Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Common Principles Of The Pagan Community

Common Principles Of The Pagan Community Cover Even though there is no set of commandments, the Pagan community has a strong sense of honor, ethics and personal responsibility.

The Pagan community is one that is made up of many traditions and beliefs. A common thread among all of the varied traditions, from Dianic, to Wiccan, to eclectic, is the fact that they are autonomous and are not ruled by a central authority. This fact can often cause confusion for people unfamiliar with the many and diverse Pagan beliefs, who mistakenly think that if Pagan traditions have no set of commandments or standard by which to be judged by, then it must be nearly impossible for one to be ethical.

But in actuality, ethics and honor are strong principles in Pagan spirituality and although the ethics involved in different Pagan paths may vary, the general rule is that all life is honored and treated with respect. Some traditions have a statement or a written code of ethics such as the Wiccan Rede or the Nine Noble Truths of Asatru, but this isn’t the case for all Pagan paths. In general you will see that Pagan traditions offer varying sets of values, but on the whole each person is responsible for their actions. In other words, Pagans are taught to find the truth within themselves rather than from an outside source. Nurturing inner wisdom and developing intuition are vital parts of Pagan spirituality and in this way enriches the connection to Deity.

Personal responsibility can also bring a sense of empowerment to one who follows a Pagan path. It lifts a person out of being a victim or ruled over by an outside hierarcy and into the awareness that one is connected with all of life. In Paganism, people and Deity are mutually dependent upon each other and if a person’s actions are ethical and positive, then sacred is enhanced. But if it is unethical and negative, then sacred is diminished.

Of course there are those who are misguided and do not always follow their path in an honorable way, or who mistakenly think that magickal rituals will give them some sort of power over others. But this is not what a Pagan path is about; there is no place for revenge or the seeking of power by causing another person to suffer. Every action has a consequence and the results of those actions are weighed by each person to be sure that no harm is caused. In essence, Pagan spirituality should enrich rather than deplete, connect rather than fragment, and nurture a sense of personal, community and worldly responsibility.

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