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Grimoire For The Apprentice Wizard

Grimoire For The Apprentice Wizard Cover

Book: Grimoire For The Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell Ravenheart

Magick, through all its varied forms and traditions, always has at least one component that it shares. Freedom. Freedom from old ideas. Freedom from old religions. A pathway leading the practioner to new depths of themselves, and through that, the world.

It is not, and should not, be used as a tool for the crushing of imagination, but its expansion. It is a very delicate line, to separate one's own prejudices and mythology from the craft itself, creating a clear platform that allows, or even more, encourages the reader to find their own truth. To question authority, even the authority of the writer.

Oberon Zell's grimoire For the Apprentice Wizard does just that. Though there are many books on magick, too often they emphasize the writer's particular viewpoint on the craft, providing a kind of blueprint for development in a particular tradition at the expense of the infinite multiverse of alternate perspectives that could, and should exist.

In his Grimoire, it is apparent that Oberon's intention is to create a platform that is, as well as he is able, clear. Beginning with a brief history of magick in its various incarnations in the Western world; as well as a fundamental glossary of magickal terms as used by all, he moves into beautifully illustrated and well-intentioned explanation of the various types of magick and process.

He includes chapters on healing, herbology, astronomy, mathematics, animal communion (a personal favourite), divination, and many more. Each section illustrates the fundamental principles common to all traditions, allowing the student the space to find their own ideas. Supposedly geared to the adolescent reader, each chapter contains instructions on how to create and manage spells; focusing not only on the process of starting a magick, but the responsible cleanup so often neglected afterwards in making your spells efficient and successful.

I was particularly impressed with the various sources and quotations used in the book. Many authors fail to see (or perhaps, respect) the ways in which spiritual, magickal truths have expressed themselves in today's world. In drawing on gems of wisdom hidden in popular culture; from Aristotle to Discworld, Pythagoreas to Spiderman; Oberon's viewpoint shows an open-mind free of the prejudice of the past that sees the Goddesses, and Gods, still alive inside the imagination of the modern world.

More than just a set of instructions, the Grimoire provides a set of tools designed to allow young minds the opportunity to find their own way through the labyrinth of their imagination. I highly ... highly recommend this book to both new and old readers alike. It is refreshing to see an author who not only claims the intention to provide an open philosophy that still honours its history and practice, but who succeeds in doing so.

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