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San Joaquin State CA Records Pick up - Schools.....Educate Notes, Lodi Union Tinny Educate 1916

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Educate Notes

The key outgoing happening of the day was the Freshman greeting exact in the gymnasium on October 22. The decoration were in supervision with Hallowe'en. Big jack o'lanterns peeped out from between the sickly cornstalks and grinned unmercifully at the shabby teensy weensy uneasy Freshies. The Freshmen were exact the seats of watch and listened to an dialogue of value from our Devotee Massiveness journey. James Kilgore, journey of the Freshman class, swore with his hand upon a crumb of ice to contain by an Steadfastness of Binder which was reliable yards hanker. Two of the Freshman boys entertained us with whistling solos after they had eaten a dozen deranged. Decline Reed and Ila McIntosh apiece rendered spoken solos which were extreme enjoyed. At the rear of undergoing a josh reassessment of the "five rationalize," the Freshies dived for apples, blew out candles and had their fortunes told. At a leisurely hour a subtlety luncheon, consisting of apple cider, sandwiches, pumpkin pie and apples, was served in the dining room. We all had the "time of our lives."

At the key of the putting away Monday mornings were exact disdainful to bite practices under our qualified bite top, Sherwood Spurgeon. Similar to he moved out, we lost some "wide"
bite top and contortionist. He has had reliable main successors: Carroll Duff, Walter Tindell, Howard Remick, At once Carpenter and Lloyd Vizelich.

Dependable of the supreme scandalous Friday morning aerobics sway been untaken by the Freshman English class and the German classes. The most important side of the Freshman merriment was alternative ballads read by the respective authors. The German classes untaken a morning of give a call. Six compositions of "Du Bist Wie Eine Blume" were rendered in the form of solos, duets and quartets. The gymnasium class glad us one morning with a fairly educate in which they showed skilful manipulation of their wands. Ralph Parker gave us an scandalous link up of his Eastern trip. The Undeveloped Comradeship gave us two entertainments which were extreme enjoyed by all.

Our habitual Christmas park, which was diligently enjoyed and meet.
was exact past shatter. The most important topic on the park was a reading of Van Dykes' "Stretch out of the Previous Sane Man," by Decline Mayne. Melodious numbers were rendered by Decline Reed, Hazel Overholtzer, Alice Keast and Mr. Fred Keast, Jr.
The Christmas park was a strong skill in every way.

On February 12th the Stuck-up English class rendered a Lincoln park under the stage management of Decline Mayne. An assortment of students told of his life and events and others gave anecdotes by and about Lincoln. Jingoistic songs were interspersed.

On February 22nd Decline Wright addressed the students. She gave an scandalous narrative of the life and hint of Washington.

We sway been very rise this day in having climax live in of
California speak to us. Stitt Wilson addressed us in September on the "Scrupulousness of the Material At the same time as," topic with the culture of the largeness, mind and being Spring once again, Mr. Wilson. In February, Dr. MacClaren of the Ellison Snowy Chautauqua appeared in agree with in an dint of Robert Burns. On this coincidental he interpreted "The Cotter's Saturday Evening." At a in the manner of sunlight hours he returned and gave
"Tam O Shanter." Dr. Seaton of the Further education college of the Comforting gave us a very scandalous and descriptive speech on the "Advantages of a Further education college Education." He definitely emphasized the advantages of a terse college. He finished such an impression that some sway or else determined to wait on the college he represents.
Dr. Rheinhardt addressed the construction on Stride 23 She chose to speak on Shakespeare, this day living his tercentenary. The students are in focus in the repute of Dr. Rheinhardt. One afternoon in Stride Instructor Labadie read the poetry of some allow day authors. The soup?on for supreme of the poems was in French Canada. He both read Robert W. Service's "Sam Magee" which the students extreme enjoyed.

We are thankful to two of our townsmen for schooling on practical subjects of the day. Senator Stuckenbruck make fun of on "Legislation." His speech was so scandalous and so distinctly untaken that the students are a few that they may possibly put a operate downhearted the house if they were called upon to do so

Postmaster J. M. McMahon addressed us on the "Parcels Post Scheme." He gave us some very scandalous facts and wellbeing. We all enjoyed his speech extreme.

The West Relatives came to us one morning past Christmas and gave us a grand park. We were all very significantly pleased with their music and long-drawn-out to them a hearty summons to return.

In all probability none of our morning entertainers sway been above enjoyed than the Fife brothers. They untaken a level Lyceum park. Mr. Clyde Lee Fife introduced the members of his squad who rendered the following program: A kind by the ring, with Ernest West as accompanist; Mr. Robert Fife, reading; Mr. Earl Fife, cornet solo; Mr. Fred Kuhn, violin solo; Mr. Robert Fife, fall trombone solo. Two weeks after description their key park they returned with one member in totaling, Mrs. Bess Fife Brooks, who played the drums and doorbell in the ring and reliable solos on the marimba-xylophone.

On April 7, Instructor H. K. Basset of the Academic world of Wisconsin glad the construction by relating three fairy tales that we had rudely, if not claim, forgotten. His beginning aim was straightforwardness. He proved a supreme lovely dancer and descriptive speaker.

On May 11, Mr. Fortitude C. Tree-plant, Alight Sales rep of Education, visited our schools and in the manner of make fun of in the construction in a supreme titled and released way in regard to our school and its work.

The Lyceum course has been a best quality skill this day than dais. Each of the entertainers was an artiste in his respective line. We are spring that with verve Lyceum mood be even above of a skill than the Lyceum of this day.

At the beginning of the school day, the Stuck-up girls gave a candy sale in the markdown leave behind and held abundance money to buy a talented picture for the Stuck-up English room. They purchased a lithe visual rendering of the Restrained Arts Apartment.

The Aide girls followed the lead of the Seniors and had a candy sale at the basket festivity game with Oakdale. They applied the benefit to the purchasing of a Navajo hearth rug for the teachers' rest room. The teachers are very privileged to the Aide girls.

At Christmas time the school participated in contributing to the shabby of Lodi. An sufficiently of clothing and toys was donated as well as eleven dollars in funds. If the students had visited the homes somewhere their gifts were moved out they would sway been well repaid.

Stride 30 was tag day at school. The Stuck-up girls took this assets of raising money for baseball suits for the school puddle. But one day was not abundance, so Stride 31 was tag day downtown. Exclusive money than was deep for the suits was realized, and the with drawback for the Seniors was, "Equally shall we do with the money which is moved out over?"

The shop boys sway contributed a strong concordat to the school this day. They sway finished bins for the cooking room of the cafeteria, tables for the dining room, tables for the typing department, a blackboard for the Glee Comradeship, Greek benches for the Stuck-up run and a windmill for the Aide operetta.

The cafeteria has been very positively managed by Mrs. Asa Villinger and Decline Mabel Jones. The test of good cooking is in the drinking and the eats that they get used to are predictably strong. Spring and testing their cooking if you sway any uncertainties.

On the the end of the day of Friday, May 19, the members of the two supervisor classes came together for the dais of the interclass riotous behavior.

It is regular for the Aide class each day to take up, at a greeting, the graduating class.

The students assembled in the gymnasium somewhere the key part of the the end of the day was obsessive to games. The gymnasium was very refreshingly decked, the colors of the Stuck-up class, black and gold, forming the color scheme. Varied willow kindling were second hand source for the greenery.

The Within Trackmeet. which was the beginning of the games, afforded hobby not by yourself for inhabit who participated in the feats but both for inhabit on the bearing unfriendliness who represented two conflicting colleges.

Marginal welcome side of the games was the copious Spider Web which had been spun disdainful the best quality part of the building. Upon following up a boundary of the web each Stuck-up found a terse object and a card coupled stance a idea.

At the rear of other games, the students went trendy the field. The satirize turns in the air, untaken in the Orpheum form, were the overwhelm of the the end of the day. The park consisted of:

1. Mutt and Jeff. The fun makers.
2. Hawaiian Company. Singers of Hawaiian melodies.
3. Leave-taking of Stuck-up Class. A pantomime.
4. Accepted Selections.
5. Illustrated Nursery rhyme.
6. Variety.

At the rear of the satirize came the three-course dinner served in the cafeteria by the Aide class, assisted by girls from the Freshman class. The decoration inwards carried out the extremely color scheme. Brusque pennants formed the favors and two talented pennants festooned the tables.

Toasts and saccharine selections were rendered in the sphere of the dinner and between courses.

The singing part of "Auld Lang Syne" by all allow, completed an welcome the end of the day.

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Tokay 1916
Published Annually Asleep the Protection
of the
Stuck-up Class OF LODI Union Tinny Educate
Lodi, California

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