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Sacred Egypt

Sacred Egypt


This is a be in charge to the sacred sites of the ancient Egyptian culture. This culture was frozen and mature at the rear of the fall of Atlantis and serves as a armor of ancient and secret knowledge. This is as a consequence the basic smudge of message to faint cultures such as those of Orion and Sirius. At the moment, in the New Age, the sacred sites of Egypt perk up to their golden era, and check for weapons a prime guise in Ground Earth's persist of spiritual recovery.

The plan of this be in charge is to practice dynamic work with the sacred sites of Egypt, using the knowledge to compare to our own quantity processes.

We mettle give it some thought the current dynamic points miserable the Nile, from Aswan to the temples of Kumumbo and Edfu, by means of the gardens of Luxor and down to the gardens of Cairo. We mettle compare to the sacred knowledge that is clear-cut in these chairs, to the sacred geometry that is the make happen of these sites and temples, and to ancient Egypt's realm of gods and goddesses.


1st Day:

Sortie to Cairo Large-scale airstrip, give somebody the job of and sustenance by exact colleague official & Interest group to your stay.

Overnight at stay

2nd Day:

Pick-up from your stay to give it some thought Saqara pyramid, in the afternoon visiting the Egyptian Museum

In the end of the day transference to train point for departure to Aswan

3rd Day:

Sortie Aswan meets at the train point by our official and transference to stay. At midday array up from stay to give it some thought Philae Atoll everywhere is located the Ridge stanch to the God Isis and it as a consequence hosts the temple of Hathor & the biased Kiosk of Trajan.

overnight at stay

4th Day:

Visiting the raise and tinsel Abu Simbel.

Seeing that return free time at play

overnight at stay

5th Day:

From Aswan to Luxor visiting on the way Kom Ombo and Edfu - "Horus" temple,

After visiting the temple, ride to Luxor.

In the end of the day give it some thought Luxor Ridge.

Overnight at stay.

6th Day:

Pick-up from stay, journey the Nile to the West border, visits the Rift of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple and Colossi of Memnon, in the afternoon visiting Karnack.

Overnight at stay.

7th Day:

A full day visits in the temple of Dandara and Abidos and assert with the bus to Minya.

Bigger night in Minya

8th Day:

Overall day give it some thought to Tel Alamarna.

In the afternoon assert with the bus to Cairo.

Bigger night in Be a lodger in Cairo

9th Day:

A full day to the pyramids of Maydum and Dachashur.

Overnight at stay.

10th day

Pick-up from your stay to give it some thought Giza plateau and the three Pyramids (Cheops, Chepren and Mycerinus) reticent by the bizarre Sphinx.

Overnight at stay.

11th day

Side track to comprehensive airstrip

For any other information contents convenience us:

May all settle beings be illumination

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