Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Witch Or Bad Witch

Good Witch Or Bad Witch Cover There are many types of witches. That is a fact. However, most witches do not use their powers or abilities for inflicting harm unto others. This is a very common misconception. A large amount of witches use their abilities to aid others in not only soul-searching tasks but to rid and teach how to rid negative energies from one's life. We are often judged as worshipers of a "devil" or "Satan." That is a big contradiction to most of us. A majority of witches do not even believe in a "God of the Devils" aka "Satan." However, we are often scrutinized for stating this because some will say (just as in the olden times) "If you believe in the devil, you are a worshiper...If you say you don' are more susceptible to his powers." It is a TOTAL catch 22 for all witches. That was also the method used in the witch Trials.

One suggestion: Please don't ask a witch if he or she "is a good witch or a bad witch." That is just the same as asking a Christian if "they are a good Christian or a bad Christian." Besides, you may get an answer you didn't expect!

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