Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brief Thoughts On The Nature Of Sacrifice

Brief Thoughts On The Nature Of Sacrifice
Its overdue at night, and I am on my way to bed after this...tomorrow night - tonight first - is my 3rd Score Preamble. Part of what I grasp been asked to affection is the moral fiber of part with, and what part with do I bring to become a 3rd Score priest.

I don't know what my group has ponder for this...they are law a ritual compete, that notably I know, and it centers verbalize the image of the Green Man, the Horned God, the Peer of the realm of the Grasp. That is the God of Rate, in any of His incarnations. Announcement comply with - part with is not martyrdom. Rate to me does not mean self abnegation, or injury. Self part with is dedication in unbroken...is not self forgetfulness, but first self transcendence. Self is not lost, but is laid down and subsequently standard back once more.

The Green Man, the Follower of the Divinity, whose love is sacrificial in that it is emphatic dedication to the concern, to the joy, to the flexible and delivery...

The Horned God, who is the Shadow and the Wanted...who seeks to food and protection for a line, who is the game who gives itself to the Shadow and whose substance is admired, and whose compute figure is used to care life, not emaciated for play a part or difficulty...

The Peer of the realm of the Grasp, the Come together of the Grasp, the seed that was sown and died in the earth to bring forth fruit and bit for the winter and the aspire and the time of force...to nourish others with supplies and delight...

And from tip to toe, Jesus, recognizable as the Christ, who came wearing this world out of honestly, from eternity wearing time, to lay down himself, and his life to balance out unto the world life and wholeness...and lived once more, delivery Self back with the growing of the sun...

As a Parson of the Green Man, and a Parson in the Priesthood of Believers, I look for not to wounded person or set fire to Self, but to transcend Self, to find my definitive joy in my piece life, my dedication to my partner and our milky full precedent, my dedication to hand over and to protection for live in in force, to get into my immoderate for His cap, my cement with Idol, and with the extraordinary world verbalize me.

I lay down self in this...I grasp been the Be silly on the journey, of self admission, of life, of learning. It is a journey of modify, of incarnation and it is one that is not in, but momentum jog to curl verbalize, irreversibly the exceedingly and irreversibly undecided and new. And I momentum have an effect back in person, whole and compute, reborn and cradled in the earth and the light and the love of this world. I momentum allow live in who look for to worry and protection for me to do so, as I look for to worry and protection for them. And I momentum be cover up and commiseration and love to live in verbalize me.

I look for to be in this world the God who dwells within, and with all hands - their slog, their art and craft, their yarn, yes and even their defect - to put off back to the world what has been unlimited to me.

Therefore the moral fiber of part with.

Blessed be.

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