Thursday, July 29, 2010

How And Why I Became A Witch

How And Why I Became A Witch Cover I created this lens to allow others to peek into the life of a typical American witch, what we do, what we are and basic beliefs. I certainly do not speak for other witches, their beliefs or opinions. We are all individuals just like anyone else. I am trying to explain (not defend) witchcraft, some facts about real witches, discuss "wanna-be witches," black and white magick, and more. I also feature recommended products, tools, music, links of interest and other information. To learn how to perform your own spells, whether you're a witch or not (it doesn't matter) visit this guide to spellcrafting for witches or non-witches.
I am a solitary witch. I am not Wiccan, per se. I have a few different beliefs but many are similar to Wicca. I really don't label myself into any particular denomination but the closest to any would be Traditional. It has taken me several years to truly believe I am most likely a Natural Witch. This doesn't make me bad or good, it just makes me who I am. This is who I was born to be.

Please feel free to question, comment or share your own stories in the comment section. Recommend your own witch, pagan or spiritual links there, too. I'd love to hear from you, witch or non-witch!

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