Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crafty Witches

Crafty Witches Cover It’s a beautiful day, you’re walking through your local weekend market, and lo-and-behold, you spy the perfect “witchy” themed item that would look marvelous hanging above your altar. You whip out your pocket book only to have your vision dashed by a hefty price tag. If you’re anything like me, it’s a scenario you’re only too familiar with…but help is on the way!

The truth is, you don’t have to be a master woodcrafter or be able to knit with your eyes closed in order to make witchcraft or pagan themed items for your home. All you need is a few simple supplies, and a little bit of time…of course, if you have kids, you can cut the time in half by letting them help you.

If you follow these few simple steps, you’ll be amazed at what you can create, even if you think you’re hopeless at crafting anything!

The first step is to ask yourself “what would I like to make?”

There are countless websites out there that offer free crafting patterns, and crafting kits are also available for those who prefer the simpler approach. For the most part, patterns and kits are meant only for personal use…designers generally frown upon those who “copy and re-sell” their work, not to mention the karmic kickbacks of such actions can be harsh. Designers not only like to see their work enjoyed by others, but it’s also satisfying to know that their designs have inspired others to create their own similar, yet unique craft items. One thing designers do enjoy, is having a picture of the item they inspired you to create sent to them, along with a little note of thanks. It’s a small gesture that really goes a long way.

Okay, you’ve got an idea, now you need the materials. If you have your own backyard, craft materials may literally be “at your doorstep”. Twigs, leaves, flowers, feathers, vines, stones, etc., all of these things can be used. I’ve seen some incredibly life-like animals painted on large stones, and twigs and dried leaves incorporated into a woven wall hanging. If you live close to the beach, then you’ve got a literal treasure trove of craft materials at your feet…given they’re washed properly!

Op Shops are another invaluable resource for cheap craft materials. If you look, there’s usually a bin full of material scraps, wool, knitting needles, and craft books. Old wooden platters or bowls can be sanded down and repainted for altar tools; and if you have a really good look at what’s on the shelves, you may just find that goblet, bell, or “offering dish” that you’ve been searching for. Those old beanbag lap tables make wonderful and easily “hide-able” altars.

If it just so happens that you can afford to spend a little extra, then a trip to the craft shop is always a “pick-me-up”. From jewelry making to polymer clay and back again, even the most fussy of crafters can find what they need and then some.

Can’t afford the craft shop?

The Reject Shop and The Warehouse, along with most of the little “$2” shops, always have inexpensive acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint kits, as well as scrapbooking and other papercraft supplies. They even have unpainted wooden items now and then, it never hurts to keep checking back.

So you see, you don’t have to rush out and spend a fortune on that must have one of a kind item, when you can quite easily make your own “one of a kind” at home for half the price. Of course, if you can run out and spend…then by all means do so, just don’t forget that it’s a special kind of feeling you get when someone points out and admires something that you’ve created.

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