Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Introduction Into Wand Making

An Introduction Into Wand Making Cover
I was introduced to Wand Making at a fun workshop that was organised by myself and some wonderful spiritual friends. Wand making is not only great fun but rewarding that you have your very own wand created with your energy. The wands above are some of the wands made at the workshop.

- A length of copper tub/pipe about 10 - 12 inches (half inch in diameter)
- A Quartz point crystal, just over half inch in diameter (so it will fit into, but drop through the copper pipe) and at least 2 - 3 inches long.
- A small polished tumble stone that will fit into the end of the copper pipe. Something like Red Jasper or Amethyst etc...
- A length of bias cut ribbon - long enough to be wound around the copper pipe. (A yard/metre is more than enough).
- Oddments of narrow ribbon to decorate the wand.


- Make four small cuts into one end of the copper pipe, about an inch in length, using a small hack saw.
- Gently prise these "claws" open with a pair of pliers, before you insert the quartz point, you can pack the pipe with kitchen paper etc... so that the crystal will not drop down into the pipe. Using the pliers close the "claws" around the crystal to ensure a tight fit, so that the crystal will not fall out.
- Thread the bias cut ribbon around the claws and start to bind the copper tightly, overlapping the ribbon as you go, ensuring that no copper is visible.
- When you reach the other end of the copper pipe, cut off the ribbon, leaving enough to tuck up inside the pipe.
- Now insert the tumble stone into the end, ensuring a tight fit - to secure the ribbon in place.
- Decorate the wand to your own taste and requirements, using oddments of ribbon etc...
- You can use glue to fix the crystals in place, but I feel that it is better not to if a secure fix can be achieved without it.

"Top Tip" is to use a rolled up piece of kitchen roll and stuff it down inside the copper pipe, this is secured in place with glue and then the crystal can be "bedded down" onto the paper tissue to prevent it dropping down inside the pipe. You can use crystal points at both ends if you want to. I have made wands using Amethyst and Citrine points at both ends, with good results. Happy wand-making!

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