Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ultimate Book Of Spells

The Ultimate Book Of Spells Cover

Book: The Ultimate Book Of Spells by Pamela Ball

The Ultimate book of spells - A Complete Guide to Using Magic to Improve Your Life and the World Around You (2007) Arcturus Publishing ISBN 978-1-84193-577-5

This book is essential reference for anyone wishing to take control of their lives and become confident in the art of spell making...The book includes over 250 spells and techniques, covering every aspect of life and spiritual development. Whether it is creating opportunities for love, doubling your money or protecting your teenage daughter, there is a spell for everyone...With sections on the folkloric history of magic, astrology, divination and mysticism, the book provides the reader with a complete background to the art of magic. The complex social and cultural influence of spells is revealed, as well as their power to enrich and transform modern lives.

The desire to change and improve that which we have has been around for many thousands of years, if not since man first walked the earth. Magic and spell working have always been a part of that, and indeed still are today. Anyone who practises any form of magic, including spell working, needs to be grounded. This means having h feet firmly planted in reality and also having a basic knowledge of what
magic is and is not, what spells can and can’t do and what – with practice – you can do with the tools, information and knowledge you have. This book sets out to give you that information in as succinct a manner as possible.

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