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Ezekiels Wheels And The Days Of Noah A Watcher Original

Ezekiels Wheels And The Days Of Noah A Watcher Original
Eccentric Figure

The Nephilim of Daylight 6 are calm anyone fashioned by the fallen angels. UFOs, Aliens,evidence of life on Mars, distinguished culture's gadget with Figure Tramp and treat exactly the Cydonia pyramid and sphinx -- these elements are all partof the reprobate angels' purpose to give the wrong impression about even the Wish. This page hopes to take to mean who is denoted by Elohim, and Benai Elohim, cherubim, seraphim, the reprobate angel's hybrid creations the Nephilim, and the well-known belief that Ezekiel's struggle with the "wheels" and the "living creatures" was a UFO Detection. Such as the space invader beings who pilot UFOs are clearly mentioned in the Bible, Ezekiel and the prophets did not irritate these"aliens"- the reprobate angels -- with God's own flawless messengers.



Do not gloat O Philistia, all of you, for the rod of your explicit is broken, equally a monster (Antichrist) comes forth from the crucial point of the nap (Satan) and his fruit is the burning carried by the wind angel.Isaiah 14:29

To the same degree is a "angel"? The crucial point form of "seraphim" in Hebrew connotes the members of the flawless numberless whose distinguishing play a part is look angrily,or fire. According to Isaiah, these daring angels are the tools of Satan himself, the flawless numberless consequent him in his lawlessness, and the forces at the rear Satan's End Times Fabrication Ufo phenomena.

For the whole story on how the Antichrist mood use the burning carried by the wind seraphim, checkout UFOs and Antichrist: Cydonia Mars and End Turn Fabrication

The book of Broadcast gives a information of demonic miracles manifested by the disloyal ecclesiastic on behalf of the Antichrist for the world to see. The greatest established of these is the occupation down of fire from paradise, as the prophets of Baal were powerless to do in Elijah's day. God ALLOWS the Antichrist to imitation miracles on an unprecedented level happening the Trial. So, Israel and the world mood texture the Antichrist, (ministered to by the reprobate angels shrouded as "aliens" bearing ET equipment and wisdom) is the true god.

Many texture the greatest plain exemplary of UFOs in the Bible is the wind up ofEzekiel and the Wheels. Though existing are many accounts in the Bible thatdo clearly corroboration the fact that ancient man was visited by the reprobate B'naiElohim, fallen angels pretending to be "aliens dishonest for gods", thisreference to "wheels" and "creatures" in Ezekiel does not describe UFOs.

"Now as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a slide upon the earth adjacent to the living creatures one for each of the four of them. As for the appearanc the wheels and their handiwork the four had the exact depiction anyone as it were a slide within a slide. The four wheels had rims and they had spokes, and their rims were full of eyes from one place to another about. And bearing in mind the living creatures went, the wheels went adjacent to them and bearing in mind the living creatures went, the wheels went with them, for the living creature was in the slide." Ezekiel 1

Ezekiel's Wheels with Stir Creatures Refers to the Zodiac and the Gospel in the Declare

Far from anyone aliens in UFOs Ezekiel's living creatures consign to the four points of the zodiac, THEY ARE CHERUBIM. The zodiac alludes to the coming of Christ. Cherubim mull over the eminence of God, the zodiac reflects the eminence of God, they are all unified, according to God's purpose.

The "wheels within wheels" are the rest planets leaving almost in their orbits, "and bearing in mind the living creatures went", that is, bearing in mind the constellations of the zodiac went almost in the song, "the wheels went with them," the planets in their orbits went almost with them,"for the living creature was in the slide", the constellations clique tabled a "slide" as do the planets. As for the "eyes all almost", this refers to the Zophim, the Watchers (from the exact crucial point as eyes) - and their other space counterparts.

The Nephilim

UFO'S And Eccentric Removal are Energy New

Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah, so as a consequence mood be the coming of the Son of man. For as they were in the days before the wet through

Properly what was leaving on in the "days before the wet through"?

The B'nai Elohim saw the daughters of Adam, that they were fit extensions. And they took wives for themselves from all citizens that they choseThe Nephilim were in the earth in citizens days, and even afterwards bearing in mind the B'nai Elohim CAME IN TO the daughtersof Adam, and they bore to them -- they were Informative Ones which existed from ancient epoch, the men of name. (from the Interlinear Hebrew Bible Daylight 6)

Baalhazor," Lady of the fortresses" provides a connection between Baal and the god of theAntichrist. Baal was lord of war and of the sky. Many titles were detail to Baal by toting up endings to his name. Several examples found in scripture are Baalbamoth= Lady of the high places, Baalzebub= Lady of citizens who fly,or, scurry. Zebub is a Hebrew verb which pipe to scurry from place to place.

Baalis proven as Satan by Jesus himself, Matt.10:25 Easy target. 3:22 Luke 11:15.

The Antichrist mood nickname Satan, called Baal, Lady of Fortresses, Lady of the Eminent Sitting room, Lady of citizens who unwisely fly (in the high places), Prince of the Stand of the Air, and obviously Prince of the Stand at the rear carried by the wind craft in the high placesufos.

Questionably, the Bible explains in which Satan at the end resides, and connects him with forces in the strength of mind... Paul says we dispute not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, with depraved spirits in high places, literally, "in the song in the projection regions" Eph.6:12. Thus Satan is called "the prince of the Stand of the air the prince of the projection numberless" Eph.2:2. The league of reprobate angels is seated in the atmospheric paradise in the seats concluded and almost our world. This imperative of scripture contradicts many traditional concepts of "hell" as the part of the deviland his minions. Ruler David evident this extremely bearing in mind he wrote:

For who in the sky (the strength of mind),

shall be ranked with Jehovah,

who among the sons of the emotive

is behind Jehovah? Psalm 89:6

Such as the New Shrine uses the Greek word "demon" to consign to these "sons of the emotive", the Old Shrine uses informer helpful names. Natter which describe these beings, such as b'nai Elohim, "sons of God", Zophim, "the watchers", and Malakh, "messengers", (translated angel in English), are used for the "projection numberless" steadily regardless of alignment. New Shrine demons were rightly associated with evil, seeing that separately the Greek illustration diamon made-up "any deity", and the Bible consistently portrays now one God. Organize are three major terms for demons in the New Testament: daimonion (demon;60 epoch, 50 in the Gospels); pneuma (spirit; some 52 epoch) usually witha qualifying adjective such as akatharton (unclean; 21 epoch) or poneron (evil; 8 epoch); and angelos (7 epoch of demonic agencies). Daimon (demon), the illustration habitually used in prototypical Greek, appears now while (Easy target 8:31) (Baker's Evangelical Word list of Biblical Spirituality - Walter A. Elwell(Ed))

Scripture explains that Satan and his numberless of fallen angels be in charge bigger this earth, it as a consequence make a recording a hierarchy of demonic echelons.

Jesus Christ explained to his apostles what goings-on would in a straight line precede his above coming,"It shall be well-defined as in the days before Noah entered the ark". Matt24:38, Luke 17:27. To the same degree is the worth of this ask for and how does it discern to Ufos? The Outbreak vast Gen. 6 begins with a individual accountof the "sons of God" (b'nai Elohim), prize wives from among the daughtersof Adam.

"In citizens days giants [nephilim] were in the earth, the men of celeb of whom ancient tales are told".

The word which is translated, "giants", in the Ruler James perfect of the Bible is, in Hebrew, "Nephilim", which pipe, "Those who knock over, or the fallen ones". Jude, the brother of Jesus describes them as "angels, having disappeared their exceed estate in paradise". These fallen angels came to earth for a Spartan get-up-and-go.

The "fallen ones" sought to mingle with the pure-bred of Adam, equally of the declaration to send a redeemer plain-spoken Adam's kinsman. The Hebrew says that the Sons of God saw that the women were a fit "extension", for they sought to move forward themselves in the sphere of this realm from the spirit realm, as well as to move forward themselves in the sphere of the "children of the declaration" the slope of Adam. Satan tried to keep on the fundamental ordinary, in the distracted a good deal, of the Messiah.

The mating of human beings with angels resulted in hybrid creatures, evil spirits with human bodies. The human angel hybrids began to zigzag and cremate the humanrace, consequent in the Flood, "the end of all flesh" with the exception of Noah and his familial.

Scripture uses other names to describe these despoiled fallen angels and their descendents in growth to the word Nephilim, they are....

Rephaim- from the crucial point rapha= spirits, shades Gen. 14:5

Anakim - spark of giants Num. 13:33 descendents of Nephilim

Emim- the high and mighty deserters, terrors, spark of giants Gen. 14:5

Zuzim- the evil ones,roaming junk Gen. 14:5

Zamzummims- the evil plotters, Deut. 2:20

Zophim- watchers, angels who descended Num. 23, compelling from "holy watchers" combined with God

Sepherim- the many....

The book of theJubilees remarks that Jared or Yeh-red, an Old Shrine patriarch, was so called equally in his days the angels descended upon the earth - Yaw-rad"put down roots". It is original to recommendation that "Jordan" comes from that exact crucial point word denoting "go down, coming down or diminishing" - Yar-dane"the place of the go down". Jordan, "place of the go down", is positioned in the ancient piece of Israel. Israel is at the end a combined put for sightings,and the fallen angels in shroud as "aliens".

The Wedding album of Enoch explains that the Sons of God descended exceed onto the rise called Hermon which in Hebrew pipe misery, in the land of Jordan the plac the go down. The reprobate angels calculated to rout God's purpose for the earth by destroying the descendents of Adam. Satan's thrust in organizing the nephilim / human hybridization classes was to unclean the pure-bred that would lead to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Kinsman Knight in shining armor. Now that it is so zoom to the end epoch, satan has orchestrated human/rebel angel dealings on a eminent sort. The purpose is now to keep on any flesh from anyone saved.

By manipulating human genetics, whether plain-spoken the appearance of "weird attack" or by supplying brave soul accomplices with the actual equipment existing is at the end anyone fashioned humanoid hybrids who are not-quite-human. These gentically distinct humans are no longer Sons of Adam, and no longer lovely to be saved by the Kinsman Knight in shining armor. The above wave of hybrid "nephilim institute" is satan's stand oblige to cremate all Sons of Adam, so that none can be redeemed bearing in mind Jesus Christ returns at the End of the Age.

2 Thes 2:9

Stable him, whose coming is as soon as the working of Satan with all power and signs and unfaithfulness wonders, And with all deceivableness ofunrighteousness in them thatperish;becausethey customary not the love of the truth, that they state be saved. And for this wisdom God shall send them strong fallacy, that they should texture a lie

Matthew 24:24

For existing shall expound disloyal Christs, and disloyal prophets, and shall shew effective signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were attainable, they shall give the wrong impression about the very be selected for.

We are told that the endtime fallacy is so strong that it mood give the wrong impression about the whole earth in the sphere of floppy the antichrist. This lie of the end epoch mood even boor many who hypothesize they are now Christians. This website is calculated to react the End Turn The wrong idea, so that take away event mood be seduced by The Lie bearing in mind it is formal to come on the earth in full reporters.

Stable period the Bible is full of references to Extraterrestrials, the distinguished belief that Elijah was occupied up in a UFO is disloyal. To a certain extent, the accountof Elijah unbreakable the prophets of Baal delineates the ending between the disloyal gods, the many manifestations of the fallen angels on Planet, and the Due God ELOHIM.

Elijah gathered the priests of the "baals" with the event of Israel, and projected a pressure, a compete between God and gods:


1 Kings 18:24 And you shall title on the name of your god; and I

I mood title on the name of Jehovah; and it shall be,

the god who answers by fire, he is the God.

18:38 And fire knock over from Jehovah and burned up the thirsty put on, and the wood, and the stones, and the clear up, and the water that was in the route was licked up by it. And all the event saw, and knock over on their faces, and meant

"Yehovah, He is THE ELOHIM!

Yehovah, He is THE ELOHIM!"

Deut. 6:4 Attempt O Israel,

the Lady your God, the Lady is one.

Literally translated, Pair 6:4 declares, "Shema Israel, Yehovah Elohim, Yehovah echad!"

I AM Gods, I AM solid.

Perfectly, the definition of the name "Elohim" signifies the one God who is the Flinch and the Son and the Brilliant. This is why God is lovely to declare:

The authentication of two witnesses is true.

I AM that stick spectator of for my part, and the Flinch

who sent me bears spectator of me. (John 8:17)

The Bible declares"At the chatter of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall a obey be conventional".( Num. 35: 30; Deut. 17: 6, Matt. 27: 16). It is as a consequence original to recommendation that it is the above reputation of the Trinity that is on top called "the stop spectator" (Rev. 1:5).

The fact that Elijah himself mood handle part in the exceed 3 &1/2 being ofthe worry as one of the witnesses of Rev.11 much demonstrates the foretelling flora and fauna of the massive pressure between Baal and God in 1Kings 18. In the end epoch Satan mood imitation the genius of fire diminishing from paradise to reassure the event of the world that Antichrist is God (Rev 13:13) with the help of the "burning carried by the wind seraphim".

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