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The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci Cover

Book: The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci by Leonardo Da Vinci

The popularity of Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, has revitalized interest in this fascinating historical character. Leonardo Da Vinci lived from 1452 - 1519 and is the very definition of the words, "Renaissance Man". His work in anatomy, architecture, engineering, invention, mathematics, music, painting and sculpture are still revered and relevant today. Da Vinci's ideas involved inventions not technically feasible until the twentieth century, and include tanks, helicopters, parachutes and countless others. This eBook contains his complete notes, Volumes I and II, and contains the original plans for what Brown describes as the cryptex.

For thirty years, the whole last half of his life, Leonardo da Vinci was obsessed with unlocking the secrets of nature. His notebooks are the mind-boggling evidence of a fifteenth-century scientist standing at the edge of the modern world, basing his ideas on observation and experimentation.

Experience, the interpreter between formative nature and the human race, teaches how that nature acts among mortals; and being constrained by necessity cannot act otherwise than as reason, which is its helm, requires her to act.


"This is an excellent selection, with a lot of breadth and depth!"--F.W. Blackwell, Washington State Univ.
"Excellent text for intermediate and upper level courses on the arts and man. Selections are adequate and edited well. Leonardo's ideas are difficult but the translations and brief commentaries at the beginning of each section are helpful to the student and make these ideals accessible to the average student."--Orville V. Clark, University of Wisconsin--Green Bay
"Excellent introduction to one of the most complex aspects of Leonardo's art."--Norman Land, University of Missouri

Download Leonardo Da Vinci's eBook: The Notebooks Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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