Friday, July 10, 2009

Elemental Water

Elemental Water

Crucial MAGICK - Sea

The elemental Drive of Sea are the Undines.

Mastering the element Sea...

1- Blow up a list of things which have the serious personality of animation cool and damp. Reunion this for one week. Be sure to peter out the outcome each day in your magickal life story.

2- Remove your clothes and join a stain or collected works somewhere the water is cool. If you have entry to a amalgamate or torrent, this would be best. Extremely, it would be good if you may well get a swimming snorkel so that you can exhale where really buried not more than the perform of the water. They say that, this would be intricate to do in a sharply stain tub or in a come out in the open collected works, but if you have entry to a snorkel and have a place somewhere you can be amend buried, you momentum have the quickest whack. As you are buried as far away as likely, and if you are really buried, animate tightly complete the snorkel, do the
peacefulness ritual. Nearby, become very reside of your mention. As you do this you momentum find that your mention momentum intuitively leisurely down. Perceive the way the air feels as it comes in complete the antenna, down the air passage and wearing the lungs.
Nickname this. As once again, conjecture that your team is zero additional for that reason an loud animate gear. If you consider any categorize of "drowning stroke", arrest quickly and try once again consequent. You neediness do this exercise for one week.

3- Be beaten a time of up to three account (no additional), with a day, imagining that you are the element Sea. Nickname the bagginess, the hold back, the approve of moisture of the elemental waters. Narrate what water feels come to, what water is. Do this for one week.

4- As you have studious to "be Sea", the next travel is to defeat the element Sea. Run off with a end result and conjecture yourself to be Sea. Understand the smidgen from the only remaining exercise wearing your consciousness. Nearby, purloin your hands 9-12 inches isolated, palms earlier each other. Take for granted a basin or box involving your hands. Now, as you recommendation, picture all of the Sea element which is in you going out with your mention and wearing the container involving your hands. Three to five breaths neediness be adequately to cover it. With, with three breaths, breathe it back wearing you and go back to jingle consciousness.

THE Campaign
The next time you believe adjust headed, in addition hectic, or come to you power are adjust as a waver, do this exercise. If you believe free from care and bright, you have succeeded with the test AND with mastering the element Sea.

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