Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quarter Invocations

Quarter Invocations Cover
Soft scented stillness that warns of the storm
Whisper of wisdom full living and warm
Breathe into us wonder at all we may know
Welcome, wise wind, from wherever you blow.

Bright spark of courage, blaze of desire
The passion for change is a wild, raging fire
Kindled by will, it burns in our veins
Welcome within us! Our hearts are your flames.

Power of water, power to feel
Rising within us, ancient and real
Soothed into softness or tossed to extremes
Welcome, wild waves from the depths of our dreams.

Mother in waiting, child in the womb
Newly strung thread waits the night on the loom
Earth that we come from, Earth where we go
Welcome, as you welcomed us long ago.

by anonymous

Guardian of the East,
Power of air
Bearer of the wand,
I invoke thee,
Morning Light and mountain crags,
Wind dancer,
Eagle of the Gray Dawn
Send your essence, come! Be here now!

Guardian of the South
Power of Fire
Bearer of the Sword,
I invoke thee,
Blood and flame, Life and will,
Desert Lord,
Send your essence, come! Be here now!

Guardian of the West,
Power of Water
Bearer of the Cup,
I invoke thee.
Water Womb, Pool of Hidden thought
Serpent of Twilight,
Send your essence, Come! Be here now!

Guardian of the North
Power of Earth
Bearer of the Pentacle,
Death and Spirit, Grove and Grotto
Keeper of the Crystal Cave,
Bull of Black Night,
Send your essence, come! Be here now!

by Blackwind

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