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The Magic Of Armadel

The Magic Of Armadel Cover

Book: The Magic Of Armadel by Solomonic Grimoires

The grimoire of Armadel translated from the original French and Latin of a manuscript in the Biblotheque l'Arsenal in Paris. This is classed as a Christian Grimoire and contains many important seals and sigils of the various demons and planetary spirits. First translated by S.L. McGregor Mathers in the late 1890’s. The Grimoire of Armadel remained unpublished until 1980.

What follows is an unabridged introduction taken directly from the version of the Grimoire by Frator Alastor:

“…….When Mathers made his translation he notice that the title page was the last page of the Grimoire, so he moved to the front but keep the rest of the chapters in the same order. He also notice that this Grimoire began speaking about the magick circle like if it where something that the reader should already know. Now it is my believe that the whole Grimoire was written backward, this is to say that you should read the last page first (the title page) then the last chapter and so on. If you read it this way you will see that make a lot of sense. In Mathers version the first chapter is a reference to the magick circle and the License to depart, it make no sense to begin a Grimoire that way since the license to depart is the last think that a magician read. Also if you fallow the Latin titles in Mathers version the text begin with the Sanhedrin, Jesus and go on to the creation of Adam and the demons and the angels etc. This order is completely the opposite of that one on the bible this is god first, then the angels, the demons, Adam, Jesus, the Crucifixion and the Sanhedrin. So neither to say I had inverted the orders of the chapters in Mathers version under the believing that this is the way that the magic was intended to be read.”

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