Monday, July 12, 2010

Christian Or Witch

Christian Or Witch Cover A pagan friend of mine recently announced he was now a Christian. He had seemed so happy following his pagan path that I couldn't help but wonder why he made this choice. But I quickly realized that it really didn't matter. He was still the wise and tolerant man that I had known for years. My friend was open-minded enough to allow others to walk their own path without judgment, and I realized he would be a wonderful influence on other Christians! This could be very beneficial in promoting religious peace.

I believe the Divine calls each of us to a place in life where we can best help others. Who are we to question another's path? We all enjoy getting together with others who think and feel the way we do, and becoming a member of a specific religion or group can provide us with that. We just nee to remember there is no right or wrong religion. People and not God created the religions and traditions we follow today. So feel free to follow the path you are most comfortable on or explore several paths if you like. The Divine is within us and will teach us and guide us through that quiet little voice that speaks to our hearts. This holds true no matter what religion we choose to be part of, or even if we belong to no religion at all. Enjoy your journey!

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