Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inside Scientology

Inside Scientology
I lawful completed reading the book at home Scientology' by Janet Reitman and I event obligated to make a short post about it.

In I read this book, at home is what I weigh down about Scientology. I weigh down it was lawful diverse pledge dodge and that a bemuse and their money are fast parted. I had no fussy dexterity for guise so harebrained they would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be 'audited' by this harebrained and silly organization.

I didn't see it a whim that was picky from any other serious whim. From my point, all religions are 'cults', in that it is a key string of all religions to permeate a belief regulations with the desirable proceed that the aggravate feels obligated to financially surrender to the Place of worship. This is about eternally done instruct a enticement and stand cover. The enticement is indestructible salvation, divine rationalization, or some other because imperceptible and unstructured settlement that, for some guess, causes lots to event as if it gives their life a deeper meaning and purpose. The stand is the threat of hell and/or living excommunicated from the Place of worship. In a short time of time a believe who is a advocate of the church finds that their realize brains of community, friends, and frequently introduce somebody to an area, are built in and almost the academy. The threat of losing that liaison is a real one. A threat that they event is far too high a fee to pay. It's easy from the private to say 'why wouldn't you lawful turn, but for the distinctive who's realize world, friends, introduce somebody to an area, patronage regulations, and their very psychology and belief regulations is wrapped now this organization, that is no simple function. You asset as well ask them to commit suicide, as they would equitably be starting their lives leader, full with fault, defective friends, introduce somebody to an area, or patronage, and in some bags ardently attacked by the very academy they considering pledged their life to.

Distinctive religions practice shifting degrees of this time respected pledge dodge, with some living further intelligent and authoritative than others, but they all speak these essential part in one way or the other.

So, into the future I read the book at home Scientology' I figured that Scientology was lawful one further change of this ancient practice. I figured the simply guess family connections were funny to want it a whim stage art their residential home protestant Place of worship a theology was barely a topic of cultural get-together leader time. Christianity has had thousands of go to ingrain itself now the cloth of Western action, to such an touch that very few see it whim be equal with to wait on a Sunday homily and clutch a nun give away them they were untutored in sin, plus point eternal verdict in hell, are an pitiful and unwelcome creature unless they admit a fussy belief regulations based on what, to me, appears to be whiz further than perilously a fairy fable.

Better-quality modern religions, be equal with the Mormon church, are deliberately established to be based on a stunt and a group of con-artists who pro sexual twisting and even child molestation. This has been established further any shadow of a suspicion by researchers now the origin of this depend on. Until now, these facts don't bell to apprehension guise who would become a advocate of this organization.

In the same way, if you castle in the sky to discover yourself up to an E-meter, elegant in Xenu, and get audited, what nibble is it off of my back, or why it is tremendously any different?

In point of fact, it turns out, that it is out of the ordinary, and I didn't clutch my eyes opened until I read this book.

This book is an item and vivid history of the church, from its arrival all of the way up to today. And, stage it did award the traditional part I described optional extra, what I didn't ascertain it had, at its publicize, no matter which that feels to me to be precisely evil.

The Scientology process involves airless training and mind-control of the most maximum place. And its practices are piously and just about insulting.

I was amazed, dejected, and rile reading the mean in this book. The chief questions I had stage reading it, and flush clutch late I am done, is *WHY* would guise allow themselves to submit to this process?

I flush don't event, late having read the book, what any of the phone up may perhaps clutch ever been for any of these family connections to get entangled in the initial place? And, considering it turned now plainly physical and mental abuse, why they put up with it for even one second? The standard practices of the theology comprise living screamed at, attacked, and belittled by others. What's appealing about that?

My forewarning to the reader of this blog post? Don't convey up your free impulsion to anyone!

P.S. If guise reading it finds some aridness in the fact that I'm a 'Freemason' let me make clear. Freemasonry does not command me to belong to or subscribe to any fussy serious depend on or tenet. 'Freemasonry, at it's publicize, centers almost encouraging strong morals of name defective any accompanying tenet. It promises neither salvation nor damnation. It barely states that, can't we all pay off, that regardless of your have possession of serious depend on, shouldn't we all be good and place to one diverse as guy members of the material family?

I clear in your mind wouldn't switch my beliefs or upright morals based on the threat of excommunication that is for confident.

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