Monday, July 6, 2009

Spell Powder Real Magic Spells Protection

Spell Powder Real Magic Spells Protection
We accept been working incomprehensible on our poweder blends to bring you what we take the liberty are the top spell powders anywhere! Incorporating not straightforwardly Vulgar and Wildharvested herbs but essential oils as well! All blended honest to bring you a product we are vain to put our name on!

Summons powders are helpful and can be recycled for in this area whatsoever. Stream them on the return, in your circle or approaching someone. Use them as incense, add them to poppets, sachets, mojo and gris gris bags - their uses are straightforwardly whole by your imagination! For folks who for instance cell magick, spell powders are unblemished to indicate with you where and to those charm bottles with!

Our protection drink has a block come into being to our protection incense drink - and is accordingly one of our strongest blends! It contains the resulting herbs and essential oils: Frankincense, Sage, Galangal dive, Parsley, peppermint and dragon's blood. Use it to protect populace and sitting room, load, and plants. Can be recycled arrived and outdoors. Answer for protection charms and a famous drink to mizzle approaching your address or organization for protection. This is a powerful drink and a petite bit goes a desire way!

Employment Nature

* Hand-blended Summons Perfume
* Ready with 100% Vulgar and Wildharvested herbs and Oils
* Contains: Frankincense, Sage, Galangal Search, Parsley, Peppermint and Dragon's Blood
* Not blended until you order it for the freshest product yet!
* Size: Half-ouce know how to


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