Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nutball Alert Colleen Hauser

Nutball Alert Colleen Hauser
Collen Hauser is the different in a crave line of pious nutters who are sport to outflow a child in hunt of their syndicate based, or in this case, "traditional healing" methods. Her son has Hodgkisn's Lymphoma. The mother and son are refusing chemotherapy out of a infuriated belief that traditional remedies gleaned from the Internet and via a District American pious organization called Nemenhah.

"Danny clearly made up his wisdom. He's not action it,' Colleen Hauser, of Drowsy Eye, Minn., testified on the opening day of a trial over whether a discriminating hardship order the boy participating in therapeutic analysis in opposition to the family's requirements."

They point to waste analysis even if set by the discriminating. Which street for example Danny Hauser dies from the queasiness, Colleen Hauser desire be well-organized to practice her mental illness in jail.

In the function of does the Job do in a case close this? Keep going confinement of the child digression from his parents and urge the treatment? Colleen Hauser is misguided without difficulty for forcing this verdict on others. Not to footnote the ruin she is inflicting on her child.

I restrain a blueprint. Why not compromise? Let Danny restrain the chemotherapy and wastage him with a traditional herbal fit too? Heck, it's even called therapeutic marijuana. All wins! Technorati tags: Religion, Unyielding Management, Nemenhah

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