Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do Witches Really Cast Hexes

Do Witches Really Cast Hexes Cover People commonly personify witches as evil and all they do is curse and hex others. wiccans are strictly opposed to hexes and curses. Traditional witches (or "Trad Witches") do not have limitations. However, if the thought arises of casting a hex or curse we must ask ourselves if it ethical and completely necessary. Any witch will tell you that if it is regarding defense of loved ones and family the answer is often yes. On the other hand, if it relates to using magick against someone because they cut you off on the highway, then for the majority, the answer is no. See the section in this lens "Black & White Magick" for more on this. Also, for more information about magick, the natural powers of the universe, how to do spells and much more, visit Modern-Witchcraftand especially, Guide for Spells and How To's About Safely Using Magick for Success.

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