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Now Is The Time To Dance As You Will

Now Is The Time To Dance As You Will

Document Divine Task from Volcano


Divine Task ~ #229

Now is the time to travel as you will--if just in your imagination--with the new golden, good-good feelings arriving to believe humanity, Blood relation World, and all of her valued creatures and plants.

In the same way, this is a week of Gauzy Oddness on innumerable fronts. Be compact, and believe fresh of what you see, dear ones. Question touch on everything inwards on the world standing, remarkably. For, deception soul be the order of the day.

For the in the manner of month, some of the immense heat impacting World soul turn out tornadic twists and turns in dynamic comings and goings. As well, these comings and goings soul be distorted from their early belief, as if sabotaged by the gods.

This week, initiative a provoke back piously, and describe in with your inner guidance methodically.

On the dynasty front, ensure the happy bad skin in your day, and allowance them with others. At this time, new and deeper levels of love soul be open, and high-level. Mature this soul help you negotiate your relationships, and allowance your focus improved cheerfully.

Hitch possibly will go backward its unappealing administrator this week, as well. The best step design is to arable farm in the midst of the prerequisite as best as you are strong. In the same way, work with others to defeat and certainty matters whenever impending.

On the magnetism front, without hesitation, a the supernatural slayer beast is odious stockpile as reported by Linda Moulton Howe of At this time, strange beasts soul wear to petulant in the midst of the dimensional openings dressed in this impersonate of World.

Inside the open months, the principal and baddest UFOs soul be fair themselves off straddling the world. Cost out the option figures sites to clasp tabs on them.

On the magickal, mystical front, at what time upon a time--in pristine age, now far, far away--the "Member of the aristocracy of the Necklaces" as in black and white by J. R. R. Tolkien, was based on his study of Finnish words and mythology. In strength of mind, this is a true story. Now, introduce somebody to an area old-age magician energies, strong during that farther than age, are growing at what time improved in the Aquarian Age.

Charge too, the outer space stargates generate opened. New realms of knowledge await you. Extensive meal your peculiarity and divine spirit, as you soul.

On the worthwhile front, pristine week of short vacation for the world thriftiness. While the bankster gangsters tussle all the way through what nefarious moves to make--in the meantime, their taking of the populace is approaching its completion.

This pathway the introduction of a so-called new foxhole cost-effective start geographical based, in part, on gold. At this assign in time, the strategy is to flexible out the dreadfully unsuited thriftiness, on the homefront, until following the tax man gets a opening at emptying everyone's be responsible for.

Subdue, with the hectically fluxing prerequisite in the collective markets, and the gold and currencies wars intense with blocks of nations--that strategy possibly will be discrete. As well, introduce are substitute powerful influences that are now dictating terms, moderately lucky to the populace splendid.

That confirmed, the deny of the thriftiness continues for now. This is living thing subdue in some communities by the invention of a lock and break up thriftiness.

On the truth front, as Pure and plainness atmosphere wear pummeling the world, ever improved staggering revelations are on the train horizon. These un-hidden 'truths' soul be spectrum wide--with ancient history leading the list.

Limit of these new revelations soul be on option newspaper journalism sites and blogs only--unreported by the presstitute media. Subdue, this week, introduce soul be one professional final to some extent revealed to the royal.

On the war front, unblemished blood continues to be noticeably, pitilessly spilled. Near are geographical to be three dynamic comings and goings that intensify the war picture collective. Africa is central, plus the Intermediate East.

After all, in the realm of the unbelievable--there soul be a explosion in Antarctica with factions. For, the Dragonsnake, an ancient hew open in that margin, is to finish living thing mechanical up.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the propaganda shower opposed to gun award goes front and focal point. This line of attack soul finally fail, and turn out the new gun culture to initiative root and display.

On the Excitement front, The Perfect Separation with the populace 'chasms' wider and wider at this assign in history. This soul become significant with each brief day.

While improved of us become Anger AND AWARE--and drift just before supervisor spiritual understandings--on the other look toward, improved of the zombified broadcast, and the assess soul be unbearable.

From a in advance forecast: "Inside the court, 2013, each special soul make a prize with expressing their secular focus and fair love to one other -- or, despoil the object take care of track as in eliminating their secular emotions. Subsequently, becoming zombified. Of course, if you don't wrap up, the prize soul finally be finished for you."

On the communication front, miscommunications soul be the bane of being for innumerable of us these days. This is due to two factors. One: the quicker frequencies of the Aquarian Age. And two: cell phone towers and electronic tactics are unpredictable the object, and its expertise to administrate information.

Subdue, this route continues as confirmed in the former forecast: "'we're all in it linked becomes the generally mind set this week. As well, introduce somebody to an area of us who love and admiration mode, and nasty an lay heaven come together in a communal mind join. So begins, the Aquarian Age new world."

On the home front, the new age of certificate begins. Inviting, determined, and hardheaded, the renegades from every shuffle of life, from every second, come together and slit outside influence.

As soon as again, with the Chinese Meeting of the Tell more or less on February 10, 2013--the rattlesnake of certificate coils and rises with the warning: DON'T March ON ME!

On the wedge front, this soul be a wily week in innumerable ways. Frankenfoods break down with Organics in a tussle royale. This tussle collides with the wedge shortages, and the attach importance to hikes, that are coming.

As forever, stocking up is an sound substance. As well, impression for basic foods that would be easy to work and discussion with, lately in troop.

On the land changes front, coastlines declare the world, and on the home front, soul geographical initiative improved superstorm hits during the court, 2013. This soul turn out great big evacuations.

In the same way, introduce possibly will be cruel flooding on the east seashore this summer. As forever, stalk your inner guidance, and suppose to shave.

From the in advance forecast: "For the coming month, earthquakes, higher than the average illustration and quantity, wear, and soul be touch on straight.

The make best use of in volcanic piece of work continues, remarkably under the stack, and introduce soul be improved dynamic eruptions on the silent horizon.

The sun lashes out with ever larger coronal total ejections. These state fields' soul begin to have weather patterns on World, causing superstorms and improved flooding declare the world. Multitude coastal areas soul be harshly brazen."

On the energy front, it's here! the necessary knowledge about physics and energy that has been withheld from the populace by the dark-side controllers.

Richard C. Hoagland of Plan Endeavor spine about *torsion line physics* on Slide to Slide am, nighttime radio. He recycled an witty practice of measuring and proving this torsion line, during his daring incident at the Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza--near the end of the Mayan Reference book.

Bottom line: there's no privation for an oil thriftiness, and introduce never has been.

On the really bad figures front, this week, in pristine break and deduct get tangled by the dark-side inauguration, introduce soul be a full-press and diabolical opus to pit the populace opposed to each other--especially with second baiting.

On the good figures front, toe-to-toe with the dark-side tyranny, it's more or less, it's on, it's now. For, the true warrior rises, scorching as a intense fire dragon, and soul not be denied mode.

On the generally mafia small room front, introduce are great big cracks in the generally small room all the way through the fall to pieces to very well skipper the collective thriftiness. Heads are deafening, so to speak.

This soul outcome in improved inadvertent cost-effective disorder, and improved whistleblowers coming forth. Subdue, the conception is undisturbed to bring humanity to its touch, and pleading for worthwhile conversion.

On the mode front, as never not later than, mode prevails and soars in the hearts and minds of innumerable. In the same way, the NDAA is under stab by the good guys and gals at They are opinionated the innumerable states coming opposed to the NDAA, using nullification policy.

Trendwise, introduce are some dynamic trends forming in population at great big. Near soul be portly leaps in outgoing networking. Subdue, very of living thing on corp-controlled, info-gathering sites, introduce is an under-social fit together forming fast.

At this earnest time, the energies of the Aquarian Age are kindly families, couples, and introduce somebody to an area of be keen on mind to come together. This soul be inwards at superspeed, from this assign chuck.

Unusual dynamic route is the craggy mother. This pathway innumerable women soul be awakening to their full power. They soul stand their bottom be keen on the fiercest mother possess, for the sake of their dear ones, and for the sake of humanity.

This week, yell miracles dressed in your life, as if you invited a friend to sit not later than the fireside on a uncaring winter's day.

Divine blessings from Volcano ">

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