Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are Witches Really Condemned To Hell

Are Witches Really Condemned To Hell Cover If you walk a pagan path, sooner or later you'll be told by a Christian friend or family member that practicing witchcraft or magic will "condemn you to Hell." Christians feel this way because they THINK it's what their Bible teaches. Most will quote the following infamous scripture that appears to support this belief: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" (Exodus 22:18).

Obviously, in the original Hebrew language this word did not mean 'witch'. It actually referred to someone who used poisonous herbs to harm others. In Greek, this same word is translated as 'pharmacopeia'- someone who cast curses, and provided people with poisonous herbs to harm others. Today, we might call that person a drug dealer, and a more accurate modern translation might read 'Thou shalt not suffer a drug dealer to live'. The passage was NOT intended to condemn people who used herbs and magic to help others. So, unless you are dealing in poisonous herbs or drugs with the intent to cause harm, this scripture really does not apply to YOU!

Other passages that appear to condemn Witchcraft are also just victim of poor translation or interpretation. ALL of them refer to specific actions that cause harm in some way. For example, in the scriptures people were told to avoid fortunetellers. This was because most of them were fakes who gave false prophecy for money. THAT action was being condemned. The advice was never ment to denounce prophecy, but rather to encourage people to live in the NOW and place their focus on their current situation rather than worry about future and/or past events. Throughout the scriptures it is very clear that prophecy is considered a Divine gift. If you have this gift, you are blessed, not cursed.

Finally, as most already know, the title Magi or Magician originally meant 'wise-one' and was actually a position that commanded great respect. If you are helping others and making the world around you a better place, you deserve that same respect. Don't let anyone convince you your actions are condemned by the Divine.

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