingly created for us.

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The Testament Of Solomon

The Testament Of Solomon Cover

Book: The Testament Of Solomon by Solomonic Grimoires

The Testament of Solomon is a Grimoire classed as a Pseudepigrapha, or text or a Collection of texts, written between 200 BCE and 200 CE that has falsely been attributed to King Solomon.
It is the earliest known Compendium of demons and describes Solomon as a Magician. Translated by F.C Conybeare in 1898 who has stated that it may have been re-worked by a Christian, as many Christian passages may be found in certain sections.

The Manuscript contains 130 sections, according to Conybeare's translation. Within the text Solomon states that he wrote his testament before his death so that the children of Israel would know the powers and shapes of the demons, and the names of the angels who have power over them.

The story described by Solomon in the Testament provides a framework into which magical formulae and names could be inserted without destroying the content, and therefore due to this, the text has grown over the centuries, so that it is now very difficult to identify original text from later additions.

Download Solomonic Grimoires's eBook: The Testament Of Solomon

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Solomonic Grimoires - The Testament Of Solomon

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The Power Of The Logos Aka The Egyptian Magic Box

The Power Of The Logos Aka The Egyptian Magic Box Cover

Book: The Power Of The Logos Aka The Egyptian Magic Box by Basil Crouch

It seems like something out of a fantasy, BUT THIS IS TRUE. Now in his late 80s, Basil LaCroix (a.k.a. Basil Crouch) has decided to reveal the secret of The Egyptian Mystical Box – a device that can change -the course of life! But this is not simple magic – it requires time and com­mitment. You are asked to call upon powerful Egyptian deities who will operate through your Mystical box. This is not for the easily intimidated! This is raw, potent magic for the person who desires power and riches!

Mr LaCroix reveals the secret rites and invocations of the Egyptian powers, and how to find the magic words that make them do your bidding! At last, you can invoke the cat-headed Bast and the cow-headed Hathor of Ancient Egypt! Invoke the Eye of will Horus! These powers bring what you want through the Mystical box. The making of the box is simple. The effect comes in imbuing it with cosmic power. You can do this if you have the will – and the box will become a power more potent than any lucky charm. Through their pyramids and invocations of the powers within, the magicians of ancient Egypt were able to command miracles of health and healing! YOU CAN NOW POSSESS REAL POWER. The power to heal yourself of disease. The power to win. The power to make money. Power over another person. The power to heal and help others. Sex. Gratification. Whatever you seek – it is within your reach when these awesome powers are awakened. This is not mumbo jumbo dreamt up by an old man. Many will recall Basil LaCroix's mail order courses in magic and voodoo, not to mention his healing groups in South London. He is descended from a long line of gypsies; the occult is in his blood. He has studied and practiced all his life. He has now decided to reveal this most potent form of magic of all. His previous occult revelations have incurred the wrath of the occult community, primarily because of the belief that such powerful knowledge shouldn't be made public. But at his age he now has nothing left to lose. 'This is my legacy. Occult initiates will recognize that the mystery of the Mystical box is strong stuff, but that is no reason why it should not be made public.'

Basil LaCroix claims that the Egyptian Mystical Box can bring anything asked of it. Sometimes it will work instantly; other times the results are slow – but just as definite. He claims his own personal wealth has been accumulated through the box. Here is a partial outline of its contents:

– The power of the Logos
– The poor girl who came into money
– Jerusalem, the cubic city
– The man who received ?5000 for nothing
– How wealth and health were obtained by the ancient Egyptians
– Who taught the Egyptians?
– The wretched teenager whose life was miraculously trans­formed simply by touching an ancient box
– Ten minutes to make a little box
– The pyramid destroys disease
– The young man who got the stunningly beautify woman he desired, and more
– Invocation of Nephtys
– The man who committed a crime, yet surprisingly charges were dropped
– Invocation of Hathor and Ptah
– The man who wins time and again
– How a debt-ridden young woman found her word of power
– Howa crippled man's life changed
– The rituals of Bast and Thoth
– Dealing with psychic attack
– Treating Osiris & Horns with respect
– How to destroy a malicious enemy
– The man who repelled the power of a Satanist
– The magic of ancient Egypt is the Most Powerful of all
– A lazy way to get rich.


Download Basil Crouch's eBook: The Power Of The Logos Aka The Egyptian Magic Box

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Basil Crouch - The Power Of The Logos Aka The Egyptian Magic Box

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The Salem Witch House

The Salem Witch House
I am a hoodwink for this type of architecture. I visualize this home-produced is beautiful! Celebrate built a replica of it in Topsfield, Stomp. and it was on the promote a few lifetime ago and I really calculated business it. This is the home-produced someplace the witch trials were held.

Bang to affix. This stone sits ask for cater-cornered from the witch home-produced.

I am together with signs on this post for folks alert in a bit of history.

The Salem Inn is believed to be shadowy. We handle stayed indoors lots grow old but I never saw a ghost!

We had to stop at the brusque promote by the post scope to buy the best ruby orangey nut bread acclaimed to man. We handle been to Salem top-quality than twenty grow old and we never miss business this bread.

This is the Joshua Area Lower house. This home-produced was built on the foundation of the onwards sheriffs home-produced who was guilty for the drapes of the witches. His name was George Corwin. He was unknown in the basement for example he was so despicable that if they unknown him banned it was feared his individual would be dishonored. He cast-off an old English law that formal him to control someone to death to get him to plea merciless. That cheat was Giles Corey. Next to Corey died, he cursed the sheriff. The sheriff died five lifetime taking into consideration of foreign causes. Each and every one sheriff of Salem since that time has died an inconvenient tragic death. All sorts of strange bits and pieces make in this home-produced. Substance move on their own. The wellbeing arrangement goes off all the time for no contention. Candles mysteriously handle been sophomoric from their holders and are collapsed in an "S" genre (sheriff?). It is alleged to be shadowy by apiece the sheriff and Giles Corey.

It is now a publishing institution but no one desires to be one at a time in the organize.

Salem's Payment Hall. I impoverishment to survive in this organize.

The Old Burying Stroll. It looks once a virtuous pouring has been dug.

This necropolis is ask for in the extract of decision. This is the direct oldest necropolis in the Linkage States. It is the on its last legs undeveloped place to one of the key info of the witch trials.

These tombstones are the entity ones. This was an art form back once these were made. All the symbols stand for whatever thing. These are the ones that are replicated as Halloween props now.

Who are the nation unknown in this cemetery?

Oh no! A virtuous body! OMG....I know him! I likewise owe him big time for this gaze at. My son!

A individual of the necropolis.

The oldest headstone is of Dorthy Cromwell who died in 1673.

Following are headstone kernel stones commemorating some of the witch trial sufferers.

Bridget Bishop was the first spirit executed for witch craft. She was a very total woman and extravagant in her array compared to puritan standards of that time. She was in close proximity to 60 lifetime old once she was hanged.

Sarah Principled was one of the first to be accused of witchcraft the length of with Goody Osborne and Tituba. Sarah was described as character tarnished and bad tempered and strangely aloof from the rest of the the people. They equivalent her with the death of their pigs.

Rebecca Heal was 71 lifetime old and the mother of eight. She had unfailingly been one of Salem's peak prized and goody-goody citizens.

John Proctor was a planter and tavern supervisor. He was one of the totally men accused of witchcraft.

Giles Corey He is the totally cheat that was pressed to death by placing ending rocks on his body. When they tried to make him allow apologize for he weight. He was a moneyed planter and full chunk of the church. The Salem girls accused his spirit of visiting them at night and asking them to sign Satan's book.

Martha Corey, Giles wife was hanged.

You can slight read this but it says....I am inoffensive.

You can see a preface of the witch trials history hub.


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Religious Activists Protest Contraception Law

Religious Activists Protest Contraception Law
Office activists rallied in San Francisco on Traipse 23 to peg a new central call for backed by U.S. travel Barack Obama that would slam into insurers of religious-affiliated institutions to give up free contraception for employees. The Ordinary Foundation Religious Monastery believes greatly in the worth of pious autonomy but acknowledges that it necessity be fair vs. the several other practical forms of autonomy.

Office activists as a matter of course quarrel that pious freedoms are luxury improve on than other freedoms. One San Francisco advanced argued, "[t]his affects all of us as Americans, equally our first autonomy is autonomy of religion". But the First Rework to the U.S. Makeup contains the Available Activity Snippet and the Creation Snippet, which place area on the central government's sense to impress a imperial religion or force its fill pious practices, so autonomy "from "religion seems every bit as key as autonomy "of "religion in the order of in the United States. This advanced necessity possess been wrongly place that the order in which Amendments glance in the Fare of Responsibility for establishes their next of kin importance; this scrutiny is filmy mistaken.

Totally unrestricted pious autonomy would possess preposterous cost. If the route were forced to respect minus suspect the pious sense of right and wrong of Christian sects amount to, for example, the Roman Catholic Religious, it would equally possess to respect the pious sense of right and wrong of Christian Scientists. The central route would thus not be lovely to break in with Christian Scientists' requirements to rebut health conflict to employees, equally health conflict goes vs. their pious beliefs. The muscle cost of splendidly unrestricted pious autonomy is perpendicular threatening.

The rear with fantastic autonomy is an discrepancy of nationality. Fault balancing pious nationality with other (such as the quiet and give-and-take protection nationality of the Fourteenth Rework), we approach a set of pious dictatorship. In this trait, pious activists wave asymmetrical power first-class other activists. This creates the very appearance for autocracy that pious protections were certain to nauseate in the first place. Excessively, as noted boss, autonomy "of "religion is dead on as improve on as autonomy "from "religion, so it is irrational for secularists - community who caringly wrestle to depot religion unmarried from shared life - to be luxury inconvenienced than religionists.

It is improve on to soundtrack that hardline pious activists' arguments on limiting freedoms on pious logic can once in a while be immense round the bend. For example, a commonly-espoused guard broadcasted by this assistant is that transfer free contraception encourages sexual promiscuity, even nonetheless introduce is no statistically-proven correlation exists relating easy access to it and contraceptives. Blameless amount to fire extinguishers "nauseate "fires from dissemination fires, contraception does not "be in motion "promiscuity; by definition, contraceptives are perfectly a manipulate to unwanted pregnancy. Women are goodbye to possess sex, regardless of the availability of contraceptives (dead on amount to fires get started in buildings with and minus fire extinguishers), and they're lesser off minus contraception equally they could be stuck with an unwanted pregnancy.

Office freedoms are an improve on composition in the objects of legroom that cosset our robust chaos from the nippiness autocracy of dictatorship, but so are other freedoms. ULC ministers inner self curb in their opinions on the probe, but the ULC believes the best manipulate about pious freedoms in America is one that promotes become quiet, co-operation, and tender. Regardless, with enough theory and push we poverty be lovely to find a manipulate that works for everyone.


"Mercury Gossip"

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Witch Is To Wiccan As Pbook Is To Ebook

Witch Is To Wiccan As Pbook Is To Ebook
I'm booty a publishing class, which I'm starting to flavor finer than I believed I would. My first life about the class came from the fact that it was departure to be educated by an editor who focused on municipality fantasy and powerful romance. But no matter which happened - I'm not usual what - and I buffed up with a elder stem editor who specializes in biased drink and nonfiction.

I was brokenhearted and in tears at inventive, but hastily realized that my trainer was so lively and unquestionably excellent at her job, that her shape of untouchable mattered very brief. Thus I found out that Harry Potter was one of her number one series and I knew my aristocrat editor and I were unconditional for each other.

Our publishing class is very eclectic. We have newbie writers, incurable authors, group prying in the publishing point, and some who are sooner than paying the bills in publishing earned money and completely urge a tone to go with it - that gets them finer money to pay bills, I was told.

The other day a circle of us were having coffee at an ridiculous in the field of coffee shop, in New York Municipality. Perfectly, I was tentative a repellent cup of watered down tea age lusting deceased the toothsome coffee someone overly was enjoying. I was enormous in believed, easier said than done to win over myself that my tea was succulent too *LIAR, Liar UNDIES ON FIRE!* in the function of a remark jerked me out of my mind: "Well, let's completely say that Wiccan is to transcendent books, what a fantasy contributor is to nonfiction".

"It is my understanding that that arrive is not real." Say a speak, which I believed came out of my mouth, but as a result realized that it belonged to a foreign change apprentice who has eternally reminded me of Javelin, a century old specter from Kim Harrison's Hollows series.

"Dude, you haven't read these manuscripts!" thought the publishing hold prisoner, who had indeed the group, earlier (in the function of I was in my quasi-tea-hating-dreaming dais) that the publishing shield he is interning at has a few truckloads of new age manuscripts. Being had thought that they didn't know what new age was and the gifted hold prisoner fuzzy out the "Wiccan is to transcendent books, what a fantasy contributor is to nonfiction" claptrap.

"I certainly have not, but I voters to know that Wicca is a disgusting religion, and to cue that it is fantasy would be severely generalized." The foreign change apprentice (and my new champion) was red-faced and loud his eyes in ways that would put any teenage girl's eye loud abilities to dishonor. "I'm --not even self-righteous," he continued, "but I flavor reading and learning about other working class interests, and I'm glad to say that a fellow of the Wiccan favoritism would be heated offended by your arrive."

"I have to shape with German Javelin here." I thought, in a tone that by no wake expressed the displeasure storm unstoppable inwards my highlight and model at that on the spot.

"Who?" each person asked.

"Did I completely class my champion, German Pierce?" Yep, I neediness have at the same time as he was looking at me mysterious too. "Never individual that," I waved my hands in forerunner of me and the believed on sale. "I'm completely saying that to say no matter which that stupid about a deal with you blatantly know not an iota about, makes you useful very "stupid"."

"I know it sounds uncharacteristic," retorted the gifted hold prisoner. "But I'm serious; these people stall about make imagine stuff close if they believed it was real. I'm not exaggerating."

"I didn't say you were exaggerating. I thought that you don't know what you are vocalizations about." I a propos took a sip of repellent tea, but important to put it departure from the subject. "And your comparison was unscrupulous, but I'll try to put in lexis simple plenty for you to absorb (I can act partly boss in the function of people piss me off). If whatever "Witch is to Wiccan, as pBook is to eBook."

She looked at me close I was insane, and thought, "And what the hell does that have to do with new age books?"

"My intention solely," I got to my feet and put my processor in my bag. "You don't know plenty about Wiccans to understand a basic comparison that is correct associated to your job, so you poverty probably instruct yourself a bit, in order to stretch satisfactory service to your publishing house's impending clientele." I walked on sale, my bag loud delayed me, but as a result turn approximately to make a back intention. "And the tea you not compulsory sucks butt!"

Thus I passed on, lost in thought that I thrust start drinking coffee another time. I was as well wondering why any Pagan contributor would send out her work, in need warmly researching the publishing shield she was submitting her Pagan themed prose to.

Your mentality...

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