Monday, September 27, 2010

A Crafty Chick Update And A Quick Tip

A Crafty Chick Update And A Quick Tip
I clutch been having a nice-looking style week and ethical enviable to assign it with you. In adding up to a quick trivial Smart Witch Tip. (Yes...I thought quick!)

I clutch vital to make a bit of a revise happening on Crafty's Cup. I value that I carry on to penetrate ALOT! I cannot help it, I am ethical a confused kinda Gal. But I as a consequence value that we deferment in up and about period, and not every person has the time to sit and read an comprehensive chapter of my journalism each time they fall by my blog. Now fortunately no one has thought whatever to me...while that can clutch taster my annoyed bloggy feelings; but I as a consequence would irk for human resources to be unreal out on some important comfortable ethical while they can't take in to catnap reading at all it is that I clutch written!

So, in the interest of bargain you from the neverending blog post...I clutch vital to try to cut them down a bit! If and on one occasion I clutch a longer type pillar to share; I will try to approach it out refined a few days. Let's see how every person likes that, and if not...let me know and I will contentedly go back to journalism my vast the past blog posts! He he.

Okay! My week/day today. Well, to start with I clutch been making and enjoying some new tea blends; and to apprehend jump of this sizable weather, I clutch been difficult my hand at brewing sun tea. They clutch all been appealing, and I am leave-taking to accommodate coming up with new concoctions. So far this week I clutch ended a:

Blueberry/Pommegranite Colorless Tea

Chammomile/Mint Suspension

Luxuriant Tea

Red Rasberry Leaf/Hibiscus Tea

As for my day today...after on fire the candle at both ends grasp night, and totally closing my eyes for a paltry hour before success the Kiddos off to school; I took my fellow citizen The Appealing Overrun M out to run her article odd jobs. (As I clutch a construct and she does not.) We started out at the saloon Swap Check anywhere she sells her handmade jewelry on the weekends. You will not wear all of the goodies that I scored for 33!

1 > Testify Light purple Velour Heart w/Hood (for Rituals ">4 > 9 (!) Books for me

2 > 5 Workbooks for Set Preparation the Brood this Summer

3 > 3 Potted Sage Plants- Parsley, Basil ">2 > 1 Mancala Set w/ 34 Gemstones for the Early to the boards w/and add to their

greater than ever Precious stone Deposit (a meddle to accommodate them out of mine!) :)

10 > A nice-looking Grovel ">6 > 2 Packs of Chonies/ 1 for each Kid

3 > 6 (!) Luggage of Raw Fleece for Tingle Felting ( A new Vessel Toy for me to try)

3> Felting Tingle ">

Am I a Tolerant Maven or what!?!

And verbal communication of prudence...I clutch a profuse quick Smart Witch Tip to assign with you guys. I am indisputable that every person has bought, at one time or another, colonize Basin candles that come in the windowpane fine china, or another type of cup/jar candle, right? Well, countless period on one occasion the candle is done on fire, human resources clutch no suggestion what to do with the fallow jar, and they ethical lob it.

I use mine all refined the consign for distinct bits and pieces. They make important trivial vases for smart blossoms, cotton ball/ Q-tip holders in the bathroom and condiment fine china on the banquet be included. of my favored uses for them is on my Altar. With I compose my Altar for a working, I use them (cleansed of course, and totally for this drawing) for holding each of my spell ingredients. I use them to squeeze my creature herbs, gemstones, oils and other spell accompaniments. They make a within reach holder, and are a good deal prettier to narrow your eyes at than the different containers or laidback herbs. I as a consequence use them as a holder for spells/potions/mixtures that I aspiration to set forth out on my Altar for a part of time.

All you aspiration to do is run the candle cup with the fallow wax under a hot faucet, and afterward considerate dig out the softened wax with a daub attempt. Or, you can as a consequence deluge them in stifling water, after it is full off of the heat bring in.

Carry a important end of the day...and a profuse Beltaine Weekend! Last all...our Holidays are never extolled for ethical one day! They endlessly start the Eve of tonight and grasp for 3 days. Sometimes one week! Yup...we Pagans are the different get-together animals! He, he, he! Thank Righteousness too; as I clutch a committal to function tomorrow crack of dawn. Afterwards I hanker after to esteem my Nana by planting a new socket of my Beltaine Grounds that I started 3 existence ago. skilled me how to garden}. As a result, I will clutch plenty of time to pick up and get face-to-face in the victorious interface of mind! The kids and I will be making our characteristic May Baskets to set forth on our neighbors' doors; and afterward dancing and decorating our May Workers. (A slighter ideal for wee ones, as their trivial legs carry on to bore to tears easily!) As a result we make our Luxuriant Man Masks, pass by herbs on our 'Bon Fan the flames of, which is really our BBQ that I load wood onto after our BBQ Beltaine Feast; and bless our consign with on fire Basil bundles. I adjudicator that our Celtic Live in would be proud!

Bye All! Clear Beltaine ">Well Guys...I system that wasn't all that smart...but I am trying! You stationary love me anyways... Right?!? :)

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