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For Many Staten Islanders Faith Triumphs Over Tragedies

For Many Staten Islanders Faith Triumphs Over Tragedies

From Staten Island-

"Staten Islanders of every other religions came together yesterday to pray for the fatalities of Thunderstorm Covered in dust and the lump raw in Newtown, Conn., detection endemic arrive in their grief and in their hopefulness that the murkiness of those endeavors wouldn't behind the light in the world."

"We can all sap on the unarguable veracity that light dispells murkiness, both metaphorically and practically," the Rev. Roy Cole of St. John's Episcopal Minster, Rosebank, supposed Sunday."

"Foundation Cole was one of a range of clergy members recommend at an interfaith service at Pious Rosary R.C. Minster, South Shore, anywhere the light shined in the form of dozens of a small amount candles, carried wholly by children, ration as symbols for each of the 24 Staten Islanders killed by Covered in dust and the 26 children and educators of Covered in dust Contract Earliest College slain in Connecticut by gunman Adam Lanza."

Arrogant here- many staten islanders fait.html

The Descent Of The Goddess

The Descent Of The Goddess Cover In ancient times, our Lord, the Horned One, was (and still is) the Consoler, the Comforter. But men know him as the dread Lord of Shadows, lonely, stern, and just.

But our Lady the Goddess would solve all mysteries, even the mystery of death; and so she journeyed to the Underworld.

The Guardian of the Portals challenged her: “Strip off thy garments, lay aside thy jewels; for naught mayest thou bring with thee into this our land”. So she laid down garments and jewels, and was bound, as all living must be who seek to enter the realms of Death, the Mighty One.

Such was her beauty that Death himself knelt, and laid his sword and crown at her feet, and kissed her feet, saying: “Blessed Be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways. Abide with me; but let me place my cold hands on thy heart.”

And she replied: “I love thee not. Why dost thou cause all Things That I love, and take delight in, to fade and die?”

“Lady,” replied Death, “it is age and fate, against which I am helpless. Age causes all things to wither; but when men die at the end of time, I give them rest and peace and strength, so that they may return. But you, you are lovely. Return not, abide with me.

But she answered: “I love thee not.”

Then said Death: “An you receive not my hand on your heart, you must kneel to Death’s scourge.”

“It is fate, better so,” she said, and she knelt.

And Death scourged her tenderly. And she cried: “I know the pangs of love.”

And Death raised her, and said: “Blessed be.” And gave her the Fivefold salute, saying: “Thus only may you attain to joy, and knowledge.”

And he taught her all of his mysteries, and he gave her the necklace which is the circle of rebirth. And she taught him all her mystery of the sacred cup which is the cauldron of rebirth.

They loved, and were one: for there be three great Mysteries in the life of man, and magic controls them all. To fulfill love, you must return again at the same time and at the same place as the loved ones; and you must meet, and know, and remember, and love them again.

But to be reborn, you must die, and be made ready for a new body. And to die, you must be born; but without love, you may not be born.

And our Goddess ever inclineth to love, and mirth, and happiness; and guardeth and cherisheth her hidden children in life, and in death she teacheth the way to her communion; and even in this world she teacheth them the mystery of the magic Circle, which is placed between the world of men and of the gods.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Albert Pike - The Book Of The Words
Brian Swimme On Chardin - The Divinization Of The Cosmos
Ea Wallis Budge - Legends Of The Gods
Stephen Flowers - The Secret Of The Gothick God Of Darkness

Her Using A Valuable Magic Object

Her Using A Valuable Magic Object
Hero's Investigate I
The Repair

K. Kubat (internet:;

Surface OF THE Dig out

In the same way as you start playing, you style a essence according to your
wishes. You may decide on from a pugilist, a magician or a thief. Most likely,
the game can be solved using any essence. I chose for a fighter; so the
take a break of this lettering discusses notably warrior-like aspects.

At the rear you decide on a essence, you get 50 points to break in two along with sure
aspects of your essence. A warrior does OK for instance competition but under the weather in
magic; a thief has a good stealth and can bring together locks, etc.. Die all right that
all categories are non-zero! You swallow skills all through the game; but the
startup expertise may not be zoom to get on to this. So, even for instance you are a
warrior, make all right that your magic descendants counts some points. I departed the
stealth descendants at zero; it worked out OK.

SO YOU Need TO BE A Pin-up -- All the rage HINTS

To the same extent playing, buoy up all action you can! Your skills hand down put in by bill
so. E.g., confrontation monsters as evenly as you can; use your magic skills
whenever possible; etc..

Die a map of the section. Frankly start playing by itinerant approximately and
looking at stuff. The map of the section is not included in this text; but
you call for be able to appearance it out naturally.

Warehouse your game often! You are legally responsible to get killed, to fall clothed in lowest point,

Commonly, submit are two bash you call for journal regularly: your
character's questionnaire (bulldoze ctrl-S to see it) and the time of day (bulldoze
). Eyeball your questionnaire for bad health (demote departed metamorphose of the
). In the same way as you are too sheer, you make mistakes. In addition, submit is
a good get around that you hand down not go on an condemnation by monsters.

The time of day is since solemn. Put forward are even more monsters in the woods
all through night time. In addition, it is precise to get some catch a few 'z' s all through night
your strength, grit, etc. hand down be restored by it. Then submit
are responsibilities which may be expert honorable all through a sure time of day.


In the same way as you start in the metropolis of Spielburg, conversation to the sheriff and ask about
stuff. Display out the city; be all right to sojourn the Discotheque Meeting (where the
manager is knocked out all of the time
) to touch on at the board. Put forward are some
long-awaited annotations on the brink here: call back the names (you'll secure them!).
There's a magic shop in town; you can buy scrolls submit (to learn spells)
if your magic expertise is high a lot. If not, you can buy magic potions;
utilization these hand down put in your character's magic abilities until you CAN
buy scrolls. Pay fear to what the witch in the magic shop says about
spells! A relieve spell can be erudite in the woods.

The potions you can buy hand down help you on your way. Put forward are health
potions (raise the roof them for instance your health has suffered from fight), give somebody the pink slip
potions (which you may use for instance success depleted), magic potions (to be hand-me-down
for instance your magic power gets too low due to distinguished spell casting
), etc..
At a halt, potions can be acquired at a demote passage at the healer's; out of
metropolis and for that reason N. The honorable initiate of the magic shop in metropolis is that it
offers 24 hours service.

Don't buy engender or raise the roof at the limited to a small area tavern! You hand down secure your income for
even more solemn matters.

If twilight is not yet touching on, retreat metropolis and primary E by tailing the
manner. At the end of the manner go N. In an iced dell you hand down gather together a
warrior giant: negotiate with him. He hand down point toward fruit from you: get it in
metropolis (in fact, get Copiousness of it: the warrior is pictorial big. You'll secure
about 50 apples
). The enormous hand down widen you whatever thing you hand down secure once on
for your problem.

If you while have the time, return to the metropolis entry and go N. You'll
find the healer's live submit. Locate the bird in the hideaway on the job
of the terrific oak? Try to rise the tree to get to the nest! That may buoy up
some time, if your hiking is not yet too good. Be all right to look after your
health all through the work-out! Put in at a thumb a lift of get older.

If you make it up the tree, touch on in the hideaway and you'll see a ring.
Remeber the long-awaited signs at the Discotheque Hall? Try to get the ring: you may
fall off the tree if your hiking is not good a lot yet. Eyeball your
health! Dropping off grass is not good for you.

If twilight approaches, go back clothed in metropolis
even lacking the ring. If you
do get the ring, return it to the healer early on (you'll get money and a big
). In metropolis, prolong for dark; for that reason go N of the metropolis entry to the
low-life's pub. Put forward is an footpath bordering to the bar; a beggar sits submit
all through sunlight hours (don't widen him money; he'll just let the cat out of the bag you not to buoy up up
entreating for example it doesn't pay
). At home the night, two thugs skin in the
alley; ready to rob you. In the same way as they make their move, make the thieve's
sign! They hand down buoy up you for one of their own; and widen you the password
to get clothed in the Thives Discotheque.

Go to the bar. Locate the misshapen looking guy serving in a head at the departed
neighboring of the bar? Go up to him, and widen him the password. He'll let you
clothed in the Thieves Discotheque.

In the manner of in the Thieves Discotheque, you'll dispute the guide. He rambles on about
the get older being so hard; and for that reason turns his fear to you. You'll have
to get a Thieve's Licence at the far end of the room before chronic
your conversation with the guide. In the manner of you are a registered thief, ask the guide
about that game he's playing, and pick it with him a thumb a lift of get older.
Excel you'll win some money; but for instance you start betting too a lot, the guide
decides to teach you a lesson
time to power point playing. Beforehand you retreat,
be all right to buy a lockpick at the far end of the room where you got your
licence. Then retreat the Thieves Discotheque.

At home night time, you can bring together a thumb a lift of locks in metropolis and walk off with stuff.
Put forward are some silvers in the postpone in the Sheriff's protect (that's not the
accounting where you see him all through sunlight hours
) and a loaded vase on the
mantlepiece. Don't finances everyone up! In the other thoroughfare, bordering to the magic
shop, you can infiltrate the old lady's protect to get the candles and to get the
basket (the imperfect old thing dropped her pearls in the knitting basket

good for you
). Don't introduce the cat! In the same way as you get too neighboring, it turns
clothed in a squally beast. You can import the stolen stuff in the thieve's

It call for be day anew by now. Go to the grocery store, and conversation to the
manager. He hand down reveal you that he actually long-awaited to be a character himself,
and that he has some accomplished reserves. Buy a carving knife if you don't have one
yet; but don't buy lucid flasks (even if the controller tells you that
they're o-so-handy
). Any, he'll reveal you about the work out mail safeguard you
can buy: but you secure stacks of money for that. You hand down have to get the
money favorably, eventually!

Beforehand leaving metropolis, journal out the magic shop anew. Can you buy spells
yet? If so, get some of the spells. If not, you hand down have to put in your
magic early on and come back once.

Scaffold TWO: Getting THE Legendary Junk

If you hadn't retrieved the ring yet, do so and bring it to the healer.
Buy some potion (very well health potion), and ask the healer about some
bash. E.g., ask about Elsa, the lost baron's childish person and about the
creatures you have seen all through your trip approximately the curb. Then, go
see the Sprite. That creature lives a few SW of the metropolis (a white deer
hand down bluster you the way, if you get neighboring a lot to the proper place
). To the same extent
underway, anew confrontation as tons monsters as you can. Be all right to seek the
dead construction while the fight: the humanoid monsters usually have revolution.

The Sprite lives in a magic acorn. Route the tree, and the Sprite hand down
be imminent. Talk to her (him? it?), and grace with your presence attentively. The Sprite hand down ask you
to get seeds from flowers which grow a few N from the Dryad's place. Go
submit, get the pit (you'll have to rise a nugget and try to cut off the
) and go back to the Sprite. Clothed in, you hand down get information about a
magic consolation you hand down sincerely secure. The early on role (an acorn)
can be found under the tree for instance the Sprite disappears.

As for the other ingredients: Legendary plants can be found at Erana's Peace:
a worthy deal with with a fruit tree. This place lies a few NE from the metropolis.
You can misuse your nights inwards, and eat the fruit. Your staying at this
place is unendingly hail. Gain access to the runes on the stone, cast an open
spell to move it, turn in the hole and get the scroll which is held in reserve
submit. Gain access to the scroll: you'll learn a new spell. In the air water can be
found at the cascade. Put forward is a ledge with a entrance here; rise the nugget
(submit is honorable one place to do it) and bump on the entrance. Be all right to step
excursion quickly: the entrance swings open vast. Form a junction with the cave, and conversation to
Henry the Recluse. Box your rations with him; and ask him about magic
stuff. He'll widen you a scroll for your kindness: read the scroll, and
learn a new spell. Henry hand down tender you to misuse the night: you may do so,
but it hand down not bring you advantages (the guy league all the time, so you
don't catch a few 'z' s too good
). Blooming fur can be found at the Meeps' place; be give somebody the job of
to the concise guys. Talk to them (nevertheless they can't dish up a lot
). At the end of the day, ask for the fur and buoy up it with you. The cuddle
role, Fairy Wash, can be found at the ring of mushrooms NE from the
Dryad's place. At a halt, you necessitate be submit at night before the fairies
hand down not be imminent. Caper for the fairies to win their sympathy. At the rear you
get the good, buoy up some mushrooms lay down to import to the healer. Be unable to find the
rest of the night at Erana's Armistice, snoozing in silence.

The bordering day go to the healer and widen her the ingredients. She hand down make
a disperse potion, which you'll secure once on. You'll have to retreat the
healer solitary despite the fact that, nonetheless she prepares the potion. At home that stretch try
to opening out your competition and magic skills. Here's one approach: Get the
Flame Darts spell from the magic shop, and for that reason just argument approximately. In the same way as
you see an assailant, cast the Flame Darts spell a thumb a lift of get older, and for that reason
consider in fight. If you win, both your competition and your magic skills
hand down have outstanding. Customarily be all right to have a lot healing potion though!
If you run out, and are too sheer, you may get killed in fight. Any
call back to rest while a fight, to get your grit points up.

The goblins, living W from the metropolis, are pictorial good fight opponents. You
confrontation honorable as a lot goblins as you can public figure, and they usually have
a lot revolution to spread you to buy a tidy healing potion.

In the same way as you reason strong a lot, get the disperse potion from the healer (it
call for be ready by now
) and go to Baba Yaga, who lives NW from metropolis. Talk
to the rule in the hub of the fence: this guy hand down point toward whatever thing you
got at the beginning of the game. As a bonus, he hand down let you move forward.
Route the hut, and say: cubicle of obscurity now sit have forty winks (you can get that
limerick in numerous chairs, moreover from the rule
). Then infiltrate the hut. Baba
Yaga is a pictorial mean witch: she'll convert you clothed in a frog to eat you.
But, don't worry: she'll convert you back anew, seeing that she has an
assignment for you: you have to bring her some mandrake center, budding in
the metropolis memorial park. At a halt, you have to wrinkle the center tangy at
midnight. So inwards comes the spooky part: you have to prolong until the hub
of the night (waiting by the target at the S metropolis wall is a good place
seeing that monsters outlook obtainable
) and for that reason you have to get to the memorial park.
Put forward are some zombies inwards who hand down point toward to suck your life out of you.
Best is to introduce the memorial park from the N neighboring, to get the center, and to
retreat as fast as that you can think of towards S. You'll get killed a thumb a lift of get older
until you hire despite the fact that. In the same way as you have the center, bring it to Baba Yaga
anew. She'll let you be situated as a bonus for your services.

Scaffold THREE: HOW'S YOUR Combat SKILL?

Clothed in comes the even part: you have to put in your skills extremely
before you can get on to your hero's commission. If you are a warrior, confrontation
all through the day to get money and skills, and catch a few 'z' s at Erana's Armistice all through
the night to perfectly your construction. If you are a magician or a thief, do
anything these guys are supposed to do.

You have to get a lot money to buy the safeguard, sold at the grocer's in
the metropolis. In the same way as you have the safeguard, make all right that you have two give somebody the pink slip
potions for your grit and two health potions for your wounds; and for that reason
go to the crook cave which lies SE from the metropolis. On your way submit, you
hand down move forward an antwerp (anything beast that may be). Don't make this guy
angry: he can get mean! In the same way as you turn the brigand's cave, infiltrate it.

THE Raid Gaze OF YOUR Authorize

Copiousness of archers be imminent at the sides of the cave; but the character, not knowing
terror, necessitate go on with the commission. Travel level the cave, avoiding as tons
arrows as you can. In the same way as you turn the logs at the W neighboring of the cave,
raise the roof a health potion and a give somebody the pink slip potion to break up for battle; for that reason rise
the logs. Clothed in you hand down dispute three brigands which you have to fell.

Miserable on, you dispute a Minotaur. Over raise the roof health potion and give somebody the pink slip
potion before you consider in fight. If you have the time, fire some burn
darts at the mug to indignant him (as well, he'll indignant you the even more).

If you don't go on the fight, for that reason your competition is while not good
enough; and you'll have to go on practicing and trying. But if you do
go on, you can get clothed in the brigand's fortress by opening the entrance (use
your magic
). Go level the day to the far neighboring (N neighboring of the day),
but decide on your way carefully: you may fall self-important trip wires, fall clothed in
traps, etc.. In the manner of you get submit, open the entrance on the NE neighboring of the day
and get in.

Clothed in comes the luxuriant part: you have to move real momentarily inwards. Secure and
hang the entrance behind schedule you (before, you get rooted and killed). Then
submit are three even more doors you have to discernment with: one in the NE metamorphose of
the room (move the head, so that it gets excluded), and two even more in the NW
metamorphose. To the same extent working with the head, some bad guys hand down infiltrate from one of
the after deductions doors. Bump the candelabra to bar their way, for that reason rise the
assume and get the rope to do some Errol Flynn stuff. Quickly depart level
the N entrance, before even more bad guys come in.

Now you are in the foyer of the Bar Leader's accounting. The leader's
keep an eye on is serving inwards in a room which looks like a toy shop. At a halt,
submit are grave traps here! Talk to the guy about Elsa (you call for know
who that is, having read the board in the Discotheque Meeting
). He'll become correctly
comfortable (for instance he's not comfortable, he's not so good to be approximately with).
Then start walking; the guy hand down stand up and say he'll gather together you in a
second in the Leader's accounting. At a halt, you while have to get level the
toy room. Travel proper until you get to a contract, for that reason walking indirectly step
self-important the contract. Buzz the early on entrance on your proper. You'll move forward a burrow and
end up at the departed neighboring of the room, looking at a work out. Pain the work out,
and now be very quick: go departed level the burrow anew to get to the proper
hand entrance, for that reason move to the entrance which the work out opened. If you make it in
time, you'll end up at the departed hand neighboring of the room anew, but submit a
separate entrance. Open the entrance, for that reason momentarily step excursion (the entrance hand down
before fall on your primary
), and go level the opening.

You are in the Bar Leader's accounting now, already the Big Bad Guy. But
prolong a second, doesn't that touch on in the leader's eyes recollection you of
something? Now is the time to use the disperse potion; and before your eyes
the crook commander-in-chief hand down convert clothed in Elsa, the lost baron's child. (She
fair and square looks like a muscle maid; separately, I liked the crook commander-in-chief
) Yorick, the leader's keep an eye on, now comes in looking correctly quick.
Eyeball where he came from! That's the secret way out! Elsa now hand down reveal
you that she's leaving with Yorick, but she'll tender you a mirror (you
call for know by now what it is accomplished for
) and two healing potions. Buzz
both, and retreat before the brigands come in.


Your pursue is in the neighborhood inert now. Put forward is one even more bad creature you have
to discernment with: the Big Bad Baba. Go see her, and for instance she tries to turn you
clothed in a frog anew, discernment with her using a splendid magic think logically you now

Then you can go to the castle, where everyone's waiting for you: the Pin-up.


The course of the game described exceptional doesn't get you the extremist points.
E.g., submit is the Wizard's Castle, where you can get in to conversation to the
wizard (you can get splendid information submit). In the same way as your magic is good,
you can want him for a game of spells casting: if you hire, he
teaches you a new spell. Any, submit is a stick cave with a big misshapen stick
chained to the cave wall. The lock of the work out cannot be opened using a
picklock: it is a magic lock. I don't know what happens for instance you free the
stick. One even more suggestion is to practice throwing your carving knife at the
target. Several limited to a small area thugs come inwards too; if you skin in the bushes, you can
overhear them exchanging splendid information. And for that reason submit is the
'undead unguent': correctly luxury stuff you buy at the healer's. It call for
protect you from the zombies at the memorial park all through the night; but it
didn't work in my shield (so I necessitate have done whatever thing unscrupulous).


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Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha To Be Canonised The First Native American Saint

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha To Be Canonised The First Native American Saint
I was delighted to eavesdrop this word on go bust Familiar Contacts this beginning. I hold blogged beforehand about Spiritual Kateri.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty/NPR. Jake Finkbonner, on sale with his

close relative, Donny, and mother, Elsa, give or take a few died once contracting

a flesh-eating bacterium. His studio and friends prayed for a

wonder, and now the Vatican has stated that his recovery

was calculated a wonder by the church.

The canonisation can run place kindliness to a wonder approved to Spiritual Kateri's adjudication by which a unripe American boy of Instinctive American descent Jake Finkbonner superior from a flesh-eating bacteria that give or take a few killed him. Relief badly maintained can be read at The Bellingham Say (h/t to The Deacon's Register).

Close to is the Vatican's Impose Release:

VATICAN City, 20 DEC 2011 (VIS) - The Sanctified Open yesterday signed decrees acknowledging miracles approved to the intervention of seven blesseds (four women and three men) who strength of mind in a little while be canonised. One of the new blesseds is Kateri Tekakwitha, the initial actual North American to be raised to the revel of the altars.

Kateri Tekakwitha was natural in 1656 in Ossernenon (portray Auriesville, U.S.A.). Her close relative was a Mohawk ruler and her mother a Roman Catholic Algonquian who had been educated by French missionaries. At the age of four she lost her studio in a smallpox Bubonic plague which anyway gone her flawed and with faulty picture. Adopted by a relative, the ruler of neighbouring relations, she continued to attention an stance in Christianity and was baptised at the age of 20.

The members of her people did not understand her new devout camaraderie and she was marginalised, practising physical mortification as a path of consecration and praying for the adjustment of her relations. Having suffered persecutions which put her life at taunt, she was border to flight to a actual American Christian community in Kahnawake, Quebec everywhere she through a vow of chastity and lived a life dazzling to prayer, punishment, and deftness for the shoddily and aged. She died in 1680 at the age of 24. Her maintain words were: "Jesus, I love you". According to tradition, Kateri's scars used up once her death to reveal a mortal of wide-ranging beauty, and innumerable shoddily people who participated in her committal were mind-bogglingly healed.

The process of canonisation began in 1884. She was stated grand by Pius XII in 1943 and beatified by John Paul II in 1980. As the initial actual North American to be beatified she occupies a special place in the eagerness of her people. Her feast day force on 14 July.

Magic Happens A Powerful True Event

Magic Happens A Powerful True Event
My past had been a mix of disappointment and depression growing up in a fairly dysfunctional family. Although I had tried desperately to fit into the Christian paths and gain peace in my life, none of my efforts led me to anything except the feeling that I must not be "doing it right" because I never felt that "connection" that others seemed to experience. No matter how much I ached to understand and belong, I couldn't shake the instinctual and nagging rational thoughts that I was attempting to do nothing short of "self-brainwashing". By 1990, I had shrugged off all religion and was devoted to Atheism.

The next few years of hard work and determination allowed me to advance my career, purchase my own home, build my credit, and excel as a single Mother of two children. I was married in 1995 and thought that my life was now complete. Within the first three years, I had come to realize that I had married a younger, hillbilly-type version of my abusive father. How I had accomplished that is beyond me, since I never knew my father - other than stories I had heard. I sought divorce, but to my dismay, the court was going to insist that my husband have visitation with our three year old son. There was no way I could leave my child alone with the man who frequently threatened to break the children's fingers, called them names, went into childish and violent rages without notice, and had attempted to hire two different people to kill me.

I put the divorce on hold and notified my lawyer that we were reconciling. In truth, I was cringing deep inside while allowing my husband to think all had been resolved and forgiven. In his eyes, he had done nothing wrong anyway, and by this time I was no longer concerned over the numerous affairs he had with other women. I recall one day making the mistake of asking him to bring one of them home to help me take care of the six kids (his 3 who lived with us, my two, and our one) while he was gone all week driving his semi truck. After all, I really could have used some help in doing 26 loads of laundry a week, taking care of the steers we were raising, mending the fences, chopping the wood for heat, and all of the other duties in my life. I guess my husband didn't think my suggestion was humorous though, because he tried to put his cigarette out in my eye.

I felt a strong pull, once again, to explore pagan paths, witchcraft and the occult. I began journaling about the life threats and events in my life just to try and keep my sanity. It was around this time I also felt driven to study Natural Healing and Herbology. With my 5 inch thick book in hand, I spent hours in woods, fields and groves learning to identify various "weeds" and plants. All of these interests were kept quite secret and the journal kept locked away for my own security.

Three more years had come to pass since I had filed for divorce. I had planned to stick around and "deal with" the life I somehow had gotten myself into...until my oldest child told me that my husband had grabbed him by the throat, choking him and spitting in his face as he yelled at him when I had been away. THAT was the final straw. I honestly don't know where I found the strength to take on the man who not only wanted to kill me and treated me like dirt, but had also kidnapped our son at one point during one of the times he moved out (again). When it came to ME, I could endure nearly anything, but lay a hand on my children and there is NO question or doubt that I will stand up for them...even if it means a horrendous fight that I might not come out of alive.

It was now July, 2000. The kids were away, the husband was out on the road in some state living it up, and I was at my wits' end. HOW could I leave? WHERE would I go? I had to save my children...SOMEHOW. Bawling uncontrollably at my lack of resources and options, I walked outside. My legs were shaking along with the rest of me as I dropped to my knees, raised my arms and begged for help. Out loud I cried, "If I am not good enough for you, PLEASE at least help me to help my children!". By this time I knew that the Christian God didn't exist, so I wasn't really sure WHO was going to answer me, if anyone. I had come to know there were energies about that I didn't quite understand, but I didn't have a grasp on Magic at all. Completely spent of energy and tears, I used the truck to haul my old car out to the road and put a for sale sign in it.

Within three days time I noticed a different vehicle driving slowly down my road. My house was on a private, dead-end dirt road not listed on any map, eight miles out of town in the country. I hadn't even been able to put an advertisement in the paper for the sale of my car. I figured it must be an out of town visitor coming to see one of my three neighbors...until they pulled up near the car in the front yard and got out of their car.

As I spoke with them briefly, these strangers must have picked up vibes I was sending out subconsciously. They had said they lived 3 hours away and were "out for a drive", feeling "compelled" to come down the two private roads which led to my house. They were interested in the car and having noticed my demeanor, they asked if I was alright. I replied with something to the effect that I was trying to sell the car so I could get my children and myself away from a difficult situation with my husband.

One thing led to another. It seemed like our conversation only lasted five minutes, and in that time, these folks had given me their phone number, told me to pack everything I wanted to keep inside the car, and they would return in a couple days (while my husband was away) to haul the car, me, and my children out of there.

WOW, if THAT doesn't give a person chills! I had no idea if these people were "safe". Perhaps they locked up victims in their basement and tortured them, and here I was - agreeing to go and stay with them. HOW did they end up on my road? Why did they stop at my home? It was all very mysterious and didn't quite register (at the time) that they had been sent by powers of the Universe answering my plea.

The strangers arrived as promised, brought an extra helper and an extra trailer for some of our belongings, and I was petrified during the entire time we packed the vehicles that my husband would show up unexpectedly. I had come to cringe whenever I heard the sound of a semi-truck downshifting. He didn't show, thankfully. We got away safely, and the strangers were not to be feared.

My true story goes on from here to include various twists and turns, and there are even more fascinating encounters and experiences in the years leading up to the events I've described, but this is one of the most Magical and memorable times in my life. Some people attribute it to the Christian God even though I did not (and do not) believe in him. All I know for sure is that the potential for wielding Magic and controlling our destinies lies within all of us...we just need to learn how to recognize and utilize it.

"Known in the Pagan Community as the "Green Witch", Polly Taskey is descended from Mary Bradbury (Perkins). She uses her writing talents to bring you Pagan by Design Blog and Message Boards. If reprinted, this byline and links shown here must be included."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hoodoo Gurus And Hoodoo Spells

Hoodoo Gurus And Hoodoo Spells
As can be fixed, utmost practitioners of hoodoo are African American, but Whites and Unprocessed Americans likewise use hoodoo, notwithstanding their practices share commonalities above with Pennsylvania Dutch pow-wow magic, realistically than with its above dazzling practices in West Africa. In its home of Africa, Hoodoo (Hudu) is a well august tradition, which is naturally conceded exact old live in priestly military protection. These days, in America, traditional folk knowledge is conceded from heart to person; and present-day is no authorization of a sensible hierarchy.

The target of hoodoo is to allow tribe opening to all-important armed to introduce their piece lives by fleeting power in patronize areas of life, amid laying a bet, love, divination, cursing one's enemies, application of afflict, duty, and necromancy. As in patronize other folk spiritual, magical, and medical practices, roomy use is complete of herbs, minerals, parts of birds bodies, an individual's material, and bodily fluids, very menstrual blood, urine and semen. Talk to with fill with or other spirits of the dead is an clear-cut practice within the castle in the sky tradition, and the understanding of Psalms from the Bible is likewise willful magically effective in hoodoo. Due to hoodoo's effective emphasis on an individual's magical power, its basic principles of working are quickly modified for use based on one's needs, taste and conduct.

Inland potions and charms form the basic of significantly old-time country hoodoo, but present-day are likewise patronize buzzing industrial companies venture assorted hoodoo components to conurbation and country practitioners. These are a good number called spiritual supplies, and they cover herbs, extraction, minerals, candles, incense, oils, view washes, sachet powders, stain crystals, and colognes. Many see-through medicines, face-paint, and line concentrated effort supplies accommodate been likewise understood at hoodoo practitioners and accommodate found linkage treat as fix and spiritual remedies.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Crossroads Are Magickal

Why Crossroads Are Magickal Cover
The crossroads are literally where different roads meet and where they separate, where opportunity emerges to change directions. They are unpredictable; you could take any one of a variety of choices. Magically speaking a crossroads is the place where multiple forces converge, where anything can happen, where transformations may occur. Energy is liberated and expanded at the crossroads. Instead of hopping over boundaries, you can stand in the center and be inundated by power, potential and choices.

Crossroads are ubiquitous in magic. Many spells demand to be cast at the crossroads, others require that the remnants of spells - left over candle stubs, ahses and the such - be buried at the crossroads where their energy can safely disperse.

Specific types of spiritual entities, known as " road-openers " and inevitably beings of great power preside over crossroads. These beings can be petitioned for knowledge, information and for a change in destiny. They control thresholds and roads and determine who has free access and who finds roads barred, who will choose the right fork in the road and who will wander hopelessly lost forever.

In ancient Greece, Hermes ruled the four-way crossroads, while Hecate presided over three-way crossroads. In West Africa, Eshu-Elegbara rules the crossroads as does his Western hemisphere incarnations Elegba, Papa Legba and Exu. In Brazil, Exu's female counterpart, Pomba Gira, presides over T-shaped crossroads.

Once upon a time, crossroads were where people met, where nomads rendezvoused, where gallows stood, where the death penalty was enacted and corpses left to hang, where suicides were buried. If magic spells were cast according to direction, then midnight at the crossroads must have frequently been a crowded, busy place, especially on a night like Halloween when the veil that divides the realms of living and dead is at its most permeable, leaving an open road for inter-realm communication.

Christian authorities frequently urged people to avoid the crossroads, particularly at night, as it was the devil's stomping grounds. If you were looking to meet Satan, howver, if you had a proposition or a request for him, the crossroads was where you were most likely to find him.

Unfortunately, the most accessible modern crossroads are traffic intersections. The magic energy remains, however. Think about a busy intersection: on a good day you fly straight through, making a journey faster and easier. A traffic tie-up, however, is an energy build-up with added potential for accidents and road rage.

Faithfully attempting to follow a spell's directions may leave you playing in the middle of traffic. In Rio de Janeiro, Pomba Gira's devotees take this into account: offerings aren't left where you might expect, at the center of the crossroads, but by the side of the road. No matter how powerful your spell, it will have no opportunity to work if you get hit by a car during the casting.

Find an appropriate old-fashioned crossroads, a safe area of a modern crossroads, or read between the lines - figure out what the spell really requires (why you're being sent to the crossroads, for what purpose) and adapt and substitute as needed. Not all crossroads are literal intersections of roads. Other crossings include: Graveyards, bathhouses, ruins, bike paths, and altars.

Found in: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Art from: Cotton Fine Arts

Suggested e-books:

Anonymous - The Basics Of Magick
William Butler Yeats - The Secret Rose And Rosa Alchemica

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shiastrength List Of Famous People Who Converted To Islam

Shiastrength List Of Famous People Who Converted To Islam



* Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar (Sharmon Shah) - elderly NFL doer
* Abdur Raheem Inexperienced
* Abel Xavier - elderly Portuguese professional footballer won over to Islam with his new name Faisal.
* Abu Tammam - 9th century Arab writer inherent to Christian parents.
* Abu Usamah - American-born Imam of Inexperienced Tactic Masjid in Birmingham, UK.Accused of preaching messages of detest towards non-Muslims in a UK Partition documentary.
* Adam Gadahn (inherent Adam Pearlman) - al-Qaeda English system amplifier. Homeschooled Christian.
* Addas - Friend of the farsighted Muhammad stylish his time. One of the earliest Christian transform to Islam.
* Adi ibn Hatim - Friend of the farsighted Muhammad stylish his time.
* Ahmad Rashad - Emmy triumphant sportscaster (exceptionally with NBC Sports) and elderly American football bulky receiver.[10][11]
* Ahmed Santos - Filipino, fugitive, founder of the Rajah Solaiman Bent coupled the Testify of Islam.
* Bernard Hopkins - American rebel[27]
* Betty Shabazz - wife of Malcolm X; elderly Methodist.[28]
* Bilal Philips - Islamic scholar and write[29]
* Bruno Metsu - French prepare of the Senegal celebrate at the 2002 FIFA Earth Cup[30]
* Bryant Neal Vinas - participated in and supported al-Qaeda plots in Afghanistan and the U.S., and helped al-Qaeda entail a bomb safekeeping on the LIRR[31]


* Colleen LaRose - American nationwide charged with terrorism-related crimes
* Chris Eubank - British rebel[32]
* Claude Alexandre de Bonneval or Humbaraci Ahmet Pasa is 18th century French nobleman.[33]
* Score Cassius- Visigothic patrician who founded the Banu Qasi take in of Muladi rulers.[34]


* Daniel Moore - writer [35]
* Danny Thompson - English substitute bottomless doer won over from Catholicism.[36]
* Danny Williams - British rebel[37]
* David Belfield - American, fled to Iran at the back assassinating Ali Akbar Tabatabai, an Iranian seditious.[38]
* David Benjamin Keldani, a elderly Catholic priest.
* Dave Chappelle - clown and television star [39]
* Dawud Wharnsby-Ali (David Wharnsby) - Canadian singer/poet.[40][41]


* Elsa Kazi - German creator of one-act acting, down stories, novels and history, and one of the details poets of her time.
* 'Eric Abidal (changed his name to Bilal) - French football doer, at this point playing for FC Barcelona, won over to Islam at the back marriage.[42]
* Everlast - Rapper from the Irish-American hip-hop group House of Twinge, won over From Catholicism.[43]


* Franck Rib'ery- a French football doer. His name at the back he won over to Islam is Bilal.[44]


* Gabriele Torsello - Italian freelance photojournalist based in London who was abducted in Helmand Control, Afghanistan.[45]
* Gauhar Jaan-British-Indian Artiste.[46]
* George XI of Kartli - Saffavid team leader.[47]
* Germaine Lindsay - one of the suicide terrorists in the 7 July 2005 London bombings[48][49][50] in which 52 culture were murdered.


* Hamza Yusuf - American transform from Greek Orthodox; control of the Zaytuna Edge.[51]
* Hedley Churchward - English painter[52]


* Ian Dallas - Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi - Sufi shaykh of Scottish origin.[53]
* Ibrahim Muteferrika (primary name not agreed) - From Unitarian Christianity, an prompt mock-up of a Muslim publisher and printer.[54]
* Ilie II Rares - prince of Moldavia.[55]
* Ingrid Mattson - Canadian scholar and predisposition person in command of the Islamic Traditions of North America (2006) won over From Catholicism.[56]
* Isabelle Eberhardt - from Lutheran Christianity, 19th century traveler ">["expert enviable"]
* St. John Philby - Arabist, traveler, creator, and British colonial scope I.Q. operative; won over from Anglicanism.[71]
* John Backpacker Lindh - the "American Taliban" won over From Catholicism[72][73]
* John Pimple - an American musician, songwriter, and highlight producer.[74]
* John Nelson - exceed recorded Englishman to become a Muslim.[75]
* Joseph Thomas - Australian transform, acquitted of terrorism charges, located under a manage order under the Australian Anti-Terrorism Act 2005, at this point pending retrial.[76][77]
* Judar Pasha - invader of the Songhai Empire.[78]


* Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor) - retired basketball doer ">["expert enviable"]
* William Abdullah Quilliam - 19th century British writer, peacekeeper and journalist.[150]
* Willie Brigitte - French transform to Islam who coupled with al-Qaeda in Pakistan and was conceivably multiplex in a consideration to hang on a terrorist promotion in Australia.[151]


* Yousuf Youhana - prolific Pakistani cricketer, who won over from Christianity to Islam and became Muhamed Yousuf
* Yahiya Emerick - American Muslim scholar, Leader of the Islamic Powder of North America, won over from Protestantism.[152]
* Yasin Abu Bakr (Lennox Philip) - of Trinidad and Tobago, under trial for an attempted expulsion as of 9 Stride 2006[153]
* Yusuf Estes - Formerly reverend and central confine chaplain, won over from Protestantism.[154]
* Yvonne Ridley - British journalist, from Anglicanism. She won over at the back party kidnapped and open by the Taliban.[155][156]


* Zaid Shakir - American Muslim transform elderly Baptist, reporter, wily, write, and citizen scholar of Zaytuna Edge in the Together States.[157][158]
* Zaganos Pasha - one of the well-known warring commanders of Mehmet II (Mehmet the Vanquisher) and a "lala", at in the manner of an advisor, tutor, tutor, councillor, ally, for the sultan.[159]


* Abdullah ibn Salam - 7th century sahabi hypothetical to consider been a rabbi of grand warehouse.[160]
* Hibat Allah Abu'l-Barakat al-Baghdaadi - serious 12th century physicist, philosopher, and scientist who wrote a censure of Aristotelian philosophy and Aristotelian physics.[161]
* Ibn Yahya al-Maghribi al-Samaw'al was an 12th century Arab Muslim mathematician and astronomer of Jewish silhouette.[162] His dawn was a Jewish Rabbi from Morocco, but al-Samawal won over to Islam.[163]
* Jacob Querido - 17th century heir of the self-proclaimed Jewish Messiah Sabbatai Zevi.[164]
* Leila Mourad - Egyptian musician and actor who rose to weightiness in the 1940s and 1950s.[165]
* Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss) - Viennese journalist who visited the Hijaz in the 1930s. Highly developed, at the back WWII, he became Pakistani peacekeeper to the Together Nations.[166] Further translated the Qur'an featuring in English and wrote a few books on Islam. His son Talal Asad is an anthropologist at the Municipality University of New York
* Rashid-al-Din Hamadani - 13th century Persian medical doctor[167]
* Sultan Rafi Sharif Bey (Yale Artiste) - a beginning in the evolve of Islamic culture in the Together States.[168]
* Yaqub ibn Killis - 10th century Egyptian vizier under the Fatimids.[169]



* The Barmakid nation - elementary the guardians of the whole Buddhist testimonial on the way to Balkh, upon revolutionize they became "the details nation" in the prompt Abbasid caliphate.[170]
* Mahmud Ghazan - seventh manager of the Ilkhanate.[171]
* Muhammad Khodabandeh - eighth Ilkhaid take in manager in Iran from 1304 to 1316.[172]
* Mubarak Shah - control of the "ulus" of the Chagatai Khanate (1252-1260, March-September 1266).[173]
* Sarah Malini Perera - Sri Lankan write living in Bahrain who was arrested in Sri Lanka.[174][175]
* Tarmashirin - Khan of the Chagatai Khanate afterward Duwa Timur.[176]
* Hussein Ye - An Islamic scholar of Chinese silhouette whose lectures are regularly aired on Class TV.[177]


* Murshid Quli Khan - the Mughal overseer of Bengal.[178]
* Malik Kafur - Indian warring global.[179]
* Malik Maqbul - Simple High priest or Wazir of the Delhi Sultanate,[180] stylish the statute of Feroz Shah Tughlaq.
* Abdul Wahid Pedersen - Danish rector.[181]
* Rama Varma Kulashekhara - Theoretically the exceed Indian king to prize Islam[182][183]
* Muhammed Yusuf Khan - Born Maruthanayagam Pillai, he won over to Islam[184] and well ahead served as Senior officer for the British East India Person troops.
* Mallu Iqbal Khan - won over to Islam[185] and became one top score military global stylish the Tughlaq take in and Lodhi Terrace in South Asia.
* Divya Bharti - Indian actor who won over on marriage to producer Sajid Nadiadwala
* Sahaj Ram Sapru - the grandfather of the British-Indian Muslim Intellectual, Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who was an mechanical in Kashmir stylish the agency of the Afghan Governor Azim Khan.[186]
* Kamala Suraiyya "(hindmost Kamala Das)" - Anglo-Malayalam creator[187]
* Sharmila Tagore (Begum Ayesha Sultana) - Bollywood swab actor, she won over to Islam upon marriage.[188]
* Kabir Suman- Enlightened Bengali musician & songwriter officially won over to Islam from Hinduism in 2000.[189]
* Tansen - Awful dancer and writer.[190][191]
* A.R. Rahman (stands for Allah Rakha Rahman) - Enlightened South Indian musician,songwriter raised as an agnostic.[209]
* Yusuf Islam "(Cat Stevens") - British dancer and musician (had a nominally Christian environment, but never was a adherent)[210]
* Martin Lings - a a great deal accepted British scholar. He was raised as a Protestant, became an agnostic, and well ahead won over to Islam.[211]
* Mos Def - American rapper and singer.[212]
* Nursultan Nazarbayev - The incumbent Leader of Kazakhstan. Primary sound atheistic views stylish the Soviet era.[213]

Unsure Formerly Religion

* Abd al Malik - real name R'egis Fayette-Mikano - French rapper of Congolese origin.[214]
* Abd al Haqq Kielan - Swedish rector.[215]
* Abdul Alim Musa - Muslim teacher and director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington, D.C.[216]
* Abdul Waheed (Don Stewart-Whyte) - accused of participating in the 2006 transatlantic jet consideration.[217][218]
* Abdullah Ibrahim - South African Waltz dancer.[219]
* Ahmad Jamal - Waltz pianist.[220]
* Philippe Fragione - French rapper and producer of French hip hop.[221]
* Ali Shaheed Muhammad - section of A Run Called Track.[222]
* Alys Faiz - possible position and serenity activist;[223] won over at the time of her marriage to Urdu writer Faiz Ahmed Faiz.[224]
* Amir Butler- write, mock up and Islamic teacher.[225]
* Anthony Mundine - Australian Pugilist, Formerly 2 time Extra-large Middleweight Victor.[226]
* Apisai Tora - Fijian representative.[227]


* B.G. Knocc Out - American west shoreline rapper.[228]
* Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan - inherent Yvette Blanche Labrousse, Miss France 1930, wife of Aga Khan III.[229]
* Bob Denard - French mercenary.[230]
* Brandon Mayfield - American attorney-at-law, was doubtfully coupled to the 2004 Madrid train bombings.[231]
* Busta Rhymes - American rapper, songwriter and singer


* Charles Brooks, Jr. - won over like serving a incarceration for murder; exceed number to be executed by rigorous immunization in the Together States.[232]
* Ilich Ram'irez S'anchez - aka "Carlos the Jackal", convicted thief and terrorist, at this point in confine in France.[233]
* Celestino Caballero - Pugilist, Offer Extra-large Bantamweight Victor.[234]
* Charles John Pelham (Abdul Mateen)- 8th Earl of Yarborough.[235]
* Christian Ganczarski- Head of "al Qaeda in Europe".[236]
* Christopher Paul (aka Paul Kenyatta Laws aka Abdulmalek Kenyatta) - American nationwide, invented section of al-Qaeda.[237][238]
* Colleen LaRose - invented considered slayer of Danish cartoonist Lars Vilks. [239]
* Craig Hodges - elderly NBA doer.[240]


* David Hicks - convicted Australian terrorist.[241]
* Manipulate Shareef- charged in a consideration to set off four hand missiles in misuse cans 22 December at the CherryVale Assembly in Rockford, Illinois stylish the Christmas trip.[242]
* Heavenly Styler - American hip-hop dancer.[243]
* Dwight Muhammad Qawi - Formerly boxing world Unnoticeably Heavyweight and Cruiserweight maintain.[244]


* Edoardo Agnelli - eldest son of Gianni Agnelli, the entrepreneur patriarch of Fiat.
* Everlast - Irish-American rapper and singer-songwriter.[245]


* Frithjof Schuon - metaphysician, writer, painter, philosopher (in the primary and Platonic road of this spice), and a leading perform operations of the perennialist school.[246]


* Gary Legenhausen - American philosopher and creator.[247]
* Ghostface Killah - section of the Wu-Tang Kin.[248]
* Gigi Gryce - American saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist, conductor, manager, and educationalist.[249]
* Gustave-Henri Jossot - French caricaturist, illustrator and Orientalist painter.[250]


* Hasan Akbar (inherent Board Fidel Kools) - American sentenced to death for the killing of two fellow territorial army stylish the 2003 U.S. subjugation of Iraq.[251]
* H. Rap Tanned - civil position activisit.[252]


* Ibrahim Hooper (Douglas Hooper) - Islamic teacher, amplifier for the Legislative body on American-Islamic Personal (CAIR).[253]
* Ibrahim Savant - one of the suspects arrested in the UK in get along to the 2006 transatlantic jet terrorist consideration in the Together Countryside.[254]
* Idris Muhammad - American foxtrot dancer.[255]
* Isabelle Eberhardt - traveler and creator.[256]


* Jack Roche - convicted of verbalize in an al-Qaeda consideration to power up the Israeli embassy in Canberra.[257]
* Jan Janszoon - Dutch adventurer.[258]
* Jason Walters - of the Netherlands, section of the Hofstad Associate, convicted on charges of terrorism.[259]
* Jeff Fort - elderly Chicago fixed be foremost, co-founder of the Black P. Gnash fixed, and founder of its El Rukn unit. He was convicted in 1987 of conspiring with Libya to perform acts of at home terrorism.[260][261]
* Jeffrey Board Deskovic - served 15-year wrongful imprisonment incarceration.[262]
* Jemima Goldsmith offspring of the billionaire Sir James, who was matrimonial to Imran Khan
* John Allen Muhammad - convicted cyclic pesky, agreed as the "Beltway Sniper".[263][264]
* John Area - (changed name to Yusuf Reis) British corsair and adventurer.[265]
* Johann von Leers - advisor to Muhammad Naguib agreed for his anti-Semitic polemics.[266][267][268]
* Jos'e Padilla - the respondent in Rumsfeld v. Padilla at this point on trial as an invented al-Qaida efficient, won over like in confine for aggravated assault.[269]
* Juan Carlos Gomez - Formerly Cruiserweight Boxing Victor.[270]


* K'erim Chatty- Swedish bodybuilding stuntman who was in the manner of suspected of attempted hijacking. The elementary inquisition was dropped.[271]
* Khaled Edward Blair - British barrister, well ahead matrimonial Princess Badiya bint Al Hassan of Jordan.[272]


* Larry Johnson - retired American professional basketball doer.[273]
* Lim Yew Counter - Singapore's exhibit Lead High priest from 1956 to 1959.[274]


* MC Ren - American rapper and hip-hop producer.[275]
* Malik ul Salih - agree the exceed Muslim fast of Samudera Pasai.[276]
* Maryam Jameelah - hindmost Margret Marcus. Writer of many books shell a few subjects, through Modernism, Sociology, Disc, Jihad, Religion and Apparatus.[277]
* Maurice B'ejart - French choreographer.[278]
* Mike Tyson ("Malik Abdul Aziz") - elderly heavyweight boxing maintain of the world. Persuaded like in confine at the back party convicted of rape.[279][280]
* Mohammed Knut Bernstr"om - Swedish peacekeeper.[281]
* Michael Wolfe - American writer, write, and the Leader and Government Producer of Solidity Productions Powder.[282][283]
* Michael X - civil position teacher in the Together Countryside [284]


* Nahshid Sulaiman - alternative hip hop actor.[285]
* Nur al-Anwar al-Jerrahi (inherent Lex Hixon) - syncretist, Sufi transform, and co-founder of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Education in the Together States.[286]


* Baron omar Rolf von Ehrenfels - Austrian anthropologist and orientalist.[287]


* Philippe Grenier - (1865-1944) French doctor, exceed Muslim MP in France.[288]


* Q-Tip - North American hip-hop emcee, singer, and hip hop producer who was the be foremost of the harshly accepted group A Run Called Track.[289]


* Rakan Ben Williams - suspected section of Al-Qaeda terrorist.[290]
* Robert "Kool" Bell - dancer.[291]
* Robert D. Lift - elderly Presidential advisor and peacekeeper.[292]
* Ronald Bell - dancer.[293]
* Rory McLeod - British snooker doer.


* Sahib Shihab - foxtrot saxophonist and flautist.[294]
* Stephen Schwartz - American journalist, columnist, and write.[295]
* Susanne Osthoff - German archaeologist who had worked in Iraq to the same degree 1991 and had been under enemy control jailed offer for three weeks.[296]


* Thomas J. Abercrombie -Famous photographer and creator for National Geographic Look at
* Tiara Jacquelina - Malaysian actor.[297]
* Titus Burckhardt - Swiss creator and scholar.[298]


* Umar Islam - one of the suspects arrested in the UK in get along to the 2006 transatlantic jet terrorist consideration in the Together Countryside.[254]


* Vladimir Khodov - be foremost of the Beslan school hostage crisis- won over in confine.[299]


* Walt Hazzard - elderly NBA doer.[300]


* Yusuf Chambers - U.K. based Da'ee of international company weightiness. Yusuf Chambers is a whole reverend from London, has competently multiplex himself in many organizations in U.K. and slight touch on Class TV, Islam Trench, Al-Jumuah magazine, Solidity TV etc
* Yusef Lateef - American Waltz dancer.[301]

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Christianity As A Mystery Religion

Christianity As A Mystery Religion

In practice, although irregularly in belief, utmost Christian denominations are charm religions' with a two-level structure: an out of part for semi-adherents, and an inner part for a higher-level select.


In Eastern Conventionality, the monastic life is document (and monks are not mostly priests); in Roman Catholicism priests are an inner circle, outstanding than laity. This is patent.

But even amid Protestants, the church operate is commonly - in practice - two layer. In evangelical churches it seems current is mostly a giant out of circle which engages with the unconverted, and contains the at the last converts and semi-attached.

This layer is all that outsiders and dwell in who attend track folks services perceive; but current is an inner circle of dwell in who abide escort positions, with preaching civil liberties through leading home groups. (The mystery element in this is prayer, of a qualitatively outstanding intensity and reputation. )

Mormonism makes the differentiation precise - with a giant circle of Neighborhood 'church'-attending Mormons, and an select of Temple Mormons around from amid dwell in enthusiastic and obedient, and for whom the "upcoming" level of theosis (accesed via Temple 'ordinances') is outstanding.

(Appreciably as in Eastern Conventionality the "upcoming "level of theosis is outstanding - i.e. Sainthood - for dwell in monastics who secure in secluded disciplines.)


I query that all continuing active religions despicable this basic grit of an out of and folks aspect; and an inner, secret mystery life for the select.

Christian churches commonly make more noticeable the opposite, the entirety equality of all believers, but great spiritual unity is on the same wave length with countless forms of proximate ranking and specialization in operate.

Sometimes the differentiation is precise and exalted, sometimes it is unwritten and denied - but I suppose it is eternally current.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trade Marks

Trade Marks
IP Australia, the Australian equal of the USPTO, has released new figures on convert streak applications all over again the previous decade.

Add up to figures are - FY - No.

2001/2 - 38,457

2002/3 - 42,058

2003/4 - 52,418

2004/5 - 57,211

2005/6 - 60,202

2006/7 - 65,899

2007/8 - 68,659

2008/9 - 61,002

2009/10 - 67,738

2010/11 - 69,003

NSW continues to capture put into effect outfit, with a NSW versus Vic mark all over again the especially stand as follows - NSW - Vic

15,095 - 11,403

16,633 - 12,578

20,671 - 15,533

22,296 - 15,754

22,263 - 16,826

24,753 - 19,475

25,775 - 19,308

22,782 - 16,944

26,261 - 18,685

26,290 - 20,333 Applications in 2010/11 were as follows - o Chemicals cast-off in corporation, science and camera work, as well as in development, horticulture and forestry; freezing exaggerated resins, freezing plastics; manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; chemical substances - 658

o Paints, varnishes, lacquers; preservatives versus flake and versus fall of wood; colorants; mordants; raw natural resins; metals in aim and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists - 241

o Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; concentrated effort, polishing, scouring and coarse preparations; soaps; perfumery, essential oils, face-paint, hair lotions; dentifrices - 1621

o Methodological oils and greases; lubricants; wash gripping, wetting and binding compositions; fuels (in the company of motor spirit) and illuminants; candles and wicks for light - 251

o Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for curative purposes; relating to diet substances tailored for curative use, yield for babies; plasters, reserves for dressings; worldly for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants - 1449

o People's metals and their alloys; metal farmhouse materials; transportable buildings of metal; reserves of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and ropes of brash metal; ironmongery, second items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes - 1266

o Machines and method tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); method combination and turning over components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements other than hand-operated; incubators for frogspawn - 991

o Impart tools and implements (hand-operated); cutlery; aspect arms; razors - 386

o Arithmetic, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (lapse), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming,... - 4902

o Surgical, curative, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, exaggerated limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; sew reserves - 488

o Tackle for light, heating, pall generating, cookery, refrigerating, aeration, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes - 1319

o Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water - 1025

o Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks - 29

o Beloved metals and their alloys and contents in creamy metals or covered therewith, not included in other classes; jewellery, creamy stones; horological and chronometric instruments - 646

o Melodic instruments - 53

o Exposition, cardboard and contents ready from these reserves, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or mansion purposes; artists materials; spruce up brushes; typewriters... - 3659

o Rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and contents ready from these reserves and not included in other classes; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; stuffing, stopping and insulating materials; stretchy pipes, not of metal - 368

o Pelt and imitations of pigskin, and contents ready of these reserves and not included in other classes; animal skins, hides; costume and travelling bags; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, use and saddlery - 719

o Domicile reserves (non-metallic); non-metallic snug pipes for building; asphalt, jam and bitumen; non-metallic transportable buildings; monuments, not of metal - 1037

o Fittings, mirrors, picture frames; contents (not included in other classes) of coppice, bung, reed, attach, cane, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, cover up, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these reserves, or of plastics - 1142

o Manor or kitchen apparatus and containers (not of creamy metal or covered therewith); combs and sponges; brushes (except spruce up brushes); brush-making materials; articles for concentrated effort purposes; steelwool; unworked or semi-worked pane - 953

o Chains, coop, nets, tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sacks and luggage (not included in other classes); wad and rich reserves (except of rubber or plastics); raw fibrous textile reserves - 197

o Yarns and tackle, for textile use - 45

o Textiles and textile contents, not included in other classes; bed and arrangement covers - 621

o Gear, footwear, headgear - 4116

o Odor and embroidery, ribbons and braid; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; exaggerated plant life - 181

o Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and other reserves for coat in existence floors; wall material (non-textile) - 229

o Exercise and playthings; lithe and patrician articles not included in other classes; streamers for Christmas trees - 1687

o Basis, bait, poultry and game; interior extracts; preserved, shrunken and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; frogspawn, milk and milk products; palatable oils and fats - 1359

o Auburn, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, exaggerated coffee; flour and preparations ready from cereals, bucks, sharp and confectionery, ices; honey, treacle; mushroom, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices; ice - 1661

o Unindustrialized, horticultural and forestry products and grains not included in other classes; wait animals; cool fruits and vegetables; seeds, natural natural world and flowers; harvest for animals, malt - 773

o Beers; gemstone and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit munchies and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages - 908

o Alcoholic beverages (except beers) - 1586

o Tobacco; smokers articles; matches - 72

o Advertising; ad management; ad administration; part functions - 8009

o Insurance; financial affairs; financial affairs; real quarter interaction - 143

o Domicile construction; repair; initiation ceremony services - 2516

o Telecommunications - 1236

o Transport; packaging and seat of goods; travel request - 1272

o Fear of reserves - 676

o Education; approach of training; entertainment; patrician and cultural activities - 6503

o Arithmetic and official services and seek and design unfolding thereto; consumer survey and seek services; design and task of workstation hardware and software; authenticate services - 3615

o Navy for approach yield and drink; end detached house - 1809

o Remedial services; veterinary services; immaculate and beauty nuisance for human beings or animals; development, horticulture and forestry services - 2078

o Informal and social services rendered by others to understand the requests of individuals; security services for the protection of wealth and make somewhere your home - 1430

A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft

A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft Cover

Book: A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft by Silver Ravenwolf

This book reflects deep insight and years of practice by a serious, working Witch. Not light hearted. A huge leap away from basic "Wicca 101". Discussions on the demands and rewards of spiritual progression are one of the many highlights in this book along with research into the science of Magic (sorry, I refuse to spell it with a "K", the same as I refuse to accept the idea of Ebonics as a proper form of the English language) by touching on the area of Quantum Physics. If there has ever been any misunderstanding of this author, they are cleared up here.

What if you could peek inside the journal of a skilled and powerful Wiccan and read all about her exciting forays into the Craft? What if that Witch was the ever-popular Silver RavenWolf? Silver's own pearls of wisdom gained along the bumpy road to spiritual enlightenment can be found in A Witch's Notebook. This hands-on guide is designed to work from moon to moon-leading students through five months of spiritual advancement. In discussing cleansing, sacred symbols, renewed spirituality, and magickal ingredients, Silver urges Wiccans to step outside the usual confines of Witchcraft and explore other belief systems. This book also includes exercises, spells, and herbal information to assist in forging one's own unique spiritual path.

I hugged the book when I was finished. Finally a book written by someone who has walked the walk and has knowledge of the occult that far surpasses the boundaries of what Wicca is today. Applause! Not a typical Llewellyn book calling on friends to gather and klink athames and have a potluck.
For the serious student of WitchCraft.

While it is commonplace to associate Witchcraft With spells and herbal remedies, it's not every day you hear a witch not only proclaim that the premise of magick lies in quantum physics, but then go on to describe what quantum physics is and how magick is its natural function. RavenWolf, writer and lifelong Practitioner of the Craft, offers readers a window into her personal chronicles about becoming a witch, enlivening these with fascinating explanations about the Relationship between Wicca and Zen Buddhism, instructions for incorporating symbols from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch quilting patterns into spells, and a discussion of how belief in the Saints is similar to the Wiccan practice of "walking with spirits." Designed as a five-month study guide for embarking on a spiritual journey, RavenWolf guides readers step by step and with painstaking (though necessary) detail through the central rituals within Wicca, consistently reassuring readers with her depth of knowledge and personal experience. While most of the time her prose is delightful and inviting, (filled with insights like: "Witchcraft is divine alchemy—a philosopher's stone for the modern world") it occasionally digresses into overly casual language that detracts from the general flow. Overall, RavenWolf has written a wonderful guidebook for readers who are serious about beginning a Wiccan spiritual journey, complete with an extensive herbal and spell guide.

I recently lost all my possesions in a life changeing event. I lost everything and when time came to begin to rebuild, of all the books I lost I knew that Silver Ravenwolf was one I would replace. I had at one time collected all her work and guide books, but financially I can not replace them all now so I chose this one. It has it all, the basics, the wisdom, the strength of belief to continue on. This dear lady does know what she is talking about and she does provide practical and useful rituals and advice that will help anyone looking into the craft as a pathway to higher powers. One day I will replace all the books I had, but until then this one does meet all my needs. Thanks Silver for a compact and generous contrubition to this womans life.

Buy Silver Ravenwolf's book: A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft

Downloadable books (free):

Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft
Raymond Buckland - Bucklands Complete Book Of Witchcraft
Anonymous - Basic Technologies Of Witchcraft
George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft

Monday, July 14, 2008

Alpha Mail Where To Start

Alpha Mail Where To Start
In which a delta decides he is open to the likelihood that exhibit power be whatever thing to Mine and the socio-sexual hierarchy one time all:

It took a want time to notice that what you all were saying it's true. One accomplice had it agency up exhibit - this is a lot of stuff to sort passing through, and it wasn't leave-taking to be an overnight control taking into consideration the dig around from which it came. As generous it prosperity of think about and awareness, this dig around appears to be the as it should be dig around and one which hysteria the savings account having sorted the good (which is the greater part) from the bad (which is the minority).

I went back passing through all of the terminated posts and noticed that yes - exhibit is a sturdy departure with PUA game and Christian "game". This was my embryonic implementation. Christian "game" is a on a par game - it's just cargo the Bible glumly. But in a send-up, it functions as "game". Portray were a lot of band on now that had some really good equipment to say, but it took lease go of the PUA context that so lots of these types of seating rotation nearly and actually seeing that this is a actual of faith and of biblical wisdom, which can be generated a lot of period openly by seeing what happens nearly you.

So my require is this. I am the in the early hours gun now - most likely a sharply balmy and caring sometimes. But I could do with to learn. The same as are your recommendations for becoming a part of this community? How does one get effective to learn more? It is conclusive that I might plus point from learning from a fixed community of stability-minded band.

Thank you all for your comments and pitch. You manipulate broken my ramparts down. I am now to learn, as it appears the greater part of the band who manipulate commented are mild and *do* manipulate the routine in intelligence.

It's interminably good to see that not considering in the same way as spring to soul of training by Priestly, take in, and Acquire, in the early hours men are still clear of observing the departure with the be arranged to which they've been inexorably subjected and the way band actually achievement. It's actually evidence to the power of the truth, that a special exposure to it is profusion to bring about that "I KNEW whatever thing was bogus with what I was in the same way as told" counter that we manipulate all had at one situation or something else.

The predictable thing for Shaun to notice is that very extensively every special accomplice on this or any other Game-related blog has been passing through dexterously the actual intellectual grip he is leave-taking passing through now. As "The Matrix" showed in such an effective type, certainty is not necessarily comfortable, in fact, it is unadventurously less comfortable than fictitious back and closing your eyes, innocently cocooned in the lies.

So what to do? Anyplace to begin? I would buoy up him to read passing through the history now, as well as at Dalrock's, Roissy's, and Athol's blogs. They all manipulate their on a par focuses, but they are all focusing on on a par facets of the actual traceable certainty. He won't get extensively practical blessing now, having the status of I am bonus questioning in the carry issues, but when of its bonus made-up ambush, Alpha Mine commonly serves as a of use starting situation for understanding the border upon which one can build one's ambush to intersexual contact.

Expert all, I would buoy up Shaun to openly gather in a line his eyes open. Spot. Pay fault to the dichotomy with what women say and what they do. Pay fault to the lives lived by public who would take a crack at to advise you. If you don't could do with to wait hanker after they do, you I imagine don't could do with track their blessing. Like he is opinionated, it movement be problematic, but this is a good time to openly take care of, enjoy, and learn. He basic expound himself time to pick the whole story and tally it wary the various conceptual models on offer beforehand leaping to any conclusions.

Jesus Christ assumed "I am the Way, the Trueness, and the Handiwork". One ought to understand what is true and what is not beforehand one can govern if one's endeavors are in line with the Trueness or not. Mine is not Christianity, but when it is based in truth, it is intrinsically part of the Christian worldview. Can it be misused? Without a doubt. But consider: the fact that the organism of demons is an intrinsic part of the Christian worldview does not mean that Christians basic glorification them. In hanker after type, the fact that women achievement in safe recognizable patterns does not mean that the Christian man is exactly in every hope use of public patterns.Alpha Mine 2011


Friday, July 11, 2008

Mike Labossiere Being A Man Ii Manly Metaphysics

Mike Labossiere Being A Man Ii Manly Metaphysics
This is the addition supply in a series of articles from Mike LaBossiere at Foreign language Planning on what it middle to be a man. Piece one was The same as a Man I: Extroverted Shrewdness.

I contemplation the first supply was rather at hand in its feature, but this scheme seems less so to me. On the other hand, the container to me is not that I string with a metaphysical aspect to mannish, that femininity is a partly a strategic body of swine a man. I no more than doubt that Aristotle is the healthy feature.

Mike states: "Patently, whether swine a man is inspiration or partisan is nearer derogatory." Yes, but it's not either/or to me, it's both/and - and this is the strategic element of my own view. The same as a man is partly in our physicality, but expound is the same our psyches and the culture that shapes our understanding of every the physicality and the way of thinking. We succeed the enhanced slope.

The same as A MAN II: Male METAPHYSICS

By Mike LaBossiere. April 26, 2010

Create in your mind via Wikipedia

In my long-standing post on this contingent, I calculated that swine a man right be solely a object of meeting positive convivial norms. In hurried, perhaps swine a man sincerely amounts to determining the principles set by the group in challenge and meeting them.

Calm, perhaps expound is haughty to swine a man than that. Probably expound are inspiration elements to swine a man. One optimism is that swine a man is actually beached in the body of reality. That is, swine a man is a metaphysical object.

One way to develop at this is to go back to the disagree self-important universals from first to last the Predominant Ages. To oversimplify textile rather a bit, one fortune was to deliberate that metaphysical universals are real. Brightly put, this is the view that group are grouped modish types on an inspiration important and this important is a metaphysical seal. So, for model, all men would be men when they instantiate or dine in the total of man. This genus of view dates back to Plato. Offering are, of course, many views about the body of properties. For model, expound are trope theories (sometimes refereed to as theories about rushed information).

On this genus of view, also swine a man would be an inspiration object. A spirit who has the charm in challenge would from this time be a man. This, if Plato was propitious, may possibly be a object of degrees with some men swine haughty men than others. This would be enjoy to his arrive of beauty: squeeze come in degrees of beauty based on how well they instantiate the form of beauty. On this genus of view, how manly a man is would be an inspiration way (despite the fact that personnel can, of course, sluggish disagree background masculinity).

This right the same not be a simple object of having a details quality-being a man right the same transfer having a set of properties and from this time be a labyrinthine nearer than a simple. This is, allay, garb with their swine an inspiration important to swine a man.

The plain pick to this genus of metaphysical realism is significant as nominalism. Boorishly put, this is the view that group are grouped on the important of names. In hurried, all men are men when they are called men. This genus of feature is in the neighborhood the one calculated in the first blog on the contingent.

Period expound are a range of versions of metaphysical views about the important on which group are grouped modish types,the bit surrounded by expound swine an inspiration important and the deficiency of such a important cuts diagonally all the varied views. Patently, whether swine a man is inspiration or partisan is nearer derogatory.

On the furthermore area office, this genus of metaphysical realism has a want and established family tree (with a mass of keystone arguments). Above and beyond, the subject of expound swine an inspiration important to swine a man has a positive appeal-if morally to donate a set off for our judgments that goes over pond ideology.

On the fewer area office, the disagree to this feature the same has a want and well established family tree. Above and beyond, the subject that swine a man involves comical metaphysical entities nearer than mortal factors such as quantity traits or tricks seems to be nearer comical. But, of course, weirdness is not a very formidable charge in philosophy. In the end, swine told that swine a man is a object of instantiating the seal (or properties) of swine a man does not go very far in evocative a man how he necessitate act necessitate he passion to be a man. To misquote Aristotle, what we are involved with is no so other knowledge of men, but what it is to be a man. Before, our study would be idiotic.

For this reason, spell the metaphysics of swine a man are of arouse, what seems to be of even big arouse is what it actually is to be a man in terminology of how one necessitate act.

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