Sunday, January 22, 2006

Moon Magick

Moon Magick Cover Each phase of the moon has it’s own a special energy. Everyone knows that the moon affects the tides of the world’s oceans, and because our bodies are mostly fluid, so too does the moon affect people. Understanding the moons energies and the effect they have upon us, can help us to connect with and use its energies in magick and daily life.

Understanding the moon’s phases is important in determining the best time for using its energies in magick. The moon in its waxing phase is thought to be an ideal time for positive and Practical magick, while the moon in its waning phase is best for banishing and negative magick. In between are the New Moon and Full Moon, at which time the moon reaches the pinnacle of its power in each phase. Most witches, pagans and other magickally empowered people work within these Moon phases to gain best effect.

To get rid of warts, take a slice of apple and while looking at the New Moon, rub the flesh of the apple against the wart and say: “What I see is growing, What I rub is going”, then bury the piece of apple. As it rots so too will the wart disappear.

The Irish say that to see the future, for good or ill, take a mirror outside and let the light of the Moon fall on the surface. Stare into the mirror, any face that appears will be Connected With your future.

Upon seeing the New Moon, bow to it and turn over the silver or coins in your pocket. This will bring you luck in all your affairs.

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