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A Miracle Of The Holy Cross In Africa Congo 2

A Miracle Of The Holy Cross In Africa Congo 2
At the Monastery of Saint Nektarios (Kolwezi, Congo), amid the girls in the boarding school, bestow were supplementary two above a few months ago - Despoina who is 11 lifetime old and by exemption a boy named Angelo who is 6. These children secure a history.

The Sisters of the Monastery found these children abandoned in the streets. They brought them to the Monastery and alerted the standardize to find their parents. At last they erudite their mother was a witch. She had killed their siblings and initiated them in magic and abandoned them. In this way they would be clever to make their "currency" in life.

Surrounded by the blessing of Fr. Meletios Mandelides, the leading light of the commission, they were baptized. In the same way as after that they secure had the soundness and vindication from God to second opinion Abbess Thekla what magic they did and how many clan they had killed.

They told her that with magic they killed clan, took their blood, and to be found it on a embroidery rile. They would keep score this on themselves and at night they would fly kilometers impossible to do their magic and make a mess of other clan.

So the Abbess asked if the demons languid bother them, they said:

"They come to get us. They attempt at us to cut off the Displeased we wear state our neck. So we do the sign of the mixture, they set forth. One time magicians came and pleaded with us to sense them, but they were not qualified to constrain us with them."

As to why this is so is easy to understand, in the role of the demons nervousness Baptism, the Displeased and Blessed Water which the children flavor every crack of dawn.

These children, Abbess Thekla told me, secure a strong character which is why they secure them eat as soon as a day. Both crack of dawn they flavor Blessed Water, and when bestow is a Saintly Liturgy they Conclusion of the Blessed Mysteries.

Source: ("Authoritarian Stories of Magic"), . Translated by John Sanidopoulos

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