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Divine Will Jerusalem And Rome

Divine Will Jerusalem And Rome
Jesus told the servant of God Luisa Piccarreta on October 3 1928 the mystery of the uniting of the Jews and Catholics: "...if Rome had the ascendancy of my Place of worship, she owes it to Jerusalem, like the beginning of Redemption was strong in Jerusalem. In that home, from the small-minded commune of Nazareth I chose my Virgin Mother; I In person was born in the small-minded commune of Bethlehem, and all my Apostles were from that home. And eventhough, unthankful, she did not wish to recognise Me and rejected the yield of my Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the leading culture who received the good of it [the Redemption]were from this metropolitan area [Jerusalem]. The leading criers of the Gospel, relations who proven Catholicism in Rome, were my Apostles, all from Jerusalem - that is from this home.

"Now represent apparition be an exchange: if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and in this manner of Redemption, Rome apparition endowment to Jerusalem the Gain of the Divine Courage. This is so true, that honorable as I chose a Virgin from the small-minded commune of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I wolf preferred separate virgin [Luisa Piccarreta] in a small-minded commune [Corato]belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Gain of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted. And in the function of this want be standard in Rome honorable as my coming upon earth was standard in Jerusalem, Rome apparition wolf the controlling honour of requiting Jerusalem for the controlling gift received from her, which is the Redemption, by making standard to her the Kindgdom of my Courage. So apparition Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and apparition plaster the life of the religion which she gave to Rome; and, obliged, she apparition take from Rome the life and the controlling gift of the Gain of my Divine Courage. And not just Jerusalem, but all the other nations apparition take the controlling gift of the Gain of My Fiat, the leading criers of It, Its gospel - all full of calm, of wonder and of the renaissance of the manufacture of man. And not just apparition my manifestations bring holiness, joys, calm and wonder, but the whole of Start, differing with them, apparition free from each formed thing each of the happinesses it contains, and apparition spill them upon creatures..."

St John Bosco states that the Jews (Keep control of Moses) apparition become manager open to the Catholic truths at a time gone Rome and the Pope and the priests reliable to him are under absolute oppression by their guy Christians. "...But you, O Italy, land of blessings, who has plunged you at home desolation? Not your enemies, but your own friends. Do you not problem your children prayerful for the currency of custody, ineffective to find one to break it for them? Equally shall I do? I shall hit the shepherds [the Clergy of the Place of worship] and break up the stash [the Catholics] so that relations who sit upon the control of Moses [the Rabbis of Judaism] may ambition rally pastures and their cloud [the Jewish culture] may gently listen and be fed. But My hand shall be bold upon every one cloud and shepherds [Catholic Clergy and Civilization]. Be after, irritate, and war shall pass mothers to grieve the blood of their sons and husbands strip on outlandish nation. Equally shall occur you, unthankful, effeminate, vain Rome? You wolf reached a stop gone you ambition and admire nought in your independent but wealth, forgetting that every one your official and his lies on Golgotha..."

Jesus tells Luisa a come out of time that this controlling oppression of the Catholic Place of worship comes like of the cancer of the priests and the Catholic institutions that wolf blank from the teaching of the Pope and of Jesus. But in the end Jesus apparition rebuilt his Place of worship instruct the demean messengers of the Divine Courage led by the Roman Pope (who may afterward be a Jew) and reunited with Judaism.

The Stately Start off Bartholomew Holzhauser (1613-1658) speaks of this transition mark relating the fifth era of the Place of worship [Sardis) and the sixth era (Philadelphia). He speaks of the do of the Jews in this transition mark. "[In the past a world war] apparition come a new mark, in which two able ones apparition meaning each other [Islamists and the West]. The arm relating these two apparition begin in the time lacking of the twentieth century. It apparition tumble mountains and trash up rivers. A controlling differentiation apparition come to route, such as no mind man apparition wolf expected; Fantasy and Hell apparition income tax each other in this torment yourself, old states apparition flee and light and evil apparition be rutted wary each other with swords, but it apparition be swords of a match dexterity. Along with these swords it apparition be attainable to cut up the skies and cleft the earth. A controlling mourn apparition come condescending all mankind and just a brusque portion apparition endure the tempest, the pestilence and the awfulness. And neither of the two adversaries apparition accompany nor be beaten. Each one able ones apparition lie on the arena, and a new mankind apparition come at home time. God possesses the key to everything. Fortunate is he who apparition consequently be clever to portray him, having obeyed all his commandments. And the controlling independent of the world apparition approach new laws for the new mankind and apparition pass a new age to begin, in which represent apparition be just one cloud and one conduct, and calm apparition be of hunger, hunger segment, for the official of God in paradise and on earth...

"When everything has been dishonored by war; gone Catholics are trying impelled by treacherous co-religionists and heretics; gone the Place of worship and her servants are denied their care order, the monarchies wolf been abolished and their rulers murdered... So the Worker of Almighty God apparition work a super differentiation, no matter which supposedly not on according to possible understanding. Submit apparition splendidly a corpulent independent anointed by God. He apparition be a Catholic, a immature person of Louis IX, yet a immature person of an ancient declare German empire, born in transportation. He apparition act supreme in temporal matters. The Pope apparition act supreme in spiritual matters at the exceptionally time. Unfair treatment apparition end and justice shall act. Mysticism seems to be covert, but by the changes of whole kingdoms it apparition be finished manager armed.

"He apparition inquire into out disloyal doctrines and breach the act of Moslemism. His control apparition run from the East to the West. All nations apparition adoration God their Noble according to the Catholic teaching. Submit apparition be a number of erudite and honorable men. The culture apparition love justice, and calm apparition administrate condescending the whole earth, for divine power apparition bind Satan for a number of sparkle until the coming of the Son of Perdition.

"The administrate of the Vigorous Royal leader may be compared with that of Caesar Augustus who became King previously his capture condescending his enemies, thereby generous calm to the world, afterward with the administrate of Constantine the Vigorous, who was sent by God, previously absolute oppression, to delivery every one the Place of worship and Grasp.

"On account of a unembellished war Germany apparition yowl, France apparition be the pass of all the woe, Germany apparition be extremely in a state, all apparition be humble. England shall procure distant. The Emperor shall be killed.

"In the past waste has reached its peak in England, calm apparition be restored and England apparition return to the Catholic custody with aristocratic passion than in.

"The Vigorous Autonomous apparition wolf the special help of God and be unassailable.

"The Fifth Epoch of time dates from the administrate of Charles V until the administrate of the Vigorous Autonomous.

"The Sixth Age of the Long for commences with the powerful Autonomous and the Holy Pontiff... and apparition enfold until the appearance of the Antichrist. This apparition be an age of palliative in which God apparition dash His Long for of the disfigure and the controlling turmoil of the what went before age. All the nations apparition be seam in the Catholic custody. The sacerdocy apparition thrive manager than ever, and men apparition ambition the property of God in all attention.

"The Noble apparition endowment good pastors to the Place of worship. Men apparition very last in calm, each in his own grazing land. They apparition be reconciled with the one God. They apparition very last in the shadow of the powerful Autonomous and of his successors.

"Multitude saints and doctors apparition increase in the earth. Men apparition love quarrel and justice. Treaty apparition administrate in all the distance, like the divine power apparition bind Satan for a number of sparkle, until the son of perdition apparition rave once more.

"The Sixth Epoch of the Dirt, which COMMENCES Along with THE Let loose OF THE Civilization OF ISRAEL AND THE Restoration OF THE Top AND OF THE Metropolitan OF JERUSALEM, apparition touch until the development of Jesus Christ.

"For likewise, in this age, THE Civilization OF ISRAEL Courage BE CONSOLED TO A Competently On cloud nine Ounce BY THE Noble, OUR GOD, WHO Courage Detail THEM FROM THE Imprisonment OF BABYLON. The kingdoms, the nations, and the culture apparition yield to the Roman Line, crossly beaten by the very powerful and very massive independent who apparition function voguish fifty-six sparkle, rendering the calm of the distance and reigning confused until the development of Jesus Christ and even previously him. Therefore, in the Sixth Age, God apparition merriment his Place of worship with the highest prosperity.

"For, period, in the Fifth Age, we saw everywhere the most inadequate calamities: period all is shattered by war; that the Place of worship and its members are rendered tributaries; that the subjects are grief-stricken and that all men scheme to develop republics: man himself apparition be so wonderfully diverse by the hand of God, such that no one can find out contributions. For the powerful independent, who apparition come analogous an symbolic of God, apparition breach the republics in detail in climax; he apparition even all to his apparition and apparition application his zeal in rotate of the true Place of worship of Christ. All the heresies apparition be relegated to hell. The line of the Turks apparition be split and this independent apparition administrate in the orient and in the occident. All the nations apparition come and adoration the Noble their God in the true Catholic and Roman custody.

"Now the Vigorous Autonomous afterward apparition suppress condescending all the beasts of the earth, that is to say condescending the barbarian nations, condescending the seditious peoples, condescending the heretic republics and condescending all men conquered by their evil passions.

"It is in that age that the lash of the sixth Long for of the Noble apparition be standard, that is to say the Long for of Level-headedness that God diffuses condescending all the surfaces of the globes in relations time. For men apparition fright the Noble their God, they apparition notice the law and act it with all their midpoint. The sciences apparition be multiplied and ready on the earth. The Holy Scriptures apparition be unanimously tacit, in the absence of argue and in the absence of the errors of heresies. Men apparition be progressive, so distant as in the natural sciences and in the celestial sciences.

"Last but not least, the Sixth Place of worship, the Place of worship of Philadelphia, is the type of this sixth age, for Philadelphia signifies friendship of brothers, and once more guarding the bequest in contract with the Noble. Now all these reproduction enfold satisfactory in the sixth age, in which they apparition wolf love, amity and complete calm and in which the powerful Autonomous apparition wolf to set about not quite the whole world as his bequest. He apparition delivery up the earth, with the aid of the Noble his God from all his enemies, of dart and of all evil."

Catholic Address list narrative about Holzhauser

This purpose (image 80) is from the lost broadsheet of Nostradamus found in the Pointer Roman library in 1982 (others state it was bare in 1994). It shows the Pope previously the Pope who flees at home transportation. This Pope is a Jewish Pope who is seen about in office on the control of Peter interruption with the childlike new era of Jewish Rabbinic company who wolf entered the Place of worship at the time handy the beginning of the Era of Treaty. Their dress is associated to the dress of Medieval Jewish leaders and philosophers.

A large amount of 13th century Rabbis in France

Illustrate 81 shows some of these childlike Jewish apostles upright in work clothes preparing for the New Springtime prophecied by Pope John Paul II.

Illustrate 82 shows Mary proclaimed in tenet as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Support which leads to the fullness of her Harmless Heart's finishing.

This purpose (image 79) from the lost Nostradamus hard shows the Pope who is fleeing Rome at a time gone the clergy are in the role of offended and killed and Islamist warriors at the gates of Rome or unusually some endure it shows the time of the disloyal or Black Pope who seizes Rome previously the true or white Pope flees Rome.

Illustrate 77 shows Pope Benedict XVI with his Take in on fire and a number of spiraling their back on him and his teaching saloon for some inferior demean women. Illustrate 78 (not away from home about)shows the Pope (Benedict) and Luisa Piccarreta holding the "Book of Fantasy" with a brusque nun (Close relative Teresa of Calcutta) holding the Pope's staff.

Illustrate 76 shows Pope John Paul II and his ministry to all peoples. An sullen accounting has hectic the Pope's touchy and walking affix symbolising relations accounting who wolf required power and management in the church to the price tag of the Pope the Place of worship and the world.

Note: The interpretation of the drawings unlimited about are my own based on the Catholic prophecies instruct the ages.

Also see about for manager on the lost broadsheet of Nostradamus

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